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The William Henry Green Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator:Green, William Henry, 1825-1900
Extent: 12 boxes (7.5 linear feet)
Language(s): English, Hebrew, German
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1825Born, Groveville, New Jersey
1840B.A., Lafayette College
1840-1842Tutor, Lafayette College
1843-1844Teacher, math, Lafayette College
1843-1846Student, Princeton Seminary
1846-1849Instructor, Hebrew, Princeton Seminary
1847-1849Stated supply,Second Presbyterian Church, Princeton
1848Ordained evangelist
1849-1851Pastor, Central Church, Philadelphia
1851-1859Professor, Biblical and Oriental Literature, Princeton Seminary
1866-1869Professor, Latin Language and Literature, College of New Jersey (Princeton University)
1859-1900Professor, Oriental and Old Testament Literature, Princeton Seminary
1870Honorary Doctor of Divinity awarded, College of New Jersey
1871-1882Professor, Christian Ethics and Apologetics, Princeton Seminary
1868Offered Presidency of College of New Jersey (now Princeton University)
1878-1900Senior faculty member, secretary of faculty, Princeton Seminary
1891Moderator, General Assembly, PCUSA
1900Died, Princeton, New Jersey

Biographical Information

Dr. Green was awarded honorary doctorates from the College of New Jersey (Princeton University), Rutgers University, and the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). He was the author of more than a dozen books, including Grammar of the Hebrew Language (11 editions), Hebrew Feasts, Higher Criticism of the Pentateuch (7 editions), Unity of Genesis, and General Introduction to the Old Testament.


Scope and Content

This collection includes manuscript sermons, notes and manuscripts by Green, lectures and student notes on Green's lectures, biographical materials, correspondence, materials from the semi-centennial celebration (fiftieth anniversary) of his appointment as an instructor in Princeton Theological Seminary, published materials, and annotated pre-publication drafts of the American Standard Version Bible.



Green, William Henry, 1825-1900--Archives.

Princeton Theological Seminary--Faculty--Archives.

Old Testament scholars--United States--Archives.

Princeton Theological Seminary--History--Sources.

Class notes.

Lecture notes.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was processed, and the original finding aid was written by Raymond Cannata in March of 1996, under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist. The finding aid was edited by Sarah Malone in July 2008.


There are no special restrictions to access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

Use of Materials

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The William Henry Green Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library




This collection is arranged in seven series. Sermons have been arranged in biblical order. Correspondence has been arranged alphabetically by last name.



Box 1
Series 1: Sermons
1:1Partial list of sermon texts.
1:2Genesis 1:1.
1:3Genesis 12:1.
1:4Genesis 28:21.
1:5Genesis 45:5.
1:6Genesis 47:8.
1:7Genesis 49:10.
1:8Exodus 17:7.
1:9Exodus 25:89.
1:10Exodus 31:7.
1:11Exodus 31:8.
1:12Exodus 31:9.
1:13Leviticus 19:2.
1:14Deuteronomy 32:4.
1:15Joshua 1:2; 4:10.
1:16Joshua 2:1.
1:17Joshua 4:22-24.
1:18Joshua 6:2.
1:19Joshua 6:17.
1:20Joshua 7:8.
1:21Joshua 7:13.
1:22Joshua 24:15.
1:23Joshua 24:15.
1:24I Samuel 20:3.
1:25II Samuel 24:24.
1:26I Kings 19:13.
1:27II Chronicles 6:18.
1:28II Chronicles 16:12.
1:29II Chronicles 19:11.
1:30II Chronicles 20:15.
1:31II Chronicles 22:3.
1:32Nehemiah 4:6.
1:33Nehemiah 6:3.
1:34Job 7:16.
1:35Psalms 12:5.
1:36Psalms 18:2.
1:37Psalms 32:1.
1:38Psalms 34:3.
1:39Psalms 36:8.
1:40Psalms 45:2.
1:41Psalms 50:22.
1:42Psalms 50:23.
1:43Psalms 61:2.
1:44Psalms 119:34.
1:45Psalms 119:96.
1:46Psalms 119:97.
1:47Psalms 119:129.
1:48Psalms 119:130.
1:49Psalms 127:4.
1:50Psalms 130:4.
1:51Psalms 136:1.
1:52Psalms 139:7.
1:53Psalms 139:14.
1:54Proverbs 20:9.
1:55Ecclesiastes 9:10.
1:56Esther 7:3-4.
1:57Isaiah 8:20.
1:58Isaiah 9:3.
1:59Isaiah 49:3.
1:60Isaiah 53:11.
1:61Isaiah 55:10-11.
1:62Jeremiah 8:20.
1:63Jeremiah 18:7-10.
1:64Jeremiah 23:24.
1:65Jeremiah 23:28.
1:66Jeremiah 32:40.
1:67Ezekiel 14:20.
1:68Ezekiel 21:26-27.
1:69Ezekiel 33:32.
1:70Hosea 1:1.
1:71Hosea 1:10.
1:72Hosea 6:4.
1:73Hosea 8:7.
1:74Hosea 11:8.
1:75Joel 2:12-13.
1:76Micah 6:8.
1:77Habakkuk 1:1.
1:78Habakkuk 1:2.
1:79Habakkuk 1:3.
1:80Habakkuk 1:12.
1:81Habakkuk 1:12.
1:82Habakkuk 1:12.
1:83Habakkuk 1:12.
1:84Habakkuk 1:13.
1:85Haggai 1:4.
1:86Zechariah 1:5.
1:87Zechariah 4:10.
1:88Zechariah 14:9.
1:89Matthew 1:23.
1:90Matthew 3:7.
1:91Matthew 5:3.
1:92Matthew 5:5.
1:93Matthew 5:8.
1:94Matthew 6:9.
1:95Matthew 6:10.
1:96Matthew 10:8.
1:97Matthew 11:27.
1:98Matthew 12:30.
1:99Matthew 14:27.
1:100Matthew 18:10.
1:101Matthew 18:20; 28:18; John 2:24-25.
1:102Matthew 26:18.
1:103Matthew 27:41-42.
1:104Mark 3:26.
1:105Mark 10:13-15.
1:106Mark 10:21.
1:107Mark 14:8.
1:108Mark 14:12.
1:109Luke 1:78; II Corinthians 10:1.
1:110Luke 2:11.
1:111Luke 6:20.
1:112Luke 7:34.
1:113Luke 8:18.
1:114Luke 10:2.
1:115Luke 22:15.
1:116Luke 22:24-30.
1:117Luke 24:44.
1:118Luke 24:48.
1:119Luke 24:48.
1:120John 1:43.
1:121John 3:34.
1:122John 4:23.
1:123John 5:39.
1:124John 5:46-47.
1:125John 7:17.
1:126John 10:30; 14:28.
1:127John 10:37-38.
1:128John 10:38.
1:129John 11:3.
1:130John 11:35.
1:131John 12:43.
1:132John 15:9.
1:133John 17:24.
1:134John 18:37.
1:135John 20:22.
1:136John 20:30-31.
1:137John 21:15.
1:138Acts of the Apostles 2:44.
1:139Acts of the Apostles 5:38-39.
1:140Acts of the Apostles 8:36.
1:141Acts of the Apostles 9:11.
1:142Acts of the Apostles 10:28.
1:143Acts of the Apostles 16:9.
1:144Acts of the Apostles 20:26.
1:145Acts of the Apostles 20:28.
1:146Acts of the Apostles 26:28.
1:147Romans 1:15-16.
1:148Romans 3:21-22.
1:149Romans 3:31.
1:150Romans 7:13.
1:151Romans 8:1.
1:152Romans 10:14.
1:153Romans 13:11.
1:154I Corinthians 4:7.
1:155I Corinthians 10:1-6.
1:156I Corinthians 13:11.
1:157I Corinthians 15:12.
1:158I Corinthians 15:19.
1:159I Corinthians 15:25-26.
1:160II Corinthians 2:15-16.
1:161II Corinthians 5:14.
1:162Galatians 3:22.
1:163Galatians 3:27.
1:164Galatians 5:1.
1:165Galatians 6:7.
1:166Galatians 6:10.
1:167Ephesians 1:3-4.
1:168Ephesians 2:8.
1:169Ephesians 2:20.
1:170Ephesians 4:32; II Corinthians 12:10.
1:171Ephesians 5:1-2.
Box 2
Series 1: Sermons, continued
2:1Colossians 1:28
2:2Colossians 2:10
2:3Philippians 1:21
2:4Philippians 1:23
2:5Philippians 1:27
2:6Philippians 3:9
2:7I Thessalonians 5:19
2:8I Timothy 1:15
2:9I Timothy 3:15
2:10I Timothy 3:15
2:11I Timothy 5:21
2:12II Timothy 2:25
2:13Titus 1:1
2:14Titus 3:8
2:15Hebrews 2:13
2:16Hebrews 6:20
2:17Hebrews 9:22
2:18Hebrews 10:5-7
2:19Hebrews 10:25
2:20Hebrews 11:6
2:21Hebrews 11:6
2:22Hebrews 11:17
2:23James 2:10
2:24James 4:17
2:25I Peter 2:12
2:26I Peter 4:18
2:27II Peter 1:5-7, 11
2:28II Peter 2:21
2:29I John 4:7-8
2:30Jude 23
2:31Revelation 1:1
2:32Revelation 1:5-6
2:33Revelation 1:7
2:34Revelation 2:7
2:35Revelation 2:7
2:36Revelation 2:12
2:37Revelation 4:8
2:38Revelation 22:2
2:39Miscellaneous sermon notes
Series 2: Notes and Manuscripts
2:40Annotated copy of Green's Hebrew grammar volume
2:41Exegetical notes on Genesis 1:21
2:42(Lecture?) notes on Jonah
2:43Hebrew exam
2:44Notes on the Psalms
2:45Psalms 96:9 - Exhortation to Worship
2:46Notes on Ezra and Nehemiah
2:47"The So-Called Pentateuchal Documents are an Unfounded Assumption," pp. 1-30.
2:48"The So-Called Pentateuchal Documents are an Unfounded Assumption," pp. 31-68.
2:49"The So-Called Pentateuchal Documents are an Unfounded Assumption," pp. 2-12.
2:50"The So-Called Pentateuchal Documents are an Unfounded Assumption," pp. 13-21.
2:51"Language of P, J, and E: Historical Portions of Pentateuch for Hebraica," pp. 1-11.
2:52"Language of P, J, and E: Historical Portions of Pentateuch for Hebraica," pp. 12-21.
2:53"The Higher Criticism and the Miraculous Passage of the Jordan."
2:54Notes for "The Higher Criticism and the Miraculous Passage of the Jordan."
2:55Lecture within Genuiness of Isaiah 13-14, Using Delitzsch and Havernick.
2:56Notes on Charles Briggs' Hebrew Lectures.
Box 2 continued
Series 3: Reading Notes
2:57Canon of the Old Testament.
2:58Canon of the Old Testament (continued).
2:59Extract on Bohmer.
2:60Extract on C.J. Conrad Justus Bredenkamp's Gesetz und Propheten Ein Beitrag Zur Alttest.
2:61Extract on Charles Briggs' "The Truthfulness of Holy Scripture."
2:62Extract on Charles Briggs' Higher Criticism.
2:63Extract on Samuel Davidson's "The Bible in the Light of Modern Scholarship" (Unitarian, 1890).
2:64Extract on Franz Delitzsch's Commentary of Isaiah.
2:65Extract on Franz Delitzsch's Genuineness of Isaiah.
2:66Notes on Delitzsch, 1-4 editions.
2:67Notes on Delitzsch.
2:68Extract on Delitzsch's Commentary of Genesis.
2:69Extract on Habakkuk by Delitzsch.
2:70Notes on Hengstenberg and Keil on Dan. 9.
2:71Notes on J.A. Alexander on Isaiah.
2:72Notes on DeWette.
2:73Reading Notes - Old Testament works.
2:74Notes on Hofmann.
2:75Notes on Driver on Literature of Old Testament.
2:76Notes on Hexateuch works.
2:77Notes on Hengstenberg on Song of Solomon.
2:78Notes on Havernick on Isaiah.
2:79Notes on Havernick on Joshua.
2:80Notes on Havernick on Deuteronomy.
2:81Notes on Driver on Deuteronomy.
2:82Notes on Driver on Isaiah.
2:83Notes on Driver.
2:84Notes on Dillmann on Hexateuch.
2:85Notes on Dillmann on Genesis.
2:86Notes on Dillmann on Deuteronomy.
2:87Notes on Klostermann on Pentateuch (I).
2:88Notes on Klostermann on Pentateuch (II).
2:89Notes on Kuenen on Religion of Israel.
2:90Notes on Kuenen on Deuteronomy.
2:91Notes on Kleinert on Deuteronomy.
2:92Notes on Kittel Geschichte.
2:93Notes on Robertson Smith on Religion of the Semites and on Hosea.
2:94Notes on Knobel on Pentateuch.
2:95Notes on F. H. Ranke on Deuteronomy.
2:96Notes on Schrader.
2:97Notes on Tuch on Genesis.
2:98Notes on Wellhausen on Hexateuch.
2:99Notes on Wellhausen Prolegomena.
2:100Notes on Ewald on Song of Solomon (Hohelied).
2:101Miscellaneous reading notes.
Box 3
Series 4: Lecture Notes
3:1Professor Green's lecture notes on elements of Hebrew grammar, 1854; bound with lectures on Arabic, 1861
3:2Student notes on Green's closing lecture of senior class of Nassau Hall (Princeton University).
3:3Student notes on Prophetic Books of Old Testament, Fall 1859-Spring 1860.
3:4Student notes, taken by Harman Denny, on Introduction to Scripture, Old Testament. circa 1855
3:5Student notes, taken by William Harris, on Canonical Integrity; filed with other notes on sermons and weekly discussions in courses by Professors Green, Hodge, Alexander, and McGill, circa 1859-1861.
3:6Copy of Green's printed lecture notes on Prophets and Prophecy, with student annotations, 1890
3:7Student notes taken by F.E. Butler, on Wisdom Literature of Old Testament, Fall 1858.
3:8Printed examination questions for Green's courses, 1862
Box 4
Series 5: Biographical Materials
4:1Newspaper and magazine clippings regarding Green.
4:2Scrapbook of obituary notices of Green, 1900
4:3List of works in question for the library, circa 1894
4:4Subscription list to the alumni fellowship.
4:5Lafayette College oration programs, 1839, 1840.
4:6Dr. Agnew, 1882
4:7A.L. Armstrong (Stated Clerk of General Assembly), 1873
4:8D. Beattie, 1880
4:9Charles Briggs, 1878
4:10Robert Carter family, 1879-1890
4:11Christian at Work, 1878
4:12Arthur Cleveland Coxe, 1892
4:13John D. Davis (Old Testament Professor), 1893-1897
4:14G.E. Day, 1890
4:15Joseph Dulles (Librarian), 1892-1897
4:16Board of Directors and Examining Committee, reports and correspondence, 1877-1894
4:17Family correspondence, 1878
4:18Ferrando case, 1895
4:19Erastus E. Ford, 1884
4:20A. Gosman (Trustee), 1881
4:21Caspar Rene Gregory, 1895
4:22D.S. Gregory, 1882-1884
4:23John Hall, 1880
4:24Caspar Wistar Hodge, 1884-1890
4:25A.H. Kellogg, 1885-1891
4:26Robert Lenox Kennedy, undated
4:27J.B. Mack (on state of Southern Presbyterian Church), 1886
4:28W.J. Martin (Davidson College), 1888
4:29Chalmers Martin, 1895
4:30Jacob Mayer, 1877-1878
4:31J.F. McCurdy, 1885
4:32J.H. McIlvaine, 1883
4:33C. Mead, 1885
4:34A.A. Mitchell (Presbyterian Omaha Seminary), 1898
4:35W.J. Mitchell (Macalester College), 1897
4:36W.W. Moore (Union Seminary, VA), 1894-1896
4:37Howard Osgood, 1900
4:38Lewis B. Paton, 1888
4:39G. Porter (Ireland), 1875
4:40H.B. Pratt, 1880
4:41G.Reid, 1893
4:42W.H. Roberts (Registrar), 1879-1888
4:43S.C.K. Rutnam, 1897
4:44Alexander M. Sale, 1879
4:45William Schenck, 1878-1891
4:46Charles Scribner family, 1879
4:47Julius H. Seelye, 1880-1884
4:48Horace C. Stanton, 1890
4:49Levi Stone, 1883-1884
4:50R.E. Thompson, 1888
4:51Trustee reports, 1875-1883
4:52Henry Van Dyke, 1880
4:53Wardlaw, 1887
4:54W.S. Watson, 1886
4:55Robert Watts (Irish Presbyterian), 1878-1889
4:56F.H. Wines, 1891
4:57Professor Zahn (letter in German).
4:58Miscellaneous correspondence
4:59Printing plates
Semi-Centennial Celebration Materials
4:61Documents and publications relating to the Green "Jubilee book". Correspondence of Joseph Dulles, Edward B. Hodge, Maitland Alexander, and others, 1896
4:62Semi-Centennial Invitations (I), 1896
4:63Semi-Centennial Invitations (II), 1896
4:64Semi-Centennial Invitations (III), 1896
Box 5
Semi-Centennial Celebration Scrapbooks
5:1Letters from institutions, 1896
5:2Letters from alumni, 1896
5:3Letters, 1896
5:4Letters from alumni, 1896
5:5Letters, 1896
5:6Letters, 1896
5:7Newspaper notices and index, 1896
Box 6
Series 6: Published Materials
6:1"Anti-Biblical Higher Criticism." Pamphlet reprinted from Presbyterian Quarterly.
6:2"The Value of Physical Science in the Work of Education." Address by Green at Lafayette College, 1865 July 25.
6:3"The Destiny of Man: An Oration at Lafayette College," 1853
6:4"Our National Union, a Thanksgiving Day Sermon" undated
6:5"Discourses at the Inauguration of Green at Princeton," 1851
6:6"The Life and Work of Green," memorial address by John D. Davis, 1900
6:7"Bible History; Geography of the Bible; Archaeology of the Bible."
6:8Book of Job, 1873
6:9Review of W. Robertson Smith's, Moses and the Prophets, 1883
6:10Hebrew Grammar, 1861
6:11Hebrew Grammar, 1871
6:12Pentateuch Vindicated, 1863
6:13Higher Criticism of the Pentateuch, 1896
6:14Unity of Genesis, 1895
6:15General Introduction to the Old Testament: Text, 1899
6:16General Introduction to the Old Testament: Canon, 1898
6:17Hebrew Feasts 1885
Box 7 - Box 12
Series 7: Annotated Pre-publication Drafts of the American Standard Version Bible
9:1-9:7Joshua-II Kings
10:1-10:10I Chronicles-Job


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