The Caspar Wistar Hodge Jr. Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Hodge, Caspar Wistar, 1870-1937
Dates: 1894-1935
Extent: 9 boxes (3.7 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1870 Born, September 22, Princeton, New Jersey
1892 B.A., Princeton University
1894 Ph.D., Princeton University
1894-1895 Student, Heidelberg University and University of Berlin
1895-1897 Instructor, Philosophy, Princeton University
1897-1898 Associate Professor, Ethics, Lafayette College
1901 Th.B., Princeton Theological Seminary
1901-1902 Instructor, New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary
1901-1915 Assistant Professor, Dogmatic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1902 Ordained, Presbytery of New Brunswick (PCUSA), September 18
1915-1937 Professor, Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1935 Doctor of Divinity (honorary), Grove City College
1937 Died, February 26, Princeton, New Jersey

Biographical Information

Dr. Hodge was the son of Caspar Wistar Hodge, Sr. (Professor of New Testament at Princeton Seminary) and grandson of Charles Hodge (Professor of Didactic Theology at Princeton Seminary). He was the author of numerous articles published in the Princeton Theological Review and other scholarly journals. He contributed articles to Hasting's Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels, and to the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.


Scope and Content

This collection includes six boxes of Dr. Hodge's own carefully labeled manuscript notes used for class lectures at Princeton Seminary. Of special interest are his early thoughts on Karl Barth and his comments on the relation of science to theology. The collection also contains two boxes of manuscript sermon and "conference talks" used by Dr. Hodge. Conference talks were devotional lectures delivered at the Seminary.

Miscellaneous items preserved in the collection include Hodge's manuscripts for published articles, correspondence, published items, and biographical items and obituaries. Of special interest are letters by Dr. Hodge expressing his opposition to the Seminary's "re-organization" of 1929.



Hodge, Caspar Wistar, 1870-1937--Manuscripts.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

With the exception of the correspondence and biographical items, which were removed from Seminary Archives office files in 1996, nothing is known about the origins of these materials. It is likely that these papers were given to the Seminary following Dr. Hodge's death by his family, but no documentation has been located to confirm this.

A portion of the C.W. Hodge, Jr. papers had been semi-organized by the archival staff sometime in the late 1980s. These included all items now contained in boxes 1 through 4 and 7 through 8. These were placed in storage and were not made available to library patrons. The other related items, now preserved in boxes 5, 6, and 9, were shelved adjacent with this collection in unlabeled boxes. The papers were organized together into a single collection in April of 1996, by Raymond D. Cannata, under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist. The finding aid was edited in March of 2009 by Sarah Seraphin.


There are no special restrictions to access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

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Boxes 1-6: Class Lecture Notes and study notes

Box 7-8: Sermons and Conference Talks

Box 9: Miscellaneous and Addendum Materials (Article manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and biographical materials)



Box 1: Lecture Notes: Systematic Theology, Junior Year (Prolegomena and Theology)
1:1 Definition of Theology as a Science [deals with Barth's noetic effects of sin]. circa 1935
1:2 Revelation.
1:3 Inspiration of the Scriptures, I [The Idea of Inspiration; The State of the Question in Regard to the Inspiration of Scripture].
1:4 Inspiration, II [Bible Doctrine].
1:5 Predestination, I.
1:6 Predestination, II.
1:7 Note on Infra and Supra Lapsarianism.
1:8 Miracles.
Box 1 continued: Lecture Notes: Systematic Theology, Middler Year (Anthropology and Christology)
1:9 Anthropology, I.
1:10 Anthropology, II [Mode of Man's Origin, I].
1:11 Anthropology, III [Mode of Man's Origin, II].
1:12 Anthropology, IV [Scripture and Science on the Time of Man's Origin].
1:13 Anthropology, V [Note on the Unity of the Human Race].
1:14 Anthropology, VI [Nature of Man].
1:15 Plan of Salvation.
1:16 The Reformed Doctrine of the Person of Christ.
1:17 Theories of the Atonement, I.
1:18 Theories of the Atonement, II.
1:19 English Kenotic Theories, I.
1:20 English Kenotic Theories, II.
1:21 English Kenotic Theories, III.
1:22 English Kenotic Theories, IV [Criticism of].
1:23 English Kenotic Theories, V [Knowledge of Christ].
1:24 "Middle Course, Systematic Theology," handout notes for 1936/7, with annotations by Bruce M. Metzger [typescript]. 1936/7
Box 2: Lecture Notes: Systematic Theology, Senior Year (Soteriology and Eschatology)
2:1 Ordo Salutis.
2:2 Note on the Certitude of Faith.
2:3 Note on Common Grace.
2:4 Origin and Meaning of the Lord's Supper, I.
2:5 Origin and Meaning of the Lord's Supper, II.
2:6 Parables of Christ [Princeton Theological Review, vol. 15].
2:7 Eschatology Introduction; Physical Death.
2:8 Second Advent, I.
2:9 Second Advent, II.
2:10 Second Advent, III.
2:11 Second Advent, IV [Chiliasm].
2:12 Second Advent, V [Pauline passages claimed by premillenials as teaching a twofold Resurrection].
2:13 Second Advent, VI [Revelation 20:1-10].
2:14 Heaven.
Box 2 continued: Notes: Fundamental Problems in Theology
2:15 Presuppositions of Systematic Theology.
2:16 Christian Supernaturalism [p.1 missing].
2:17 Classification of the Divine Attributes.
2:18 Inspiration of the Bible.
2:19 Theories of Inspiration [Historical Question].
2:20 Has the Biblical Doctrine of Inspiration Been Invalidated?
2:21 Can the Bible Doctrine Be Safely Modified?
Box 3: Lecture Notes: Doctrine of Sin
3:1 Doctrine of Sin in the Old Testament.
3:2 Doctrine of Sin in the New Testament.
3:3 History of Doctrine of Sin - Gnosticism, etc.
3:4 History of Doctrine of Sin - Pelagianism.
3:5 History of Doctrine of Sin - Augustine.
3:6 History of Doctrine of Sin - Semi-Pelagianism.
3:7 History of Doctrine of Sin - Roman Catholic Doctrine.
3:8 History of Doctrine of Sin - Zwingli.
3:9 History of Doctrine of Sin - Placarus.
3:10 History of Doctrine of Sin - Calvin and Turretin.
3:11 History of Doctrine of Sin - Remonstrants.
3:12 History of Doctrine of Sin - Modern Speculative Theories, I.
3:13 History of Doctrine of Sin - Modern Speculative Theories, II.
3:14 The Nature of Sin.
3:15 Original Sin.
3:16 Imputation of Adam's Sin.
Box 3 continued: Manuscript Notebooks (Various Subjects)
3:17 Christian Experience and Dogmatic Theology, I.
3:18 Christian Experience and Dogmatic Theology, II.
3:19 Rationalism in Modern Thought.
3:20 The Biblical Idea of Faith; Deity of Christ - A Presupposition of the Doctrine of the Person of Christ.
3:21 Topics for Seminar & Lectures on Fundamental Problems in Theology; Idea of Systematic Theology; God - His Nature and Attributes.
3:22 Holy Spirit; Trinity; Divinity of Christ; Miracles; Divine Attributes and Their Classification.
3:23 Attributes of God (continued); Doctrine of the Trinity; The Decrees of God; Creation - Biblical Proof.
3:24 Notes on Karl Barth, I.
3:25 Notes on Karl Barth, II.
3:26 Ritschl, Barth, Goebel, Kahnis, Brunner, Knudsen - notes on Reformed creeds and Theology of Crisis.
Box 4: Lecture Notes: Ritschlianism
4:1 Ritschl [Biographical].
4:2 Ritschl's General Fundamentals.
4:3 Ritschl's Critics; Ritschl's Relation to Metaphysics.
4:4 Ritschl's Idea of Revelation.
4:5 Philosophical Presuppositions of Ritschlian Theology [photocopy; original is filed elsewhere in the collection].
4:6 Ritschl's Theory of Religion.
4:7 Ritschl's Doctrine of Justification.
4:8 General Relations of Justification, I.
4:9 General Relations of Justification, II.
4:10 Presuppositions of Justification and Reconciliation.
4:11 God's Nature and Relation to the World.
4:12 God's Nature and Relation to the Moral World Order.
4:13 Historical Sketch of Idea of the Kingdom of God.
4:14 Ritschl's Doctrine of the Kingdom of God.
4:15 Ritschl's Doctrine of Sin.
4:16 Ritschl's Doctrine of the Person of Christ.
4:17 Ritschl on the Work of Christ.
4:18 Ritschl's Doctrine of the Atonement, I.
4:19 Ritschl's Doctrine of the Atonement, II.
4:20 Ritschl's Doctrine of the Atonement, III.
4:21 Ritschl's Idea of Regeneration.
Box 5: Lecture Notes: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
5:1 Lecture I: Spirit of God in the Old Testament.
5:2 Lecture II: Spirit of God in the Synoptic Gospels.
5:3 Lecture III: Teaching of Jesus on the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John.
5:4 Lecture IV: Teaching of Jesus on the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John [continued].
5:5 Lecture V: The Holy Spirit in Acts.
5:6 Lecture VI: The Holy Spirit in Acts [continued].
5:7 Lecture VII: Paul's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.
5:8 Lecture VIII: Paul's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit [continued].
5:9 Lecture IX: Paul's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit [continued].
5:10 Lecture X: Paul's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit [concluded] and the Doctrine of the Rest of the New Testament Writers.
5:11 Lecture XI: History of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.
5:12 Lecture XII: History of Doctrine in the Ante-Nicene Period [continued].
5:13 Lecture XIII: Arianism and Its Opponents, Athanasius and the Cappodocions, Basil, Gregory Naziansus, and Gregory of Nyssa.
5:14 Lecture XIV: The Cappodocions (continued), and the Doctrine of the Spirit in the West, in Ambrose and in Augustine.
5:15 Lecture XV: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit at the Reformation, especially Calvin's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.
5:16 Lecture XVI: Calvin's Doctrine of the Work of the Holy Spirit.
5:17 Lecture XVII: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit After the Reformation.
5:18 Lecture XVIII: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the 18th and 19th Centuries, or an Outline of the Modern Doctrine.
5:19 Lecture XIX: Nature and Personality of the Holy Spirit.
5:20 Lecture XX: Work of the Holy Spirit.
5:21 Lecture XXI: Work of the Holy Spirit [concluded].
Box 6: Lecture Notes: Doctrine of Justification
6:1 Lecture I: Old Testament Presuppositions of the Doctrine; The Righteousness of God in the Old Testament.
6:2 Lecture II: Foreshadowing of the Doctrine of Justification in the Old Testament.
6:3 Lecture III: Foreshadowing of the Doctrine of Justification in the Teaching of Jesus.
6:4 Lecture IV: Paul's Doctrine of Justification.
6:5 Lecture V: Paul's Doctrine of Justification [continued].
6:6 Lecture VI: Paul's Doctrine of Justification [concluded].
6:7 Lecture VII: History of the Doctrine of Justification: Roman Catholic Doctrine of Justification.
6:8 Lecture VIII: Roman Catholic Doctrine of Justification [concluded].
6:9 Lecture IX: Protestant Doctrine of Justification.
6:10 Lecture X: Protestant Doctrine.
6:11 Lecture XI: The Doctrine of Melanchthon.
6:12 Lecture XII: Reformed Theology.
6:13 Lecture XIII: Protestant Doctrine.
6:14 Lecture XIV: Remonstrant Departure.
6:15 Lecture XV: Modern Theories.
6:16 Lecture XVI: Dogmatic Statement of the Doctrine.
6:17 Lecture XVII: Dogmatic Statement of the Doctrine.
Box 6 continued: Miscellaneous Notes
6:18 Notes on Theories of the Atonement.
6:19 Humanitarian Theories of the Person of Christ.
6:20 Karl Barth on Justification.
6:21 Notes on Bruce's Humiliation and the Doctrine of the Person of Christ.
6:22 Notes taken by Hodge on Ritschlianism: Expository and Critical Essays by James Orr.
6:23 Notebook "Vol. 7" [formerly filed in "Alumni Alcove" Collection].
Box 7: Sermons and Seminary Conference Papers (arranged in biblical order)
7:1 "Providence," Eccl. 12:1 and Isaiah 4:6. (April 17, 1910)
7:2 "Christ Our Friend and Comforter," Isaiah 32:2. (September 5, 1909)
7:3 "Trust in God," Habakkuk 3:17-18 (August 18).
7:4 "His Unspeakable Gift," Matthew 1:18-25. (December 17, 1905)
7:5 "Healing of the Centurion's Servant," Matthew 8:5-13. (December 9, 1906)
7:6 "The Truths Taught by Jesus," Matthew 11:25-30. (January 31, 1909)
7:7 "A Tree is Known by its Fruits," Matthew 12:33-34. (December 24, 1904)
7:8 "Gospel of the Kingdom of God," Mark 1:14 undated
7:9 "The Kingdom of God," Mark 9:22-23. (January 14, 1906)
7:10 "True Religion," Mark 9:22-23. February 5, 1905
7:11 "Simplicity and Grandeur: The Birth of Jesus," Luke 2:13-14. (December 15, 1907)
7:12 "The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me," Luke 9:18-21. (November 6, 1927)
7:13 "The Purpose and Nature of Christ's Mission," Luke 19:10. (November 15, 1925)
Box 8: Sermons and Seminary Conference Papers continued, (arranged in biblical order)
8:1 "His Place in the Kingdom," John 4:13-14. (February 16, 1908)
8:2 "The Christ of Scripture," John 5:39 undated
8:3 "Meaning of the Lord's Supper," John 6:57b undated
8:4 John 10:12-13 undated
8:5 "The Resurrection and the Life," John 11:25-26. February 5, 1910
8:6 "We Would See Jesus," John 12:21a. (March 17, 1918)
8:7 "He Shall Glorify Me," John 16:14. (January 15, 1911)
8:8 "He Staggered Not," Romans 4:20. (October 23, 1932)
8:9 "Chief Duties of the Christian Minister," I Corinthians 1:17-24. (November 28, 1909)
8:10 "Resurrection of Christ and Justification - 1," I Corinthians 15:17 undated
8:11 "Resurrection of Christ and Justification - 2," I Corinthians 15:17 undated
8:12 "Eschatology and Resurrection in Paul's Thought," I Corinthians 15:19. (January 19, 1913)
8:13 "Consequence of Denying Christ's Resurrection," I Corinthians 15:19. (January 19, 1913)
8:14 "Thanks Be to God," I Corinthians 15:57 undated
8:15 "Objectives of Second Corinthians," undated
8:16 "Justification," II Corinthians 5:21. February 9, 1902
8:17 "Imputation of Christ's Death," Galatians 2:19-20. (February 1902)
8:18 "The Christian Life and Death to Sin," Galatians 2:20. (March 15, 1903)
8:19 "Paul's Concept of Christ," Galatians 4:4-5. (January 15, 1905)
8:20 "A Hymn of Praise to God," Ephesians 1 and 2. (January 24, 1904)
8:21 "The Inspired Warrant for Missionary Work," Ephesians 3:6. (December 13, 1908)
8:22 "The Gentiles are Fellow Heirs," Ephesians 3:6. (March10, 1907)
8:23 "The Power of His Resurrection," Philippians 3:10. (August 9, 1914)
8:24 "The Power of Christ's Resurrection," Philippians 3:10 (August 20).
8:25 "The Word of Truth," Titus 4-6. (November 1901)
8:26 "The Unchangeableness of God," Hebrew 1:10-12. (January 21, 1917)
8:27 "The Communion with God," I Peter 1:8. (March 16, 1913)
8:28 "Bore Our Sins," I Peter 2:24. (November 19, 1911)
8:29 "Personal Faithfulness," Revelation 2:10. January 8, 1912
8:30 "Preaching," undated
Box 9: Miscellaneous and Addendum Materials
9:1 Article manuscript: "Possibility of Miracles."
9:2 Article manuscript: "Christian Experience and Dogmatic Theology."
9:3 Article manuscript: "Idea of Systematic Theology."
9:4 Article manuscript: "Witness of the Holy Spirit to the Bible as the Word of God."
9:5 Article manuscript: "Dr. Denny and the Doctrine of the Atonement." [Published in the Princeton Theological Review]. October 1918
9:6 Article manuscript: "The Reformed Faith," printed in Edinburgh Review.
9:7 "What is a Miracle?"
9:8 Inaugural Address, "Significance of Reformed Theology Today."
9:9 Notes on Karl Barth's Der Romerbrief.
9:10 "Idea of a Miracle According to the Bible."
9:11 Correspondence: Letters from Hodge to Sylvester Beach and the Seminary Board of Directors, In re the "Reorganization Controversy." (July 2, 1928; December 17, 1928)
9:12 Correspondence: Hodge to Caspar Rene Gregory [Seminary alumnus and Professor in Germany]. [Photocopy]. (October 18, 1911)
9:13 Inaugural mementos
9:14 Book of notes taken by Hodge from lectures by Ormand on Psychology at the College of New Jersey [Princeton University]. circa 1896-97
9:15 Biographical materials.
9:16 Three letters by Hodge to Oxford University Press re Warfield publication. 1927
9:17 "The Significance of the Reformed Theology Today," pamphlet reprinted from Princeton Theological Review. January 1922
9:18 "The Kantian Epistemology and Theism," Ph.D. dissertation for Princeton University, pamphlet reprinted in The Presbyterian and Reformed Review. July 1894
9:19 "The Person of Christ in Recent Religious Philosophy," pamphlet reprinted from Princeton Theological Review. October 1924


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