The David W. Danner Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Danner, David W., 1940-
Dates: 1983-1987, bulk undated
Extent: 12 boxes (6.1 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1940 October 12 Born, Anderson, Indiana
1962 Graduated, College of Wooster, Ohio
1962-1965 Student, Master of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary
1965 June 13 Ordained, Presbytery of Miami
1965-1966 Assistant pastor, First Church, Easton, Pennsylvania
1966-1968 Assistant pastor, St. John's Church, Devon
1968-1974 Teacher, Valley Forge Junior High School, Wayne
1968-1970 Student, Master of Education, Temple University
1970-1974 Student, Doctor of Education, Temple University
1974-1981 Associate professor, Presbyterian School for Christian Education, Richmond, Virginia
1981-1987 Director, Introduction to Ministry Project Vocations Agency, United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, New York City
1987-1991 Banking consultant, Philadelphia
1991-unknown Director of organization development, Allegheny Foundation

Biographical Information

David Danner is a Princeton Seminary alumnus from the class of 1965. He served as the director of the Introduction to Ministry Project for the Vocations Agency of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (UPCUSA) from 1981-1987.


Scope and Content

Material in this collection includes pastoral surveys, articles, correspondence, workbooks, programs and other documents related to the Introduction to Ministry (ITM) Project. Boxes 4 through 6 contain ITM research reference files with articles and other materials. These files are listed according to their original numbering (1-107). Box 7 includes numbered literature related to career development. Box 8 contains correspondence regarding the Introduction to Ministry Project organized alphabetically by synod.



Danner, David W.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.

United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Pastoral theology--Study and teaching.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

These papers were kept in the order in which they were received. This material was given to Special Collections by David Danner in 2001. The collection was reprocessed and the finding aid was completed in March of 2008.


There are no restrictions on access to this collection. The papers are available for review according to the normal rules of Special Collections.

Use of Materials

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The David Danner Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.



Box 1
- Pastoral Ministries Survey: "This survey asks persons in their first five years of ministry to share information about their experience of beginning ministry. The information gathered from this survey by the Introduction to Ministry Project will be important for supporting any recommended changes in the church's processes and support systems."
- Folder entitled: "New Beginnings: Pastorate Start up Workbook" by Roy M. Oswald
Box 2
- Pastoral Ministries Survey (continued)
- Folder entitled: "Clergy Burnout: A Survival Kit for Church Professionals" (extracted from binder; includes two cassette tapes)
Box 3
- Pastoral Ministries Survey (continued)
- Folder entitled: "Clergy Stress: A Survival Kit for Church Professionals" (extracted from binder; includes two cassette tapes)
Box 4: ITM Files I-II
1 Mills - Career Change
2 Waggoner
3 Brown - Vocational Crises
4 Clergy Morale - Hartley
5 Hoge - Organizational and Situational Influences on Vocational Commitment
6 Hoge - Role Preference and Clarity
7 Hartung - Identity
8 Fishburn Hamilton Drew
9 Nauss - Ministerial Effectiveness
10 Ashbrook - Ministerial Leadership
10b Glasse
11 Mills Role Conflict
12 Blizzard
13 Stress, Mills, Kord [article missing]
14 Min. Life Survey
15 Rediger
16 Red: Being Own Pastor
17 Pastoral Suffering
18 Small Ch. Stress
19 Clergy Burnout
20 Masculine Mystique
21 Feminine Mystique
22 Profession/Calling
23 Intimacy Clergy/Laity
24 Church Tantrums
25 Clergy Marriages I
26 Clergy Marriages II
27 Pastors in Crisis Rossi, Filstead
28 Hoge Roozen
29 Hoge Roozen
30 Growth in Ministry
31 Ashbrook
32 Nauss Coiner Stayers Movers [Article Missing]
33 Warford
34 Luiden Competition
35 Luidens Carbon Clergy
36 Smith Shared Ministry
37 Zikmud Vocation
38 Glass Satisfaction Scale
39 Bibliography, Church Growth
40 Gerkin, Maturing
41 Snarr
42 Means, Prep Criteria
Box 5: ITM Files III-IV
43 Women Courell [Article Missing]
44 Midwest Career Development Research
45 Mitchell 3rd Phase [Article Missing]
46 Whiston Seminary Faculty Spirituality
47 Fuller - Ideal Minister
48 Seidler - Priest Resignations
49 Leas, Colleagues
50 Mulder Louisville
51 Purnell, Morning
52 Holmes, readiness
53 McCormick Boundary
54 Calian quote
65 Sackmann Moving
56 Sackmann Ordination Conflict
57 Sackmann Presbyter
58 Dittes Psychological Characteristics of Clergy
59 Oswald Thistles
60 Bullock (San Jose)
61 [Article Missing]
62 Oswald Beginnings
63 Oswald Newcomer
64 [Article Missing]
65 [replaced 55]
66 Theological School Inventory
67 Fletcher [Article Missing]
68 Fletcher, What Wrong
69 Fairchild, Symbolic Life
70 Williams, Clergy Needs
71 Bardwick, Woman Development
72 Hartford
73 Rouch Con. Ed.
74 McCormick, Spiritual Formation
75 Carrell Professional Socialization
76 Clergy Marriage
77 Internet
78 Clergy Authority
79 Brown, Career Counseling
80 Leavitt - Minister and Mid Life Crisis
81 Ten Models Clark
82 Haversat, Career Eval. And Planning
83 Willimon, Spiritual Formation of Minister
84 Mills Career Development
85 Who Do Men Say I Am? Identity Episcopal Church
86 Fletcher/Authenticity [Article Missing]
87 Authenticity AI
88 Literature on Min.
89 Pastoral Roles
90 AI Women in Min.
91 Assessing the Cost [Article Missing]
92 Oswald Burnout Clergy Wives I
93 Oswald Clergy Wives Burnout II
94 Lehman, Placement
95 Gamble, Con Ed [Article Missing]
96 Rhebergen Placement Women
97 Decade of Change Theol. Ed.
98 Gray Where Does the Fault Lie? [Article Missing]
99 Schaller - notes
100 Evaluation
101 Rouch Pilot YPS
102 Rouch Young Pastors Pilot
103 Role Satisf. Kelly
104 Rhebergen [Article Missing]
105 Women in Ministry [Article Missing]
106 Dittes Decision Effectiveness
107 Hartley Notes on Placement
Box 6: ITM Files V
108 Biersdorf "A Study of Career Development in the First Five Years of Professional Ministry"
109 Holifield "The Hero and the Minister in American Culture"
110 Continuing Professional Education: Moving into the 80's
111 Dyble "Introduction to Ministry - A Bibliography"
112 English and Colmen, "Psychological Adjustment Patterns of Peace Corps Volunteers"
113 Campbell "The Nature of Ministry in Reformed Understanding: Theological Dimensions"
114 Belden and Browne "That First Year"
115 Shaw "Finding the Right Pastor Isn't Easy!"
116 Swanson "An Educated Clergy: A Re-examination"
117 Rhebergen "Varieties of Gifts"
118 Ullman "Taking Stock of Our Ministry"
119 Power in the Church
120 Mead "Clergy Evaluation: Who Owns It?"
121 Watermulder "Second Thoughts on the D.Min."
122 Galbreath "Parachurch Fallout"
123 Edwards "The Spiritual Life of the Pastor"
124 Schoenherr and Sorensen "Social Change in Religious Organizations"
125 Winsheimer "Promise and Problems"
126 Hahn "The Rocky Road to Ministry"
127 Guidelines
128 Shawchuck "Are You a Flexible Leader?"
129 Robbins "Clergy Compensation"
130 "Changing Focus of Church Finances"
131 Mead "Changing Pastoral Leadership"
132 MacLaury "It's Not New"
133 Rila "Ministry in Crisis"
134 Youngblood "Look At the Whole Forest"
135 Critique of Continuing Education
136 [Article Missing]
137 Naus "Seven Profiles of Effective Ministers"
138 Continuing Professional Education: Moving into the 80's
139 Smith "The Church Expects Quality"
140 Jinkins "Theologians in the Bedlam of Life"
141 Brennan and Weick "Theories of Adult Development: Creating a Context for Practice"
142 McCombs "Processes and Skills Underlying Continuing Intrinsic Motivation to Learn"
143 Thompson "The Midcareer Transition: How to Recycle Yourself"
144 Career Planning
145 Peterson "On Finding a Spiritual Director"
146 McKinniss "Even Pastors Need"
147 Cionca "C.E."
148 Bryman "Professionalism and the Clergy"
149 Kelly "What is a Profession?"
150 Steele, Life Cycle of Male Clergy
151 Continuing Education for Professional Ministry
152 Lowery "Serving Religious Personnel"
153 Four Stages of Professional Careers
154 Wheeler "What Kind of Leadership for Tomorrow's Churches?"
155 Oswald on Clergy Divorce
156 "Presbyterians: A Manse Divided" and "Women Ministers Find Chosen Road Not Easy"
157 Spangler "Some Characteristics of Second-Career Seminarians" 1983-1984
158 A Look at Clergy/Church Personnel Support After 15-20 Years
159 Special Needs of M.Div. and M.C.E. Students - Procedures and Criteria
160 Hoge "The Changing Character of Catholic Seminarians"
161 Sibley and Hart "Research and Evaluation in the Lutheran Church in America"
162 Doyle "Diocesan Structures for Change: Clergy Change in Parishes"
163 Schnaidt "Perceptions and Projections"
164 Statement on Preparation for Seminary Studies
165 You and Your Occupational Choice
166 Clergy Attitudes on Compensation and Housing
167 Lebacqz "Why Sexual Contact between Pastor and Parishioner Is Wrong"
168 A Code of Ethics for Presbyterian Ministers
169 Baskett and Day on Continuing Professional Education
170 Range of Student Indebtedness for First Professional Degree Seminary Students Graduating Academic year 1985-1986
171 PCUSA Supply/Demand Statistics 1986
Box 7
7:1 Contents of, The Cycle and the System: a compendium of official papers re the system and its relation to the cycle of career choice, preparation and placement of the individual (UPCUSA)
7:2 Church Occupation Vocabulary
7:3 Discerning Your Call and Your Gifts for Ministry
7:4 Special Report E: The Issue of Quality and the candidate's process
7:5 Guide to Candidates Committee Procedures and Resources
7:6 Candidates for Church Occupations: A Guide for Presbyteries, Synods, Campus Ministries, and Seminaries
7:7 Candidates for Church Occupations: A Guide for Candidates
7:8 Candidates for Church Occupations: A Guide for Sessions
7:9 Questionnaire for Persons Interested in Church Occupations
7:10 Suggestions for Use of Questionnaire (A-3) by Sessions and Candidates Committees
7:11 Annual Consultation Report
7:12 Instructions and Suggestions for Annual Consultations
7:13 Proposed Annual Consultations Process - Field Test Model
7:14 Annual Consultations Checklist
7:15 Lifestyle Survey
7:16 Manual for Interviewing Candidates
7:17 "If I Were a Gatekeeper. . ."
7:18 Some Major Events in the Candidate Process
7:19 Update: Constitutional Changes
7:20 PCUS Manual for. . . Care of Candidates
7:21 From Seminary to Parish: Mini Study of McCormick Graduates
7:22 Special Report D: Guidelines for Continuing Membership in Presbytery
7:23 Racial and Ethnic Professional Church Leadership
7:24 Church Career Development Council
7:25 Report II: Christian Educators
7:26 The Professional Church Educator
7:27 Introduction to professional ministry literature survey
7:28 Bibliography from Herr and Cramer "Career Guidance Through the Life Span"
7:29 "What's New in Career Development" (1)
7:30 Super "A Life-Span, Life-Space Approach to Career Development" (2)
7:31 "Adults in Career Development" (3)
7:32 Montross "Introduction" (4)
7:33 Super "A Developmental theory: Implementing a Self-Concept" (5)
7:34 Phillips "Career Exploration in Adulthood" (6)
7:35 Thompson "Life Planning: How It Can Benefit You" (7)
7:36 Bartol "Vocational Behavior and Career Development: A Review" (8) 1980
7:37 Rush, Peacock and Milkovich "Career Stages: A Partial Test of Levinson's Model of Life/Career Stages" (9)
7:38 Hardesty and Betz "The Relationships of Career Salience, Attitudes Towards Women, and Demographic and Family Characteristics to Marital Adjustment in Dual-Career Couples" (10)
7:39 Phillips "The Development of Career Choices: The Relationship between patterns of Commitment and Career Outcomes in Adulthood
7:40 Neapolitan "Occupational Change in Mid-Career: An Exploratory Investigation" (12)
7:41 Holland and Gottfredson "Using a Typology of Persons and Environments to Explain Careers: Some Extension and Clarifications"
7:42 Schein "The Individual, The Organization, and the Career: A Conceptual Scheme" (14)
7:43 Leibowitz and Schlossberg "Designing Career Development Programs in Organizations: A Systems Approach" (15)
7:44 Solod "My Work and Welcome To It" (16)
7:45 Radford "Overview of Developmental Psychology Literature" (16)
7:46 Geddie and Strickland "From Plateaus to Progress: A Model for Career Development" (18)
7:47 Fromkin and McDonald "Career Development: Literature and Resources" (19)
7:48 "How Careers Unfold" (20)
7:49 Carr "Success and Self-Concept" (21)
7:50 Gould "The Phases of Adult Life: A Study in Developmental Psychology" (22)
7:51 English and Colmen "Psychological Adjustment Patterns of Peace Corps Volunteers"
7:52 Super "Coming of Age in Middletown"
7:53 Lobsenz "Questions People Ask Career Counselors Most"
7:54 Pietrofesa and Splete Career Development: Theory and Research
Box 8
8:1 Correspondence not in a synod file
8:2 Key: Synods and Presbyteries
8:3 Alaska, NW
8:4 Covenant
8:5 Florida
8:6 Lakes and Prairies
8:7 Mid-America
8:8 Mid-South
8:9 Northeast
8:10 North Carolina
8:11 Pacific
8:12 Piedmont
8:13 Puerto Rico
8:14 Rocky Mountains
8:15 South
8:16 Southeast
8:17 S. Cal. And Hawaii
8:18 Southwest
8:19 Sun
8:20 Trinity
8:21 Virginias
8:22 Survey: Introduction to Ministry
8:23 Survey Materials
Box 9: "Ministerial Relations Manual"
9:1 Preface
9:2 M.R. Organization
9:3 Care of Churches
9:4 Pastor Nominating Committee
9:5 Staff
9:6 Membership in Presbytery
9:7 Care of Presbytery Members
9:8 Training Outlines
9:9 Index/Bibliography
9:10 Revision Record
Box 10
10:1 Notes from Advisory
10:2 Advisory agenda and notes
10:3 Report to Transition Consultation
10:4 Report on Work of ITM
10:5 Projected "Systemic" Outcomes
10:6 "After the Call"
10:7 "New Pastor Start-up And Support Handbook"
10:8 Planning for CTB-Women
10:9 Questionnaire for Young Pastors' Seminar Evaluation
10:10 Church Educators Survey Report
10:11 ITM Survey
10:12 ITM Assumptions and Notes
10:13 Program Evaluation Minutes
10:14 Outline/Map
10:15 Notes
10:16 Background - History [Article Missing]
10:17 ITM Intro I 8.3 1978
10:18 ITM Exploratory P II [Article Missing]
10:19 Developmental Perspective III
10:20 Survey of Literature IV
10:21 Variables/Bibliography V
10:22 Issues: Gov. Body VI
10:23 Outcomes
10:24 Research Prospectus VII
10:25 Maturity and Min. VIII [Article Missing]
10:26 Start-Up IX
10:27 Strategy X
10:28 Interrelationship Roles of Agent
10:29 Budget
10:30 Materials
10:31 ITM Guide Contents
10:32 ITM Guide Index to Topics
10:33 ITM Guide Research Notations
10:34 ITM Guide Article References
10:35 ITM Guide Notes on Article References and Studies
10:36 ITM Guide References on Careers: Theory and Research
10:37 ITM Guide Models for Prep. And Support
10:38 Documents relating to "Disk B"
10:39 Agenda - Plan
10:40 Support Documents [Contents Missing]
10:41 Maturation/Development
10:42 Young Pastors Seminars
10:43 Taste; Fletcher [Contents Missing]
10:44 New Day in Candidacy
10:45 SFTS Design - ITM Meeting
10:46 UTS-Richmond ITM
10:47 ITM Background
10:48 Ideas
10:49 DTM Print
10:50 Drafts
10:51 Candidates
Box 11: "UPCUSA New Pastor Start-up Workbook" I
11:1 Research on Age of Persons Seeking Placement
11:2 Enabling the Enablers DWD - PCL - 5/86
11:3 ITM Report to the 199th General Assembly
11:4 Pastor Start-Up Handbook Draft
11:5 First Church Draft
11:6 Findings of ITM Research
11:7 Falbo, New, and Gaines "Perceptions of Authority and the Power Strategies Used by Clergymen"
11:8 Oswald "The Vulnerability of Clergy"
11:9 Dyble: Introduction to Ministry Bibliography
11:10 Boot Camp
11:11 "From Seminary to Parish: A Mini-Study of McCormick Graduates"
11:12 Crossing the Boundary Between Seminary and Parish
11:13 "Choosing the Impossible: Seminary Students Speak Out"
11:14 Peatling "The Important Transition: Putting Research to Work"
11:15 Coping With Transition
11:16 Preparation for Ministry: A Developmental Perspective (with Appendices and cover letter)
11:17 A Research Prospectus: Questions Coming Out of ITM
11:18 Maturity Studies Institute
11:19 Labeled "Future Ministries"
11:20 After the Call A Survey of Resources for the Support of New Pastor Start-up and Transition (I)
11:21 After the Call A Survey of Resources for the Support of New Pastor Start-up and Transition (II)
Box 12: "UPCUSA New Pastor Start-Up Workbook" II
12:1 Labels
12:2 Pastor Start-Up Survey Letters and Addresses
12:3 New Pastor Study
12:4 New Pastor Study Counts
12:5 New Pastor Study Coded Mailing Lists - Master
12:6 Planning Resources for the Support of New Pastor Start-up and Transition
12:7 New Pastor Start-Up and Support Handbook for Committees on Ministry


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