The Henry S. Gehman Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Gehman, Henry Snyder, 1888-
Dates: 1911-1963
Extent: 6 boxes (5.2 linear feet)
Language(s): English, Spanish, Portuguese
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.

Biographical Information

1888 Born, Ephrata Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
1909 Franklin and Marshall College
1909-1911 Master of Arts, Franklin and Marshall College
1910-1913 Doctor of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
1921-1926 Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning
1922 University of Chicago Divinity School
1924-1926 Bachelor of Sacred Theology, Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Philadelphia
1926-1927 Doctor of Sacred Theology, Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Philadelphia
1917 Ordained, Reformed Church, US German, Philadelphia Classis
1915-1929 Teacher, modern languages, South Philadelphia High School for Boys, Philadelphia
1920-1929 Research fellow, Indo-European languages, Semitic languages, University of Pennsylvania
1929-1958 Instructor, lecturer, Asian languages, Princeton University
1930-1931 Instructor, New Testament Greek, Princeton Theological Seminary
1931-1934 Acting professor, Old Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary
1934-1958 William Henry Green Professor of Old Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary
1958-1960 Visiting lecturer, Old Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary
1959-1963 Visiting professor, Princeton Theological Seminary
1981 Died, Princeton, New Jersey


Scope and Content

This collection includes personal and biographical materials, lecture notes, papers and addresses, 70 card files, and miscellanea.



Gehman, Henry Snyder, 1888---Manuscripts.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.



Series I: Personal and Biographical Materials (Box 1)

Series II: Lecture Notes (Box 1-Box 2)

Series III: Personal Files (includes notes, clippings, articles, lectures, and other papers.) (Box 2-Box 3)

Series IV: Papers and Addresses (Box 4)

Series V: Card Files (Box 5-6)



Box 1: Series I: Personal and Biographical Materials
- Ephrata High School Material
-Family/School Photographs  
-Sixtieth Annual Address by Gehman  
-History of the 1904 Class  
- Account of Advanced Studies, Research, and Work Covered in Courses
- Publications
- Dissertation
- Correspondence
- Texts of Sermons (August 12, 1917)
Box 1 continued: Series II: Lecture Notes
- Lecture Notes from Gehman's former Professor (1911 - 22)
- South Arabic Inscription's Transliteral into Hebrew and Arabic Alphabets 1925-1927
- Lecture Notes on Semitic Studies, Princeton University 1929-1930
- Lecture Notes on Ancient Oriental Literature, Princeton University 1930-1931
- Lecture Notes, Princeton Theological Seminary
-The Theology of the Prophets (undated)  
-The Theology of the Prophets, continued  
-Old Testament Introduction (undated)  
-Old Testament Biblical Theology (three black binders, undated)  
-Comparative Religion and Old Testament Religion (undated)  
-Old Testament History  1953
Box 2: Series II, continued: Lecture Notes
- Princeton Institute of Theology 1943-1951
- Princeton Institute of Theology (July 10-13, 1951)
- The Philadelphia Lutheran Theological Seminary 1963
- Student Lecture Notes: Old Testament Biblical Theology (typescript notes produced by Douglas W. Gray, Class of 1945, given to the Seminary) September 1994
- Student Lecture Notes: Old Testament History and Introduction (Notes by Charles R. Ehrhardt, 1938-39, given to the Seminary) circa 1993
- Ancient World accounts of Creation, Flood, Law
Box 2 continued: Series III: Personal Files
- 38 Files of Chapters of the Bible
- Old Testament Lectures
- Lecture LXX
- Samuel Johnson - Boswell
- Don Quixote
- Miscellaneous Lectures
- Six typed documents:"Glimpses into Buddhism," "Leaves from a Theological Diary," "An Infallible Guide of Life," "Amos, an Ancient Backwoods Preacher," The Eternal Search for God," "History Directed by God"
- Psalm, Prayers, Sermon: "Lost - Man without Religion"
- Handwritten notes: "Youth and Age," "What is the Outlook for Religion?" "The Supreme Task of the Church at the Dawn of the New Era," "The Religion of the New Age," "Religious Education," "New Year's Eve," "The Trinity," "The Experience of Sin," "Home at present time to many a dull..."
- Academic
- Amish
- Baer
- Baer
- Bender
- Bible
- Printed Articles: "Does the Reformed Church Need a Defense?" by Gehman, "Dr. Coffin Urges Accepting Fate," "Second-Hand Religion"
- Typed Documents: "The Great Commandment" by Gehman, "Rethinking Religion"
Box 3: Series III, continued: Personal Files
- Blizzard
- Boxing
- Brazil
- Church
- Communion
- Conwell, Russell
- Curriculum
- Dreams
- Diabetes
- Dunkers
- Ecumenics
- Education
- Einstein
- Eisenhower
- English
- Family
- Family
- Florida
- Franklin & Marshall
- Fundamentalism
- Gettysburg
- God
- History
- Humanities
- Inner Missions
- Interpreters
- Jokes
- Linguistics
- Linguistics
- Literature
- Lutheran
- Lutheran
- Mandaic
- Ministry
- Moslem
- Ordination
- Peace
- Philadelphia
- Portrait
- Portugal
- Presbyterian Characters
- Scotland
- Second Coming
- Texts
- Train
- Translation
- Union, Richmond
- United Nations
- Versions
- War
- Book Reviews 1969-1970
- Bible Study, Format, Schedule
- Bibliography
- Typed Documents (Spanish): "Que es la Palabra De Dios?", "El Facto, Fundamento De La Iglesia Cristiana," "La Biblia y el Principio de las Cosas," "Israel Antiguo y su Lugar en el Orden Mundial," "La Ley Natural en el Antiguo Testamento," and hand-written notes (Portuguese): "Os Profetas do Velho Testamento"
- Typed Documents in Spanish, Portugese, and English: "La Biblisa y el Principio de las Cosas," "Que e a Palavra de Deus?" "Israel Antiguo y su Lugar en el Orden Mundial," "The Hebraic Character of Septuagint Greek"
- Box: Dr. Gehman's O.T. Notes
- Box: Psalms, Samuel
- Box: Old Testament Biblical Theology
Box 4: Series IV: Papers and Addresses
- "The Buddhist Purgatory" (Princeton University) 1930s
- "Some Spiritual Values of the Old Testament for To-Day" (1930s)
- LXX Paper 1951
- Address in Portuguese (Visiting Professor in Brazil) July-September 1955
- Lectures in Portuguese (Brazil) 1955
- "A Generation of Old Testament Studies" (PTS Koinonia Address, 1959) 1921-1959
- Address to Honor Dr. and Mrs. Mackay on the eve of his retirement (Princeton Seminary) May 15, 1959
- Handwritten manuscript: "The Inspiration of Poets"
Box 5: Series V: Card Files
- LXX Card Files
Box 6: Series V, continued: Card Files
- Note Card Files


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