The Joseph Addison Alexander Manuscript Collection

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Creator: Alexander, Joseph A. (Joseph Addison), 1809-1860
Dates: 1822-1861
Extent: 10 boxes (4.3 linear feet)
Language(s): English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1809 April 24 Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Son of Archibald Alexander. Brother to James Waddel and William Cowper Alexander
1826 Graduated, College of New Jersey (Princeton University)
1830-1833 Adjunct Professor of Ancient Languages And Literature, College of New Jersey (Princeton University)
1834 Assistant to Charles Hodge, Professor of Oriental and Biblical Literature, Princeton Theological Seminary
1838 Associate Professor of Oriental and Biblical Literature, Princeton Theological Seminary
1840 Succeeded Charles Hodge as chair
1851 Chair of Biblical and Ecclesiastical History, Princeton Theological Seminary
1859 Chair of Hellenistic and New Testament Literature, Princeton Theological Seminary
1860 January 28 Died, Princeton, New Jersey

Biographical Information

Joseph Addison Alexander, the third son of Archibald Alexander, was a well-known biblical scholar and linguist. He was ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1839. This collection consists primarily of lecture notes and correspondence, spanning much of Alexander's career.


Scope and Content

This collection includes classnotes and lectures, chiefly on Biblical history and church history, and personal correspondence.



Alexander, Joseph Addison, 1809-1860--Manuscripts.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


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This collection was processed and inventoried by Douglas F. Denné in the fall of 1992, under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist. The finding aid was written by Matthew Reeder in March 2007, and edited by Sarah Seraphin in February 2009.


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Box 1
1:1 Introduction to the O.T. and Mahametan (Thursday night) (1857 October 12)
1:2 Biblical history, No.1 (1846 August 31)
1:3 Biblical history, No.2 (1846 September 4)
1:4 Biblical history, No.3 (1846 September 8)
1:5 Black book, No.1 (second class) 1847 August 31
1:6 Periodology of Church Government. (begun 1852 November 12)
1:7 Early changes in the organization of the Church; Changes in Discipline (1852 October 7); (1852 October 12)
1:8 John the Baptist, etc. and lecture notes on church history: century 1-17 undated
1:9 Church History, A.D. 311-590, second period undated
1:10 Doctrinal development, schools of theology, second period (1852 December 2)
1:11 Alexandrian School of the third century, first class (1853 October 12)
1:12 Century V: Abstract of Mosheim undated
1:13 Century VII: Abstract of Mosheim and questions (1852 January 4)
1:14 Laws (1854 January 22)
1:15 Questions on Mosheim, century 16 (1854 March 8)
1:16 Mosheim: centuries 16 and 17 1854 March
1:17 Introductory lectures: history (1854 September 11)
1:18 Mosheim, century 16, book 4; section 1; chapters 1-2; no. 1 (first class) 1855 January 3
1:19 Notes on interpretation of Hebrew phrases in the O.T. [fragment] undated
1:20 Derivation of the Hebrew word "to cover" undated
1:21 Tables of the inflections of verbs and exercises undated
1:22 Exercises in Greek, 1-62 undated
1:23 Dodcrabrice, or Marth Magazine 1846
1:24 Hodge, Caspar Wister (Sr.), letter to (1843 Nov 25)
Box 2
2:1 Questions for review of church history, Alexander oratory undated
Box 3
3:1 Leviticus (1836 March 1)
3:2 Isaiah, chapters 52-57, notes on (1836 July 21)
3:3 Presbyterian exercises and inaugural discourse 1838
3:4 Lectures on the quotations, No.2: lectures 2-3 1840
3:5 Lectures on the quotations, No.2: lectures 5-7 (1843 December 30)
3:6 Lectures, notes, and memoranda on biblical criticism, archaeology, and other subjects of critical introduction; vol 1 1843-1846
Box 4
4:1 Lectures and notes of lectures on biblical criticism, history, and antiquities, during the session of 1846-1847; vol 3 1847
4:2 Lectures and notes of lectures on biblical criticism, history, and antiquities, during the beginning of 1846; vol 2 1847
4:3 Notes and materials of lectures on biblical criticism, interpretation, history, and antiquities, during the session of 1847-1848; vol 1 1848
4:4 Notes of lectures, and other memoranda, during the years 1848-49 (1849 December 31)
Box 5
5:1 Lectures and notes on the gospel history of the life of Christ 1848
5:2 Commentary on the Acts 1856
5:3 Notes for class lectures 1856-1857
Box 6
6:1 Lectures on synods, councils, and church history, revised (1858 April 5)
6:2 Holyburken's great concern undated
6:3 Lecture notes taken by John Miller (1839 February 25)
6:4 Notes on the Psalms taken by John A. Bogle (1844 November 17)
6:5 Introduction to the critical study of the holy scriptures by William McKendree Scott undated
6:6 Class notes from the CNJ [Princeton University] and notes on biblical criticism taken by J.P. Lundy (third class) 1846 August 27
Box 7
7:1 Lecture notes on biblical criticism copied by Caspar Wistar Hodge, Sr.; vol 4 1849 September
7:2 Lecture notes copied by Caspar Wistar Hodge, Sr.: lectures on biblical history; vol 5 (1850 March 1)
7:3 Lecture notes by H. Clay Cameron (1851 March 12)
7:4 Lectures on the N.T. by Thomas R. Markham undated
Box 8
8:1 Lectures on the harmony of the gospels by Thomas R. Markham 1850-1851
8:2 Lecture notes on church history: various subjects by Kurtz (1852 December 8)
8:3 Lectures on church history taken by D.D. Sahler (1853 September 5)
8:4 Lectures on the harmony of the gospels taken by D.D. Sahler (1854 January 19)
Box 9
9:1 Harmer, Denny. Notes on lectures at Oxford and universities in Italy and France 1855-1861
9:2 Unknown. Question-answer notes on church history undated
9:3 Lecture notes on Hosea and Luke 1829
9:4 Lecture notes on the 17-19 centuries (1854 April 12)
9:5 Diary: Lexington 1855
9:6 Letter to J.A. Alexander from J.W. Alexander (1829 April 22)
9:7 Alexander, J.W., letter from (1828 November 18)
9:8 Alexander, J.W., letter from (1828 December 18)
9:9 Brown, Isaac V. (Rev.), letter from (1829 January 23)
9:10 Alexander, J.W., letter from (1829 February 11)
9:11 Jane, letter to [fragment] (1849 November 10)
9:12 Alexander, Janetta Waddel (mother), letter to (1850 June 15)
9:13 McCaul, Gladotane, letter to (1853 January 10)
9:14 Maria Janetta (cousin), letter to (1854 September 16)
9:15 Seinbur, Charles, letter to (1855 April 4)
9:16 Lindsay (cousin), letter to (1855 October 29)
9:17 Hadle, William (Rev.), letter to (1856 July 31)
9:18 Sam, letter to (1857 May 7)
9:19 Church history notes in French [fragment] undated
9:20 For the Staunton Spectator: "The two birth-days" undated
9:21 Arabic translation from "Maverley" (1822 August 20)
9:22 Kirk, Edward N., letter to (1842 March 15)
Box 10
10:1 Catalogue of the Joseph Addison Alexander library 1828 April
10:2 Catalogue of the Joseph Addison Alexander library 1864


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