The Alexander Napier MacLeod Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: MacLeod, Alexander Napier, 1901-1994
Dates: 1924-1954
Extent: 5 Boxes (2.08 linear feet)
Language(s): English, Hebrew
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1901 December 1 Born, Ningpo, China
1923 Student, Wheaton College
1923-1924 Teacher, Stony Brook School, Long Island
1924 Student, Harvard University
1924-1928 Student, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1925-1927 Student, Master of Arts, Princeton University
1927 June 20 Ordained, Philadelphia Presbytery
1928-1929 Assistant professor, History, Wheaton College
1929-1930, 1936-1938 Student, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh
1929-1973 Missionary, China
1933-1950 Professor, North China Theological Seminary, Tenghsien Shantung
1937 Student, University of Berlin
1947 Student, Union Theological Seminary, New York City
1947-1948 Professor, Church History, Gordon Divinity School, Massachusetts
1952-1970 Professor, Taiwan Theological College, Taipei
1973 Retired
1994 September 8 Died

Biographical Information

Alexander MacLeod was born in China in 1901 to missionary parents of the China Inland Mission. After graduating from Wheaton College, Illinois, in 1923, MacLeod taught at the Stony Brook School, Long Island, New York, for the 1923-24 year. He came to Princeton and took three degrees in four years: Princeton Theological Seminary (1924-1928), Th.B. and Th.M.; Princeton University (1925-1927), M.A.

Dr. MacLeod taught atWheaton College as assistant professor of history for a year before studying philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, 1929-1930, on a Gelston-Winthrop Fellowship from Princeton Seminary. Dr. MacLeod also studied at Harvard and the University of Berlin. He was appointed a missionary to China, but returned to the University of Edinburgh, 1936-38, to complete work for the Ph.D. He served as a missionary-teacher in China and Taiwan and retired in 1973.


Scope and Content

This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. MacLeod. The bulk of the collection consists of notes from classes attended at Princeton Seminary. A small collection of materials date from MacLeod's furlough in Princeton in 1953-54, and include notes from courses he audited at that time. The student class notes in the MacLeod Collection provide an unparalleled view of the teaching at Princeton Seminary during a crucial period of its history.



MacLeod, Alexander Napier, 1901---Archives.

Princeton Theological Seminary--Alumni and alumnae--Archives.

Class notes--1924-1938.

Class notes--1953-1954.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was gifted to the Seminary Libraries in 1995 by the MacLeod family. The original finding aid was written by Special Collections staff under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist, in the spring of 1995. The materials on Dr. MacLeod's furlough in Princeton in 1953-54 were gifted to the library by his son, A. Donald MacLeod, and added to the collection in November 2004. The finding aid was edited by Sarah Seraphin in February of 2009.


In the event of extensive use of these papers in an article or book, the MacLeod Family must be allowed to review the material prior to publication. Material may otherwise be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

Use of Materials

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Material from Dr. MacLeod's studies at Princeton Seminary has been organized to follow the syllabus of courses as given in the Seminary Catalogue (see "Guide to the MacLeod Collection").



Box 1: Seminary Junior Year, 1924-1925
1:1 Guide to the MacLeod Collection
1:2 Hebrew Language Charts
1:3 General Old Testament Introduction - Professor Robert Dick Wilson
1:4 Old Testament History - Professor John D. Davis
1:5 New Testament Introduction & Exegesis - Professor J. Gresham Machen
1:6 Junior English Bible: Pauline Epistles - Professor Charles R. Erdman
1:7 Ancient Church, Church History - Professor Frederick W. Loetscher (Outline of Schaff, History of the Christian Church, volume II)
1:8 Systematic Theology - 1st Year - Professor Caspar Wistar Hodge, Jr. (Prolegomena & Theology)
1:9 Review Questions With Answers for 1st year Systematic Theology (Questions Proposed by Finley Du Bois Jenkins)
1:10 Ecclesiastical Theology - Professor Erdman
1:11 Thesis on War, "Ten Commandments" - Professor William Brenton Greene
1:12 Homiletics - Professor J. Ross Stevenson
1:13 Elocution Exercises, Public Speaking - Mr. Donald Wheeler
1:14 Principles of Missions - Professor J.C.R. Ewing
1:15 "Missionary Message" (Notes on Animism) - Professor J.C.R. Ewing
1:16 Essay on the Native Church in Mission Lands, for Principles of Missions - Professor J.C.R. Ewing
1:17 History of Religions - Professor J.R. Stevenson
1:18 Annotated textbook: Introduction to the Psychology of Religion by Robert H. Thouless
Box 2: Seminary Middler Year, 1925-26
2:1 Introduction to the Pentateuch - Professor R.D. Wilson
2:2 Introduction to the Poetical Books - Professor John Howard Raven
2:3 Old Testament Biblical Theology - Professor Geerhardus Vos
2:4 Biblical Theology of the Old Testament - Professor Geerhardus Vos
2:5 Gospel History - Professor William Park Armstrong
2:6 Gospel History - Professor W.P. Armstrong (typed course lectures)
2:7 Church History: Medieval Church - Professor F.W. Loetscher
2:8 Evidences of Christianity Syllabus - Professor George Johnson
2:9 Systematic Theology, 2nd year - Professor Caspar Wistar Hodge
2:10 Outline of Charles Hodge's Systematic Theology, vol. II (used for 2nd year Systematic Theology course)
2:11 Homiletics - Professor J. Ritchie Smith
2:12 Notes on Great Preachers and Missionaries, essay on the same, and exam (2nd year Homiletics) - Professor J.R. Smith
2:13 Preceptorial notes for Metaphysics of Christian Apologetics - Professor W.B. Greene
2:14 The 10 Commandments in relation to Modern Social Problems - Professor W.B. Greene
2:15 The Doctrine of Man - Professor F.D. Jenkins
Box 3: Seminary Senior Year, 1926-27
3:1 Exegesis of the Prophets - Professor J. Raven
3:2 Introduction to the Prophets - Prof. J.D. Davis and J. Raven
3:3 Apostolic History - Professor W.P. Armstrong (Ned Stonehouse, teaching fellow)
3:4 New Testament Biblical Theology - Professor G. Vos
3:5 Notes on New Testament Biblical Theology - Professor G. Vos (typed course lectures)
3:6 Lecture Notes on Modern Church History - Professor F.W. Loetscher
3:7 Church History: the Modern Church - Professor F.W. Loetscher (typed course lecture outline, part I)
3:8 Church History: the Modern Church - Professor F.W. Loetscher (typed course lecture outline, part II)
3:9 Augustine - Professor F.W. Loetscher
3:10 Essay on Augustine for Professor F.W. Loetscher
3:11 Calvin and Early Calvinism - Professor F.W. Loetscher
3:12 Calvin and Servetus, thesis for Professor F.W. Loetscher
3:13 Christian Sociology - Professor W.B. Greene
3:14 Essay on the Christian and the State for Christian Sociology - Professor W.B. Greene
3:15 Christian Sociology - Professor W.B. Greene (typed course outline)
Box 4: Seminary Senior Year and Fourth Year, 1926-28. Princeton University, M.A., 1925-27.
4:1 Systematic Theology, senior year - Professors C.W. Hodge and F.D. Jenkins
4:2 Sermons for Professor J.R. Smith
4:3 Paul and his Environment - Professor J. Gresham Machen (first term elective)
4:4 Doctrine of Sin - Professor C.W. Hodge
4:5 History of the Doctrine of the Atonement - Professor F.W. Loetscher
4:6 Criticism of Schleiermacher's Doctrine of the Work of Christ
4:7 Notes on Philosophical Systems
4:8 Christian Ethics - Professor W.B. Greene
4:9 Christian Ethics - Professor (typed course lectures)
4:10 Doctrine of Justification - Professor C.W. Hodge
4:11 Notes for Introduction to the Pauline Epistles, with essay on Romans - Professor W.P. Armstrong
4:12 The Birth of Jesus - Professor J.G. Machen
4:13 The New Testament Canon - Professor W.P. Armstrong
4:14 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit - Professor C.W. Hodge
4:15 Doctrine of God - Professor F.D. Jenkins
4:16 Lectures in Metaphysics - Professor Warner Fite (Princeton University Graduate School)
4:17 Essay: The status of matter and spirit and their relation in ... Descartes, Malebranche, Spinoza, and Leibniz, for lectures in Metaphysics - Professor W. Fitz ?
4:18 Pre-Kantian Rationalism - Professor T.M. Greene (Princeton University)
4:19 Notes on Pragmatism - Mr. Warner Fite, Essay on William James' Conception of Truth (Princeton University)
4:20 Notes on 19th Century Philosophy (Professor Longwell), and an essay on the same (Princeton University)
4:21 Essays on Ludwig Buchner and J.S. Mills (Princeton University)
4:22 The Nature and the Function of the Miracle - Doctor William Brenton Greene (in competition for the Gelston-Winthrop Fellowship in Apologetics)
Box 5: University of Edinburgh, 1929-30, 1936-38. Miscellaneous Papers. Furlough Papers, 1953-54 (accession 2004.22)
5:1 Philosophy - N. Kemp Smith (University of Edinburgh)
5:2 Moral Philosophy (Ethics) - Professor A.E. Taylor (University of Edinburgh)
5:3 Ethics - Professor A.E. Taylor (University of Edinburgh)
5:4 Ethics - Professor A.E. Taylor (University of Edinburgh)
5:5 Notes on Plato's Republic - Professor A.E. Taylor, Spinoza - Taylor, Logic - Professor A.J.D. Porteous
5:6 Notes on Kant - Professor N. Kemp Smith, Teleology and Hume's Dialogues - Kemp Smith, etc. (University of Edinburgh)
5:7 Formative Factors in Modern Theology - H.W. Hughes, Christian Ethics - D. Lamont (University of Edinburgh)
5:8 Schleiermacher - H.R. Mackintosh, Dogmatics of the 19th Century - Mackintosh (University of Edinburgh)
5:9 Psychology of Religion - Professor W.P. Patterson, Christian Dogmatics - Professor Mackintosh, Prolegomena to Dogmatics - Patterson, Apologetics - Lamont (University of Edinburgh)
5:10 Mimeographed extract from Baron von Hugel (from Professor Kemp Smith)
5:11 Mimeographed typescript: Kant's Critique of Judgment (teleology)
5:12 Mimeographed Notes on Philosophy - Professor Kemp Smith (University of Edinburgh)
5:13 Outline of Oriental, Grecian, and Roman History by A.N. Macleod, taught at Stony Brook School
5:14 Principles of Secondary Education - Professor Bancroft Beatley (Harvard Graduate School) 1924
5:15 Lectures in Religious Education by staff of the Presbyterian Church, USA 1925
5:16 Devotional Diary November 1929 to January 1933
5:17 Miscellaneous Notes on I Peter
5:18 Lecture and Study Notes on the Epistle to the Colossians (for Chinese seminarians)
5:19 Papers from 1953-54 furlough in Princeton 1953-1954


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