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The Émile Cailliet Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator:Cailliet, Émile, 1894-1981
Extent: 9 Boxes (10 linear feet)
Language(s): English, French
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1894 December 17Born, Dampierre, Marne, France
1913University of Paris
1914-1918Infantry man, French Army, WWI
1920-1923MA, University of Nancy
1923-1926PhD., School of Ethnology of Paris, University of Montpellier, France
1926-1931Assistant Professor of French Literature, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
1936-1937ThD., University of Strasbourg, France
1931-1941Professor of French Literature and Civilization, Scripps College, Claremont, CA
1941-1945Professor of French Literature and Civilization, Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania
1945-1947Professor of French Literature and Philosophy, Wesleyan University
1947-1959Professor of Christian Philosophy, Princeton Theological Seminary
1981 June 4Died, California


Scope and Content

This collection holds Cailliet's correspondence, lecture notes, addresses and sermons, reviews and articles, associations, and research materials. The material covers his entire life, from his life and studies in France and Europe to his life and work in the United States at several institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton Seminary.



Cailliet, Émile, 1894---Manuscripts.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.

Presbyterian Church--Sermons.

Sermons, French.

Sermons, American.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was not arranged by the processor. File folders were numbered at the time of accession, and the papers were kept in their original order. The Émile Cailliet Manuscript Collection was accessioned on February 15, 1996.


There are no special restrictions to access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

Use of Materials

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Émile Cailliet Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.



Box 1
1AAddendum: Émile Cailliet's annotated Bible, added from his library, February 2008.
1BCorrespondence (The Stuart Chair, PTS, 1947-63)
2ACorrespondence (including handwritten curriculum vitae, 1931-46)
2BCorrespondence (1931-47)
3Correspondence and Notes (1947-49)
4Correspondence and Notes (1950-55)
5Correspondence (1956-72)
6Correspondence (Young Life, 1956-67)
7Young Life Book (1958)
Correspondence (1963-65)  
8Young Life/American Adolescent Material
9Bibliographies from PTS Courses (1947-59)
10Correspondence with French Publishers
11Sermons and Addresses with PTS Choir
12Lectures (1948-49)
13National Association of Evangelicals and other Christian Organizations
Brochures, etc...  
14Strasbourg Correspondence (1948-56)
Charles Hauter  
Roger Mehl  
15"NY Lecture" (1961)
articles in preparation for...  
16"By What Power" (undated)
lecture manuscript  
17The Pastor
correspondence (1948-52)  
manuscript of Cailliet's book review  
18McCormick Theological Seminary
correspondence with Trinterud (1949)  
19Hewitt, Arthur Wentworth
correspondence (1944-49)  
20Washington, DC, Lectures (1951)
21Les Classiques de la Pensée Francaise - Classical French Thinkers FTH 501 (602)
22Phi Beta Kappa V. XII, No. 4 autumn 1947 The Key Reporter
23Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Correspondence (1947-50)
24Christian Patterns of Life (Princeton Seminary Course 360,3)
25Bobbs-Merrill Comp., Inc. and The Dawn of Personality
Correspondence (1954-56)  
26Princeton Seminary Faculty Club
27Princeton Seminary Bulletin
28AThe Texas Pastor's School
Lectures and Correspondence (1951-53)  
Box 2
28BThe Hour of Methodism
28CSouthwestern Lectureship (1951)
29Evangelical Theological Society (1950-51)
30The Student Magazine His of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Correspondence (1948-50)
31NY Times
32Monday Morning
33Tyndale Fellowship
34Theology Today
35Religion in Life
36Journal of Religion
37Inter-Varsity Fellowship
39Christianity Today
41Department of Theology (Princeton Seminary, 1955)
42Council For Religion in Independent Schools
43Correspondence (Wesleyan University, 1945-52)
44Graduate Candidates (Princeton Seminary, 1947-59)
45Introduction to Christian Philosophy. Lecture Notes
46APhilosophy of Science Course, Course #357
Materials and Lecture Notes (Princeton Seminary, 1947-56)  
46BPhilosophy of Science Course, Course #357
47Humanities Course (Schipp's College, 1930s)
48Resurgence of Christianity in French Literature since Voltaire. Pamphlets and notes
49ALectures and Articles (1949-52)
49BLectures and Articles (various dates)
Box 3
49CLectures, Addresses and Articles (various dates)
50Great Books in Light of Christianity, Course #342,2 (Princeton Seminary, 1949-56)
51ALetters from Frank Gaebelein (The Stony Brook School, Long Island, 1949-54)
51BLetters from Frank Gaebelein (The Stony Brook School, Long Island, 1955-60)
51CLetters from Frank Gaebelein (The Stony Brook School, Long Island, 1961-72)
52The Making of the Modern Religious Mind, Course # 344,2 (Princeton Seminary, 1950- )
53AThe Christian Pattern of Life, Course #346,3 (Princeton Seminary, undated.)
53BThe Christian Pattern of Life, Course #346,3 (Princeton Seminary, undated.)
54Cultural Anthropolgy, Course #340,1 (Princeton Seminary,1948- )
55Henry Bergson Pamphlet and Bibliography
56John Mackay Correspondence (Princeton Seminary, 1942-71)
57Teaching Fellows in Christian Philosophy (1949-63)
58William Smith Correspondence (1943-56)
59The Great Shorter Works of Pascal
Correspondence and reviews (1948-50)  
Box 4
60Pascal Research
61Former Student Correspondence (1947-58)
62Theological Isolationism
63The Truth in France - The French Situation
64France (continued)
65Federation d'Aliance Francaise (1939-44)
67The Science of Biblical Faith
68Pascal Courses (1948-58)
69On Publication of Pascal's Short Life of Christ
70Institute for Religion and Social Studies
71The Formulation of Liberalism
72La Tradition Litteraire des Ideologues
73Ocean Grove Lectures (1949)
74Ideologue Revolutionnaire
75Romantic Movement in French Literature
76Otts Lectures (Davidson College, 1946)
77Pascal Lectures
78New Editions of Cailliet's Books
79Recovery of Purpose
Questionnaire re. Book & Cailliet  
Correspondence and reviews  
80American Philosophical Association
81ASymbolism Course
Box 5
81BSymbolism, French (continued)
81CSymbolism, French (continued)
81DSymbolism, English
81ESymbolisme et Ames Primitives
82Works in Progress
83Afternoon of a Fawn (Synoptic Book, 1945)
84The Garrett Lectures (Evanston, Illinois (1955)
86"I Met the Huguenots" (Article, 1960)
87About Cailliet - "The Drew Gateway" (Article)
88S.D.M. Project
89BReviews (for Harper's)
90Princeton Institute of Theology
92Primitive Mentality
93French Literature and Civilization Courses
94Condorcet et les "grand principies" de 1789
97The Life of the Mind
Correspondence and reviews  
98France Forever
99Pascal: Genius in Light of Scripture
100"The Tragic Vision of Christian Faith" (Article)
101Purpose and Verification (Lecture Notes)
102"Clue to Pascal" (Article)
103Jim Rayburn Correspondence (1962-71)
104Committee on Cooperation in Latin America
105Diplomas (Removed for better storage to Box 7)
106"Alone at High Noon: Reflections on the Solitary Life"
Box 6
107Miscellaneous Clippings, New Articles, Etc...
108Scripps College (1931-43)
109"Outlines of Christian Positivism" (manuscript)
110"I Enlist in Society"
111Books and The Book Article
112AWestminster Press (on Pascal)
112BWestminster Press
113"Why We Oppose the Occult"
114"Beginning of Wisdom"
Correspondence and reviews  
115Livres de France
116George Washington University (Lecture, 1961)
117Journey into Light
118AA Christian Approach to Culture
Correspondence and reviews  
118BA Christian Approach to Culture (Manuscript)
119"Essai sur la Psychologie du Hova" (Doctoral Thesis)
120American Political and Religious Heritage
121Life Has Only Two Roads (Manuscript)
122Clippings and Memorabilia from the Scripps years up to 1946 with Bound Green Book of same
123The Wheaton Lecture (1961)
124Nineteenth Century French Literature
Box 7
125Student Leadership Regional Conference (Juno, Alaska, 1954)
126Alexander Vinet Project
127Inaugeration at Princeton - Stuart Chair
128University of Pennsylvania (Correspondence)
129Cailliet's Personal Correspondence to His Wife
130Portions of Manuscripts not identified with material in any of the numbered folders
131On Cailliet (Memorium and other materials)
132APastors and Schools (Correspondence, bulk 1943)
-The Christian Philosophy of Émile Cailliet by Steven Lemke(Dissertation, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Forth Worth, Texas)
-An Achievement in Liberal Education: A Tribute to A Man and an Idea: Hartley Burr Alexander by Émile Cailliet (Manuscript)
-Bulletin de L' Acadamie Malgache (1920-21)(Cailliet's personal field work in Madagascar with maps and writings)
-Photocopies of Lectures delivered to the "Friends of Pascal" (1925)
-Spiral Notebook of Cailliet's Introduction to Christian Philosophy, Course #310,1 (Notes taken by W.Stackhouse, 1955)
-Clippings, postcards, and pamphlets
-Three Pascal Wax Seals
Box 8
133Strasburg Lecture Notes
134Ph.D. Dissertation of Steve Lemke
135Notes on Lemke Dissertation
136Miscellaneous Cailliet Notes
137Manuscript of Christian Recovery of Purpose
138Manuscript of Dawn of Personality
139Draft of The Challenge of Mysticism
140Manuscript of The Intellectual Aspect of Life
141Ex Libris die cast for printing
143Rebound New Testament and its old binding
144Correspondence with Scripps faculty both before and after tenure
145Scripps College Memorabilia
146Wesleyan University
147Correspondence with PTS regarding Cailliet Collection
148Photographs of Cailliet Painting Unveiling
149The Learning Climate at PTS
150Frank Gaebelein
151Correspondence regarding translation of Short Life of Christ
152Biographical Information and Resume
153Obituaries, letters upon Cailliet's death
154Autobiographical Journal 1935-1938
155Passport, photograph of Adrien Cailliet
156Publications before 1941
157Afternoon of a Faun book and correspondence
158Dr. Hartley Burr Alexander
159Committee on Christian Literature (Christianity and Culture)
160Interpretation Article "Rule for Christian Living"
161Positivism Article
162Draft of Christianity and Culture
163Bovin et Cie
164Greenwood Press agreement, royalties
165Agreement with Macmillian regarding Christianity and the Life of the Mind
166Photograph of Lucien, Vera, Émile Cailliet
167Permissions granted for The Recovery of Purpose
168Book contracts, miscellaneous publishing documents
169U. Penn graduate school 1941-1945, "Romance Languages During Wartime"
170U. Penn Pascal research grant
171"The Fourth Word"
172American Philosophy Society Library Item
173Pascal Introduction
174Short Life of Christ Manuscript
175Franco-American Friendship
176Anglo-French Friendship during wartime
177Articles published in French
178Article on French Protestantism
179Article on "Prayer and Certitude"
180Review of The Dawn of Personality
181Wesleyan U. Diploma,letter regarding Wesleyan lectures
182"The Spell of Righteousness" talk to PTS students
183Article "Books and the Book"
184Service of Inauguration as Stuart Professor
185Salvation Army Friendship
186Article for War Cry, "Where Would Jesus Be?"
187Book review by Cailliet, Article by Otto Piper
188Announcement of Lectures
189Letters and documents regarding Cailliet's death
Box 9
190Early training in pedagogy and child psychology
191Pamphlets by Cailliet
192Notes in French at the end of Cailliet's Pascal Manuscript
193Manuscript in French of Blaise Pascal: Emergence of Genius
194Notes on Cailliet's life from Helene Cailliet Adcock
195Original agreement regarding Cailliet's notes and works
196Academie des Sciences Colonials
198Cailliet's biblical outlook
199Original journal articles
200Original articles and reviews
201Reviews of Cailliet's books
202Scripps Impressions and Career Aspirations
203Lectures and Articles 1931-1941
204Philadelphia Wartime Activity
205Advocate for Framce
206University of Pennsylvania Research
207Clark Lecture at U. Penn
208The Dawn of Personality galley sample
209Book contracts
210Wesleyan Transition
211Book Launchings
212Robert E. Speer Influence
213Friendship with Frank Gaebelein
214Other Friends
215Douglas V. Steere
216Cailliet's reflections on his seminary career
217PTS courses and career
218Speaking to future ministers
219Course outlines
220Science and Religion
221Suggestions and PTS curriculum
222Lectureships and projected writings
223Young life
224Evangelism during retirement years
226Cailliet's Final Illness
227Vera Ethel Cailliet
229Appreciation for Cailliet's life
230Published lectures and articles
231Graduate study at Montpelier
232Graduate study at Strasbourg
233Madagascar early 1920's
234Pascal translated


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