The Theodore L. Cuyler Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Cuyler, Theodore L. (Theodore Ledyard), 1822-1909
Dates: 1862-1903
Extent: 5 Boxes (5.5 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1822 January 10 Born, Aurora, New York
1841 Graduated, College of New Jersey (now Princeton University)
1846-1849 Stated supply, Burlington, New Jersey
1848 May 4 Ordained, evangelist, Presbytery of West Jersey
1849-1853 Pastor, Third Church, Trenton
1853-1860 Pastor, Market Street Reformed Church in America (Dutch), New York City
1860-1890 Pastor, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn
1866 Awarded honorary doctor of divinity, College of New Jersey
1890-1909 Pastor emeritus, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church
1909 February 26 Died, Brooklyn

Biographical Information

Theodore Ledyard Cuyler was a prominent Presbyterian pastor at Lafayette Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York. At the height of his career in the ministry, Lafayette Church was the largest Presbyterian Church in the country and Cuyler's influence extended well beyond Brooklyn to include the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) as well as overseas in Great Britain. Much of his correspondence includes letters from prominent British clergyman as well as the Prime Minister of Great Britain. This is also true for correspondence from this country. Cuyler received letters from prominent clergy, including Henry Ward Beecher and James McCosh; as well as statesman and philanthropists such as Robert Todd Lincoln, Cornelius Vanderbilt and John Wanamaker.


Scope and Content

This collection includes three letters from former Presidents of the United States, as well as sermons and photographs. The bulk of the correspondence comes from his scrapbooks.



Cuyler, Theodore L. (Theodore Ledyard), 1822-1909--Archives.

Presbyterian Church--Clergy--Archives.

Presbyterian Church--United States--History--Archival resources.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

The Cuyler Collection was given to the Seminary by Theodore L. Cuyler III. It was organized on March 6, 1996. Scrapbook volume 13 was located in the archives backlog and added to Series 3 of the collection in the summer of 2008.


There are no special restrictions to access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections. Due to the fragile nature of the scrapbooks in this collection, photocopying may be done by staff members only.

Use of Materials

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Theodore L. Cuyler Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.



Series 1: Correspondence (Box 1) This is correspondence from the scrapbooks that was removed because it was loose and could have been lost in use.

Series 2: Correspondence (Box 1) This is correspondence from File D that consists largely of letters in regard to Cuyler's "Recollections of a Long Life."

Series 3: Scrapbooks (Boxes 1-3) Scrapbooks contain correspondence, clippings, articles, and ephemera.

Series 4: Sermons and Addresses (Boxes 4-5) The sermons are largely from Lafayette Presbyterian Church. There are only a few addresses. There is no order to this material. It was left as found.

Series 5: Photograph Album (Box 4) Early photographs of Moderators of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)



Box 1
Series 1: Correspondence
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 3)
-Henry Ward Beecher on "Return from Europe" page 3.  (September 9, 1862)
-Joseph Henry to Professor Hunslow "in Cambridge" page 3.  (July 5, 1842)
-Newman Hall (London, July 28) page 43.  
-Warrant: the State of S. Carolina vs. Rose and Beck (Charleston) page 61.  May 23, 1829
-R. L. Storrs (Brooklyn) page 69.  December, 1, 1879
-James B. Shaw (March 7) page 91.  
-Lewis Taffan (New York City) page 103.  October 6, 1867
-W.C. Dodge (Washington) page 105.  February 24, 1866
-Tract: "A New Year's Tract: A New Year's Epistle from America" by Cuyler (Scottish Temperance League, Glasgow, Scotland).  
-Photograph of little girl.  
-Confederate Note: $5.00 denomination Richmond, Virginia) page 123.  1864
-Letters removed from Scrapbook Vol. 13 (Alexander McLaren, A.A. Low, Elizabeth Lloyd, and Howard Duffield).  
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 5)
-Wilson (Washington, DC) page 21.  July 3, 1864
-[J. Deney] (Watertown, November) page 33.  
-Invitation: from Mr. & Mrs. Johnson to meet Horace.  
-Greeley on his 60th birthday (New York) page 51.  February 3, 1872
-Engraving: C. R. Agnew with solicitation to assist the C. R. Agnew Memorial Fund of the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital page 57.  undated
-John Wanamaker (Philadelphia) page 85.  February 20, 1888
-Edward E. Salisbury (New Havin) page 95.  January 15, 1886
-N. W. Dale (Birmingham, England) page 111.  April 9, 1889
-R. L. Storrs (Brooklyn) with pamphlet: "A Philosopher's Faith" page 113.  April 4, 1874
-Two Checks: Bank of Auburn signed by Glen Cuyler (page 119)  (1817 and 1818)
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 7)
-A.[Dickson](Lansingburgh) page 9  October 18, 1875
-Engraving: engraving of Cuyler, page 35  
-Pamphlet: Cuyler asked to give this pamphlet to a student who could pass more of them out: "One Honest Effort; or the College Student, No. 538" (American Tract Society) page 41.  
-James McCosh (Princeton).  March 14, 1885
-Seth Low (Buffalo) page 101.  July 8, 1888
-newspaper clipping: "The Song at the Well" (Independent) page 147.  March 18, 1875
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 8)
-W. Adams (Madison Square, New York) page 32.  November 24, 1875
-Norman Hall  undated
-Engraving: unidentified gentleman  
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 9)
-John B. Gough (New York City)  May 11, 1869
-Photo: copy of photo of James Boylar, D.D.  
-John R. Paxton (New York City)  April 21, 1884
-[?] Guthrie (Edinburgh)  April 22, 1884
-Engraving: engraving of John H. Inman  
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 10)
-Edwards A. [Parla] (Andover).  Oct. 22, 1886
-W. B. Woods (New Hope).  September 12, 1882
-Newspaper Clipping: Cuyler description of Bethlehem.  undated
-A. H. [Calquite] (Washington).  February 12, 1886
-George F. Pentecost (Brooklyn).  March 24
-Seth Low (New York).  March 24, 1882
-Announcement: Annual Oration by Cuyler (College of New Jersey).  June 24, 1862
-[Mark] Hopkins (Williams College).  May 15, 1883
-H. H. Jessup (New York).  March 7, 1883
-Seth Low (Brooklyn, New York).  
-Engraving: engraving of C. Van Renselaer.  
-William [Ins Budington] (New York).  February 11, 1875
-R. L. Storrs (Brooklyn).  December 14, 1885
-Robert Todd Lincoln (Washington DC).  May 5, 1884
-Robert [Collyer] (New York).  March 26, 1884
-Seth Low (Brooklyn).  November 3, 1884
-T. Cuyler Dunning (Cedar Rapids, Iowa).  January 4, 1887
-Seth Low (New York).  Christmas 1886
-[Rambe D. Hitchcock] (New York).  December 24, 1885
-Sarah K. Bolton (Cleveland).  January 19, 1887
-"Resolution": moved by The Lord Bishop of London... (Exeter Hall).  July 23, 1885
-James McCosh (Delaware, Ohio).  March 6, 1889
-Countess of Tankerville (Belford, Northumberland, July 10).  
-Henry Drummond (Glasgow).  December 30, 1885
-M. P. Dodge (New York).  February 17, 1886
-"Quote Lines"  
-William Fleming (Dublin).  June 21, 1873
-A. A. Hodge (Princeton).  April 30, 1884
-George H. Stuart (Clifton Springs, New York).  July 18, 1888
-A. B. Cornell (New York).  January 23, 1888
-C. A. Richardson (Boston).  October 24, 1889
-G. Douglas (Wesleyan Theological College, Montreal.)  April 9, 1888
-Pamphlet: "Holiness - is it Attainable?"  
-Henry Drummond (New York)  
-Article: "How I Became a Successful Pastor".  undated
-Henry H. Harris (Hampton School).  April 22, 1886
-James McCosh (Princeton).  March 22, 1875
-Business Card: J. H. Johnson & Son Jewelers.  
-Abraham [Caleb] (Scotch Plains, New Jersey).  April 28, 1888
-Joseph Cook (Boston).  February 16, 1886
-H. C. Potter (New York).  May 4, 1889
-T. Dewitt Talmadge (Brooklyn).  April 16, 1891
-Card: William Furman Doty  
-Funeral Service for Horatius Bonar (Edinburgh).  August 5, 1889
-John Wanamaker (Office of the Postmaster General).  November 11, 1889
-Countess Tankerville (Northumberland, November 14).  
-[Greath] (New York).  October 29, 1889
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 14)
-Lady Isabel Somerset (New York, December 11).  
-[I.] M. Buckley (Philadelphia).  May 6, 1890
-F. H. Williamson.  (October 11, 1886)
-Article: "Pen-Pictures of Eminent Preachers" on Archibald Alexander.  
-F. B. [Meyer] (Northfield).  August 10, 1892
-Henry C. [Boraen] (Woodstock, CN).  August 4, 1892
-C. R. Agnew Memorial Fund  
-A. [K. M.] Boyd (St. Andrews).  January 13, 1893
-Alexander McLaren (Manchester, February 9).  
-A. [K. M.] Boyd (St. Andrews).  February 16, 1893
-R. L. Storrs (Brooklyn).  December 2, 1891
-John G. Paton (Williams College).  November 11, 1893
-Grigg's Sermon at the dedication of the Memorial Window - "The Uses of Temple Beauty."  
-H. L. Wayland (Editorial Room, The National Baptist, Philadelphia).  Oct. 24, 1892
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 15)
-Isabel Somerset (The Cottage, Reigate).  March 10, 1894
-George F. Pentecost (London).  Oct. 31, 1894
-F. A. Bridgman (Vicky).  July 19, 1894
-George Williams (London).  June 30, 1894
-James Grant Wilson (New York).  June 12, 1895
-W. R. Nicoll (London).  December 22, 1893
-John Wanamaker (New York).  March 24, 1894
-Francis E. Clark (Boston).  April 18, 1895
-J. Hall (New York).  April 30, 1895
-Thomas Spurgeon (London).  May 5, 1894
-Andrew A. Bonar (Glasgow).  December 1, 1882
-Frances F. Cleveland (Executive Mansion, Washington DC).  February 10, 1894
-R. S. MacArthur (New York).  May 22, 1895
-Francis E. Clark (Boston).  March 30, 1896
-[Neal] Dow (Portland).  March 13, 1896
-Anthony Comstock (Summit, New Jersey).  April 20, 1895
Loose Correspondence (Scrapbook, Vol. 16)
-Seth Low (New York).  December 21, 1897
-M. P. Dodge (New York).  January 9, 1897
-Cornelius Vanderbilt (New York).  April 20, 1895
-Copy of Cuyler Letter for "Christian Endeavor".  (January 19, 1897)
-Garret A. Hobart (Patterson, New Jersey).  August 1, 1896
-Seth Low (New York).  November 13, 1897
-Charles A. Boutelle (Washington DC).  April 22, 1898
-Alex McLaren (Manchester).  March 6, 1899
-Cornelius Vanderbilt (The Breakers).  October 24, 1898
-[P. Huntington] (Syracuse, New York.)  March 11, 1899
-Thomas Spurgeon (Newington, S.E.).  January 31, 1899
-Charles Francis Adams (New York).  January 30, 1899
Series 2: Correspondence from File D
- [ ] (Saratoga Springs, New York). August 1, 1882
- Louise Cuddy (New York) undated
- [ ] (Brooklyn, April 1).
- Andrew R. Calvin (New York). December 13, 1901
- Letters in regard to "The Recollections of a Long Life":
-Narcissa D. Chandler (Brooklyn)  undated
-E. S. Wells (Chicago)  November 10, 1902
-John D. Wells (Brooklyn)  Oct. 7, 1902
-Charles W. Gulick (Montclair, New Jersey)  January 5, 1902
-David Gregg (Brooklyn)  November 5, 1902
-William J. Coourbs (Brooklyn)  November 4, 1902
-Thomas Spurgeon (London)  November 11, 1902
-H. L. Davis (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)  undated
-J. Addison Henry (Philadelphia)  January 14, 1903
-B. S. Russell (Jamestown, North Dakota)  November 1, 1902
-Albert B. Chandler (New York)  December 1, 1902
- Letter from T. L. C. to a Princeton Seminary Faculty Member(Brooklyn) Oct. 5, 1907
- Mrs. Sarah F. Cuyler to Mr. Henry Dulles (Philadelphia) November 28, 1892
- Photograph: photo of child (no name or date)
Series 3: Scrapbooks
Scrapbook, Vol. 3: Notes from a Third Tour of Europe in 1862
-E. F. Burr (Lyme, CT) page 14.  November 30, 1870
-Card: card of the poet John G. Whittier page 27.  May 4, 1870
-Note: from John Brown (Edinburgh, March 30) page 34.  
-John Brown (Edinburgh) page 35.  July 17, 1862
-John Cumming (London, July 25) page 37.  
-James Hamilton (London) page 39.  July 25, 1862
-Henry Allen (London).  August 16, 1862
-A. K. H. Boyd (Edinburgh) page 45.  
-A. K. H. Boyd (Thordale, Skelmerlie, September 7) page 47.  
-George H. Stuart (New York) page 49.  April 2, 1866
Scrapbook, Vol. 5: Articles by Cuyler (1871 and 1873, and part of 1872)
-William Arnot (Edinburgh) page 1.  December 19, 1870
-Ray Palmer (New York) page 6.  December 9, 1870
-Temperance Pledge Card: page 6.  
-P. T. Barnum (New York) page 7.  July 15, 1871
-James McCosh (Princeton) page 14.  January 28, 1871
-Engraving: engraving of Cuyler, page 19.  
-Henry Ward Beecher page 32.  (December 31, 1870)
-Charles Cleveland (Boston) page 47.  April 26, 1871
-W. A. Muhlenberg (New York) page 53.  Oct. 3, 1871
-John G. Whittier (Anurbury) page 57.  December 8, 1871
-George Kennan (Medina Orleans Co., New York) page 61.  March 17, 1873
-Neal Dow (Portland) page 61.  November 9, 1872
-Sarah F. Smiley (New York City) page 65.  February 2, 1872
-John Wanamaker (Philadelphia) page 79.  February 26, 1872
-Horace Greeley (New York City) page 100.  November 7, 1868
-Schuyler Colfax (Pittsburgh) page 104.  December 2, 1872
-James McCosh (Princeton) page 108.  January 9, 1878
Scrapbook, Vol. 7: T.L.C.'s Scrapbook for 1874-75
-William M. Taylor (New York City) page 2.  January 21, 1878
-F. W. Farrar (Westminster, June 18) page 16.  
-Henry Varley (New York City) page 64.  
-James McCosh (Princeton) page 68.  March 18, 1875
-F. A. Bridgman (New York City) page 92.  
-D. L. Moody signature  
-Ira Sankey (New Castle, Pennsylvania) page 134.  September 27, 1875
Scrapbook, Vol. 8: Articles by Cuyler (1876 - 1878)
-Ira Sankey (New Castle, Pennsylvania).  August 27, 1875
-A. P. Stanley (London).  January 2, 1876
-D. L. Moody (New York).  March 20, 1876
-James McCosh (Princeton).  January 22, 1877
-John Habberton (Brooklyn).  February 9, 1877
-Phillip Schaff (New York).  September 25, 1878
-John G. Whittier (Denver, CO).  January 21, 1878
Scrapbook, Vol. 9: Articles by Cuyler (1879-1881)
-A. P. Stanley  (Oct. 18, 1878)
-[Russell] D. Hitchcock (New York)  May 17, 1880
-Envelope: "was directed to me by Rev. Dr. William Adams in July 1880 just before his fatal illness. It is my last relic of my beloved friend and brother."  July 1880
-A. A. Bonar (Glasgow).  July 14, 1879
Box 2
Series 3 continued: Scrapbooks
Scrapbook, Vol. 10: Miscellaneous (1881 - 1883)
-Invitation card: from Dr. Schlieman.  
-K. O. Broady (Stockholm, Sweden).  January 23, 1882
-C. H. Spurgeon (Upper Norway).  July 26, 1881
-Canon Farrar.  undated
-Canon Farrar (London).  August 1, 1881
-William E. G. Gladstone (London).  July 21, 1881
-Ray Palmer (Newark).  Oct. 16, 1882
-James B. Shaw (Rochester).  May 26, 1882
-Tombstone eulogy: copied by Samuel Hanson Cox for Cuyler. It was admired by Sir Walter Scott.  
-William E. Dodge (New York).  February 10, 1883
-Robert Carter (New York).  December 4, 1882
-William E. Dodge (New York).  February 14, 1883
Scrapbook, Vol. 11: Articles by Cuyler (1883 - 1887)
-Seth Low (Brooklyn, New York).  November 5, 1883
-Seth Low (New York).  undated
-Joseph Cook (Boston).  January 28, 1884
-James B. Shaw (Rochester).  May 9, 1883
-Alexander McLaren (Manchester).  March 10, 1884
-Edwards A. Park (Andover).  January 23, 1885
-William E. Gladstone (London).  June 8, 1885
-Henry Drummond (Stirling).  July 26, 1883
-John Bright (Piccadilly).  July 18, 1885
-J. Bevan Brethwaite.  (August 1, 1885)
-R. D. Hitchcock (New York).  December 22, 1885
-John B. Gough (Boyleston, MA).  September 21, 1860
-Henry Drummond (Stirling).  August 4, 1880
-Signature: Grover Cleveland and [T]. F. Bayard.  
-Mary A. Bushnell (Weatogue, July 26).  
-C. Vanderbilt (New York).  February 5, 1884
Scrapbook, Vol. 12: containing my Foreign Tour in 1889 (1887-89)
-James McCosh (Princeton).  March 6, 1870
-C. H. Spurgeon (Upper Norwood).  June 23, 1887
-Mrs. Grover (Frances F.) Cleveland (Executive Mansion, Washington, DC).  February 7, 1888
-Countess of Tankerville (Northumberland, Belford, July 15).  
-M. S. Simpson (Edinburgh, June 24).  
-J. Bevan Brethwaite.  (July 15, 1889)
-Margaret Sherbrooke (Dunchultia, Kiria).  undated
-Alexander McLaren (Manchester).  July 1, 1889
-2 cards: from W. E. Gladstone.  (June 21, 1889 and July 5, 1889)
Box 3
Series 3 continued: Scrapbooks
Scrapbook, Vol. 13: Articles by and about Cuyler (1890-91)
-Includes pamphlet, "Intellect and how to use it: an address delivered before the Cliosophic and American Whig societies of the College of New Jersey." By Theodore L. Cuyler.  June 24th, 1862
Scrapbook, Vol. 14: Articles by Cuyler (1891-93)
-Joseph Cook (Boston).  January 8, 1892
-E. S. P. Ward (Newton Highlands, MA).  November 22, 1891
-O. O. Howard (Governor's Island, New York).  December 12, 1893
Scrapbook, Vol. 15: Articles by Cuyler (1894-96)
-Neal Dow.  (March 20, 1894)
-John Wanamaker (Philadelphia).  April 11, 1895
-"A document signed by my great-grandfather General Benjamin Ledyard and my grandfather Glen Cuyler of Aurora in 1798." [Includes David Avery's signature whose papers the Seminary possesses.]  1798
Scrapbook, Vol. 16: Articles by Cuyler (1896-98)
-William McKinley (Canton, Ohio).  July 15, 1896
-Benjamin Harrison.  undated
Box 4
Series 4: Sermons and Addresses
Sermons and Addresses (1846 - 1897)
-Formerly seven packages from the Alumni Alcove  
Series 5: Photograph Albums
- Early photographs and engravings of Moderators of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Box 5
Series 4 continued: Sermons and Addresses
- Communion Sermons (1849 - 1880)
Formerly Seven (7) packages from the Alumni Alcove  


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