The Bernhard W. Anderson Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Anderson, Bernhard W.
Dates: 1931-2007
Extent: 17 boxes, 20 linear feet
Language(s): English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and other languages
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Special Collections.


1916 Born in Dover, Missouri to Arthur Lincoln Anderson, an itinerant preacher, and Grace (Word) Anderson. September 25.
1936 B.A., College of the Pacific. Married Joyce Griswold.
1937-1941 Pastor of Sunnyvale Methodist Church in California
1938 M.A., Pacific School of Religion
1939 B.D., Pacific School of Religion. Ordained in the United Methodist Church
1944-1946 Pastor at Millbrae Methodist Church
1945 Ph.D., Yale University
1946-1948 Instructor in the department of Philosophy and Religion, Colgate University
1948-1950 James A. Gray Associate Professor of Biblical Literature, University of North Carolina
1950-1954 Joseph B. Hoyt Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, Colgate Rochester Divinity School
1954-1963 Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Biblical Theology, Drew University
1957 Publication of Understanding the Old Testament
1960 Honorary D.D., Pacific School of Religion
1961 Honorary S.T.D., University of the Pacific
1963-1964 Annual Professor, American School of Oriental Research, Jerusalem
1965 Honorary D.D., Colgate University
1969-1983 Professor of Old Testament Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1984 Professor of Old Testament Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
2007 Death. December 26.

Biographical Information

Bernhard Word Anderson was born September 25, 1916, in Dover, Missouri to parents Arthur Lincoln Anderson, an itinerant preacher, and Grace Word Anderson. In 1936 Anderson earned a B.A. from the College of the Pacific, where he studied with James Muilenberg. From there he went on to earn a M.A. from the Pacific School or Religion in 1938 and a B.D. from the Pacific School of Religion in 1939. In 1939 he was ordained in the United Methodist Church and pastored Methodist churches in California, specifically Jamestown, Pittsburg, Sunnyvale, Millbrae, and Congregational churches in Wauregan and Central Village, Connecticut.

In 1945 Anderson earned a Ph.D. from Yale University and began a career in academia. From 1946 to 1948 he worked as an instructor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Colgate University. From 1948 to 1950 he was James A. Gray Associate Professor of Biblical Literature at the University of North Carolina and from 1950 to 1954 he was Joseph B. Hoyt Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Colgate Rochester Divinity School. In 1954 Anderson began working at Drew University. He was employed as the Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Biblical Theology, a position he held until 1968. From 1954 to 1963 he was Dean of the Theological School at Drew University. In 1957 he published Understanding the Old Testament.

Anderson was deeply interested in archaeology and in 1956 he, together with George Ernest Wright, launched the Drew-McCormick Archaeological Expedition to excavate the city of Shechem. From 1963 to 1964 Anderson served as the Annual Professor at the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. From Drew, Anderson went on to be a Professor of Old Testament Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1969 to 1983 and later as an adjunct professor of Old Testament Theology at the Boston University School of Theology 1984 to 1996.

During the course of his life Anderson was awarded a variety of honorary degrees. In 1960 he was awarded an honorary D.D. from the Pacific School of Religion. In 1961 he was awarded an honorary S.T.D. from the University of the Pacific, and in 1965 he was awarded an honorary D.D. from Colgate University.

Anderson and his first wife Joyce (Griswold) Anderson married in 1936 and had four children: Carol Joyce born in 1937, Sylvia Joan born in 1940, Ronald Bernhard born in 1949, and Ruth Ann born in 1954. Anderson had 6 grandchildren. He later married Monique Anderson. Anderson passed away on December 26, 2007 at the age of 91.


Scope and Content

The Bernhard W. Anderson Collection contains Anderson’s personal writings, including diaries, datebooks, notes, lectures, sermons, photographs, correspondence, and some publications, and course outlines as well as essay and book manuscripts. It also includes many reviews of his academic work by others, as well as collections of offprints of others’ work and a collection of journals. He also documents the Drew University Crisis of the 1960’s through a collection of student publications, correspondence, and faculty meeting records.



Anderson, Bernhard W.

Old Testament theology

faculty papers

Drew University

Princeton Theological Seminary


Administrative Information

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The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Bernhard W. Anderson Manuscript Collection, Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.

Processing Information

This collection was donated to Princeton Theological Seminary by Bernhard W. Anderson. Processing of the collection, including writing and publishing of a finding aid, was done by John Lewis and Sarah Kok.


Access is restricted to portions of this collection. Please consult the Curator of Special Collections for information.


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The collection is arranged in its original order into 17 boxes:

Box 1: Datebooks and Diaries

Box 2: Composition Books

Box 3: Files on Will Herberg

Box 4: Biographical Materials and Photographs

Box 5: Correspondence with Publishers

Box 6: Courses, Lectures, Academics 1

Box 7: Professional Correspondence and Correspondence with Students

Box 8: Courses and Lectures 2

Box 9: Courses and Lectures 3

Box 10: Essay and Book Manuscripts

Box 11: Sermons

Box 12: Reviews of Works by Bernhard W. Anderson

Box 13: Miscellaneous (L.Q.L., Shechem, Drew)

Box 14: Presentations at Churches, etc.

Box 15: Offprints

Box 16: Offprints and Reviews

Box 17: Drew Crisis



Box 1 Datebooks and Diaries
1:1 Diaries and Datebooks 1948-2000
1:2 Campus Directory for the Drew University School of Theology Graduate School 1961-1962
1:3 Billfold with undated notes and hospital identification card 1954 December 1
Box 2 Composition Books
2:1 "New Testament" - Notes from a class at Yale Divinity School 1940
2:2 "New Testament Religion 2" - Continued personal notes on the New Testament 1940
2:3 "Yale Divinity School" - Notes from a course on Aramaic undated
2:4 Judaism 3 undated
2:5 Old Testament, Pittsburg, California 1937
2:6 "Ancient Near East 1940
2:7 BK 2 - History of the Ancient Near East 1940
2:8 Judaism 2 undated
2:9 New Testament and Religion 3 undated
2:10 New Testament Religion 1 undated
2:11 Judaism 1 undated
2:12 "Pacific School of Religion, Berkley, California" - Notes from a class on the Old Testament 1937
Box 3 Files on Will Herberg
3:1 "'Thy Steadfast Love is Better than Life': A Theological Meditation on the Occasion of the Death of Will Herberg" 1977 March 29
3:2 "History, Theology, and the Cosmos" - Summary of an address given by Anderson at S. John's Presbyterian Church in Wellington 1969 July 23
3:3 Forwarded correspondence from Will Herberg via Alda Riley praising Anderson's "The Unfolding Drama of the Bible" 1971 July 1
3:4 Copy of Will Herberg's review of Abraham Heschel's "God in Search of Man" in Christian Century 1956 April 18
3:5 Bulletin for a Graduate School Colloquium at Drew University celebrating the life and work of Will Herberg: "Will Herberg Redivivus" 1982 October 28-29
3:6 Herberg Essays - Correspondence about Will Herberg, materials for and manuscripts of three essays in his honor 1956-1985
"'Thy Steadfast Love is better than Life': A Theological Meditation on the Occasion of the Death of Will Herberg" by Bernhard W. Anderson  1977 March 29
"Will Herberg: Between Judaism and Christianity" by Bernhard W. Anderson  undated
"Will Herberg as Theologian and Philosopher in a Christian Environment"  1982 October 28
3:7 Collection of essays, presentations and reviews written by Will Herberg 1950-1975
3:8 1977
Homily on Ps 63: Will Herberg – Manuscript of Anderson’s essay celebrating Will Herberg (“’Thy Steadfast Love is Better than Life’: A Theological Meditation on the Occasion of the Death of Will Herberg”)  
Correspondence regarding National Review article celebrating the life and work of Herberg.  
3:9 Essays and reviews by Will Herberg; copious notes on Herberg’s thought; 6 black and white prints and 2 color prints of Herberg 1965-1975
Box 4 Biographical Materials and Photographs
4:1 Loose Material regarding awards, honors; Anderson’s passport; Drew University magazine 1950-1995
4:2 YWCA/Conference Programs – photographs; youth/young adult conference materials; newspaper clippings; program leaflets 1950-1963
4:3 Loose Material: dream journal (1 entry); tentative sabbatical plan; clippings including Anderson; score card from game of Hearts; notes from childhood game; projects from his elementary school years 1940-1983
4:4 Mideast Sabbatical 1963-1964
4:5 Loose Material 1931-1979
semi-annual book from Anderson’s high school, Konocti  1931
Notes about Chris Beker conversation  
Correspondence with Joyce and Carol Anderson  
Diploma from Colgate  
4:6 Diplomas/Awards 1931-1979
Bachelor of Arts from College of the Pacific   1938
Bachelor of Divinity at Pacific School of Religion  1939
Certificate of induction into the National Social Science Honor Society of Pi Gamma Mu  1936
Certificate of Appreciation from United Methodist Church  1979
4:7 Yonsei Univ Lecture/Library Donation 1998
4:8 Hymnbook: Great Revival Hymns No. 2 1913
4:9 Clippings; resources for “Thursday Morning Club," a bible study group 2003
4:10 1963, 1991, 1993
“Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi al-Khalil: A Brief Guide”; Christmas letter to Anderson  1963
Passenger List to Quebec from Vermont  1991
Letter with table of contents for audio recordings of 1986 PTS gala for presentation of Festschrift for Joyce and Bernhard Anderson  1968
4:11 Professional societies, awards and honors 1965, 1980
4:12 Drew Reunion 2004 October
4:13 Loose clippings from newspapers; personal correspondence
4:14 Job Offers 1965
4:15 Correspondence between Anderson, John Fleming, and Charles Ranson 1966
4:16 Assorted 'thank-you' letters for successful guest lectures 1966
4:17 Autobiographical material 1995
4:18 Honorary degree: Colgate 1965
4:19 Correspondence between Anderson and James McCord 1976-1983
4:20 Alumni information from University of the Pacific 1960
4:21 Trip expenses 1989
4:22 Correspondence 1980-1989
4:23 Summer 1993 trip bills 1993
4:24 Curriculum Vitae, biography, catalogue of writings 1995
4:25 Diplomas 1938-1961
Masters of Arts from Pacific School of Religion  1938
Doctor of Divinity from Pacific School of Religion  1960
Doctor of Sacred Theology from University of the Pacific  1961
4:26 1950-1970
Black notebook on the German language  
Pocket attendance record  
Three passports  
Reel to reel tape: "Father Julien tape - Rock Religious"  
4:27 Tourism literature undated
4:28 Photographs 1960-1990
Box 5 Correspondence with publishers
5:1 Living Word of Bible Westminster Press - Correspondence with Westminster Press concerning, The Living Word of the Bible 1978
5:2 Correspondence with publications 1985-1995
5:3 Unfolding Drama of the Bible, second edition 1970-1972
5:4 Correspondence re Noth Transcript, Noth's "A History of Pentateuchal Traditions" 1966-1973
5:5 Correspondence on Genesis Commentary 1967-1972
5:6 Contours of Old Testament Theology, Fortress Press 1994-1998
5:7 Out of the Depths, Westminster 1998-1999
5:8 "Biblical Theology of the Old Testament"; "Out of the Depths" - Correspondence re Anderson’s Biblical Theology; one letter suggests he begin working on a revised edition of Out of the Depths 1982
5:9 Understanding the Old Testament 1959-1964
5:10 Correspondence with Louis W. Hodges, regarding Hodges’ using a quote from Anderson’s Rediscovering the Bible in a book of essays on Christian ethics. 1968
5:11 Prentice Hall correspondence 1961-1968
5:12 "Out of Depths", Board of Missions – correspondence the Board of Missions of the United Methodist Church concerning Out of the Depths 1970
5:13 Muilenberg Gestschrift 1974 1974
5:14 The Old Testament and Christian Faith Harper 1963 (BWA, Editor) 1963
5:15 The Old Testament and Christian Faith Herder and Herder (Reissue, 1970) 1970
5:16 "Creation and/versus Chaos," Accociated Press 1960- 1960-1968
5:17 Correspondence with Haddam House Publishing and Associated Press, 1950-1968
5:18 New Oxford Annotated Bible 1989 1989
5:19 Correspondence with Prentice Hall 1961-1963
5:20 Understanding the Old Testament revision 1999-2005
5:21 Contours – Correspondence related to Contours of Old Testament Theology, picture of Anderson at a book-signing 1996-2003
5:22 1966-2005
Correspondence re Prentice Hall’s authorizing a translation of The Living World of the Old Testament, 2/E into Romanian  
Correspondence re abridged version of UOT   1993
Correspondence on recent reprinting of Out of the Depths and royalties from Westminster John Knox  2003
Correspondence with editor   2005
Copy of G. Ernest Wright, “Reflections Concerning Old Testament Theology” Studia Biblica et Semitica  1966
5:23 Understanding the Old Testament revision – Prentice Hall 1985-2005
5:24 Prentice Hall “Hermeneia” Old Testament Commentary 1963-65 – Materials regarding Anderson’s seat on the editorial board of the Old Testament Commentary series within the “Hermeneia” series 1963-1965
5:25 Bible Commentary – Preliminary Correspondence Prentice Hall – correspondence concerning the creation (and sponsorship by Prentice Hall) of the Old Testament Commentary Series in the larger “Hermeneia” project 1963
5:26 “Understanding the Old Testament” Paperwork – Correspondence between Anderson and editorial staff, regarding the abridgment of his Understanding the Old Testament 1994-1996
5:27 Creation versus Chaos correspondence (Publisher/Colleagues) 1967
5:28 Correspondence 1952-1995
Christmas card  
Royalties   1954 February 8-17
Correspondence with George Miller regarding publication of essay “Digging into the Biblical Past”  1961 April 25
Correspondence regarding publication of The Eighth Century Prophets for sale in Great Britain  1979 May 31
Correspondence regarding Anderson’s nomination to receive AAR’s award for excellence for UOT  1986 February 18
copy of The Intercollegian (vol. 69, no. 8  1952 April
Alba House Publications pamphlet  
Correspondence from Augsburg Fortress regarding Creation Versus Chaos going out of print  1995 March 20
Correspondence from Fortress Press upon delivery of 8th printing of The Unfolding Drama of the Bible  1995 May 3
review of From Creation to New Creation  1995 April
5:29 Royalty Reports 1992
5:30 Out of the Depths Correspondence plus clippings and reviews 1970-1984
5:31 Noth – Pentateuchal Traditions – (alternately titled “Memorable Old Correspondence”) 1953-1970
Letter to Sandy Messik of Prentice Hall concerning Anderson’s translation of A History of Pentateuchal Traditions  1970 August 6
Letter to David Napier  1953 December 2
5:32 From Creation to New Creation 1992-1994
5:33 Old Testament Theology – entitled A Sketch of Old Testament Theology 1994
5:34 Fortress – From Creation to New Creation 1994
5:35 Westminster – Out of the Depths – Correspondence on royalty figures and Westminster John Knox Press’s decision to discontinue Out of the Depths 1994
Box 6 Courses, Lectures, Academics
6:1 CRS (Course?): The Christian Tradition: 1948 – 44 Sessions – Syllabus and lecture notes for course entitled “The Christian Tradition” 1948
6:2 Ghana 1962 – Material on meeting of the Institute of the Theological Education Fund in Ghana; includes several letters between Anderson and his wife, Joyce. 1962
6:3 Genesis Course Yale 1988 – Student papers found in Gen Commentary Binder II 1988
6:4 Trans. (Translation?)– Priestly Creation Story – Drafts of ‘tentative translations’ of Gen 1:1-2:4a; correspondence with Glendon Bryce and Norman Young concerning the same 1972
6:5 Bound notes/outline: “A Restored Heaven and Earth: Creation in Apocalyptic Perspective” 1995 November 17
6:6 Psalms at Union Seminary - Incomplete copy of lecture given at Union Seminary undated
6:7 Lectures: Revival of Biblical Theology undated
6:8 Addresses – Bible 1950-1960
6:9 Lectures: Creation, Chaos 1967 October 30
6:10 St. Mary’s Abbey – Correspondence and lecture notes regarding course taught at St. Mary’s Abbey: “The Pentateuch” 1968
6:11 Future Lectures: “The Mystery of the Name”; “The Prophetic Vies of History”; “The Power of his Resurrection 1967, 1969
6:12 Lecture notes and essays 1976-1988
6:13 New Zealand lectures 1969
6:14 Lecture notes and essays 1964-1978
6:15 Winebrenner Lectures – Correspondence and material for Winebrenner Lectures and the Lund Memorial Lectures 1965, 1969
6:16 Wesley Lectures 1980 – Lectures on Historical and Literary Approaches to Interpreting Scriptures 1980
6:17 Writings
Essay and notes for Faculty Seminary  1983 March 30
“Cosmic Dimensions of the Genesis Account  1985 April 12
“The Vocation of Israel in the World”  1968
6:18 Heschel Symposium – Essays, itineraries, correspondence 1983
6:19 Responses to “Ezekiel” from Perspectives as SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) 1999
6:20 Revisiting Voegelin 1996-1997 – Material related to an essay presented at the Conference on the work of Eric Voegelin (Univ. of Manchester) 1996-1997
6:21 Oberlin Lectures 1970 – Essays, correspondence, and itineraries regarding the Haskell Lecture Series at Oberlin College 1970 April 20-24
6:22 Essays/lectures
“The Humble Walk with God”  circa 1982
“Inclusive Language and Bible Translation” 2 copies  1983
“Auseinandersetzung with Brevard Childs”  1980
6:23 B.T. and Soc. Int. (Biblical Theology and Sociological Interpretation) (CBA) – Essay: “Biblical Theology and Sociological Interpretation” address given to the Catholic Biblical Association 1984 August
6:24 Essays 1989-1990
“The Bible as the Shared Story of a People”  1989 March
“Our Human Role in God’s Creation: Exposition of a Biblical Theology of Creation”   1990 May
6:25 Lecture notes: “From Prophecy to Apocalyptic” 1985 June 16
6:26 Biblical Criticism in the 20th Century BU – lecture at Boston University 1990
6:27 Book of Job: Lecture 1989
6:28 The Bible and the Environment – Essays 1992-1993
“The Bible: Word of God in Human Words”  1992 November
“Creation and New Creation”  1993 January
6:29 The People and the Land – Materials regarding a two-week lecture series, “The People and the Land: Studies in the Law and the Prophets” 1992
6:30 Writings
Phillips Graduate Seminary news bulletin  1992
“The Future of the Bible as Teacher”  1989 November 4
Untitled essay concerning Isaiah 28 and the Opus Alienum Dei  
“Confrontation with the Bible: A Tribute to the late Abraham Joshua Heschel”   1973 March 4
Lecture: “Creation and History”  1965 November 18-19
6:31 Yale 1988 – “The Theological Unity of the Book of Isaiah” 1988
6:32 Summer Trip, England/France, Biblical Archaeology Society 1992
6:33 Georgetown University conference on Environmental Ethics 1992 April
6:34 Lectures 1992, Vancouver Oxford: Native Ministries Consortium, Vancouver School of Theology, and Ethnicity and Ethics. “The People and the Land” 1992
6:35 Loose Material: homosexuality and the Bible undated
6:36 Creation and the Language of Worship 1990
6:37 Nashville Lectures for the United Methodist Publishing House: “The Bible as the Story of God’s People”, “The Old Testament in the Christian Church” and “Remarks on ‘The Books of the Bible’” 1988 March 28
6:38 Zion’s Final Destiny – Review of Christopher Seitz’s book given at Yale Divinity School 1992
6:39 Burns Lectures, New Zealand 1969
6:40 Servant Motif undated
6:41 Response to Childs’ Stone Lectures 1981
6:42 Response to Klaaren Creation; response to Eugene Klaaren’s “Problematics for a Contemporary Theology of Creation” 1985
6:43 Response to Clifford “Bible and Environment” Georgetown University 1995
6:44 CRS (Course?): “Significance of Old Testament for Christian Faith." Lenten Lecture series at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 1999
6:45 CRS (Course?): “The Psalms” Boston University School of Theology 1993 1993
6:46 Genesis Seminar Yale Divinity School 1988 (Found in Genesis Commentary Folder) 1988
6:47 Fischer Lecture 1996 – “The Importance of Creation Theology in Christian Global Witness," Claremont School of Theology and correspondence with S. T. Kimbrough, General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church 1996-1999
6:48 Lecture on Biblical Theology and Biblical Archaeology. Article: William G. Dever, “What Remains of the House that Albright Built?” Biblical Archaeologist 56:1 1998 1998
6:49 Creation and Chaos – Three pamphlets advertising The Nils W. Lund Memorial Lectureship 1965 November 18-19
Box 7 Professional Correspondence and Correspondence with Students
7:1 Brevard Childs Response to BWA Review 1980 1980
7:2 Correspondence
Boston University  1962 March
American University Old Testament television course  1959 October
James Muilenburg’s works  1980 Fall
The Woman’s College of the University of North Carolin  1950 November 22
Paideia Conference, Hill School in Pottstown, PA  1970 October 10
"Hugh"  1975 April 20
Eugene F. Roop from Bethany Theological Seminary  1990 February 13
7:3 “Dillenberger” Folder Drew 1960’s, 1953-1972
7:4 Phillips Graduate School – lecturing at Phillips University, Enid, Ok. for “Ministers’ Week” 1992 April 11-1993 January 19
7:5 Brueggemann, Walter, correspondence; manuscript: “Contemporary Old Testament Theology: A Contextuatl Prospectus” 1998-1999
7:6 Correspondence, essays and lectures, arranged chronologically 1961-2002
7:7 Reaction to Out of the Depths 1984 January 23
7:8 Correspondence arranged chronologically 1958 March 5 - 1996 August 5
7:9 Metzger – Oxford Companion to the Bible 1985
7:10 Patrick Miller - "Theology Today" 1995-1996
7:11 National Council Project 1954
7:12 Board of Christian Concerns – Correspondence between Anderson and The General Board of Christian Social Concerns of the Methodist Church 1967 May 15 - 1968 May 28
7:13 Correspondence reaction to Noth Trans 1970 August 10 - 1972 March 16
7:14 Reviews – correspondence regarding reviews Anderson wrote on other scholars’ works 1959 January 1 - 1966 September 20
7:15 Bultmann Symposium 1964 – Correspondence, notes, translations, and articles 1960-1966
7:16 1953-1997
Manuscript, introduction to Fritz Rothschild’s Jewish Perspectives of Christianity  
CV and an essay by Steve Bishop  
draft of a Brueggemann essay  
7:17 Kathe Darr correspondence 1984-1988
7:18 Walter Brueggemann correspondence 1968 December 12-1989 April 22
7:19 Correspondence 1963 February 18-1996 November 11
7:20 Paul Sampley – Humorous correspondence, and graduate program information at Indiana University 1968-1970
7:21 Funk/Scholars Press – correspondence regarding Funk’s resignation 1979-1981
7:22 Understanding the Old Testament: Preliminary Correspondence (BWA’s Label) – Correspondence regarding a project undertaken by Anderson, Davie Napier, and (perhaps) Frank Moore Cross. This larger project dissolved, leading Anderson to publish his volume as a stand-alone book Understanding the Old Testament 1952 May 6 - 1956 January 26
7:23 Correspondence, arranged chronologically 1968 March 27-2003 October 29
7:24 Ollenburger: manuscript of Ben Ollenburger’s article on “Old Testament Theology (Since 1800)” in Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation undated
7:25 Kathleen O’Connor – correspondence; clipping from “PTS (Princeton Theological Seminary) Sampling” regarding O’Connor 1984 February 3-1989 April 28
7:26 Correspondence and term papers, arranged chronologically 1978 October 6-1999 December 25
7:27 Eize Chr. Poepjes – Correspondence 1995 March 3-1997 June 2
7:28 Ed Conrad – Correspondence 1971 May 5-1986 July 1
7:29 Correspondence with Graduate Students 1974-1989
7:30 Ted Hiebert – Manuscript on Poetry undated
7:31 Correspondence, arranged chronologically 1990 May 11-1988 June 7
7:32 Maxine Beach – Dissertation 1994
7:33 Boorer, Susan – Correspondence, arranged chronologically 1981 March 9-1985 January 4
Box 8 Courses and Lectures 2
8:1 Voegelin Conference correspondence 1997 July 4
8:2 American Theological Society Presidential Address: “Cosmic Dimensions of Gen. Creation Account” – Copies of lecture; response to lecture by Dr. Evan R. Keislar; Directory of active American Theological Society members 1985-1986
8:3 Pacific School of Religion Lecture on Isaiah: “The Theological Unity of the Book of Isaiah” 1987 June 12
8:4 Courses Spring 1982 – Lecture notes, student directory, syllabus and other materials for Old Testament 32: Introduction to Old Testament Theology 1982
8:5 Pentateuch Course Old Notes - Lecture notes and bibliography for course on The Pentateuch 1962
8:6 Pacific School of Religion Commencement Address: “The Bible and the Church” 1960 May 27
8:7 Leviticus Lecture undated
8:8 Society of Biblical Literature Presidential Address 1980 – Lecture: “Tradition and Scripture in the Community of Faith”; correspondence to John Hayes 1980
8:9 American School of Oriental Research Materials Field Trips 1963-1964
8:10 Inaugural Lecture Theological Center Maine: “The Human Role in God’s Creation: Exposition of a Biblical Theology of Creation” 1989 January 26
8:11 Church’s Need of Old Testament – Lecture: “The Church’s Need of the Old Testament” 1984 November 6
8:12 Lecture notes 1977-1985
OT 281 – Biblical Theology Union Theological Seminary   Fall 1985
“The Biblical Creation Story and Recent Astronomical Views," Principia College   1979 April 16
“Coexistence with God: Heschel’s Exposition of Biblical Theology”  
“The Prophetic Word to the Present” (Hayward/Sizemore Lectures  Fall 1981
“Cosmic Dimensions of the Genesis Creation Account”  1985 January 30
“Remarks," Carl Michalson Society  1977 April 28
“The Crisis in Biblical Theology Today” (Inaugural Address; Princeton Theological Seminary  1971 September 21
“Lecture III: The Lost Art of Biblical Preaching”  
“From Analysis to Synthesis: The Interpretation of Genesis 1-11”  
“Biblical Responses to the Threat of Chaos”  
“The Biblical View of Creation," West Virginia Wesleyan  1978 November 2
8:13 Old Testament Theology Boston University 1988 – Syllabus, lecture notes, and essays and notes 1988
8:14 Preaching From Prophets 1977
8:15 Preaching from Old Testament 1976
8:16 Second Isaiah Course Student Materials 1981
8:17 Trinity Institute Lectures 1985 – Lecture Series: “From Prophecy to Apocalyptic” including "Word and Vision" "The Cosmic and the Mundane" and "The Divine Secret" 1985
8:18 Korea Lectures Covenant Theology Old Testament 1988
8:19 Harvard Epworth Lecture: “Jesus in the Context of the Old Testament” 1988 December 4
8:20 Rome Seminar, Biblical Archaeology Society 1989
8:21 Old Testament 55: Interpreting Genesis 1976
8:22 Old Testament Theology Student Notes 1982
8:23 “Response to Wendell Dietrich’s paper ‘The New Francophone Literature on Rosenzweig: An Appraisal’”; includes Dietrich’s paper. 1986 November 7
8:24 Caribbean Sea Seminar, Biblical Archaeology Society 1988 February 21
8:25 Fackre Response, Andover Newtown Theological School 1987
8:26 Introduction to Old Testament Theology “Projected Work – OT Theology” 1972-1976
8:27 General Seminary Convocation: Response to paper by James E. Griffiss, "Anglican Ambiguity and Authority;" Response to paper by J. Robert Wright, "The Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral: Heritage and Vision” 1987
8:28 New England Society of Biblical Literature Presidential Address: “The Theological Unity of the Book of Isaiah” 1988 March 25
8:29 1964-1985
Class Enrollment list for Old Testament 26: Prophecy of Jeremiah  Spring 1981
“The Role of Worship in the Formation of Early Biblical Traditions” for ASOR, Jerusalem,  1964 February 26
“Cosmic Dimensions of the Genesis Creation Account” for American Theological Society,   1985 April 12
“The Biblical Creation Story and Recent Astronomical Views," Principia College,   1979 April 16
“III: Creation and the Threat of Chaos," Hayward/Sizemore Lectures  Fall 1981
“Talk at Senior Banquet”  1977 May 9
“Dimensions of Old Testament Theology," CTE Institute, Kearney, Nebraska;  January 1984
8:30 Chicago-Lambeth Convocation: James E. Griffiss’s “Anglican Ambiguity and Authority” and Anderson’s response 1987 February
8:31 Old Testament 59: Exegesis of Second Isaiah 1981
8:32 "Old Testament and the Story of Our Life," University of Wisconsin and the Hayward/Sizemore Lectures 1981-1982
8:33 Vocation of Jew and Christian Lectures: “The Common Witness of Christian and Jew: A Study in Biblical Theology,” “The Vocation of Israel in the World: A Biblical-Christian View” 1968 May 1
8:34 Seminex Conference 1974-1977
8:35 Old Testament 26: Jeremiah 1975, 1981
8:36 Biblical Theology of Creation Boston University/Middlebury 1989-1992
8:37 Jeremiah Course 1972
8:38 Moravian Seminary Lectures: “Creation and Chaos” and “The Prophetic Vision of a New Creation” 1987 February
8:39 Catholic Biblical Quarterly “Flood Story” 1974
8:40 Review Levenson Society of Biblical Literature 1988-1989
8:41 Scribner’s Books of Bible Essay 1980-1989
8:42 Rev. Sanders “Sacred Story…”: Response to James Sanders’ "From Sacred Story to Sacred Text," Religious Studies Review 15/2 1988, 1989
8:43 American Theological Society: Response to Matitiahu Tsevat – List of active ATS members and Anderson’s “Response to paper by Matatiahu Tsevat: ‘Theology of the Old Testament: A Jewish View’” 1986-1987
8:44 Society for Biblical Literature: Response to Matatiahu Tsevat 1986-1987
8:45 “Jeremiah” manuscript and correspondence 1986
8:46 Oxford Companion to the Bible” articles: “Covenant," “Theology of the Old Testament," correspondence, contract with The Oxford Companion to the Bible 1986
8:47 “God with Us’ – In Judgment and in Mercy: The Editorial Structure of Isaiah 5-10 (11)” 1984
8:48 Interpretation “Abraham” Essay 1988 – Essay: “Abraham, the Friend of God”; correspondence with Interpretation’s Paul J. Achtemeier 1988
8:49 CRS: “The Psalms” at Boston University School of Theology: syllabus, exams, lecture notes, student list for TO 821: The Book of Psalms 1993
8:50 Biblical Archaeology Society: “The Biblical World” – three lectures on “Covenant Traditions in the Bible”: “I. Abraham and the Promissory Covenant”; “II. Moses and the Sinai Covenant”; “David and the Royal Covenant” 2001 March 22-24
8:51 Church Adult Education Lectures 1966, 1998
8:52 Genesis Commentary pages 181-433 – heavily edited and annotated manuscript undated
8:53 Genesis Commentary – Binder Continued – second half of the aforementioned section of manuscript undated
8:54 Genesis Commentary pages 1-180, Yale Seminar – Course outline 1988
8:55 55. Genesis Commentary, Yale Seminar – Binder Continued – second half of the aforementioned section of manuscript 1988
8:56 CRS: Isaiah, Graduate Theological Union, Yale – Lecture notes and other course materials for class entitled “The Theological Unity of the Book of Isaiah” 1988
8:57 Isaiah Notebook Loose Inserts – Materials related to Graduate Theological Union class: “From Prophetic Word to Apocalyptic Vision” 1988
8:58 CRS: Jeremiah, Boston University – Syllabus, Student list, and lecture notes for TO823: Jeremiah 1987
8:59 CRS: Jeremiah – binder continued 1987
8:60 Notes from Jeremiah binder 1987
8:61 Covenant Traditions in Old Testament, Boston University 1990: Syllabus, lecture notes 1990 July 20-1990 July 20
8:62 Notes from CRS: Covenant Traditions in Old Testament 1990
Box 9 Courses and Lectures 3
9:1 Creation Theology in Bible, Boston University School of Theology: syllabus, lecture notes, essays, etc. for TO 830: Creation Theology in the Bible, plus related materials originally from Isaiah and Wisdom classes. 1995
9:2 Notes from CRS: Creation Theology Binder 1995
9:3 CRS: Creation in Old Testament – Syllabus, lecture notes, etc. for OT 382: Biblical Theology of Creation, Union Theological Seminary 1986
9:4 American Political Science Association annual meeting, Voegelin – Correspondence and papers, including Anderson’s: “Revisiting Voegelin’s Israel and Revolution After Twenty-five Years” 1996
9:5 American Political Science Association: essays, correspondence, notes, forms, including Anderson's “Politics and the Transcendent: Voegelin’s Philosophical and Theological Exposition of the Old Testament in the Context of the Ancient Near East” 1996
9:6 CRS: Psalms – Kanuga: “The Psalms as Poetry of Praise” “Out of the Depths: Praise in a Minor Key” “Singing a New Song: Eucharistic Praise” “The Enthronement of God: Doxological Praise” 1986, 1991
9:7 Lectures/notes: “Lecture on the Psalms,” “Psalms of Trust,” “Psalms of Lament in Christian Worship as Using in the Common Lectionary,” “Songs of Thanksgiving,” “Psalm 103,” “Enthroned Over Chaos,” “The Psalms as Teaching for the Community of Faith” 1986-1991
9:8 Old Testament 01 – Syllabus, exams, lecture notes, correspondence 1977-1980
9:9 CRS: From Prophecy to Apocalyptic – Syllabus, essays, lecture notes, project lists, student essays 1992
9:10 CRS: Pentateuch, Boston University – Syllabus, lecture notes, student course directory, correspondence 1994
9:11 Other Materials from Courses: Pentateuch Binder 1994
Box 10 Essays and Book Manuscripts
10:1 Nicholson Covenant for Contours 1996
chapters from Ernest W. Nicholson’s God and His People: Covenant and Theology in the Old Testament (Oxford: Clarendon Press,   
Chapter 5: “‘They Saw God and Ate and Drank’—A Covenant Meal at Sinai? (Exodus 24:1-2, 9-11)”  
Chapter 8: “The Covenant Ritual at Sinai (Exodus 19:3b-8 and 24:3-8)”  
Chapter 10: “The Covenant and the Distinctiveness of Israel’s Faith”  
10:2 Cry of the Environment: Rebuilding the Christian Creation Tradition – Correspondence, notes, and essays; Essay manuscripts: “Creation and the Noachic Covenant” “Creation in the Bible” 1984
10:3 Readers Digest Essay on Creation – Correspondence, contracts, and copies of manuscript: “The Creation Story of Genesis” 1987
10:4 Sin and the Powers of Chaos – Manuscript of “Sin and the Powers of Chaos,” which appears in the Festschrift for William G. Heidt, Sin, Salvation and the Spirit 1979
10:5 Reviews 1959-1988
10:6 Essays for Biblical Archaeology Review 1984-1986
10:7 Richardson Festschrift 1990
10:8 Kee Festschrift 1987
10:9 Harrelson Festschrift 1989
10:10 Creation to New Creation Foreword Japanese Translation 2001
10:11 1973-1999
T. R. Hobbs and P. K. Jackson, “The Enemy in the Psalms”  
“The Bible in a Postmodern Age”  
“The Church in a Postmodern Age”  
“Theology in the Psalms (III): Life, Death, and Resurrection”  
“Response to a Paper by Robert Neff on ‘Saga’”   1973 November 21
Introduction to The New Frontier of Rhetorical Criticism: A Tribute to James Muilenburg  1974 February 20
10:12 Anderson on Gottwald: Lights to Nations – Correspondence between Richard Hansen and Anderson regarding W. F. Stinespring’s review of Norman Gottwald’s A Light to the Nations 1960
10:13 Noth Essay (Into to Translation) – manuscripts of “Martin Noth’s Tradition-Historical Approach in the Context of Twentieth-century Biblical Research” undated
10:14 Bible Review Column – Correspondence and manuscripts for columns in Bible Review 1992-1994
“What’s in a Name?”  1995
“Revolt Against Moses’ Authority”  probably 1994
“Male and Female in God’s Creation”  
“Promised Land”  November 1992
“Human Dominion Over the Earth”  1992
“‘Subdue the Earth’: What does it Mean?”  October 1992
“Historical Criticism and Beyond”  July 1993
“The Personification of Wisdom as a Woman”  
“Moving Beyond Masculine Metaphors”August 1994  
10:15 Voegelin Manuscript found in BWA copy of Voegelin, Order and History, 1956 – Handwritten notes regarding Eric Voegelin 1969
10:16 Genesis Commentary – Manuscript edition of Introduction and (part of) First section on Primeval 1973-1975
10:17 Bible Review Columns 1993-1996
“Word of God in Human Words”  
“The Changing Scene in Biblical Theology”  
“The Personification of Wisdom as a Woman”  
“The Biblical Circle of Homosexual Prohibition”  June 1993
Jacob Milgrom’s “How Not to Read the Bible”  
“When God Repents”  March 1996
“What’s in a Name?”  
“The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: The Sovereignty of God in the Bible”  
“The Bible as an Ancient Book in a Modern World”  1996
10:18 Essays 1996 January 23
“The Importance of Creation Theology in Christian Global Witness,” given at Claremont   1996 January 23
S. Eugene Needham, “YHWH and Jesus are the Same Almighty God”  1995 October 5
10:19 Society of Biblical Literature Muilenburg Tribute Submitted to BR: “Remembering Dr. Muilenburg”; “A Teacher Like Elijah: Tribute to James Muilenburg” 1996-1997
10:20 Articles 1974-1985
“Cosmic Dimensions of the Genesis Creation Account” American Theological Society   1985 April 12
“Violence in God’s Creation: A Study of Priestly Theology in the Pentateuch” Society for Biblical Literature   1974
“Confrontation with the Bible: A Tribute to the late Abraham Joshua Heschel” Princeton University   1973 March 4
“The Problem of Old Testament History”  
“Creation and Ecology: The Relation between the Human and the Nonhuman Creation in the Biblical Primeval History” American Theological Society   1981
10:21 Song of Miriam Essay 1983-1985
10:22 “Digging into the Biblical Past” 1956 – Shechem Pictorial Rights 1956
10:23 Articles and Reviews 1972-1985
“The Apocalyptic Rendering of the Isaiah Tradition”   
“Word of God”  
“The Crisis in Biblical Theology” (2 copies)  
“Theology of the Old Testament” for Oxford Companion to the Bible   
“Man’s Dominion Over Nature” American Theological Society    1972 April
“Cosmic Dimensions of the Genesis Creation Account”  1985 April
“The Bible as Sacred Literature” for The Books of the Bible   
Correspondence and manuscript of “Isaiah at the Qumran Community”   
Review of Rendtorff’s Das überlieferungsgeschichtliche Problem des Pentateuch   
Review of Claus Westermann’s Genesis, lecture notes in the back   
10:24 Anderson, Bernhard W. – Article on: The Waters of Chaos 1984
10:25 20th anniversary Of Biblical Archaeology Review and Paul Hanson Notes 1994
10:26 Meditating on the Torah – handwritten notes undated
10:27 "Biblical Theology of the Old Testament” – chapter 1: First Effort to do a book – “The Task and Scope of Old Testament Theology” 1985 September 23
10:28 Reviews, Articles, and Notes – Almost all are duplicates of articles and reviews elsewhere undated
10:29 Catholic Biblical Association Address, August 1984 – Correspondence and manuscript copy: “Biblical Theology and Sociological Interpretation” 1984
10:30 “Violence in God’s Creation: A Study of Priestly Theology in the Pentateuch,” Society for Biblical Literature, and notes 1974
10:31 “The Song of Miriam Poetically and Theologically Considered” 1983
10:32 Man’s Dominion and Old Testament Scholarship Developments 1972
10:33 BR Essays 1994-1996
“The Bible Within the Bible”   
“The Bible as an Ancient Book in a Modern World”   
“What God Requires of Us”   1994 December 1
“Reading an Ancient Book in a Modern World”   1996 August 6
“The Role of the Messiah”   1995 July 18
10:34 Oxford Companion – “Old Testament Theology” “Covenant” – “Theology of the Old Testament”; “Covenant”; Correspondence with editors undated
10:35 Flood Story – Outline, etc. – Notes, tentative translations of the Noah story, and a manuscript copy of Anderson’s essay: “Violence in God’s Creation (A Study in Priestly Theology)” Society for Biblical Literature 1974
10:36 Biblical Perspectives – essay on Biblical Faith and Political Responsibility – Correspondence with Howard Kee of Westminster Press; Two manuscript copies of “Biblical Faith and Political Responsibility” November 1975
Box 11 Sermons
11:1 1987 October 27
11:2 1943-1947
11:3 1943-1946
11:4 1951-1987
11:5 1951-1981
11:6 1983-1985
11:7 1980-1987
11:8 1977
11:9 1947-1968
11:10 1953-1964
11:11 1974-1976
11:12 1952-1990
Box 12 Reviews of Works by Bernhard W. Anderson
12:1 “Creation versus Chaos” Reviews/Reaction 1969-1990
12:2 “Contours of Old Testament Theology” 1999 Reviews/Reaction 1999-2001
12:3 Reviews/Reactions “Understanding the Old Testament” 1958-1967
12:4 Reviews/Reaction “Rediscovering the Bible” 1959-1961
12:5 Reviews/Reaction – Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah 1979-1980
12:6 Reviews/Reaction – “Creation in Old Testament” 1985
12:7 Reviews/Reaction – “Unfolding Drama of the Bible” 1987-1989
12:8 Reviews/Reaction – “Living Word of the Bible" 1982
12:9 Other Miscellaneous Reviews 1958-1977
Box 13 Miscellaneous (L. Q. L., Shechem, Drew)
13:1 Loose Leaves – notes and translations of psalms; service bulletins; fragments of articles, etc. 1956-1987
13:2 Life Questers League – Correspondence, conference itineraries, photographs, and other materials 1934-1991
13:3 Excavations Shechem 1956
“The First Campaign at Tell Balatah (Shechem) by G. Ernest Wright in Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research no. 144,  December 1956
“Preliminary Reports of the Excavations of Shechem  
Pictures and maps  
13:4 Festschrift 1985 – Correspondence with Walter Brueggemann, Preman Niles, and Thomas W. Gillespie among others. 1985-1987
13:5 Drew Years 1956-1977
excerpts from The Christian Century and various newspapers  
“The Life of a Dean” notes  
Report to the Trustees of Drew University,  1956
“The Drew University Report”  September-October 1977
“The Circuit Rider”  1967 October 31
13:6 St. Mary’s Abbey Morristown, notes, letter. 1966
13:7 Miscellaneous 1950-1979
“The Outlook” the official journal of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand vol. 74 no. 6  
“Forum” vol. xvi, no. 6,  1964
“The Integrity of Philippians” from New Testament Studies 13  
“A Fresh Look at the Old Testament” an address to Princeton alumni given in Ocean City  October 22, 1968
“Theology as History: The Theological Contribution of Gerhard von Rad” given at West Market St. Methodist Church in Greensboro North Carolina,   1967 October 29
Collection of song lyrics  
“Psalm on Nixon”  
photos of family and archeological sites, newspaper clippings, letters, church bulletin  
13:8 Untitled Folder – letters, newspaper clippings, a review of Jürgen Moltmann’s “God in Creation: A New Theology of Creation and the Spirit or God” 1998
Box 14 Presentations at Churches, etc.
14:1 A correspondence with Bishop R. Marvin Stuart and Anderson’s retirement address 1979 June
14:2 Berea, Kentucky YMCE Conference – photos of Anderson and others, brochures and pamphlets. 1950
14:3 1963
A letter from Barbara Broadbent  
Correspondence with Dr. Zdenek F. Bednar  
Program for Regional Study Conference of “Our Mission Today”  
Lecture outline, “The Story of the Garden of Eden”  
14:4 Middlebury Church Course Biblical Theology 1982, 1997
BAS Seminar lecture “The Primordial Origin of wisdom: A Literary Analysis of Proverbs 8:22-31”  
“Biblical Theology of the Old Testament: A Precis”  April 2, 1982
Notes and letters by Anderson and others on how the Bible study has helped them  
14:5 1981-1983
Notes from the Mayor’s Breakfast in Winter Haven, Florida  1983 February 25
“Israel: The Patriarchs and Their Peoples” from the Trenton Ecumenical Area Ministry  1981 November 18
14:6 Biblical Drama (Morristown) – A series of four talks 1981-1982
“I. The Beginning and the End”  February 1982
“II. Story” first given at Trinity Church  1981, 1982
“III. Sin and Evil” given at Trinity Church  1981 March 17
“IV. The Messianic Climax of the Biblical Drama”  1982 February
14:7 Adult Sunday School lessons 1991-2004
“Trials of Faith and Horizons of Hope,” Presbyterian Church of Sunnyvale  
“Radical Orthodoxy”, Capitola Episcopal Church, Santa Cruz  2002 May 21
“The Justice of God and the Problem of Suffering”,Foundation for Biblical Research   1997 October 11
“The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Evil”  
“The Book of Job”  1987 December 9
“Lecture: The Rapture,” Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist  2004 March 13
“The Bible in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, California"   2000 March 24
14:8 Addresses 1972-1973
“Creation and Modern Man,” Lexington, Kentucky  February 1973
“The Promises of Grace to Abraham”, “The Waters of Chaos and a New Beginning”, and “Human Dominion over Nature.” Summer lectures Creation and New Creation  1973
“Is There No Balm in Gilead? (Jeremiah 9:22,)” Middlebury College   1973 November 4
“Biblical Faith and the Ecological Crisis,” Biblical Institute in Trinity College  1972 June
“Man and Women in God’s Creation,” La Salle College   1974 February 4
14:9 Trinity Presbyterian: Delaware 1992
“The Bible and the Environment”  
bulletin from Trinity Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, Delaware  November 15, 1992
Correspondence between Brad Martin and Bernhard Anderson  
“Searching for our Biblical Roots,” Wilmot Congregation Church, New Hampshire  1992 April
14:10 Lectures 1960-1967
“The Bible as the Story of our Life: A Talk to Church School Teachers,” Caldwell Presbyterian Church  1967 October 4
“The Biblical Story” given on   1960 October 24
“What Does God Require of us?”  
“The Bible and Ethics”  
14:11 Riverside Church Lectures. Middlebury United Church of Christ. “Expostulation with God,” Middlebury, Vermont 1986-1989
14:12 Lectures 1988-1989
“A Pilgrimage to Sinai,” Seas Seminar  1988 February
“The Torah Story as Godspel,” Boston University School of Theology  1989
14:13 Berchtesgaden Lectures 1984-1985
“The Covenant – Broken and Renewed,” Sinsinawa   1984
“God’s Continuing Creation,” Sinsinawa  1984
“Biblical horizons of Hope,” Berchtesgaden, Germany   1984 May 4
14:14 Lecture - “The Future of the Bible as a Teacher”, Nashville 1989 November 4
14:15 Junaluska lecture series 1958
14:16 “Creation in the Old Testament”, Riverside Church. 1986 March 9
14:17 1994-2000
bio of Anderson taken from evangelism booklet  1999 January 25
“The Church in a Postmodern Age”   1999 May 4
“Creation Theology as a Basis for Global Witness” by Bernhard W. Anderson   1999 January 25
“Dialogue with World Religion”  2000 September
“Eclipse of God”  1994 March 21
“From Death to Life”  
“The Bible in Silicon Valley”, Sunnyvale, California  2000 March 24
“Introduction to Prophecy in Israel”, Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church  2000 March 6
“The Justice of God and the Problem of Suffering”, Foundation for Biblical Research, Charlestown, New Hampshire  1997 October 11
“Body, Soul, and Personal Identity”, Sunnyvale Lecture  1998 March 24
“The Lost Ark of the Covenant”  1998 February 22
“The Mountain of God”  1998 March 1
“A Sound of Sheer Silence” from 1 Kings 19: 1-9a and 1 Corinthians 1:18-25  
14:18 “Psalms and Practice Conference” 1996-1999
14:19 1993-1997
Manuscript of “The Bible as the Shared Story of a People”  
Lecture outline of “The Story of the Garden of Eden” given at Presbyterian Church of Sunnyvale  
Notes for “The Torah Story”  
“The Ultimate Victory of God”  
“Standing on God’s Promises”  
“The Primordial Origin of Wisdom: A Literary Analysis of Proverbs 8:22-31”  
“What Does God Require of us?" given in Santa Cruz  
“Heterosexuality and Homosexuality in God’s Creation” given at Sunnyvale   1993 February
“The Slaying of the Fleeing, Twisting Serpent: Isaiah 27:1 in Context” and “Waiting for God” given at Sunnyvale   1997 February
14:20 "The Story of Our Life”, Charlemont Federated Church 1981 May 17
14:21 Speaking at Youth Conferences 1952
14:22 Churchmanship Conference: “The Nature of the Church”, “The Saved and Saving Community” 1955 June 17
14:23 Methodist Church Adult Class: “Prophecy and Apocalyptic”, “Genesis”, “Is the Old Testament out of Date”, “The Bible as History” 1965
14:24 Green Lake 1967
14:25 People of God: “The People of God”, St. Peter’s Church on 1966 March 2; “The Suffering People of God” Drew Wives Fellowship. 1966
14:26 “Name of God”, Lenten School of Christian Study, Charlottesville 1967 February 8
14:27 1965
Parsippany Presbyterian Church  
“The Bible and our View of History” and “The Bible and our View of the Universe”, given at Baldwin-Wallace College  
“The Bible as History” and “Prophecy and Covenant”,given to United States Air Force Chaplains in Dallas   
14:28 Lectures and sermons 1974 July 23 and 1990 October 28
“Honest to God” given at Charlemont Federated   1974 July 23
“Heterosexuality and Homosexuality in the Bible” given at Sunnyvale Presbyterian  
“The Unfolding Drama of the Torah” given at Harvard Epworth Adult Forum   1990 October 28
“Expostulation with God”   
14:29 Various correspondence, notes, and pamphlets many of which document Anderson’s speaking engagements. 1953-1990
Box 15 Offprints
15:1 Collection of Offprints, compiled in chronological order 1940-2005
Box 16 Offprints and Reviews
16:1 Journals, some of which contain articles written by Bernhard W. Anderson. 1952-1977
“Adult Bible Class”  
“Creation and Ecology," American Journal of Theology and Philosophy vol. 4 no. 1   1983 January
“Human Dominion Over Nature”, Biblical Studies in Contemporary Thought” ed. Miriam Ward, R.S.M.   
“An Exposition of Genesis 32” Australian Biblical Review vol. 17 from October 1969   
“Drew’s C.T.E. Project”, The Christian Century   1962 April 25
“The Biblical Ethic of obedience” The Christian Scholar Vol. 39 No. 1   1956 March
“Babel: Unity and Diversity in God’s Creation” translated into Italian, French, and Spanish in Concilium: Rivista Internazionale di Teologia; Concilium: Revue Internationale de Théologie; Concilium: Revista Internacional de Teología  
“When the Bridegroom Cometh”, Crossroads, vol. 2 no. 3   1952 April-June
“Babel: Unity and Diversity in God’s Creation”, Currents in theology and mission, Vol. 5 no. 2   1978
“Cosmic Dimensions of the Genesis Creation Account” in The Drew Gateway vol. 56 no. 3  Spring 1986
“Theology in Song (Studies in the Psalms)" in Enquiry vol. 10 no. 1  1977 September-November
“Adam, Where Art Thou?” in The Intercollegian vol. 72 no. 5  1955 January
“Herberg as Theologian of Christianity” in National Review  1977 August 5
Multiple articles in The New Century Leader: Christ Centered in Emphasis  1952-1953
“The Whole Bible” in One Council We Need   
The Pastor vol. 17 no. 1  1953 September
“Politics and the Transcendent: Eric Voegelin’s Philosophical and Theological Analysis of the Old Testament in the Context of the Ancient Near East” in The Political Science Reviewer vol. 1,   1971 Fall
“The Contemporaneity of the Bible” in Princeton Seminary Bulletin vol. 62, no. 2,   Summer 1969
“The Bible: A Protestant View” in The Pulpit: A Journal of Contemporary Preaching, vol. 29 no. 5,   1958 May
“Adam, Where Art Thou?” in Pulpit Preaching, vol. 10 no. 3,   1957 March
“One Side More Equal than the Others’: A Methodist Response to Robert Wright” in Quadrilateral at One Hundred: Essays on the Centenary of the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral 1886/88-1986/88 Ed. J. Robert Wright,   1988 March
“The Tragic Protest: A Christian Study of Some Modern Literature” in Religion in Life vol. 39 no. 4,   Winter 1970
“The Wheat and the Chaff” in Westminster Teacher vol. 3 no. 3,   1953 April-June
“Ordination to the Priestly Order” in Worship, vol. 42 no. 7,   1968 August-September
“A Birds-eye View of the Bible” in The YWCA Magazine  1952 March
16:2 Reviews by Anderson
Genesis by Claus Westerman,   1971-1974
The Old Testament in the Cross by J. Alvin Sanders,   1961
The Courage to Doubt: Exploring an Old Testament Theme by Robert Davidson,   1983
The Vitality of Old Testament Traditions by Walter Brueggemann and Hans Walther Wolff,   1975
Elements of Old Testament Theology by Claus Westermann,   1982
Joshua, Moses and the Land: Tetrateuch-Pentateuch-Hexateuch in a Generation since 1938 by A. Graeme Auld,   1980
Rebellion in the Wilderness: The Murmuring Motif in the Wilderness Traditions of the Old Testament by George W. Coats,   1968
König und Tempel im Glaubenszeugnis des Alten Testamentes by Niek Poulssen,   1967
The Courage to Doubt: Exploring an Old Testament Theme by Roberd Davidson,   1983
The Tribes of Yahweh: A Sociology of Religion of Liberated Israel, 1250-1050 B.C.E. Norman K. Gottwald,   1979
From Sacred Story to Sacred Text: Canon as Paradigm by James Sanders,   1987
Tradition and Theology in the Old Testament ed. Douglas A. Knight,   1977
Old Testament Covenant: A Survey of Current Opinions by D. J. McCarthy,   1972
Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture by Brevard S. Childs,   1979
Creation and the Persistence of Evil: The Jewish Drama of Divine Omnipotence by Jon D. Levenson,   1988
16:3 Writings by others
Review of Anderson's The Unfolding Drama of the Bible , 1988 – reviewed by Thomas H. Troeger  1988
Review of Anderson's Creation Versus Chaos – reviewed by W. Sibley Towner.  1967
Various articles by others.  
16:4 Works by Bernhard W. Anderson 1948-1996
“A Consideration of the Day of Jaweh in Amos is the Light of its Popular Eschatological Antecedents” A theses presented to the faculty of the Pacific School of Religion for the Degree of Master of Arts,   1938 May
“The Bible and Our view of the Universe” and “The Bible and Our Understanding of History” addresses given at “Understanding the Bible” the Seventh Annual Bible Convocation at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio,   1964 November 1
“Education and the Christian Faith” Founders’ Day Address at Drew University, Drew University Bulletin,vol. 42 no. 4   1954 December
“‘The Lord Has Created Something New’ A Stylistic Study of Jer 31:15-22” The Catholic Biblical Quarterly vol. 40 no. 4   1978 October
“Myth and the Biblical Tradition” Reprinted from Theology Today vol. 27 no. 1,   April 1970
“Introduction” to The New Frontier of Rhetorical Criticism: A Tribute to James Muilenburg  
“The People of God: Studies on the Biblical Doctrine of the Church”   
“The Place of the Book of Esther in the Christian Bible” Reprinted from The Journal of Religion vol. 30 no. 1   January 1950
“The Contemporaneity of the Bible” Reprinted from The Princeton Seminary Bulletin vol. 62 no. 2   Summer 1969
“The Old Testament in the Church Today: The Problem of Old Testament History”  
“Biblical Faith and Political Responsibility” in Theological Bulletin of McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario, vol. 4 no. 2   April 1976
“Het Babel-Verhaal: Model van Menselijke Eenheid en Verscheidenheid” from Theologische Antwoorden  
“A Narrative de Babel, Paradigma da Unidade e Diversidade Humanas”   
“le Récit de Babel: Paradigne de l’unité et de la diversité humaines”   
“Die Babelgeschichte: Ein Beispiel menschlicher Einheit und Verschiedenheit” from Theologische Antworten  
“The Song of Miriam”, Directions in Biblical Hebrew Poetry  
“The Bible in a Postmodern Age” Horizons in Biblical Theology, vol. 22   2000
“The People of God” studies on the Biblical Doctrine of the Church Parts 1 and 2   
“Response to Matitiahu Tsevat ‘Theology of the Old Testament – a Jewish View’”   
“A Look at Theological Education Today”   
“Editorial: The Bible in the Church Today”, Theology Today  April 1980
“Changing Emphasis in Biblical Scholarship” reprinted from The Journal of Bible and Religion  April 1955
“The Temptations of a Christian” Religion in Life  
“Tradition and Scripture in the Community of Faith”, Journal of Biblical Literaturevol. 100 no. 1   1981
“The Slaying of the Fleeing, Twisting Serpent: Isaiah 27:1 in Context” Uncovering Ancient Stones: Essays in Memory of H. Neil RichardsonEd. Lewis M. Hopfe   
“Abraham, the Friend of God” Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology   October 1988
“From Analysis to Synthesis the Interpretation of Genesis 1-11” Journal of Biblical Literature vol. 97 no. 1   1978
“The Drew-McCormick Archaeological Expedition”  
“Confrontation with the Bible”, Theology Today vol. 30 no. 3   October 1973
“The Christian Dynamic in a Shaken World: Five Bible Studies on the Gospel of Mark”   
“An Exposition of Genesis 32:22-32 : The Traveller Unknown”, Australian Biblical Review   October 1969
“Moving Beyond Masculine Metaphors”, Biblical Review   October 1994
“Biblical Theology and Sociological Interpretation”, Theology Today   October 1985
“Apocalyptic Rendering of the Isaiah Tradition”   
“The Messiah as Son of God: Peter’s Confession in Traditio-historical Perspective”   
“On the Question, ‘What Shall I Preach?’” Christianity and Crisis vol. 8 no. 6   April 12, 1948
“What Does the Lord Require of us?” from “The Foundation for Biblical Research”   Summer 1996
“The Holy One of Israel”   
“Ordination to the Priestly Order”, Worshipvol. 42, No. 7  
“The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: The Sovereignty of God in the Bible”, Theology Today  
Box 17 Drew Crisis
17:1 Drew University Faculty Personnel Policy adopted by the board of trustees of Drew University 1963 February 7
17:2 Drew University General Catalogue 1965-1967
17:3 Drew University Report to the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the American Association of Theological Schools, Volume 1: Main Report and Volume 2: Faculty Profiles and Related Materials. 1969
17:4 Drew Crisis 1965 November-December
17:5 Drew Crisis 1966 January-March
17:6 Drew Crisis 1966 January-March
17:7 Drew Crisis 1966 September-December
17:8 Drew Crisis May 1967
The First Report of Trustees’ Special Committee   1967 May 5
Report of the President of Drew University   1967 May 5
Edited Transcript of the Question and Discussion Period Following the Presentation of Dr. Charles C. Parlin at the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association of the Theological and Graduate Schools of Drew University  1967 May 26
“Ventures” Magazine of the Yale Graduate School  Spring 1967
Report to the Treasurer of Drew University   1967 June 30
17:9 Drew Crisis July-December 1967
"Study of Control and Administration at Drew University” by the University Senate of the Methodist Church   
Excerpt from the Belfast Telegraph,   1967 July 11
Draft of the Middle States Report from John W. Bicknell, Acting Dean to the Graduate Faculty   1967 October 23
“Drew Acorn” student newspaper vol. 41 no. 6   1967 October 27
Commonweal vol. 87, no. 5,   1967
17:10 Drew Crisis January 1968
“The Drew University Newsletter” vol. 2, no. 14,   1968 January 4
Christianity and Crisis vol. 28, No. 23,   1968 January 8
“Explorative Thoughts into the Future of Drew as a University”   1968 January 11
Viewpoint vol. 5, no. 6,   1968 January 12
“The Circuit Rider” vol. 23, No. 8,   1968 January 16
Minutes from Drew University Graduate School Meeting of the Graduate Faculty  1968 January 19
Commonweal vol. 87, No. 15,   1968 January 19
“Drew Acorn” vol. 41 no. 12,   1968 January 19
17:11 Drew Crisis February 1968
The Drew University Bulletin  February 1968
“The Middle East Newsletter” vol. 2, no. 2,   February 1968
Minutes of the Theological School Faculty Meeting  1968 February 9
Drew University Graduate School Special Meeting of the Graduate Faculty  1968 February 9
Commonweal vol. 87 no. 18,   1968 February 9
“The Circuit Rider” vol. 23, no. 9,   1968 February 13
“Drew Acorn”   1968 February
Christianity and Crisisvol. 28 no. 2   1968 February 19
Hebrew Union College Biblical and Archaeological School Newsletter   1967-1968
17:12 Drew Crisis March 1968
Christianity and Crisis vol. 28 no. 3   1968 March 4
Christian Advocate   1968 March 7
Minutes of the Theological School Faculty Meeting   1968 March 8
Commonweal vol. 87 no. 22,   1968 March 8
“Circuit Rider” vo. 23, no. 11    1968 March 21
Drew University Graduate School Report to the Faculty from The Committee on Policy and Planning   1968 March 21
“Position Paper on the Future Shape of Graduate Education at Drew University”   
17:13 Drew Crisis April 1968
“The Drew University Bulletin”   April 1968
“Other Tongues” by the Student Council of Drew Theological School   Spring 1968
“Drew Acorn” vol. 4, no. 24,   1968 April 4
Faculty Appointments in Biblical Doctrine   
The Drew University Newsletter vol. 2 no. 27   1968 April 4
Position Paper on the Future Shape of Graduate Studies at Drew University approved by the Policy and Planning Committee  1968 April 19
“Where do we go from here?”  
17:14 Drew Crisis May 1968
“Christian Advocate”   1968 May 2
Minutes from Drew University Senate   1968 May
“The Circuit Rider” vol. 23, no. 14,   1968 May 15
Program for Annual Commencement   1968 May 25
University President Robert Fisher Oxnam’s letter to faculty   1968 May 27
“The Drew University Magazine”   Summer 1968
17:15 Drew Crisis July–September 1968
Drew University Newsletter    1968 July 12
Newsletter of Ecumenical Institute vol. 4 no. 7,   September 1968
Christianity in Crisis vol. 28 no. 15,   1968 September 16
Drew University Magazine   Fall 1968
17:16 Drew Crisis October–December 1968
Program for the Installation of James Ault as Dean   1968 November 6
“Memorabilia of Forty-five Years of Drew Theological Seminary” by Dr. Henry A. Buttz”   1912 November 13
Drew University Bulletin   1969 February
17:17 Notes for Speech to California Alumni Group 1967
17:18 AATS Theological School Evaluation and Questionnaire: Notes 1967
17:19 “To The End” Student Slogan Protesting Faculty Resignations. Contains program and button 1968
17:20 Annotations to PR Excerpts Re Oxnam 1968
17:21 Confidential Files 1965-1968


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