The Edward A. Dowey Jr. Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Dowey Jr., Edward A. 1918-2003
Dates: 1940-2000
Extent: 26 linear feet (89 boxes)
Language(s): English, German, French, Latin
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Special Collections.


1918 Born in Philadelphia, PA
1940 Graduated from Lafayette College
1943 Graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary
1943 Ordained by the Presbyterian Church
1943 Began service as Chaplain in US Navy during World War II
1947 Received master's degree from Columbia University
1949 Received Th.D. from University of Zurich
1949-1951 Taught at Lafayette College
1951-1954 Taught at Columbia University
1954-1957 Taught at McCormick Theological Seminary
1957-1988 Taught at Princeton Theolocial Seminary
1958-1966 Served as Chairman of the Special Committee of the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the USA
1967 Publication of The Confession of 1967 and the Book of Confessions
2003 Died in Princeton, NJ

Biographical Information

Edward A. Dowey was a Presbyterian theologian and educator. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1918, Dowey’s father was a minister in several Presbyterian churches. He began his undergraduate work at Keystone College in La Plume, Pennsylvania. Although he began to study theology, philosophical questions troubled him as he lost faith in God. He finished his undergraduate work at Lafayette College, where he graduated summa cum laude in Philosophy in 1940. After hearing a speech from John A. Mackay, President of Princeton Theological Seminary, he reconsidered theological training. He entered the Seminary later that year, renewing faith after reading Karl Barth.

In 1943, the Presbyterian Church in the USA ordained him. He served for three years as a Navy Chaplain during World War II and then continued graduate studies at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Under the tutelage of Emil Brunner, he completed his Doctorate of Theology at the University of Zurich in 1949 with his dissertation, The Knowledge of God in Calvin’s Theology, now an introductory cornerstone on the subject.

From 1949 to 1951, he taught at Lafayette College. From 1951 to 1954, he taught at Columbia University. From 1954-1957, he taught at McCormick Theological Seminary. Finally, in 1957, he began teaching at Princeton Theological Seminary where he stayed for more than 30 years.

Between 1958 and 1966, he was Chairman of the Special Committee of the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the USA, which led the church to adopt the Confession of 1967 and later the Book of Confessions. This led Dowey to later publish on the subject in A Commentary on the Confession of 1967 and an Introduction to the Book of Confessions.

At Princeton Theological Seminary, Dowey taught several classes in theology and church history with a special focus on Calvin, Luther, Bullinger, and Zurich centered theologians. He retired from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1988. He died at the age of 85 in Princeton, New Jersey on May 5, 2003 following complications from Parkinson’s Disease.


Scope and Content

The Edward A. Dowey Jr Manuscript Collection consists of biographical documents, course documents, and publications by Dowey and others from his career at Princeton Theological Seminary as the Archibald Alexander Professor of the History of Christian Doctrine. The collection also contains books from Dowey’s personal collection, tapes of sermons and lectures presented by Dowey, and index cards for Dowey’s personal research.



Dowey Jr., Edward A. 1918-2003

Christian doctrine

Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575

Calvin, John

Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575

Luther, Martin

faculty papers

Presbyterian Church in America

Presbyterian Church in America. General Assembly

Princeton Theological Seminary


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The collection was processed by Daniel Geary and Sara Tillema in Fall 2014-Spring 2015 under the supervision of Curator of Special Collections and Archivist Kenneth Henke.


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Series I: Biographical Documents (Boxes 1-12)

Subseries 1: Personal (1-3)

Subseries 2: Princeton Theological Seminary (4-7)

Subseries 3: Confession of 1967 (8-10)

Subseries 4: PC(USA) (11-13)

Series II: Correspondence- Organized by Person/Group (Boxes 14-18)

Series III: Course Documents (Boxes 19-30)

Series IV: Handwritten Notes (Boxes 31-37)

Series V: Dowey’s Writings (Boxes 38-59)

Subseries I: Bullinger (38-42))

Subseries II: Calvin (43-47)

Subseries III: Luther (48)

Subseries IV: Luther and Calvin (49)

Subseries V: Misc. (50-55)

Series VI: Publications by Various Authors (Boxes 56-75)

Subseries I: Calvin (56-59)

Subseries II: Frederick Matthias Sermon Collection (60-61)

Subseries III: Bullinger (62-64)

Subseries IV: Luther (65)

Subseries V: Misc. Topics (66-75)

Series VII: Books (Boxes 76-78)

Series VIII: Audio/Visual Collection (Boxes 79-87)

Series IX: Index Cards (Boxes 88-89)



Series I: Biographical Documents (Boxes 1-12)
Subseries 1: Personal (1-3)
Box 1
1:1 8 Memo Pads
1:2 1 Address Book
1:3 E.A. Dowey’s Personal Daily Planners 1950-1989
Box 2
2:1 American Society for Reformation Research Membership Application
2:2 Birth Announcement of Erika Christy (Last Name Unknown)
2:3 Dowey Biographical Information, 1970
2:4 Spring 1987 Book Requests
2:5 Brody, Jane. “Quirks, Oddities May be Illness.”
2:6 Guest Lecturer at Princeton University and Bryn Mawr College 1964-1968
2:7 Death of Andreas C. Brunner, New Zurich Magazine
2:8 Business Cards
a Kurt R. Spillman  
b Pedro S. de Achútegui  
c Robert F. Smylie  
d Paul E. Spieler  
e Fritz Büsser  
f Stephan Juhász  
2:9 Switzerland Calendar from Elsie McKee 1998
2:10 Newspaper Clipping, Edward A. Dowey and James A. Wharton, guest lecturers January 1976
2:11 Edward A. Dowey’s curriculum vitae 1988
2:12 Doctor’s appointment confirmation 1988
2:13 Handwritten sheet titled “Dates in Europe" 1988
2:14 Handwritten sheet titled “Full Report on ‘85-‘86 Finances.”
2:15 Program for “A Celebratory Luncheon Honoring Dr. Edward A. Dowey, Jr.” by the International Congress for Calvin Research, Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI 1990 August 20
2:16 Document titled “Probing the Reformed Tradition: Historical Studies in Honor of Edward A. Dowey, Jr” by Elsie Anne McKee and Brian Armstrong.
2:17 An interview with Edward A. Dowey by Daniel L. Migliore, titled “A Conversation with Edward A. Dowey.” 1987 August
2:18 Documentation of Dowey’s Trip to Korea 1971 May-June
2:19 Overdue Library Book Notice, From Temple to Meeting House 1991 February
2:20 Newspaper Article Documenting James I. McCord’s retirement from Princeton Theological Seminary 1983 May
2:21 Flyer for Parkinson’s Support Group of the Central Delaware Valley 1997 November
2:22 Brochure and other information for the Tenth Annual Parkinson’s Disease Patient and Family Symposium 5 April 1997
2:23 Photo with Langdon Gilkey, Rod Williams, and Edward A. Dowey at Union Theological Seminary. 1947 May
2:24 Photo from the World Council of Churches, Commission of Faith and Order, Geneva, Switzerland.
2:25 Postcards from Sárospatak, Hungary.
2:26 Handwritten Sheet about Prescription Information
2:27 Princeton Institute of Theology Brochure 1989
2:28 Edward A. Dowey, List of Publications
2:29 Assorted Receipts.
2:30 Invitation to Edwin Rian’s 90th Birthday Party from Abigail Rian Evans 27 April 1990
2:31 Article in PTS Emeriti/ae titled “Edward Dowey: Thinking Things Through.” Written by John W.H. Simpson Fall 1988
2:32 Short note titled “Telephone Numbers.”
2:33 Correspondence between Edward A. Dowey and The New York Times 1947 June
2:34 Wedding Program of Johanna Froehlich and Eric Swartzentruber 1990 September
2:35 Dowey’s Transfer of Personal Papers to the Presbyterian Historical Association 1988 August
2:36 Notice in YDS’s Alumni/ae Magazine of Edward Dowey’s Illness and inability to take Guest Professorship 1989 October
2:37 Sabbatical in Zurich 1978 Fall
2:38 Miscellaneous Correspondence while serving as Naval Chaplain. 1946-1948
2:39 Folder containing articles, letters, and correspondence with some of Dowey’s “mentors,” including Emil Brunner and Paul Tillich.
Box 3
3:1 PTS Report on Vacancy in the Area of Christian Education
3:2 Newsletters and Christian Century
3:3 Plainfield Joint Defense Committee
3:4 The Black Manifesto and Related Articles/Works
3:5 Works Addressing McCarthyism
3:6 Poling Indictment: Presbyterianism and McCarthyism
3:7 Poling Indictment and “The Presbyterian Letter”
3:8 Correspondence Regarding Poling Indictment
3:9 RC Lit Newspapers
Subseries 2: Princeton Theological Seminary (4-7)
Box 4
4:1 Document naming the recipients of the Doctor of Theology degree from Princeton Seminary between 1944-1957.
4:2 Correspondence with Haus Villigst Student Exchange.
4:3 John Mackay, AAUP Investigation 1959
4:4 Invitation to the final public oral examination of Mr. Abd-El-Masih Istafanous 1960 April
4:5 Report of the Committee on Evaluation of the Pilot Program, by Hiltner, Metzger, Wyckoff, and Homrighausen. 1960-1963
4:6 Folder of PTS Faculty Photos and other documents from 1963-1973. 1963-1973
4:7 Princeton Alumni Weekly, Volume 55, Number 7, November 3, 1964. 1964
4:8 Christian Teaching in the Reformed Tradition Lecture Series presented by E.A. Dowey 1967
4:9 Middle State Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Evaluation for Princeton Theological Seminary 1967
4:10 Curriculum Review Committee 1969 September
4:11 Miscellaneous Faculty Communications 1961-1969
4:12 Senior Faculty Meeting Minutes 1969
4:13 Preliminary Report Committee on the Professional Doctorate as a First Theological Degree 1969 October
4:14 Proposed Guidelines, Procedures, and Requirements for the Th.D. Program 7 June 1969
4:15 Office Memorandum Report on the Theology Ad Hoc Committee 1969
4:16 Document titled “The Nature and Objectives of Theological Study” by the Ad Hoc Committee on Theology 1969 September
4:17 Office Memorandum on the 1969 Interdenominational Center in Atlanta and Black Students and Faculty 1969 December
4:18 Document Titled “Proposal for a Basic Year Course in Church History” by the Ad Hoc Committee on History 1969 September
4:19 Comparative Study of Grade Point Averages of PTS Students, 1969-1970. 1969-1970
4:20 Union Theological Seminary Karl Barth Colloquium 1970 December 4-5
4:21 American Association of Theological Schools Document titled “Emphasis Given Professional Education: Permission for the D.Min” by Jesse H. Ziegler 1970 July
4:22 Black folder containing the minutes and charters from Board of Trustees Meetings 1971
4:23 Document titled “Reflections on Dr. West’s Paper” by Arthur M. Adams 1970
4:24 Press Release – Princeton Theological Seminary Moratorium Committee regarding Frank Thompson, U.S. Representative from New Jersey, who will lead a rally against the Vietnam War 1970 March 20
4:25 Committee on Community Responsibility Minutes 1970 October 19
4:26 Summary, Survey of Faculty Members on Academic Standards by D. Hoge 1970 October 8
4:27 Document labeled “L.A. Loetscher – Suggestion Based on Dr. Rudolph’s Draft and Professor Dowey’s” and main text titled “Admission to the Lord’s Supper" 1970 February
4:28 Office Memorandum from Dean Hoge to Dr. West 1970 October 5
4:29 Petition for Board Decision Making Process at Princeton Theological Seminary 1970 October
4:30 Princeton Alumni Weekly, article titled “A Victory for the Princeton Plan,” December 1970.
4:31 Office Memorandum to the Committee on Community Responsibility from Charles Willard 1971 January 12
4:32 Center of Continuing Education Agenda 1971 May
4:33 Program for the In-service Doctorate of Ministry 1971 February
4:34 Office Memorandum to the Faculty of PTS for an upcoming Faculty Meeting 1972 April
4:35 Document titled “Preliminary Statement of the Faculty’s View of Aspects of the Seminary’s Future: A Working Document" 1972 February 14
4:36 “A Docetism of the Spirit?” by E.A. Dowey. Presented at a Faculty Seminar Discussion 1973 November 15
4:37 Memo from Charles Willard regarding Library Duplicate books. 1973 April
Box 5:
5:1 Blue Book Titled “Appraisal of Ph.D. Seminars, 1973-1974” containing memoranda and correspondence regarding the Ph.D. Seminar program. 1973-1974
5:2 Catholic Lecturer’s Memo, To Dr. McCord from Charles West. 1974 February 18
5:3 PTS Chapel Service titled “The Road to Barmen" 1974 October 30
5:4 Document titled “Evangelism: Theses for Discussion at Faculty Seminar" 1977 October 13
5:5 Alumni News Magazine 1979 Winter
5:6 Princeton Theological Seminary Regulation regarding dissertations 1980 June
5:7 Neely, Alan biographical Data.
5:8 Nebelsick, Harold Curriculum Vitae
5:9 Missing grade for Darryl Baker 1981
5:10 Alumni News Magazine 1982 Fall
5:11 Memo regarding how to request Secretarial services 1985
5:12 Daily Chapel Committee, Report of Meeting 1985 November 4
5:13 Faculty Memo- Reappointments and Appointments 1986 March
5:14 Teaching Placement Recommendation by Edward Dowey for Bruce McCormack 1986 December
5:15 Letter from Bruce McCormack to the Ph.D. Studies committee regarding a program extension 1986 March 17
5:16 Ph.D. Studies recommendation for Tzu-Yang Hwang 1986 January 3
5:17 Correspondence. From Charles C. West to Edward Dowey regarding teaching a senior colloquium 1986 February 13
5:18 Correspondence. From Charles C. West to the Theology department 1986 February 11, 1986 March 10
5:19 Folder containing correspondence between the Church History Faculty regarding curricular matters 1986 Spring
5:20 Schedule of PTS department of history courses spanning from Fall 1986-Spring 1990. 1986-1990
5:21 Letter regarding tenure review for Sandra Brown 1986
5:22 Memo To Seminary Community from Elizabeth Dalton regarding Scheduling of Seminary Events 1987 August 31
5:23 Correspondence from Thomas Gillespie to Faculty Members about new promotions 1987 September 3
5:24 Memo from Frederick Lansill to Seminary Community welcoming John D. Brady to staff at PTS 1987 September 1
5:25 Memo from James Lapsley to PTS Faculty regarding the “Theologian in Residence grant” in Hawaii 1987 August 25
5:26 Memo from Registrar’s office to Professors confirming Scott Stewart’s medical leave of absence from the seminary 1987 April 28
5:27 Letter from Judy Lang containing final class roll sheets for Fall 1987. 1987 Fall
5:28 Princeton Theological Seminary Institutional Self-Evaluation Report 1977 December
5:29 Invitation to the 175th Anniversary Event at Princeton Theological Seminary 1987
5:30 Memo to Ph.D. Student representatives at PTS 1987
5:31 Ad Hoc Committee on First Professional Degree (M.Div.) 1969 March
5:32 Mellon Colloquium 1987 Fall
5:33 Directory of North American Religious Studies Faculty Memo 1987 September 3
5:34 Elsie Anne McKee curriculum vitae 1987 December
5:35 Speer Library list of new books 1987 October
5:36 Memo regarding Erdman center 1987 November 15
5:37 Memo from James N. Lapsley to All Faculty regarding inclusive language 1987 August 27
5:38 Faculty Senate Minutes 1987 October 7
5:39 Memo asking Faculty to submit any news they may have for the Alumni/ae News 1987 November 20
5:40 Letter about Faculty politics, March 13, no year. March 13
5:41 Princeton Theological Seminary Fall Faculty Conference Schedule 1987 September 13-15
5:42 Curriculum Review Progress Report for the Faculty, distributed at the Fall Faculty Conference 1987 September 13-15
5:43 Memo from Charles C. West to Theology Faculty regarding a Faculty Retreat 1987 September 4
5:44 Extension for Joyce Clymore 1987 May 14
5:45 Chapel Council Meeting Minutes 1987 September 30
5:46 Chapel Council Meeting Minutes 1987 October 23
5:47 Memo regarding Capital Fund Campaign Effort 1987 October 23
5:48 PTS Academic Calendar for 1987-1988. 1987-1988
5:49 Letter from Carolyn D. Nicholson regarding Th.M. student advisees 1987 September 4
Box 6
6:1 Letter to Seminary community regarding the death of Sylvia Watson’s son 1988 May 10
6:2 Memo from the Office of the Vice President for Financial Affairs regarding the Tax Reform Act of 1986 1988 March 14
6:3 Correspondence from Fran Biddle to PTS Faculty regarding Reserves List at Speer Library 1987 October
6:4 Correspondence from Fran Biddle to Edward Dowey returning reserve books 1988 May 27
6:5 Association of Theological School Research Needs Survey 1988 March 17
6:6 PTS 175th Anniversary Bibliography Note 1988 May 3
6:7 Memo from Ph.D. Studies Office regarding paper from Doug Strong 1988 May 18
6:8 Memo from Katharine Doob Sakenfeld regarding first year review for Scott Bruzek 1988 July 28
6:9 Ed.D. Proposal from 1974-1978. 1974-1978
6:10 Memo from Karlfried Froehlich to Dean Lapsley, Report on the departmental discussion of “Minimum Goals” document 1988 January 6
6:11 Princeton Theological Seminary News Release regarding Lilly Endowment Grant titled “Operation Vision" 1988 March 17
6:12 Map Sets for Stuart Hall 1988 January 26
6:13 Recommendation for Grethe Lofberg for continued studies at PTS 1988 January 14
6:14 Speer Library New Book List 1988 February
6:15 Faculty Senate Minutes 1988 February 17
6:16 Memo regarding Search Committee for the Alexander Char 1988 April 5
6:17 Memo informing about upcoming Faculty Seminar 1988 March 22
6:18 Faculty Invitation to the farewell reception for Ronald C. White 1988 June 20
6:19 Department of Theology Meeting Minutes 1988 March 2
6:20 Department of Theology Meeting Minutes 1988 May 2
6:21 Department of History Meeting Minutes 1988 March 2
6:22 Memo from Karlfried Froehlich to Faculty of Department of History 1988 March 17
6:23 List of New Books at the PTS Bookstore in the department of History 1988 February
6:24 Memo from Dean James Lapsley regarding End of Term deadlines 1988 April 14
6:25 Note from Craig Dykstra to James F. Armstrong regarding library extended hours 1988 May 2
6:26 Note from Matt Spina to Faculty Staff regarding copy machines 1988 August 1
6:27 Miller Chapel Program 1988 April 19
6:28 Memo to Faculty regarding End-of-Year Bonus 1988 April 20
6:29 Note to Faculty regarding Baccalaureate Service 1988 May 23
6:30 Brochure for Alumni/ae Reunion Gathering at Princeton Theological Seminary 1988 May 26-27
6:31 Discussion on the Articles of Agreement, comments by E.A. Dowey 1988 May 10
6:32 Recommendation for Kathleen Marie Joyce 1989 November
6:33 Miller Chapel Committee Meeting 1989 June 28
6:34 Copy of Article Titled “Princeton Catholics Divided: Opus Dei leaves liberals worried" 1989 October 22
6:35 Memo from Karlfried Froehlich regarding History Colloquium Materials 1998 December 3
6:36 Thank you letter from Beth Mae Emerich 1990 December 1
6:37 Dowey’s recommendations for Chair in Worship Arts at PTS 1990 March 16
6:38 Report on vacancy in the Area of Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary, no date.
6:39 Henry Luce II Library Dedication Bookmark 1994 October 18
6:40 Recommendation Letter for Janet Parker, written after in or after 1994.
6:41 Memo from Center of Theological Inquiry, “Biographical Sketches of Members" 1996 August 30
6:42 Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries New Books 1999 April
6:43 Guidelines for Book Reviews for The Princeton Seminary Bulletin 2000
6:44 Nominating Petition for Student Members of the Board of Trustees, no date.
6:45 Student Trustee Proposals sheet, no date.
6:46 Report of the Committee to Study the Advisability of Princeton Seminary’s Offering a Professional Doctorate, no date.
6:47 Suggestions re: Program of Doctoral Studies in Homiletics, no date.
6:48 Items for discussion on Procedures in Doctoral Studies, no date.
6:49 User’s Guide to Speer Library, no date.
6:50 “Speer Up Front” Library info, no date.
6:51 End of Term Library Hours, no date.
6:52 Library search receipt, “Howe, George,” No date.
6:53 Catholic Periodicals, Speer Library, no date.
6:54 Bibliographic Info Receipts, Speer Library, no date.
6:55 Library Protocol, no date.
6:56 By-Laws of the Faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary, no date.
6:57 By-Laws of the Faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary, no date.
6:58 2 “The Faculty” Photo Books containing photos and descriptions of PTS faculty members, no dates.
6:59 Statement for Discussion Among Faculty Members of Princeton Theological Seminary to discuss Apartheid, no date.
6:60 Handwritten Notes about Church Architecture Tour, no date.
Box 7
7:1 McNeil’s Institutes Translation Criticisms
7:2 Articles and Research on South Africa
7:3 Justification: Lutheran/Roman Catholic “Dialogue" 1983 October
7:4 “A Theological Understanding of the Relationship between Christians and Jews”
7:5 Articles and Publications “In Honor of Dowey”
7:6 Faculty Minutes 1986 February
7:7 Service at COE College
7:8 Chaplain’s Conference
Subseries 3: Confession of 1967 (8-10)
Box 8:
8:1 Analysis of the Proposed “Book of Discipline”.
8:2 An article on the confession with handwritten notes.
8:3 Analysis of the Confessional Standards Regarding Ordination.
8:4 Theology of the Book of Confessions Course Syllabus
8:5 Theology of the Book of Confessions and American Presbyterian History Syllabus 1985 Fall
8:6 Book of Discipline Notes.
8:7 Summary for first two meetings for the “Committee on a Brief Contemporary Statement of Faith" 1958 November 5 and 1959 March 12-13
8:8 Letter from E.A. Dowey to PTS faculty and draft of the Confession of 1967 1964 December 9
8:9 Correspondence with Columbia University Press
8:10 Confessions Chart.
8:11 Copies of the Confession of 1967.
8:12 Summary of Confession of 1967.
8:13 Amendments to the Confession of 1967.
8:14 Concluding Remarks to the Symposium of the Confession of 1967: Contemporary Implications, at Princeton Theological Seminary 1982 October 21-22
8:15 “The Confession of 1967” as published in the Journal of Presbyterian History, Volume 61, Number 1, Spring 1983. 1983 Spring
8:16 Handwritten Notes on Lutheran Confessions.
8:17 “The Making of the Confession of 1967” by E.A. Dowey.
8:18 “Confessional Mosaic” Notes.
8:19 Confession of 1967 Notes.
8:20 Confession of 1967 Outline.
8:21 Newspaper Clipping titled “Presbyterians to Dedicate Church Banner.
8:22 Printed copy of the Confession of 1967 with handwritten notes in margins.
8:23 Article titled “Prophet of 1967” in Keeping God Alive.
8:24 Reminiscences of the Confession of 1967.
Box 9
9:1 Proposal to Revise the Confessional Position of the United Presbyterian Church, and the Confession of 1967.
9:2 Revelation and Faith in the Protestant Confessions by E.A. Dowey.
9:3 Commentary on the Confession of 1967.
9:4 Task Force on Ordination.
9:5 Draft Gamma 1971 September
9:6 Joint Committee on Presbyterian Union Memo 1972 September
9:7 New Confession of Faith, Chapter II Proposal: “God and his People.”
9:8 New Confession of Faith, Chapter IV Proposal, “Canonical Doctrine of the Spirit.”
9:9 New Confession of Faith, Chapter IV Proposal, “God and the World.”
9:10 Revising the Brief Statement of Faith.
9:11 Scots Confession.
9:12 Scripture and Confession.
9:13 Report of the Special Committee on a Brief Contemporary Statement.
9:14 Memo to Subcommittee on the Coordination of Responses 1972
9:15 Trial Run Reformed Confession.
9:16 Miscellaneous Articles on Presbyterianism and the New Confession.
9:17 Our Roots: Biblical and Confessional Sources
9:18 Handwritten Notes on Westminster Confession and other Reformed Creeds.
9:19 Article titled “Lively Discussion of ‘Brief Statement of Faith’ at Witherspoon Conference" 1988 May
Box 10
10:1 Packets from Committee Meetings regarding a “Contemporary Statement of Faith,” Dates ranging from 1958-1967. 1958-1967
Subseries 4: PC(USA) (11-13)
Box 11
11:1 Advisory Council on Discipleship and Worship.
11:2 At Your Service Magazine 1987 May
11:3 Barmen Sermons
11:4 Barmen Declaration and John Mackay’s “Letter to Presbyterians" 1953 October
11:5 Documents related to “Report on Biblical Authority and Interpretation" 1982
11:6 PC(USA) Commission on Ecumenical Mission and Relation 1972
11:7 Committee on Participation of Baptized Youth in Sacrament 1970
11:8 Committee on the Book of Common Worship, 180th General Assembly 1968 May 16
11:9 Newsletter of the Workshop on Covenant and Politics 1980 Winter
11:10 Proposals for Covenants of Agreement.
11:11 “Against McCarthyism: A letter to Presbyterians” by E.A. Dowey
11:12 “Poling and the Presbyterian Letter” by E.A. Dowey.
11:13 “A Report on the United State Bicentennial: Adopted by the 187th General Assembly of the PC(USA)(1975)” 1975
11:14 A Letter to Presbyterians.
11:15 “A January Prospectus-1982,” First Presbyterian Church. 1982 January
11:16 Newsletter of First Presbyterian Church of Little Falls, NY
11:17 First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown Bicentennial.
11:18 Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago.
11:19 Complaint of J. Clyde Henry regarding R. Hick Case in the Presbytery of New Brunswick.
11:20 Israel Township’s Historic Churches Brochure.
11:21 Letter from Robert Lamar to Presbyterian Leaders 1978 April 24
11:22 “The Writing of a Reformed Confession Today” by John H. Leith.
11:23 Letter to Presbyterians.
11:24 “A Few Comments: Study Draft of a Plan for Union of the Presbyterian Church in the United States and the United PC(USA),” by Lefferts A. Loetscher.
11:25 Decision of the Permanent Judicial Commission of the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.
11:26 A Beginning Bibliography for the Presbyterian Church in the USA by John Mulder.
11:27 Questions required for Ordination in the PC(USA).
11:28 Proposed Ordination Vows.
11:29 Response to Overtures 43 and 53.
11:30 A Brief Statement of Belief Adopted May 1962 by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, with handwritten notes accompanying. 1962 May
11:31 “Ed-COCU Chairman, Sees Growing Disinterest in Plan of Union” from the Christian Century 1971 August 18
11:32 Plan for Church Union, PC(USA).
11:33 Comments on Plan of Union
11:34 Committee on Revision of the Plan for Union Meeting Minutes 1973 March 21-22
11:35 Committee on Revision of the Plan for Union Meeting Minutes 1973 May 6-8
11:36 Various Sermons, Bulletins, and other Church Documents.
11:37 Presbytery of Albany Theology Groups
11:38 Washington D.C. 1974 November
Box 12
12:1 The Presbyterian Plan of Union 1971 May
12:2 1972-1978 Executive Committee Meeting Joint Committee on Presbyterian Union Minutes 1975 February 6
12:3 Agenda for the Joint Committee on Presbyterian Union, February 2-5, 1972. 1972 February 2-5
12:4 Joint Committee of Twenty-Eight 1971 July 8-10
12:5 Joint Committee of Thirty at New Orleans 1972 Februrary 3-5
12:6 Joint Committee of Thirty on Reunion.
12:7 A Study Paper by J.R. Taylor.
12:8 Joint Conference, Early December Notes.
12:9 Joint Conference, UPC/PCUS HW Notes
12:10 “Black Perspectives on Union with the Presbyterian Church in the US” by James H. Costen.
12:11 “Issues Affecting Minorities in Merger”
12:12 “‘The Plan of Union,’ A Minority Critique.”
12:13 “Toward At-on-ment”
12:14 Minority Task Forces in PCU and UPCUSA
12:15 “A New Plan for Presbyterian Union” by E.A. Dowey.
12:16 PCUSA and UP Pension and Benefits Plan of the PC(USA) 1986 December
12:17 Various Documents Regarding Presbyterian Plan of Union.
12:18 Various Articles regarding Presbyterian Plan of Union.
12:19 Introductory Statement Regarding Minority Positions on the Presbyterian Plan of Union.
12:20 United Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Church in the USA Memo: Meeting with Gerstwer and Sproul.
12:21 Presbyterian this Week, “Plan of Union- Ready for Study" 1971 March 8
12:22 “Recommendations from the Subcommittee on Coordinating Responses to the Joint Committee on Presbyterian Union”
12:23 In Initial Analysis of the 1974 (Blue) Study Draft, “A Plan for Union.”
12:24 Theological Position of UPCUSA 1971 November
12:25 UPCUSA-PCUS Union- Various Documents
12:26 Handwritten Notes- Study Draft of a Plan of Union
12:27 Plan of Union, Worship and Music
12:28 Permanent Judicial Commission Minutes 1962 May
12:29 Poling and the “Letter to Presbyterians”
12:30 Presbyterian Church in America Ordination Questions.
12:31 Presbyterian Church in Canada Preamble and Ordination Questions.
12:32 209th General Assembly in Brief, Patricia G. Brown Elected moderator. 1997
12:33 An Affirmation of the Inclusiveness of the Church, PC(USA).
12:34 PC(USA) Personal Information Form for Deborah Ann Chase.
12:35 The Church and Homosexuality in the PC(USA)
12:36 PC(USA) Decisions on Sexual Ethics
Box 13
13:1 Directory of Worship, PC(USA)
13:2 Memorandum of Note to the PC(USA) from E.A. Dowey
13:3 1996 General Assembly of the PC(USA) 1996
13:4 Directory of Worship, PC(USA), Prepared by James F. Kay.
13:5 Presbyterian Communique, Volume 10, Number 3, September/October 1987. 1987 September/October
13:6 Poling and the Presbyterian Letter.
13:7 “Property Issues Reaffirmed” in the Presbyterian Outlook.
13:8 An article published in Bradley Longshore’s volume The Presbyterian Controversy
13:9 Presbyterian Panel September 1977 Questionnaire. 1977 September
13:10 Presbytery of Elizabeth.
13:11 Presbytery of New Brunswick Meeting 1987 October 13
13:12 “What Presbyterian’s Believe” Worksheet with Chart of Creeds and handwritten notes
13:13 Presbytery of Wabash Valley Memo
13:14 Advisory Council on Discipleship and Worship, “Is Christ Divided?” Task force of Theological Pluralism.
13:15 Recommendation to Add Women to the General Assembly 1971
13:16 Referrals for the Committee on a New “Book of the Service of God.”
13:17 Reformed and Presbyterian Doctrine
13:18 Reformed and Presbyterian Doctrine, written by Fred Wilson.
13:19 Report to Presbyterians from Washington, Volume 9, Number 2, July/August 1987. 1987 July/August
13:20 Isabel Rodgers Visiting Campus
13:21 Documents regarding prayer in public schools.
13:22 Service for the Lord’s Day 1968
13:23 Special Committee on the Call 1969
13:24 St. Andrews United Presbyterian Church.
13:25 Structural Design and Elected Composition of a Presbyterian Church for the General Assembly.
13:26 Subcommittee on “Book of the Service of God”
13:27 “Prospectus for a Proposed Task Force on the Endorse Question in the Ordination/Installation Service" 1977
13:28 “From Western Christians Living in Egypt regarding The Report of The Task Force on the Middle East.”
13:29 Report of Theological Commission to RCA Synod 1970
13:30 The Need for Reconciliation in the United Presbyterian Church.
13:31 The Presbyterian Ethos
13:32 The Constitution of the PC(USA).
13:33 World Council of Church Commission on Faith and Order 1981 February
13:34 PC(USA) Social Policy – “Why and How the Church Makes a Social Policy Witness”
Series II: Correspondence (14-18)
Box 14 A-G
14:1 Adams, Arthur
14:2 Adams, Robert
14:3 Allis, Alice M.
14:4 Anderson, Luke (St. Mary’s Monastery, New Ringold, PA)
14:5 Baker, J. Wayne
14:6 Bame Bame, Michael
14:7 Barth, Markus
14:8 “Becky”
14:9 Beeker, Dan
14:10 Belville, K.L.
14:11 Bergethon, K. Roald
14:12 Beringer, Robert A.
14:13 To “Dear Beth”
14:14 Board of Christian Education of the PC(USA)
14:15 Book Review Correspondence
14:16 Bostrom, Kathy and Greg
14:17 Breen, L.
14:18 Brunner, Emil
14:19 Burgess
14:20 Büsser, Fritz
14:21 Happy Birthday John Calvin Card
14:22 Grier-Carlson, Mark and Catharine
14:23 Carlston, Charles
14:24 Central Presbyterian Church’s Adult Education Program
14:25 Chaapel, Barbara
14:26 Han, Chul Ha
14:27 Clark, Melanie
14:28 Cobt, John
14:29 Columbia University Alumni Directory
14:30 Cook-Davis, Catherine
14:31 Cooper, Jack
14:32 Couper, Richard
14:33 Crawford, David
14:34 Crawford, James
14:35 Degitz, Eugene
14:36 Demura, Akira
14:37 Dickason, John
14:38 Dickinson College (Art)
14:39 Dirks, J Edward
14:40 Dragas, George Dion
14:41 Driscoll, George
14:42 Duba, Arlo D.
14:43 “Eleen” and Spouse
14:44 Emerson, James
14:45 “Eunice”
14:46 Fatio, Olivier
14:47 Feldman, Hilary
14:48 Fleuchaus, Cappie
14:49 Foose, Deany
14:50 Freedman, David Noel
14:51 Froehlich, Karlfried
14:52 Frohman, Judith Nass
14:53 Garcia, Aurelio
14:54 Gäbler, Ulrich
14:55 Getzlaff, Richard
14:56 Gendebien, Albert
14:57 Gerrish, Brian
14:58 Gill, T.A.
14:59 Gillespie, Thomas
14:60 Gweb, Kathy
Box 15 H-K
15:1 “Habib”
15:2 “H.A.D” (Standford)
15:3 Hager, Barbara
15:4 “Handy”
15:5 “Harold”
15:6 Harrington, W. Frank
15:7 Haus Villigst
15:8 Headington, C
15:9 Heideman, Eugene
15:10 Heinze, Robert
15:11 Herman, Joe
15:12 Hick, John
15:13 Hill, Jane
15:14 Hon-Yon, Ho
15:15 Hopper, David
15:16 Hosington, Sylvia
15:17 Howell, Joseph
15:18 Hungarian Reformed News
15:19 Hull, Roger
15:20 Letters- Informal
15:21 Calvin Congress
15:22 International Calvin Researchers Congress
15:23 Instafanous Family
15:24 Ives, Robert
15:25 Jacobs, S.
15:26 Iapinga Family
15:27 “Jim”
15:28 “John”
15:29 Johnson, David
15:30 Johnson, P.
15:31 Jones, Beverly
15:32 Jones, Sarah
15:33 “Jorge”
15:34 Kangas, David
15:35 Keep, David J.
15:36 Keesecker, William (Bill)
15:37 Kerk, H.T. (Tim)
15:38 Keusen, Helmut
15:39 Kiehl, Robert
15:40 Kingdon, Robert M
15:41 Kirk, James G
15:42 Kopp, Robert
15:43 Knight, B
Box 16 L-Mc
16:1 Kramer
16:2 Lange, Dietz
16:3 Lazareth, William H.
16:4 Leda, Japhet Yawo
16:5 Leurs, Beth
16:6 LeVan, Kate
16:7 Lilly, Ralph
16:8 Link, Arthur
16:9 Loetscher, Lefferts A.
16:10 Lonsway, Francis
16:11 Looker, Chris
16:12 Luthman, Carl
16:13 MacDonald, Sheila
16:14 Mackey, J.P.
16:15 Mathewson, Robert
16:16 Matthies, Steven
16:17 Mattison, Joel
16:18 “Maudie”
16:19 McCaslin, Nellie
16:20 McClean, Bill
16:21 McCord, James
16:22 McCormack, Bruce L.
16:23 McKeag, George
16:24 McKee, Elsie
16:25 McKim, Donald K.
16:26 McNeil, John
Box 17 Me-S
17:1 Meeter, Nugh
17:2 Meyer, Paul
17:3 Migliore, Dan
17:4 Miller, Patrick D.
17:5 Mills, Gerald – Providence Presbyterian Church
17:6 Moffett, Samuel Hugh
17:7 Moore, Marianne
17:8 Mulder, John
17:9 Neuser, W.H.
17:10 New Brunswick Presbytery Lay School of Theology
17:11 Nichols, J
17:12 Nicholson, Carolyn
17:13 Neits, Jose
17:14 Oberman, Heiko
17:15 Parents “Ma and Pa”
17:16 “Dad”
17:17 “Ted”
17:18 Parker, THL
17:19 Pavelko, Lois
17:20 Pinch, Sidney
17:21 Presbytery of New Brunswick
17:22 Quinius, Henry
17:23 Rajastan Handicrafts Emporium
17:24 Rau, S
17:25 Rawlings, Charles
17:26 Reformed Church in Hungary
17:27 Reformed Church Magazine
17:28 Religious Leaders for a More Just and Compassionate Drug Policy
17:29 Rhee, John Sung
17:30 Robbins, Caroline
17:31 “Miss Robbins”
17:32 Letter on Professor Rogers
17:33 Ross, Jean G.
17:34 Roy, Margaret and Andrew
17:35 “Sarah”
17:36 Sarah from Strausburg
17:37 Schilperoort, Susan
17:38 Schloch-Coates, Suzanne
17:39 Small, Joseph
17:40 “Selected Small Group”
17:41 Smith, Carol
17:42 Smyrl, Robert
17:43 Sprowl, Karen
17:44 Staedtke, J.
17:45 Stern, A.L.
17:46 Stinnett, Tim
Box 18 T-Z
18:1 Takahashi, David
18:2 “Teal” from Zurich
18:3 Texas Christian University
18:4 Thompson, J. Earl
18:5 Thompson, William (Bill)
18:6 Tieberg, Warren
18:7 Time Magazine
18:8 Trinterud, L.J.
18:9 United Presbyterian Church in the USA
18:10 University of Edinburgh
18:11 University of Zürich
18:12 Wall, David H.
18:13 Wegmann, D.
18:14 West, Charles (Charlie)
18:15 Wiggens, Warren
18:16 Wilhelm and Irmgard
18:17 Willei, David
18:18 Wilson, Stanton R.
18:19 Wolf, D.
18:20 World Student Christian Federation
18:21 Worley, Robert
18:22 Wright, C. Conrad
18:23 Wright, David
18:24 Students at Yale
18:25 Zitzmann, Fred
18:26 Long, Thomas
18:27 Burrows, M. to McCormack, Bruce
18:28 Deming, James to Hanson, Geddes “Common Sense”
18:29 Ed, Alan to Lu
18:30 Henry, Jo to Templeton
18:31 Keesecker, William to McKee, Elsie
18:32 Kutcher, Brian to Moffet Samuel
18:33 McCaslin, Nellie to Ranney, Gerald
18:34 McKee, Elsie to Perkins, Davis
18:35 McKee, Elsie to Deming Christie
18:36 Michaels, Judith to Witherspoon Society
18:37 Stix, Thomas Howard to Walker, Michael
18:38 Miscellaneous Correspondence
18:39 Mixed Correspondence between Dowey, E.A., Feldman, Hilary, Gillespie, Thomas, and McCormack, Bruce
Series III: Course Documents (Boxes 19-30)
Box 19
19:1 Academic Petitions from 1988. 1988
19:2 Green Notebook titled “Tillich’s Advanced Problems in Theology.”
19:3 Green Notebook titled “Tillich’s Advanced Problems in Theology Book II”
19:4 Handwritten Notes for “Age of Reason” Class
19:5 Pietism, Age of Reason
19:6 Age of Reason, containing sub-folders titled, “Bondage of Will” and “Luther-Introductory”
19:7 Age of Reform - Course Bibliographies and Outlines
19:8 Humanism and Natural Science in the Age of Reformation
19:9 Age of Reform Homework Notes
19:10 Age of Reform 1979 Spring
Box 20
20:1 Green Notebook titled “Comparative Christianity- Philosophy of Religion”
20:2 BD Course
20:3 The Bible in the Reformation 1987
20:4 Interpretation of the Bible in the Reformation Lecture Notes
20:5 Bible in the Reformation Student Papers
20:6 The Bible in the Reformation “Tridentine Trajectories,” By Walter Wagner.
20:7 Two Bound Copies of Professor Piper’s Class Notes for Biblical Theology of the New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary 1946
20:8 Course Listings of Social Work Classes 1971 Spring
20:9 Bondage of the Will Outline
20:10 Summer School 1990: Canons and Decrees, Creeds, and Confessions, 1500-1650. 1990
20:11 Syllabus for Catholic and Radial Reformation Class
20:12 Notes, Part I: Catholic Reformation
20:13 CH35: Catholic and Radical Reformation Syllabus 1986
20:14 CH35: Catholicism and Radical Reformation 1987 Fall
20:15 CH35: Radical and Catholic Reformation
20:16 CH35: Radical and Catholic Reformation 1971 Spring
20:17 CH35: Radical Reformation: Critique of Luther 1976
20:18 Folder titled “Ch History”
20:19 Church History I
20:20 Folder titled “Bultmann, Das urchristlichen- Church History I”
20:21 Fall 1972, Church History 01 1972 Fall
20:22 Ebeling- Church history as History of Exposition
20:23 L15-21 – Ch. History after Nicea
20:24 L8-L13 – Church History I Outline
Box 21
21:1 Green Notebook titled “Doctrine of Christ: Theology of Crisis, Christian Ethics.
21:2 Concept of Reform Seminar, handwritten notes
21:3 Folder Marked “Course Grades” documenting grades for 2-3 students
21:4 Memo listing Dowey’s courses for 1974-1975. 1974-1975
21:5 Folder titled “Doctrine of Man and Sin” with handwritten notes.
21:6 Doctrine of Man and Sin Course 1959
21:7 Tests for Ecclesiastical Theology/Psychology of Religion
21:8 Elements of Christianity Course 1952 Winter
21:9 Enlightenment and Rationalism, 17th Century Religion-Rational Christians
21:10 Folder titled “Erasmus”
21:11 Lecture Titled “Faith as the Testimony of the Holy Spirit to the Truth of Scripture”
21:12 Dowey Courses, Fall 1986 and Spring 1988. 1986 Fall and 1988 Spring
21:13 Fall 1987 Class Lists 1987 Fall
21:14 Summer 1978 Course, titled “Four Reformers: Erasmus, Luther, Müntzer, Calvin 1978
21:15 Four Reformers Summer 1978 Class Records 1978
21:16 Luther in “Four Reformers,” Summer School 1978 1978
21:17 Luther, Scripture, Summer School 1978 1978
21:18 General, Catholic, and English Reformation Bibliography
21:19 Grades for an Unknown Course
21:20 History 254, The Greek Orthodox Church: Past and Present. 1959 Spring
21:21 HD 20 Clymore, Joyce “The Denial of Self vs. Taking Advantage of the Gifts of God”
21:22 Folder titled “Historiography” pertaining to course on History of Doctrine
21:23 Historiography: History of Doctrine
21:24 Historiography: Introduction to History of Doctrine (brief)
21:25 Historiography: Magdeburg Centuries
21:26 Historiography: Reformation
21:27 TH/CH 3472: The History of Christian Thought: Beginnings to the High Middle Ages
21:28 CH01 History of Christian Thought Sections
21:29 CH01 History of Christianity 1980 Fall
21:30 CH01: History of Christianity I 1983 Fall
21:31 CH01: Creeds
21:32 CH01: Creeds: Texts for use with Lecture
21:33 CH01: Creeds and Heresies
21:34 CH01: Luther Outlines
21:35 CH01: Luther Lecture
21:36 CH01: Calvin
Box 22
22:1 L5-L6 Early Christianity Outside Palestine
22:2 CH01 – Early Christianity and Social Responsibility
22:3 History of Christianity 1971 Fall
22:4 History of Christianity CH01 – Grades and Final Examination 1971
22:5 Introduction to the History of Christian Doctrine
22:6 CH01: Opening lecture, Historiography
22:7 Age of Reason: Orthodoxy and Enlightenment
22:8 CH01: Radical Reformation Generalizations
22:9 CH01: Radical Reformation Misc
22:10 CH01: Reform in the Late Middle Ages
22:11 Religion in Renaissance Humanism
22:12 CH01: Various Classroom Notes
22:13 CH02: History of Christianity
22:14 CH02: Confessions 1977
22:15 CH02: Spring History of Christianity II 1980
22:16 CH02: 1979/1981 1979-1981
22:17 CH02: Concept of Reform, 1978
22:18 CH02: Confessional Protestantism 1985
22:19 CH02: History of Christianity II 1986
22:20 CH02: History of Christianity Homework Notes
22:21 Proposed readings for 2nd Half of History of Christianity Course
22:22 The Zurich Reformation CH02 1968 Fall
22:23 History of Doctrine
22:24 History of Doctrine Comprehensive Examination
22:25 Cross, Terry- History of Doctrine Exam
22:26 History of Doctrine- 4th Century Christology
22:27 Dillenberger Reading Lists: History of Doctrine
22:28 History of Doctrine Lecture, 57
22:29 History of Doctrine: N.T. Church
22:30 History of Doctrine – Odds and Ends
22:31 History of Doctrine: Paul – Constantine
22:32 Intellectual History- HIS345 at Princeton University, Professor Grafton 1981-1982
22:33 Intro to Religion 1951
22:34 Interpreters of the Reformation – PhD Seminar
22:35 Survey Lecture 16th/19th C. (Carrol College)
Box 23
23:1 Green Notebook titled “New Testament Biblical Theology”
23:2 Green Notebook titled “New Testament Biblical Theology Book II”
23:3 Lectures, Churchy
23:4 Seminar on Nature
23:5 Objectives of Introductory Courses in Christianity and Society
23:6 Objectives of the History of Religions in B.D. Curriculum
23:7 Orthodoxy, Reformed
23:8 Petitions for Extension 1987 Spring
23:9 Philosophy of History, Niebuhr Lectures on Christianity and History
23:10 Department of Continuing Education Course, Teaching the Theological Classics 1980 February
23:11 Pre-Reform and Renaissance – HD21 and CH31 1975 Spring
23:12 Pre-Reform and Renaissance – HD21 and CH31 1967 Spring
23:13 Course materials for Theology and History of Presbyterianism – HD28 and CH48
23:14 Articles for Theology and History of Presbyterianism Course
23:15 Presbyterian History Class Lists and Exams 1985 Fall
23:16 Presbyterian History Course Articles
23:17 Presbyterian History and Theology Bibliography
23:18 Presbyterian Course Outline 1981
23:19 Presbyterian Hist/Theo Exam 1986 January
23:20 Presbyterian History and Theology CH48 1987 Fall
23:21 CH48 Presbyterian History and Theology, Lawrence, Keith D “The Contemporaneousness of the Holy Spirit”
23:22 Theology and History of Presbyterianism 1983 Fall
23:23 Presbyterian History Research Notes
23:24 CH48 Theology and History of Presbyterianism Syllabus 1983 Fall
Box 24
24:1 Syllabi copies CH48 Fall 87 1987 Fall
24:2 Presbyterian History and Theology Various lectures
24:3 HD82/CH48 Theology and History of Presbyterians
24:4 Theology and History of Presbyterian Church 1982 November-1984 January
24:5 HD28/CH48 – Xerox materials
24:6 CH48 Readings
24:7 Presbyterian History and Theology 1983 Fall
24:8 Readings in 19th Century Philosophy, Schleiermacher 1962 Fall
24:9 Burrows, Mark, “Reform of Theology and Liturgy in the Anglican Reformation”
24:10 Reformation and Age of Reason, Princeton University 1959
24:11 Reformation and the Age of Reason, Theology I 1962
24:12 Reformation and the Age of Reform
24:13 Reformation and the Age of Reason Misc Course Materials
24:14 Princeton University, Reformation and Counter Reformation. 1965 Spring
24:15 Reformation Research and Bullinger- DS25 1979 Spring
24:16 Reformation Research 1977 Spring
24:17 Reform Research, Burrows, Mark J “Christus in Noris: A ‘Second Hinge?,’ Bullinger and Calvin on the Doctrine of Sanctification
24:18 DS 25 Reform Research, Gill, Theodore “The Council of Trent”
24:19 DS25 Reformation Research, Calvin on Predestination 1977 Spring
Box 25
25:1 DS25 Reform Research, Okholm, Dennis “Formative Factors in Heinrich Bullinger’s Concept of “Der Alt Gloub”
25:2 DS25 Reformation Research, Strong, Douglass M, “Scripture as the Instrumentality of God’s Revelation: A Study of Calvin’s Understanding of Scripture in Reference to the Structure of his Thought.”
25:3 Dowey Article on Second Helvetic Confession, for use in Seminar DS25
25:4 Reformation Research, Zürich and Geneva Reformers 1985 Spring
25:5 Mt. St. Agnes College, Reformed Christianity, a Critical Survey Syllabus.
25:6 Mount St. Agnes Course 1970 Fall
25:7 St. Agnes College, Reformed Tradition
25:8 Introduction to Reformed and Orthodoxy 1958 Fall
25:9 Religion I, Introduction to Religion 1953-1954 Fall
25:10 Religion I 1952 Fall
25:11 Religion I 1953-1954
25:12 Religion II 1951-1952
25:13 Religion 101 1953 Fall
25:14 Religion 101, Part 2
25:15 Religion 101, Part 2 1946-1947
25:16 2281 Religion and Society
25:17 Religious Ideas of the Reformation
25:18 History of Doctrine of Sin and Evil
Box 26
26:1 HD31/CH26 Sin and Evil
26:2 Sin – “Classics”
26:3 Sin and Evil 1982 Spring
26:4 HD31 Sin and Evil 1986 Fall
26:5 Sin and Evil 1986 Fall
26:6 Suggested Changes in Dowey Course Offerings
26:7 Spring 1987 Class Lists 1987 Spring
26:8 Grade Reports Spring 1987 Memo 1987 Spring
26:9 Spring Session ’88 Class Lists, Grades, Etc. 1988 Spring
26:10 Summer Session ’88 Class Lists 1988 Spring
26:11 1988 Summer Course Description Requests 1988 Summer
26:12 Syllabus Memo 1986
26:13 Systematic Theology 338, Tillich Materials
26:14 Theology of the Book of Confessions 1974 Fall
26:15 CH38/HD38 Bullinger 1988
26:16 Theology as Confession
26:17 Course: Theology as Confession
26:18 Theology of Religion
26:19 Lectures, Unknown Class “Who is Jesus?,” Justin Martyr and Clement
26:20 Religion 306, Princeton University. Course titled “Varieties of Reform in the Sixteenth Century”
26:21 Yale, Spring 1989. 1989 Spring
26:22 Yale Grades, Spring 1989. 1989 Spring
Box 27
27:1 Bayley, Robert: “The Role of Satan in Calvin’s Theology”
27:2 HD22/CH32 Calvin’s Institutes 1982 Fall
27:3 HD22/CH32 Calvin’s Institutes 1985 Spring
27:4 HD22/CH32 Calvin’s Institutes 1987 Spring
27:5 History 40, McCormick Seminary, at Calvin’s Institutes 1955 Fall
27:6 Calvin Bibliography 1959 Fall
27:7 Calvin’s Institutes 1963 Fall
27:8 Course #3472 on Calvin’s Institutes 1965 Spring
27:9 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1972-1973
27:10 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1976 Spring
27:11 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1978 Spring
27:12 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1981 Spring
27:13 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1982 Fall
27:14 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1985 Spring
27:15 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes Bibliography 1985 Spring
27:16 Calvin’s Institutes and Commentary on Romans 1986 Summer
27:17 Calvin’s Institutes 1986 Summer
27:18 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1986-1987 Fall/Spring
27:19 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1987 Spring
Box 28
28:1 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1987 Spring
28:2 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes 1989 Spring
28:3 History 40, Calvin Bibliography 1955
28:4 Institutes Chapter Titles
28:5 HD22/CH32, Calvin’s Institutes syllabus and exams 1985 Spring
28:6 Spring 1978 Class Lists and Grades 1978 Spring
28:7 Notes on Kostlin’s Calvins Institutio nach Form und Inhalt
28:8 Calvin’s Institutes Various Lecture Notes
28:9 CH32 Calvin’s Institutes- Calvin’s Use of the term “Mediator”
28:10 Calvin- Misc.
28:11 Calvin’s Institutes Review Questions
28:12 Calvin Reading Notes- Institutes Old Notes (McCormick)
28:13 Calvin Lecture notes on the Sacraments
28:14 Calvin Article, Encyclopedia Britannica
28:15 Sketch of Calvin as a Theologian: Calvin as Theologian for Today.
28:16 Calvin for Humanities Course at Princeton University
28:17 Doctrine of Sin in Calvin
28:18 Dowey and Wyckoff, DC – Class List for Theology of Calvin
28:19 Calvin, Doctrine of Man and Sin
28:20 Calvin- Moore Lectures
Box 29
29:1 Luther, Radical Reformation, Calvin Bibliographies
29:2 Luther’s Theology
29:3 Handwritten notes: Luther’s Christology
29:4 Luther: Christology and Sacraments
29:5 Luther: Chronology of Life
29:6 Luther on Evil/Satan
29:7 Luther: Diagram of his Theology
29:8 Dillenberger: Bibliography-Luther
29:9 Luther: Dollinger Sheet
29:10 Luther, Ethics et al.
29:11 Luther Summary Lecture, History of Doctrine
29:12 Letter to Love, Greg on His Luther Paper
29:13 Luther – Justification and Misc.
29:14 Luther and the Late Middle Ages Exam 1986 Spring
29:15 Luther and Müntzer on Spirit
29:16 Notes on Luther on Romans 1 and 8
29:17 Philosophy (Φ) and Theology (θ) in Luther
29:18 Luther Pictures
29:19 Luther on Preaching
29:20 Luther and the Reformation, Misc
Box 30
30:1 Luther: Schedules and Outlines
30:2 Luther, Scripture (Introductory)
30:3 Luther on Scripture, Word, Etc.
30:4 Luther: Self-Understanding
30:5 Table of Contents, Luther’s Works
30:6 HD21/CH31: Theology of Luther
30:7 HD21/CH31: Theology of Luther
30:8 Theology of Luther 1961
30:9 Theology of Luther 1975 Fall
30:10 HD21/CH31 Theology of Luther 1975 Spring
30:11 Luther 1980
30:12 Theology of Luther 1980 Summer
30:13 Luther 1982- Syllabus etc. 1982
30:14 Theology of Luther 1983 Fall
30:15 HD21/CH31: Luther 1985 Fall
30:16 HD21/CH31: Theology of Luther 1988 Spring
30:17 Luther 1988 Spring
30:18 Courses, Theology of Luther
30:19 Theology of Luther
Series IV: Handwritten Notes (31-37)
Box 31
31:1 19th Century Philosophy: Kant, Hegel, Schleiermacher, Kierkegaard, Feuerbach
31:2 Horace Allen
31:3 Horace Allen’s Paper on Trinity
31:4 “All This from God”
31:5 Ancient Survey
31:6 What as an Fredu (?)
31:7 Lecture II Apostolics
31:8 Assertio…in Christo Naturae
31:9 Augustine/Burnaby
31:10 Augustine on Predestination, Confessions, Etc.
31:11 Baptists + Will
31:12 Barth, Warfield etc Reading Notes #3
31:13 Beardlee, Turettin Chapter vi, Decree and Human Sin
31:14 Beyin and Allen
31:15 Biblical Exposition Commentary and Sermons
31:16 Bibliographic Cards
Box 32
32:1 Ernst Bizer on Orthodoxy
32:2 Balthasar Bekker and Nathaniel Lardner
32:3 Review of “Bondage of the Will”
32:4 Britannica Articles
32:5 Brunner: Ethik
32:6 Brunner Apologetics Lecture (incomplete)
32:7 Köstlin and Brunner
32:8 Bullinger
32:9 Brunner
32:10 Outline of Bullinger Lectures
32:11 (Bullinger) Decades Creed Structure
32:12 Structure of Decades (Bullinger)
32:13 Bullinger “Devil’s Trip to Defeat, hope and deceive”
32:14 English Language in Bullinger
32:15 Bullinger “The Origin” 1539
32:16 Bullinger and Schwenckfeld
32:17 Sketch of Bullinger Life and Work
32:18 Bullinger Instruction (stromata) in Christian Philosophy
32:19 Bullinger- Organizing Principles for His Theology
32:20 Bullinger, Providence and Predestination
32:21 Bullinger, “Prism”
32:22 Bullinger Systematic Structure
32:23 Bullinger on Theology
32:24 Theology of Bullinger
32:25 Various Articles on Bullinger
32:26 Bullinger Warhaffte Bekanntnuß
32:27 Calvin, Various Handwritten Notes
32:28 Christian Education and “Secularization”
32:29 Christian Liberty
Box 33
33:1 Christology
33:2 Church-Theology’s Work Alone
33:3 Kümmel and Blanke
33:4 Clement of Rome
33:5 Conciliarism
33:6 Cosmology
33:7 Covenants of Agreement
33:8 The Cross After Easter
33:9 Curricular Problems
33:10 Accidie, Dante and Article “Despression Not All in your Mind”
33:11 Paper Topic from Davis, Gerry: “Dual Nature of Christ”
33:12 Decades
33:13 Decades 1549-1551
33:14 Decades/Structure
33:15 Dialectic of Irony and Promise in American Christianity
33:16 Divita Critique
33:17 Dowey, EA “Aspects of Personal Realism”
33:18 Dowey, EA “A Docetism of the Spirit?”
33:19 Early Christian Doctrine
33:20 Early Church
33:21 Early Church and Social Setting
33:22 Ebeling
33:23 Ebeling, Sacraments and Roman Tradition
33:24 Ecclesiastic Evangelical Negue(?)1552
33:25 Embree “Islam in India”
33:26 Notes- English Lit
33:27 Erasmus and Humanism Handwritten Notes (not Dowey’s Handwriting)
33:28 Short Contrast of Evangelicals and Baptists, 1551
33:29 1930-1960 Fad, Trend, Movement Era
33:30 Filioque
Box 34
34:1 Finances
34:2 First Helvetic Confession 1536
34:3 F. Flückiger, Geschichte des Naturrechts
34:4 On Foedus
34:5 Footnotes, First Draft Book I
34:6 Form and Symbol in World Religions
34:7 French, R.M “The Eastern Orthodox Church”
34:8 Geneva
34:9 Post Reformation Pietism
34:10 Origins of Reform Notes.
34:11 Misc Notes on Theologians (Tab titled illegible)
34:12 Gospel Law, Coinciliarism
34:13 Harmony, Confession, Faith, Orthodox Reform, and Ecclesiastics
34:14 Haurammann
34:15 Notes on Heyd, Michael’s “Conclusion on Genevan Academy”
34:16 Hodge
34:17 Huron Reprint Corp
34:18 Ignatius Notes
34:19 Jesuits
34:20 Judaism Notes, Notebook Pages
34:21 Justin Martyr: Apologists
34:22 Justin Martyr on Sin
34:23 Kline, Felter DS Quote on Barth
34:24 Koch and the Covenant
34:25 Koch Diagram
34:26 Notes on Kuhn T.S. “The Structure of Scientific revolution”
34:27 Light and Darkness in History
34:28 Litany v. 16
33:29 G.W. Locher
34:30 Loci Communes 1527 (’24)
34:31 “Looke from Adam and Behold the Protestants Faith”
34:32 Notes on Luke 4, “Rejection of Nazareth”
34:33 Luther – Galatians Commentary
34:34 Maurer, W. “Reformation”
Box 35
35:1 GA Task Force 1985- The Meaning of Reform 1985
35:2 Medieval Christian Culture 451 to 1560
35:3 The Men of Reason
35:4 Milton
35:5 Misc Notes
35:6 Misc Notes
35:7 Misc Research Notes
35:8 Montreal Address Notes- See Published Form
35:9 Moravian College Address
35:10 MSS to Date
35:11 Muehlenberg
35:12 Bibliographic Info, Muller, P “What I Haven’t Learned from Barth”
35:13 Müntzer
35:14 Müntzer
35:15 Note on the Role of Natural Law
35:16 Professor Newlin in Glasgow
35:17 Newton, Hume, Locke and Rousseau
35:18 Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds
35:19 Role of Nature
35:20 The Old Belief
35:21 Opening Motifs
35:22 Relation of Ordination: Questions
35:23 Outline of Koch Lessons
35:24 Pan and History
35:25 Pascal, Blaise
35:26 Philo/Plotinus
35:27 Popular Rationalism
35:28 Post Reformation Orthodoxy
35:29 Power and Predestination
35:30 Practical Theology
35:31 Preaching in Elizabethan Drama
35:32 Predestination, Reform, and Orthodoxy
35:33 Priority of the Word
35:34 Problems: Covenant and History
35:35 Chief Problems of Organization
35:36 Protestant Evangelicals and Antiquity Etc.
35:37 Protoevangelism
35:38 Providence/Predestination
35:39 Agenda of Questions
35:40 Ramus
35:41 Reading Notes: Misc Book Outlines
Box 36
36:1 Realms
36:2 Reason and Dialectic
36:3 Reform to Enlightenment Diagram
36:4 Concept of Reformation Theology
36:5 Reformation in England
36:6 Reformed Orthodoxy
36:7 Religious and Reformation History
36:8 Scientific Thought
36:9 16th Century Confessions
36:10 Revolution of the Mind
36:11 Renaissance and Reformation Diagram
36:12 Greek and Roman Religion Reading Notes
36:13 Roussel, Bernard
36:14 Sacrament, Word and Spirit and Secular Authority
36:15 Sacraments
36:16 The Sacred Scriptures
36:17 Salvation
36:18 19th Century Schleiermacher Church History
36:19 Alexander Schmeman
36:20 Second Helvetic Confession 1561-1566
36:21 Second Helvetic Confession “Lord’s Supper/Sacrament”
36:22 Second Helvetic Confession Outline
36:23 Second Helvetic Confession, Providence and Predestination
36:24 Second Helvetic Confession, Word Etc.
36:25 Secularism
36:26 Sermons/Structure
36:27 “Shall not the Judge of all the Earth Do Right?”
36:28 Shorter Writings/Sermons
36:29 Spirit and Revelation Under Attack
36:30 Staedtke
36:31 Stauffer and the Creator
36:32 Stoicism
36:33 Stoney Point, Program, Lectures
36:34 Structure
36:35 Subscription Controversy
36:36 Summa 1556
36:37 Supper, Faith, and Eating
36:38 Switzerland History
Box 37
37:1 Symbolism
37:2 Teaching Church 1985, February 1985
37:3 Technical
37:4 Tertullian of Carthage
37:5 The Testament 1554
37:6 Bullinger Da Testamento Seu Foedere dei
37:7 Thomas Aquinas
37:8 Thomas Aquinas on Sin
37:9 Trent and Concord, Rome and Luther
37:10 Council of Trent 1563 and Vatican II 1965
37:11 Troeltsch
37:12 Trotter and Modified Koch Lessons
37:13 Truth of the Gospel
37:14 “Truth will Set you Free: To Love”
37:15 Turrettin
37:16 Turrettin, Institutes Notes
37:17 Notes on Turrettin, “Theology: Natural and Revealed”
37:18 Notes Unknown
37:19 Notes Unknown “Gamira?”
37:20 Union of Christ
37:21 Vestergrund 1563
37:22 Von der Berkerung 1569/70
37:23 Wien, David A. “Foudre Naturale”
37:24 Witherspoon Street Church 1990 February
37:25 Wolff, Christian
37:26 Wooster, Calvin
37:27 Word of God
37:28 Word of God Outline
37:29 MS#2, The Word of God as Interpreted Scripture
37:30 Word and Scripture and Gospel Discrepancies
37:31 Directory of the Workings of God
37:32 Zwingli
Series V: Dowey's Writings (38-55)
Subseries 1: Bulinger (38-42)
Box 38
38:1 “The Basic Structure of Bullinger’s Understanding of History: The Old Faith”
38:2 Biblical Interpretation and Bullinger
38:3 Short Bullinger Bio
38:4 “Covenant and History in the Thought of Heinrich Bullinger”
38:5 Ch Pref for Decades
38:6 “Bullinger Decades”
38:7 Bullinger Decades Resources
38:8 Bullinger Drafts
38:9 Finis (Bullinger’s Death)
38:10 Bullinger Lectures First Draft 1988 February
38:11 “The Old Faith: Comments on One of Heinrich Bullinger’s Most Distinctive Treatises”
38:12 “The Old Faith: Comments on One of Heinrich Bullinger’s Most Distinctive Treatises”
38:13 “The Old Faith: Comments on One of Heinrich Bullinger’s Most Distinctive Treatises”
38:14 Notes for Bullinger Book
38:15 Notes on Bullinger
38:16 Some Bullinger Materials
38:17 Notes and Draft of Bullinger
38:18 List of Bullinger’s Main Works
38:19 Plans for Research – Importance of Bullinger
38:20 “The Theological Structure of the Second Helvetic Confession”
38:21 Bullinger as Theologian Essays
Box 39
39:1 “Plan for Research” (Bullinger)
39:2 Bullinger “Prism”
39:3 Opening Convocation Speech (“Prism of the Reformation – H Bullinger”)
39:4 “Prism” Drafts
39:5 “Heinrich Bullinger: Prism of the Reformation”
39:6 H. Bullinger Notes – Secondary Literature on Bullinger
39:7 “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian”
39:8 “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian: Thematic, Comprehensive, Schematic”
39:9 Bullinger as Theologian
39:10 “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian: Thematic, Comprehensive, Schematic”
39:11 “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian: Thematic, Comprehensive, Schematic”
39:12 “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian: Thematic, Comprehensive, Schematic”
39:13 Work to be done on Chapters as of 6/9/90 Bullinger
39:14 “The Old Faith: Comments on One of Heinrich Bullinger’s Most Distinctive Treatises”
39:15 “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian: Thematic, Comprehensive, Schematic”
Box 40
40:1 Symbol
40:2 Notes labeled “Fides”
40:3 Notes labeled “Sin”
40:4 Notes labeled “Prism”
40:5 Confession and Exposition of the Simple Orthodox Faith
40:6 The Second Helvetic Confession
40:7 “The Sin” de Peccato
40:8 Burrows, Mark, “’Christus intra nos Vivens’ The Peculiar Genus of Bullinger’s Doctrine of Sanctification”
40:9 Locher, Godfried and Locher, Johannes “Image, (Communal House) and Word in Relation to Some Important Changes in the Visual Arts of Europe”
40:10 “The Theological Structure of the Second Helvetic Confession”
40:11 Red Binder containing Dowey’s Drafts and Notes with regard to Bullinger
Box 41
41:1 Bullinger’s Decades – Structure, Various Notes
41:2 Bullinger as Theologian
41:3 Bullinger “der alt gloub”
41:4 Covenant
41:5 “Sermones Decades”
41:6 Bullinger, Second Helvetic Confession
41:7 “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian”
41:8 Decades- Church, Bullinger
41:9 Bullinger and Covenant
41:10 Bullinger and Covenant 2 - “Covenant and History in the Thought of Heinrich Bullinger”
41:11 “Covenant and History in the Thought of Heinrich Bullinger”
41:12 Outline of “Heinrich Bullinger: An Introduction to His Theology” or “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian”
Box 42
42:1 8 Copies of “Heinrich Bullinger as Theologian: Thematic, Comprehensive, Schematic”
Subseries 2: Calvin (43-47)
Box 43
43:1 Calvin Notes
43:2 Calvin Lecture, Anti-Speculative
43:3 Britannica Article - Calvin
43:4 Excerpts from (?)
43:5 Calvin Christology
43:6 “Calvin on Church and State”
43:7 “Continental Reformation: Works of General Interest. Studies in Calvin and Calvinism since 1953”
43:8 Election and Predestination
43:9 “Some Reflections on Relating Calvin’s Exegesis and Theology”
43:10 Calvin’s Faith
43:11 “Form, Style, Symbol”
43:12 “Four Dimensions of Calvin’s Reformation,” a lecture at Occidental College 1964
43:13 Notes for “Four Dimensions of Calvin’s Reformation”
43:14 Drafts of “Four Dimensions of Calvin’s Reformation”
43:15 Handwritten notes titled “Four Points in One”
43:16 Group Interpretation of Calvin
43:17 “John Calvin 1563-1964” by E.A. Dowey and J. Haroutunian 1963-1964
43:18 Calvin and Human Nature
43:19 “Comments on Santmire’s ‘Justification in Calvin’s Romans Commentary” by Dowey
43:20 Calvin’s 1553 Institutes
43:21 Calvin’s Institutes
43:22 Book titled “The Knowledge of God in Calvin’s Theology” by Edward Dowey
Box 44
44:1 Calvin – Justification
44:2 Calvin, Knowledge and Faith
44:3 Natural Law
44:4 Natural Law in Calvin
44:5 “Calvin’s Concept of Natural Theology” by Dowey
44:6 Calvin and Old Testament
44:7 Mixed Calvin Notes
44:8 Calvin Reading Notes #1
44:9 Calvin Reading Notes #2
44:10 Calvin Various Notes
44:11 Papers on Calvin
Box 45
45:1 Calvin: Providence and Predestination
45:2 Calvinism and Presbyterianism, Article from Handbook of Theology
45:3 Review of Bouwsma, WJ by Dowey, “John Calvin :A 16th Century Portrait”
45:4 Review of Bouwsma, WJ by Dowey, “John Calvin: A 16th Century Portrait”
45:5 Review of Bouwsma, WJ by Dowey, “John Calvin: A 16th Century Portrait”
45:6 Review of Haroutunian, Joseph by Dowey, “Calvin: Commentaries”
45:7 Reviews: Knowledge of God in Calvin’s Theology
45:8 Reviews: Knowledge of God in Calvin’s Theology
45:9 Armstrong, B.G. Review of Dowey “The Knowledge of God in Calvin’s Theology”
45:10 Review of Smits, Luchesius’ “Saint Augustin dans l’oeuvre de Jean Calvin” by E.A. Dowey
45:11 Review of Willis, E. David’s “Calvin’s Catholic Christology” by E.A. Dowey
45:12 Review of Willis, E. David’s “Calvin’s Catholic Christology” by E.A. Dowey
45:13 Calvin Sacraments
45:14 Misc. Calvin Notes on Sacraments
45:15 Calvin, Sacraments
45:16 Calvin, Short Sketch of Life
45:17 Calvin on the Christian Life, Civil Government
45:18 “The Structure of Calvin’s Thought”
45:19 “The Structure of Calvin’s Thought”
45:20 The Structure of Calvin’s Theological Thought as Influenced by the Two-Fold Knowledge of God” by E.A. Dowey
Box 46
46:1 “The Structure of Calvin’s thought as Influenced by The Two-Fold Knowledge of God” by E.A. Dowey
46:2 Notes for “The Structure of Calvin’s thought as Influenced by The Two-Fold Knowledge of God” by E.A. Dowey
46:3 Calvin, Thinker rather than Real
46:4 “Third Use of the Law in Calvin’s Theology” by E.A. Dowey
46:5 Torrance on Calvin’s Man
46:6 Unknown Notes Concerning Calvin
Box 47
47:1 Box Containing Various Papers from College years at Lafayette College and Columbia University.
Suberies 3: Luther (48)
Box 48
48:1 Catholicism and Luther Notes
48:2 Luther: Church
48:3 Luther, Notes and Commentary on Galatians
48:4 Theses Concerning Martin Luther
48:5 Doctrine of God
48:6 Luther: Doctrine of God- Predestination and Providence
48:7 Luther, Ethics
48:8 Luther, G.K.
48:9 Interpreters of Luther
48:10 The Reformation and Luther’s Mighty Faith in God
48:11 Luther: Sacraments
48:12 Luther, Church and Sacraments
48:13 Luther on Spirit
48:14 Luther 1983
48:15 Theology of Luther 1977 Spring
Suberies 4: Luther and Calvin (49)
Box 49
49:1 Calvin on Luther
49:2 Calvin Seminar, ’76. 1976
49:3 “Reformation: Then and Now” by E.A. Dowey
49:4 Luther and Calvin, Froehlich and Dowey Debate
49:5 Luther and Calvin, Law and Gospel
49:6 Lecture 1 (Calvin and Luther?) Bibliography
49:7 Mann, Ulrich “Ethisches und Ontisches in Luthers Theologie”
49:8 “The Meaning of Law in the Theologies of Luther and Calvin” by E.A. Dowey
49:9 Luther and Calvin, Reformation Comments on John 1
49:10 Tillich’s Luther and Calvin Seminar.
Suberies 5: Miscellaneous (50-55)
Box 50
50:1 “Always to be Reformed” by E.A. Dowey
50:2 American Religion Today Lectures at Caroll College, Lecture titled “Intimacy and Ultimacy” by E.A. Dowey
50:3 Dowey 1976 Bicentennial, article titled “theological Implications of Church and Kingdom in Today’s World”
50:4 Black Manifesto and Response by Dowey
50:5 Bouwsma
50:6 Brunner Chapter
50:7 “Die Berner Disputation 1528: Charakter, Verlauf, Bedeutung und theologischer Gehalt” by Gottfried W. Locher.
50:8 Topics for Bulletin Interview
50:9 “The Church Yesterday” by E.A. Dowey
50:10 Carroll College Lecture Series titled “Divine Grace and Social Justice.” Lecture titled “Contemporary Theology: What happened to Classical Protestantism” by E.A. Dowey
50:11 The Coulliard Lectures
50:12 “Difficulties of the Lectionary” by E.A. Dowey
50:13 Notes on Discussion – Dutch Reform
50:14 Papers and Notes for remarks – Dutch Reform
50:15 “Europe in the Renaissance, Reformation and Counter-Reformation,” Princeton University Course by Prof. Grafton
50:16 Theses on Evangelism
50:17 Theses on Evangelism for Discussion at Faculty Seminar
50:18 Dowey, Theses on Evangelism
50:19 Applications for Grad Work
50:20 “From Guilt to Grace” by E.A. Dowey
50:21 On Heidelberg Catechism, “Guilt to Grace” in Crossroads, by E.A. Dowey
50:22 MS#1, Helvetic Confession
50:23 Melchior Hoffman
50:24 Inquisition
50:25 Interview with Harris, W.O. and Smith W.W., “Race, Justice, and PTS by E.A. Dowey 1999 March
50:26 Faculty Seminar Paper: The Problem of Revelation in Several Protestant Confessional Documents
50:27 Carroll College Pastor’s Seminar 1973, “What Has Happened to Clerical Protestantism?” 1973
Box 51
51:1 Union Seminary Quarterly Review, “New Life Among German Laymen” by E.A. Dowey
51:2 Iran
51:3 Irony and Promise
51:4 Kenyon Case Notes
51:5 “Notes on the Kenyon Case” by E.A. Dowey
51:6 “The Knowledge of God and Faith According to Paul” by E.A. Dowey
51:7 Review of Longfield, Bradley J., “The Presbyterian Controversy: Fundamentalists, Modernists, and Moderates”
51:8 Dowey Sermon, “Love and Sacrifice”
51:9 “Love and Sacrifice” by E.A. Dowey
51:10 Chung Chi College, “Love, Sacrifice, Justice” by E.A. Dowey
51:11 “On Marsden” by E.A. Dowey
51:12 Notes on Marxism and Socialism
51:13 “Interview with Professor Edward A. Dowey Jr.” by Ralph D. Mitchell
51:14 Oklahoma City materials – Light and Darkness
51:15 Order of Worship from Marine Air Depot Squadron One
51:16 Outline of Chapter on Sin
51:17 Philebus and Timaeus Metaphysics
51:18 Article to Complete – 1958 Plenary Session of the National community Relations Advisory Council 1958
51:19 Plainfield Defender 1973
51:20 Dan Poling
51:21 Popular Lecture on the History of Religion
51:22 Article by Dowey in “Christianity and Crisis”, “Love and Sacrifice”
51:23 Protestant Revolution by “Life”
51:24 Draft Letter to Alumni
51:25 Lecture at Princeton Old Guard
51:26 Talks for the Philosophy Club at Lafayette
51:27 History of Princeton Theological Seminary
Box 52
52:1 Assorted works of E.A. Dowey
52:2 “The Confession of 1967”
52:3 Letter to PTS Board of Trustees on “Confession of 1967”
52:4 Sermon, Miller Chapel 1985
52:5 Dowey Articles 1979
52:6 Part I, Lecture I: History of Presbyterianism in America, Architecture
52:7 Notes and Correspondence regarding Miller Chapel
52:8 University Chapel material
52:9 “A Viewpoint on Miller Chapel,” E.A. Dowey
52:10 “A Viewpoint on Miller Chapel,” E.A. Dowey
Box 53
53:1 Notes for “The Doctrine of Analogy in the Reformation”
53:2 “The Doctrine of Analogy in the Reformation” by E.A. Dowey
53:3 “Review of “The Nature of the Church According to the Reformed Tradition” by E.A. Dowey
53:4 Reformed Worship Architecture
53:5 Religion in Life
53:6 “Revelation and Faith in the Protestant Confessions” by E.A. Dowey
53:7 “Revelation in Several Protestant Confessions in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries” by E.A. Dowey
53:8 “Testimony to the Subcommittee on Courts, Civil Liberties, and the Administration of Justice” by E.A. Dowey
53:9 “The Theological Structure of the Second Helvetic Confession,” by E.A. Dowey
53:10 “The Theological Structure of the Second Helvetic Confession,” by E.A. Dowey
53:11 Second Helvetic Part I
53:12 “The Theological Structure of the Second Helvetic Confession” by E.A. Dowey
53:13 “The Theological Structure of the Second Helvetic Confession” by E.A. Dowey
53:14 “The Theological Structure of the Second Helvetic Confession” by E.A. Dowey
Box 54
54:1 “The Theological Structure of the Second Helvetic Confession” by E.A. Dowey
54:2 “Knowledge, Truth, Freedom: Truth will Set you Free, A sermon for Ignoramouses, Skeptics, Slaves” by E.A. Dowey
54:3 Sermon: “A World Bewitched”
54:4 “Theological Implications of Church and Kingdom in Today’s World” by E.A. Dowey
54:5 Document by E.A. Dowey beginning “…a statement of what we expect to in Reformed tradition worship…”
54:6 STD- Society for Theological Discussion talk titled “The Criteria of Theology”
54:7 Theological Implications Bibliography
54:8 “Theological Implications of Church and Kingdom in Today’s World” by E.A. Dowey
54:9 “Tillich, Barth, and the Criteria of Theology” by E.A. Dowey
54:10 “Tillich, Barth, and the Criteria of Theology” by E.A. Dowey
54:11 Catholic Reformation – Jesuits, Trent, Etc.
54:12 Catholic Reformation – Trent, Article titled “Das Trienter Konzil Und Die Reformatoren” by Remigius Bäumer
54:13 Veritas liberabit, Notes and Papers on Freedom and Irony, Lafayette College
54:14 Waldo
54:15 Notes for Word of God in the Second Helvetic Confession
54:16 “The Word of God as Scripture and Preaching” by E.A. Dowey
54:17 “The Word of God as Scripture and Preaching” by E.A. Dowey
54:18 “The Word of God as Scripture and Preaching” by E.A. Dowey
54:19 Zwingli Reading Notes
54:20 “The Word of God as Scripture and Preaching” by E.A. Dowey
54:21 “The Word of God as Interpreted Scripture” – Bullinger
Box 55
55:1 Approximately 35 printed copies of The Word of God as Interpreted Scripture by E.A. Dowey
Series VI: Publications by Others (Boxes 56-76)
Subseries 1: Calvin (56-59)
Box 56
56:1 Armstrong, Brian - “John Calvin and the Daughters of Sarah: Women in Regular and Exceptional Roles in the Exegesis of Calvin, His Predecessors and His Contemporaries”
56:2 “Assumptions”
56:3 Augustijn, Burger, and van Stam – “Calvin in the Light of the Early Letters”
56:4 Bauke, Herman - “Die Probleme der Theologie Calvins”
56:5 Bujard, Jean-Philippe A. – “Calvin’s Use of Patristic Sources in His Doctrine of the Trinity: Two Case Studies”
56:6 Bibliotheca Calviniana (Library of Calvin)
56:7 Bouwsma, William J. – “John Calvin. A Sixteenth Century Portrait”
56:8 Breen, Quirinius – “St. Thomas and Calvin as Theologians: A Comparison of Methods”
56:9 Büsser, Fritz – “Johannes Clavin in neuer Sicht”
56:10 Cadier, Jean – Review of Ganoczy, Alexandre “Le jeune Calvin”
56:11 “Calvin’s Friendship with Martin Bucher. Did it make Calvin a Calvinist?” by Unknown
56:12 “Calvins Wirkung Auf Den Katechismus von Petrus Melius” by Unknown
56:13 “Die Auslegung des Apostolioums bei Calvin” by Unknown
56:14 “Calvini Opera”
56:15 Calvin Seminar 1963
56:16 Calvin Studies Society Member List
56:17 Calvin vs. the Westminster Confession
56:18 “Case Two: Calvin’s Use of Allegory” by Unknown
56:19 Chadwick on Calvin
56:20 “The Christian Humanist and the Bible: Methodology” by Unknown
56:21 Church and Civil Order Lectures
56:22 Christian History, Volume 5, Number 4
56:23 “Congrés international de recherches calviniennes" 1982
56:24 "Context, Contours, Contents: Towards a Description of Calvin’s Understanding of Worship”
56:25 Dankbaar, W.F. – “His Way and Work”
56:26 Erasmus Paraphrases
56:27 Fatio, Olivier – “A New Approach to Calvin”
56:28 “A French Edition of the First Calvin’s Institutes”
56:29 Fischer, Danielle – “John Calvin, Historian of the Church”
56:30 Fox, David Corum – “Man Sleeping on Bus with Calvin”
56:31 Fraenkel, Peter – “Small Supplement to the Calvin Bibliography”
Box 57
57:1 Friethoff O.P. – “Die Prädestinationslehre bei Thomas von Aquin und Calvin”
57:2 Gagnebin, Bernard – “L’incroyable Histoire des Sermons de Calvin”
57:3 Gamble, Richard – “Calvin as Theologian an Exegete” and “Calvin’s Theological Method”
57:4 Ganoczy, Alex – “Ecclesia MInistrans: Dienende Kirche und Kkirchlicher Dienst bei Calvin”
57:5 Ganoczy, Alex – Review of Stauffer, Richard – “Dieu, la création et la Providence dans la prédication de Calvin”
57:6 Garside, Charles – “The Origins of Calvin’s Theology of Music 1536-1543”
57:7 Gary, Fred – “The Transforming Union of Metaphor” and “Calvin’s Case for the Fidelity of God”
57:8 Review of Giardin’s “Recherches de Science religieuse”
57:9 Gilmont, Jean-Francois – “Bibliotheca Calviniana”
57:10 Hoekema, Anthony A. – “The Covenant of Grace in Calvin’s Teaching”
57:11 H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies
57:12 International Calvin Congress 1988
57:13 International Calvin Congress 1990
57:14 International Calvin Congress 1990
57:15 International Calvin Congress 2001
57:16 Instafanous, Abd-Ek-Mashish. “Estimate of ‘Calvin’s Doctrine of Authority with Special Reference to the Institues.’”
57:17 Japan Calvin Translation Society – “Calvin in Japan”
57:18 Kingdon, Robert M. - “Calvin and the Government of Geneva”
57:19 Kelly, Douglas F. – “A Response to Professor Christoph Strohm’s ‘Calvin and Calvinism’: A Discussion and Methodology”
57:20 “Calvin’s Catholic Christology: the function of the So-called Extra Calvinisticum in Calvin’s Theology”
57:21 Koestlin, D.S. – “Calvin’s Institutios nach Form und Inhalt”
57:22 Krauss, Hans-Joachim – “Calvin Exegetical Principles”
57:23 Leith, John H. – “Calvin Studies V”
57:24 Loose Pages on Calvin
57:25 Luthi, Kurt – “Calvinism and Capitalism”
57:26 McCormack, Bruce – Reformation Research 1980
57:27 McKee, Elsie – “Les Anciens et L’Interpretation de 1 Tm. 5, 17 Chez Calvin: Une Curiosite dans L’Histoire de L’Exegese”
57:28 McKee, Elsie – “Calvin and his Colleagues as Pastors: Some New Insights into the Collegial Ministry of Word and Sacraments”
57:29 McKee, Elsie – “Calvin, Discipline and Exegesis: The Interpretation of Mt. 18, 17 and 1 Cor. 5, 1ff in the Sixteenth Century”
57:30 McNeil, J.T. – “Calvin and Function of the Church”
57:31 McNeil, J.T. “John Calvin and the Word of God” and Dowey’s Critique
Box 58
58:1 Meeter Center Newsletter, at Calvin College and Seminary
58:2 Myers, Marcia C. – “John Calvin’s Doctrine of the Ministry of the Church”
58:3 Nauta, D. – “Stand der Calvinforschung”
58:4 Neuser, W.H. – “Calvinus Ecclesiae Doctor” and “The Secretary’s Report”
58:5 Neuser, W.H. – “Calvin’s Understanding of the Holy Scriptures”
58:6 “Notes de Bibliographie Calvinienne a Propos de Deux Oucrages recents”: Ford, Hugo - “Calvin’s Commentary on Senec’s De Clementia”; and Droz, Eugenie - “Chemins de l’heresie”
58:7 Oberman, Heiko – “Initia Calvin: The Matrix of Calvin’s Reformation”
58:8 Partee, Charles – “The Soul in Plato, Platonism, and Calvin”
58:9 Peter Martyr Newsletter 2001 Summer
58:10 Peter, Rodolphe – “Geneva in Calvin’s Preaching”
58:11 Powers, James F – A Review of W.J. Bouwsma’s “John Calvin. A Sixteenth Century Portrait”
58:12 Unknown, “Prädestination”
58:13 Reuss, Ed – “Calvin: Considere comme exegete”
58:14 Unknown, “Was John Calvin a ‘Rhetorical Theologian?’”
58:15 Rigby-Greenway, Cynthia – “’He Ascended into Heaven’: The Glorified Humanity of Christ in Calvin’s Soteriology”
58:16 Rogge, Joachim and Schafer, Rolf – Reviews of Ernst Saxer’s “Aberglaube, Heuchelei und Frommigkeit. Eine Untersuchung zu Calvins reformatorischer Eingenart”
58:17 Rorem, Paul – “The Sixteenth Century Reformed Doctrine of the Lord’s Supper: John Calvin and Heinrich Bullinger”
58:18 Roussel, B. - “Etude Critique le Jeune Calvin”
58:19 Schneuwly, J. – “La Predestination D’Apres Saint Thomas D’Aquin et Calvin”
58:20 Scholl, Hans – “Calvinus Catholicus: Die Katholische Calvinforschung im 20. Jarhundert”
58:21 Stauffer, R. – Ob. Continued on Calvin’s Theology
58:22 Stauffer, R. – “Some Unfamiliar Aspects of the Theology of the First Article in the Preaching of Calvin”
58:23 Strehle, Stephen – “Calvinism, Federalism, and Scholasticism: A Study of the Reformed Doctrine of Covenant”
58:24 Strohm, Christoph – Methodology in Discussion of “Calvin and Calvinism”
58:25 Third Colloquium on Calvin and Calvin Studies Brochure
58:26 Unknown Book on Calvin, Table of Contents, Preface by Baillie, John; McNeill, John; Van Dusen, Henry
58:27 van ‘t Spijker, Willem – “Calvin Between Reformation and Orthodoxy”
58:28 van ‘t Spijker Outline- “‘Extra Nos’ and ‘in Nobis’ with Calvin, looked at from the pneumatological perspective”
58:29 Venema, Cornelius Paul – “The Relation of Sanctification to Justification: A Study in the Theology of John Calvin”
58:30 Willis, David – “The Influence of Laelius Socinus on Calvin’s Doctrines of the Merits of Christ and the Assurance of Faith”
58:31 Willis, E. David – “Rhetoric and Responsibility in Calvin’s Theology”
58:32 Willis, E. David – “Notes on Ganoczy’s Calvin, Theologian of the Church and the Ministry”
58:33 Wright, D.F. – Review of Serene Jones’ “Calvin and the Rhetoric of Piety”
58:34 Wright, David F. – “Recovering Baptism for a New Age of Mission”
Box 59
59:1 Pattison, Bonnie Lynn Goding – Dissertation: “The Concept of Poverty in Calvin’s Christology and its Influence on his Doctrine of the Christian Life and the Church”
Subseries 2: Frederich Matthias Sermon Collection
Box 60
60:1 These boxes include sermons by Minister C. Frederick Mathias, 1957 PTS Grad, who was murdered in his Indianapolis home in December 1996.
Box 61
61:1 These boxes include sermons by Minister C. Frederick Mathias, 1957 PTS Grad, who was murdered in his Indianapolis home in December 1996.
Subseries 3: Bullinger
Box 62 (62-64)
62:1 Multiple Authors - “Bullinger – Tagung 1975”: Lectures held on the occasion of Bullinger’s 400th Anniversary
62:2 Der Alte Glaube – “The Antiquity of the Christian Faith: A Note on Heinrich Bullinger’s Short Treatise”
62:3 Baker, J. Wayne – “Heinrich Bullinger, the Covenant, and the Reformed Tradition in Retrospect”
62:4 Comments on J. Wayne Baker’s “Heinrich Bullinger, the Covenant, and the Reformed Tradition in Retrospect”
62:5 Baker, J. Wayne – “Heinrich Bullinger and the Idea of Usury”
62:6 Blanke, Fritz – “Der junge Bullinger”
62:7 Bührer – “Heinrich Bullinger, Zwischen Reformation und Gegenreformation”
62:8 Burrows, Mark S. – Bullinger Bibliography
62:9 Büsser, F. - “Bullinger”
62:10 Büsser, F. – “Heinrich Bullinger, 1504-1575”
62:11 Unknown – “Catechesis Pro Adultioribus”
62:12 Unknown – “Bullinger on the Covenant: Some Problems”
62:13 Cross, Terry L. – “Domine Dominator Noster: O Lord, Our Governor: A Comparison of the Doctrine of God in Bullinger and Calvin”
62:14 Pages 314-315 in “Vom Nachtmahl”
62:15 Gäbler, Ulrich – “Heinrich Bullinger”
62:16 Hottinger, M.; Zeller-Werdmuller, H.; and Rahn, J.R. – “Heinrich Bullingers Beschreibung des Klosters Kappel”
62:17 Institut für schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte – “Bullinger – Breifwechseledition”
62:18 Institut für schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte – “Hilfsmittel zur Bulilngerforschung im Institut für schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte”
62:19 Neue Zürcher Zeitung – “Heinrich Bullinger”
62:20 Pfeiffer, Charles – “Heinrich Bullinger and Marriage”
62:21 Scheiss, Traugott – “Ein Brief Heinrich Bullingers [an Johannes Pontisella] über die Sammlung historischen Materials”
62:22 Staedtke, Joachim – “Blarer and Bullinger”
62:23 Koch, E. – “Tabellarische und vergleichende übersicht”
62:24 Unknown – “Descriptive Analysis of Bullinger’s Chief Programmatic and Theologically Comprehensive Writings”
62:25 Unknown –“Bullingerus Traheroni”
62:26 Unknown German text Concerning Bullinger
62:27 Venema, Cornelius – “Development in Bullinger’s Doctrine of Predestination and Election”
62:28 Venema, Cornelius – “Heinrich Bullinger and the Doctrine of Predestination: Author of “the other Reformed Tradition?”
62:29 Walton, Robert C. – “Heinrich Bullinger, Repräsentant der reichen Bauern und seine Beziehungen zur städtischen Oligarchie”
Box 63
63:1 Manuscript of “The Theology of History and Apologetic Historiography in Heinrich Bullinger: Truth in History” by Aurielo A. Garcia Arhchilla
Box 64
64:1 Manuscript of “Truth in History: The Theology of History and Apologetic Historiography in Heinrich Bullinger” by Aurielo A. Garcia Arhchilla
Suberies 4: Luther (65)
Box 65
65:1 Davis, Thurston – “Luther’s Unfinished Reformation”
65:2 Diem, Hermann – “Luther’s Predigi in den Zwei Reichen”
65:3 Kadai, H. – “Luther’s Work in English”
65:4 Iserloh, Erwin – “Luther in the New Catholic Church Historiography”
65:5 McKim, Donald – “Current Theology: Recent Lutheran Studies”
65:6 Myers, Charles (Buz) – “The Marian Thought of Martin Luther”
65:7 Quere, Ralph W. – “The Sacramental Presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper According to the Formula of Concord in Comparison with the Second Helvetic Confession and in the Lights of the Theologies of Luther and Melanchthon”
65:8 Woodward, Kenneth; Moorman, Peggy; Zuckerman, Seth – “Celebrating a Contrary Spirit: Martin Luther’s rebellious journey still stirs Protestants and Catholics alike”
Suberies 5: Miscellaneous Topics (66-75)
Box 66
66:1 Abbey and University Church of Saint John the Baptist
66:2 von Cäsarea, Acacius - “Accomodation”
66:3 Adams, Bob – Reaction to “Revelation in the Christian Tradition”
66:4 Allen, Diogenes – “The Character of Don Giovanni in Mozart’s Opera”
66:5 “The Political Theology of Richard Hooker: An Apology of the Magisterial Reformation in England”
66:6 Articles of Interest
66:7 Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Bulletin, Faculty Edition
66:8 Battles, Ford Lewis – “God was Accommodating Himself to Human Capacity”
66:9 Barth Articles
66:10 Barth, Karl – Excerpt from Another Gospel
66:11 Bauman, Chad Mullet – “The (Christian) Historian and the Anthropologist”
66:12 Unknown - “Bekennende Kirche”
66:13 “Bethlen Gabor, A Reformatus Fejedelem”
66:14 “Biblical Repertory and Theological Review” regarding Slavery
66:15 Assorted Bibliographies
66:16 Bizer, Ernst – “Frühorthodoxie und Rationalismus”
66:17 Sermons from Black Churches
66:18 “The Black Manifesto: Revolution, Reparation, Separation”
66:19 Black Manifesto Articles
Box 67
67:1 Black Manifesto Articles, Misc. Information
67:2 Blanke, Fritz – “What did Servetus do?”
67:3 Bodo, John R. – “Stirred to Hope”
67:4 Unknown – “Elizabeth Bowes”
67:5 Breen, Quirinus – “Renaissance Humanism and the Roman Law” and “The Church as Mother of Learning”
67:6 Brown, Peter – “The Middle Ages and the Origins of Despair”
67:7 Brunner, Emil - Memorial Minute
67:8 Bucer, Martin Dissertation background for unknown student
67:9 Burrows, Mark – “’Christus Intra Nos Vivens’: The Peculiar Genius of Bullinger’s Doctrine of Sanctification”
67:10 Büsser, Fritz – “Johann Heinrich HOttinger und der Thesaurus Hottingerianus”
67:11 Büsser, Fritz – “Zwingli – ein redlicher Eidgenosse”
67:12 Büsser, Fritz – “Die Prophezei: Die Anfänge der Theologischen Fakultät Zürich”
67:13 Büsser, Fritz – “Theorie et Pratique de l’education sous la reforme a Zurich”
67:14 Büsser, Fritz – “Gedanken eines Historikers zur theologischen Interpretation des amerikanischen Bürgerkrieges”
67:15 Büsser, Fritz – “Freedom in Reformed Confessions of the 16th Century”
67:16 Büsser, Fritz – Zwingli on Astronomy
67:17 Cartmell, John A. – Assorted Sermons
67:18 Approximately 50 Sermons by various preachers at The Riverside Church in the City of New York
Box 68
68:1 Cartmell, John A. – Sermon 1975-1976
68:2 Cathedral Publishers – “Pastoral Prayer” and “Prayer for Passion Sunday”
68:3 Carvin, W.P. – “Hans Denck and the Inner Word”
68:4 Carvin, W.P. – “A Partial and Selective Bibliography of the 17th and 18th Century: Scientific, Philosophic, and Religious thought”
68:5 Central Renaissance Conference 1986
68:6 “Certain Problems and Needs at Christ Church, Philadelphia”
68:7 The Christian Century – “Reading Religiously”
68:8 Coats, Catharine Randall – “Reading Emblematically: Text, Tapestry, and Transcendence in d’Aubigne’s ‘Avantures du Baron de Faeneste’”
68:9 Cochrane, Arthur C. – “The Theology of Barmen”
68:10 Committee on CHurch and Race--Documents Related to Plainfield/Dowey 1971
68:11 “Commentaries on Daniel and Revelation”
68:12 “A Confessing Church in Time of Violent Change”
68:13 “The Congregation Dispersed and Shattered”
68:14 Cottrell, Jack Warren – “Covenant and Baptism in the Theology of Huldreich Zwingli”
68:15 Bibliography of an Unknown Work on Covenant and Theology
68:16 “Curricu-lee, Curricu-laa”
Box 69
69:1 Davis, E. Bradford – “Albert Barnes- 1798-1870- An Exponent of New School Presbyterianism”
69:2 Davies, John O. – “Gleason Convictions Voided”
69:3 De Klerk, Peter – “Bibliography of the Published Writings of Ford Lewis Battles”
69:4 De Kroon, M – “Freedom and Bondage”
69:5 Deutsch, Niklaus Manvel
69:6 Douglass, Jane D. – “Calvin’s Use of Metaphorical Language in Theology: God as Enemy and God as Mother”
69:7 Duff, Nancy – “Intro to Reformed Theology from a Feminist Perspective”
69:8 Durnbaugh, Donald – “Characteristics of the Radical Reformation, in Historical Perspective”
69:9 Elder, Matthew – “Autobiography of Matthew Elder Jr.”
69:10 Elwood, Christopher and W.H. van Wijk-Bos – “The Heidelberg Catechism and Homosexuality”
69:11 Capps, Donald – “Sunden’s Role-Taking Theory: The Case of John Henry Newman and His Mentors”
69:12 “E.T.C.” – Keynote titled “The Work Belongs to All”
69:13 Feminist Concerns in the Disciplines of Theology and History for Christian Seminary Communities
69:14 Fosdick, Harry Emerson – “Your Present is the Past of your Future”
69:15 Frankel, Pierre – “Conclusion by the Way of Introduction”
69:16 Frei, Hans W. – “Typology of Modern Christian Thought”
69:17 Frei, Hans W. – “Analogy and the Spirit in the Theology of Karl Barth”
69:18 Froehlich, Karlfried – “Justification Language in the Middle Ages”
69:19 Froehlich, Karlfried – “Semper tenere literalem sensum in sacra scritpura est occidere animam suam: The State of Biblical Hermeneutics at the Beginning of the Fifteeth Century”
69:20 Froehlich, Karlfried – “Symposium on the History of Biblical Interpretation in honor of Karlfried Froehlich on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday”
69:21 Froehlich, Karlfried – “Chronological Bibliography of the Works of Karlfried Froehlich”
69:22 Fry, John – “The Trivialization of the United Presbyterian Church”
69:23 Folder Titlted “Fundamentalism – 1985” 1985
69:24 Gaebler – “The Influence of the Zurich Reformation on Protestantism”
69:25 Gamble, Rick – “Exposition and Method in Calvin”
69:26 Gartner, J. – Psalm Translations
69:27 Gerrish, B.A. – “Tradition in the Modern World: The Reformed Habit of Mind”
69:28 Gerstuer, John – Objections to Kaseman Trials
69:29 Unknown – “God, Providence, and Predestination”
69:30 Unknown – “The Book of Government”
69:31 Guitterman, Arthur – “But Not Jim!”
69:32 Gundlach, Bradley J. – “The Evolution Question at Princeton, 1845-1929”
Box 70
70:1 Hansen, Lisa – “The Broadening Church”
70:2 “Prospectus Systematis Valentinianorum”
70:3 Hill, Jane – Untitled Poem
70:4 Hill, Jane C. – “Selected Poems”
70:5 Hodge, Charles Revisited: A Critical Appraisal of His Life and Work
70:6 Hogeland, Ronald W. – “Charles Hodge, the Association of Gentlemen and Ornamental Womanhood”
70:7 Houston, Texas Sermons etc.
70:8 Unknown – “How Mother Left the Home of Her Parents and Went to Live with an Aunt for 18 Year”
70:9 Howie, Karl G. – Sermons titled “Grace and Freedom,” “In This Year of Our Election”, and “God Who Suffers”
70:10 Hucker, Bruce – Dissertation Proposal
69:11 Human Rights in the Reformed Tradition
70:12 Institut d’Histoire de la Reformation - “15e Rapport D’Activite, 1993-1994”
70:13 “Institutionum de Philosophia Christiana”
70:14 Job Search at for Claremont School of Theology
70:15 Johnson, James E. – “Charles G. Finney and a Theology of Revivalism”
70:16 Johnson, Paul E. – “Pentecost” in A Shopkeeper’s Millennium
70:17 Joint Declaration of the Doctrine of Justification 1997
70:18 Jones, Sarah – Early Modern Hermeneutics: Desiderius Erasmus”
70:19 Kay, James F. – “Reorientation: Homiletics as Theologically Authorized Rhetoric”
70:20 Kihss, Peter – “H-Bomb Held Back, McCarthy Asserts”
70:21 Kirby, W.J. Torrance – “The Influence of the Magisterial Reformers on Richard Hooker’s Theory of Natural Law”
70:22 Klauber, Martin I. – “Hermeneutics and the Doctrine of Scripture in Post-Reformation Reformed Thought”
70:23 “The Covenant and the Confessio Helvetica Posterior According to Ernst Koch”
70:24 Köhler, Walther – Review of Oud-Hogl Gooszen’s “Heinrich Bullinger en de strijd over de Praedestinatie”
70:25 Kort, Wesley A. – “Sola Scriptura: Some Thoughts on the Possibility of Reading the Bible as Though it were Scripture”
70:26 Kramer, Werner – “Zu Emil Brunners Werk aus heutiger Sicht”
70:27 Kuyper, Abraham – Article from the Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology, titled “Classification of the Science of Theology” and accompanying handwritten notes
Box 71
71:1 Leith, John H. – “Church Union: A Practical Necessity But Not the Critical Issue Confronting Presbyterians”
71:2 Life Magazine “Odds and Ends”
71:3 Little, David – “Common Good, the Protestant Ethic, and Economic Liberalism—with Special Additional Attention to the Grounds in Reformed Faith for a Theory of Taxation”
71:4 Locher, G.W. – “Die reformatorische Katholizität Huldrych Zwinglis”
71:5 Lovelace, Richard – “Inerrancy: Some Historical Perspectives”
71:6 Maxwell, Kenyon Case – “Endorse”
71:7 McCormack, Bruce – “What has Basel to do with Berlin”
71:8 McCormack, Bruce – “Karl Barth’s Critically Realistic Dialectical Theology”
71:9 McCormack, Bruce – Review of Eleanor Jackson’s “The Question of Woman: The Collected Writings of Charlotte von Kirschbaum”
71:10 McKee, Elsie – “’The Defense of Schwenckfeld, Zwingli, and the Baptists’” by Katharina Schütz Zell.
71:11 Koch, Ernst – “The Covenant and the Confession Helvetica Posterior according to Ernst Koch”
71:12 Messianism, Generalities
71:13 Moltmann, Jürgen – “Foderaltheologie”
71:14 Moroze, Lewis Case
71:15 Moorhead, James – Curriculum Vitae
71:16 Murphy, James – “Saint Augustine and the Debate about Christian Rhetoric”
71:17 Nash, Peter T. – “Law and Gospel as Constant Partners”
71:18 National Naval Medical Center (NNMC)
71:19 National Navel Medical Center (NNMC) 2
71:20 National Peace Foundation Calendar 1997-1998
71:21 Oberman, Heiko – “Scripture and Tradition in Middle Ages and Reformation”
71:22 The Open Letter - Volume 18, Number 4, Winter 1987 1987 Winter
71:23 Osterhaven, M. Eugene – “Osterhaven Responds of Heidelberg Catechism”
71:24 Review of Pelikan, Jaroslav, “Reformation Church and Dogma”
Box 72
72:1 Pipkin, H. Wayne – “The Short Christian Instruction of Huldrych Zwingli”
72:2 Plainfield Case/Dowey
72:3 Playbill for Christian Plays at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, Indiana.
72:4 Potter, G.R. – “Nicklaus Manuel and the Reformation in Berne”
72:5 Practical Suggestions for Using Inclusive Language
72:6 RC Literature
72:7 Read, David H.C. – Sermons from Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church
72:8 Reding, Frank – “Efficacy of the Sacraments: Reformed and Roman Catholic”
72:9 Various Articles on the Reformation
Box 73
73:1 Reformed Opinions on Baptism
73:2 Selected Bibliography on “The Age of Reformed Orthodoxy by Tadataka Maruyama”
73:3 Rian, Edwin H. – Address on PTS events of 1929
73:4 Rian, Edwin H. – “Why I am Re-entering the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in the USA”
73:5 Rich, Frank – “Save us from Our Saviors” in the New York Times
73:6 Riggs, John W. – “A Normative Shape for Christian Worship”
73:7 Robinson, W.M. Childs – “Architecture Appropriate for Reformed Worship”
73:8 Ryerson, Charles A. – “A Frosty Dialogue in Tropical Tamil Dadu”
73:9 Ryerson, Charles A. – “Evangelism in a Exploding World”
73:10 “Saturday Thoughts” in Presbyterian Life
73:11 Spijker, van’t Willem – “Ordenlich und fruchtbar”
73:12 Spillman, Kurt – Bibliography of Josef Bohtec
73:13 Spillman, Kurt – “Zwinglis politische Pläne in der Ostschweiz”
73:14 Self-Development of People
73:15 “What does it mean to be Sexual?” Catalyst, Volume 24, Number 4, April 1998 1998
73:16 Sizer, Sandra S. – “Passion and Order: The Problem of Social Religion”
73:17 South African Churches
73:18 Spencer, Stephen Robert – “Reformed Scholasticism in Medieval Perspective: Thomas Aquinas and Francois Turrentini on the Incarnation”
73:19 Staedke, J. – “Gibt es einen offiziellen Text der Confessio Helvetica Posterior?”
73:20 Steinmetz, David – “The Baptism of John and the Baptism of Jesus in Huldrych Zwingli, Balthasar Hubmaier and Late Medieval Theology”
Box 74
74:1 Summa II
74:2 Steiner, George – “To Speak of God”
74:3 Teaching Fellow Selection and Responsibility
74:4 Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre – Flyer for “Teilhard: Man of Science, Man of Faith”
74:5 Theologiggle, “Buy a Ticket to View a Masterpiece" 1992 April
74:6 Theology ad-hoc
74:7 Thomas, Keith – “Wrapping it Up: The Gift in Sixteenth-Century France”
74:8 Thompson, Frank H. – “Two Interpretations of Historical Existence in Judaism: Daniel and Wisdom of Jesus Ben Sirach”
74:9 Tillich, Paul – “A Reinterpretation of the Doctrine of the Incarnation”
74:10 Tillich, Paul – “Religion and the Visual Arts”
74:11 Trends Article – “Reconciliation – The Church’s Business”
74:12 Triune Living God
74:13 Trinterud, Leonard J. – “The Origins of Puritanism”
74:14 Unknown – Assorted Articles, including ones on Fundamentalist/Modernist Debate, Veterans, and the Book of Genesis
74:15 Unknown – Chapter 1, Lecture 1 from unknown book on Paul
74:16 Unknown - Draft Gamma of Unknown Document
74:17 Walton, Robert – “Johannes Brenz und der angeljächsische Protestantismus”
74:18 Warfield Lectures – Synopsis 1961
74:19 Webb, Stephen – Review of Bruce McCormack’s “Karl Barth’s Critically Realistic Dialectical Theology”
74:20 Weisner-Hanks, Merry E. – “Women, Gender, and Church History”
74:21 Williams, James – “Proverbs and Ecclesiastes”
74:22 Willis, E. David – “Some Remarks on the Distinction of the Holy Spirit According to St. Augustine”
74:23 Wright, David F. – “Augustine and the Transformation of Baptism”
74:24 Unknown – “Verbum dei, Cognito Dei, and Fides”
74:25 Verwer-Moore, Thomas – Lectures and Pastors Conference 1961
Box 75
75:1 Zikmund, Barbara Brown – “Ministry of Word and Sacrament: Women and Changing Understandings of Ordination”
75:2 The Zurich Reformation: Transmissions and Repercussions
75:3 Zurich Riots
75:4 Zuurdeeg, Willem F. – “The Confession of Faith of the Remonstrant Brotherhood”
75:5 Zwingli Anniversary 450 Years of Zurich Reformation
75:6 Zwingli Articles
75:7 “Zwinglianism” Excerpt
75:8 Zwingli’s Work on Psalter Zeitig
Series VII: Books (Boxes 76-78)
Box 76
76:1 The Friar
76:2 The Book of Confessions – PC(USA) (2 Copies)
76:3 The Constitution Presbyterian Church (USA) – Book of Confessions 1983
76:4 Heinrich Bullinger 1504-1575: Gesammelte Augsatze zum 400. Todestag (2 Copies)
76:5 Institutes of the Christian Religion Part 1
76:6 Institutes of the Christian Religion Part 2
76:7 The Plan of Reunion of the Presbyterian Church in the United States and The United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
76:8 The Book of Order, 1975-1976
76:9 Study Draft: A Plan for Union of the Presbyterian Church in the United States and The United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.
Box 77
77:1 Weber, Otto. Grundlagen der Dogmatik: Erster Band v. 1
77:2 Weber, Otto. Grundlagen der Dogmatik: Erster Band v. 2
77:3 Détshy, Mihály. Sarospatak
77:4 Poage, Godfrey – “Follow Him: A Pamphlet on the Vocation to the Sisterhood”
77:5 Lord, Daniel A. – “Our Lady’s Assumption”
77:6 Hurley, Wilfred G. – “Honor Mary thy Mother”
77:7 Forrest, M.D. – “The Rosary: It’s History and How to Say It”
77:8 Treacy, Gerald C. – “Keep God’s Day Holy”
77:9 Pope, Hugh – “The Doctrine of Indulgences”
77:10 O’Brian, John A. – “The Reformation: Causes and Consequences”
77:11 The Commission on Marriage and the Home of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America – “If I Marry a Roman Catholic”
77:12 Dunne, George H. – “Religion and American Democracy, A Reply to Paul Blanshard’s American Freedom and Catholic Power”
77:13 O’Brian, Isidore – “The Plain Truth: A Pocket Resume of Catholic Belief”
77:14 Treacy, Gerald C. – “Honor God’s Name, The Second Commandment”
77:15 Hurley, Wilfred G. – “Sins are Forgiven in Confession”
77:16 Pope Pius XI – “Encyclical Letter of His Holiness Pius XI by Divine Providence, Pope”
77:17 Hurley, Wilfred G. I Believe!
77:18 Report of the Special Committee on General Assembly Agencies, to the 183rd General Assembly, The United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America 1971
77:19 Study Suggestions on the Study Draft, A Plan for Union (Three Copies)
77:20 Response Form for the Study Suggestions on the Study Draft, A Plan for Union
77:21 “One in the Spirit” Brochure (3 Copies)
77:22 Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, Proposed Book of Discipline
77:23 Austin Seminary Bulletin, Faculty Edition
77:24 Report of the Standing Committee on Women and the Task Force on Women, Adopted by the 183rd General Assembly 1971
77:25 “Model for Ministry: A Report for Study issued by the General Assembly Special Committee on the Theology of the Call”
77:26 Study Book of Overtures, Sent to the Presbyteries by action of the 184th General Assembly 1972
77:27 “Monday Morning: A Magazine for Presbyterian Ministers”
77:28 Consultation on Church Union, A Plan of Union (Two Copies)
77:29 A Guide for the Study Draft, A Plan for Union of the Presbyterian Church in the United States and the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
77:30 “West Ungarn, West Hungary” Map
77:31 Balaton, Hungary Photo Brochure
77:32 Budapest, Hungary Photo Brochure
77:33 Bojti Veres Gaspar DIcsoito Eneke Bethlen Gabor Tiszteletere, Casparis were Boithini Panegyris in Laudes Gabrielis Bethlen
77:34 Reformed World, Volume 40, Number 1, March 1988 1988 March
77:35 Old, Hughes Oliphant - The Prophecies of Micah and the Gospel at Christmas: A Series of Sermons
77:36 Reformed World, Volume 39, Number 8, December 1987 1987 December
77:37 Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Bulletin, Faculty Edition: Responses to “Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry”
Box 78
78:1 Baker, J. Wayne. Heinrich Bullinger and the Covenant
78:2 Althaus, Paul. The Theology of Martin Luther
78:3 Staedtke, Joachim. Die Theologie des jungen Bullinger
78:4 Hausammann, Susi. Romerbriefauslegung zwischen Humanismus und Reformation
78:5 Koch, Ernst – Die Theologie der Confessio Helvetica Posterior
78:6 Schaff, Philip – The Creeds of Christendom, with A History and Critical Notes
Series VIII: Audio/Visual Collection (Boxes 79-87)
Box 79 Bullinger Tape Transcripts
February 8, 1988
February 15, 1988
February 22, 1988
February 29, 1988
March 7, 1988
Box 80 Bullinger Tape Transcripts
March 21, 1988
March 28, 1988
April 11, 1988
April 18, 1988
April 25, 1988
Box 81
81:1 1 VHS Tape, labeled with Quote “Those who associate with winners will become winners”
81:2 Cassette Tape Box 1
Liszt Jorge Bolet, Annees de Peleringage Italie  
Liszt Jorge Bolet, Annees de Peleringage Suisse  
Liszt Jorge Bolet, 2 Piano Concerti  
Liszt Piano Works, Volume 7, Transcendental Studies, S139  
Mozart: Symphony #39; Sinfonia Concertante, K297b  
Bolet, Carniegie  
Radio Reruns: Abbot and Costello  
Progressive Relaxation, Autogenics/Meditation  
Unlabeled Black Tape  
Blue Tape, Illegible Writing  
Unlabeled Black Tape  
White Tape, illegible writing  
Unlabeled Maxwell 46 Tape  
Unlabeled Maxwell 46 Tape  
Unlabeled Black Tape  
Unlabeled Black Tape  
81:3 Cassette Tape Box 2
Pittcairn-Gable Foundation Lectures, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary  June 1976
Pittcairn-Gable Foundation Lectures, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary  1976 June
Blue Tape, illegible writing  
Dr. William G. Rusch “Concerns for Evangelism,” Presbytery of Lackawanna  1981 November 21
Charles Lever, “Undiscovered Power"  1957 January 13
Clarence MacCartney, “Come Before Winter"  1953 October 12
Sounds of History from the National Archives  
SuperForum: Televangelism  1987 March 2
Why Presbyterian Union  
Q.A. About Presbyterian Reunion  
One in the Spirit  
Dinner Party Event  1982 January 1
Peter Sellars  
Steven Halpern/Rhythms of Vision  
Box 82 Reel Tapes
Unlabeled Silver Scotch Box
Empty Blue and Red Scotch Box, labeled as various sermons
Channel Master Tape Box containing sermons
Red Scotch Box, labeled “3 ¾ IPS, #3, 18 mins”
Blue and Red Scotch Box, containing sermons
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Confession of ’67, #3”
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Confession of ’67, #4”
Box 83 Reel Tapes
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Confession of ’67, #2”
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Confession of ’67, #6”
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Confession of ’67, #5”
Soundcraft Hi-Fi Recording Type, labeled “Meaning Commitment” and “Prayer First Object, 8PM Service”
Tape labeled with a Pink Paper giving a synopsis of tape contents. John Mackay speaking regarding the Confession of 1967
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Confession of ’67, #1”
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Dr. Dowey Lecture #II, 7/16/55” 1955 July 16
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Dr. Dowey Pastor’s Conference, Lecture #I, 7/16/55” 1955 July 16
Large Scotch Box, labeled “#2”
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Dowey Address GA Con Report, recorded by D. Baker, 6/8/64” 1964 June 8
Large Scotch Box labeled “3/5 Class Session on Confession of ‘67”
Large Scotch Box, labeled “Dr. Dowey 7/15/55, Carrol College” 1955 July 15
Large Scotch Box, labeled “#1”
Hi-fi Sound tape, labeled “Mr. E.A. Dowey, 1/29/67, Westfield Presbyterian Church, New Jersey, Confession of 1967” 1967 January 29
Box 84
84:1 Cassette Tape Box 1
Dowey, “Confession of ’67,” Westfield Presbyterian Church, Side 1 and 2  1967 January 24
Dowey, “Confession of ’67,” Westfield Presbyterian Church, Side 3 and 4  1967 January 24
Dr. E Dowey, Large reels, Sides A and B  1955 July
Dr. E Dowey, Large reels, Sides C and D  1955 July
Dr. E Dowey, Large reels, Sides E  1955 July
Dr. E. Dowey, Carrol College, Parts 1 and 2  1955 July
Ed Dowey Presentation  
Highlights of the 178th GA, Record from the Record Album  
…more C67 debate at GA, #3   
Ed Dowey Class Session on the Confession of 1967, Side A and B  
Dr. E. Dowey, Carrol College, Parts 2 and 3  1955 July
Ed Dowey Class Session on the Confession of 1967, Side C  
Baker recording of Dowey Speech  1964 June 8
84:2 Cassette Tape Box 2
Special Committee Brief Statement Reformed Faith 11/29-12/1/84, Sides 1 and 2  1984 November 29 - 1984 December 1
Special Committee Brief Statement Reformed Faith 11/29-12/1/84, Sides 3 and 4  1984 November 29 - 1984 December 1
Special Committee Brief Statement Reformed Faith 11/29-12/1/84, Side 1  1984 November 29 - 1984 December 1
Special Committee Brief Statement Reformed Faith 11/29-12/1/84, Side 3  1984 November 29 - 1984 December 1
Copy of Dr. Dowey’s Tape, Labeled #2  
General Assembly’s Discussion on the Proposed Confession of 1967, Sides 1 and 2  
Confession of 1967 GA Debate taped from Record Album, Sides E and F  
Confession of 1967 GA Debate taped from Record Album, Sides C and D  
General Assembly Discussion of the Confession of 1967, Tapes 1 and 2  
General Assembly Discussion of the Confession of 1967, Tapes 5 and 6  
The Reverend John Mackay’s address, St. Louis, MO, Side A: The Address, Side B: Questions and Answers  1965 September 25-26
The Reverend John Mackay’s address, St. Louis, MO, Sides E and F  1965 September 25-26
Confession of 1967 GA Debate taped from the Record Album, Sides A and B  
The Reverend John Mackay’s address, St. Louis, MO, Sides C and D  1965 September 25-26
General Assembly Discussion of the Confession of 1967, Tapes 3 and 4  
Small Tape labeled #3  
Box 85
85:1 Cassette Tape Box 1
A and B  January 24
A and B  January 25
A and B  January 31
A and B  February 1
A and B  February 7 and 10
A and B  February 8
A and B  February 21
A and B  February 22
A  February 28
A and B  March 1
B  March 7
A  March 8
A and B  March 28
A and B  March 29
A  April 11
A and B  April 12
A  April 18
Tape 1-A (foil tape)  
Tape 2, (1/2 Tape)  
Tape 3  
Unlabeled tape  
Edward Dowey, IOT 1989, Lecture #2  1989 July 4
Edward Dowey, IOT 1989, Lecture #1  1989 July 4
Edward Dowey, IOT 1989, Lecture #3  1989 July 4
Edward Dowey, IOT 1989, Lecture #4  1989 July 4
Calvinism and the Visual Arts, Tape #18  1995 May 5-8
85:2 Cassette Tape Box 2
Edward Dowey, “Fragmentation and Decline"  1992 May 3
Dr. E. Dowey, “Irony and the Promise in the American Heritage,” Lecture 1  
Edward Dowey, “Presence and Predicament"  1992 April 26
Edward Dowey, “Pluralism, Identity, and Mission"  1992 May 10
Rev. Dowey, “Casey Slugged the Ball"  1981 June 20
Edward Dowey, “Cassandra or Jeremiah"  1992 May 17
Edward A. Dowey (Presentor), Leith (Responder), “The Confessional Documents as Reformed Hermeneutic: Confession 1967"  1982 October 21
Edward A. Dowey Jr.: Summary Statement Gayraud S. Wilmore; Sermon, Confession of 1967  1982 October 22
Edward A. Dowey, “The Barman Declaration and Princeton Seminary Article IV: Communion Mediation, Matthew 20:17"  1974 October 30
E.A.D. “Lecture: Pittcairn-Gable, Summer 1976”  1976 Summer
Rev. Ed A. Dowey, “Christ at the Door"  1924 March 6 (?)
Rev. Dowey Service at Hickory Street Presbyterian Church, Service to Hymn “Abide with Me”  1975 April 6
Sermon by Rev. Dowey, Hickory Street Church  March 12
Dr. E. Dowey, “Irony and Promise in the American Heritage,” Lecture I  
Dr. E. Dowey, “Irony and Promise in the American Heritage,” Lecture II  
Dr. E. Dowey, “Irony and Promise in the American Heritage,” Lecture II  
Box 86
86:1 Cassette Tape Box 1
Dowey Interview, Part 1  
Dowey Interview, Part 2  
Dr. Edward Dowey, CH 490 Lecture, Stuart 6  1994 April 13
Dr. E. Dowey, “Irony and Promise in the American Heritage,” Lecture III (Two Copies)  
Dr. Dowey, Chapel Service, Miller Chapel  1988 April 19
Edward A. Dowey, Jr. “Reminiscences of the Confession of 1967, Alumni/ae Banquet"  1988 May 27
Edward A. Dowey, Jr., Dinner, Tape 1, Side 2.  1988 May 20
Dr. Edward A. Dowey, Jr., “Reminiscences of the Confession of 1967, Alumni/ae Banquet"  1988 May 27
Dr. Edward A. Dowey, Jr., Dinner, Tape 2, Side 1  1988 May 20
Dr. Edward Dowey, CH 490 Lecture, Stuart 6  1994 April 13
Edward Dowey, Princeton, “Presby. Ethos: Identifying Marks, Side A and B  1980 April 14
86:2 Cassette Tape Box 2
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 April 1
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 February 2
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 February 29
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 April 18
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 April 25
Dowey, Illegible Label  1995
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 March 28
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 March 21
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 March 7
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 February 15
Dowey – Bullinger  1988 February 8
Very Small Tape Labeled #2  
86:3 Box of High Density Diskettes
Prizm – Home Cy  
Dowey – Bullinger I  
Prn/Pred – Use w/ Mary’s Computer Only  
Ed’s Book – Master  
5 Additional blank diskettes  
Unlabeled Black and White Photo
Box 87
87:1 Tape Titled “Dr. Dowey’s Tapes”
87:2 Reel Number II and III, Dr. Dowey July 18
87:3 Reel Number III, Dr. Dowey, Topic: Public Worship 1955 July 17
87:4 Dr. Dowey, Religious information
Series IX: Index Cards (Boxes 88-89)
Box 88
88:1 I-1: Life
88:2 I-2: Secondary Lit
88:3 I-3: Chief Writings
88:4 Harmonia
88:5 II-5: Antiquity
88:6 Origins and Auth
88:7 I-4: Method and Structure
88:8 Style and Structure
88:9 Proto-evangelium
88:10 Bullinger on Genesis 3:15 Bibliography
88:11 Bund and Law
88:12 Bund and History
88:13 II-7: Catholic Orthodoxy
88:14 II-8: Word of God
88:15 Preaching Viva Vox Scripture
88:16 Modes of Revelation
88:17 Biblical Interpretation Rhetoric
88:18 III-9: X and Gospel
88:19 Justification
88:20 Faith Defined
88:21 Faith and Love
88:22 III-11: Sin
88:23 III-12: Predestination or Election
Box 89
89:1 IV-13: Love
89:2 Decalogue
89:3 IV-14: Repentance
89:4 IV-15: Christian Lifea
89:5 Eschatology
89:6 V-16: Trinity and Christology
89:7 Life of Jesus
89:8 Higher Good
89:9 Desc. Of Inferiors
89:10 V-17: Providence
89:11 V-18: Worship
89:12 VI-19: Church-Cath.
89:13 VI-20: Ministry
89:14 VI-21: Sacraments
89:15 Lord’s Supper
89:16 Baptism
89:17 VI-22: Churchly Response
89:18 VII-23: Theology of Government
89:19 VII-24: Zurich Structure
89:20 Biblical History
89:21 Bul. And
89:22 Bullinger/Calvin
89:23 Bullinger/Erasmus
89:24 Eusebius
89:25 Bullinger Influence
89:26 Misc.
89:27 Ms.
89:28 Pen.
89:29 Pen, Not Bullinger
89:30 Box 16
89:31 Box 18
89:32 Method
89:33 Reform/Calvin
89:34 Reform/Calvin
89:35 Antiquity of Christian Faith
89:36 Piety Religion
89:37 Christology
89:38 Decades
89:39 V
89:40 Bund History
89:41 Assorted Cards and Tabs for rest of the box


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