The James E. Wallace Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Wallace, James E. 1922-
Dates: 1957-1967
Extent: 4 Boxes (4.25 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Special Collections.


1922 January 16 Born, Salt Lake City, Utah
1943 Graduated from UCLA
1949 Graduated from UC Berkley with a Bahcelor of Laws (LLB)
1949-1957 Lawyer in Los Angeles
1957-1965 Attendence at Princeton Theological Seminary - Obtained Bachelor of Divinity and Doctor of Theology
1963-1965 Instructor in Christian and Society at Princeton Theological Seminary
1965-1967 Admissions Officer at Princeton Theological Seminary
1967-1970 Assistant Professor of Law at University of Denver
1970 Professor of Law at University of Denver

Biographical Information

James Ellis Wallace was born January 16, 1922, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received undergraduate and law degrees from the University of California system and practiced law in Los Angeles from 1949-1957. He attended Princeton Theological Seminary from 1957 to 1965, earning Bachelor of Divinity and Doctor of Theology degrees. He was instructor in Christianity and Society 1963-1965 and admissions officer 1965-1967. He was lecturer at Iliff School of Theology, member of the faculty of the College of Law at the University of Denver, and Executive Officer of the Law and Society Association.

The Special Collections records about James E. Wallace run through 1970.


Scope and Content

The James E. Wallace collection consists of approximately 4.25 linear feet of documents dating from 1957-1965 containing information on classes and life during his time in Princeton, NJ.

The collection consists of four boxes. Boxes 1-3 contain a variety of classwork and topics, with an emphasis on the intersection of religion and law. Box 4 focuses on Biblical coursework and materials, along with topics specifically concerning church life.



Wallace, James E. 1922-

Princeton Theological Seminary

Religious Research Association



Law and religious studies


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The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The James E. Wallace Manuscript Collection, Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.

Processing Information

This collection was inventoried and an initial finding aid written by Kihyun Kwon, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2014. It received further processing and description by Charity Cho, Princeton Theological Seminary, who encoded the finding aid in EAD October 2014. Megan Corbi reviewed the finding aid and EAD, making final adjustments in September 2015.


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Box 1
1:1 American Politics
Reading list in American political thought  
The Fund for the Republic  1958 May
The Fund for the Republic  1958 February
The Fund for the Republic  1959 November
Newspaper article, The New York Times "Kennedy and the Changing Supreme Court"  1962 April 1
Class Notes  1961 February 21961 May 3
Newspaper article, The New York Times “U.S. votes with Africans in asking Angola inquiry".  1961 March 16
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 February 2
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 February 9
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 February 16
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 February 23
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 March 2
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 March 9
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 March 16
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 March 23
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 April 6
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 April 13
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 April 27
Paper for Politics 513 – American Political Thought. Princeton University   1961 May 4
Journal article, Christianity and Crisis “Needed: A Theory of Revolution". Vol. XXI, No. 5   1961 April 3
Newspaper article, The New York Times “Right Wing Groups Multiplying Appeals in Southern California".   1961 October 29
Magazine article, The New York Times “Second War of American Independence".   1962 June 17
Newspaper article, The New York Times “High Court, Upholding Kansas Law, Says It Won’t Judge ‘Wisdom of Economic Statutes".  1963 April 23
Bibliography. Social Psychology of Religion. Princeton Theological Seminary  
1:2 The Church
Paper “Another Look at the Church. Princeton Seminary"   1960 April
Paper “The Holy Spirit and the Church"   
Magazine article, The Seminarian “Renewal of the Church". Vol. X, No 11,   1960 January 1
Magazine article,The Seminarian “The Stone Lectures: A Review". Vol. X, No 17,   1960 February 12
Magazine article,The Seminarian “Professor Pittenger'> Vol. X, No 19,   1960 February 26
Magazine article, Christianity Today "The Essence of the Church".   1959 October 26
Magazine article, Monday Morning Vol. 24, No. 7.   1959 April 6
Magazine article, Monday Morning "The Church Must Change".   1959 February 23
Booklet Small Groups  
Article, Policy and Strategy in Social Welfare… Report to the Churches “The Role and Function of the Churches in Social Welfare"   1957
Magazine article, Faith at Work "The House-Church Experiment".   1958 October-November
Magazine article, Counsel “A Simple Church with a Simple New Testament".  1960 April 3
Magazine article, Counsel “The Church by Way of Revolution".  1960 April 24
Magazine article, Counsel “Churches, Not the Church."  1960 May 1
Magazine article, The Christian Century “Heritage and Horizons in Missions".  1960 November 9
Newspaper article The New York Times “Lack of Religion Found in Church".  1961 January 8
Magazine article, The Christian Century “The Claims of the Free Churches".  1961 April 5
Magazine article clippings The Christian Century  
Magazine article, Monday Morning “Jeremiad, Panaceas, and Presbytery".  1962 January 1
Magazine article, Presbyterian Life “The Church in Their House".  1962 January 1
Magazine article,“The Future of American Protestantism". undated   
Essay “Witness". Delivered at the 3rd Annual Meeting of United Presbyterian Men of South California   1960 December 3
Magazine article, The Presbyterian Outlook “Mission and Unity".  1962 February 12
Magazine article, The Christian Century, “McCrackin before the Assembly".   1960 November 9
Magazine article, Review of Religion Research “The Variety of City Churches". Vol. 2, No. 1,   1960
Magazine article, The Christian Century “Christian Fellowship: Then and Now".  1962 April 11
Magazine article, The Princeton Seminary Bulletin “The Seminary in the Ecumenical Age". Vol. LIV, No. 1,   1960 July
Magazine article, Presbyterian Life “What Makes the 'Outsider'".   1962 January 15
Magazine article, The Christian Century “Unbelief and the Institution".   1961 November 29
Magazine article, Crossroads “The Living Word in the Modern Church". Vol. 10, No. 3  1960 April 3
Magazine article, Presbyterian Life “New Mission – New Ministry".  1962 August 1
Magazine article, The Christian Century “Reflections of a Postsectarian".   1963 January 16
Magazine article, The Christian Century “Criticism in the Christian World".   1965 May 5
1:3 The Church and State
Convocation Day. Princeton Theological Seminary, Wednesday,   1959 April 22
Megazine article, The New York Times “Outsiders Looking In"  1960 February 7
Magazine article, “Should a Catholic Be President?", undated  
Magazine article, Presbyterian Life "Is there Any Place for Religion in Public Education?"   1960 February 1
Booklet Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State. undated  
Magazine article, The Seminarian “A Roman Catholic and the President". Vol. X, No 29,   1960 May 13
Pamphlet Catholicism, the White House and POAU undated   
Journal article, Christianity and Crisis “A Protestant View of Roman Catholic Power - II". Vol. XVIII, No. 15  1958 September 15
Magazine article, The Presbyterian Outlook “Ministers Respond on Issue of Roman Catholic President". Vol. 142, No. 4  1960 January 25
Journal article, Christianity and Crisis “A Roman Catholic for President?" Vol. XX, No. 3  1960 March 7
Magazine article clipping, “Constitutional Law… freedom of religion". undated   
Magazine article, The Princeton Seminary Bulletin “Church and State: A Catholic View". Vol. LIII, No. 3,   1960 January
Journal article, Christianity and Crisis. “A Protestant View of Roman Catholic Power - II".  
Newsparper article, The New York Times Book Review “Across the Fence of Faith".  1960 September 18
Journal article, Christianity and Crisis “What the Campaign Did to Religion". Vol. XX, No. 19,   1960 November 14
Magazine article, The Christian Century "An Eschatological Manifesto".   1960 November 2
Magazine article, The Christian Century “A Catholic President: Pro."   1960 October 26
Magazine article, The Christian Century “Henry Adams’ 20th Century Virgin".   1960 October 5
Magazine article, The Seminarian “Analysis Views Catholic Social Thought as Complex and Flexible". Vol. XII, No 2,   1961 January 13
Magazine article, The Christian Century “Public Aid to What Schools?"  1961 July 19
Newspaper clippings, “Church-State articles in Recent Publications.   1961 November 10
Magazine article, The Christian Century “A Christian State".   1962 February 21
Magazine article, The Presbyterian Outlook “Government and Religion".   1962 May 14
Magazine article, Presbyterian Life “Church-State Committee Will Report to General Assembly".   1962 May 15
Magazine article, Christianity Today “Calvin’s Influence in Church Affairs".  1962 May 11
Magazine article, Presbyterian Life “Church-State Report".  1962 June 15
Magazine article, The Presbyterian Outlook "Relations between Church and State".  1962 September 1
Magazine article, The Presbyterian Outlook “What is a Truly Secular State?   1962 September 24
Memorandum to candidates, Presbytery of Los Angeles  1960 July
Magazine article, Christianity Today “Relations between Church and State".   1963 April 26
Magazine article, Christianity Today “Theistic or Secular Government?"   1963 April 26
Magazine article, Life “The Bible – Better in School Than in Court". Vol. 54, No. 11  1963 March 15
Magazine article, Presbyterian Life , “Letter from Washington".   1963 April 1
Magazine article, Presbyterian Life “Along the Frontier between Church and State".   1963 April 1
Pamphlet, “The ‘Where’ and ‘When’ of Doing Good"   
Pamphlet, Reprinted from GuidepostsIs There a Conspiracy against God?"   
Newspaper article, The New York Times “Text of the World Council Statement".  1963 September 1
Magazine article, Monday Morning “Religion in the Public School".  1964 February 24
Pamphlet "The Supreme Court Review"  
1:4 The Church and Society
Magazine article, “The Plurality of Religions: Blemish or Blessing?"   
Newspaper article clipping, “Ultimate Sacredness". undated   
Magazine article, The Christian Century “Congo, Communism and Church"   1960 October 12
Book Some Suggestions for Church-Community Surveys  1957 February
Social system, social attitudes and problems from colonial period (1607) to post war period (1959)  
Magazine Social Progress   1958 March
Magazine Social Progress   1958 July
Magazine Seminary Quarterly Vol. 2, No. 1,   1960
Magazine Monday Morning “The Church: Its Life and Work.   1960 November 21
Assorted clippings of newspapers and magazines  
1:5 Clergy -Image. "Minister's Tax Problem. Figures and Favoritism for the Clergy". Monday Morning
Wallace, James E. “Figures and Favoritism for Clergy". Monday Morning  1965 July 9
Original “Figures and Favoritism for Clergy"  
Wallace, James E. “Minister's Tax Problem" Monday Morning  1965 March 29
Original “A Minister’s Tax Problem"  
Letter to Frank H. Heinze, Editor of Monday Morning from James Wallace   1965 February 15
Letter to Frank H. Heinze, Editor of Monday Morning from James Wallace   1965 February 16
Letter to Frank H. Heinze  1965 February 25
Letter to Frank H. Heinze  1965 February 27
Letter to Frank H. Heinze  1965 March 27
Letter to Frank H. Heinze  1965 April 4
Letter from Frank H. Heinze  1965 June 2
Letter from Frank H. Heinze  1965 July 1
Reader responses (5 responses)  
1:6 Ethics
Assorted magazine and newspaper clippings  
1:7 Freeman Study
Several notes regarding the Freeman study  
Clergyman questionnaire  
Other information suggested by questionnaires   
Postcard from Harrop (May)  
Correspondent letters from Professor Harrop Freeman of Cornell Law School from November 13, 1961 to Christmas 1962 regarding a project involving study of counseling by physicians, lawyers, and clergymen  1961 November 13, 1962 December
1:8 Ind Rel (Industrial Relations)
Assorted magazine and newspaper clippings  
Report by a Special Committee appointed by the Department of the Church and Economic Life of the Division of Christian Life and Work. “In Search of Maturity in Industrial Relations",  1960
Schultz, Theodore W. “Investment in Man: An Economist’s View", University of Chicago,   1958
Bodo, John R. “Christ and Business"  1958 March 16
“Can the Businessman Apply Christianity?"  
Lester, Richard A. “Revolution in Industrial Employment", Princeton University  1958
Final exam for Economics 514. “An Analysis of the American Labor Movement",   1960
Economics 514 syllabus  1960
Class notes   1960 September 12, 1960 December 13
Paper on “Industrialism and Industrial Man"   1960
Notes and leaflet on Walter Reuther  
1:9 Lawyer-Clergy Conferemce: Chicago Meeting 1958
Report of National Conference on Christianity and Law   1958 September 7-1958 September10
Reports, agenda, schedule, planning committee meeting minutes for the conference.   
1:10 Law-Soc Sa university: Survey-Notes
Various notes  
1:11 Law-Rel Society (Berkeley)
Corresponding letters (between James E. Wallace and Rev. Lester Kinsolving, Dr. Charles Y. Glock, Dr. Philip Selznick, Dr. John Dillenberger, Rev. James A. Pike.  
Newspaper clippings  
Graduate Theological Union Catalog – Berkeley, California.  1964-1965
Annual Report 1962-1963. Survey Research Center, University of California Berkeley.   1962-1963
Annual Report 1962-1963. Survey Research Center, University of California Berkeley.   1962-1963
Personal notes on Law, Beh/Sci, Religion (Berkeley)  
Several notes  
Pamphlets: “The National Council of Churches in the USA", “Northern California-Nevada Council of Churches"  
1:12 Law-Rel Society (Evanston-Chicago)
Letter from Peter H. Rossi  
Personal notes on “Law, Beh/Sci, Religion" (Evanston-Chicago)  
Survey: religion and graduate students.  
The American Bar Foundation booklets.  
Several notes.  
Letter from Northwestern University regarding “Law and Social Science Program"   1964 July
Pamphlet for law school education in professional responsibility  
1:13 Law-Rel Society (Los Angeles)
Corresponding letters (between James E. Wallace and Murray L. Schwartz, Edgar A. Jones, Jr)  1964 October
Personal notes on “Law, Beh/Sci, Religion" (Los Angeles)  
Several notes  
Class schedule – UCLA Sociology (Fall 1964)  1964
“A Paradigm for the Study of Professionalism" Tentative 1st draft (August 31, 1964. R.T. Morris)  
1:14 Law-Rel Society (Madison)
Letter to Dr. Harry V. Ball  1964 October 26
Personal notes on “Law, Beh/Sci, Religion" (Madison, Wisconsin)  
Several notes  
1:15 Law and Behavioral Science, “An Excursion into the Affinities between Law and the Behavioral Science Journal of Legal Sciences"
Magazines and newspapers clippings  
Correspondence between James E. Wallace and Mrs. Chris Denson, John D. Johnston, Jr., Ms. Chris Yarrington, Melvin G. Shimm  1965 January 5, 1965 December 31
Notes on the article “An Excursion into the Affinities between Law and the Behavioral Science"   
Carbon copy of the article “An Excursion into the Affinities between Law and the Behavioral Science"  
1:16 Law and Religion. “A Reforming Church and New Tensions"
Corresponding letters between James E. Wallace and Dr. Glenn E. Whitlock  1967 November
Paper “A Reforming Church and New Tensions" (2 copies)  
1:17 Law and Religion. “Patterns of Interaction"
Magazine article.  
Corresponding letters between James E. Wallace and Dr. Widick Schroeder  1965 August 4, 1965 October 13
Paper “Relationships between Law and Religion in American Society"  
Paper “Law and Religion: Patterns of Intersystem Relationships"  
1:18 Conference of Lawyers and Clergymen
Conference materials  
1:19 Legal and Clinic – Stringfellow article
Paper “In Search of Answers of Christians: A Reply to William Stringfellow’s Dissatisfication with American Protestantism", returned from Religion in Life with letter from Emory Stevens Bucke  
Corresponding letters (between James E. Wallace and Emory Stevens Bucke, Dean Peerman, Dr. E. David Willis, Dr. Kyle Haselden, Jean Camper Cahn, John M. Ferren)  1964 December, 1965 April
Rough draft of “In Search of Answers of Christians: A Reply to William Stringfellow’s Dissatisfication with American Protestantism"  
Paper “In Search of Answers of Christians: A Reply to William Stringfellow’s Dissatisfication with American Protestantism" (2 copies)  
Magazine clipplings  
Journal article “The War on Poverty: A Civilian Perspective", with letter from Jean Camper Cahn  
Article “Law, Polity, and the Reunion of the Church: The Emerging Conflict between Law and Theology in America" by William Stringfellow.  
Materials in connection with the Church Federation legal service clinic program with letter from John M. Ferren  
Several Notes  
Report Bulletin #1: Church Federation legal advice clinic program  
Wallace’s notes and letter from John M. Ferren  
Referral agencies  
1:20 Logic of Social Inquiry
The Logic of Social Inquiry syllabus   1964
1:21 Model for Analysis “Relationships between law and religion" – RRA (Religion Research Association)
Corresponding letters (between James E. Wallace and Dr. Richard A. Myers, Dr. W. Widick Schroeder, Glenn M. Vernon, Walter Kloetzli, Lyle E. Schaller)  1964 June, 1965 May
Paper “Relationships between Law and Religion in American Society"   
Paper “Law and Religion in American Society" (2 copies. One has revisions)  
Leaflet “Religious Research Association annual meeting" (2 copies),   1964 June 18-20
Pamphlet “The Regional Church Planning Office"  
Pamphlet “Statement of Policy on Civil Rights"  
Preliminary II. Information on the Annual Meeting of the RRA  
Religious Research Association Inc.  
1:22 Parish Ministry Tension. Seminar – Clergy, layman (A Reforming church and new tension)
Paper “A Reforming church and New Tensions" (2 copies)  
Paper “The Presbyterian Minister as an Occupational Counselor" by Thomas E. Brown  
Paper “Managing Conflicts and Tensions in the Parish Ministry: An Interpersonal Perspective" by John H. Simpson  
Paper “Industry and the Local Church"  
Profit graph  
Paper “Death, A Challenge to the Ministry oh the Church" by Joseph Thomasberger  
Corresponding letters (between James E. Wallace and Samuel W. Blizzard, Jack Cooper  1965 April, 1965 May
“Clergy and Lawyers Role Images: Ideological Orientation in Relation to Bases of Authority and Functional Perspectives"  
Conflicts and Tensions in Ministerial Practice schedule  
Several Notes  
Magazine Clipping  
Box 2
2:1 Moral Rearmanent
Newspaper Clipping  
Pamphlet “Ideology and coexistence by Moral Re-armament"  
2:2 Myth As Truth
Magazine clippings  
2:3 Population Exp.
Magazine clippings  
2:4 Prayer
Magazine clippings  
2:5 Psychiatrist – Clergy Pastoral Counseling
Howland, Elihu S. M.D., Guyer, James A. Rev., “Long Range Plans and Recommendations for the Pastoral Counseling Service"  1965 March
Howland, Elihu S. M.D., “The Responsibility of Psychiatry to Medicine and to Religion"  1965 February 27
Howland, Elihu S. M.D., “The Relationship between Christian Education and ‘Mental Health" (3 copies)  1965 February 15
Minutes of counseling advisory committee  1965 January 18
“The Role of the Psychiatrist in the Parish Church" (A Discussion held at Westminster House)   1965 January 25
Howland, Elihu S. M.D., “The Psychiatrist in the Parish Church"  1965 January 25
Anderson, Philip A., “The Implication and Challenge of O. Hobart Mowrer’s Position for the Church and Its Ministry"  1964 May
Anderson, Philip A., “Ministering to Troubled People"  1964 October
Menninger, William C., M.D., “Emotional Maturity"  
Note from Nicholas Cotsonas, Jr.  
2:6 Psychology and Religion
Magazine clippings  
“An open letter to all participants in project P.A.L."  1963 January 2
Bulletin “All Saints’ News"  1961 November 24
Paper “Some Relationships between Physique and Several Psychological Dimensions" with letter from Frank Haronian  1961 May 20
2:7 Retreats
Newspaper Clippings  
Booklet “Retreats for Protestants"  
2:8 Secularism – Science
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
“A Story of Well-Digging" by John R. Bodo  
2:9 Segregation
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
“Desegregation" Social Progress  1957 September
“Residential Desegregation" Social Progress  1958 September
Letter from Harrison A. Williams, Jr.  1964 May 21
2:10 Sex
Magazine clippings  
2:11 Social Issue
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Sermon, “The Prayer Decision Case" by William R. Nelson  1962 August 12
2:12 Stewardship
Booklets, “How Much Should I Give?", “What Shall I Pledge?" “The Teaching and Practice of Christian Stewardship" Monday Morning clipping.  
2:13 Suicide
Magazine Clippings  
2:14 Symbols
Magazine Clippings  
Christmas Card  
Christmas Catalog  
2:15 Theologs
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Armstrong, Brian. “Jonathan Edwards: Preacher – Philosopher – Theologian"  
The Chicago Theological Seminary Register  1961 February
2:16 Virgin Birth
Magazine Clippings  
Booklet “Some Reflections on The Hick Case"  
2:17 World Council of Churches (Unity)
Newspaper and Magazine Clippings  
Pamphlet "Introducing The World Council of Churches"  
2:18 Why Theology?
Newspaper and Magazine Clippings  
Paper “Systematic Theology"  
2:19 The Will of God (Will – Free)
Princeton Theological Seminary: The Gallague Lectures schedule  1963 April 19, 1963 April 21
Study guide for senior class retreat. (Theme: the will of God)  
Notes on retreat  
Survey “Problems of Will and Willing" by Paul W. Pruyser, Ph.D.  1963 April
2:20 Worship
Magazine Clippings  
The order of worship with sermon  
“The leader’s role in public worship"  
“Scripture selections for communion services"  
2:21 Africa
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Pamphlet 1962 Report. American Committee on Africa  
Pamphlet “From whence shall our help come?"  
Magazine, Africa Today  
Magazine, Christianity and Crisis  
2:22 Amer. Puritanism I
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Various notes  
Pamphlet “Protestants and Pioneers  
Wallace, James E. “Cotton Mather’s Concept of Lay Vocation for American Christianity"  1962
Wallace, James E. “John Hancock, Rulers Should Be Benefactors for Americans"  1962 January 15
Schedule of papers  
Notes on Hancock and other subjects  
Outline of “Peter Ramus: A Study in the Roots of Puritan Thought"   
Bibliography of “Peter Ramus: A Study in the Roots of Puritan Thought"   
Outline of “The Doctrine of the Church in the England"   
Outline of “Christian Experience as seen in the Writings of Thomas Shepard"   
Outline of “Christian Experience as seen in the Writings of Thomas Hooker"   
Bibliography of “Experience and Reason in Seventeenth Century New England Puritanism"   
Bibliography of “Christian Experience in the Writing of Thomas Shepard"  1605-1649
Bibliography of “New England’s ‘Spiritual Decline:'"   1652-1734
2:23 Amer. Puritanism II
Gilbert, Richard R. “Reason and Spiritual Experience in Seventeenth Century New England Puritanism"  1961 December
Good, Robert F. “Peter Ramus: A Study in the Roots of Puritan Thought"  
McConaughy, John F. “The Doctrine of the Church in New England Puritanism to 1650"  1961 December 12
Outline of “New England’s “Spiritual Decline: 1652-1734"  1962 January
Notes on Richard Lovelace  
Adams, Robert Merrihew. “Christian Experience as seen in the Writings of Thomas Shepard"  1961 November 27
Ott, Phil. “Christian Experience as seen in the Writings of Thomas Hooker"  1961 November 27
2:24 Archeology
Newspaper clipping  
2:25 Board of Nat'l Missions
Report to 1964 - Area Evaluating Cabinets from The Institues of Strategic Studies  
Report to the National Staff from The Institues of Strategic Studies  1963 September 18
Board of National Missions. The United Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. Seminary Day 1960  1960 January 29
2:26 Bankruptcy
Magazine clipping  
2:27 Biographies
Reading course in missionary biography  
Magazine clipping  
2:28 Christian art
Magazine clipping  
2:29 Cults
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
"Contemporary cults" assigned readings  
2:30 Dead Sea Scrolls
Magazine article “The Men Who Hid the Dead Sea Scrolls"  
2:31 Economic Growth and Soc Change
United Nations Publications in the Princeton University Library  
Public Affairs in Sub-Sahara Africa  
Public Affairs in Asia  
2:32 JFK
Newspaper clipping  
2:33 Mar Thoma Church - India
Newspaper clipping  
2:34 History: Middle East
Newspaper clipping  
“Iran in Continuing Crisis"  1962 January
2:35 Introduction to the Historical and Behavioral Study of Religion
“Introduction to the historical and behavioral study of religion: syllabus, preceptorials, outlines, lectures, and notes  
2:36 Social Statistics
Class Notes  
2:37 St. Patrick
Magazine Clipping  
2:38 NCC
Booklet “…The Truth"  
Magazine Clipping  
2:39 3UC Riots
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Letter from UCLA alumni association  
2:40 Youth
Newspaper and magazine clippingsn  
“The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science"  1961 November
2:41 Christmas
Christmas play script  
Sunday church bulletin  
Christmas card, the order of worship and sermon script  
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Christmas catalog  
2:42 Church Survey – Englewood
Local church survey of Christian education for First Presbyterian Church in Englewood, NJ  1958
2:43 Clinical Training, New Jersey State Mental Hospital, Trenton
Pamphlet “Council for Clinical Training, Inc."  1960 January
Magazine The Princeton Seminarian Vol. IX No. 1  1958 October
Corresponding letters (between James E. Wallace and E. Frederick Proeles, Charles V. Gerkin, Ken, Thomas H. McDill, Paul V. Hostetter, Emily A. Spickler,   1959 April 9, 1960 March 8
Instructions to applicants  
Office of institutional chaplains advisory committee  
Office of institutional chaplains – rules for the award of national missions scholarships in clinical pastoral education  
Booklet “Clinical, pastoral, educational"  
New Jersey state hospital at Trenton – The church and disturbed children schedule  1960 February 9
Easter Sunday bulletin  1963 April 14
“The Three Hours’ Devotion. Good Friday"  1963 April 12
2:45 Field Work Practicum
Field work practicum I. Schedule and notes  
Field work practicum II. Schedule and notes  
Manual “Christian Education in Our Church"  
2:46 Filing System – Records
"A Filing System"  1959 December
Magazine Clipping  
2:47 Humor
Newspaper and Magazine Clippings  
2:48 Marriages Performed
Marriage information slips  
2:49 Meditations
An Ancient Gaelic Blessing card  
Call to meditation  
Hungarian church bulletin  
Magazine clipping  
2:50 Office Mgmt
Law office layout and design  
“Modern equipment makes the lawyer money"  
Personnel manual  
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Series of hand written poems by Steve Toth  
A Series of Poems by Martin Eyck  
2:52 Prayers
Church bulletins  1960 December
2:53 Preaching Texts: Ideas
Sermon by Rev. Robert Montgomery, “The One and the Many”,  1963 February 24
Sermon by Rev. Robert Montgomery, “The Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Disciples”,  1963 April 21
Sermon by Rev. Bertram deHeus Atwood, “Continuing in His Service”,  1958 April 13
Sermon by James E. Wallace, “A New Horizon”,   1957 November
Booklet “The Bible says"  
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
UCLA reunion letter  1958 November
Letters from PERSPECTIVE: A Weekly Devotional Letter for the Business Man  1958 January1959 April
2:54 Sermon Illustrations
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Booklet “Sermons with a smile"  
2:56 Thanksgiving
Sermon on Luke 17:11-19  
Princeton Chapel Thanksgiving bulletin  1960 November 24
Magazine clippings  
2:57 Wills
Leaflet “Peter Didn’t Leave a Will"  
Magazine clippings  
2:57 Affinities between Law and Behavioral Sciences
Wallace, James E. “An Excursion into the Affinities between Law and the Behavioral Sciences" (7 copies)  
2:58 Community Systems
List of Books  
2:59 Comprehensives
Bibliography for Social Psychology of Religion class  
Doctoral work in the history department   
Various notes  
2:60 Law and Soc Sciences Seminar
Russell Sage Fellows in Program in Law and the Social Sciences  
Paper “Phenomenology and the Social Sciences"  
Paper by Michael Barkun  1964 October 19
Weil, Daniel Wilkus. “Memorandum on the Law and Society Program"  1964 October 21
Stapleton, Vaughan. “Law as an Agent of Social Change"  
Various suggested topics for research by various students  
Card from Rutgers University Press  
Schwartz, Richard D., and Skolnick, Jerome H. “Two Studies of Legal Stigma"  1962
Booklet “Book Review"  1963 November
Schwartz, Richard D., and Miller, James C. “Legal Evolution and Societal Complexity", The American Journal of Sociology  1964 September
Schwartz, Richard D., and Miller, James C. “Legal Evolution and Societal Complexity". Original paper  
Schwartz, Richard D. “Field Experimentation in Sociolegal Research"   
Bibliography of Richard D. Schwartz  
Schwartz, Richard D. “Reflections on the Status and Functions of the Indian Lawyer"  1963 August 29
Schwartz, Richard D. “Social Factors in the Development of Legal Control: A Case Study of Two Israeli Settlements"  1964 February
Wallace, James E. “An Excursion into the Affinities between Law and the Behavioral Sciences"  
Various notes  
Pamphlet “Why the three major faiths oppose the proposed referendum on open occupancy legislation"   
“Report to the Board of Education City of Chicago"  1964 March 31
Adler, Muriel. “Program in Law and the Social Sciences", AKD Journal  
AKD program announcement  1964 October 13
Magazine article “Foreign Area Training Fellowship Program Transferred from the Ford Foundation to Joint Sponsorship" by the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council. Social Science Research Council  1962 March
Box 3
3:1 Law in Practice
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
“Law and Contemporary Problems quarterly publication of Duke University School of Law  1960
Smylie, James H. “Cases of Conscience and the First Amendment"  1961 April 27
Syllabus on “The Legal Profession and Police Practices" U.C. Berkeley  1960 August
Carlin, Jerome E. “Current Research in the Sociology of the Legal Profession"  1962 August
Journal of the State of Bar of California   January, February 1961
Letter from Howard R. Sacks with the revised outline for “Talking with Clients"  1964 February 5
3:2 Lawyer and Rel
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Wallace, James E. “A Proposal for a Doctoral Dissertation  1963 January
Wallace, James E. “The Lawyer’s Values and His Religion"  1961 May 22
Wallace, James E. “Values in the Practice of Law" with notes  
Paper “Law and Christianity"  
“Conference on Christianity and Law"  1961 March 3-5
“Summary Report of the Stoughton Conference"  1960 February 25
Conference in the Oklahoma Law Review  1958 September 7-10
3:3 Lawyer – His Role
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Randall, John D. “The Role of the Lawyer in Society"  1959 October 24
Randall, John D. “World Peace through Law: An Attainable Goal"  1960 May 23
Randall, John D. “The Lawyer: America’s Family Counselor"  1960 March 2
Randall, John D. “The Lawyer: Artisan of Society"  1960 May 6
Randall, John D. “The American Lawyer: Architect"  1960 January 29
Booklet “One of a series of interviews on the American Character"  1961 October
Bulletin “Annual Summer Legal Conference"  1961 August 25-28
“Trans-action"  1964 May
3:4 Law and Theology
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Booklet “Summary of Activities"  1959
Sermon “The Law of the Land and the Law of Love" by John R. Bodo  
Letter from Joseph D. Stecher  1960 September 9
Sittler, Joseph. “A Christian Prolegomenon to a Conference on Christianity and Law"  1961 March 3-5
Letter from Mrs. Leroy Kajiwara with letter to William Stringfellow  1960 March 22, 1960 April 3
Law and Ethics bibliography  
Letter from John Mulder  1960 May 12
The Riverside Lecture brochure with letter to Committee on Riverside Lectures and Dr. Harry Willmer Jones  1963 March 11
Leaflet “1962 The Supreme Court Review"  1962
Sturm, Douglas. “Naturalism, Historicism, and Christian Ethics: Toward a Christian Doctrine of Natural Law"  1962 December 6
Paper “A Christian Perspective of the Law by Wallace, James E. with comments by Charles C. West".  1962 May 22
Law Review “The Legal Imputation of Religion to an Infant in Adoption" proceedings with note  1959 April
Simmel on "The Rule of Law"  1964 February 6
Carney, Frederick S. “Interdisciplinary Seminars in Ethics and Law"  1964-1965
Seminar in Law and Ethics  1964
3:5 National Purpose
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
3:6 Peace
Newspaper, magazine clippings, and booklets throughout file concerning the topic of Peace through law  
Booklet “The Rule of Law Among Nations"  1960 April
Letter from Charles S. Rhyne  1960 September 12
Letter from Charles S. Rhyne  1960 September 16
Booklet "A Christian Approach to Nuclear War"  
Selected Editorial Comment and News Stories  1961 November/December
Selected Editorial Comment and News Stories  1961 October
African and Middle Eastern Conference on World Peace through Law  1961 December 3-6
Letter from Charles S. Rhyne with pamphlet “World Peace through Law"  1963 September 11
Prospectus for an Exploratory Consultation on ‘Law and International Relations’ – from a Christian Perspective under the Auspices of the Department of International Affairs of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA  1963 November 23
Booklet “The Demilitarized World" by Walter Milles  1964
Leaflet “Myres S. McDougal"  
3:7 Politics
Newspaper and magazine clippings throughout file concerning Christianity and political involvement  
Wallace, James E. “The Christian’s Concern with Political Action"  1957/1958
Booklet “The Political Animal"  1962
Booklet “Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions"  1961 January 11962 March 31
Magazine “Tragedy and the New Politics",  1960
Magazine “Ethics and the Politician,  1960
Magazine “Politics and the Corporation",  1958
Magazine “Private Governments and the Constitution",  1959
Magazine “The Condition of our National Political Parties",  1959
Letter from John B. Kirby, Jr. and speech notes  1963 January 22
Letter from Senator Clifford P. Case with the transcript of an interview with E. W. Kenworthy  1964 April 23
Letter from Congressman Frank Thomson, Jr.  1964 April 24
3:8 Political Systems
Pamphlet “Republicans believe…"  1962 November
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Political Systems lecture XII  
Case study “B Religion and Political Systems"  
Christianity, Society, and the Individual bibliography  
Political Ethics bibliography  
O’Dell, James D., and Cookson, Joseph W. “A Comparison of a Religious Sect Typology and a Right Wing Political Group Typology" (2 copies)  1962 April 11
Letter to Senator Clifford Case  1964 April 15
Letters to and from Congressman Frank Thomson, Jr..  1964 April 15, 1962 November 14, 1962 November 12,
3:9 Political Ethics
Wallace, James E. “A Christian Perspective of the Law"  1962 May
“Political Ethics and Law"  
Political Ethics syllabus  
Biographical sketch of Calvin  
The Papal Encyclicals  
Parker, Thomas D. “The Social and Political Ethics of Karl Barth"  
Magazine clipping  
3:10 Secular City – Cox Debate
Magazine articles  
Letters from Chris Meadows  1966 April
Seminar “Consultation on theology and the urban church"  1966 May 6
Notes for seminar  
3:11 Social Gospel
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
American Christianity seminar schedule  1960/1961
Wallace, James E. “Varying Conceptions of the Proper Role of Government" in Economic Life According to American Protestant Churchman, 1865-1900 (2 copies)  
Pierson, Paul E. “The Appeal in the United States for Foreign Missionary Service and Support Based on Social Needs, 1865-1900"  1960/1961
Bischoff, Guntram C. “Elements of Individual and of Social Christianity in Walter Rauschenbusch"  
Saunders, Albert C. “The Concept of American Destiny as Voiced by American Churchman 1917-1920"  
3:12 Sociology of Religion
Wiley, David. “Comprehensive Examination Sociology and Anthropology of Religion"  1965 January
3:13 Social Psychology
“Selected References”, Industrial Relations Section, Princeton University, No. 102  1961 November
“Pro-Seminar on Industrial Social Psychology"  1961 Fall
Wallace, James E. “Human Relations in Industry" (2 copies)  1961
Duncanson, J.P. “Military Selection and Classification"  1961 December 20
“The Nature of Conformity"  
Stevely, Jr., Homer. “An Approach to the Use of the Concept ‘Synthetic Organism’" in Social Industrial Psychology  1962 January 1
Wicker, Frank W. “Leadership and Communication" in Groups and Organizations  
Traub, Ross E. “A Model for Selection and Classification of Personnel in Industry” (2 copies)  1961 December
Goldstein, Kenneth. “Industrial and Military Training”  1961 December 6
Review “Institute of Industrial Relations"  1958 Fall
Class notes  
Booklet “Know Your Human Relations"  1959 May
Bibliography – “Social psychology of Religion"  
Magazine clipping  
3:14 Values
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Letter from Frank Farnoff  1963 October 7
Letter from James Issacs  1961 December 12
Study on Views of the World  
3:15 Vocation
Cantelon, John F. “Towards a Christian Understanding of Work in Today’s World"  
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
The Christian Doctrine of Vocation syllabus  
Sermon “Christ and Medicine" by John R. Bodo  1958-02-23
Sermon “Christ and Homemaking" by John R. Bodo  1958 March 9
Wallace, James E. “Cotton Mather’s Concept of Lay Vocation" (2 copies)  1962
“Church, Mission, and Mass Society"  
Dawe, Donald G. “A Doctor in the House"  
Box 4
4:1 Genesis
Map and illustrations (2 copies)  
Genesis content and structure  
“A Bible Reading Program" by Ward Bjerke for The Faith United Presbyterian Church  
Notes  1957 September 25
Magazine articles  
Old Testament book studies  1957 November 12
A syllabus of questions on the form and content of the Bible  
4:2 Exodus
Exodus content and structure  
Exodus overview by Wallace, James E.  
A Study of the Tabernacle  
Notes  1957 October 1
Magazine articles  
4:3 Leviticus
Leviticus content and structure  
Leviticus overview  
Leviticus overview by Wallace, James E.  
Notes  1957 October 4
Magazine article  
4:4 Numbers
Numbers content and structure  
Numbers overview  
Numbers overview by Wallace, James E.  
4:5 Deuteronomy
Deuteronomy content and structure.  
Deuteronomy overview  
Deuteronomy overview by Wallace, James E  
Notes   1957 October 11
4:6 Joshua
Joshua content and structure  
Joshua overview  
4:7 Judges
Judges content and structure   
Judge overview  
Magazine articles and clippings  
4:8 Ruth
Ruth overview  
4:9 I Samuel
I Samuel content and structure  
I, II Samuel overview  
Notes  1957 October 29
Magazine articles  
4:10 II Samuel
II Samuel content and structure  
Notes  1957 November 1
Newspaper and magazine articles and clippings  
4:11 I Kings
I Kings content and structure  
I, II Kings overview  
Magazine articles and clippings  
4:12 II Kings
II Kings content and structure  
4:13 I Chronicles
I Chronicles content and structure  
Magazine articles  
4:14 II Chronicles
II Chronicles content and structure  
Magazine article  
4:15 Ezra
Ezra content and structure  
Ezra overview  
Magazine articles  
4:16 Nehemiah
Nehemiah content and structure  
Notes  1957 November 26
Magazine article  
4:17 psalms
Psalms overview  
Magazine articles  
4:18 Esther
Esther overview  
Magazine articles  
4:19 Job
Job overview  
Magazine articles  
4:20 Proverbs
Proverbs overview  
Magazine articles  
4:21 Ecclesiastes
Ecclesiastes overview  
Magazine articles  
4:22 Song of Solomon
Song of Solomon overview  
4:23 Isaiah
Magazine articles  
4:24 Jeremiah
Magazine articles  
4:25 Lamentations
Lamentations overview  
Magazine articles  
4:26 Ezekiel
Ezekiel overview  
Magazine articles  
4:27 Daniel
Daniel overview  
Magazine articles  
4:28 Joel
Magazine articles  
4:29 Amos
Amos overview  
4:30 Obadiah
4:31 Jonah
Jonah overview  
4:32 Micah
Micah overview  
4:33 Habakkuk
Habakkuk overview  
Magazine articles  
4:34 Zephaniah
Zephaniah overview  
Magazine articles  
4:35 Haggai-Zachariah
“Haggai – Zechariah content and structure"  
“The Nugget Haggai and Zechariah study"  1958 March 30
Magazine articles  
4:36 Malachi
“Malachi content and structure"  
Notes  1957 December 12
Final exam  
Magazine articles  
“The Nugget – Malachi study"  1958 March 9
4:37 The Synoptics
“The Synoptics content and structure"  
Wallace, James E. “New Testament Book Studies: The Synoptic Gospels"  
Magazine articles  
4:38 Matthew
Matthew content and structure  
Matthew overview  
Magazine articles  
New Testament Book Studies quiz, and final exam  1958 March 3
4:39 Mark
Mark Content and structure  
Mark overview  
Magazine articles  
4:40 Luke
Luke Content and structure  
Magazine articles  
4:41 John
John Content and structure  
Notes  1958 January 4
Magazine articles  
4:42 Acts
Map of Greece  
Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles  
The Acts of the Apostles overview  
Magazine articles  
4:43 Romams
Romans content and structure  
Romans overview  
Magazine articles  
Notes  1958 February 7
4:44 I Corinthians
I Corinthians content and structure  
I Corinthians overview  
Resume: Paul and Corinth  
Magazine articles  
Notes  1958 January 29
4:45 II Corinthians
II Corinthians content and structure  
4:46 Galatians
Galatians content and structure  
4:47 Ephesians
Ephesians content and structure  
Magazine articles  
4:48 Philippians
Philippians content and structure  
Wallace, James E. “An Exegetical Study of Philippians 2:12-18"  1959 February
Magazine articles  
4:49 Colossians, Philemon
Colossians and Philemon content and structure  
Philemon basic information  
Magazine articles  
Notes  1958 February 14
4:50 Hebrews
Hebrews basic information  
Hebrews content and structure  
Magazine articles  
Notes  1958 February 21
4:51 Thessalonians
Thessalonians content and structure  
Studia Biblica, “The First Epistle to the Thessalonians” by Edward P. Blair  1948 April
4:52 Timothy - Titus
The Pastoral Epistles content and structure  
The Pastoral Epistles overview  
Magazine article  
4:53 James
James content and features  
James overview  
Studia Biblica, “The Epistle James” by Rachel Henderlite,  1949 October
4:54 I Peter
I Peter content and structure  
I Peter overview  
Exegesis of the First Epistle of Peter  
Magazine article  
4:55 II Peter, Jude
Jude and II Peter content and structure   
II Peter overview  
Magazine articles  
4:56 Epistls of John
The Letters of John content and features  
“I, II, III, John overview  
Magazine articles  
4:57 Revelation
The Revelation to John with notes  
Revelation overview  
4:58 Methods (Basic design and methods)
Methods of Social Research quiz  1965 Winter
Methods of Social Research syllabus  1965 Winter
Notes  1965 January-February
4:59 Stat
Syllabus for “Elementary Social Statistics  1964 Fall
Notes  1964 October-November
4:60 Community Systems – Practicum (66-67)
Notes  1966 October
Withdrawal form  1966 September
Letter from Samuel W. Blizzard to Dennis Edelman  1966 March 24
4:61 Methodology
Magazine articles and clippings  
Behavioral Science Research Methods  
Notes  1961 October-November
Content analysis  
Opinion Survey of Young Adults  
Church Members Opinion Survey about Ministries  
Political Opinion and Participation Questionnaire  
Coding system  
“The Practice of Private Confession in the Lutheran Churches"  
“Social Science Research Methods" by T.E. Brown, Bill Foden, F.E. Bredahl-Petersen, Buswell, David H. McAlpin, Jr.,  1961 January-May
Notes  1961 January, 1961 April
Behavioral Science Research Methods exam  
Behavioral Science Research Methods answer key  
Religious survey card  
Letter from Charles P. Smith  1964 April 6
FMC Corporation Inorganic Chemicals Division Technical Department project proposal  
Religious survey card  
4:62 Sociological Theory
Notebook  1961 September, 1962 March
iEconomic Growth and Social Change in Underdeveloped Areas seminar reading  1961 September-December
iiSchedule for Contemporary Sociological Theory class  1962 Spring
iiiMoore, Wilbert E. "But Some Are More Than Others"  
4:63 History of Soc Sci
Behavior science theory paper  1967
Bibliography for social science  
Paper "A Survey of the Development of Ideas"  
Memos from the doctoral studies office  1966 September-October
Bibliography for Christianity, Society, and the Individual  1960-1961
A Summary View of the Social Sciences  
Notes  1961 April-June
Time table  
Book borrow form (Princeton University Library)  
Memo from registrar  1961 February 28
Syllabus for Christianity, Society and the Individual  1960-1961
4:64 Adult Education
Magazine articles   
Notes  1960 February 22
4:65 Alcohol
Magazine articles and clippings  
The Problems of Alcohol  1957 November
4:66 Anxiety
Magazine articles and clippings  
4:67 Atonement-Incarnation
Wallace, James E. “Jesus Christ Is the Same: A Comment on the Doctrine of the Incarnation of God"  1959 March
Magazine articles and clippings  
4:68 Authority of Scripture
Paper “The Authority of Scripture"  
Wallace, James E. “Augustine ‘The Use of the Bible'"  
Magazine articles and clippings  
4:69 Baptism
Paper “A Theological Essay on Question 167 of the Larger Catechism"  
Magazine articles  
4:70 The Bible
Magazine articles and clippings  
4:71 Birth Control
Magazine articles and clippings  
4:72 The Prodigal Brother
Wallace, James, E. “The Prodigal Brother"   1958 January 22
4:73 Captial Punishment
Magazine clippings  
4:74 Theology: Christianity CF/W – Diesm, Pantheism, Dualism
Paper “The Christian Doctrine of Creation: Its Distinctive Features by Contrast with Deism, Pantheism, and Dualism"  
4:75 Christology
Magazine clippings  
4:76 Christian Ed.
Magazine articles and clippings  
Syllabus Teaching the Bible  
Sweet, Herman J. “A Message to Ministers"  
Chauncey, Henry. “Some Comparative Checkpoints between American and Soviet Secondary Education"  
Report for First Presbyterian Church, Evanston, IL  
4:77 Christian Life – Regeneration Wholeness
Magazine articles and clippings  
Wholeness of Life  
Regeneration and the Pattern of the Christian Life  
4:78 Christianity and Personality
Syllabus “Christianity and Personality  
Class notes  1961 January 5
Letters from Wayne E. Oates to Dr. E.G. Homrighausen  1960 December 5/9
Letter from E.G. Homrighausen  1960 December 7
4:79 Confession of Faith
Letter from Edward W. Stimson  1965 April 10
Magazine clippings  
4:80 Creation and Sin
Wallace, James E. “An Analysis and Restatement of Chapters IV and VI of the Westminster Confession of Faith"  1959 February
4:81 Counseling
Newspaper and magazine clipping  
Bulletin of Family Education Research  
“A Consultative Service for Ministers"  
4:82 Death, Funerals
Booklet “The Princeton Memorial Association Inc."  
The session On Christian Burial  1957 June
Magazine clippings  
Booklet “When Life Tumbles… in What Then?"  
Booklet “When Death Takes Someone You Love"  
Scripture Readings for the Funeral Service  
“To Die a Christian Death"  1957 November 24
4:83 Ecumenical Movement
Garen, Paul. “World Religions and World Affairs"  
Lectures “The Ecumenical Movement"  1951
4:84 Eschatology
Paper “A Critique of Rudolph Bultmann’s Statement ‘The Meaning in History Lies Always in the Present’"  
Magazine clipping  
4:85 Evangelism
Magazine clippings  
Booklet “The Division of Evangelism"  
4:86 Evolution
Newspaper and Magazine clippings  
4:87 Faith
Newspaper and Magazine clippings  
4:88 Faith that Works
Sermon “The Importance of Little Things"  
Sermon “A Working Faith"  
4:89 Faith that Follows
Order of worship  
Sermon “A Faith that Follows"  
4:90 Family
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Class notes  1960 September 29
Syllabus for Church and Family  
“Bulletin of Family Education Research"  
Bibliography by Princeton Planned Parenthood Center  
Fairchild, Roy W. “Man, Woman, and God"  1960 May
4:91 Forgiveness of God
Newspaper clipping  
Wallace, James, E. “The Forgiveness of God and the Forgiveness of Man"  
Paper “The One and the Many"  
4:92 God
4:93 Grace
Paper “The Grace of God"  
4:94 Healing
Healing service bulletin  1961 October 25
Magazine clippings  
4:95 Hymnology
“A Worship Service in Hymns: From the Great Periods of Hymnody”  
Wallace, James E. lecture manuscript on Isaac Watts  
Wallace, James E. lecture manuscript on “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”  
Wallace, James E. lecture manuscript on “He Who Would Valiant Be”  
Handouts for hymn suggestions and topics  
A Brief Bibliography for Hymnology  
Notes  1959 January 20
Magazine clippings  
4:96 Laity – Work, Leisure
Booklet “The Layman’s Century?"  
“The Characteristics of an Evangelizing Church"  
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Wallace, James E. “Small Groups and Church Renewal"  
Wallace, James E. “The Laity and the Church"  
Church bulletin  1960 October 20
Booklet “Signs of Renewal"  
Church bulletin  1961 October 15
MacInnes, Gordon A. “Biblical Doctrine of Work", Address Delivered at Discussion Leaders Training  1962 September 29
4:97 Lincoln
Magazine clippings  
4:98 Man – His Nature, His Predicament
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Wallace, James E. “My Gospel and Its Proclamation"  1960 February
Letters from William Damroth with brochure  1961 October 24, 1961 November 16
American Journal of Psychoanalysis  
Booklet “Of Roots and Veins…"  1963 October 17
4:99 Maturity – Self Determinism
Letter from Forry and Hazel with an article “Why I Am Leaving the Ministry as My Vocation"  1960 January 1
Letters from Ward  1960 May 11, 1962 October 20, 1962 November 20, 1962 December 4
Perspective: A Weekly Devotional Letter for the Business Man  1960 June 20
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Letter from Frank Haronian  1960 October 3
4:100 Minister – Pastor
Newspaper and magazine clippings  
Magazine “Monday Morning"  1964 May
Multiple articles and writings by Blizzard, Samuel W.  
Sermon “A Qualified Ministry"  
Blizzard, Samuel W. “A Statement of Concern about the Ministry?"  1963 May 24
Brochure “On Considering a Call"  1960 September 20


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