The Frederic Lawrence and Kenaston Twitchell Oxford Group Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creators: Lawrence, Frederic C.; Twitchell, Kenaston
Dates: 1924-1983
Extent: 6 boxes (2.5 linear feet)
Language(s): English, French, Danish
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Special Collections.

Biographical Information

The Oxford Group was an organization in the early 20th century in the United States with ties to Oxford in England, concerned with changing individual lives and fostering world peace by morally re-arming individuals with principles of Christian beliefs. While they were not a religion or church, members saw themselves as missionaries. The movement was started by Frank Buchman. Frederic C. Lawrence and Kenaston Twitchell were members of the emerging Oxford Group.

Frederic C. Lawrence (1899-1989) met the initiator of the Oxford Group Frank Buchman while he was a student at Cambridge, England, in the 1920s. He was active with the group until about 1936. In 1937 he earned a Doctor of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School. Lawrence later worked as suffragan bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts until his retirement in 1968.

Kenaston Twitchell (1903-1988) attended Lawrenceville School and graduated from Princeton University in 1924. He completed a Master's Degree in Oxford, where he met Frank Buchman and became actively involved with the Oxford Group. In 1938, he became the executive director of Moral Re-armament, an international moral and spiritual movement that developed out of the Oxford Group. He worked for the movement until 1973 and died in 1988 in Princeton, N.J.

Another follower of Buchman was Samuel Shoemaker, a Princeton graduate and Secretary of the Philadelphian Society in Princeton. Several of his writings are contained in the present collection. Shoemaker founded "Faith at Work" in 1926. Yet another group that developed out of the Oxford Group is Alcoholics Anonymous.


Scope and Content

The Oxford Group Manuscript Collection consists of clippings, reprints, pamphlets, leaflets, newsletters, invitations, magazines, letters, some handwritten notes, drafts, and books. The collection comprises 2.5 linear feet (6 boxes) with records dating from 1924-1983 (bulk: 1928-1938). The records document the early years of the Oxford Group. They were collected by Frederic C. Lawrence and by Kenaston Twitchell. There are three series in this collection.

Series I was given to the Princeton Theological Seminary Library, Special Collections, in 1982 by Bishop Frederic C. Lawrence (1899-1989). Lawrence's papers consist mainly of clippings and documents published between 1920 and 1936. He pre-sorted the pamphlets, articles, and books into folders. The original order of his papers was retained.

Series II was donated to the seminary library by long-time Princeton resident and friend of the seminary Kenaston Twitchell in the early 1980s. His donation consists mainly of clippings, pamphlets, programs, magazines, some notes, and three books about the Oxford Group.

Series III consists of three books pertaining to the Oxford Group. They were collected by Kenaston Twitchell.

The collection documents the beginnings of the Oxford Group, which goes back to Frank Buchman. Buchman worked at Penn State College and later at Hartford Theological Seminary, when he became active in forming Christian groups at Princeton, Harvard, and Oxford University. He had travelled to China, England, Europe, South Africa, and USA. The collection includes records pertaining to Buchman as well as records that refer to the nature and principles of the group, such as the publications Soul Surgery by Howard Walter, Realizing Religion by Samuel Shoemaker and various articles.



Shoemaker, Samuel M. (Samuel Moor), 1893-1963

Buchman, Frank, 1878-1961

Walter, H. A. (Howard Arnold), 1883-1918

Moral Re-armament (Organization)

Oxford Group--Twentieth century--Princeton (N.J.)

Oxford Group--Twentieth century--Oxford (England)

The Philadelphian Society (Princeton University)

Moral re-armament

House parties

Christian organizations

Soul Surgery

Oxford Group meetings


Religious reawakening

Young Men's Christian Association -- New Jersey -- Princeton.




Invitation cards





Twitchell, Kenaston

Oxford Group


Administrative Information

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There are three series in this collection.

Series I contains papers collected by Frederic C. Lawrence in a total 4 boxes. Boxes 1-3 consist of 14 folders following Frederic Lawrence's original arrangement. Box 4 of the first series includes 15 folders numbered 4:1-4:15. Documents from folders 4:9-4:15 had originally been kept in one large folder entitled "The Oxford Group Sweep of the Week. Canada. USA. 1933-1934." Lawrence's geographical arrangement is represented at the end of the item description in the new folders reflecting his original indications: New York, Western Canada, Washington, California.

Series II comprises papers collected by Kenaston Twitchell in 11 folders in boxes 5 (folders 1-10) and 6 (folder 6:1). The materials include clippings, pamphlets, magazines, reprints, programs and notes. Boxes 5 and 6 each start a new numbering.

Series III comprises three published books collected by Kenaston Twitchell.



Series I: Lawrence Papers
Box 1
1:1 Lawrence 1, 1924-1937, undated
The Real Issue vol. I, no. 2 (Princeton: The Philadelphian Society).  1924 March 25
"Neophyte Gives His Impressions of a Frank Buchman House Party," The Real Issue. Reprint.  1924 May 8
Care Thomas Cook and Son, "Dear Housepartyites," Colombo, Ceylon. Letter, 2 pages. Typescript, with black ink annotation on first page.  1925 March 15
The Philadelphian Society, Report of the General Secretary to the Board of Directors.  1925 September 1
The Philadelphian Society, Report of the General Secretary of The Philadelphian Society to the Board of Directors for the Academic Year 1925-1926. Pamphlet.  1925-1926
Life Publishing Company, "While there is Life there's Hope," Life, vol. 88, 2298, 17-18. Clipping.  1926 November 18
Princeton University, Report to President Hibben of Special Committee Appointed to Study the Activities and Scope of The Philadelphian Society.   1926 December 31
"Contemporary Comment," The Daily Princetonian. Reprint.   1927 January 28
The Letter (A First Century Christian Fellowship) 4.   1928 August
The Letter (A First Century Christian Fellowship) 5.   Christmas 1928
H. Booth Coventry, "The Oxford Group Movement in South Africa," The Christian World. Reprint.  1930 March 13
"The South African Adventure. A Miracle Working God Abroad." The Letter (The Groups. A First Century Christian Fellowship) 7. 2 copies.  1930 April
"Bill Pickle," 1 p.  1937
Statement of policy, program and methods of the Philadelphian Society. 5 typed pages.  undated
"Contemporary Comment," The Daily Princetonian. Reprint.  undated
"Buchman Hope of Triumph with Marie Is Defeated by Hibben," The Springfield Union, Tuesday, October 26, 19..[torn out]. Clipping.  undated
"Dancer Is Rival," clipping.  undated
1:2 Lawrence 2, 1927-1933, undated
Samuel M. Shoemaker, "My Relation to What Is Called 'Buchmanism,'" The Calvary Evangel. Reprint.  1927 January
Howard A. Walter, Soul Surgery, third edition (Calcutta: Association Press YMCA).   1928
Samuel M. Shoemaker, "A Parson Answers a Bishop," The Living Church. Church Booklets. No. 301 (Morehouse Publishing Co.). Reprint.  1928
Samuel M. Shoemaker, One Boy's Influence (New York: Association Press). Pamphlet.  1930
Samuel M. Shoemaker, My Life-Work and My Will. Pamphlet.  1930
Samuel M. Shoemaker, Realizing Religion (New York: Association Press).  1933
John S. Beck, Irving Harris, Samuel M. Shoemaker, Here's How (Lebanon, Pa: The Sowers Printing Co.).  undated
1:3 Lawrence 3, 1925-1947, undated
1:3"Lecturette Delivered Over the Radio by Mr Frank Russell," 2 typewritten pages. Melbourne,   1925 July 10
"Frank N. D. Buchman," White's Biography Brochures. From the National Cyclopedia of American Biography. (New York: James T. White, Co).  1927
Eleanor Napier Forde, "Guidance. What It Is and How to Get It," (paper presented at Minnewaska, New York), (New Haven, Conn.: Quinnipiac Press)  1927 September
Justin Evans, "Buchmanism," The Oxford Times. Reprint.   1928 March 2
"Buchmanism's. Apologia," The Daily Express,  1928 June 7
John McCook Roots, "The 'Buchman Movement'. A Rediscovery of Spiritual Reality in Terms of Modern Life." The Atlantic Monthly, under the title, "An Apostle in Youth." Reprint.  1928 December
Samuel M. Shoemaker, "A First-Century Christian Fellowship. A Defense of So-Called Buchmanism by One of Its Leaders," ("The substance of this paper was delivered before The Club, in New York, December 10, 1928."), The Churchman. Reprint.  1928
Sherwood Sunderland Day, The Principles of the Group, published by The Oxford Group (Oxford: Oxford University Press).   1929
W. J. Margetson, "A Modern Oxford Movement. At Work for Christ in South Africa," The Church of England Newspaper. Reprint.  1930 January
John Cuyler "The Art of Witnessing," The Calvary Evangel. Reprint.   1930 November
J. S. Coleman, Jr., "Unique Appeal of 'The Groups' Stirs Religious Life of Asheville," The Ashville Citizen-Times. Reprint.   1931 March 29
Howard A. Walter, Soul Surgery (Oxford: University Press)   1932
"Oxford Group Never Asks for Funds, Declares Letter." The Toronto Daily Star. Reprint.   1934 April 6
Frank Buchman, "The Good Road," A World Broadcast. First published by The Oxford Group.  1947 June
J. P. Thornton-Duesbery, Sharing, published by The Oxford Group (Oxford: Oxford University Press).  undated
W. P. Fraser, House Parties with a Purpose. Pamphlet.  undated
Granville Hicks, The Work of Frank Buchman. An Interview with W. Cleveland Hicks. Pamphlet.  undated
Walter Carey, The Group System and the Catholic Church. Pamphlet.  undated
John Mc. Roots, The Intelligent Evangelization of Youth, (New Haven, Conn.: Quinnipiac Press, Inc.). Pamphlet.  undated
Rev. Ray Foote Purdey, printed letter regarding fundraising. New York.  undated
"The Groups. A First Century Christian Fellowship," printed list of publications.  undated
"Bibliography," 1 page, double-sided printed bibliography pertaining to the Oxford Group.  undated
A. S. Loudon Hamilton, Some Basic Principles of Christian Work  undated
Garrett H. Staarly, "The Guidance of the Holy Spirit." Typed paper, 9 pages.  undated
Loudon Hamilton, "The Legacy of Frank Buchman." Reprinted with permission of Dynamis, New York.  undated
Rev. Howard J. Rose, Group Leadership, 2 printed pages recto/verso. (Oxford)   undated
1:4 Lawrence 4, 1926, undated
"Caught by 'Buchmanism' In Spite of Myself, by a Princeton Graduate and New York Businessman."  1926 October 18
"The Oxford Group," Cape Times. Clipping.   1928 October 12
Lester Leake Riley, "This Thing Called Buchmanism. A House Party Experience," The Churchman.  1928 November 10
"People who would be interested to have you send them personally a copy of the British Weekly - Oxford Group Supplement," printed list, 1 page.  undated
Loudon Hamilton, "Valorous, Victorious Thinking. Would We Know What to Do With Revival?" Clipping.   undated
Stanley High, "The Editor went to a House Party and It turned out to be a Revival," reprinted for The Groups - A First Century Christian Fellowship by The Christian Herald.  undated
Andrew Roddan, For Doubters Only: How I Was Changed. Pamphlet.  undated
"Of Personal Religion," The Church Times. Clipping. June 15.   undated
1:5 Lawrence 5, 1933-1934, undated
"Oxford Group Supplement," The British Weekly.  1933 July 6
Alan Thornhill, "The Oxford Group. Finances of the Teams," The Times. Reprint.   1933 September 30
Théophile Spoerri, Le Maître de notre temps (Paris: Librairie Fischbacher), Quatrième édition.   1934
Irish Christian Advocate Special Oxford Group Number, vol. 12, no. 42.  1934 October 19
Garth Lean and Morris Martin, New Leadership. Describes the principles underlying the work of the Oxford Group in the world today. Pamphlet.  undated
Box 2
2:6 Lawrence 6, undated
Burnett Hillman Streeter, "Psychological Aspects of the Oxford Group," prepared for the Atlantic Monthly. Typed manuscript, Attached is a printed letter by Streeter to Frank Buchman.  undated
"How Civilization Can Be Saved. Need For a Christian Revolution. Work of Oxford Group May Be in Time," typed manuscript, undated. Two copies.  undated
2:7 Lawrence 7, 1928-1940, undated
"Dr. Buchman in Oxford," The Times, 15. Clipping.  1928 June 23
James Thayer Addison, Angus Dun, and Charles L. Taylor, "A Study of 'Buchmanism'. Some of Its Virtues," The Churchman, 10-12.  1928 December 1
Theology. A Monthly Journal of Historic Christianity. vol. XXI, no. 122.  1930 August
F. B. Bourdillon, C.B.E., "Morals and the Oxford Group," reprinted with slight alterations from The Nineteenth Century and After, vol. CXIV, 710-717. Reprint.  1933 December
The Atlantic Monthly.  1934 August
Canon Streeter, "Moral Aspects of World Crisis. Letter to the editor." The London Times. Reprint.  1935 May 10
Burnett Hillman Streeter, "Luther, Erasmus and the Oxford Group," The Spectator, 348-9. Clipping.  1935 September 6
Sir Michael Sadler, "The Group Movement: A Valuation-I," The Spectator, typed manuscript letter of evaluation, 2 pages.  1935 October 11
Ebenezer Cunningham, "The Group Movement: A Valuation-II," The Spectator, typed manuscript letter of evaluation, 2 pages.  1935 October 18
Reinhold Niebuhr, "Hitler and Buchman," The Christian Century, 1315-6.  1936 October 7
Mahatma Gandhi, "Why I won't Join the Oxford Movement," Liberty. Clipping.  1940
C. M. Chavasse, "Dr. Buchman in Oxford. Letter to the editor." Clipping.  undated
2:8 Lawrence 8, 1934-1936, undated
"Oxford Group," Supplement to Witness and Canadian Homestead.   1934 April 18
"Oxford Group Influence On Racial Strife," The Mail and Empire, Toronto, 8. Clipping.  1934 May 9
The North American House Party. Banff, Canada. Leaflet, 4 pages.  1934 June 6
The North American House Party. Banff, Canada. Leaflet, 4 pages.  1934 June 7
Bell-Irving, "H. Bell-Irving, Co. LTD," typed manuscript letter to John Roots, 7 pages. Includes a copy from a letter dated July 7, 1934 to John Roots and a copy from a letter from Alfred C. Schoffield to Frank Buchman from June 11, 1934.  1934 October 9
"National Republican Club," typed manuscript "Address by H. Alexander Smith, Treasurer, New Jersey Republican State Committee, at the National Republican Club," 15 pages.  1935 January 22
"Oxford Group," Supplement to the Montreal Witness, 6 pages.  1935 June 15
The Modern Thinker and Authors' Review, vol. VI, no. 5.  1935 July
"I See Seven Miracles in One Week-End," The Sunday Chronicle. Reprint.  1935 July 28
David Lawrence, "Bridges From Man to Man," The United States News, vol. 4, no. 51. Clipping.  1936 December 21
The Individual Thinker, vol. 1, no. 1, June.  undated
2:9 Lawrence 9, 1935, undated
The Oxford Group in Denmark. Eve of Election. Pamphlet.   1935
Théophile Spoerri, Le Péché, (Lausanne: Editions La Concorde). Quatrième édition.  1935
Un itinéraire réel. La discipline du groupe d'Oxford. Printed booklet.  1935
"The Aim of Christian Revolution," in the Oxford Group Supplement of The British Weekly.  1935 April 25
"Oxford I Aarhus," Berlingske Illustreret Tidende. Annotation in blue ink on front page.  1935 August 25
The Oxford Group in Geneva, 4 pages. Pamphlet.  1935 September
Dr. Benes, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Czeckoslovakia, "Speeches at a Luncheon," Geneva. Typed manuscript, 10 pages.  1935 September 23
"Three Weeks with the Oxford Group in Geneva and Berne." Geneva. Typed manuscript, 5 pages.  1935 September 25
"Le Groupe d'Oxford," Journal de Genève, no. 265. Clipping.  1935 Septembre 27
"Address (in part) of The Honorable C. J. Hambro. Bankers' Club, New York," typed manuscript, 6 pages, 1 envelope.  1935 November 20
Bridge Builders, The Oxford Group's First Year in Denmark. Pamphlet.   undated
2:10 Lawrence 10, 1936-1938
The Oxford Group. A National Assembly in The Berkshires, Massachusetts, 4 pages. Pamphlet.  1936 May 29-June 8
The Living Church, 57-61.  1936 July 18
"Oxford Group," Life. Reprint.  1937 February 15
David Lawrence, "Today in Washington. Only Divine Guidance Can Bring to an End the Era of Hate in Politics." (NY) Clipping.   1937 September 1
Dora Davis Farrington, "Finding One's Place on The Church-Oxford Group Salient," The New Witness, vol. 2, no. 45, (Montreal) 6-7.  1937 November 16
"A Houseparty of The Oxford Group at Aiken, South Carolina, April 22nd to Monday, April 25, 1938." Announcement card.  1938 April 22
Oxford Group The New Enlistment for Young Men, Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania. 4 pages. Pamphlet.  1938 June 17
Printed letter about Oxford Group coming back from Switzerland to New York.  1938 September 20
"Roger Babson Says Work of Oxford Group Helped Avert European War," New York. Press Announcement.  1938 October 19
An Assembly for Moral Rearmament, Kingston, Ontario. Pamphlet.  1938 November 18
Frank Buchman, "Chaos against God," printed broadcast talk in the national programme of the BBC.  1938 November 27
Box 3
3:11 Lawrence 11, 1931-1940, undated
R. J. Campbell, Stories of our Oxford House Party, by The Bishop of Leicester, Chancellor R. J. Campbell and the Editor of the Church of England Newspaper. Pamphlet.  1931
"The Oxford Group at Hindhead. Business Men's House-Party." Clipping.  1935 February 15
"Christ Church Penge. Oxford Group Campaign Number," Parish Magazine 1935.  1935 March
"I See Seven Miracle in One Week-End," The Sunday Chronicle. Clipping.  1935 July 28
"Trying to Make 'Good' Men out of 'Unconverted' Men," The Church of England Newspaper, vol. XLII, no. 2,176. Clipping.  1935 November 1
"An Apostle With a Suitcase," by George Elgie. Reprinted from the Editorial Page of the Evening Chronicle (Manchaster). Reprint.  1936 July 13
"Oxford Group Assembly: Vast Audience at Castle Bromwich," Birmingham Gazette. Clipping.  1936 July 27
"Birmingham - Spiritual Power House, of the Empire," Evening Dispatch. Clipping.  1936 July 27
Copy of "Cable received from Birmingham, England," mentioning "Britain's first national assembly takes England by storm."  1936 July 28
Bishop Linton, "Re-Making the World. Significance of an Epoch-Making Week-End," The Church of England Newspaper. Clipping.  1936 July 31
Burnett Hillman Streeter, "The Trumpet-Call of the Oxford Group," The Church of England Newspaper, vol. XLIII, no. 2,215. Clipping.  1936 July 31
The Oxford Group, The New Enlistment, Easter 1937. Pamphlet.  1937 March
Samuel M. Shoemaker, "War Between the Forces of God and the Forces of Anti-Christ. Spiritual Strategy Needed for the World," The Church of England Newspaper. Clipping.  1937 August 13
Frank Buchman, "Moral Re-Armament. A World War Against Selfishness. Guidance Or Guns?" Church of England Newspaper. Clipping.  1938 September 23
"Shaping the Future. St Andrew's Day. Call to Scottish People." The Scotsman. Reprint.  1938 November 30
Stephen Foot, "Testing Time in History. God's Message to Youth," The Church of England Newspaper. Clipping.  1940 March 1
Lord Bishop of Oxford, Human Wisdom Has Failed. Leaflet.  undated
"The Oxford Group," A National Assembly July 25-26 - British Industries Fair, Birmingham. Programme.  undated
Garth Lean and Morris Martin, New Leadership. Describes the principles underlying the work of the Oxford Group in the world today (London). Pamphlet.  undated
Printed quotations pertaining to the Oxford Group, 4 pages.  undated
"The Great New Religious Revival" large newspaper-type of clipping.  undated
"The Diocesan House" with address of Frederic C. Lawrence. "Appraisals." 1 page with letterhead.  undated
3:12 Lawrence 12, 1935-1938, undated
"Oxford Group," weekly supplement to the Witness and Canadian Homestead.  1935 April 3
The Calvary Evangel, vol. XLIX, no. 2.  1956 February
P. W. Wilson, "The Oxford Crusaders Go Marching Onward," The New York Times Magazine. Clipping.  1936 February 23
"Oxford Group," weekly supplement to Witness and Canadian Homestead.  1936 April 22
Frederic C. Lawrence, "An Adventure in Fellowship," Witness and Canadian Homestead. Clipping.  1936 May 6
"The Oxford Group. A National Assembly." Stockbridge, Mass.  1936 May 29-June 8
"Grand Climax to Oxford Group's Assembly to Be Tomorrow at Stockbridge," The Berkshire Evening Eagle, vol. 43, no. 24, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Clipping.  1936 June 6
"Oxford Group's National Assembly Passes in Review," The Berkshire Evening Eagle. Clipping.  1936 June 6
Arthur Baker, George Christ, and James Fairlie, "Press And The Oxford Group," The Newspaper World, letter to the editor. Clipping.  1936 July 18
"The Oxford Groups. The Most Modern Religious Revivals Seeks to Change Men and Solve Their Problems," The New York Times Magazine. Clipping.  1936 July 19
Albert C. Dieffenbach, "Religion Today. God, Dictators, and the Oxford Group," Boston Evening Transcript. Clipping.  1936 September 5
"An International Team of The Oxford Group at The Hotel Statler Boston." Printed invitation leaflet.  1936 September 15
Hermann Hagedorn, "The Oxford Group and the World Crisis," The Harvard Advocate. Reprint.  1936 December
E. C. Janes, "Under Unique Management. The Oxford Group believes that God has a plan for a business whether it be a shop, corporation, or newspaper," The New Witness, vol. 91, no. 49, vol. 1, no. 24, Montreal. 2 copies of the journal.  1936 December 1
"The Most Courageous Thing You Can Do," The New Witness. Clipping.  1936 December 8
"Oxford Group Army in America Active on East and West Coasts," The Berkshire Evening Eagle. Clipping.  1936 December 9
David Lawrence, "Bridges From Man to Man," The United States News, vol. 4, no. 51. Clipping.  1936 December 21
The Oxford Group, "Houseparty at Stockbridge, Massachusetts June 3-6." Printed invitation.   1938 June 3
Printed list of people "expected to come from overseas for the National Assembly"  undated
3:13 Lawrence 13, 1933-1938, undated
Toyohiko Kagawa, "A Christian Internationale," Friends of Jesus, vol. VI, no. 1, Friends of Jesus Library no. 3 (Tokyo: Friends of Jesus).  1933 June
J. H. Linton, "What I have found in the Groups," The British Weekly, supplement.  1933 July 6
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"The Aim of Christian Revolution," The British Weekly Oxford Group Supplement.  1935 April 25
Ebenezer Macmillan, The Conversion of the Church. Closing Address by the Moderator, address held at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of South Africirca Pamphlet.  1935 September 18-26
George West, "The Church Aflame. Men and Women Giving Themselves that the Church Might Become Young Again," The Church of England Newspaper, vol. XLIV, no. 2,269. Clipping.  1937 August 13
George West, "The Church Can Save the World. The Task Is Inspired Thinking, Creative Living,, the Constructive Planning," The Church of England Newspaper, vol. XLV, no. 2,327. Clipping.  1938 September 23
Toyohiko Kagawa, "Japan and the Oxford Group," ("from the preface to the Japanese translation of For Sinners Only"), typed manuscript, 2 pages.  undated
"Only Men of Character Can Save China," ("excerpts from a four column leader on the editorial page of the Hankow Herald, official organ of the Chinese National Government, August 29, 1934"), typed manuscript, 2 pages. Attached is a clipping "Official Chinese Journal Urges Youth Learn Way of Oxford Group Movement"  undated
"The Oxford Group in Penge," clipping.  undated
J. H. Linton, "An Adventure in Evangelism in England," and "What Preachers Are Saying," clippings.  undated
"Holland," and "The Work in South Africa," clippings.  undated
3:14 Lawrence 14, 1931-1975, undated
Edward A. Jonas, When "The Groups" Came to Louisville. Pamphlet.  1931
Miriam Gaines, "Meek and Mighty United in Religious Reawakening," The Herald-Post, Louisville, KY. Reprint.  1931 April 26
"New Strength Seen in Religion," The New York Sun. Clipping.  1931 May 27
"1000 Here Hail 'Groups' as New Religious Force," New York Herald Tribune. Clipping.  1931 May 27
The Oxford Group, How Do I Begin? (Camden, N.J.: The Haddon Craftsmen). Pamphlet.  1937
The Oxford Group, Moral Rearmament, (Toronto: Southam Press). Pamphlet.  1938
Frank Buchman, "Armistice, the Framework of a Mighty Answer," November 11, 1938, typed manuscript, 2 pages. Attached are "Lt.-Gen. Baron J. J. G. van Voorst tot Voorst on Moral Rearmament," The Hague, October 21, 1938, typed manuscript, 1 page, and "Roger Babson's Reason for Peaceful Outcome of September 1938 European Crisis," New York, October 19, 1938, typed manuscript, 1 page.  1938 November 11
Kenaston Twitchell, "Frank Buchman - Twentieth Century Catalyst," Proceedings of the Lehigh County Historical Society, vol. 30 (Allentown, Pennsylvania). Reprint.  1974
Kenneth Rose, "Flirtation with the Oxford Group," The Times Saturday Review. Clipping.  1975 June 21
"Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman," typed manuscript, obituary, 9 pages.   undated
Box 4
4:1 Lawrence 4:1, 1931-1935, undated
Goodwin Watson, "What Does Psychology Do to Religion?" The Christian Century, no. 48, 603-607. Clipping.  1931 April 8
J. S. Coleman, Jr., "The Groups - A First Century Christian Fellowship," Christian Observer. Clipping. Attached is 3-line manuscript note to Dr. Wylie, black ink on paper, dated April 18.  1931 April 15
"Buchmanism Again Stirs Attention," The Christian Century. Clipping.  1931 June 10
"Buchmanism Renewed," Time. Clipping.  1931 June 8
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"The Oxford Group Movement," The Church of England Newspaper. Clipping.  1931 July 17
"Things Old and New," The Christian Observer, MRA 256. Clipping.  1931
4:2 Lawrence 4:2, 1931, undated
"The Groups," printed invitation with envelope.   1931 May 26
W. Purdy, 1 manuscript typed letter to Dr. Dwight Wiley. Hartford, Conn., 1 page.  1931 June 3
1 leaf manuscript paper, pencil on paper  undated
16 leaves manuscript notes, black ink and pencil on paper.  undated
6 leaves of manuscripts notes, pencil on paper.  undated
8 leaves manuscripts notes, black ink and pencil on paper  undated
4:3 Lawrence 4:3, 1931, undated
Erskine Hill, The Oxford Group in Aberdeen. January, 1931 (Aberdeen: Rosemount Press). Pamphlet. 2 copies.  1931 January
Eleanor Napier Forde, The Guidance of God. The Oxford Group (Oxford: University Press). Pamphlet. 2 copies.  undated
Sherwood Sunderland Day, The Principles of the Group. The Oxford Group (Oxford: University Press). Pamphlet.  undated
J. P. Thornton-Duesbery, Sharing. The Oxford Group (Oxford: University Press). Pamphlet.  undated
4:4 Lawrence 4:4, 1933-1935, undated
"Oxford Group Seeks to Lead World Revival." Clipping.   1933 January 9
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4:5 Lawrence 4:5, 1931-1934
"Church Opened in Brooklyn to Buchman Ideas," The New York Herald Tribune. Clipping.  1931 December 5
"The Group Movement - Is it the Key to the longed-for Revival of Religion?" Life and Work. The magazine of the Church of Scotland, 442-444. Clipping.  1932 November
"Youth and Years Give Testimony of New Outlook," The Ottawa Journal. Clipping.  1932 November 5
Miss Mackenzie, "The Group Movement - From a Woman's Point of View," Life and Work. The magazine of the Church of Scotland. Clipping.  1932 December
"Editorial Notes and Comments - The Next Moderator," Christianity Today. A Presbyterian Journal, vol. 3, no. 9. Clipping.  1933
"The Oxford Groups Movement," The New York Times, letter to the editor. Clipping.  1934 January 4
"'Oxford' Drive Opens in London, Sirs Up Storm," Chicago Sunday Tribune. Clipping.  1933 October 8
P. W. Wilson, "A Religion of 'Change' Stirs a Debate," The New York Times Magazine, 12, 19. Clipping.  1934 January 14
4:6 Lawrence 4:6, undated
"The Rice file," 4 manuscript pages, typed notes, with some pencil annotations.  undated
"'Self-Knowledge' by Mason p. 140," 1 page with manuscript notes, typed.  undated
"The Waldorf March 15-34," 6 leaflets with notes.  undated
"The Precept of Silence," 1 page typed manuscript notes.  undated
"Conference Religion," notes, handwritten and typed.  undated
Pencil and ink manuscript notes on yellowish paper (smaller paper)  undated
"A great healthiness," typed notes, 2 pages with pencil and ink annotations.  undated
"II CW. 10:5," manuscript notes in ink on paper.  undated
"Lecture on the Ephesians," notes.  undated
Notes in pencil on paper with attached typed letter to Mr. James Burness, Mossgiel.  undated
"An Outline of Christian Theology," typed notes.  undated
"There was a young man of Peoria," notes.  undated
Notes in black ink on paper  undated
4:7 Lawrence 4:7, 1931-1934
P. Van Dusen to W. Wylie, typed letter, New York, April 20, 1931, 2 pages, 1 envelope. Included is another typed letter by Paul R Hickock to Mr. Dwight, Newark, N.J., April 18, 1931, 1 page.  1931 April 20
Letter by Julie Crawford to W. Wylie, Belfast, September 29, [1934?]. Blue ink on paper, 1 page, 1 envelope. Included are a church service programme by the Oxford Group from September 29, 1934, and two clippings (1934 September 29, 1934 and October 1).  1934 September 29
4:8 Lawrence 4:8, 1931-1934, undated
"Buchmanism - Early Christianity Revived," by Ernest W. Mandeville, Forum, November 1931, 289-293. Clipping, 2 copies. Includes an attached clipping on "Ernest Mandeville."  1931 November
Alva Johnston, "Profiles - Soul Surgeon," The New Yorker, 22-25. 2 copies. 1 copy of p. 21. Clipping.  1932 April 23
Rev. J. W. H. Milne, "What the Oxford Group Movement Did for Ottawa," The Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg, Canada. Reprint.  1933 May 2
The Christian Century, August 23, 1933, 1053-1063, including articles: Samuel M. Shoemaker, "Buchmanism - Pro and Con", 1053; "House-Parties Across the Continent," 1056-1059; and Douglas J. Wilson, "A Critique of Buchmanism," 1059-1063. Clipping.  1933 August 29
"Dr. Buchman Opens British Campaign", The New York Times, Special Cable, (London). Clipping.  1933 October 17
Charles W. Ferguson, "Society Hits the Sawdust Trail," Readers Digest, vol. 24, 33-38. Clipping with attached note in pencil.  1934 January
"Dr. L. P. Jacks on The Groups," 1345-46. Clipping.  1934?
The Atlantic Monthly, volume 154, number 1, July 1934, 1-16 and 239-252 including: Henry P. van Dusen, "'Apostle to the Twentieth Century' - Frank N. D. Buchman: Founder of the Oxford Group Movement," 1-16, and Henry P. van Dusen, "The Oxford Group Movement - An Appraisal," 239-252. Clipping.  1934 July
"Pastor Criticized for Denouncing Buchmanism Before King." Clipping.  undated
"Prayer Offered for Capone by Oxford Groups," New York Herald Tribune, Friday, April 29.  undated: circa mid 20th century
4:9 Lawrence 4:9, 1943-1954, undated
The Evangel, newsletter, 1 page.  1943 January 6
The Evangel, newsletter, 1 page.  1944 August 10
The Evangel, newsletter, 1 page. 2 copies.  1949 October 20
Copy of letter to Mrs. Cobe, 1 page.  1950 August 17
The Evangel, newsletter, 1 page.  1953 March 27
The Evangel, newsletter, 1 page. 2 copies.  1953 November 17
The Evangel, newsletter, 1 page. 2 copies.  1954 December 3
The Evangel, newsletter, 1 page. 2 copies. 1 subscription form for The Evangel, 1 page.   1954 December 3
Typed letter about moving The Evangel magazine away from Calvary House, 1 page.  undated
Copy of the original folder-cover that contained the content of folders 4:9-4:15  undated
4:10 Lawrence 4:10, 1932, undated
Montreal. Clipping.  1932 October 24
Toronto. Clipping.  1932 December 9
Montreal. Clipping.  1933 January 5
"Start of work - Commissioning of the Team." 1 page manuscript notes, pencil on paper.  undated
2 typescript pages with notes about members and meeting in Liverpool.  undated
1 printed invitation to a meeting in the Book-Cadillac Hotel, Hotel, Monday, November 28.  undated
1 page of manuscript notes in pencil on paper, "Eastern Canada + Detroit."  undated
2 typescript pages of notes including 1 list of "Montreal team" with attached clippings.  undated
4:11 Lawrence 4:11, 1933, undated
"Manning Blesses New Oxford Group," New York Times.  1933 January 3
Stanley High, "Revival of World Proportions Predicted From Oxford Group," New York Herald Tribune. Clipping.  1933 January 14
1 leaf of notes in pencil on paper, New York (New York).  undated
1 printed invitation to a meeting at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Monday, January 2. (New York)  undated
7 pages typescript notes about members and previous meetings (New York).  undated
"Statement Concerning the Arrival of Professor L. W. Grensted on S. S. Berengaria December 13," (New York), 5 pages, typescript  undated
"A Meeting of The Oxford Group in The Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Grand Ballroom," Monday, January 2, printed invitation, (New York)  undated
"Wald. Telegram", typescript notes about the Waldorf-Astoria meeting, (New York), 7 pages.  undated
"Statement Concerning the Arrival of Professor L. W. Grensted on S. S. Berengaria, December 13th, (New York), typed manuscript, 5 pages.  undated
4:12 Lawrence 4:12, 1933, undated
Vancouver News, (Western Canada). Clipping.  1933 March 31
Vancouver News, (Western Canada). Clipping.  1933 April 3
"Religious Revival Sweeps Vancouver," Witness and Canadian Homestead, (Western Canada).  1933 April 12
J. W. H. Milne, "What the Oxford Group Movement Did for Ottawa. Letter to the Editor," Manitoba Free Press, (Western Canada). Reprint.  1933 May 2
"Oxford Group Movement Sweeping Canada," Witness and Canadian Homestead, (Western Canada). Clipping.  1933 May 10
"Adventuring for the Kingdom With the Oxford Group," Witness and Canadian Homestead, (Western Canada). Clipping.  1933 May 21
"Adventuring for the Kingdom With the Oxford Group," Witness and Canadian Homestead, (Western Canada). Clipping.  1933 May 31
1 typed letter draft, (Western Canada), 2 pages.  1953 May 9
1 typed list "Vancouver Team," (Western Canada).  undated
"The Oxford Group in Alberta. Calgary and Edmonton," (Western Canada), typescript notes. 4 pages, includes a "Sunday programme from one of the group."   undated
"Vancouver Island House Party," (Western Canada), typescript notes, 4 pages.   undated
4:13 Lawrence 4:13, 1933, undated
"Fill Gold Coast Ballroom for Oxford Revival," Chicago Daily Tribune, vol. LXXXXII, no. 21, (Washington). Clipping.  1933 January 25
1 page, pencil on paper "Washington. A[...]. Chicago. Louisville. Kansas City. Phoenix." (Washington).  undated
1 page of typescript notes, "Bishop Woodcock, (Louisville, Kentucky)," (Washington).  undated
4:14 Lawrence 4:14, 1933, undated
3 pages, typescript "From Los Angeles, California Record - February 7, 1933. Shuler: His Column," with attached clipping "Bishop Lauds Movement of Oxford Group," Los Angeles Examiner, (California).   1933 February 7
2 pages of typescript notes "California," (California).  undated
"The Oxford Group at San Quentin Prison California," (California), 2 pages, typescript.  undated
2 pages of typescript notes with three points on religious aspects. Note in pencil about "Olive Jones," (California).  undated
4:15 Lawrence 4:15, 1933-1936, undated
1 photocopy of original folder labeled "The Oxford Group. Sweep of the work. Canada USA 1933-1934."  1933-1934
The Oxford Group. The March of Events (Oxford: University Press).  1935
Forste Aar. Oxford Gruppen I Danmark. (Kopenhagen).  1936
"The Oxford Group Today," draft, typescript notes, 8 pages with some annotations in pencil.  undated
L. W. Grensted, letter to the Editor of The New Outlook, 1 page.  undated
L. W. Grensted, "Professor Grenstead's Statement," 1 page, typescript.  undated
"Return to Eastern Canada + Wyo," 1 page with notes in pencil.  undated
Series II: Twitchell Papers
Box 5
5:1 Twitchell 1, 1926-1927, undated
"Caught by 'Buchmanism' In Spite of Myself, by a Princeton Graduate and New York Businessman," 15 pages. 1 insert: reprint from The Daily Princetonian. Pamphlet.  1926 October 18
Samuel M. Shoemaker, "My Relation to What is Called 'Buchmanism'" Calvary Evangel (New York: Calvary Evangel). 15 pages. Reprint.  1927
Irving Harris, "How To Start a Cell," The Evangel, a magazine of Christian Experience (New York: The Evangel, no date), 6 pages. Reprint.  undated
Irving Harris, "How To Start a Cell" The Calvary Evangel (Washington, D.C.), 6 pages.  undated
Irving Harris, "How To Kindle the Group," The Evangel, a magazine of Christian Experience (New York: The Evangel), 5 pages. Reprint. 5 copies.  undated
Harold T. Commons, Buchmanism. Variously Called The Oxford Group Movement or first Century Christianity or The Groups, or The Fellowship (Atlantic City, N.J.: Hewitt, Co Printers). Describes Commons' personal experience, 5 pages. Pamphlet. 2 copies.  undated
Logan Herbert Roots, The Two Options, (The Oxford Group). Pamphlet. 8 pages.  undated
Bernard B. Gair, "Discovery: A Jewish Intellectual Recognized the Messiah and Finds a Faith That Works" The Evangel (New York: The Evangel). Reprint. 4 pages.  undated
Irving Harris, Basic Ingredients (New York: The Evangel). Pamphlet. 9 pages.  undated
5:2 Twitchell 2, 1935-1955, undated
Irving Harris, An Outline of the Life of Christ (The Oxford Group). 47 pages. Some handwritten pencil annotations. Pamphlet. 3 copies.   1935
Katharine W. Lawrence, "Christianity and Sex," The Evangel, 19-23. Clipping.  1944 March
Texas Salesman, "Temper Better at Home - On Phone. Faith at Work for Family and Business" The Evangel, 11-12. Clipping. 4 copies.  1955 January-February
I. H., "Towards Increasing Effectiveness. Some Thoughts on Christian Cells," The Evangel. Reprint. 2 pages.  undated
Irving Harris, "Why a Group? The Place of the Christian Cell in Jesus' Life and in Ours," The Evangel, 4 pages. Reprint. 4 copies.  undated
5:3 Twitchell 3, 1932-1933, undated
"A Houseparty of The Groups at Briarcliff Lodge, New York." Invitation leaflet.  1932 April 22-May 2
"A Reception of The Oxford Group at the Chateau Laurier," Thursday, November 3, 1932 at 8:30pm. Programme and Invitation leaflet. Includes announcement of further meetings on Friday, November 4, and Saturday November 5, 1932.  1932 November 3
"A Meeting of The Oxford Group at The Plaza, Grand Ballroom." Invitation card.  1933 May 2
Envelope addressed to Dr. and Mrs. Dwight N. Wylie, includes invitation card to "A Meeting of The Oxford Group at The Plaza, Grand Ballroom," Tuesday, May 2, 1933, a business card "Mrs Harden Lake Crawford," and a printed page "The Oxford Group in the World."  1933
"The Oxford Group at The Waldorf Astoria." Programme of and invitation leaflet, Thursday, March 15 and March 16, at 8:30 pm.  undated
"A Series of Meetings of The Oxford Group at The Plaza Hotel New York City," Invitation leaflet, May 9, 10, 11, 12.  undated
5:4 Twitchell 4, 1933-1977
"Crusaders of Reform," Princeton Alumni Weekly, 35. Clipping.  1933 June 2
Clare Backhurst, John Back, Howard Haines, and Irving Harris, The Evangel, newsletter. 1 page, printed. 2 copies.  1953 March 18
The Evangel, newsletter, written by Clare Backhurst, John Back, Howard Haines, and Irving Harris. 1 page, printed.  1954 March 12
Ernest Gordon, "The Princeton Group," Princeton History (annual publication of The Historical Society of Princeton), no. 2, 34-43. Clipping.  1977
5:5 Twitchell 5, 1931-1933
The World Tomorrow, vol. XIV no. 11 (New York, NY: The Fellowship Press).  1931 November
The World Tomorrow, vol. XVI no. 3 (New York, NY: The Fellowship Press).  1933 January 18
The Congregationalist and Herald of Gospel Liberty, (Boston: Pilgrim Press)  1933 January 19
5:6 Twitchell 6, 1933-1934
The Christian Century vol. 1, no. 5 (Chicago: Christian Century Co.)  1933
The Congregationalist and Herald of Gospel Liberty (Boston: Pilgrim Press).   1933 February 9
The New Republic, vol. LXXIV, no. 953 (New York: The Republic Pub. Co.)  1933 March 8
The Oxford Group International House Party (Oxford: University Press).  1934 July 4
The Oxford Group International House Party (Oxford: University Press).  1934 July 21
5:7 Twitchell 7, 1936
Nash's. Pall Mall Magazine. Easter Fiction Number, vol. XCVII, no. 515, (London: National Magazine Co).  1936 April
The Harvard Advocate, volume CXXII, no. 6 (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Advocate).  1936 June
5:8 Twitchell 8, 1936-1938
The Harvard Advocate, volume CXXIII, no. 3, (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Advocate).  1936 December
Liberty, vol. 14, no. 5, (New York: MacFadden Publications).  1937 January 30
Liberty, vol. 14, no. 21, (New York: Macfadden Publications).  1937 May 22
Liberty, vol. 15, no. 15, (New York: MacFadden Publications).  1938 April 9
5:9 Twitchell 9, 1972-1973
Faith at Work in Britain, vol. 3, no. 1, January/February 1972, (London: W2 Secretarial and North Offset Services). 2 copies.  1972 January
Faith at Work in Britain, vol. 3, no. 5, September/October 1972, (London: W2 Secretarial and North Offset Services).  1972 September
Faith at Work in Britain, vol. 4, no. 3, May/June 1973, (London: W2 Secretarial and North Offset Services, 1972). 2 copies.  1973 May
Faith at Work in Britain, vol. 4, no. 4, July/August 1973, (London: W2 Secretarial and North Offset Services, 1973). 12 copies.  1973 July
Faith at Work in Britain, vol. 4, no. 5, September/October 1973, (London: W2 Secretarial and North Offset Services).  1973 September
Faith at Work in Britain, vol. 4, no. 6, November/December 1973, (London: W2 Secretarial and North Offset Services). 3 copies.  1973 November
5:10 Twitchell 10, 1974
Faith at Work in Britain, vol. 5, no. 1, January/February 1974, (London: W2 Secretarial and North Offset Services). 6 copies.  1974 January
Jubilee. St. Mark's Church, Kennington. (London: Plaistow Press Magazines Ltd.). 3 copies.  1974 June
Box 6
6:1 Twitchell 6:1, 1932-1983, undated
The Drums of Peace. The Oxford Group Marches On (Oxford: University Press).  1936
Rising Tide (New York: Rising Tide). Publication includes sheet music on last page: "Wise Old Horsey," by George M. Fraser.  1937
Moral Re-Armament, You Can Defend America: Songs from the Victory Revue. (Washington: Judd , Dettweiler). Publication consists mainly of sheet music and has additional inserts of sheet music by George M. Fraser, "Brogyggernes Sang" for voice and piano, George M. Fraser, Will Reed, "Songs of the Rising Tide. Selection," arrangement for brass and military band by Denis Wright. Also includes 2 inserts of advertisements for "Songs of the Rising Tide."  1943
Ken Twitchell, letter to Charles. Black ballpoint ink on paper, 1 page. Includes the publications listed below.  1983 December 21
"Letter by The Editors," The Rising Tide, printed, 1 page.  undated
Series III: Books
Box 6
J. Russell. For Sinners Only (New York: Harper, Brothers Publishers). 1932
Walter Houston Clark. The Oxford Group. Its History and Significance (New York: Bookman Associates). 1951
What Is the Oxford Group? by the layman with a notebook. With a foreword by L. W. Grensted (New York: Oxford University Press) 1933


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