The Charles and Margery Haines Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Haines, Charles Huston
Dates: 1890-1980
Extent: 3 Boxes, 1.25 Linear Feet
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Special Collections.


1899? Birth of Charles Huston Haines
1921 Graduated from Princeton University
1921 Began work at Missionary School in China
1923 Began work at Bethlehem Steel Co.
1925 Began work at Lukens Steel Co.
1932 Acquired Haines Gauge Co. with brother, Robert
1933 Married Margery Speakman
1941 Sold the company and began life as missionaries for Moral Re-armament
1946 Helped Moral Re-armament found the Caux, Switzerland Conference Center intended to help European Reconciliation after World War II
1996 Margery Haines died
1996 Charles Haines died at age 97

Biographical Information

Charles Haines attended Princeton University and graduated in 1921. During his time there, he was on the varsity crew and a member of Cap and Gown and the Christian Association. After graduation, he taught two years at missionary school in China. Afterwards, he worked for various steel companies in the greater Philadelphia Area: Bethlehem Steel Co., Lukens Steel Co. (founded by one of his ancestors), and finally Haines Gauge Co., which he and his brother, Robert, took over from their father in 1932. It specialized in gauges from steel rolling mills. In November 1933, Charles Haines and Margery Speakman married. They sold the company in 1941 and Charles and Margery devoted the next 50 years of their lives to the Moral Rearmament, a world organization that promotes spiritual and ethical change among individuals and governments. They also helped found the Caux, Switzerland Conference Center, which hosts conferences for world leaders and government officials. Margery died in February 1996. Charles died in March 1996 from the effects of a stroke at the age of 97.


Scope and Content

The collection is made up primarily of letters, photographs, and article excerpts focused on the Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill, and Germantown, PA, areas. Some letters cover Princeton, Connecticut, Michigan, California, Washington DC, Australia, South Africa, and China. The correspondence ranges from letters between friends to letters from President Ronald Reagan and Madame Chiang Kai-Shek.



Moral Re-armament (Organization)


Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Charles and Margery Haines Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.

Processing Information

The collection was organized by Kihyun Kwon in Summer 2014. Kihyun Kwon also wrote the Content portion of the Finding Aid. In Fall 2014, Daniel Geary (Rutgers MLIS ’14) completed the EAD coding and other areas of the Finding Aid including Biographical Information, Scope and Content, and Chronology.


There are no special restrictions to access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.



Box 1:
1.1 White Book 18 November 1933
The Bride's Book for Ms. Margery Speakman Haines (A guest book for the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haines).  
Invitation Card  
1.2 Black Book 1922-1923
Letters to family and friends  
Charles Haines wrote letters to his family beginning on July 15, 1922 as he was “leaving Chicago” until he finally arrived at the final destination, Canton Christian College, Canton, China on September 8, 1922. He wrote itinerant letters in various places including Chicago, San Francisco, S.S President Lincoln, Tokyo (Japan), Taikyu (Korea), Peking (China), Shanghai (China) and finally Canton (China).  1922
Letters dating from September 8, 1922 to November 13, 1923 were written in Canton, China.  
1.3 Pictures (Front Description/Back Description) 1921-1994
A little girl / J3458  
Framing painting of a ship #1  
Framed painting of a ship #2  
Charles H. Haines / Charles H. Haines, Age 96-1/2  1994 November 8
Charles H. Haines / Charles H. Haines, Age 96-1/2  1994 November 8
Two girl (red tinted picture)  
Landscape watercolor painting. "Wish you everything the best Mr. Haines from Sz-to" / Presented by Sz-to Wai in Memory of expedition to rescue him from the bandits - Sun Tong and Canton  1923 June
Landscape watercolor painting. "Wish you everything the best Mr. Haines from Sz-to" / Presented by Sz-to Wai in Memory of expedition to rescue him from the bandits - Sun Tong and Canton  1923 June
Japanese couple / Toyo and Tolsika Sohma  
Portrait of a man  
A group of men / Adenauer and Japanese delegation, Caux  1950
Wish our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from (signature illegible) /   1948 October 26
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haines  
Dennis Mayor, Melbourne / Ray and Elsa Purdy  1965
A group of people / Special Philadelphia - Mackinac party with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford. Greenfield Village, Dearborn. Jim Newtin beside Mr. Ford.  1943 September
A group of people / Wyck.  1944 June 04
A house "226 Armagh" / "Armagh" Melbourne  
A man in front of a door / Wyck. Sam Belk 1. (6398)  1994 June 4
A group of people / Positive Picture stamp at 61 Gramercy Park North, New York, NY, Gramercy 5-1216  
A house / Armarg, Melbourne  
L to R. Marion (Mrs. H.K.) Twiteheld, Hon. and Mrs. Walter Nash (N.Z.), Bill Jasper, Marge Haines, Birchard Taylor (V.P. Gran Shipbuilidng Co.), Mrs. Taylor, Ken Twiteheld.  
F.B, Mrs. John Henry (Emily) Hammond, Gen. Willy  
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haines / Did I ever send you this? A couple of years ago I think  
A group of people / Wyck. (6930)  1944 June 4
A group of people / Wyck. (6926)  1944 June 4
Two men / F.B., Fred McLaughlin - Sec to Prime Min. Australia. Wyck. (6959)  1944 June 4
A group of people / Wyck. (6926)  1944 June 4
Fred McLaughlin, Mavis Martin, F.B. Wyck (6933)  1944 June 4
Men with children around a birthday cake / Morrison, the "Happy Baker" (Ottawa), Fred McLaughlin (Australia), F.B. (6928)  1944 June 4
At F.B.'s family graves. Albertown, PA (6949)  1944 June 4
C.H.H. and M.S.H. Armagh, Australia  1965-1966 June
A couple  
A few people in a classroom  
A little girl / Charles H. Haines  1965-1966 June
A young man / Broadbent and Phillips  
Dr. Charles Huston  Approximately 1860
Charles Lukens Huston for Charles Haines  
Wistar and Eve Wood with Howard  
C.H.H. and M.S.H. Armagh, Australia  1965-1966 June
A couple  
A few people in a classroom  
A little girl / Taken by Charles H. Haines  1901 June 6
A young man / Broadbent and Phillips  
Dr. Charles Huston  Approximately 1860
Dr. Charles Huston for Charles H. Haines  
Wistar and Eve Wood with Howard  
Golden Wedding. C.J. Huston  1945 July 23
IHNM and Elise  
Herding sheep / New Zealand (7665)  
Fluffy Ely shared birthday with "Uncle Frank." Wyck. (6934)  1944 June 4
John Roots, Garrett Stearly, C.H.H. "The three Traubodours." Miami Beach, FL.  1936
Mrs. Robt. B. Haines with (L to R) reginald Hale, Warner Clarks, C.H.H., Marge, General Beeman of Canada  
Thanksgiving at Wyck with Birch Roots and Ray Purdy  1943
A man  
George J. Eastman  1966
C.H.H. and F. B.  1936
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haines / At "Armagh" Melbourne  1965
A family portrait / Robt. B. Haines for family  1921
Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. Jiuji G. Kasai, Tokyo, Japan  
A silver set  
Great grandmother Wister silver set  
1.4 Wistar Geneaology 1987 November
Caspar and Lydia J. Wistar  
Wistar Genealogy  
1.5 Canton Christian College undated
A booklet "A Modern College in the City of Ginger and Jade"  
1.6 Rev. William McElwee miller undated
A memorial service bulletin for Rev. William McElwee Miller  
1.7 Frank Buchman 1944 June 4
Frank's D-Day  
1.8 Passports 1958-1986
Charles Haines (3 Passports, 1 Vaccination Record)  
Margery Haines (1 Passport, 1 Vaccination Record)  
1.9 Newspaper Articles 1994 June 14
"Roses mark an old debt to the great Phila. Family" Monday  
1.10 Notebook undated
Log of the sloop "Nancy"  
1.11 Lukens (letters) 1950-1983
Letter to Mr. Richard Hansen. Purchasing Dept. Lekens Steel Co. Coatesville, PA. with drawing of ingot mold and plates (3 pages)  1983
Letter to Mr. Charles L. Huston, Jr., President. Lekens Steel Company, Coatesville, PA  1950 May
1.12 Lukens 1927-1995
The Philadelphia Inquirer, "A city's dreams of tourist near reality." Sunday  1995 September 24
Investor's Daily, "Lukens finds renewed strength in steel." Friday (2 Copies)  1987 June 12
A letter from Jill J. Hurd to Charles Haines - regarding the Lukens family genealogy  1986 September 8
Invoice from Jill J. Hurd to Charles Haines - a copy of "The ancestors and Descendants of Jan Lucken"  1989 August 28
A note. "C.H.H. Director, Lukens."  1927 January 11 - 1929 April 17
Industry Report, "Lukens rolls forward with new specialty mill."  1993 July 7
Fortune, "Hall of Fame."  1994 April 4
Invitation to a Lekens reunion. 10 A.M. Saturday. Germantown Friends Meeting House. 47 W. Coulter St., Philadelphia, PA  1989 October 7
Lucken Descendant Chart  
The Philadelphia Inquirer, "The tempering of Lekens Inc." Monday  1988 March 21
The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Paying honor to a woman of steel." Thursday (3 Copies)  1994 January 6
1.13 Special - C.H.H. 1918-1990
Recommendation letter for Charles Haines from Commanding Officer. S.A.T.C., Princeton University to the Chief of Air Services, War Department, Washington DC  1918 November 18
Letter to Wis  1969 June 22
From a Speech by Matt Manson, At Caux  1987
Scientists' Declaration on Nuclear Power  1975 July 6
Readers Digest reprint "The Report that shocked the Nation" by Charles H. Keating, Jr.  1971 January
Program for a play, "four New Stage Plays" by Peter Howard, presented by Moral Re-Armament Feburary 14-17  
Booklet, "Mormonism: In the Light of the Scriptures"  
Letter from Blanton, P.O. Box 5693, Tucson, AZ 55703  1966 November 12
Letter to Roly  1966 November 4
Obituaries - "Elliston Morris, prominent Quaker"  
Letter from S. M. Shoemarker Jr., Murray Dodge Hall, Princeton, NJ  1923 January 19
Letter from Rueben to his great grandson Charles  1978 July 5
Letter from Nau to his cousin Charles  1978 July 5
Eulogy by Masahide Shibusawa, St. Albans Church, Tokyo  1979 July 31
Memorial Service Bookely for Alpheus Hayes, St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Bryndwr, Christ Church  1990 March 3
Detroit Free Press, "Vitenam war is backed by Quaker." Monday  1966 July 25
Poem. "Legacy" by Jack Steck  1988 February 17
Brochure "The Limitless Retiree"  
Christmas card from Sally  1933
Letter from Tina Sharp (September 16)  
Blank postcard  
Poem and print of a silhouette of Jesus by James Asjbrook (2 copies)  
The Washington Post and The Washington Star, "Atheist Repents." Sunday.  1980 May 11
A note. "The painter tries to paint it, the poet tries to say it..."  
A note. "Recommended 1921(?) by Frank Buchman in an interview I had with him..."  
Philadelphia Inquirer, Action Line. Saturday  1982 September 18
Letter to FB  1933 October 22
Christmas Card from Jim and Ellie  
Letter from Margy from Robin's house  1989 August 29
for reconveyance of lot to cemetery  
1.14 Hayes - New Zealand 1954
Alpheus Hayes family potrait  
1.15 Christmas Lists 1933-1984
Christmas list of names and addresses  
Letter from Nancy Huston  
"Vignettes of a Memorable Year!"  
1.16 Calculator undated
Owner's manual  
1.17 Haines Gauge - Army-Navy "E" 1942
Picture "gorgeous setting of Hayes sheep station in Kurow, New Zealand"  
Presentation ceremonies booklet for Haines Gauge Company, "Army - Navy 'E'." with Invitation card.  1942 December 12
Hagley Museum brochure  
Haines Gauges catalog  
Haines Gauges letter head  
Letter from Harold, 1009 Cambridge Apts., School House Lane, Germantown, Phila.  1942 December 13
Box 2:
2.1 Current Letters 1970-1975
Letter from England to Charles and Margery  1975 September 6
Letter from Joanna Miller  1975 August 26
Letter of Thanks  1975 September 15
Letter from Dr. F.C. Woo  1975 September 26
Letter of Thanks from Alice  1975 March 18
Letter from Beatrice Kemh  1975 September 2
Letter from Mrs. Pitt  1975 May 21
Post Card from the Empress Hoptes  1975 August 2
Letter from Grace Brook  1975 September 22
Article clipping of "Town's Tax Battle has 1775 Parallels"  
Letter from Elizabeth Walsh  1975 March 3
Four page small size letter  
Season Greetings from Mary and L.J.  
Action Card writing to India  1974 November 29
Letter from Rauch Hodge Tucson  1975? February 25
Letter of Thanks from Jean  
Obituary for Marie Russel Nutter  1975 May 28
Letter from Irvine California  1975 June 12
Letter from Irvin  1975 March 20
Letter from Dwight Billings  1975 May 27
Greeting Card  1975 September 13
Letter from F.E.  1976 February 10
Letter from St. Louis  1975 January 16
Letter from Oluf Kongshanug  1974 July 11
Letter from Helen Dorvart  1973 October 15
Letter from Hong Kong  1975 January 27
Letter from Ajnese  1974 December 30
Letter from Lesley Gallreath/ New Zealand  1974 November 10
Letter from Olive  1970 April 22
2.2 MRA (Moral Re-armament) 1964-1966
Two page letter of the events in bombay India  1966 May 5
Peter Howard statement "The World of Moral Re-armament"  1964 January 9
Margery Haines World Response to Moral Re-Armament from Heads of State and National Leaders Asia, Africa, and Europe  
Roland Wilson AIMS for the last of the 21st Century Canberra Conference  1966 January 20
From the Moral Re-Armament New Bureau "The Facts about MRA"  
Moral Re-Armament Democracy's Inspired Ideology  
2.3 Rose Riffe Correspondence 1952-1953
Thank you Letter  1953 March 12
Thank you letter Rose Riffe  1953 January 7
Thank you leter Rose Riffe  1953 March 14
Letter from Virginia Torenna  1952 September 7
Photo John Riffe Burial  
Letter from Rose  1952 November 4
Letter of thanks  1953? October 13
Letter two pages  1953 January 12
Letter fours pages from Rose and John Riffe  1952 December 27
Letter to David from Rose  
Letter from Barbie  
Letter from Rose  1953 January 16
Letter from Rose  
Letter from Rose  1953 March 31
2.4 Current Letters 1937-1977
Historic Pennsylvania Leaflet "The Battle of Germantown"  
Photo/postcard of Abraham Lincoln  
Pace Press International, Sing-out Explosion  
MRA Information Service-Vol. 15 No. 110  1967 November 14
Up with People-Sponsor's Committee at Carnegie Hall  1968 May 14
Up with People acknowledgement  
Declaration by Canadian Woman  
Invitation to Rx for LXX in honor of Ruth S. Hill  1976 October 13
Letter to Margery  1966 September 27
Letter to Margery and Charles  
Letter  1989 March 26
Pamphlet of the Boolarong Park in Holiday Motel  
Letter to Margery and Charles  1977 April 12
The Clock "You have all put on Christ as a garment"  
Margaret Hicks Williams  1970
Prayer for Those Living Alone  
Pilgrim Poem Thanksgiving 1965 for American Michael Thwaites Melbourne  
Postcard 1/26  
Postcard  1961 October 27
Letter  1966 May 20
Letter  1965 November 29
Note  1937 March 27
Bill receipt for the Nassau Inn  
Postcard of Milton Hershey School  
2:5 Prayer of St. Francis undated
Sheet Music "There's a Song in the Air!"  
Sheet Music "Prayer for America"  
Sheet Music "The Prayer of Saint Francis"  
Sheet Music "Le Preghiera Di San Francesco"  
Sheet Music "The Prayer of Saint Francis"  
Sheet Music "La Preghiera Di San Francesco"  
2:6 Funeral 1971-1990
Notes for Charles funeral service  
Charles Haines Statement for Guidance in the Event of my Death  
St. Paul's Church Service of Thanksgiving Program  1978 May 9
Musical lyrics "For the Risen"  
Prayer from John Henry Newman  
St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Dedham  
Bulletin Church of the Holy Innocents  
Min Charles Hymns  
Service of Thanksgiving for Lucy Washington  1987 January 22
Service of Thanksgiving for Saraellen Richardson Merritt  1990 March 21
Service of Thanksgiving for Rebecca Healy at St, Mary's at the Cathedral  
Notes for order of service  
Service of Thanksgiving Mrs. Rose Dorothy Riffe  1989 September 13
Service of Thanksgiving Adeline Virginia John program/bulletin  
Services of Thanksgiving Hirma B. Pritchard II program/bulletin  1989 October 3
Services of Thanksgiving Harold D. Saylor  
Services of Thanksgiving Stewart Huston  1971 September 28
Message from Rev. Rodney Usher-Wilson  1983 February 5
Psalm 23 Passage  
Service of Thanksgiving Rodney N. Usher Wilson  
Service of Thanksgiving for Rev. Alan Thornhill  1988 May 19
Service of Thanksgiving for H. Kenaston Twitchell  1988 November 4
Service of Thanksgiving for Dr. Victor Clough Rambo  1987 September 19
Notes for funeral, suggested readings  
Notes for funeral  
Notes of gratitude  
Thank you note from Marion  1983 February 14
Letter from Jonathan  1983 May 4
Note about the world changing ideology  
Note to Mrs. Haines concerning a benediction  
letter to Margery and Charles from Dewie  
Ann Buckles' speech for Service of Thanksgiving for Muriel Smith  1985 September 21
Information letter of service for Rev. Rodney Usher-Wilson  
Letter read at Alan's memorial service from Ann Hogan  
Notes and scriptures of funeral service  
Service of Thanksgiving for Viola Mary Frances Good  1979 January 30
Service of Thanksgiving for Dorothy Oakley Hagedorn  
Small prayer of parting  
Service of Thanksgiving for Murle H. Baumann  1973 November 30
Letter to Haines requesting thought of recent deceased Marjory Evans  1974 August 17
2.7 Family Notes 1969-1989
Card to the family  
Card of thoughts  
Letter of thoughts from Lisa  1985 February 8
Family tree for Charles and Susan Hilton  
Letter From Bill  1969 September 3
Note concerning giving  
Small blue letter/note  
Letter from Emmy  1987 August 20
Wedding announcement  
Letter from Liz  1989 April 10
Letter from Elizabeth  1980 November 15
Letter from LBA  1986 September 22
2.8 Christmas 1984
Photo of our generations  1984 December
Letter to Margery and Charles from Claia  1984 November 6
Letter of thanks  1984 October 4
Change of address notification  
Card at Christmas  1984 December 18
Letter at Christmas  1984 November 26
Card of thanks  
Card of thanks  
Card of greeting  1984 December 17
Card at Christmas with enclosed photo and letter  
Letter at Christmas  1984 December 19
Letter for the New Year  
Letter from Katharine McLaughry  1985? January 21
Card at Christmas  
Card at Christmas  1984 December 15
Letter to all   
2:9 Speaking Notes 1961-1967
Letter at Christmas and newspaper clipping of Graham's wedding  
Letter from Katie  1966 December 31
Letter  1961 June 21
Letter from India   
Letter  1967 December 2
Card of Christmas wishes  
Letter of thanks  1967 August 8
Letter of thanks  1967 August 13
Card of Christmas wishes   
Letter of information  1966 May 16
Card in added language   
Letter from Hong Kong  1966? June 14
Letter and newspaper clipping of Dr. Aziz Shihab  1966 October 25
Letter from Mrs. Haines   
Letter from Mary Padman  1967 January 22
Birthday Card   
Letter to Charles and Margery  1966 October 16
2.10 Immediate Attention 1981-1982
Newspaper clipping concerning Charlie DeLeo  1981 July 4
Letter from Noah  1982 February 10
Letter  1982 January 16
Letter  1982 February 9
Letter to Margery  1982 February 18
2.11 Australia 1963-1983
Letter at Christmas  1968 December 18
Letter  1968 February 2
Letter from Australia  1971 February 10
Letter from Australia  1971 January 14
Letter Australia  1973 June 19
Letter from New Zealand  1972 February 8
Letter from New Zealand  1971
Letter from New Zealand  1970 December 23
Letter from India  1961 February 1
Letter from New Zealand  1974 January 8
Letter  1973 December 20
Letter from Australia  1973 June 15
Letter from New Zealand   
Letter from Australia  1971 January 23
Letter from New Zealand  1973 December 19
Letter from Australia with photo  1983 December 20
Christmas card November 4  
Letter from Australia  1967 October 14
Letter from Australia  1973 January 18
Letter from Australia   
Letter to Mrs. Charles and Margery Haines   
Letter from Australia  1973 January 20
Letter from Australia  
Letter from New Zealand  1969 January 9
Letter from New Zealand  1974 January 16
Letter from New Zealand  1963 January 17
Letter from New Zealand  1974 October 13
Letter from India  1969 February 9
Letter from Hong Kong  1967 September 7
Letter from Australia  1968 July 24
Letter from Australia  1971 February 1
Letter from Helvetia 6/24  
Letter from Australia  1970 December 14
Letter to Mr. Charles and Margery Haines  1968 August 9
Letter from Hong Kong  1968 February 17
Letter from Australia  1968 June 11
Letter from Australia  1968 July 4
Letter from Australia  1971 January 25
Letter from London  1968 June 1
Letter from Australia  1969 January 28
Letter from Australia  1969 Fabruary 18
Letter from Australia  1969 March 11
Letter from Australia  1969 January 28
Letter from Australia  1968 February 18
Letter from Australia  
Letter from India  1969 April 22
Letter to Margery  1967 September 8
Letter to Charles concerning the MRA  1970 October 2
MRA Information Services New Subscription  
MRA Information Services Journal vol. 18 no. 50 London  1970 August
2.12 Correspondence 1964-1982
Merry Christmas/Happy New Year Post Card   
Draft letter to the President   
Christmas/New Year greeting card   
New Year greeting card   
Letter from Australia  1977 August 18
Letter from Esther L. Sherry  1981 April 5
Letter from Australia  1982 December 8
Post card from Pinnacle Peak Village   
Letter to Margery from Susie  1977 October 4
Letter from Edith Staton  
Letter from Arerina of New Zealand  1981 June 3
Letter from Nan  1968 June 3
Letter/note to Mr. Charles and Margery Haines   
Letter from Australia  1977 August 30
Letter from Fred  1965 November 25
Letter to Mr. Charles and Margery Haines  1977 October 30
Letter to Fortuna Guery  1964 October 31
Letter of greetings from New Zealand   
Birthday greeting Card to Charles Haines  1968 January 22
Thank you card to Charles and Margery Haines  1968 April 23
Letter and Newspaper clipping concerning Social Security  1968 February 17
Greeting card to Margery Haines  1968 January 22
Letter and Birthday note to Charles and Margery Haines  1968 February 22
Letter to Charles and Margery  1968 April 23
Box 3:
3:1 Miller (Isabelle H.N.) 1980 December 16
Order of Service (3 Copies)  
3:2 Inventories (Old) 1946-1973
Inventory and Appraisement in the Estate of Jane B. Haines. Deceased. Inventory and Appraisement of Personal Property, Philadelphia   1973 November 11 - 1973 December 8
Inventory and Appraisement in the Estate of Mary H. Haines. Deceased Inventory and Appraisement of Personal Property, Philadelphia)  1946 May 28
Invetory and Appraisement of Furniture and Chinaware Given to and Loaned to Wyck Historical Trust, Philadelphia, by Charles H. Haines  1973 December 10
3:3 Labrador 1920 1920-1921
Cut out map showing New Foundland  
Cut out picture of the Coastal Mail Ship  
Pictures (2 color, 13 black and white. Some black and white photos were used for the magazine article, Yachting, "A September Cruise from Labrador to Newfoundland"  
Magazine Article, Yachting, "A September Cruise from Labrador to Newfoundland" Volume XXX, Number 1  1920 July 18
Letter to JB from Battle Harbor, Labrador.  1920 July 18
Letter to mother from battle Harbor  1920 July 18
Letter "The Red Cross Line. RMS Rosalind" (20 Pages)  1920
Pg. 1  1920 June 23
Pg. 1, St. John's, Newfoundland  1920 June 24
Pg. 2  1920 June 27
Pg. 6 Twillingate, Newfoundland  1920 June 27
Pg. 10 Battle Harbor, Labrador  1920 July 6
Pg. 14 Battle Harbor, Labrador  1920 July 12
Pg. 15 Battle Harbor, Labrador  1920 July 17
Pg. 17 Battle Harbor, Labrador  1920 August 3
Map of Twillingate Island  
3:4 Clipper Ships 1986
"The Romance of the Clipper Ships or Those Fabulous Clipper Ships" Rough draft with revision marks.  
"The Romance of the Clipper Ships or Those Fabulous Clipper Ships"  1992
"The Romance of the Clipper Ships" (Handwritten logs). "The Romance of the Clipper Ships" (typed out about the hand written log)  
Foot notes (1-52)  
Carmel Valley Manor Accents: Music, Special Entertainment, Vesper Service  1983 March 8
Special event sign. Charles Haines "Clipper Ships"  1986? March 9
Letter to Mrs. Munro  1985 June 27
Poem, "Clipper Ships and Captains"  1986 April
3:5 Letters 1986 January
From John F. Vickers   1986 June 30
The Servant Society Newsletter, No. 15  1986 April
Business card "John Hobe Antique Restoration" Repair Chair  1986 January 13
Letter from Lew  1986 February 18
Letter from Howard C. Blake  1986 February 18
Letter from Bobbie   1986 January 18
Letter from Mrs. A.J. Weir   1986 January 14
Signature illegible  1986 January 29
Letter from E. Mc L. Holmes   1986 January 7
Letter from Sei and Naoko - Tokyo  1986 January 17
Thank You card from Don Eider  1986 January 8
Article "Morals and Practical Politics"  1985 December 25
New World News Vol. 33, No. 25  1985 December 21
Letter from Kim  1985 December 17
Letter from Garrett - Merry Christmas  1985 December 25
Letter from Ehrman B. Mitchell, Jr. FAIA  1986 January 20
Greetings card from Paul - Nanton, Alberta  1985
"Dear Classmates"  
The Science and Art Club of Germantown. Memorandum  1986 January 21
The Science and Art Club of Germantown, Memorandum  1986 March 24
Postcard from Betty  1986 January 23
Letter from Tom  
Poem "Challenger Commemorative" Lew Baldwin  1986 January 29
Interview with Milovan Djilas  1985 Fall
Letter from Lew   1986 February 4
Yellow paper - Message with flowers to Bas Eutiuistle  1986 February 19
Pamphlet "Moral Re-armament International Conference 1985"  1985 June 15 - 1985 June 23
Card from Ms. Cathy J. Brown from Princeton University Rowing Association ( )  
Letter from Lew Baldwin   1986 February 12
Obituary Miss Muriel Smith  1985 February 12
Letter from Captain John B. Brown U.S.N. (Ret.)  1986 March 23
Newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer p. 11-A  1985 June 24
Catalog showing yachts. (pg. 6 )  
Letter from Barbara Gordon from "Who's Who in the East"  1986 April 2
Booklet "1985 Journey"  1985?
Letter from Edmund B. Spaeth, Jr. from Pepper, Hamilton and Scheetz Attornets at Law  1986 March 16
Empty Envelope  1986 January 7
Letter from William  1986 Easter
Postcard from Kate G.  1986 March 26
Thank you card from Eleanore  1986? April 15
Card from Jeanne Godolphin  
Letter from Gwen  1986 April 17
Letter from T  1986 April 21
Yellow paper "roots"  1986 April 12
Letter from Ehrman B. Mitchell   1986 April 3
Letter from Charles Haines to John  1986 April 28
Letter from John McCook Roots in response to the letter of APril 28, 1986   1986 May 1
Christmas card from Hermine and Mitch  1985 December 16
Invitation card to the dinner in honor of His Eminence, Franz Cardinal Koenig - Halloran House. 525 Lexington avenue (at 49th Street), New York, NY 10017  1986 April 23
Sender unknown - First five lines are written in blue ink, and the rest is written in black ink  1986 August 30
Magazine article. The Retired Officer "IAMAT Gives Tourists Peace of Mind"  1986 March
Letter from Ulrich Hahnloser  1986 April 3
Letter and brochure from "The Moorings Inn" Southwest Harbor, Maine  1986 March 24
Letter from Rae and Joan   1986 Spring
Letter from Garrett R. Stearly   1986 April 5
Letter from Melville  1986 January 8
Letter from Melville   1986 April 18
Letter from Dick   1986 May 2
Letter from Aepheus   1986 May 5
Letter from Daniel   1985 December 20
Quiz on cataract and glaucoma  
Card from Bob   1986 May 14
Income slip from Mellon Bank  1986 May 27
Letter from Lew  1986 May 22
Card from Vee  1986? June 14
Letter from Anna S. Morris  1986 June 18
Conflict Resolution Workshop form - Caux, Switzerland  1986 August 5 - 1986 August 12
Postcard from Laura - Germantown, PA Postcard  1986 June 18
Letter from Elise   
Letter from Elise   
Letter from Dick   1986 June 26
CONFIDENTIAL COPY. From Chiang, Kai-Shek  1986 October
Letter from William  1986 July 5
Signature illegible - London, England  1986 July 26
Birthday from President Ronald Reagan  
Letter to President and Mrs. Reagan - 600 E. Cathedral Rd., Apt. A-401, Philadelphia, PA 19128  1986 June 9
Signature illegible - South Victoria Square, London, England  1986 June 6
Collage of newspaper articles from The West Australianregarding the passing of Frank Wise, a former West Australia Premier, Australia  1986 June 30
Letter from Garrett - Written on Yale Club notepad  1986 July 29
3:6 Letters 1986 July - 1987
Letter from Mrs. M. A. Weir  1986 February 14
Germantown Monthly Meeting Newsletter, Philadelphia  1987 May
Letter from Paul J. Trog  1987 May 4
Empty contribution envelope for Choate Rosemary Hall  
1986-1987 Annual Fund Card from Ted Ayres  1987 June 15
Empty envelope addressed to Rev. Al Schwartz  
Postcard from William - P.O. Box 22, Princeton  1987 February 23
Card from Hermine and Mitch  1987 February 16
Letter from Earl M. Baker, State Chairman, from Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania  1987
Letter from Thomas C. Roberts - Princeton University Class of 1921 Annual Giving  1987 March 2
Postcard from Chris - Pambula Beach postcard  1987 January 21
Letter from Eadon C. Brown   1987 February 1
Letter from William   1987 February 14
Card from Barbara  1987 June 24
Letter from Raiks  1987 January 5
Letter from Terry   1986 September 6
Resume of Robert James Dambman   
Letter from Tex   1987 July 29
Class Notes  1986 April 9
Hymn for Australia by Michael and Honor Thwaites  
Card from Lilian  1987? July 4
Newspaper article "Pope issues encyclical attacking illusion of Marxism"  
Requiem Eucharist Bulletin  1986 April 28
Christmas card from Mrs. Han  1985 December 12
Letter from William Miller, Jr. - regarding the Lukens family geneaology  1986 August 4
Letter from William Miller, Jr. - regarding the Lukens family geneaology  1986 August 8
Letter from Paul   1986 August 19
Letter from Kate  1986 August 18
Postcard from Elise  
Letter to John and Priscilla Weir  1986 August 22
Letter from Robert Kharshing  1986 July 18
Letter to Aepheus - 48 Waiwetu Street  1986 July 1
Postcard from Bob  
Letter from Jun and Elise  1986 August 6
Letter sent by request to Bob Cossum  
Letter from Tex  1986 September 25
Letter from Aepheus  1986 September 20
Letter from Garrett R. Stearly  1986 September 3
Letter from Anne Rhoads  1986 August 26
Letter from William  1986 September 17
Yellow paper "Residental Associa. - Post Box"  1986 October 13
Letter from Mrs. M. Weir  1986 September 15
Letter from Paul H.  1986 October 19
Letter from Lew Baldwin - "Quest for National Purpose"  1986 September 16
Letter from David and Channer  1986 October 8
Note to F. Otto  
Letter from F. Otto Haas  1986? October 25
Letter from Garrett R. Stearly to Mr. Jerry Nelson  1986 November 4
Letter from John and Alle  1986 November 8
Letter from James D. Newton  1986 November 10
Letter from Dorothy Weiss  1986? November 19
Letter from Lew   1986 September 28
Card from James D. Newton  1986? December 1
Letter from Tex   1986 December 14
Letter from Edward B. 'Ted' Ayres '46  1986 December 15
Newspaper article The New York Times"$10 million given Choate by Mellon"  1986 December 7
Card from Doofy  1986 December 17
Dear Perry - hand written rought draft letter  1986 December 23
Dear Parks - hand written rough draft letter  1986 December 23
Dear Julia - handwritten rough draft letter  
Card from Judy Harms  
Letter from John Heinz, United States Senate  1987 January 7
No Signature  
Letter from Peggy Stedley  
Letter from Erwin A. Jonas  1987 February 10
Card from Bruce  1987 January 4
Postcard from Daniel  1987 January 31
Rip-out note, list of names  
Letter from Ray Lesley Purdy  1987 January 20
Letter from William to James A. Henderson - General Counsel and Secretary  1987 February 20
Letter from Dick  1987 February 10
Book Advertisement "In the Eye of the Typhoon: An American Woman in China during the Cultural Revolution"  
Newspaper article. The Island Town Crier"Frances, Richard Hadden Open News Doors for 7th Christmas Musical Concert"  1986 December 13 - 1987 June 6
Letter from unknown to Ken   1987 February 2
Letter from Barrie and Anne Gray  
Letter from Lawrence Coughlin, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.  1987 February 17
Letter from Victor Louise Rambo  1987 February 6
Letter from Han Xu, Chinese Ambassador to Ms. Frances Roots Hadden - The Embassy of the People's Republic of China,Washington, D.C.  1987 February 14
Letter from James A. Henderson to William McE. Miller, Jr. - Princeton University Board of Trustees  1987 February 26
Newspaper aricle. The New York Times "Our Greedy Colleges"  1987 February 18
Letter from Bruce  1987 February 25
Short essay by Rolf Gompertz, "Dear Krefelder Friends..."  
Yellow paper, excerpt editor  
Letter from Paul E. Shipley to Wistar Cousin  1987 May 7
Letter from Aepheus  1987 April 6
Letter from Garrett R. Stearly  1987 April 4
Letter from Eric W. Johnson  1987 May 6
Letter to Walter and Mary  1987 May 14
Letter from Lew Baldwin - "The Forgotten Hallmark" (Printed verbatim)  1987 April 1
Letter from Lew Baldwin  1987 April 1
Western Union Mailgram  1987 May 16
Letter from Laura - St. Albans School, Washington, D.C. 20016  1987 May 19
Letter from Brian  1987? May 3
Letter from John McCook Roots  1987 Memorial Day
Letter from John, Laura, and Owen - St. Albans School, Washington, D.C.  
Letter from Michael A. King - includes order of worship and bulletin - Germantown Mennonite Church, Philadelphia  1987 June 10
Letter from Louise  1987 June 12
Card from Julia H.  1987 February 5
Funeral Service Card  1987 June 14
Walter Shipley Service  1987 June 14
Letter from Mike Thwarts  1987 June 23
Marriage Ceremony Bulletin - Catherine Priscilla Smith and John Gilbert Weir  1986 October 18
Card from G. Stockton Strawbridge  1987 July 2
Letter from Garrett R. Stearly  1987 June 26


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