The James Montgomery Boice Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Boice, James Montgomery, 1938-2000
Dates: 1966-2000
Extent: 38 boxes
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Special Collections.


1938 July 7 Born, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1956 Diploma, The Stony Brook School
1930 A.B., Harvard University
1963 B. D., Princeton Theological Seminary
1966 D. Theol., University of Basel, Switzerland
1966-1968 Assistant Editor, Christianity Today
1968-2000 Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1969-2000 President, The Bible Study Hour (which, in 1994 became the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals)
1974-2000 Chairman, The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology
1977-1988 Chairman, The International Council on Bible Inerrancy
1982 D. D., The Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church
June 15, 2000 Died, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Biographical Information

James Montgomery Boice, better known as Jim Boice, was born July 7th, 1938, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, the firstborn son of Newton and Jean Boice. Just after Jim’s first birthday, his family relocated from McKeesport, Pennsylvania, to Philadelphia, where his father pursued orthopedic training at the University of Pennsylvania. During their time in Philadelphia, Newton and Jean attended Tenth Presbyterian Church for two years. During their two years at Tenth, the Boice family became close to their pastor Donald Barnhouse, who was supportive of them in their faith journey. After Newton’s degree was completed, Newton and Jean returned to McKeesport where they attended the Evangelical Free Church and raised their four children, Jim, Judy, Nancy, and Elizabeth.

In 1951, Boice moved to Long Island to attend Stony Brook School, an all-boys Christian preparatory school. It was during his years at Stony Brook that Jim cultivated his academic skills for a lifetime of studying and writing. After graduating from Stony Brook, he attended Harvard University to pursue a degree in English. During his final year at Harvard, Boice met Linda McNamara, a graduate student at Harvard pursuing a degree in education. Both Jim and Linda were involved in the Harvard Christian Fellowship and Intervarsity, and attended Park Street Church on Sundays. After graduation, Boice enrolled at Princeton Theological Seminary where he participated in a pilot program in which seminary students studied in a seminar format under a single advisor. He studied the New Testament under Dr. Bruce Metzger, and it was during this time in his life that Boice came to the conviction the Bible is inerrant and infallible.

While working toward his degree at Princeton Theological Seminary, Jim and Linda were married at Linda’s home church in Montclair, New Jersey, in June 1962. After completing his Bachelor of Divinity degree, Jim and Linda relocated to Basel, Switzerland, so he could pursue a doctorate before seeking a long-term church position. During his PhD program, Boice worked under Dr. Bo Reicke and Dr. Oscar Cullmann, finally completing his dissertation in 1966, titled "Witness and Revelation in the Gospel of John". During their time in Basel, Jim and Linda founded a small church out of their two-room apartment, Basel Community Church. They remember this as an unexpected but valuable time in their ministry journey. It was also during their time in Basel that Jim and Linda had their first child in 1964, Elizabeth Anne.

In December 1966, the Boice family relocated to Alexandria, Virginia, where he served as the assistant editor of Christianity Today. He also preached frequently at local churches, most commonly at McLean Presbyterian Church in Virginia. While working at Christianity Today, Boice concluded that Christian journalism was not his goal, for his intention was to pastor a church, which he did March 17th, 1968 when he accepted the call to Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. Soon after moving to Philadelphia, Jim and Linda had two children, Heather Louise in March 1970 and Jennifer Sue in 1972.

One year after accepting the call at Tenth Church, Boice inherited the broadcast ministry The Bible Study Hour and founded by Donald Barnhouse. By the mid-1970’s the broadcast had grown to more than 100 air times each week. Boice continued this ministry until his death in 2000, by which time the ministry had grown to more than 850 airtimes a week on more than 200 stations worldwide.

During his time at Tenth Church, Boice also developed the annual Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT). The first PCRT was held in 1974 to “glorify God through a rediscovery of the Church’s great doctrinal foundations.” The first gathering grew from the threefold objectives of the PCRT: “1)To awaken a new interest in biblical theology and to give greater visibility to the doctrines of grace throughout the Church generally; 2) To establish a forum at which men and women in the Reformed tradition (from all denominations) might meet and be encouraged by others of like mind, 3) To marshal resources to the end that believers might propagate the faith more effectively and thus ‘establish, strengthen, and settle’ the Church upon the firm foundation of the doctrines of the Apostles.” Boice led this ministry until his death in 2000.

Boice was committed to a life of ministry that took shape in many additional ways. He worked as a chairman for the International Council of Biblical Inerrancy, whose goal was to “elucidate, vindicate, and apply the doctrine of biblical inerrancy as an essential element for the authority of Scripture and a necessity for the health of the Church of God, and as to attempt to win the Church back to its historic position.” Additionally, after growing concern about the state of the city schools that their daughters attended, Jim and Linda founded the City Center Academy (CCA) in Philadelphia in 1983, a Christian academic institution dedicated to the humanities. Jim served as the principal of CCA for its first four years, and remained involved in its commitment to quality education in line with the Judeo-Christian value system until his death. Finally, Boice played an important role in the Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF), writing two of the seven study guides in the BSF series that were available at the time of his death and traveling all over the world to teach and encourage BSF leaders serving domestically and internationally.

On Good Friday of 2000, two hours before he was to deliver a sermon on the crucifixion to his congregation at Tenth Church, Jim Boice was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. He delivered his final sermon on May 7, 2000, and died in his sleep June 15, 2000, eight weeks after his diagnosis.


Scope and Content

This collection is comprised of the personal papers of the Rev. Dr. James M. Boice, Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1968 to 2000. The collection includes his sermon and lecture materials, files from organizations that he was a part of, files relating to the organization of Tenth Presbyterian Church, the general correspondence files of Dr. Boice, and manuscripts and proofs from "Tenth", a former publication of Tenth Presbyterian Church.



Boice, James Montgomery, 1938-2000

Tenth Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology


Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The James Montgomery Boice Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.

Processing Information

This collection was assembled and inventoried by Tenth Presbyterian Church staff after the death of Dr. Boice in 2000. The collection was donated to Special Collections by Linda McNamara Boice, Dr. Boice's widow, October 2008. A partial written inventory was provided at the time of accession. After accessioning, a box-level inventory was completed and the collection was reboxed by Special Collections staff. Further processing of the collection may be completed at a later date. This collection has been maintained in the original order in which it was received. Any additional materials sent to Special Collections by either the Church or Linda Boice may be added to this collection.


There are no special restrictions to access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.



The James Montgomery Boice Manuscript Collection has been arranged in five series that document his various ministries.

Series 1: Preaching Materials (13 boxes) - This series contains sermon materials for textual and topical sermons. Also included in this collection are various BSF Study Guide manuscripts, and manuscripts for video sermons series.

Series 2: Organizations (4 Boxes) - This series documents Boice's involvement with the Bible Study Fellowship, the Huguenot Fellowship, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Tenth Presbyterian Church, the Bible Study Hour, and the Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology.

Series 3: General Correspondence (17 Boxes) - This series contains general correspondence, sorted chronologically and alphabetically, covering the years from 1967 to 2000.

Series 4: Tenth Journal (2 Boxes) - This series contains manuscripts and proofs regarding the Tenth Church Journal.

Series 5: Miscellaneous (2 Boxes)- This series contains unsorted materials and interviews conducted by Robert C. Beasley.



Series 1: Preaching Materials
Box 1: Lectures and Sermons
1:1 Jonah - Lecture
1:2 Habakkuk - Lecture
1:3 Minor Prophets - Outlines
1:4 Matthew - Outlines
1:5 John - Outlines
1:6 Acts - Outlines
1:7 Ephesians - Outlines
1:8 Romans - Outlines and Sermon Materials
1:9 Inerrancy - Lectures
1:10 Doctrine of God
1:11 Doctrine of Christ: His Person and Work
1:12 Grace - Sermon Material
1:13 Discipleship - Outlines
1:14 Here We Stand - Sermon Materials
1:15 The Gospel of Grace - Sermon Materials
1:16 Preaching Lectures - Materials
1:17 Sermon Materials - Miscellaneous
Box 2: Sermon Materials - Church Year and Bible Books
2:1 Church Year
Tenth Church Sermon notes  
6Palm Sunday  
7Good Friday  
8Easter Graduations  
2:2 Bible Books
1Genesis - Outline  
2Moses: Man of God  
3Nehemiah - Outline  
2:3 General
1Here We Stand  
2Five "Solas"  
3Scripture Seminar  
4Two Cities Seminar  
5Christian Mind Seminar  
6BSF Lessons  
7Romans Manuscript  
Box 3: Sermons, Genesis 1-48
Box 4: Sermons, Index
4:1 Genesis 49-50
4:2 Index, Volumes 1-3
4:3 Genesis Part 1, textual (video)
4:4 Creation of Evolution
4:5 Joshua - textual
4:6 Hoesa - textual
4:7 Nehemiah - textual
4:8 Minor Prophets
Box 5: Psalms and Psalm Index
Box 6: Sermons
6:1 Daniel - Textual
6:2 Joel - Textual
6:3 Amos - Textual
6:4 Obadiah - Textual
6:5 Jonah - Textual
6:6 Micah - Textual
6:7 Nahum - Textual
6:8 Habakkuk - Textual
6:9 Zephaniah - Textual
6:10 Haggai - Textual
6:11 Zechariah - Textual
6:12 Malachi - textual
6:13 Minor Prophets Parts 1 and 2 Plus Video - Textual
Box 7: Sermons, Index, BSF
7:1 BSF - Matthew 1-28
7:2 John Index
7:3 Matthew 1-10 - Textual
7:4 John 1-5 - Textual
Box 8: Sermons, John 6-18
Box 9: Sermons, John 19-21 and Acts
9:1 John 19-21 - Textual
9:2 John Video Sermons - Part 1 and 2
9:3 Acts - Textual
9:4 Acts "Tabletalk"
Box 10: Sermons, Index ,BSF
10:1 Romans 1-11 - Textual
10:2 Subject Index
10:3 BSF - Romans 1-16
Box 11: Sermons, Vol 4 Index, Romans, Ephesisans, Philippians and 1,2,3 John
11:1 BSF - Romans 16-18
11:2 Ephesians - Textual
11:3 Philippians - Textual
11:4 1,2,3 John - Textual
Box 12: Sermons, Textual and Topical
12:1 James - Textual
12:2 1 Peter - Textual
12:3 2 Peter and Jude - Textual
12:4 Hebrews - Textual
12:5 Colossians - Textual
12:6 Galatians - Textual
12:7 Holy Spirit and You - Topical
12:8 Exodus 20:3 - Textual
12:9 Isaiah 9:6 - Textual
12:10 Missions - Topical
12:11 Christmas - Topical
12:12 Palm Sunday - Topical
12:13 Good Friday - Topical
12:14 Easter - Topical
12:15 Moses - Topical
12:16 Abraham - Topical
Box 13: Sermons, Topical
13:1 David - Topical
13:2 City of God - Topical
13:3 Grace - Topical
13:4 Amazing Grace - Topical
13:5 Standing on the Rock - Topical
13:6 Christ's Teachings about Discipleship - Topical
13:7 The Parables - Topical
13:8 The Last and Future World - Topical
13:9 The Sovereign God - Topical
13:10 The Sovereign God Video Version
13:11 God the Redeemer - Topical
Series 2: Organizations
Box 14: Sermons, Textual and Topical
14:1 BSF Board Meeting
14:2 Huguenot Fellowship
14:3 ACE
Board Meeting  
Catholic Issue  
Crossway Project  
Modern Reformation  
Pastor's Conference 10/2000  
14:4 Tenth Church Desk
Job Descriptions  
Bible School  
14:5 Evangelical Ministries
Bible Study Hour  
14:6 PCRT
PCRT  1996-1999
14:7 Tenth Press Articles
Box 15: ICBI
Box 16: Congress on the Bible II 1987 September 23-27
Box 17: ACE/PCRT1995-2000
Series 3: General Correspondence
Box 18: A-Z1967-1971
Box 19: A-Z1973-1979
Box 20: A-K1982-1984
Box 21: L-Z1982-1984
Box 22: A-C1985-1993
Box 23: 1985-1993 D-G1985-1993
Box 24: H-La1985-1993
Box 25: Le-P1985-1993
Box 26: Q-U1985-1993
Box 27: V-Z1985-1993
Box 28: A-Blu1994-2000
Box 29: Bo-Dyk 1994-2000
Box 30: E-Haz1994-2000
Box 31: Hea-Luz1994-2000
Box 32: Mac-Pres1994-2000
Box 33: Pas-Syn1994-2000
Box 34: T-Z1994-2000
Series 4: Tenth Church Journal
Box 35: Manuscripts1971-1978
Box 36: Manuscripts and Proofs1979-1984
Series 5: Miscellaneous
Box 37: Unsorted Papers
Box 38: Interviews conducted by Robert C. Beasley


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