The Charles C. Cook Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Cook, Charles C. (Charles Cyrus), 1861-
Dates: 1898-1930
Extent: 3 boxes, 1.25 linear feet
Language(s): Materials are in English and Spanish.
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Special Collections.

Biographical Information

Charles C. Cook was an American minister, author, and publisher.


Scope and Content

This collection consists of ministerial records, sermons, and publications by Charles C. Cook. Cook’s sermons were written and delivered circa 1910-1930 and make up the majority of the collection. Each sermon is handwritten and was stored in an envelope with the sermon’s title and relevant scripture passages written on the front. Each envelope lists where he delivered that sermon. Most sermons are undated. Many included newspaper clippings from popular periodicals including the Sunday School Times and The King’s Business, which Cook used as illustrations for his audience. Ministerial material consists of records for marriages Cook presided over as pastor plus two bundles of newpaper and periodical clippings that he used as illustrations during sermons. Cook's published material consists of tracts and books.



Cook, Charles C. (Charles Cyrus), 1861-

Sermons, American--20th century.


Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Charles C. Cook Manuscript Collection, Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.

Acquisition Information

This collection was donated to Princeton Theological Seminary by Cathy Cook Davis, Charles C. Cook’s great-granddaughter, May 2012.

Processing Information

The collection was processed and a finding was written in May 2012 by Daved Anthony Schmidt under the direction of Robert Golon, Manuscripts Librarian.


There are no special restrictions to access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.



The collection is arranged in four series: Ministerial Records, Notes, and Illustrations; Sermon Notes and Clippings; Tracts; and Books. Sermons have been arranged alphabetically according to title, with the envelope for each sermon and related clippings attached. Tracts are undated and have been arranged thematically.

Series 1: Ministerial Records, Notes, and Illustrations

Series 2: Sermon Notes and Clippings

Series 3: Tracts

Series 4: Books



Series 1: Ministerial Records, Notes, and Illustrations
Box 1
1:1 Records of marriages presided over by Charles C. Cook 1905-1910
1:2 1 program, "Summer Services" at the Bushwick Avenue Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, New York, with Charles C. Cook listed as a speaker 1925
Scofield, C.I. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth. New York: Fleming H. Revell, undated  
2 bundles of loose clippings and notes to be used as illustrations in sermons  1898-1912
Series 2: Sermons by Charles C. Cook
"Acts 4:13,” with related clippings  
"Acts 26:22,” with related clippings  
"Address to Men; Talk to Women”  
“The Altogether Lovely One,” Song of Songs 5:16 Tracts titled “The Loveliness of Christ” and “Loved Me-Sought Me, Found Me-Saved Me” attached!  
“Amen,” with related clippings  
“The Appointed Day”  
“Appropriating Christ,” II Corinthians 9:15, with related clippings  
“Are Few Saved?” Luke 13:23, with related clippings  
“The Ark and its Lessons,” with related clippings  
“Assurance of Peace,” Philippians 4:7, with related clippings  
“Beautiful Feet,” with related clippings  
“Behold the Man!”   
“The Believer’s Needs Show God Supplies Them,” Philippians 4:19 with related clippings  
“The Believer’s Sevenfold Heard Purpose,” Philippians 3:8-10  
“Believing the Lie,” II Thessalonians 2:11-12  
“Bethesda,” John 5:1-15, with related clippings  
“Bethlehem-Ephrata,” Micah 5:2, with related clippings  
“The Bible and Salvation”  
“Blessed Places,” Psalm 23:1-2  
“Born in Bethlehem (Christmas Sermon),” Matthew 2:1  
“The Brazen Serpent,” Numbers 21:5-9 and John 3:14-15, with related clippings  
“But of Him are Ye in Christ Jesus,” I Corinthians 1:30  
“Calvary: the Three Hours,” Luke 23:33, with related clippings  
“The Cherubim-Heavenly Visitors, also The Fourfold Man,” Ezekiel 1:1-14, with related clippings  
“Children Have Ye Any Meal?” John 21:5  
““Choose Ye This Day,” Joshua 24:14-28  
“Calvary: the Three Hours,” Luke 23:33, with related clippings  
“Christ: Prophet, Priest, and King," with related clippings  
“Christ as Prophet, Priest, King,” Philippians 4:8  
“Christ’s Estimate of Believers,” John 15:9  
“Christian’s Attire,” Romans 13:14  
“Christians’ Present Duty”  
“The Christian’s Walk,” Colossians 2:6  
“Christmas,” Matthew 1:21  
“Christmas,” Matthew 2:1-12  
“Christmas,” Luke 2:14  
“Christmas: The Truth about Christmas,” with related clippings  
“The Church: Peter’s Confession,” Matthew 16: 13-28  
“The Coming of Christ,” Titus 2:11-13  
“Coming of Christ Throughout the Word”   
“The Coming Earthquake,” Hebrews 12:25-29  
“Come Unto Me,” Matthew 11:28, tract entitled “Out and Into” attached  
“Communion: The Cup of Blessing,” I Corinthians 10: 16-17, with related clippings  
“A Complete Promise and its Basis,” or, “A Believer’s Life of Faith and How God Rewards It”, Psalms 37:3 with related clippings  
“Covetousness,” Luke 12:15  
“The Crowned Christ,” Hebrew 2:9, with related clippings  
“Daniel in the Lion’s Den,” Daniel 6:16-28  
“Daniel’s Vision of Beasts,” Daniel 7  
“Days of Noah,” Luke 17:26-27, with related clippings  
“Defending the Gospel,” Philippians 1:7, 17, 27  
“The Deluge,” Genesis 6:13  
“The Divine Program for the Believer’s Life,” Psalm 50: 14-15  
“Double Portion,” II Kings 2:9-10  
“Easter,” I Corinthians 15:20, with related clippings  
“Elijah’s Ascension,” II Kings 2:11, with related clippings  
“Elijah Discouraged,” I Kings 19:9  
“Emmanuel: The Presence of God,” Matthew 1:23, with related clippings  
“Emmaus,” Luke 24, with related clippings  
“Enoch’s Life,” Genesis 5:22-24  
“Entering the Kingdom,” Luke 18:17  
“Esau and Jacob,” Genesis 25:27-34  
“The Eternal Book,” tract titled “The Supremacy of the Bible attached  
“The Exile and the Restoration"  
“Facts that Everyone Ought to Know”  
“Feeding the 5,000,” Matthew 14  
“The Finished Work of Christ,” Ephesians 1:14  
“Fire Testing Works,” I Corinthians 11:15  
“The First Temptation and Sin,” Genesis 3  
“Five Christian Cups,” I Corinthians 10:16, with related clippings  
“The Five Crowns,” partial letter from Cook to an unknown recipient related to establishing a Bible school in St. Petersburg Florida, April 20, 1922 attached  20 April 1922
“The Five Judgments”   
“Following Jesus,” Luke 9:23  
“Fools Before Men”   
“Four Characteristics of the Early Church,” Acts 2:24  
“Four Horsemen,” Revelation 6  
“Four Miracles,” Matthew 8:1-17  
“Funeral,” I Corinthians 15, tract titled “The Epistles of Paul” attached  
“A Glorious Church,” Galatians 6:14  
“The Glorious Gospel,” II Corinthians 4:4 and I Timothy 1:11  
“Glorying in the Cross,” Galatians 6:14  
“God’s Love in Malachi,” Malachi 1:2, with related clippings  
“God’s Purpose in this Age”   
“God’s Sympathy in Trouble: Does God Care?” Matthew 10:29 (Luke 12:28), with related clippings  
“Good Cheer,” Matthew 9:2, John 16:33, Mark 6:50, with related clippings  
“Good News as Cold Water,” Proverbs 25:25, with related clippings  
“The Good Samaritan” Luke 10:25-37  
“Good Shepherd,” Psalm 23:1  
“Good Shepherd, Great Shepherd, Chief Shepherd,”   
“The Grace of God,” Titus 2:11-13  
“A Gracious Invitation,” Isaiah 55:1-13, with related clippings  
“The Great Landmark,” Galatians 6:16, with related clippings  
“The Gospel’s Power…” Mark 2:1-2  
“The Hand of Omnipotence,” Psalm 21:15  
“A Hero’s Ending,” II Timothy 4:6-8, with related clippings  
“Heavenly Apparel,” Romans 13:14  
“Heavenly Superlatives,” with related clippings  
“The Holy Spirit and the Second Coming,” Galatians 5:5  
“The Incomparable Rock,” Deuteronomy 32:31, numerous clippings and tracts attached  
“The Inspiration of the Bible,” with related clippings  
“Immortality,” with related clippings and a tract titled “What Does Immortality Mean?” attached  
“Isaiah 53,” Isaiah 53  
“Jesus at Jacob’s Well,” John 4:5-14  
“Jesus’ Directions for Prayer,” Matthew 6:5-15  
“Jesus the Savior of the World,” John 3:17  
“Jesus the Sinner’s Friend,” Luke 7:36-50  
“John 13:12 - Know Ye What I Have Done,” John 13:12  
“John the Baptist”  
“Joshua: A Faithful Servant and His Reward,” Joshua 14:8  
“A King in a Pit,” Psalm 40  
“Lacked Ye Anything,” Luke 22:35  
“A Large Room,” Psalm 31:8 with related clippings  
“The Light of the World for Believers,” John 8:12, with related clippings  
“Living Sacrifice,” Romans 12:1  
“The Lord’s Prayer,” Matthew 6:9-13, with related clippings  
“Lord’s Supper,” Luke 22:19-20  
“The Lord’s Supper Series,” with related clippings  
“Lost Opportunity,” Psalm 95:7-8, with related clippings  
“Macedonian Consecration,” II Corinthians 8:1-9, tract titled “Macedonian Benevolence attached  
“Malachi: God’s Last Words for 400 Years"  
“Man Born Blind,” John 9:1-11  
“May my last thought, etc”   
“Message to the Church at Smyrna,” Revelation 2:10 with related clippings  
“The Mission of the Holy Spirit to the World,” John 16:8-11  
“My Presence Shall Go with Thee,” Exodus 33:14 with related clippings  
“Mystery of Godliness,” I Timothy 3:16  
Nebuchadnezzar’s Image,” Daniel 2:31-45 with related clippings  
“The New Birth,” John 3  
“The New Jerusalem,” Revelation 22:3-5 with related clippings  
“Nobleman’s Sons,” John 4:43-54  
“Not Yours, but You!” II Corinthians 12:14 with related clippings  
“The Offence of the Cross,” Galatians 5:11 with related clippings  
“Our Threefold Gospel/Salvation,” with related clippings  
“Out of Christ”   
Box 2
“Paradise Lost-Regained,” Genesis 3:24  
“The Past, Present, and Future of a Believer’s Life,” I Thessalonians 1:9-10  
“Pay Tithes-Get Blessing,” Malachi 3:10  
“Peace,” Philippians 4:7 with related clippings  
“The Peace of God,” Philippians 4:7 with related clippings  
“Peace is Man’s Great Need,” Colossians 1:20 with related clippings  
“Pentecost,” Acts 2:4 with related clippings  
“Peter’s Sermon at Pentecost,” Acts 2:21 with related clippings  
“Prayer Taught by Parable,” with related clippings  
“Prayer: Three Aspects,” Philippians 4:5  
“Precious Blood of Christ,” I Peter 1:18  
“The Presence of Jesus,” Mark 6:50  
“A Prophetic Picture of the Last Days,” Jude 1:4  
“Promise and Oath,” Hebrews 6:13-20  
“Pure Religion and Undefiled,” James 1:27  
“Reasons for Believing the Bible is God’s Word”  
“The Remnant,” Romans 11, with related clippings  
“The Resurrection Body,” I Corinthians 15:35 (with related clippings)  
“Resurrection of Christ,” sermon by Charles C. Cook reprinted in an unknown periodical  
“The Rich Fool,” Luke 12:16 with related clippings   
“Rivers of Living Water,” John 7:37-39   
“The Rock that Followed Them,” I Corinthians 10:4 (incomplete clipping of a hymn attached)   
“Running the Race,” Hebrews 12:1-2   
“Saviour’s Prophecy,” Matthew 24:25   
“The Second Mile,” Matthew 5:41   
“The Second Psalm,” Psalm 2, with related clippings   
“Seeking Great Things,” Jeremiah 45:5  
“Separation,” II Corinthians 6:14-18   
“Separation,” II Corinthians 6:14-18, with related clippings   
“The Seven Churches,” Revelation 2-3   
“Seven Places Where Christ is Found,” Romans 9:5   
“Seven Promises,” Psalms 91:14-15 with related clippings  
“Seventy Weeks: Synopsis,” Daniel 9:20-27   
“A Small Gift Versus a Magnificent Building,” Luke 21:1-6 with related clippings  
“The Spirit and the Bride,” Revelation 22:17 with related clippings  
“The Spirit’s Power,” Zechariah 4:6   
“Standing in Gap,” Ephesians 9:4 with related clippings   
“Sublime Devotion,” Matthew 26:10 with related clippings   
“Temples of God,” I Corinthians 3:16   
“Tests of Friendship,” Proverbs 18:24  
“Thanksgiving,” Psalm 34:1-10 with related clippings  
“Thanksgiving,” Psalm 103:2 with related clippings  
“They that Wait Upon the Lord” [or, “Contrast Between Natural and Spiritual”], Isaiah 40:31  
“They that will be rich,” I Timothy 6:9 with related clippings  
“This Beautiful Psalm…” Psalm 84:1-8  
“Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus,” Luke 1:31  
“Three Pillows”   
“Three Pillows,” Matthew 28:18  
“Three Things to be Done in Secret,” Matthew 6:3-6; 17-18   
“Three Types of Christ,” Hebrews 11:4-5,7  
“Three Words: Benediction-Benevolence-Benefaction,” with related clippings  
“The Threefold Purpose of the Saviour’s Coming”   
“Thy Kingdom Come” [or, “The Coming Kingdom”]   
“The Transfiguration: The Heavenly Vision,” Matthew 17 with related clippings   
“Treasure, Pearl, Net,” [or, “The Parables of the Kingdom”] Matthew 13:44-52   
“Two Religions,” Proverbs 14:12 and John 14:6 (tract titled “The Only Two Religions” attached)   
“The Wages of Sin,” Romans 6:23   
“What is it to be a Christian,” Acts 11:26 with related clippings  
“What Shall I Do With Jesus,” Matthew 27:22 (tracts titled “A Preacher of the Old School” and “John Newton’s Confession” attached)   
“What Shall it Profit?” Matthew 16:26 with related clippings  
“What the Bible Says about the Resurrection,”  
“What the Blind Man Saw?” Luke 18:35-45  
“Where are the Dead?”   
“Where is the Lord?” Jeremiah 2:6 (tract titled “If You Knew He was Coming” attached)   
“Why I am Not a Christian Scientist”   
“The Will of God,” Hebrews 13:20-21 with related clippings   
“Will Ye also Go Away?” John 6:67  
“Without Christ,” Ephesians 2:12  
“Without Murmurings,” Philippians 2:14 with related clippings  
“Witnessing for Jesus: The Little Maid,” II Kings 5:1-15  
“Woman and Saviour at Well: Predestination and Free Grace,”   
“The Word, quick and powerful,” Hebrew 4:12 with related clippings  
“The World-Wide Appeal of the Gospels,” Titus 2:11  
“The Wounds of Jesus,” Zechariah 13:61  
“Unclothed and Clothed Upon,” II Corinthians 5:14 with related clippings  
“The Unspeakable Gift,” II Corinthians 9:15 with related clippings  
“Valley of Dry Bones,” Ezekiel 37:1-14  
“Ye Call Me Master,” John 13:13 with related clippings  
“The Victory of Faith,” Matthew 26:36-46  
“Zaccheus,” Luke 19:1-101  
“Great Pleasure in serving…”   
“What Once I Was,”   
Series 3:Tracts by Charles C. Cook
“World Peace: Is It a Reasonable Hope or a Delusion?” a tract by Charles C. Cook,(3 items attached)  1924
“The Peace Conference and the Bible: or, Is World-Wide Peace a Reasonable Hope, or a Delusion?” a tract by Charles C. Cook  
“The Winning Plan – Selected by the Jury of The American Peace Award,”   January 1924
“When I have finished…” handwritten address given by Cook  
“Bible Outlines on the Second Coming,” tract by Charles C. Cook (second copy with handwritten marginal notes attached)  
“A Prophetic Picture of the Last Days,” tract by Charles C. Cook (second copy attached)  
“The Supremacy of the Bible,” tract by Charles C. Cook  
2 copies of “The Christian’s Present Duty,” tract by Charles C. Cook  
“Religion Gone Wrong,” tract by Charles C. Cook,   
“All About One Russell,” tract by Charles C. Cook,   
“Eternal Death or Life, Which?” tract by Charles C. Cook, (second copy attached)]  
“A Question of Startling Import: What is Your Answer?” tract by Charles C. Cook  
“Social Regeneration,” tract by Charles C. Cook, (second copy attached)  
“Jesus Christ as The Good Shepherd, The Great Shepherd, The Chief Shepherd,” tract by Charles C. Cook  
“Is Rome Really the Oldest Church, or Is She Merely an Old Church?” tract by Charles C. Cook  
“The Roman Catholic Mass and the Bible,” tract by Charles C. Cook  
“Diamond-Wearing Christians,” tract by Charles C. Cook,   
“The Dangerous Glamor (sic) of Prosperity: What it Does to Believers,” tract by “A. Witness” [possibly Charles C. Cook],   
“The International Jew,” article by Charles C. Cook printed in The King’s Business  
“Crushed in the Mind,” article by Charles C. Cook printed in The King’s Business  
2 copies of a tract titled “John Newton’s Confession” by an unknown author  
2 copies of a tract titled “A Fertile Field Untilled” by an unknown author  
One envelope with “Published as Free Tracts” handwritten on the front  
“The Fourfold Sonship of Jesus Christ,” a tract by Charles C. Cook, (handwritten notes attached)  
“La Verdad Acerca de La Gracia Divina,” a tract by Charles C. Cook  
“My Substitute,” tract by James Y. Simpson,   
One envelope addressed to Charles C. Cook, 19 Bruce Road, Montclair, N.J. from The Central American Bulletin  
Series 4: Books by Charles C. Cook
Box 3
1:1 Divine Healing Under the Lens, second edition
2 copies of End of the Age Themes 1917
God’s Book Speaking for Itself, 1924
The Truth about Grace, 1908


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