The William J. H. Boetcker Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Boetcker, William John Henry
Dates: 1890-1965
Extent: 24 boxes (13 linear feet)
Language(s): English, Spanish, Portuguese, German
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1873 Born, Altona, suburb of Hamburg, Germany, July 17
1890 Boetcker's book, Neuster Ratzelschatz, published in Germany, which attracted the attention of Countess Von Waldersee
1891 With financial help from the Countess, Boetcker sailed to America, arriving in September
1892-93: Attended Chicago Theological Seminary
1894-1897 Attended and graduated from the German Theological School of Newark (Bloomfield), New Jersey
1897 Ordained by the Reformed Church of America, South Classis of Long Island, on December 6
1898 Became a United States citizen
1898 Became pastor of the German Reformed Church in the East New York section of Brooklyn, New York
1899 Married Anna Albrecht, organist at the German Reformed Church in Brooklyn
1902 Moved to Shelbyville, Indiana. Became pastor of the First German Presbyterian Church there, where he becomes involved in local labor issues
1903 Boetcker addressed the Chicago Kimball Hall Convention, organized by the National Association of Manufacturers
1905 Moved to Toledo, Ohio. Became Secretary of the Citizens Industrial Alliance in Toledo
1914 Moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and founded the National Inside Association of America
1918 During WWI, worked for the Ordnance Department of the U.S. Department of War as chief of the speaker's division
1919 Moved to Geneva, Ohio, and moved the activities of the Inside Association and Publishing to Erie, PA, where for the next 40 years he traveled the country as a speaker for labor and world peace
1936 Went as a delegate to the World Congress for Leisure Time and Recreation at Hamburg, Germany, along with representatives of 52 countries. Boetcker became a staunch opponent to U.S. involvement in the expansion of World War II
1935-1945 Boetcker became a prolific writer, publisher, and distributor of sayings known as "Golden Nuggets," which also appear in local daily newspapers
1957 Wife Anna died
1962 William J.H. Boetcker died at the Battersby Convalescent Home, Erie, Pennsylvania, March 12

Biographical Information

William John Henry Boetcker was born in Altona, Germany, a suburb of Hamburg, on July 17, 1873, one of four children. When he was eight years old, his father was seriously injured when beaten up by striking workers at the factory where he was employed. This incident had a profound effect on Boetcker's views on labor relations going forward. At age 14, Boetcker began work on a book of puzzles and riddles, and in 1890, Neuster Ratzelschatz was published. At age 17, Boetcker became Germany's youngest published author. This attracted the attention of the Countess Von Waldersee, whose husband was a member of the military staff of the Kaiser. Impressed by young Boetcker's intellect, and convinced that he could not attain his full potential in Germany, the Countess gave him the $65 necessary for steamship passage to the United States.

Arriving in Chicago in 1891, Boetcker followed his calling to the ministry and enrolled in the Chicago Theological Seminary. He only spoke German, and nobody at the Seminary knew German, so he had to communicate with all of his instructors and classmates in Latin. After two years, Boetcker moved to the East Coast, transferring to the German Theological School of Newark (Bloomfield), New Jersey, where he graduated in 1897. He was ordained as a minister by the Reformed Church of America, South Classis of Long Island, also in 1897.

In 1898, Boetcker became pastor of his first church, the German Reformed Church in the East New York section of Brooklyn. It was there he met Anna Albrecht, the church organist, whom he married in 1899. The couple remained married until Anna's death in 1957, raising seven children and having 14 grandchildren. Overworked in Brooklyn and in generally poor health, Boetcker sought a quieter environment and moved to Shelbyville, Indiana in 1902, becoming the pastor of the First German Presbyterian Church there. During that time, radical labor agitators appeared in Shelbyville, and Boetcker warned about following these agitators from his pulpit. Local Union officials demanded that Boetcker retract his statements under the threat of withdrawal of their financial support from the church. The following week, during his sermon, Boetcker replied, "You can keep your money and go to Hell with it rather than for us to accept it under such circumstances and go with you." The local news media ran headlines reading "Minister Tells Congregation to Go to Hell." The incident had a telling effect on Boetcker, moving him to starting a Shelbyville Citizens Alliance that promoted labor peace instead of labor strife. It also influenced Boetcker to move away from the active pulpit and pursue a life of working with both labor and management from the "inside," in order to prevent strikes and other labor misunderstandings.

Hearing of the events in Shelbyville, President D. M. Parry of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) offered Boetcker a roll in the organization of a Citizens Alliance and Employers Organization. In 1903, Boetcker and 18 others associated with the NAM organized a convention at Kimball Hall in Chicago, attended by over 1,800 delegates, uniting employers against radical union organizers. Out of this convention the national Citizens Industrial Association (CIA) was born. Boetcker moved to Toledo, Ohio in 1905 and served as Secretary of the Toledo CIA through 1913. There were 180 labor strikes in Toledo in the five years prior to Boetcker's arrival. In his nine years there, only six strikes took place. His "Toledo Plan" attracted the attention of national labor leaders, including Samuel Gompers, the President of the American Federation of Labor (AFL).

Seeking new challenges, Boetcker moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1914, the heart of the steel industry, and home to much labor strife. He strongly believed that "the problems we have appear on the outside, but the causes we have for our problems come from the inside. If we can correct what's wrong on the inside, we don't have to worry about what's on the outside." He founded his "National Inside Association" and the "Inside Publishing Company," the latter to help deliver his many messages of solutions from "the inside."

While in Pittsburgh, World War I began, and as a prominent German in the community, Boetcker had to deal with the prejudice of anti-German sentiment rampant at the time. To show his patriotism, Boetcker volunteered to help the War Department as chief of the Speaker's Division of the Ordnance Department, covering nine states, where he went "into plants where the workmen were from families who were on the enemy's side over in Europe and bring them to recognize that they were Americans, and that they owed no allegiance to enemy countries." The U.S. Government never reimbursed Boetcker for his travel expenses, and the entire World War I experience in Pittsburgh left him disillusioned and he sought to move once again.

In 1919, Boetcker and his family relocated to Geneva, Ohio, where he would run his speaking and publishing businesses out of Erie, Pennsylvania for the remainder of his life. Boetcker became a prolific producer of written thoughts on a variety of topics, called his "Golden Nuggets," which frequently appeared in newspapers. Boetcker often used the pen name "Tianus Tiorio," acronyms which stood for "Truth in a Nutshell" and his favorite, "Think It Over. Reason It Out!" He also used the pen name "Civis Americanus" at times. Even though he continued as an active speaker promoting labor and other "inside" issues, his major activities through the 1950s were his writings. He corresponded with such notables as former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, William Green, President of the AFL, war hero Eddie Rickenbacker, as well as numerous United States Senators and members of Congress. Boetcker's worldwide visibility peaked in 1936 when he attended, as an official United States delegate, the World Congress for Leisure Time and Recreation at Hamburg, Germany, along with representatives of 52 countries. Boetcker was able to witness firsthand the perceived improvements in living conditions in his home country under Adolf Hitler, and this may have influenced his staunch opposition to World War II and America's involvement in it.

William J.H. Boetcker published his list of "The Ten Cannots" in 1916, which included thoughts such as "You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong," and "You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer." The Committee for Constitutional Government printed a leaflet in 1942 entitled "Lincoln on Limitations," where the "Ten Cannots" were erroneously attributed to Abraham Lincoln. As recently as 1992, Ronald Reagan, in his speech to the Republican National Convention in Houston, attributed the Boetcker quotes to Lincoln.

William J. H. Boetcker died of old age and illness at the age of 91 in Erie, Pennsylvania, on March 12, 1962.

1 Quoted from the transcript of an oral history interview by William Boetcker Jr., about his father's life. The interview was recorded by Gertrude (Trudy) Boetcker, date undetermined, and was sent to family members under the title of "William John Henry Boetcker: 1873-1962."

2 Boetcker, William Jr., previously cited oral history interview.


Scope and Content

The William J. H. Boetcker Manuscript Collection consists of approximately 13 linear feet of documents, photographs, and ephemera. Inclusive dates of the collection are from 1890 to 1965, with the bulk of the collection running from 1910 to 1960. The collection is divided into 8 distinct series with associated subseries. These series are:

  • 1-Personal and/or Biographical,
  • 2-Early Life, 1873-1919,
  • 3-Geneva, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania Years, 1920-1960,
  • 4-Writings by William J. H. Boetcker,
  • 5-Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus),
  • 6-Published and Unpublished Writings by Others,
  • 7-Photographs, and
  • 8-Ephemera.

This collection contains information about the life and ministry of William John Henry Boetcker, his early years as a German Reformed minister, his time as a labor negotiator and "troubleshooter," and finally his years as a prolific writer and speaker on solving the problems of society from "the inside."



Boetcker, Wm. J. H. (William John Henry), 1873-


American Federation of Labor

Boetcker, Wm. J. H. (William John Henry), b. 1873

Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)

Citizens' Industrial Association of America

Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969

Erie (Pa.)

Geneva (Ohio)

German Theological School of Newark, N.J.

Gompers, Samuel, 1850-1924

Green, William

Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963

National Association of Manufacturers (U.S.)

Pittsburgh (Pa.)

Reformed Church of America

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Shelbyville (Ind.)

Toledo (Ohio)

Von Waldersee, Countess Mary


Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was acquired in September 2012, via William J. H. Boetcker's granddaughter, Ruth Boetcker.

Final processing of the collection, including the writing and publishing of a finding aid, was done by Bob Golon, Manuscript Librarian.


The materials contained in this collection may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary.

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The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The William J. H. Boetcker Manuscript Collection, Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary.



The William J. H. Boetcker Manuscript Collection has been grouped into a logical arrangement of eight major series and associated subseries, documenting his ministerial, public speaking and writing careers. The collection contains considerable correspondence with individuals, first with many local civic and business leaders of Shelbyville, Indiana, Geneva, Ohio and Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania, and later with national business and political leaders. Original signatures from General and future President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Senator and future President Warren Harding, Congressman Fred A. Hartley, former President Herbert Hoover, Senator and future President John F. Kennedy, New York Governor and future President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and former President Theodore Roosevelt, as well as other notables, are contained in the collection.

Series I: Personal and/or Biographical (Box 1)

This series contains an early Boetcker family history, written in German, as well as biographical research of William Boetcker Jr. Family correspondence, obituaries, and other post-death documents are also contained in this series.

Series II: Early Life - 1873-1919 (Boxes 1-2)

This series is arranged in four subseries. Subseries 1, Germany 1873-1891, contains autobiographical information as well as the original book proposal form for Neuster Ratzelschatz and correspondence from Countess Von Waldersee. Subseries 2, Seminary to Shelbyville - 1892-1905, contains more autobiographical information, documentation from the German Theological School of Newark, NJ, and correspondence. Subseries 3, Toledo, Ohio - 1905-1913, contains materials pertaining to the Citizens Industrial Association, the formation of the National Inside Association, clippings and correspondence. Subseries 4, Pittsburgh, PA, 1914-1919, contains autobiographical information, clippings and correspondence.

Series III: Geneva, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania Years, 1920-1960 (Boxes 3-5)

This series is arranged in four subseries. Subseries 1, 1920s, contains personal and organizational information, clippings and correspondence from the 1920s. Subseries 2, 1930s, contains personal and organizational information, clippings and correspondence from the 1930s. Subseries 3, 1940s, contains personal and organizational information, clippings and correspondence from the 1940s. Subseries 4, 1950s-1960s, contains personal and biographical information, as well as correspondence from that time period.

Series IV: Writings by William J.H. Boetcker (Boxes 6-11)

This series contains writings by William J. H. Boetcker, arranged by title alphabetically, mostly in typescript format. There are also some published works in this series. At the end are two books; Neuester Ratselschatz, written by William Boetcker as a 17 year-old in Germany, and Picturesque Shelbyville: Representing the Official, Business and Social Relations of Shelbyville, Indiana, compiled and produced by William Boetcker while he was the pastor of the First German Presbyterian Church in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus) (Boxes 12-19)

This series is arranged in three subseries. Subseries 1, Pamphlets, booklets, single card or page, is arranged by title alphabetically in the aforementioned formats. Subseries 2, Postcards, is arranged by title alphabetically, with all pieces printed on postcards. Subseries 3, Index Cards, contains Boetcker sayings and quotations, mostly "Golden Nuggets," that were clipped from newspapers and glued to index cards.

Series VI: Published and Unpublished Writings by Others (Box 20)

This series contains articles of interest written by others, and kept by William J. H. Boetcker.

Series VII: Photographs (Boxes 21-22)

This series contains personal portraits, family, photographs, group pictures, and unidentified pictures from the entire date span of the collection.

Series VIII: Ephemera (Boxes 23-24)

This series contains ordination and citizenship certificates for William J. H. Boetcker. It also contains disassembled loose leaf pages of Boetcker "Golden Nugget" sayings that were collected in scrap book form, as well as other scrapbooks containing clippings and correspondence, mostly from 1890 through the 1940s. A scrapbook documenting Boetcker's trip to Nazi Germany for the 1936 Hamburg World Congress for Leisure and Recreation is also contained in this series, as well broadsides and buttons containing Boetcker sayings.



Series I: Personal and/or Biographical
Box 1
1 "Unserem lieben Vetter Dr. W. Boetcker und seiner lieben gottin einen herzlichen gruss aus dem hause onkel carl's verbunden mit den herzlichsten segenswunschen zur goldenen hochzeit von Helene, Martha Christlieb," (early Boetcker family history, written in German) undated
2 "William John Henry Boetcker, 1873-1962, As Told by His Eldest Son Bill," (illustrated typescript) undated
3 Working notes of Bill Boetcker, containing outlines, chronology, quotes, and events of the life of William J.H. Boetcker undated
4 Family correspondence from the later years of William J.H. Boetcker 1958-1962
5 Obituaries and post-death documents 1962-1963
Series II: Early Life - 1873-1919
Subseries 1: Germany 1873-1891
6 Autobiographical piece where William J.H. Boetcker describes events of his early life, calling himself "Henry" undated
7 Book proposal form for Neuster Ratzelschatz 1890
8 Correspondence, Countess Von Waldersee August 25, 1891
Series II: Early Life - 1873-1919
Subseries 2: Seminary to Shelbyville - 1892-1905
9 The German Theological School of Newark, New Jersey (Bloomfield) - transcript for diploma, business cards 1897
10 Autobiographical piece where William J.H. Boetcker describes "The Storm Period of 1902" while pastor at First German Presbyterian Church at Shelbyville, Indiana undated
11 "Sermon and Text Register," record book 1897-1904
12 Correspondence - letter, signed by the officers of the First German Presbyterian Church, Shelbyville, Indiana, attesting to Boetcker working without pay May 6, 1905
13 Correspondence - Link Belt Machinery Co., Chicago, IL, and the Reeves Pulley Co., Columbus, Indiana 1905
Series II: Early Life - 1873-1919
Subseries 3: Toledo, Ohio - 1905-1913
14 Autobiographical piece where William J.H. Boetcker describes the period after Shelbyville leading to the years as Secretary of the Citizens Industrial Alliance undated
15 "Background of CIA (Citizens Industrial Alliance) and Kimball Hall," typescript undated
16 Boetcker - promotional materials and testimonials 1909-1914
17 Citizens Industrial Association of Toledo, Ohio, Sixth Annual Meeting and Banquet (program) April 25, 1912
18 General Contractors Club of Toledo, signed agreement March 9, 1912
19 Illustrations from the Boetcker Lectures: "The Way of Decision, It's Up To You," "Why Is It?" "There Must Be Four Sides to a Square Deal" 1912
20 National Inside Association of America: Beginnings of, Constitution and By-Laws 1912
21 Clippings - Boetcker's retirement from CIA May 1913
22 Clippings - Cartoons undated
23 Clipping - Citizens Industrial Alliance meeting undated
24 Clippings - Reliable Laundry Worker's Strike controversy undated
25 Clippings - Lectures, general 1912-1914
26 Clippings - Lectures, "Inside" topics 1914
27 Correspondence - Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, WI February 4, 1914
28 Correspondence - Ballou, Frederick A., Providence, RI November 10, 1913
29 Correspondence - Bishop of Toledo, Ohio 1912-1915
30 Correspondence - Bowser, S. F. and Co., Fort Wayne, Indiana May 18, 1906
31 Correspondence - Building Industries Association, St. Louis, MO May 22, 1913
32 Correspondence - Campbell, C.H., Furniture Company, Shelbyville, IN November 27, 1906
33 Correspondence - Central Congregational Church, Brooklyn, NY December 17, 1909
34 Correspondence - Chicago, Indiana, and Southern Railroad Co., La Salle Street Station, Chicago, IL April 16, 1913
Series II: Early Life - 1873-1919
Subseries 3: Toledo, Ohio - 1905-1913
Box 2
1 Correspondence - Curtis and Yale Co., Wausau, WI October 4, 1913
2 Correspondence - Dempster Mill Mfg. Co, Beatrice, NE December 17, 1913
3 Correspondence - Evansville Furniture Co., Evansville, IN August 15, 1907
4 Correspondence - Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Traction Co., Fort Wayne, IN May 1, 1906
5 Correspondence - The Geiger-Jones Co., Canton OH October 24, 1913
6 Correspondence - Wm. Hare's Sons, Wheeling, WV 1905, 1913
7 Correspondence - The Hodell Furniture Company, Shelbyville, IN November 30, 1906
8 Correspondence - the Hooven, Owens, Rentschler Co., Hamilton, OH December 3, 1906
9 Correspondence - Hubbard, Elbert November 28, 1912
10 Correspondence - The Hydraulic Pressed Steel Co., Cleveland, OH October 20, 1913
11 Correspondence - Indianapolis Water Company, Indianapolis, IN January 25, 1913
12 Correspondence - Kearney and Trecker Co., Milwaukee, WI May 8, 1914
13 Correspondence - The Kempsmith Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, WI April 4, 1914
14 Correspondence - Los Angeles Ice and Cold Storage Co., Los Angeles, CA February 12, 1914
15 Correspondence - Major, Charles November 30, 1906
16 Correspondence - Merchants and Manufacturers Association of Milwaukee, WI May 12, 1913
17 Correspondence - Milwaukee Metal Trades and Founders Association, Milwaukee, WI April 1914
18 Correspondence - Nebraska Manufacturers Association, Lincoln, NE November 24, 1913
19 Correspondence - Nordberg Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, WI May 19, 1914
20 Correspondence - Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway Co., Omaha, NE November 12, 1913
21 Correspondence - Omaha Printing Company, Omaha, NE December 13, 1913
22 Correspondence - Page's Laundry Company, Washington, DC October 14, 1914
23 Correspondence - Paxton and Vierling Iron Works, Omaha, NE November 26, 1913
24 Correspondence - The Peerless Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company, Elyria, OH March 13, 1914
25 Correspondence - Pennsylvania Engineering Works, New Castle, PA 1907-1913
26 Correspondence - Pressed Steel Tank Company, Milwaukee, WI May 9, 1914
27 Correspondence - Reed Manufacturing Co., Erie, PA October 3, 1913
28 Correspondence - The Prime Steel Company, Milwaukee, WI May 2, 1914
29 Correspondence - The Shelby National Bank, Shelbyville, IN 1906
30 Correspondence - Smith, Georg H., Steel Casting Company, Milwaukee, WI April 23, 1914
31 Correspondence - Spiegel Furniture Co., Shelbyville, IN November 28, 1906
32 Correspondence - The Square Deal Press Ltd., Battle Creek, MI February 17, 1914
33 Correspondence - Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co., Louisville, KY December 24, 1909
34 Correspondence - State of Nebraska, John Morehead, Governor, Lincoln, NE November 26, 1913
35 Correspondence - Synod of Indiana, Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, Greensburg, IN November 27, 1906
36 Correspondence - The Toledo Bridge and Crane Co., Toledo, OH March 16, 1915
37 Correspondence - Tri-City Manufacturers Association, Moline, IL January 22, 1914
38 Correspondence - U.S. Post Office, Postmaster, Shelbyville, IN June 16, 1906
39 Correspondence - University of Pittsburgh, Office of the Chancellor, Pittsburgh, PA April 12, 1913
40 Correspondence - Washington High School, Milwaukee, WI April 23, 1914
41 Correspondence - White Water Presbytery of the Synod of Indiana, Liberty, IN April 30, 1906
Subseries 4: Pittsburgh, PA 1914-1919
42 Personal and/or Biographical - "Mr. William J. Boetcker," character or recommendation write up, anonymous May 16, 1917
43 Personal and/or Biographical - Ordnance Department, Production Division, Office of Ordnance District Chief, end of service letter November 1918
44 Personal and/or Biographical - "My Pittsburgh Experience," written by William J.H. Boetcker undated
45 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Wausau, WI, service program March 22, 1914
46 National Inside Association of America, student essays 1916
47 Pittsburgh Civic Business Council, pamphlets undated
48 Pittsburgh Inside Association - letterhead, director's ballot, Lyceum Bureau pamphlet 1917
49 South Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Wilkinsburg, PA, service program July 29, 1917
50 The Telephone Society of Pittsburgh, announcement of a Boetcker lecture April 28, 1916
51 Clippings - Boetcker lectures 1916
52 Clipping - Pittsburgh Inside Association January 1915
53 Clippings - The Square Deal Association, Pittsburgh, PA undated
54 Clippings - War work (WWI) July 1918
55 Clipping - Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Strike May 1916
56 Correspondence - American Bridge Company, Toledo, Ohio March 12, 1915
57 Correspondence - American Locomotive Company, Pittsburgh, PA September 26, 1918
58 Correspondence - Avery, B.F. and Sons, Louisville, KY June 10, 1918
59 Correspondence - Barnes Laundry Company - Troy Laundry, Pittsburgh, PA April 1, 1915
60 Correspondence - Board of Education, McKeesport, PA 1916-1917
61 Correspondence - Braddock Merchants Association, Braddock, PA April 14, 1916
62 Correspondence - Buffalo Gasoline Motor Company, Buffalo, NY August 28, 1919
63 Correspondence - Connecticut Chamber of Commerce November 14, 1914
64 Correspondence - Coraopolis Public Schools, Coraopolis, PA March 21, 1918
65 Correspondence - Crucible Steel Company of America, Crescent Works, Pittsburgh, PA November 6, 1918
66 Correspondence - The Jennison Company, Fitchburg, MA February 1917
67 Correspondence - Keystone Driller Company, Beaver Falls, PA October 16, 1918
68 Correspondence - Keystone Lumber Company, Pittsburgh, PA January 23, 1919
69 Correspondence - Kansas City Star, New York office, 3 letters written and signed by Theodore Roosevelt April-May 1918
70 Correspondence - Mesta Machine Company, Pittsburgh, PA April 22, 1915
71 Correspondence - Page Steel and Wire Company, Pittsburg, PA and Monessen, PA March-September 1918
72 Correspondence - Pennsylvania Company, Pittsburgh, PA February 1915
73 Correspondence - Pittsburgh Commercial Club, Pittsburgh, PA May 15, 1917
74 Correspondence - Pittsburgh Valve, Foundry, and Construction Co., Pittsburgh, PA September 2, 1919
75 Correspondence - Public Schools, Homestead, PA May 1918-January 1919
76 Correspondence - Rankin Public Schools December 13, 1917
77 Correspondence - Record Publishing Company, Coraopolis, PA May 13, 1918
78 Correspondence - C.M. Schwab Industrial School, Homestead, PA May 17, 1918
79 Correspondence - Standard Steel Spring Company, Coraopolis, PA July 8, 1918
80 Correspondence - Union Steel Casting Company, Pittsburgh, PA January 25, 1915
81 Correspondence - United Engineering and Foundry Company, Pittsburgh, PA December 1918-January 1919
82 Correspondence - United States Senate, 2 letters with signature of Warren G. Harding June-September 1915
83 Correspondence - Universal Rolling Mill Company, Bridgeville, PA November 7, 1918
84 Correspondence - West Virginia Department of State, Charleston, WV December 1914
85 Correspondence - Westinghouse Air Brake Company, Pittsburgh, PA August 7, 1916
86 Correspondence - Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh, PA 1915-1918
Series III: Geneva, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania Years, 1920-1960
Subseries 1: 1920s
Box 3
1 Personal and/or Biographical - Christmas Card from Marie Boetcker (daughter) 1925
2 Personal and/or Biographical - Harris Ferry Tavern, Harrisburg, PA, booklet (annotated) undated
3 Personal and/or Biographical - Pulakos 1926 Appeal, Erie, PA undated
4 Personal and/or Biographical - State of Ohio, Probate Court document, certifying William Boetcker as a Minister of the Gospel 1920
5 Personal and/or Biographical - "The Boetcker Lectures," promotional material undated
6 Personal and/or Biographical - "A Day With Boetcker: The Geneva Lecturer," promotional material undated
7 Personal and/or Biographical - "Who Is Boetcker?" promotional material undated
8 Personal and/or Biographical - "Wm. J.H. Boetcker, Popular Lecturer," promotional material undated
9 Boetcker speaking engagements, programs and announcements 1920-1926
10 Erie Inside Association - receipts, banquet program, public meeting program, testimonials 1926-1929
11 National Inside Association of America - Junior Membership materials undated
12 National Inside Association of America - Proposed Administration Building drawing 1922
13 National Inside Association of America - letterheads undated
14 National Inside Lyceum Bureau, Geneva, OH, service and expenses July 1919-April 1920
15 TIANUS TIORIO - document explaining the origin of the pen name of William J.H. Boetcker undated
16 Clippings, mostly pertaining to appearances undated (1 of 3)
17 Clippings, mostly pertaining to appearances undated (2 of 3)
18 Clippings, mostly pertaining to appearances undated (3 of 3)
19 Clippings, mostly pertaining to appearances 1922-1924
20 Clippings, mostly pertaining to appearances 1925-1928
21 Correspondence - American Federation of Labor, Washington, DC, signature of William Green, President March 1929
22 Correspondence - the American Plan Association of Cleveland, Ohio Fred H. Doolittle, Secretary, Employee and Factory Executives Group April 1925
23 Correspondence - William H. Barr Inc., Buffalo, NY February 22, 1929
24 Correspondence - The A. Bentley and Sons Company, Toledo, Ohio February 8, 1919
25 Correspondence - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor and Industry, Harrisburg, PA, David Williams, Director, Bureau of Industrial Relations February 27, 1929
26 Correspondence - Dayton Chamber of Commerce, Dayton, OH January 27, 1922
27 Correspondence - Diocese of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH October 23, 1929
28 Correspondence - Employers Association of the Inland Empire, Spokane, WA November 3, 1919
29 Correspondence - Evansville Manufacturers' Association, Evansville, Indiana June 5, 1920
30 Correspondence - Harris Pump and Supply Company, Pittsburgh, PA November 19, 1919
31 Correspondence - Keystone Driller Company, Beaver Falls, PA November 26, 1919
32 Correspondence - National Industrial Conference Board, Boston, MA June 12, 1920
33 Correspondence - National Machinery Co., Tiffin, Ohio may 29, 1923
34 Correspondence - Nicetown Dye Works, Bridesburg, Philadelphia, PA March 6, 1929
35 Correspondence - Omaha Printing Company, Omaha, NE December 13, 1919
36 Correspondence - Paxton and Vierling Iron Works, Omaha, NE December 30, 1926
37 Correspondence - Pelican Well Tool and Supply Company, Shreveport, LA October 28, 1919
38 Correspondence - Providence Chamber of Commerce, Providence, RI November 9, 1921
39 Correspondence - Simpson Methodist Church, Erie, PA November 3, 1920
40 Correspondence - St. Joseph's Church, Erie, PA November 13, 1928
41 Correspondence - St. Joseph, Missouri, Chamber of Commerce March 17, 1923
42 Correspondence - Timber Products Manufacturers, Spokane, WA November 12, 1919
43 Correspondence - Trefz, Edward Frederic, Los Angeles, CA August 25, 1922
44 Correspondence - United Engineering and Foundry Company, Pittsburgh, PA April 1922
45 Correspondence - U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Secretary, James J. Davis March 1929
46 Correspondence - University of North Carolina, Thomas L. Warren, Chapel Hill, NC April 7, 1922
47 Correspondence - Wayne Knitting Mills, Fort Wayne, IN January 15, 1923
Box 4
Series III: Geneva, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania Years, 1920-1960
Subseries 2: 1930s
1 Personal and/or Biographical - "An Open Letter to My Son Bill," (written by William J.H. Boetcker to son William A.) July 14, 1938
2 Personal and/or Biographical - Checks written by William J.H. Boetcker to son William A. Boetcker 1929-1934
3 Personal and/or Biographical - Passports, William J.H. Boetcker 1935-1939
4 Personal and/or Biographical - Correspondence between William J.H., William A., and other family members, with P.D. Wright of Reed Manufacturing Company, Erie, PA, regarding sponsorship issues 1939
5 Promotional materials for speaking engagements, programs, from the 1930s
6 National Inside Association of America - description, articles of incorporation 1939
7 Clippings 1930-1935
8 Clippings - from Erie Deutsche Zeitung, (in German language) regarding Boetcker's trip to Nazi Germany in 1936
9 Correspondence - American Federation of Labor, William Green, President, Washington, DC 1931-1937
10 Correspondence - Ballou, Frederick A., Providence, RI October 28, 1932
11 Correspondence - Ben Avon Lumber Co., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, PA October 3, 1930
12 Correspondence - Bennett, B.L., Erie, PA February 6, 1930
13 Correspondence - "Boston Store," H.T. Torrance, Wilkinsburg, PA January 24, 1931
14 Correspondence - Bowler and Bowler, Attorneys at Law, Sheboygan, WI February 5, 1931
15 Correspondence - Bromley, William F. January 13, 1933
16 Correspondence - Brussels, Belgium, letters to King Leopold, with response (in French) from his Chief of Staff July 1939
17 Correspondence - Canada, Office of the Prime Minister, letter to, with response from his Principal Secretary June-July 1939
18 Correspondence - Chambers, William E. Jr., Holyoke, MA February 13, 1931
19 Correspondence - Chicago Daily News, response from office of Colonel Frank Knox May 28, 1937
20 Correspondence - Cleveland, Ohio, Archdiocese of, Bishops Schrembs and McFadden 1930-1939
21 Correspondence - Columbus, Delaware and Marion Electric Company, Marion, OH February 25, 1931
22 Correspondence - Coughlin, Reverend Charles E., Royal Oak, MI March 12, 1935
23 Correspondence - Currie, Mr. D. A., Erie, PA May 5, 1933
24 Correspondence - Curtze, Mr. F. F., Erie, PA July 26, 1932
25 Correspondence - Dallas Power and Light Company, Dallas, TX January 7, 1931
26 Correspondence - Doll, Mr. A. M. 1932-1933
27 Correspondence - Erie, PA, Diocese of July 1939
28 Correspondence - Erie Safety Council, Erie, PA June 1930
29 Correspondence - Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, New York, NY July 12, 1939
30 Correspondence - Fischer, E.J., Erie, PA July 29, 1939
31 Correspondence - The French Oil Mill Machinery Company, Piqua, OH February 21, 1935
32 Correspondence - German Embassy (in German language), Washington, DC. July 28, 1932
33 Correspondence - A.C. Gilbert, Co., New Haven, CT March 10, 1931
34 Correspondence - Hardwood Products Corporation, Neenah, WI March 20, 1931
35 Correspondence - Haynes Stellite Company, Kokomo, IN March 14, 1931
36 Correspondence - Hollands Manufacturing Co., Erie, PA October 14, 1932
37 Correspondence - Jarecki, Robert, Newport, RI July 26, 1932
38 Correspondence - Jones, Dana (excerpts from an "open letter") July 1933
39 Correspondence - Kiwanis International, Toledo, OH December 3, 1934
40 Correspondence - Lehigh Portland Cement Co., Iola, KS February 12, 1931
41 Correspondence - Marinette Industrial and Continuation Schools, Marinette, WI March 7, 1931
42 Correspondence - Mueller Co., Decatur, IL February 4, 1933
43 Correspondence - Mussolini, Premier Benito (letter to), Rome, Italy July 1939
44 Correspondence - National Machinery Co., Tiffin, OH February 11, 1935
45 Correspondence - National Safety Council, Allentown, PA November 7, 1930
46 Correspondence - Nekoosa-Edwards Paper Company, Port Edwards, WI March 21, 1931
47 Correspondence - Ohio, State of, Department of Education, Columbus, OH February 14, 1931
48 Correspondence - Payne, Mr. F. H. July 26, 1932
49 Correspondence - Pennsylvania, Commonwealth of, Department of Labor and Industry, Hazleton, PA January 23, 1931
50 Correspondence - Pennsylvania Railroad, Erie, PA January-February 1930
51 Correspondence - Pizzardo, Joseph Cardinal, Rome, Italy (letter to) July 21, 1939
52 Correspondence - The Printers' Ink Publications, New York, NY May 28, 1937
53 Correspondence - Public Service Electric and Gas Co., Trenton, NJ March 18, 1931
54 Correspondence - Reed Manufacturing Co., Erie, PA 1932-1933
55 Correspondence - Roosevelt, Eleanor, return letter from her secretary on White House letterhead April 17, 1933
56 Correspondence - Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, letter from him while Governor of New York August 30, 1932
57 Correspondence - Rosedale, J.J., Consulting Engineer, San Francisco, CA February 17, 1931
58 Correspondence - Standard Tool Company, Cleveland, OH November 18, 1930
59 Correspondence - State Department, United States, Secretary of State's office, from Secretary Hull's personal secretary July-September 1939
60 Correspondence - Tillotson, Mr. R. W., Erie, PA 1933
61 Correspondence - Travelers Insurance Co., Detroit, MI February 2, 1931
62 Correspondence - United States Pipe and Foundry Company, Bessemer, AL February 18, 1931
63 Correspondence - University of Wisconsin, University Extension Division, Appleton, WI 1931-1933
64 Correspondence - The Vatican, Rome, letters to Pope Pius XXII 1939
65 Correspondence - Waynesboro Manufacturers' Association, Waynesboro, PA January 20, 1931
66 Correspondence - Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, PA January 19, 1931
67 Correspondence - Wright, Mr. R. P., Erie, PA 1930-1933
68 Correspondence - Yates, Mr. R. L., Erie, PA May 1933
69 Correspondence - The Youngstown Chamber of Commerce, Youngstown, OH August 7, 1937
Series III: Geneva, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania Years, 1920-1960
Subseries 3: 1940s
70 Personal and/or Biographical - "Copy of a father's letter to his son, William Alexander, on his 37th birthday" July 12, 1947
71 Personal and/or Biographical - "Just Life," by Ora L. First, written for and dedicated to the Rev. and Mrs. William J.H. Boetcker on their Golden Wedding day November 6, 1949
72 Personal and/or Biographical - programs from Boetcker's sermons and church activities, Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Erie, PA, and South Avenue Methodist Church, Wilkinsburg, PA 1947-1949
73 Erie Inside Association - membership forms, speaking engagement announcement cards, promotional materials 1940s
74 Testimonials 1940s
75 Clippings 1940s
Box 5
Series III: Geneva, Ohio and Erie, PA Years, 1920-1960
Subseries 3: 1940s
1 Correspondence - "American Agriculturist: The Farm Paper of the Northeast," Ithaca, NY August 10, 1943
2 Correspondence - American Federation of Labor, William Green March-November 1945
3 Correspondence - Burroughs Adding Machine Company, Detroit, MI April 8, 1946
4 Correspondence - Canada, Prime Minister's Office, letter from private secretary, Ottawa, Canada June 21, 1945
5 Correspondence - The Church of the Covenant, Erie, PA May 11, 1946
6 Correspondence - Cleveland, Diocese Of, Cleveland, OH 1941-1942
7 Correspondence - The Community Church of New York, NY April 30, 1948
8 Correspondence - Erie, Diocese of, Erie, PA 1944-1947
9 Correspondence - "Forbes: Magazine of Business" 1944-1954
10 Correspondence - Fries, Gertrude undated
11 Correspondence - Hartley, Fred A. (copy of letter from), US Congressman from New Jersey May 2, 1949
12 Correspondence - Hoover, Herbert, letter to, also original letter from, June - November 1941
13 Correspondence - Kerchner, Reverend George W., Erie, PA June 30, 1943
14 Correspondence - McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New York, NY March 29, 1949
15 Correspondence - National Military Establishment, Office of Public Information, reply to letter, Washington, DC. September 1, 1949
16 Correspondence - Pettengill, Samuel B., "Pettengill, 'the gentleman from Indiana,' Inside Your Congress" March 4, 1947
17 Correspondence - Republican National Committee, Herbert Brownell 1944-1948
18 Correspondence - Republican State Central Committee, James B. Griffith, Cheyenne, WY September 30, 1940
19 Correspondence - Rickenbacker, Eddie V., Eastern Air Lines, President and General Manager, New York, NY September 29, 1943
20 Correspondence - Rooney, Mr., Erie Agent, FBI, Erie, PA November 12, 1940
21 Correspondence - Schatzi (first name only), post card from Palm Beach, FL 1944
22 Correspondence - Sheen, Right Rev. Msgr. Fulton J., Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. July-August 1947
23 Correspondence - United States Congress, Clare Boothe Luce, copy of letter from her, Washington, DC. August 5, 1943
24 Correspondence - United States District Court, Judge Knox's Chambers, New York, NY June 10, 1946
25 Correspondence - United States Senate, Gerald P. Nye, copy of a letter from him, Washington, DC. January 7, 1945
26 Correspondence - Western Massachusetts, Diocese of, Springfield, MA 1948-1949
27 Correspondence - The White House, office of Mrs. Harry Truman, letter from secretary April 24, 1945
28 Correspondence - Wright, J.C., Washington, DC. May 17, 1946
29 Correspondence - Youngstown, Diocese of, Youngstown, OH March 1945
Series III: Geneva, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania Years, 1920-1960
Subseries 4: 1950s-1960s
30 Personal and/or Biographical - Obituary of Mrs. Anna E. Boetcker, cemetery deed and marker agreement 1952-1957
31 Personal and/or Biographical - Written checks, lists, handwritten notes 1955-1963
32 Personal and/or Biographical - Royal Arcanum Keystone Council, benefit program, policy, statements, other correspondence 1956-1962
33 Personal and/or Biographical - bank books, check book, diary 1955-1961
34 Personal and/or Biographical - family correspondence, testimonials 1944-1955
35 Clippings and testimonials 1950s
36 Nuggets, sayings, "rolls of honor" undated
37 "Lincoln Sayings," controversy over Boetcker quotes mistakenly attributed to Abraham Lincoln 1950-1996
38 Correspondence - AKD Printing Company, Erie, PA January 15, 1962
39 Correspondence - American Federation of Labor, letter from William Green, President, Washington, DC April 1, 1952
40 Correspondence - Central Library, Blackpool, Lancaster, England (in reference to a Boetcker publication) June 9, 1956
41 Correspondence - Boniface Press, Philadelphia, PA June 17, 1952
42 Correspondence - Christian National Crusade, Gerald L.K. Smith, Director, Los Angeles, CA April 3, 1959
43 Correspondence - Church of the Covenant, Erie, PA September 1950
44 Correspondence - Easter Air Lines, letter from secretary to Eddie Rickenbacker, New York, NY August 5, 1950
45 Correspondence - Eisenhower, General Dwight D., letters signed by both he and his executive assistants September-October 1952
46 Correspondence - Eisenhower, Mrs. Mamie, letters signed by both her and her secretary, New York and Washington, DC 1952-1953
47 Correspondence - Erie Tool Works, Erie, PA May 13, 1954
48 Correspondence - First Presbyterian Church, Champaign, IL November 2, 1953
49 Correspondence - "Forbes" magazine, New York, NY January 27, 1950
50 Correspondence - Hartley, Fred A. Jr., (member, US Congress from New Jersey) signed letters, on his letterhead, Washington, DC 1951-1952
51 Correspondence - "Look" magazine, Henriette Kish, Assistant Editor, New York, NY March 8, 1950
52 Correspondence - National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Greenwich, CT June 1950
53 Correspondence - Pennsylvania, Commonwealth of, Governors Office, letter from Gov. John S. Fine, Harrisburg, PA February 26, 1953
54 Correspondence - Postmaster, United States Post Office, Toledo, OH October 22, 1953
55 Correspondence - Republican National Committee, Washington, DC 1952-1958
56 Correspondence - Sacred Heart Mission House, Girard, PA May 19, 1950
57 Correspondence - Schabacker, H.E., Erie, PA April 24, 1953
58 Correspondence - Sidener, Lloyd H., Canton, IL March 31, 1950
59 Correspondence - St. Patrick's Church, Erie, PA February 16, 1952
60 Correspondence - The United Lutheran Church in America, Office of the President, New York, NY October 25, 1951
61 Correspondence - United States Congress, Carroll D. Kearns, (Pennsylvania), letter from April 22, 1959
62 Correspondence - United States Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense, letter from Special Assistant, Washington, DC June 26, 1958
63 Correspondence - United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, letter from J. Edgar Hoover, Washington, DC February 15, 1950
64 Correspondence - United States Department of State, John P. Meagher, Chief of the Public Services Division, Washington, DC October 22, 1957
65 Correspondence - United States, Executive Office of the President, Office of Defense Mobilization, letter from Secretary, Washington, DC February 12, 1952
66 Correspondence - United States Senate, Harry P. Cain (Washington), copy of letter from July 15, 1952
67 Correspondence - United States Senate, James H. Duff (Pennsylvania), letter from April 28, 1953
68 Correspondence - United States Senate, Bourke B. Hickenlooper (Iowa), Christmas card from 1962
69 Correspondence - United States Senate, John F. Kennedy (Massachusetts), letter from April 9, 1957
70 Correspondence - United States Senate, William F. Knowland (California), letter from April 22, 1957
71 Correspondence - United States Senate, Edward Martin (Pennsylvania), letter from December 12, 1952
72 Correspondence - Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, National Headquarters, Kansas City, MO May 21, 1946
73 Correspondence - The White House, President Harry S. Truman (letters to), Washington, DC August 1950
74 Correspondence - relating to the Nobel Peace prize and the Nobel Prize Committee 1958-1960
Box 6
Series IV: Writings by William J.H. Boetcker
1 "100 Years After Shubert's Death," from Boetcker manuscript memoirs August 1928
2 "About Political Pole-Cats (skunks)" undated
3 Address, St. Louis undated
4 Address to Rotary undated
5 "Advance copy of a contemplated open letter in reply to a letter from a national executive" August 1946
6 "Always take mothers advice..." (poem) undated
7 "America Awaken" undated
8 "America Retreat or Meet Disaster and Retreat" undated
9 "America-Stand by for a Crash! 'Leaders Beware,' Boetcker" (newspaper article) undated
10 "American Must Retreat, says Rev. Boetcker," article from the Erie Daily Times March 13, 1922
11 "April 2nd 1936," copied from Memoirs 1936
12 "Aristocracy of Intellect and Character - or Birth and Wealth" undated
13 "At 'Beefstake (sic) Johns,'" undated
14 "Axiom for World Peace" undated
15 "Der Bauer und der Professor," handwritten, in German language undated
16 "A Behind the Screen" undated
17 "Beware of the Five Most Dangerous Women," (newspaper article) undated
18 "Beware of the Wrecking Crew," from Memoirs March 1930
19 "Board of Directors Soon to be Appointed" (typescript) undated
20 "Boetcker Says:" 1936
21 "Broken Promises," (typescript) undated
22 "A Brutally Frank Reply" July 22, 1933
23 "By-Products" undated
24 "A Call for a Referendum Vote!" article from the Erie Daily Times October 14, 1939
25 "Call for Millions of Volunteers - Call to the Men of America," typescript undated
26 "A Call on a 'Shut-In,'" typed poem undated
27 "A Call to the Backbone of the Country" June 1932
28 "Call to the Men of America," typescripts undated
29 "Call to the Men of America: The Men We Need," typescripts 1932
30 "Can You Blame Him," re-written from Memoirs of 1911 May 1925
31 "Casual Remarks of Boetcker's SHA Address," typescript undated
32 "Cause and Delay: Seven Crimes or National Blunders," typescript undated
33 "Chance for Labor," article in the Erie Dispatch-Herald September 3, 1944
34 "Choose Ye This Day..." article in the Erie Daily Times July 17, 1938
35 "Christ's Charter: the Sermon on the Mount," typescript undated
36 "The Church in Relation To Political Reform Movements," article in the Toledo Times, October 29, 1911. Also, the typescript, under the same title, read before the Presbyterian Ministers Union of Toledo October 16, 1911
37 "Clarion Call to the Clergymen of All Denominations" undated
38 "A Clarion Call to the Conscience - Honor and Reason of the Members of Congress..." typescript March 1947
39 "Commercial Red Cross Needed," typescript undated
40 "Comment on Common Sense Editorial by Bruce Barton" undated
41 "Confidential Advance Copy for: 'Collection Racketeers' and 'Economic Trench Cleaners,'" typescript undated
42 "Confidential Copy of a Letter Sent to a Few Prominent Clergymen of Erie," typescript undated
43 "Confidential Copy of Letter from President of a Westinghouse Company --- who wrote some years ago:" undated
44 "Confidential Copy of Personal Letter to Fellow Clergymen" February 14, 1945
45 "Confidential Copy of Personal Letter to Mr. Franklin Waltmam, Publicity Director, GOP, Washington, DC." undated
46 "Confidential Copy of Personal Letter to a Prominent Executive" June 11, 1935
47 "Confidential Copy of a Significant Letter to a Prominent Clergyman of Erie, PA" June 19, 1944
48 "Confidential Copy of a Reply to a Comment from One of our Foremost Pioneer Executives" September 24, 1945
49 "Confidential Letter to a Prominent Cleveland Executive," typescript May 26, 1934
50 "Confiscation," typescript undated
51 "Contemplated Golden Nuggets," typescript undated
52 "Contemplated Release for the People in General and Members of Congress in Particular," typescript undated
53 "Copies of a Confidential Letter to Rev. G. Weir Hartman, Mr. Erie Schanacker, Mr. A.L. Mould, and Rev. R.C. MacAfee" September 9, 1946
54 "Copy of letter sent to the Original 49 fearless clergymen who Saw the SHAM and world deception..." June 11, 1940
55 "Copy of Letter to Ten Erie Men" October 29, 1936
56 "Cost of Labor Turnover," typescript undated
57 "Crazy or Blind?" newspaper article undated
58 "Criminal Height of Folly," typescript undated
59 "The Dawn of a New Era: Once - Now" 1919
60 "Dear Loyal Friends," typescript January 24, 1933
61 "Democracy Versus Republic," typescript undated
62 "Demosthenes Speaking: Does History Repeat Itself?" 1932
63 "Do You See the Handwriting on the Wall?" typescript undated
64 "Dogs and Children Not Wanted," typescript undated
65 "Don't Get Any Ideas," letter to the editor undated
66 "Don't Wait Till You Get Sick: Read It Now," typescript undated
67 "Down With Democracy: Back to a True Republic," typescript undated
68 "Dr. Boetcker's Creed," on cover of the service program of the First Presbyterian Church, DuBois, PA January 24, 1915
Box 7
Series IV: Writings by William J.H. Boetcker
1 "Economic Red Cross," typescript March 13, 1933
2 "Economic Trench Cleaners - Hyenas and Vultures," typescript January 3, 1933
3 "Employers Cooperation Solicited," typescript undated
4 "Employers - Don't Kid Yourself," typescript undated
5 "The Erie Plan," typescript undated
6 "Excerpts from Boetcker's Address," typescript undated
7 "Excerpts from 'Letter to the Triumvirate,'" typescript February 1933
8 "Excerpts from...contemplated booklet: Save Our Home and Save All, Remarks intended for the YMCA meeting..." typescript February 5, 1943
9 "Excerpts from open letter to Mr. Dana Jones, Secretary, Manufacturers Association," typescript July 22, 1933
10 "Excerpts of Letter to Senator Gerald P. Nye," typescript undated
11 "Extra," typescript July 5, 1933
12 "False Hopes and Fears," typescript undated
13 "The Farmer and His Clock," article undated
14 "Father Coughlin Needs One Experience," typescript undated
15 "Food for Thought - for Happier Homes," typescript December 1933
16 "Food for Thought on the Community Chest Campaign" undated
17 "For Heaven's Sake - Read This - As Though It Meant Life and Death," typescript October 11, 1933
18 "A Friendly Warning," typescript undated
19 "Gedankensplitter Oder Brosamen fur den Forschenden, nach wahrheit und erkenntnis ringenden geist," handrwritten binder, in with clippings, in German language 1898
20 "Give the People a Square Deal," typescript undated
21 "Globaloney and Voca-bull-ery," typescript undated
22 "Go Ahead - Do Something," typescript undated
23 "God Help Our/The Next President," typescripts undated
24 "God Knows," typescript undated
25 "God's Gift to Erie," typescript undated
26 "Good Wishes for this German-American Day," article in the Erie Deutche Zeitung August 1940
27 "That Great Delusion" undated
28 "Hails YMCA Aims," letter to the editor, in the Erie Times July 29, 1951
29 "Happier Homes," typescript undated
30 "Happy New Years 1956," poem January 3, 1956
31 "Heart to Heart: Talk to the Workingmen of Shelbyville," article in The Alliance, Shelbyville, Indiana September 1, 1903
32 "Heart to Heart Talk with the Employers of U.S.A. in general and the Employers of Ohio in Particular" undated
33 "Here is a Laugh for You. Some Joke about Tiorio," typescript undated
34 "Height of Folly," typescript undated
35 "Hitler in America?" typescript undated
36 "Home Guard of Honor," article reprinted from the Erie Dispatch Herald undated
37 "Honorable H. Lloyd Verbey says: 'Capitalists are Asleep,'" typescript undated
38 "Honorable H. Lloyd Berbay says: 'Executives---Employers are Asleep,'" typescript undated
39 "The Hope of the World," typescript undated
40 "A Hopeless Struggle," typescript undated
41 "A House of Happiness," poem undated
42 "How Strong are Good Points," poem February 1, 1932
43 "How to Make Us Give Up and Quit Voluntarily," typescript undated
44 "A Humiliating Admission - If True," typescript February 1941
45 "If Two Do the Same Is It the Same? Is It?" typescript May 1947
46 "Immediate Program," typescript undated
47 "Immediate Relief: Open Letter to President Herbert Hoover and the Governor of Every State in the Union," typescript undated
48 "In Front of Them and Ahead of Them," regarding the National Recovery Act, typescript undated
49 "In the Name of the Land We Love, We Commandeer You to Read This and Act," form letter undated
50 "In Reply to a Revealing Letter Received from a National Executive," form letter August 1946
51 "Inconsistencies," typescript undated
52 "Industrial Armistice," article reprinted from the Erie Dispatch-Herald November 12, 1944
53 "Industrial Relations," article reprinted from the Erie Dispatch-Herald April 13, 1941
54 The Inside, newsletter of the National Inside Association of America, edited by William J.H. Boetcker, bound volume 1917-1918
55 The Inside, newsletter of the National Inside Association of America, edited by William J.H. Boetcker, loose copies 1917-1919
Box 8
Series IV: Writings by William J.H. Boetcker
1 "Is it Any Wonder: A Faithless Ministry," typescript undated
2 "Is it Wrong to Right a Wrong? Can it Ever Be Wrong to Make a Wrong Right?" typescript undated
3 "Is the Point of Contact Gone? Must we stand by for the Crash? Shall We Call Out the Wrecking Crew? If Britain Fails. Nazi-Propaganda?" typescript undated
4 "Is this Really America? The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?" article undated
5 "It Could Have Been - It Might Have Been Otherwise" typescript undated
6 "It Keeps us Guessing," typescript undated
7 "Just a Few Thought Provoking Suggestions to Appeal and Awaken the Conscience of the Statesmen of the Whole World," typescript undated
8 "Keep Your Job," typescript undated
9 "Keep Your Sons Busy. If You Don't, the Devil Surely Will," typescript undated
10 "Labor Day Message," reprinted from the Erie Dispatch-Herald undated
11 "Labor Day Message," Open Letter September 2, 1932
12 "Labor Union and the Labor Problem," article in Work, Columbus, Ohio undated
13 "Lenten Thought for Today - Think it Over," reprinted from the Erie Times undated
14 "Let United States Lead and Become the Hope of the World by Unconditionally Accepting and Uncompromisingly Abiding by the American Charter," typescript undated
15 "Let's Face Facts," letter to Women's Voice January 31, 1952
16 "Let's Go Back," typescript undated
17 "Let's Soak the Rich," one page 1932
18 "Letter to Editor," typescript undated
19 "A Letter to GOP Leaders at Convention Held at Mackinac Island, MI September 4, 1943
20 "Letter to President F. D. Roosevelt and General H. S. Johnson," typescript undated
21 "A Letter to a Prominent Friend of the Ministerial Association..." typescript February 28, 1945
22 "Letter to a Select Number of Members of the Erie Ministerial Association February 7, 1939
23 "A Letter to Some Paladines in Congress," typescript August 12, 1944
24 "Liebe Landsleute," (in German language) from the Erie Deutsche Zeitung August 7, 1940
25 "Light and Heat," article undated
26 "Like "The Bells" of that Famous Tragedy, there are some Voices of the Past - which we wish we could forget," typescript May 1936
27 "Likes Forum Idea," letter to the Erie Dispatch-Herald undated
28 "Look Out for your Friends," typescript undated
29 "Looking Into the Muzzle," typescript undated
30 "Majority Wrong and Against You," typescript 1912
31 "Make Toledo Stand for Something," typescript undated
32 "Makes Challenge," letter to the editor, Erie Dispatch-Herald undated
33 "Making and Unmaking Cradle and Grave of a Country - Men of America - Think," illustrations taken from Boetcker lectures undated
34 "Manifesto - An Open Address Delivered Before the Exchange Club," typescript undated
35 "Manifesto," full page in the Toledo Sunday Times June 10, 1934
36 "May We Share This With You?" typescript undated
37 Mental Antidote, (booklets) Nos. 1-20, Fifth Edition, Toledo, OH 1910
38 "The Money We Make," article undated
39 "More Selfishness Needed," typescript undated
40 "The Morning After," typescript November 4, 1936
41 "Must We Call Out the Wrecking Crew?" article undated
42 "My Dear Mr:" typescript May 31, 1935
43 "My Dear Mr. Schultz:" letter undated
44 "The New Code," typescript undated
45 "A New Start," excerpt from Boetckers lecture, typescript undated
46 "A New Start," typescript undated
47 "New Years Thoughts and Reflections, December 1944," typescript 1944
48 "No Protest?" article undated
49 "Nothing New - Our Only Crime," typescript April 1936
50 "Only the Church Can Solve Real Problem of Labor," article in the Erie Churchman October 1946
51 "The Only Key There Is No Other Way: Preliminary and Supplementary Comments on the NIAA" undated
52 "The Only Sane Way to Settle a Demand for Increase of Wages," typescript undated
53 "An Open Letter," letter to the editor, Erie Dispatch-Herald undated
54 "An Open Letter," letter to the editor, publication unknown undated
55 "An Open Letter and a Pointed Question To and For a Few Understanding Friends" undated
56 "An Open Letter and Yet a Confidential Heart to Heart Talk with a Few of our Half Understanding Ministerial Friends in Erie" October 1952
57 "An Open Letter for the Members of the Congressional Committees on labor and Industry..." undated
58 "Open Letter to the Charter Members of the Erie United," typescript 1932
59 "Open Letter to the Editor of the News Bee" December 13, 1934
60 "Open Letter to Erie Executives: A Challenge to All Erie" May 1, 1933
61 "Open Letter to Erie Select Executives: All We Ask Is Justice and a Square Deal" April 1933
62 "Open Letter to an Executive" January 1933
63 "Open Letter to Executives" July 1932
Box 9
Series IV: Writings by William J.H. Boetcker
1 "An Open Letter to a Fellow Minister" September 1943
2 "An Open Letter to the Members of the Erie Ministerial Council in General and to Those Who Attended the Meeting at the YMCA November 22, 1943 in Particular" November 1943
3 "Open Letter to Mr. A.B. McDonald, Security Peoples Trust Co, Erie PA" June 8, 1933
4 "Open Letter - Mr. E.T. Behrend, Dr. O.F. Behrand, Wm. F. Bromley and others of Hammermill Co." December 3, 1932
5 "Open Letter - to Our Loyal Friends" May 1933
6 "Open Letter to the People of Erie," article November 19, 1936
7 "An Open Letter to the People of Erie in General and Members of Various Labor Unions in Special" undated
8 "Open Letter to the President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and N.R.A. Administrator Gen. Hugh S. Johnson," two separate letters, 1933 and undated
9 "An Open Letter to Ten Men of Erie PA" October 16, 1936
10 "An Open Letter to the Thinking Workers, Union or Independent..." March 1947
11 "Open Letter to Those who Think," typescript March 10, 1933
12 "An Open Letter to a Timely Question," typescript August 1, 1945
13 "An Open Letter to the United States Congress and the U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC" February 25, 1933
14 "An Open Letter to the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC." March 15, 1933
15 "An Open Reply and a Challenge to all "So Called" Skeptics-Agnostics-Atheists-and Victims of Experimental Ignorance and Megalomania," typescript undated
16 "Our Life's Biggest Mistake," typescript February 1953
17 "Our Many Sided Industrial Problem," article from Labor Digest May 1913
18 "Our Many-Sided Problem," article in The Columbiad undated
19 "Our Only Crime: A Confession from the Grave," typescript undated
20 "Our Second Crusade," advance pages from Post War revelations," typescript May 19, 1945
21 "Our Way of Life" undated
22 "A Page from 'Memoirs of a Peace Promotor,'" typescript undated
23 "Pages from Boetcker Memoirs - to be released after this War - and probably from his grave," typescript April 1943
24 "Pastor Asks for 'Practical Religion,'" letter to the editor undated
25 "Peace," typescript undated
26 "Perils to Freedom," sermon delivered at the Chestnut Hill Street Presbyterian Church in Erie, PA October 12, 1947
27 "A Personal Letter to the Triumvirate: Dr. O.F. Behrend, William F. Bromley, Morris Harrison" February 1933
28 "Play Ostrich," typescript undated
29 "A Plea for the Inside," typescript 1915
30 "Point of Contact Gone - Call the Wrecking Crew," typescript July 1933
31 "Poverty and its Only Cure," typescript undated
32 "Preliminary Excerpts from Contemplated Open Letter," typescript undated
33 "Preliminary Suggestions for GOP Campaign Material," typescript undated
34 "Preliminary List of Globalonies and Vocabulleries," typescript undated
35 "President a True Man," letter to the editor, Erie Dispatch-Herald June 17, 1945
36 "Pride versus Self Respect," typescript July 5, 1951
37 "Protest Against Political Polecats," typescript undated
38 "Quoted from Satan Said," typescript undated
39 "Racketeering," typescript undated
40 "Read This and Do Not Be Alarmed," typescript February 16, 1933
41 "Read This and Laugh With Us - We Still Have Our Sense of Humor," typescript undated
42 "Read This - As Though It Meant Life and Death To You - and Lets Thank God that Some Executives See the Light and Point the Only Way Out," typescript October 11, 1933
43 "The Real Problems in Front and Ahead," typescript undated
44 "Reflection Upon Whom?" typescript undated
45 "Reformers Who Do Not Reform," article undated
46 "Release for the People in General and Members of Congress in Particular," typescript undated
47 "Religious Education the Birthright of the Child," typescript undated
48 "Rev. Boetcker Answers," letter to the editor undated
49 "Reverend Dear Sir:" typescript undated
50 "Rev. Wm. Boetcker Says Skeptics May Have Bones; We Take Meat," article undated
51 "Revolution or Degeneration or What?" typescript 1920
52 "Revolution or What?" typescript 1920
53 "A Routeman's Code," typescript undated
54 "Save the Home and Save All," typescript undated
55 "Mr. Scout Master, Fellow Scouts, Friends..." typescript undated
56 "Sermonette - A Home With Somebody Home," article undated
57 "Sermonette - Think and Remember!" article undated
58 "Seven Pointed Questions to Hon. U.S. Senator Robert Wagner in Particular and Every Member of Congress in General" undated
59 "Seven Unpunishable Crimes - Though National Blunders," typescript November 1934
60 "Shall a Wife Obey her Husband?" article December 11, 1935
61 "Should Study European Labor," letters to the editor undated
62 "The Silent Man," poem undated
63 "Sleep," handwritten undated
64 "Socialize Medicine," letters to the editor undated
65 "Some Day the Real Truth Will Come Out - Why Not Now?" undated
66 "Some Hectic Experiences We Had in Butler, PA, during the First World War," typescript undated
67 "Something About Minimum Wages," letters to the editor undated
68 "Something About the N.I.A.A.," booklet undated
69 "An SOS Call to the American People," typescript undated
70 "SOS Call to the Members of the United States of America," typescript January 10, 1947
71 "Square Deal for All," typescript undated
72 "A Square Deal for All," address delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Cincinnati Business Men's Club November 10, 1914
73 "Stand By the Constitution," typescript undated
74 "Start With the Christians First. Boetcker Hurls Truths at Audience," typescript 1927
75 "Stepping on the Gas," article undated
76 "Suggestions for Daily Thought Provokers," typescript undated
77 "Suggestions for 'Four Minute Men,'" typescript undated
78 "Suggestions for the 'Taft for President Committee,'" typescript undated
Box 10
Series IV: Writings by William J.H. Boetcker
1 "Tangible Results," typescript undated
2 "Tentative Material for GOP National Committee," typescript undated
3 "Tentative Suggestions for Coming Election," typescript undated
4 "That Townsend Meeting," typescript April 22, 1936
5 "That You May Know the Truth and Facts," (regarding Boetcker's trip to Germany in 1936) June 24, 1936
6 "The Theory of Evolution," handwritten undated
7 "There are Fourteen Human Handicaps Who May Be Good Men-But Poor Citizens" 1936
8 "There Can Be No Recovery Without It," typescript undated
9 "There is Something Wrong Somewhere," article undated
10 "There Will Be Hell to Pay," typescript 1932
11 "Things We Can Not Forget," typescript undated
12 "Things We Wish We Could Forget," typescript undated
13 "The Thinking Workers," article undated
14 "Thoughts on the Business of Life," from Forbes magazine, containing quotes by Boetcker 1953-1954
15 "Three Deadly Foes to Progress and Success," typescript 1931
16 "To The American People," typescript August 1933
17 "To the Chairman of the Discussion Group" March 1943
18 "To the Employers of USA in General and the Employers of Erie Area in Particular," typescript February 20, 1952
19 "To the Manufacturers, Employers and Wage-Payers in General and to the Members of the National Manufacturers Association..." April 15, 1935
20 "To the Members of Congress, Pulpit, and Press," typescript February 1941
21 "To the Passed Employees of Erie Resistor Corporation," typescript undated
22 "To the People of USA in General and to the Members of Congress in Particular," typescript undated
23 "To Prominent Executive," typescript January 10, 1936
24 "Too Sacred to Joke About," typescript October 1938
25 "Too Strong," typescript undated
26 The Toledo Magazine, edited by William Boetcker October-December 1908
27 "Toledo Safe," typescript undated
28 "True Aristocrats," typescript June 1933
29 "Two Times Three: Tests," typescript undated
30 "The Type and Caliber of President We Need," typescript undated
31 "Unbelievable But True," typescript January 3, 1930
32 "Unbelievable Inconsistency," typescript undated
33 "United United States," typescript undated
34 Untitled documents undated
35 Untitled documents 1914-1948
36 "U.S. Stock Corporation Why Not?" reprinted from the Erie Review March 12, 1921
37 "Vicious Circle," typescript undated
38 "Voices from the Past," typescript undated
39 "Waiting for the Crash," letter to the editor, Erie Beacon Journal July 5, 1935
40 "Was Ist Die Zeit," handwritten, in German language undated
41 "The Way of Decision: Its Up To You," illustration from the Boetcker Lectures 1912
42 "We the Mothers of America Speak," typescript undated
43 "We Were Horrified," typescript undated
44 "Were They Right?" typescript undated
45 "What Are They Afraid Of?" typescript undated
46 "What Are We Waiting For?" undated
47 "What Can the Church Do? Boetcker Lecture at First Presbyterian Church," typescript undated
48 "What Can We Do?" typescript undated
49 "What Every Clergyman, College Professor, Would-Be Reformer, Legislator, Statesman, and Executive Ought to Know," typescript undated
50 "What Good Will I Do--" typescript undated
51 "What Is An Executive Worth?" article reprinted from Forbes Magazine May 1, 1945
52 "What Is Home Without a Mother," typescript April 5, 1929
53 "What Is Internationalism," typescript undated
54 "What Is It?" typescript undated
55 "What Is Wrong?" typescript undated
56 "What To Do with Time of Leisure," typescript undated
57 "What Union Label Stands For," typescript undated
58 "What Would Any Red-Blooded Husband Do?" typescript undated
59 "What Would Happen?" typescript July 1942
60 "What Would You Do?" typescript May 1934
61 "What Would You Do?" typescript April 1936
62 "What's Wrong? False Notions," typescript undated
Box 11
Series IV: Writings by William J.H. Boetcker
1 "Where Will We Land? Revolution or Intellectual Starvation?" typescript December 29, 1932
2 "Who Is to Blame?" letter to the editor from the Erie Dispatch-Herald November 21, 1943
3 "Why?" typescript undated
4 "Why Hitler Would Prefer Roosevelt and Wallace, Why?" typescript undated
5 "Why I Resign from the Practical Ministry!" typescript undated
6 "Why Is It?" illustration from the Boetcker Lectures 1912
7 "Why Is It?" typescript undated
8 "Why Not Be Intellectually Honest and Let All Those Who Want to Get Rid of Us Under the Pretense that We Were Too Old Write With Brutal Frankness..." typescript undated
9 "Why Not Do What Greece Did?" typescript undated
10 "Why Not Take Father's Advice," typescript undated
11 "Why Prosecute Those Who Save Us?" letter to the editor undated
12 "Will History Repeat Itself?" typescript undated
13 "Will the World Ever Wake Up?" undated
14 "World Manifesto," contemplated advance copy, typescript undated
15 "Worse than Crimes - They Are Blunders," typescript undated
16 "Would You Believe It?" typescript undated
17 "Wrath of God," typescript undated
18 Neuester Ratselschatz by William J.H. Boetcker, in German language, original manuscript and hardcover book 1890
19 Picturesque Shelbyville: Representing the Official, Business and Social Relations of Shelbyville, Indiana, published and compiled by William J. H. Boetcker, (book - 2 copies) 1902
Box 12
Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus)
Subseries 1: Pamphlets, booklets, single card or page
1 "3 in One," (booklets) includes selections of "Golden Nuggets," "Satan Said," and "If" 1953
2 "10.00 Reward for the Best Answer or Explanation to Why Is It? (single page) undated
3 "All About Booze," (pamphlets) original and third edition 1917 1928
4 "America Awaken! Quousque Tandem John L. Lewis? S.O.S. of Labor (pamphlets) February 1937
5 "America Times are Too Serious to Laugh and Forget, Men of America, Think and Remember (pamphlet) 1924
6 "America Wake Up: Read It All or Not At All," (pamphlets) undated
7 "American Charter: Compass, Rudder, and Steering Wheel for Americanism," (booklets) 1945
8 "The American's Prayer," (pamphlets) 1924 1928
9 "Another Forgotten Man," (single cards) undated
10 "The Anti-Husband Club," (pamphlets) 1925
11 "An Appeal to the Conscience, Honor, and Reason of the Statesmen of All Nations to Choose This Day Between God's Plan and the Work and Folly of Man," (pamphlets) 1922
12 "Are You Asleep? (single page) 1925
13 "Back to a True Republic," (pamphlet) 1935
14 "Be Natural," (single card) Gold Nugget taken from the Boetcker Lectures undated
15 "Beware! Citizens!" (single card) undated
16 "Beware: Read the Inside Pages...We Want Peace, We Do Not Want War..." (pamphlet) undated
17 "Beware - Under This Cover You'll Find 'Six Misses' Who Are at the Root of All Evil and Who Cause Most of Our Troubles," (pamphlets) 1915
18 "Boetcker Says: Why Waste Money Like That?" (single card) undated
19 "The Buck," (pamphlets) 1925
20 "A Call to the Men and Women of America," (pamphlets) 1924
21 "A Call to the Men and Women of America in General and to the Members of Congress and Every State Legislature in Particular," (pamphlet) 1938
22 "Ching Chow" cartoons, contributions to, (single cards) 1950-1952
23 Christmas Greeting booklets, 1941, 1942, 1950, 1954 1959
24 "Civis Americanus Says:..." (single card) undated
25 "A Clarion Call to the Conscience of America, for the American People in General and for the Members of Congress in Particular," (pamphlets) undated
26 "Conditions and Terms: The National Inside Lyceum asks for a Day with Boetcker..." (pamphlets) undated
27 "Conscience of the World: Awake! (pamphlets) undated
Box 13
Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus)
Subseries 1: Pamphlets, booklets, single card or page
1 "Did They Die in Vain?" (single cards) undated
2 "Do It Yourself," (single cards) 1917
3 "Down With Democracy: Not to be Released until 50 Years from Now...." 1927
4 "Equality?" (single card) undated
5 "Excerpts from the President's Address," delivered by Wm. J. H. Boetcker, at a meeting of the National Inside Association of America (pamphlets) August 24, 1915
6 "A Father's Letter to His Son: 'Fourteen Points'" (pamphlet) 1931
7 "A Father's Letter to His Two Sons on Day Before Registration," (pamphlets) October 1940
8 "Figure It Out," (single card) undated
9 "The Five-Year Plan (1932-1937) of the National Inside Lyceum Bureau," (pamphlet) 1937
10 "Food for Thought," (pamphlets) 1919
11 "Four Pointed Questions to the Members of Congress and Every State Legislature," (pamphlets) undated
12 "Give Them a Chance," (single page) undated
13 "Growth and Outgrowth," (single page) 1931
14 "Horse Sense: A Practical Safety Talk from a New Angle," (booklets) 1930
15 "The Idea," (single page) 1931
16 "If We Want to Solve Our Problems We Must Go Beneath the Surface to the Inside, We Must Go to the Root of All Wrongs..." (pamphlets, Louisville and Washington, DC versions) undated
17 "If You Want To Solve Your Problems You Must Go Beneath the Surface to the Inside..." (pamphlets) 1914
18 "The Industrial Platform," (booklet) undated
19 "Insane Asylum or Firing Squad: One Sure Way of Keeping America Out of Foreign Wars," (pamphlets) undated
20 "Inside Maxims: Gold Nuggets Taken from the Boetcker Lectures," (booklet) 1916
21 "These Inside Posters Make Men Think, Make Men Think Right," (pamphlet) 1921
22 "Inside Talks," (pamphlets, books 1 through 4) 1919
23 "Is It Sound? Food for Thought," (pamphlets) undated
24 "Is This Really America? The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?" (pamphlets) undated
25 "It Is Up To You to Show What You Are," (single card) undated
26 "Just Think of It," (single card) undated
27 "Just Think of It. What a Different World This Could Be and Would Be If," (pamphlets) undated
28 "Labor Day Message: Who Are the Real Friends, Who Are the Real Enemies of Labor?" (pamphlets) undated
29 "A Labor Leader's Confession: Gets His Own Medicine," (pamphlet) undated
30 "Let the American People Be the Jury," (pamphlet) undated
31 "Let's Get Together for a United Toledo," (pamphlets) undated
32 "Let's Get Together for a United United States," (pamphlets) undated
33 "Let's Get Together - Meet Man to Man - That is the Better, It's God's Own Plan," (single page) undated
34 "Letters to the Editor: More About Socialism," (single pages) undated
35 "Lincoln on Limitations," (single page, includes the ten points mistakenly attributed to Lincoln) undated
36 "A Man Without Religion," (single page) undated
37 "Manual for the Erie-United: The Stepping Stones for a Greater and Better City That Is a United Erie," (pamphlet) 1931
38 "Manual: The 'Inside' Plan, Declaration of 'Square Deal Principles,' The Foundation for 'The New Era,'" (pamphlets) 1919
39 "Master Yourself," (single card) undated
40 "May an Awakened World Conscience Arouse Our Religious and Political Leaders to Prepare the Peoples of All Nations to Do Now in 1955 What They Did Not Do in 1932," (pamphlet) 1955
41 "Members of the Congress - Do Not Betray the American People," (single page) undated
42 "The Minimum Wage and the Forgotten Man," (pamphlets) undated
43 "Money," (single card) undated
44 "The National Inside Association of America," (pamphlets) undated
45 "The New Decalogue: For All Those Who Stand at the 'Throttle of Government' and All Those Who Handle the 'Switch of Legislation,'" (single page) undated
46 "New Year's Resolutions," (booklet) 1929
47 "No Excuse," (single card) undated
48 "Old Versus New," (single card) undated
49 "One Versus Many," (single card) undated
50 "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, Why Not Use It?" (single card) undated
51 "Quo Vadis America?" (pamphlets) March 1943
52 "Reaching Workers Through Their Children," (pamphlet) undated
53 "Registered," (single card) undated
54 "Right Foundation," (single card) undated
Box 14
Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus)
Subseries 1: Pamphlets, booklets, single card or page
1 "Satan Said," (booklet) 1914
2 "Save Our Republic (S.O.R.)" (pamphlet) 1950
3 "Settle it Right," (single card) undated
4 "Seven Reasons Why We Are Where We Are: There Should Be No More Wars and No More Strikes," (pamphlets) 1947
5 "Sincere - Yet Dangerous," (single card) undated
6 "Six Real Reasons Why We Are Where We Are: Only God Knows Where We Are Going to Land," (pamphlets) undated
7 "Small-Caliber," (single card) undated
8 "A Social Deadbeat," (single page) 1922
9 "Something About The Inside: 120 Gold Nuggets from the Boetcker Lectures," (booklets) 1915
10 "The Square Deal Song," (single card) 1929
11 "The Story of Five Hogs in the Wheel: Hog Number One," (pamphlet) 1936
12 "Tentative Program for Cleveland, Ohio, of National Inside Lyceum Bureau," (pamphlets) 1930-1931
13 "There Are Fourteen Human Handicaps Who May Be Good Men---But Poor Citizens," (single page) 1936
14 "Think: Let's Call a Spade a Spade, Now the Truth Should Be Told," (pamphlet) undated
15 "Think---Think American!" (single card) undated
16 "Think Think Think," (pamphlet, copy of) undated
17 "Think! Think! Think! Clarion-Call to the Clergymen of All Denominations, to the Teachers of All Schools," (pamphlet) undated
18 "Third Call to the Men of America," (booklets) 1913
19 "This Means You! For God, Country, and Humanity's Sake, Take this 'America Wake Up' Seriously," (single card) undated
20 "Three Things We Cannot Understand, Can You?" (pamphlet) 1937
21 "TIORIO - Think It Over Reason It Out," (single card) 1924
22 "To All Thinking Workers and Working Thinkers: The Time is Now," (single page) undated
23 "To the American Boy and Girl," (single card) 1917
24 "To the thinking Workers and the Working Thinkers: Something About the Inside Association of Erie and Vicinity," (pamphlet) undated
25 "Up-To-Date?" (single card) undated
26 "W. L. (Washington and Lincoln) Youth: The America of To-Morrow," (single page) 1936
27 "Wake Up America: S.O.R. Save Our Republic," (pamphlet) undated
28 Was Barnum Right? (single page) undated
29 "We Believe," (single card) undated
30 "Weekly Nugget - Boetcker Says," (single page) undated
31 "What Are We Waiting For? Open Letter to the Honorable Members of Congress and State Legislations in General and to the Honorable President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Governors of All States, and the Mayors of All Cities in Particular ..." (single page) undated
32 "What Can a Chinaman Do?" (single card) undated
33 "What Do You ... Think About the American Charter? (single page) undated
34 "What Every Employer and Employee Ought to Know: Gold Nuggets Taken from the Nutshell Lectures," (booklet) 1919
35 "What Every Wife Ought to Know, Do, and Be," (booklet) 1926
36 "What the Junior Department of the National Inside Association of America Stands For," (pamphlets) 1916
37 "What I Would Do as a Union Man" (pamphlet) 1937
38 "What Is the Erie Plan?" (pamphlet) undated
39 "What Will We Do," (single card) 1926
40 "Who Is To Blame?" (pamphlet) undated
41 "Who is Who? A Story That Has Never Been Told," (pamphlet) 1945
42 "Whose Fault Is It?" (single card) undated
43 "Why He Got A Raise," (pamphlet) undated
44 "Will You Do Your Part?" (single page) undated
45 "The Woman in the Case," (pamphlet) 1925
46 "Workers, Wake Up. Stand By for a Crash. Labor Leaders, Beware. For God and Country's Sake, Stop Rocking the Boat," (pamphlet) undated
Box 15
Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus)
Subseries 2: Postcards
- All-Right or All-Wrong 1916
- Anti-Vivisection undated
- Are You Willing to Pay the Price? Undated
- Any Fool 1916
- Are They? 1926
- Are You? 1926
- Are You Asleep? 1925
- Assets or Liabilities 1916
- At Their Best 1925
- Attention! Mr. Manufacturer 1916
- Be An Aristocrat 1922
- Be Natural Undated
- Be Sensible 1917
- Before and After 1916
- Beware! Undated
- Big and Small 1925
- Brains? 1913
- Can Not Substitute 1917
- Can't Be Done 1917
- Capital-Labor 1916
- Change Your Face 1930
- Committees 1916
- Conscience versus Popularity 1916
- Cows Not Equal 1921
- Could You Explain It? Undated
- Danger Ahead 1916
- Dawn of a New Era 1916
- Day Will Come 1917
- Dead or Alive? Undated
- Did They Die in Vain? Undated
- Difficult Task 1917
- Disgraceful Memory 1916
- Dishonest at Heart 1926
- Do It Yourself 1917
- Dominated? Undated
- Don't Fool Yourself 1917
- Don't Like Your Business 1916
- Employees We Need 1917
- Equality? Undated
- Equality Impossible 1921
- Evolution or Devolution Undated
- A Failure Undated
- Fall In or Fall Out 1919
- Fatal Mistake 1916
- Father---Son 1916
- Father---Think 1916
- Father and Mother: Think Undated
- Figure It Out Undated
- The Fire-Brand Agitator 1916
- For the Rainy Day 1919
- For the Young Ladies! 1916
- For the Young Man! 1916
- Girls 1919
- Girls - Remember! 1917
- Girls - Think 1917
- Give Them a Chance Undated
- Give Us Efficiency and Capacity 1919
- Golden Nuggets, reprinted from the Erie Dispatch Herald, March 6 1945
- Growth and Outgrowth 1931
Box 16
Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus)
Subseries 2: Postcards
- H-H-H 1916
- Half as Much 1919
- Have More vs. Know More Undated
- Happiness 1919
- He'll Get There 1917
- Highest - the Cheapest 1916
- Highest Producers Undated
- Honest Efforts Undated
- Hopeless Cases 1916
- How About You? Undated
- How Can They? Undated
- How R. U? 1917
- Husband - Think 1916
- I Believe in the People Undated
- Ice Won't Do 1917
- The Idea 1931
- If 1916
- If Labor Leaders Only Knew That... Undated
- In Politics 1915
- In Spite of It 1916
- The Industrial Square Undated
- Injustice 1930
- Is not Has 1919
- It Pays 1916
- It Takes Two 1919
- It's True 1917
- It's Up to You 1917
- Just Think of It 1919
- Just Think of It (version 2) Undated
- Labor Union 1917
- Labor Unions 1942
- The Leaders Fate 1917
- Leaders of Men (by Elbert Hubbard) Undated
- The Leaders Fate 1919
- Let's Do It 1930
- Let's Start Today 1916
- Lie Versus Truth Undated
- The Liquor Problem 1917
- Look-Out 1917
- Make it Work for You 1916
- Male vs. Bene 1942
- Man's Inalienable Right 1916
- Master Yourself 1917
- Men of America, Think! 1918
- The Men We Need 1917
- Minority versus Majority Undated
- Money Undated
- Money and Intellect 1919
- Money vs. Ideas 1919
- Most Powerful Factor 1916
- National Disaster 1919
- Naturally 1917
- The New Deal 1933
- The New Deal Song Undated
- No Excuse Undated
- No Excuse (version two) 1917
- Not Problems --- But Conditions 1916
Box 17
Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus)
Subseries 2: Postcards
- Of Course 1916
- The Old and the New, by E.P. Selden, Erie, PA 1922
- Old versus New Undated
- Once and Now 1916
- Once - Then - Now 1916
- One versus Many Undated
- One Standard Undated
- Only a Woman 1919
- Our Time 1916
- Overwork 1926
- The Penalty 1917
- Pity the Home 1922
- Prevention versus Cure Undated
- Protectors 1916
- A Real Labor-Problem 1916
- Registered Undated
- Remember! 1919
- Remove That Fear 1933
- Right Foundation Undated
- Right of Way Undated
- Self-Evident Undated
- Self-Government 1919
- Settle it Right 1922
- Si duo idem faciunt - Non idem est 1919
- Sincere, Yet Dangerous Undated
- The Size of Man 1919
- Small-Caliber 1917
- So It Goes 1913
- Somebody Pays 1919
- Success 1917
- Such is the Case 1921
- Sure Cure 1919
- A Square Deal for Labor 1917
- There Are Two Nuts We Can Not Crack
- Think 1915
- Think --- Think American! Undated
- Think, Think, Think - or Perish Undated
- This Date 19 and Now Undated
- Three Immediate Needs! 1926
- Three Rules. 1. 1917
- Three Rules. 2. 1917
- Three Rules. 3. 1917
- TIORIO - Think It Over, Reason It Out 1924
- To the American Boy and Girl 1917
- To the Employer 1917
- To the Employers of America 1916
- To Those Who Think, But Reason Through Their Stomachs 1928
- To Wife and Children 1928
- To-day and To-morrow 1919
- Too Good or Too Bad 1916
- Too Late 1922
- Traitor 1916
- Truth and Justice are Eternal Undated
- Try It 1930
Box 18
Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus)
Subseries 2: Postcards
- Unborn Generations 1916
- Undesirable Citizens 1916
- Up-to-Date? Undated
- We All Must Do Our Share 1920
- We Believe Undated
- What is the Trouble? 1919
- What Really Counts 1922
- What We Need in Politics 1916
- What Will We Do? 1926
- What's Your Answer? 1916
- What's Your Caliber? 1925
- What's Your Caliber? 1931
- Where Evil Begins 1917
- Where to Begin 1916
- Who Is the Employer? 1913
- Who Needs You? 1919
- Who Pays? 1917
- Whose Fault is It? Undated
- Why a Member? Undated
- Why Not Now? 1925
- The Wise Wife 1916
- Within Reach of All 1919
- The Wives We Need 1917
- The Women We Need 1917
- Work To-gether 1933
- The World the Creditor 1916
- Would They? 1928
- Your Best 1930
Box 19
Series V: Booklets, Pamphlets, Post Cards, "Golden Nuggets," and Single Page Quotations by William J. H. Boetcker (Aka Tiorio and Civis Americanus)
Subseries 3: Index Cards
- "Golden Nuggets" by Tiorio, saved clippings, glued on to index card stock, which appeared in local newspaper, in original storage box 1937, 1944-1945
Box 20
Series VI: Published and Unpublished Writings by Others
1 200 Jahre Christianeum zu Altona 1738-1938, book, in German 1938
2 "The Constitution of the United States: Our Bond of Union and Charter of Freedom," pamphlet, published by the Constitutional Defense League undated
3 "Decay of the American Home," article, no writer listed undated
4 "The Glory of American Motherhood," article, by Harry H. Schlacht undated
5 "Here's a Man Who Knows Everything about Women!" article about Dr. Simon Louis Katzoff undated
6 Hitler Doomed to Die: Inside Story of the Maniac Dictator, (magazine) published by Midwest Distributors Inc. 1939
7 "Hitler Unmasked," and "Hitler Madman or Genius?" newspaper series by Emil Ludwig, installments 6-10 1939
8 "I Am Private Enterprise," (pamphlet) reprinted from Benjamin DeCasseres' column in the New York Journal American undated
9 "I Joined the Bund," article, no author named, in Liberty magazine September 23, 1939
10 "It Isn't the Church, It's You," by Ellen D. Yoxtheimer 1939
11 "The Jews and Their Lies," translation of original work by Dr. Martin Luther, published by the Christian Nationalist Crusade May 1948
12 "Keep Your Head," by Kipling undated
13 "Labor's Bill of Rights Well Defined in Hartley Bill," (pamphlet), published by the Committee for Constitutional Government undated
14 "The Man of Tomorrow," (pamphlet) by Henry J. Shapinsky, oration delivered at the Commencement Exercises of the Louisville Boys' High School June 13, 1916
15 "May Call Out Troops in Ohio Phone Strike," article from the Chicago Daily Tribune undated
16 "A Message to Garcia," (booklet) being a preachment by Elbert Hubbard, published by the Roycrofters, New York 1899
17 "Ministers' Sons," by Bruce Barton, article undated
18 "Nazi Chiefs Hide Fortunes," article, in the Erie Dispatch-Herald September 24, 1939
19 "Our Lost Freedoms," by Willard F. Rockwell, an address before the "Committee of One Hundred," Miami Beach, FL March 25, 1958
20 "Outbursts of Everett," by Condo, newspaper cartoon undated
21 "People I Know," typescript, by Edward Orleans undated
22 "Prepare to Pay the Price," by Elbert Hubbard, typescript undated
23 "Tiff at Tiffany's," article in Newsweek, refers to Boetcker quotes attributed mistakenly to Abe Lincoln March 8, 1976
24 "A Warning! These Facts Are to Warn You of the Conspiracies and Encroachments of Communist Forces on Your Government, Your Property, Your Liberty" (pamphlet) undated
25 "Why Join the Church," by Daniel A Poling, reprint by Religious Work Committee of the YMCA, Erie PA. undated
26 "Young Americans, the Future Belongs to You," address of Senator Harry P. Cain, Republican National Convention, refers to Boetcker quotes July 1952
Box 21
Series VII: Photographs
1 Individual portrait - earliest undated
2 Individual portraits - from Brooklyn circa 1900
3 Individual portraits - Toledo period circa 1910
4 Individual portraits - early Erie period (1 of 2) circa 1930
5 Individual portraits - later Erie period circa 1950
6 Individual photographs - Erie undated
7 Individual photographs - taken from the Bulletin of Photography undated
8 Individual photographs - miscellaneous, small photos, some in a wallet undated
9 Family - "Boetcker Family Album," pamphlet compiled for the Boetcker Family Reunion, August 1966
10 Family - group photographs undated
11 Family - with Anna Albrecht (wife) undated
12 Family - William with grandchildren latest from 1959
13 Family - Marie Boetcker (daughter) deceased 1925
14 Family - photographs of "TIORIO" grave stone and Boetcker home undated
15 Group - Boetcker with Bloomfield Seminary Class Photo circa 1890
16 Group - Boetcker with the Shelbyville Church brass band circa 1904
17 Group - Boetcker with unidentified groups undated
18 "Proposed Administration Building for the National Inside Association of America, Geneva, Ohio circa 1920
19 "Boetcker Trophy at the Christianeum, awarded annually to the class winning the sports festival in Hamburg-Altona undated
20 Unidentified photographs
21 Unidentified negatives
Box 22
Series VII: Photographs (oversized)
1 Individual portraits undated
2 Individual portraits undated
3 Individual photograph, Erie undated
4 Group Photo - First German Presbyterian Church, Shelbyville, IN, Ladies Missionary Society circa 1904
5 Group Photo - unidentified office photo with Boetcker undated
6 Photograph - Boetcker at Anchor Stone Building Blocks and Games (store counter) undated
Box 23
Series VIII: Ephemera
1 Album contents, from loose leaf binder - "Daily Nuggets" 1936-1939
2 Album contents, from loose leaf binder - "Daily Nuggets" 1937-1938
3 Album contents, from loose leaf binder - "Daily Nuggets" 1938-1939
4 Album contents, from loose leaf binder - "Golden Nuggets" 1944-1945
5 Album contents, from loose leaf binder - "Golden Nuggets" 1945
6 Album contents, from loose leaf binder - "Golden Nuggets" undated
Box 24
Series VIII: Ephemera
1 Ordination certificate for William Boetcker, Reformed Church of America, Brooklyn, NY December 6, 1897
2 Citizenship paper for William Boetcker, Southern District of New York January 5, 1898
3 Master designation certificate, Grand Lodge of Masons (PA) May 1917
4 Vinyl recording, 78rpm, "WGAR's Salute to Success - William Boetcker," Cleveland, OH, (regarding William Jr.) May 2, 1949
5 Broadside - "Call for a Retreat" 1934
6 Broadside - "Call to the Men of America" 1922
7 Scrapbook - clippings 1891-1905
8 Scrapbook - clippings, dealing mainly with his trip to Nazi Germany in 1936 for the "World Congress"
9 Scrapbook - containing clippings from all years
10 Scrapbook - Toledo, OH years 1912-1914
11 Scrapbook - containing "Golden Nuggets" undated
12 "Think it Over" buttons, and National Inside Association of America lapel pins


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