The Wilhelm and Marion H. Pauck Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Pauck, Wilhelm, 1901-1981
Dates: 1901-2001
Extent: 89 boxes (42 linear feet); 6 flat storage files
Language(s): English, German
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1901 January 31 (Wilhelm) Born, Laasphe, Germany
1920-1925 (Wilhelm) Student, University of Berlin
1925 September 24 (Wilhelm) Arrived in America
1928 (Marion) Born, New York City, Marion Hausner
1926-1953 (Wilhelm) Taught at Chicago Theological Seminary and at the divinity school and history department of the University of Chicago
1931 (Wilhelm) Earned full professorship
1936 (Wilhelm) President, American Society of Church History
1937 November 3 (Wilhelm) Became American citizen
1940-1941 (Wilhelm) President, American Theological Society
1943-1953 (Wilhelm) Chairman, Ecumenical Study Group, Chicago
1949 (Marion) Graduated from Barnard College
1951 (Marion) Graduated from Union Theological Seminary
1953-1967 (Wilhelm) Professor, Union Theological Seminary
1954-1963 (Marion) Assistant Editor, religious books department, Oxford University Press
1959 (Wilhelm) Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1962-1963 (Wilhelm) President, American Theological Society
1963 (Wilhelm) First wife, Olga, died
1964 Wilhelm Pauck and Marion Hausner married
1967-1972 (Wilhelm) Distinguished Professor of Church History, Vanderbilt Divinity School
1972-1976 (Wilhelm) Distinguished Visiting Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
1976 (Marion) Published biography of Paul Tillich, co-authored by Wilhelm Pauck
1981 (Wilhelm) Died, Palo Alto, California
1995 (Marion) Delivered Richardson Lecture at Union Theological Seminary
2001 (Marion) Delivered lectures about Paul Tillich at Maximillian University

Biographical Information

Wilhelm Pauck was born in Laasphe, Germany on January 31, 1901. He was the first of four children, three boys and one girl. His father, a learned botanist and physicist, transported his young family to Berlin in 1907, where Wilhelm attended the Paulsen Realgymnasium for eight years. Primus omnium throughout, he graduated as valedictorian in 1920, moving the audience to tears when he spoke of "the golden years of youth."

Pauck attended the University of Berlin from 1920 to 1925. He studied with Harnack, Holl, and Troeltsch. As a member of the Wingolf Fellowship he served as first, second, and third charge (officer) of this non dueling Christian group. He wrote his dissertation on Martin Bucer under the direction of Karl Holl learning the degree of Licentiate of Theology magna cum laude. Holl, recognizing Pauck's linguistic and diplomatic skills recommended him as the recipient of the first post World War I fellowship given by the theological faculty of the University of Berlin and the Federal Council of Churches.

Pauck arrived in America on September 24, 1925 and studied at the Chicago Theological Seminary; a year later he became an instructor there. He was ordained a minister in the Congregational Church (later the United Church of Christ) in the spring of 1928; shortly thereafter he married Olga Dietz Gumbel from Berlin. Pauck taught church history and historical theology in a dramatic and historically sound way. He specialized in the Reformation and in 19th and 20th century theology and philosophy. He earned a full professorship by 1931.

He traveled widely and lectured in churches, seminaries, and universities. He remained at the University of Chicago where he taught at the Chicago Theological Seminary, the Chicago Divinity School, and in the History department for 27 years. By the end of his tenure there he was known as the dean of historical theology in America. He became an American citizen on November 3, 1937. After two years in Germany after the Second World War serving as chairman of the Exchange Professors at the Universities of Frankfurt and Marburg, he accepted a call from Union Theological Seminary, New York in 1952.

His wife, Olga, died in 1963; he married Marion Hausner in 1964. He succeeded Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich in the Charles Briggs chair and retired in 1967. That year he became the first Distinguished Professor of Church History at Vanderbilt Divinity School. He ended his long and productive career as Distinguished Visiting Professor Emeritus at Stanford University by retiring in June 1976 after 50 years of teaching.

Dr. Pauck was president of the American Society of Church History (1936); President of the American Theological Society (1940-1941); (1962-1963); Chairman and founding member of the Ecumenical Study Group, Chicago (1943-1953). He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1959. He received five honorary degrees, including one from the University of Edinburgh (1968). He published ten books in the field of church history, books on Reformation and 19th and 20th century theologians. He and his wife, Marion, co-authored the biography of Paul Tillich published in 1976.

He died in Palo Alto, California in 1981. His ashes are interred in the Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, California.

Marion Pauck was born in New York City in 1928. She graduated from Friends Seminary, New York, (1945), Barnard College, (1949), and Union Theological Seminary/Columbia University (1951). After graduation she worked for her teacher, Reinhold Niebuhr, founder and editor of the little political journal "Christianity and Crisis."

In 1954 she accepted a call from Oxford University Press in New York where she was assistant editor of the religious books department until 1963. She edited Paul Tillich's Love, Power, and Justice, and Theology of Culture and was instrumental in persuading the press to publish the monographic series, A Library of Protestant Thought. In 1963 she began work on the biography of Paul Tillich who sent her abroad where she interviewed family, friends, and students of Tillich's in western Europe. A year later, she interviewed Tillich's students, friends, and colleagues in the USA. After she and Wilhelm Pauck were married in 1964, he became co-author of the biography, which was published in 1976. They were both musically gifted and enjoyed opera and symphony concerts, they also visited the great museums of the world on their travels.

After Dr. Pauck's death in 1981, Marion Pauck edited a volume of collected essays by Wilhelm Pauck, including the first third of the second volume of the biography of Paul Tillich he had begun. In the years that followed she gave lectures about her great teachers. Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich and their younger colleague and friend, her late husband. In 1995, she delivered the Richardson Lecture at Union Theological Seminary; in 2001 she delivered two lectures about Paul Tillich at the Maximillian University in Munich, Germany. She has published book reviews and articles for the North American Paul Tillich Society of which she is a founding member and past president. Marion Pauck lives in California and is active in Stanford University circles.


Scope and Content

Wilhelm Pauck, former president of the American Society of Church History, taught at the Chicago Theological Seminary, Union Seminary in New York, Vanderbilt and Stanford Universities. He is considered to be one of the foremost church historians of his generation. This collection comprises the personal papers of he and his second wife Marion Hausner Pauck. This collection is arranged into seven series: Biographical and Personal Information, Professional Correspondence, Academia, Manuscripts and Publications, and Realia. It includes an extensive subseries of material relating to the publication of Paul Tillich, His Life and Thought, written by Wilhelm and Marion Pauck.



Pauck, Wilhelm, 1901-1981--Archives.

Pauck, Marion--Archives.

Church historians--United States--Archives.

Church history--20th century--Archival resources.

Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was purchased by Special Collections in 2002. A detailed inventory of the papers was written by Marion Pauck in the summer of 2006. Prior to her inventory work the papers had become largely disorganized. Processing of the collection began in the spring of 2007, and was completed along with the finding aid in spring of 2008. The collection was arranged into series using the inventory as a guide. A redacted version of Marion Pauck's inventory is available upon request. Information related to confidential files has been removed.


Certain materials have been marked as restricted at the behest of Marion Pauck. These materials are restricted until 2023, or for the duration of her lifetime. Some individual restrictions also apply. In the event of extensive use of the papers in an article or book Marion Pauck must be allowed to review the material prior to publication. Other material may examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

Use of Materials

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Wilhelm and Marion H. Pauck Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.



Series 1: Biographical and Personal Information

Subseries A: Biographical Materials

Subseries B: Personal Correspondence

B: 1: Collections Alphabetical by Name

B: 2: Collections Arranged Chronologically

Subseries C: Certificates and Degrees

Series 2: Professional Correspondence

2: 1: Collections Alphabetical by Name

2: 2: Collections Arranged Chronologically

Series 3: Academia

Subseries A: Course Materials

Subseries B: Colloquia and Conferences

Subseries C: Other Associations

Series 4: Manuscripts and Publications

Subseries A: Manuscripts

A: 1: Book Reviews

A: 2: Lectures

A: 3: Other Works (Published Works, Sermons, Prayers, and Notes)

Subseries B: Publications

Subseries C: Special Projects

C: 1: Paul Tillich: Life and Thought Project

C: 2: The Thought of Paul Tillich Project

Subseries D: Works by Others

Series 5: Marion H. Pauck Collection

Subseries A: Biographical Materials

Subseries B: Personal Correspondence

B: 1: Collections Alphabetical by Name

B: 2: Collections Arranged Chronologically

Subseries C: Professional Correspondence

C: 1: Collections Alphabetical by Name

C: 2: Collections Arranged Chronologically

Subseries D: Lectures, Manuscripts and Publications

Series 6: Photographic Materials

Series 7: Realia



Series 1: Biographical and Personal Information
Series Scope and Content Note:
This series contains biographical materials and personal information on Wilhelm Pauck. For the years 1964-1981, Marion H.Pauck materials are interrelated. The bulk of the biographical material collections were gathered by Marion H. Pauck. The bulk of the personal correspondence collections have been arranged alphabetically by last name, and other correspondence has been arranged chronologically to preserve the general order of the collection.
Subseries 1: A: Wilhelm Pauck: Biographical Materials
Box 1
1. Curricula Vitae, undated
2. Collected biographical sources, undated-1981.
3. Collected biographical newspapers, undated-1978. See Series 1 Flat Storage for originals.
4. Collected flyers, pamphlets, and catalogs, undated-1949.
5. Collected flyers, pamphlets, and catalogs, 1951-78.
6. Newspaper clippings, undated. See Series 1 Oversize file for copies, see Series 1 Flat Storage for originals.
7. Newspaper clippings, 1924-51. See Series 1 Oversize file for copies, see Series 1 Flat Storage for originals.
8. Newspaper clippings, 1961-69. See Series 1 Oversize file for copies, see Series 1 Flat Storage for originals.
9. Newspaper clippings, 1970-78. See Series 1 Oversize file for copies, see Series 1 Flat Storage for originals.
10. Newspaper clippings, 1980-89. See Series 1 Oversize file, see Series 1 Flat Storage for originals.
11. Newspaper clippings, 1990-2000. See Series 1 Oversize file, see Series 1 Flat Storage for originals.
12. Pauck, Marion H. "Bibliography of the Published Writings of Wilhelm Pauck." In Interpretations of Luther: Essays in Honor of Wilhelm Pauck, edited by Jaroslav Pelikan. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1968.
13. Pauck, Wilhelm. "A Chronology of the Life of Wilhelm Pauck." In From Luther to Tillich: the Reformers and their Heirs. Edited by Marion H. Pauck. San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1984.
14. Biographical note from Marion H. Pauck about the Marshall Plan, with an accompanying article on its 40th anniversary, by James Reston, circa 1987.
15. "Wilhelm Pauck." An essay by E. Wallace Mast, August 29, 1987.
16. Spiral notebook with handwritten notes on Pauck collection, prepared by Marion H. Pauck, circa 1990.
17. "General Statement about Contents of the Wilhelm Pauck Materials", prepared by Marion H. Pauck, September 20, 1995.
18. Pauck, Marion H. "Wilhelm Pauck: Church Historian and Historical Theologian 1901-1981, Precis of a Memoir." Zeitschrift fur Neuere Theologiegeschiche/ Journal for the History of Modern Theology 6 (1999): 50-68.
Box 2
1. Birth Certificate, 1901.
2. Baptism Certificate, 1915.
3. Greek test, 1921See Series 1 Oversize file.
4. Handwritten course notes from Holl Seminar, 1920-23, 1 of 2.
5. Handwritten course notes from Holl Seminar, 1920-23, 2 of 2.
6. Photocopies of handwritten course notes from Holl Seminar, 1920s. Originals are in the Union Theological Seminary archives. See Series 1 Oversized File.
7. Transcription of Holl's critique of Wilhelm Pauck's dissertation on Bucer, 1923.
8. "Lebenslauf" 1923. See Series 1 Oversized File.
9. "Empfehlungsschreiben" ["letter of recommendation"], Winter, 1924-25.
10. Announcement of public defense of dissertation, 1925.
11. Autobiographical essay, 1926.
12. German newspapers announcing the death of Karl Holl, May 22, 1926.
13. Letters and memorabilia of Physiker Wilhelm Pauck, father, 1926, 28.
14. Contract with de Gruyter for Das Reich Gottes, 1927See Series 1 Oversized File.
15. Mixed materials from years at Chicago Theological Seminary, undated, 1926-27, 38-39.
16. Wedding announcement and service book, 1928.
17. Application for membership, Hyde Park Congregational Church, 1929.
18. Olga C. Pauck, records, 1882, 1936.
19. Deutsches Reich Reise-Pass, 1930, 37.
20. "Democracy and Freedom," Radio interview, circa 1930.
21. Goethe-Universitat, "Mitteilungen fur die Teilnehmer des Lagers," July 1934.
22. Macdonald College Lectures, a 10 part series of newspaper clippings from the "Special to the Gazette." 1936. See Series 1 Oversized File for originals.
23. Certificate of Citizenship, 1937.
24. United States Passports, 1938-1976.
25. Certificate of father's burial place, 1941.
26. "Christianity After Nineteen Hundred and Forty-six Years," Radio discussion with Wilhelm Pauck, 1946.
27. University of Chicago/ Frankfurt Exchange, 1948-49.
28. Preamble, requirements for Frankfurt Exchange, undated
Box 3
1. Royalty Agreements for Luther on Romans, and Melanchthon and Bucer, 1950, 68. See Series 1 Oversized File.
2. "Paper prepared and read at a social gathering celebrating Wilhelm Pauck's fiftieth birthday, January 31, 1951."
3. "Goodbye from University of Chicago," 1952.
4. Festschrift memento from a Union Seminary student, 1953.
5. "A Resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of the Chicago Theological Seminary at the annual meeting, June 11, 1953."
6. Biographical information from the publicity office of Union Theological Seminary, circa 1956.
7. Mixed collection of materials [possibly collected by Olga Pauck], circa 1955.
8. Mixed collection of materials [possibly collected by Olga Pauck], circa 1956. See Series 1 Flat Storage for originals.
9. Olga Pauck's Death Certificate, January 17, 1963.
10. Prayer at the service for Olga Pauck, 1963.
11. Olga Pauck's memorial service, sympathy letters, 1963.
12. History of Western Civilization, Interview by the Institute for University Studies, Inc., March 19, 1963.
13. Charles Scribner's Sons Agreement for Prospects of Christianity throughout the World (a symposium),October, 1963. See Series 1 Oversized File.
14. Prayer by Paul Tillich at the wedding of Wilhelm Pauck and Marion Hausner, 1964. Reproduction restricted until 2023.
15. "List of Participants in the Third International Congress for Luther Research, August 11-16, 1966, Jarvenpaa/Finland."
16. Marriage Register, August 16, 1966.
17. Registration card for Tipple Lectures at Drew University, March 28-31, 1967.
18. Autobiographical speech at Union Theological Seminary, May 22, 1967.
19. Various Honors, Spring-Winter, 1967.
20. Vanderbilt University, Biographical Data Sheet, December 1, 1967.
21. Speeches at Pauck Festschrift Dinner, 1968.
22. Coverage and reviews of Luther Festschrift, 1968.
23. Vacations, 1968-71.
24. "Resolution," from the Mayor of Nashville, in honor of Wilhelm Pauck's retirement, 1971. See Series 1 Oversize File. See Also: Series 7 Realia for "key to the city."
25. Last Will and Testament, for Walter M. Mosse, 1972. See Series 1 Oversize File.
26. Royalty Statements from Westminster Press, 1970-76.
27. Collection of biographical information on Marion Hausner Pauck and Wilhelm Pauck for Paul Tillich biography, circa 1976.
28. Lists of names for Pauck Fellowship, Festschrift, circa 1976.
29. "Wir Pauken fur Pauck (We Beat the Drums for Pauck)," from 75th birthday celebration, 1976.
30. Wilhelm Pauck's notes for his talk on the occasion of his 50th year of teaching celebration, 1976.
31. Trip to Berlin, Germany, Summer 1976.
32. Stanford University reappointment, 1979.
33. Correspondence and memorabilia from Wilhelm Pauck's 80th birthday celebration. "Wilhelm Pauck zum achtzigsten Geburtstag", January 1981.
34. Death Certificate, September 3, 1981.
Box 4
- Scrapbook created by Olga Pauck
- Album of letters, celebrating the marriage of Wilhelm and Marion Pauck.
- "Gastebuch" (Guestbook) signed by friends of the Pauck's at various events, 1967-1970
Box 5
- Bound copy of Interpreters of Luther: Essays in Honor of Wilhelm Pauck. Embossed: "PRESENTED BY GRATEFUL STUDENTS April 27, 1968."
- Bound letters presented at the Festschrift, April 27, 1968.
- Set of reprints from Interpreters of Luther.
- Collection of letters In re the Festschrift celebration.
Box 6
- Essays, articles, reminiscences by Wilhelm Pauck's doctoral students and friends on his 70th birthday, January 31, 1971.
- Bound collection of letter presented to Wilhelm Pauck on his 80th birthday
Box 7
Box 8
Seven folders of correspondence and sympathy cards following the death of Wilhelm Pauck. To preserve provenance these letters are not arranged chronologically. See Marion H. Pauck's inventory for lists of correspondents: 9:1, 9:11, 9:12, 9:13, 9:14, and 9:15. Letters range from 1981-1983.
Box 9
1. Obituaries, 1981.
2. Funeral Sermon, September 8, 1981.
3. Vanderbilt Divinity School Memorial, September 11, 1981.
4. Campus Report, October 1981. See Series 1 Oversized File.
5. Robert Seaver's design for Pauck Memorial, November 1981.
6. Invitations to Memorial Service at Union Theological Seminary, November 6, 1981.
7. Union Theological Seminary Memorial Service and Recollections, November 6, 1981.
8. "The Wilhelm Pauck Memorial Lecture," by Brian A. Gerrish, February 12, 1982.
9. "In Memoriam: Wilhelm Pauck, 1901-1981." Criterion, Spring, 1982.
10. Lotz, David, ed. "In Memory of Wilhelm Pauck." Union Papers, 1982.
11. "Wilhelm Pauck: Nashville 1968," by Joseph Sittler. (See Chapter 5 of Union Papers).
12. "Alpha and Omega," words spoken by Marion H. Pauck at the burial of Wilhelm Pauck's ashes, Alta Mesa Memorial Park, July 30, 1983.
13. Words spoken at Wilhelm Pauck's grave by the Rev. Dr. Charles M. Nielsen, Alta Mesa Memorial Park, July 30, 1983.
14. "Parties for Pauck: A Tribute to Pauckers/ Pauckians: 100th Anniversary of Wilhelm Pauck's Birth, 1901-2001," Marion H. Pauck, Union Theological Seminary.
Box 10: Series 1 Oversized File. Refer to arrangement above.
Subseries 1: B: 1: Wilhelm Pauck: Personal Correspondence: Alphabetical by last name
Series Scope and Content Note:
There is extensive correspondence between the Paucks and James Luther Adams throughout the collection. Correspondence between Adams and Marion H. Pauck, prior to the Pauck's marriage in 1964, and after Wilhelm Pauck's death in 1981 is found in Marion H. Pauck's personal correspondence (See Subseries 5: B: 1). All correspondence for the years in between is found in Wilhelm Pauck's personal correspondence. Many letters relating to the Pauck's biography of Paul Tillich were photocopied and added to that series chronologically. Correspondence between Adams and third-party individuals has been filed therein chronologically to preserve provenance. Many other individuals may be cross-referenced in this same way throughout the collection.
Box 11
1. James Luther Adams, undated
2. James Luther Adams, 1964-65
3. James Luther Adams, 1966-67
4. James Luther Adams, 1968-69
5. James Luther Adams, 1970-71
6. James Luther Adams, 1972
7. James Luther Adams, Jan 1973-May 1973
8. James Luther Adams, June 1973-Dec 1973
9. James Luther Adams, Jan 1974-May 1974
10. James Luther Adams, June 1974-Dec 1974
11. James Luther Adams, Jan 1975-May 1975
12. James Luther Adams, June 1975-Dec 1975
13. James Luther Adams, 1976
14. James Luther Adams, 1977
15. James Luther Adams, 1978
16. James Luther Adams, 1979
17. James Luther Adams, 1980
18. James Luther Adams, 1981
Box 12
1. Roland Bainton [Yale University]
2. John C. Bennett [Union Theological Seminary]
3. Friederich-Wilhelm Bentrup [cousin-in-law]
4. Fred Berthold [Dartmouth College]
5. Jerald Brauer [University of Chicago Divinity School]
6. Emil Brunner [University of Zurich]
7. Robert McAfee Brown [Stanford University]
8. Lloyd Chapin [student]
9. William Clebsch [Stanford University]
10. Thomas Coates [Concordia Theological Seminary]
11. Ernest Cadman Colwell [Chicago Theological Seminary]
12. Richard Crouter [Carleton College]
13. Malcolm Diamond [Princeton University]
14. Tom Driver [Union Theological Seminary]
15. Leni Dunham
16. Rev. Mallary Fitzpatrick
17. H. Jackson Forstman [student, Vanderbilt University]
18. Greta Frankley Gerstenburg (Mrs. Karl)
19. Brian Gerrish [University of Chicago Divinity School]
20. Egil Grislis [Hartford Seminary Foundation]
21. Helen and Jimmy Grossman [Marion's governess and her husband]
22. J.H. Groth
23. Lutz Gumbel [grandson-in-law of Olga Gumbel Pauck]
24. James Gustafson [University of Chicago]
25. Douglas Hall [McGill University]
26. Robert Handy [Union Theological Seminary]
27. Axel v. Harnack [grandson of Adolf v. Harnack]
28. Walter Harrelson [Vanderbilt University]
29. Richard Harrison [student]
30. Van Harvey [Stanford University]
31. Carl Hester [student]
32. Hans Hillerbrand [The City University of New York, Duke University]
33. Karl Holl [University of Berlin]
33.1. David Holmes [College of William and Mary]
34. Winthrop Hudson [Colgate Rochester Divinity School]
35. Hans Huth
36. Dale Johnson [Vanderbilt University]
37. Joseph M. Kitagawa [University of Chicago Divinity School]
Box 13
1. Annemarie Pauck Lamprecht [sister], 1970-75
2. Annemarie Pauck Lamprecht, 1976-81
3. Paul Lehmann [Princeton Theological Seminary, Harvard Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary], undated, 1942-69
4. Paul Lehmann, 1970-81
5. Letter for Paul Lehmann banquet, 1972
6. Correspondence between Paul Lehmann and Reinhold Niebuhr, 1947
7. Correspondence between Paul Lehmann and Werner Richter, 1944, 46
8. Other Paul Lehmann correspondence
9. Bishop Hans Lilje
10. Bernard Loomer [University of Chicago Divinity School], 1946-49
11. Bernard Loomer, 1948-50
12. "Open Letter" from Bernard Loomer, 1951
13. Bernard Loomer, 1951-53
14. Bernard Loomer to Joachim Wach, 1955
15. Bernard Loomer, 1968, 74
16. Service for Elizabeth Loomer (wife of Bernard Loomer), 1973
17. David Lotz [Union Theological Seminary]
18. E. Wallace Mast
19. Keiji Matsunobu
20. Arthur Cushman McGiffert [Union Theological Seminary]
21. Paul Meyer [Vanderbilt University, Princeton Theological Seminary]
22. Walter M. Mosse [Union Theological Seminary]
23. Estate of Walter Mosse [Nathan Weinstein, Sybil Taylor]
24. James Muilenburg [Union Theological Seminary, Pacific School of Religion]
25. Mary Muilenburg [wife of James Muilenburg]
Box 14
1. Dick Nelson [student]
2. Mrs. H. Richard Niebuhr
3. Reinhold Niebuhr
4. Ursula Niebuhr
5. Charles Nielsen
6. James O'Flaherty [Wake Forest University]
7. Schubert Ogden [student]
8. Daniel J. O'Hanlon [Shalom House]
9. Hans-Christian Pauck (and Maike)
10. Helga Pauck Zeiher [niece]
11. Heinz Pauck [first double cousin]
12. Lucie Pauck [first double cousin]
13. Marion H. Pauck
14. Paul and Hilde Pauck [brother and sister-in-law]
15. Paul Pauck [letter about the death of Wilhelm Pauck, Sr., 1941. This file also includes a letter from Karl Holl to Wilhelm Pauck, Sr., 1925]
16. Jaroslav Pelikan [student, University of Chicago, Yale Divinity School]
17. Albert Rabil [student]
18. Else Regensteiner [friend]
19. Cyril C. Richardson [Union Theological Seminary]
20. Martin Anton Schmidt
21. Roger Shinn [Union Theological Seminary]
22. Donald W. Shriver, Jr. [Union Theological Seminary, President]
23. Robert Seaver [Union Theological Seminary]
24. Lou Silberman [Vanderbilt University]
25. Joseph Sittler [University of Chicago Divinity School]
26. Lew Spitz [Stanford University]
27. Samuel Terrien [Union Theological Seminary]
28. Hannah Tillich [wife of Paul Tillich]
29. Paul Tillich
30. Betty Van Dusen [wife of Henry Pitney Van Dusen]
31. Henry Pitney Van Dusen [Union Theological Seminary]
32. Henry Pitney Van Dusen [In re Wilhelm Pauck's election to Union Theological Seminary], 1952
33. Hugh Van Dusen [Harper and Row, Publisher's Inc., son of Henry Pitney Van Dusen]
34. Carl Hermann Voss [Columbia University]
35. Amos Wilder
36. Richard Wolf [Vanderbilt University]
Box 15: This box is restricted until 2023
Letters between Wilhelm Pauck and Olga (Dietz Gumbel) Pauck
1. 1923
2. 1924
3. 1925
4. Jan-March, 1926
5. April-May, 1926
6. June-Oct, 1926
7. Nov-Dec, 1926
Box 16: This box is restricted until 2023
Letters between Wilhelm Pauck and Olga (Dietz Gumbel) Pauck
1. Jan-March, 1927
2. April-June, 1927
3. July-Sept, 1927
4. Oct-Dec, 1927
5. 1928
6. Carl Dietz [brother of Olga Pauck], 1928
7. 1930
8. 1931-32
9. 1951-53, 55
10. Letters to Olga from others, 1962-63
Subseries 1: B: 2: Wilhelm Pauck: Personal Correspondence: Chronological order
Box 17
1. undated
2. Postcards from Pauck family, undated, 1913
3. 1912, 25
4. 1927-29
5. 1930, 31
6. 1933-36, 38
7. 1941, 1943, 1948
8. 1950
9. 1952
10. 1953
11. 1961-62
12. Correspondence following the death of Olga Pauck, 1963
13. Cards and telegrams in sympathy, 1963
14. Correspondence following the death of Paul Tillich, 1965-66
15. 1965-69
16. 1970-71
17. Correspondence and cards for Wilhelm Pauck's 70th birthday celebration, 1970-71
18. 1972
19. 1973
20. 1974
21. 1975
Box 18
1. 1976
2. Correspondence and tributes celebrating Wilhelm Pauck's 50th year of teaching, 1976. See small box for RSVP cards.
3. 1977
4. 1978-79
5. 1980-81
Subseries 1: C: Wilhelm Pauck: Biographical Materials: Certificates and Degrees
Box 19
1. Confirmation Certificate, 1916.
2. Diploma, Paulsen Realgymnasium, 1920.
3. S.S. Theologiae Licentiati, University of Berlin, 1922. See Series 1 Flat Storage.
4. Certificate of completion of courses [courses listed], University of Berlin, 1922.
5. Certificate of graduation, University of Gottingen, April, 1922.
6. Mini diploma, University of Gottingen, August, 1922.
7. Transcripts of additional credit, University of Berlin, July 12, 1925.
8. Certificate of Licensure, March 19, 1928. Certificate of Ordination in the Congregational Church, April 15, 1928.
9. Certificate of Membership, Annuity Fund for Congregational Ministers, December 12, 1941See Series 1 Flat Storage.
10. Certificate of Literacy, 1956.
11. Membership as Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, May 13, 1959.
12. Honorary Degree of Doctorate of Letters, Upsala College, June, 1964. See Series 1 Flat Storage.
13. Honorary Degree, Gustavus Adolphus College, 1967.
14. Correspondence, programs, and articles about the University of Edinburgh Honorary Degree for Wilhelm Pauck, 1968.
15. Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, July 4, 1968.
16. Certificate, Colonel Aide de Camp, Governor's Staff, State of Tennessee, May 1972. See Series 1 Flat Storage.
Series 2: Wilhelm Pauck: Professional Correspondence
Series Arrangement Note:
This series contains Wilhelm Pauck's professional correspondence. These files have been arranged by individual or institution. Some correspondence has been filed by subject, as designated by Marion H. Pauck in her inventory. Chronologically arranged files contain mostly general correspondence.
Series 2: 1: Wilhelm Pauck: Professional Correspondence: alphabetical by name
Box 20
1. Charles S. Anderson [of Luther Theological Seminary, In re his scholarly manuscript], 1968, 1970-71.
2. American Society of Church History [William B. Miller, Secretary], 1980.
3. Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary [David L. Stitt, President], 1967, 69.
4. Karl Barth, 1931-32. These letters are under publication agreement, reproduction is restricted until 2013.
5. Harold S. Bender [of the Mennonite Quarterly Review], 1950.
6. W. B. Blakemore [Dean of the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, In re Hoover Lectures], 1973-74.
7. Bucknell University Press [Associate Director Cynthia Fell], 1973, 1975 (See Also Series 4:C:1 correspondence files).
8. Central Bible College, Pearlman Memorial Library [Librarian G.J. Flokstra, Jr.], 1973.
9. Charles Scribner's Sons Publishers, 1963-64.
10. Chicago Theological Seminary general correspondence, undated, 1926-27.
11. Chicago Theological Seminary general correspondence [photocopies], 1927, 30-39.
12. Chicago Theological Seminary [correspondence with Albert W. Palmer], 1930, 39.
13. Chicago Theological Seminary general correspondence [photocopies], 1941-43, 47-52, 54, 59-60.
14. The Christian Century [Letter to the editor, undated]
15. College of William and Mary in Virginia [James Livingston, Jack Edwards, Thomas Finn; In re appointment as Walter G. Mason Visiting Professor], 1976-77.
16. College of William and Mary in Virginia [George Strong, In re housing and itinerary for visit], 1977.
17. Columbia Theological Seminary [President C. Benton Kline, Jr., In re Smythe Lectures], 1972-73.
18. Concordia Seminary [In re address on Luther and the Ministry], 1971.
19. Allan Cutler, 1973.
20. J. Edward Dirks [Kresge College, University of California, Santa Cruz], 1974-75, 79. (See Also Gary Lease professional correspondence.)
21. Federated Theological Faculty [In re atomic research], 1947.
22. Federated Theological Faculty, 1949-50.
23. Federated Theological Faculty, 1951-52.
24. Fortress Press [Editors Helmut T. Lehmann and Norman Hjelm, and others.], 1963-69.
25. Fortress Press, 1970-78.
26. The Free Press [Jeremiah Kaplan, In re Heritage of the Reformation], 1950, 61, 68.
Box 21
1. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary [Dean Elmer L. Gray], 1972.
2. Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc. [Editor Clayton E. Carlson], 1972-74, 76-77. (See Also Series 4:C:1 correspondence files.)
3. International Conference of Luther Research, 1976
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5. Gary Lease [Kresge College, University of California, Santa Cruz], 1971, 74-75, 78. (See Also J. Edward Dirks professional correspondence.)
6. Library of Living Theology, 1950.
7. A Library of Protestant Thought [John Dillenberger, Chairman], 1966-68.
8. McGill University [In re Birks Lectures. J.C. McLelland, Dean], 1979-80.
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10. Ernst Patting [In re German book purchases], 1973-74
11. Piedmont University Center of North Carolina [Executive Director Paul Marrotte and Grace Krug. In re Visiting Scholar's Program], 1968-69.
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19. Theologische Literaturzeitung, 1949-50.
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22. The University of Chicago, 1945, 51.
23. University of Chicago, John T. McNeill Memorial Fellowship [Joseph M. Kitagawa], 1975.
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26. Baron Friedrich von Hugel [collected letters to others, not Pauck], 1909, 1921.
27. Westminster Press [Religious Book Editor Paul L. Meacham], 1950-51, 63-69, 74, 77-78, 80.
28. Westminster Press [In re translation of De Regno Christi], 1963-64, 67, 69.
Series 2: 2: Wilhelm Pauck: Professional Correspondence, chronological order
Box 22
1. undated, 1929-30
2. 1934, 36-37, 39-40
3. 1949-51
4. 1956-59
5. 1961-62
6. 1963
7. 1964-65
8. 1966-67
9. 1968
10. 1969
11. 1970
12. 1971
13. 1972
14. 1973
15. 1974
16. 1975
17. 1976
18. 1977
19. 1978-79
20. 1980-81
Series 3: Wilhelm Pauck: Academia
Series Scope and Content Note:
This series includes course materials, files on colloquia and conferences, and papers from other professional associations in which Wilhelm Pauck was engaged.
Subseries 3: A: Wilhelm Pauck: Academia: Course Materials [contains syllabi, bibliographies, exams, and other materials], arranged alphabetically
Box 23
1. Anabaptist Seminar
2. Anabaptist Seminar
3. Anabaptist Seminar
4. Anti-slavery bibliography
5. Biographical data on other Vanderbilt Divinity School Professors
6. Bucer Seminar
7. Calvin Seminar
8. Calvin Seminar, 1970s
9. Christian Humanists of the Renaissance
10. Christian Humanists of the Renaissance, 1960s
11. Christian Humanists of the Renaissance, 1970s
12. Christian Thinkers: Paul to Barth, 1958
13. Church History
14. Church History, circa 1930s
15. Church History syllabi
16. Church History syllabi, 1939
17. Church History, Union Theological Seminary, syllabus and bibliography
Box 24
1. Church History, Union Theological Seminary, syllabi and booklists
2. Church History, Union Theological Seminary, syllabi and bibliographies, 1950s
3. Church History, bibliography
4. Church History, bibliographies
5. Erasmus Seminar
6. Examination, undated
7. Examinations, 1940s, 1950s
8. Examinations, 1940-1954
9. Examinations, 1949-1969
10. Examinations, 1950s, 1960s
11. History of Preaching
12. History of Protestant Theology
13. History of Protestant Theology
14. History of Protestant Theology, booklists
15. Luther bibliography
16. Luther Seminar, 1950s
17. Luther Seminar, 1960s
18. Luther Seminar, 1960
Box 25
1. Luther Seminar, 1962
2. Luther Seminar, 1969
3. Luther Seminar, 1970s
4. Luther Seminar, Duke University, 1971
5. Luther Seminar, notes
6. Luther Seminar/ Protestant Reformers
7. Medieval and Reformation Church History, 1959
8. Notes taken by Peter French, student in Pauck lectures: Augustine lecture, Tertullian lecture, other unknown, 1936-37
9. Professor Joseph M. Kitagawa, lectures
10. Professor Charles Nielsen, various course materials
11. Protestantism and Culture, 1950s
12. Religion in Germany: 1870-1930 [independent study by H. Jackson Forstman]
13. Schleiermacher
14. Schleiermacher Seminar, background
15. Schleiermacher Seminar, life and theology
16. Stanford University courses, mainly "Representative Protestant Thinkers"
17. Syllabi for courses where Dr. Pauck was a guest lecturer
18. Tillich Seminar
19. Troeltsch Seminar, bibliography, 1975
20. Theology of the Reformers, 1959
21. Vanderbilt Divinity School, class roles and recommendations
Subseries 3: B: Wilhelm Pauck: Academia: Colloquia and Conferences, arranged chronologically
Box 26
1. "Christology Colloquium." Union Theological Seminary, undated
2. "History Colloquium." Union Theological Seminary, undated
3. "International Theological Seminar." Geneva, July 25 - August 10, 1938.
4. Programm: "Oekumenisches Seminar in Genf." 1938
5. "Christian Living in a Time of Crisis." April 3, 1939.
6. "Rectors Conference." Frankfurt, May 19, 1948.
7. "Oekumenischer Rat der Kirchen." Geneva, August 22 - September 4, 1948.
8. "Conference on Church Union." January 23-24, 1951.
9. "World Council of Churches: Faith and Order Commission." July, 1956.
10. "Congress on Luther Research" in Aarhus, Denmark. August, 1956.
11. "Congresso Internazionale Nicola Cusano." Brixen, 1964.
12. "Dritter Internationaler Kongress fur Lutheranforschung." Jarvenpaa, Finland, August, 1966.
13. "Karl Barth Colloquium." December, 1970.
14. "The Legacy of Ernst Troeltsch." January, 1974
15. "Restitution, Dissent, and Renewal: A Conference on the Concept of the Believer's Church," 1975
Subseries 3: C: Wilhelm Pauck: Academia: Other Associations, Arranged chronologically
Box 27
1. "Members of the Theological Discussion Group," undated.
2. "Chicago Ecumenical Research Group," circa 1940.
3. "Chicago Ecumenical Research Group," circa 1940.
4. "Chicago Ecumenical Research Group," circa 1940.
5. "Chicago Ecumenical Research Group," circa 1940 [on Natural Law].
6. "C.A.R.E."(Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, Inc.), 1946.
7. "C.A.R.E.," 1947.
8. "Study Group for German Problems," 1947.
9. "Federated Theological Faculty," 1949 (See Also Series 2:1 professional correspondence).
10. "C.A.R.E.," 1950.
Series 4: Manuscripts and Publications
Series Scope and Content Note:
This series includes manuscript and published copies of essays, sermons, lectures and prayers. It also includes subseries for papers generated during two significant projects: the publication of Paul Tillich, His Life and Thought (by Marion and Wilhelm Pauck), and the publication of The Thought of Paul Tillich (edited by James Luther Adams, Wilhelm Pauck, and Roger L. Shinn). Series 4: C: 1, the Paul Tillich, His Life and Thought Project canvasses the entire project of creating a biography of Paul Tillich, which began between Marion Pauck and Jaroslav Pelikan in 1963. In 1964, Wilhelm Pauck became a part of the project, focusing his research on Paul Tillich's theology and philosophy. The first volume of the work, Life, was published in 1976. Sadly, the planned second volume was never published, delayed by the translation of a German edition, and ultimately by the illness of Dr. Pauck. The collection includes correspondence, original research materials, multiple drafts and note cards, and the many reviews of the first volume of the biography. The collection of papers for The Thought of Paul Tillich project is much smaller, but similar in structure. It includes correspondence, original chapters, memoranda, and reviews of the work. Lastly, 4: D includes a collection of works by other authors, mostly published works by colleagues and friends, which offers a glimpse into the scholarly literature of the era of Wilhelm Pauck.
Box 28: Subseries 4: A: 1: Manuscripts: Book Reviews by Wilhelm Pauck [arranged alphabetically]
1. Review of: anonymous work, attributed to Sebastian Castellio, translated by Roland H. Bainton.
2. Review of: Christian Realism and Political Problems, by Reinhold Niebuhr.
3. Review of: David Friedrich Strauss and his Theology, by Horton Harris.
4. Review of: Development of Christian Doctrine, by Jaroslav Pelikan.
5. Review of: Early Eucharistic Theology of Martin Bucer, by Frank H. Meadows.
6. Review of: Ein Kreuz und tausend Wege, by Eberhard Orthband and Dietrich Hans Teuffen.
7. Review of: Erasmus of Christendom, by Roland H. Bainton.
8. Review of: Hamann's Socratic Memorabilia, by James C. O'Flaherty.
9. Review of: Heinrich Bullinger, Werke, edited by Fritz Busser.
10. Review of: John Jewel and the Problem of Doctrinal Authority, by W.M. Southgate.
11. Review of: Karl Barth: His Life from Letters and Auto-biographical Texts, by Eberhard Busch [includes letter to Wilhelm Pauck].
12. Review of: Kierkegaard, by Walter Lowrie.
13. Review of: La religion dans Allemagne d'aujourd'hui, by Raoul Patry.
14. Review of: Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschichte, Vol. I: Die Zeit der Alten Kirche, by Alfred Adam.
15. Review of: Man Yearning for Grace: Luther's Early Spiritual Teaching, by James Wicks.
16. Review of: Martin Bucer's Deutsche Schriften, Colume III: Confession Tetrapolitana und die Schriften des Jahres 1531, edited by Robert Stupperich.
17. Review of: Misericordia Dei: A study of John von Staupitz, by David C. Steinmetz.
18. Review of: Paths of Life: Preface to a World Religion, by Charles Morris.
19. Review of: Protestant Thought in the Nineteenth Century: Vol. 1, 1799-1870, by Claude Welch.
20. Review of: Reformation: Katholische Reform und Gegenreformation, by Erwin Iserloh.
21. Review of: Reformers in the Wings, by David C. Steinmetz.
22. Review of: Religion und Politik in der Kirche von England : Auf Grund neuer Quellen untersucht an d. Epoche ihres Ursprungs, by Paul Schutz See Series 4 Oversized File.
23. Review of: Religious Revolt against Reason, by L. Harold DeWolf.
24. Review of: Revelation and Theology: An Analysis of the Barth-Harnack Correspondence of 1923, by H. Martin Rumscheidt.
25. Review of: Spirit versus Structure: Luther and the Institutions of the Church, by Jaroslav Pelikan.
26. Reviews of writings on Emanuel Swedenborg.
Box 28 continued: Subseries 4: A: 2: Manuscripts: Lectures [arranged chronologically]
27. "The Christian Gospel for Today," 1935.
28. "The Role of the Church in the Spiritual Undergirding of Democracy," 1954.
29. "Crisis and Inquiries," 1955.
30. "The Future Prospects of Protestantism in America," 1958.
31. Three lectures on Protestantism in America, 1958.
32. "St. Augustine at Work," 1960.
33. "The Great Crisis: Reformation of the Church," 1962.
34. "Paul Tillich," 1966.
35. Hoover Lectures, 1974.
36. "To Be or Not To Be: Paul Tillich on the Meaning of Life," 1979.
Subseries 4: A: 3: Manuscripts: Other Works (includes published works, sermons, prayers, and notes in manuscript form)
Box 29
1. "An Address Delivered at the Annual Trustees' Dinner: January 10, 1951."
2. "An Address in Memorial of Professor Kurt Laves."
3. "Anabaptist" notes.
4. "Attitudes in Times of Transition."
5. "Attitudes in Times of Transition."
6. "Barth's Religious Criticism of Religion."
7. "Basis and Structure of the Reformer's Faith."
8. "The Bible."
9. "Bucer." See Series 4 Oversized File
10. "Building a Civilization: A Commencement Address prepared for Kansas State College."
11. [notes on] Bultmann, Rudolph
12. "Calvin."
13. "Calvin, Luther, The Spiritual Reformers" notes.
14. "Can We Still Be Christian?"
15. "The Catholic Luther."
16. "The Central Question in the Mind of Contemporary Protestants."
17. "Changing Images of Luther"
18. "The Character of American Theology" and notes on Jonathan Edwards.
19. "The Character of the Reformation."
20. "The Chosen People."
21. "The Christian Basis of Liberty."
22. "The Christian Doctrine of Man."
23. "Christianity and Civilization."
24. "(Introduction,) Christianity and Civilization" See Series 4 Oversized File.
Box 30
1. "Christianity and Democracy."
2. "Christian - Jewish Brotherhood."
3. "The Christian Uses of the Past."
4. "The Church and the Churches."
5. "Church and Religion in Germany from 1918 until the Present."
6. "The Church-Historical Setting of Brunner's Theology."
7. "Church History not prosperous today" notes.
8. "The Church Idea in Christian History Part II."
9. "The Congregational Contribution to the Theological Renaissance."
10. "Cranmer and Denck," notes.
11. "Criticism of Outler," notes.
12. "The Dynamic of Protestantism."
13. "The Ecumenical Movement," notes.
14. "Ecumenism."
15. "Ethics for Today."
16. "First Book," notes and correspondence.
17. Footnotes for Bucer dissertation See Series 4 Oversized File.
18. "Frederick the Wise."
19. "Freedom of the Spirit," sermon.
20. "German Pietism (1690-1730)."
21. [Summary of] E. Harrison Harbison's Religious Perspectives of College Teaching in History.
22. "History of the Doctrine of Christ."
23. "History of the Christian Church," and "Martin Luther."
Box 31
1. "History of the Christian Church in the Time of the Enlightenment."
2. "The History of the Idea of the Church." [notebook]
3. [papers from notebook above]
4. "History of Doctrine I."
5. "History of Doctrine II."
6. "History of Doctrine II, and Bibliography."
7. "Heretics: Cathari and Waldenseirs."
8. "The Holy Spirit in the Doctrine of the Trinity."
9. "The Idea of the Church in Christian History."
10. "The Importance of Theological Liberalism for Contemporary Protestant Faith."
11. "The Knowability of God."
12. "Law of Nature"
13. "The Lord's Prayer," sermon
14. Notes on "Lortz, Josef. Die Reformation in Deutschland, Vol. 1 and 2."
15. "Luther and the German Reformation."
16. "Luther and the Ministry."
17. "Luther on History."
18. "Luther, Martin."
Box 32
1. "(Introduction,) Martin Bucer, Author of 'On the Kingdom of Christ.'"
2. "Martin Bucer's Conception of a Christian State."
3. "Martin Bucer's Conception of a Christian State," See Series 4 Oversized File
4. "Martin Bucer's Conception of a Christian State," 3rd Chapter Typed.
5. "Martin Luther's Message."
6. "The Meaning of History."
7. "Melanchthon and Bucer."
8. "Menno Simons Lectures."
9. "The Nature of Protestantism."
10. "The Nature of Protestantism."
11. "The Need and the Possibilities for an Ecumenical Theology."
12. "Neo-Conservatism."
13. "New Theological Programs."
14. Notebooks, topic unknown, circa 1925.
15. Notebook, lists of theological works, topic unknown, undated.
16. "Origins of Modern Ecumenicity"
17. Outline for a projected volume on Protestantism.
18. "Peter the Apostle."
19. "Problems, Hitherto Neglected, to which Theological Thought Should Address Itself."
Box 33
1. "The Prospect for Ecumenical Theology."
2. "The Prospect for Ecumenical Theology Today."
3. "The Prospect of the Churches in the Post-War World."
4. "Protestantism (?)"
5. "Protestantism Goes Catholic," a Review of:: What is Christianity? by Charles Morrison.
6. "Protestantism in Contemporary American Society."
7. "Protestantism and Culture."
8. "Protestant Reactions to the Council of Trent."
9. "Protestant Reactions to the Council of Trent," See Series 4 Oversized File.
10. "Protestant Questions for Roman Catholics."
11. "Redeeming Culture through Crisis."
12. "The Rediscovery of the Church for Our Times."
13. "The Reformation."
14. "The Reformation According to Harnack, Troeltsch, and Lortz."
15. "The Reformers and the World."
16. "The Reformation in Germany."
17. "The Resources of the Church for Leadership."
18. "The Role of the Church in the Spiritual Undergirding of Democracy," See Series 4 Oversized File.
19. "Romans."
Box 34
1. "Schleiermacher's Conception of History and Church History."
2. "Scripture and Tradition in the Middle Ages and the Reformation."
3. "Shailer Matthews."
4. "Sermons and Prayers."
5. "Sermons and Prayers."
6. "Sermons and Prayers," See Series 4 Oversized File.
7. "Sermons and Prayers."
8. Service for Ludwig Bachhofer, March 15, 1976.
9. "A Service of Worship," Reformation Sunday.
10. Spiritual Autobiography, Ordination Service.
11. "The State in the New Testament," [notebook].
12. "Teaching Church History."
13. "The Tensions in American Democracy."
14. "Theological Liberalism."
15. "Theology - Interdisciplinary."
16. "Theology in the Life of Contemporary American Protestantism."
17. "Things That Are God's, Things That Are Ceaser's."
18. "Tillich."
19. "Trends of Religious Life in Germany Today."
20. "Tribute to Dr. Walker."
21. "Tribute to Helmut Seckel."
22. "The Unity of the Church."
23. "The Use and Authority of the Bible in the Christian Church From the Beginning to the Reformation."
24. "War and the Crisis of Faith."
25. "We Live in a Pre-Reformation Age," [notes].
26. "What is American in American Theology?"
27. "What is Theology?"
28. "What Men Live By?" [sermon].
29. "What I Believe About the Activity of the Holy Spirit and Prayer."
30. "What Should Be the Attitude of American Christians Toward the German People After the War?" See Series 4 Oversized File.
31. "Zwingli, Ulrich."
Subseries 4: B: Wilhelm Pauck: Publications: arranged chronologically
Box 35
1. Pauck, Marion H. "Bibliography of the Published Writings of Wilhelm Pauck." In Interpretations of Luther: Essays in Honor of Wilhelm Pauck, edited by Jaroslav Pelikan. (1968)
2. "Barth's Religious Criticism of Religion." Journal of Religion. (undated)
3. Review of: The Church and Organized Movements edited by Randolph Crump Miller. (undated)
4. "The Genius of American Protestantism." Our Protestant Heritage. (undated)
5. Review of: Heinrich Bullinger, Werke, edited by Fritz Busser. Church History. (undated)
6. "The Historiography of the German Reformation during the Past Twenty Years." Church History. (undated)
7. "The Idea of the Church in Christian History." Church History. (undated)
8. "Limits of the New Curriculum."[Union Theological Seminary publication] (undated)
9. Review of: The New Modernism by Cornelius Van Til. Journal of Religious Thought. (undated)
10. Review of: Origins of the Reformation, by James MacKinnon. The Christian Century. (undated)
11. "The Outlook for Religion." The Congregational Quarterly. (undated)
12. "The Pioneering Church in America." Review of: Religion on the American Frontier, 1783-1850, Vol. III: The Congregationalists by William W. Sweet. Christendom. (undated)
13. "Roman Catholicism and the Current Crisis." Review of Essays in Order by Jacques Maritain, Peter Wust, Christopher Dawson. Christendom. (undated)
14. Review of: Schleiermacher on Christ and Religion: A New Introduction, by Richard R. Niebuhr. (undated)
15. "What is the Trouble?" Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (undated)
16. "Politische Geschichte." Deutsche Literaturzeitung. (1926)
17. "Martin Bucer's Conception of the Christian State." Princeton Theological Review. (January, 1928)
18. Review of: Christianity, Past and Present, by Charles Guignebert. The Survey. (March 15, 1928)
19. "Luther and Butzer." Journal of Religion. (January, 1929)
20. "Calvin and Butzer." Journal of Religion. (April, 1929)
21. "An Unpublished Letter of Auguste Comte." Journal of Modern History. (June, 1929)
22. "The Significance of the Dialectical Theology." The Kirisutokyo Kenkyu (Studies in the Christian Religion). (November, 1929)
23. "The Validity of the Idea of Revelation in an Empirical Age." The New Humanist. (February, 1930)
24. "The Social Gospel is not Enough." The Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (March, 1932)
25. "Karl Barth Must Be Heard." Religion in Life. (Autumn, 1933)
Box 36
1. "What is Barthianism?" Zion's Herald. (November 22, 1933)
2. "The Character of the Barthian Theology." Unity. (January 22, 1934)
3. "Who Understands Barth?" The Christian Century. (February 28, 1934)
4. "Part I: The Crisis in Religion" in The Church Against the World. (1935)
5. "College Students Face New Frontiers." Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (January, 1935)
6. "The Crisis of Western Civilization." Advance. (April 11, 1935)
7. "The Crisis of Western Civilization." Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (March, 1935)
8. "Observations on the Student Mind." The Intercollegian and Far Horizons. (March, 1935)
9. "What is wrong with Liberalism?" Journal of Religion. (April, 1935)
10. "The Wistful Collegian." The Christian Century. (September 4, 1935)
11. "Salvation." Religion in Life. (1936)
12. "Time of Transition." Comment. (May, 1936)
13. "Crisis Theology before Barth," Review of: Kierkegaard: His Life and Thought by E.L. Allen. The Christian Century. (May 6, 1936)
14. "The Nature of Protestantism." Church History. (March 1937)
15. "Leadership for a Time of Crisis." The Intercollegian and Far Horizons. (April, 1937)
16. "Is Barth Still a Barthian?" The Christian Century. (May 5, 1937)
17. "The Christian Gospel for Today." Radical Religion. (Summer, 1937)
18. "Roman Catholicism and Protestantism." Theology Today. (January 1938)
19. "What is the Trouble?" The Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (January, 1939)
20. "Theological Education As I See It." The Chicago Theological Seminary Register.
21. The Idea of Revelation and the Nature of Protestantism." Harvard Divinity School Bulletin. (1939-1940)
22. "National Socialism and Christianity: Can They Be Reconciled?" Journal of Religion. (January, 1940)
23. "The Task of Theological Education Today." The Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (January, 1940)
Box 37
1. "The Great Dane." Review of: The Point of View and Christian Discourses by Soren Kierkegaard. The Christian Century. (September 4, 1940)
2. "The Coming Test of Protestants." The Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (January, 1941)
3. "A False Catholic Protestantism." Christianity and Society. (Spring, 1941)
4. "Companion and Colleague" (Tribute to Arthur E. Holt, 1876-1942). The Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (March, 1942)
5. "Good Intentions." Review of: The United States and Civilization by John U. Nef. The Christian Century. (September 9, 1942)
6. "God of Love-God of Wrath?" The Christian Century. (January 20, 1943)
7. "War and the Crisis of Faith." The Christian Century. (November 25, 1942)
8. Review of: Redemption and Revelation in the Actuality of History, by H. Wheeler Robinson. The Christian Century. (May 5, 1943)
9. Comments on "A Letter to American Christians," by Karl Barth. Christendom. (Autumn, 1943)
10. "What is Disturbing the Congregationalists?" The Christian Century. (June 7, 1944)
11. "The Vitality of Luther's Reformation Today." The Lutheran College Graduate in Modern Society. (October 6, 1944)
12. "The Prospect for Ecumenical Theology Today." Journal of Religion. (April, 1945)
13. "The Moral Regeneration of Germany." University of Chicago Round Table, radio discussion. (June 3, 1945)
14. "Issues Raised by the History of Doctrine of Redemption." Journal of Religion. (Winter, 1946).
15. "Sleep No More, My Laddies!" The Open Door, Chicago Theological Seminary. (February 8, 1946)
16. "The Religious Task of the Academic Theologian." University of Chicago Divinity School News. (May 1, 1946)
17. "Religion's Place Among Man's Intellectual Interest." Review of: Faith and Reason by Nels. F. S. Ferre. The Christian Century. (August 7, 1946)
18. "Young Luther." Review of: Road to Reformation, Martin Luther to the Year 1521 by Heinrich Boehmer. The Christian Century. (October 16, 1946)
19. "Testimonies of Good Will." Chicago Theological Seminary Register. (November, 1946)
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21. "The Prospects of Orthodoxy" in response to "Calvinism in American Theology Today" by Clarence Bouma. Journal of Religion. (January, 1947)
22. "Let Us Unite!" The Chicago Theological Seminary Register. March, 1947.
23. "Martin Luther's Glaube." Universitas: Zeitschrift fur Wissenshaft, Kunst und Literatur. (November, 1947)
Box 38
1. "The Roman Catholic Critique of Protestantism." Theology Today. (April, 1948)
2. "Scholarship is Supernational." The University of Chicago Magazine. (December, 1949)
3. "A Churchman's Report on Soviet Russia." University of Chicago Round Table. (February 24, 1952)
4. "The Present-Day Meaning of Easter." University of Chicago Round Table. (April 13, 1952)
5. "The Christian Bases of Western Civilization." University of Chicago Round Table. April 5, 1953.
6. "La Significacion de Harnack." Cuadernos Teologicos: Supplement de El Predicador Evangelico (no. 9-10, 1954)
7. "The Role of Church in Democracy." (August, 1954)
8. "Why Protestantism?" Journal of Religious Thought. (Autumn-Winter, 1955-56)
9. "The Meaning of History." Union Seminary Quarterly Review. (November, 1960)
10. "What I Believe about the Way God Answers Prayer.' Union Seminary Quarterly Review. (May, 1962)
11. "The Sources of Paul Tillich's Richness." Union Seminary Quarterly Review. (November, 1967)
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15. Review of: Paul Tillich's Philosophy of Culture, Science and Religion. Journal of Religion by James L. Adams. (January, 1967)
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17. "Luther and the Ministry." (June, 1972)
18. "Ecumenicity in Tillich's Theology." Disciples Divinity House of University of Chicago. (1974)
19. "Harnack, Adolf von." From the 15th ed. of Encyclopedia Britannica. (1974)
20. Review of: John Calvin: a Biography by T.H.L. Parker. (1976)
Subseries 4: C: 1: Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought Project
Series Arrangement Note:
This subseries is divided into seven series: Correspondence arranged chronologically; Correspondence alphabetical by name; Correspondence In re translations of Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. I; Original research materials; Drafts and notes; Reviews of vol. I, alphabetical by author; and Expenses and sales.
Subseries 4: C: 1: a. Correspondence arranged chronologically
Subseries Scope and Content Note:
This subseries of Series 4: C: 1 is dedicated to the correspondence both generated by the Paucks over the years of the project. Many letters in this subseries are photocopies; see other alphabetical by name correspondence files for originals. Some correspondence files may contain original notes.
Box 39
1. undated
2. 1961-62
3. 1963
4. 1964
5. 1965-66
6. 1967-68
7. 1970, 72-74
8. 1975
9. 1976, Jan-Aug
10. 1976, Sept-Dec
11. 1977 [mostly in reference to Jerald Brauer's review]
12. 1978-79 [in reference to reviews]
13. 1980-81
14. "Fan Mail", 1976
15. "Fan Mail", 1977
16. "Fan Mail", 1978-80
Subseries 4: C: 1: b. Correspondence alphabetical by name
Box 40
1. Renate Albrecht, 1966, 73-75, 78.
2. Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Paul Tillich Archive (Maria Grossman, Kenneth R. Pease, James Tanis, and others.), 1964-68.
3. Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Paul Tillich Archive, 1970-76.
4. Harper and Row Publishers, Inc. (Clayton Carlson, Marie Cantlon, Richard Lucas, and others), undated, 1966-68.
5. Harper and Row Publishers, Inc., 1972-74.
6. Harper and Row Publishers, Inc., 1975.
7. Harper and Row Publishers, Inc., 1976-79.
8. Ingebord C. Henel, 1971, 1981.
9. Historische Kommission zu Berlin, undated, 1975-76.
10. Robert Kimball, 1965-66, 73, 76-77, 80.
11. Robert Lageman, Vanderbilt University, 1968.
12. Paul Lee [former assistant to Paul Tillich], undated, 1978.
13. Letter to Marion H. Pauck from Paul Tillich's nephew Hans Jurgen Seeberger, 1965.
14. Rollo May, 1977.
15. "Frau Rhine", 1963, 1973-74.
16. Gertraut Stober, 1963, 65-68, 72-76.
17. Paul Tillich, 1962 (In re authorization for Marion Hausner to use his manuscripts).
18. Clark Williamson, Christian Theological Seminary.
Subseries 4: C: 1:c. Correspondence In re translations of Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. I
Box 41
1. Correspondence In re Japanese translation (James L. Adams, Fujio Ikado, Clayton Carlson, Noriyoshi Tamaru, Hideo Ohki), 1977-79.
2. Correspondence In re German translation (Evangelisches Verlagswerk, Harper and Row, James L. Adams, Robert Kimball), 1966-66, 68.
3. Correspondence In re German translation, 1974-75.
4. Correspondence In re German translation, 1976.
5. Correspondence In re German translation, 1977.
6. Correspondence In re German translation, 1978-79.
7. Correspondence In re German translation, 1980-81
Subseries 4:C:1:d. Original research materials
Box 42
- Handwritten manuscripts, Paul Tillich, 1916
Box 43
- Correspondence between Paul Tillich and Hannah Werner. 82 photocopied letters, 1922.
Box 44
1. Annotated finding aids from Paul Tillich Archive, Harvard Divinity School.
2. Articles on Paul Tillich collected by Wilhelm and Marion H. Pauck. See Series 4 flat storage for others.
3. Articles and reviews of Hannah Tillich's, and Rollo May's biographies of Paul Tillich; collected by Wilhelm and Marion H. Pauck. See Series 4 flat storage for others and originals.
4. Correspondence (Paul Tillich and others), 1933-36.
5. Correspondence (Paul Tillich and others), 1943-49.
6. Correspondence (Paul Tillich and others), 1950-56.
7. Correspondence with Egon Bahr, 1962.
8. Correspondence with Karl Barth, 1933.
9. Correspondence with Emmanuel Hirsch, 1917, 25, 35, 48.
10. Correspondence with Henry Pitney Van Dusen, 1948, 51, 57.
11. Correspondence with Union Theological Seminary, 1933-39.
12. Correspondence with Union Theological Seminary, 1947-49, 51.
13. Correspondence with Arnold Wolfers, 1923-24.
14. Dialog, June 2001.
15. Discussion Group, 1942. (Loewe, Pauck, Pollock, Tillich).
16. "The Farthest and the Nearest," by Paul Tillich.
17. "Funeral Services for Karen Horney", 1952.
18. "Hirsch-pro and contra."
19. The Human Condition, address, 1963.
20. Journal articles by Tillich, 1958, 62, 65.
21. Letter from Angus Dun, 1954; Letter from Walter Lippmann to Angus Dun, 1954.
22. Letter from Horace Freiss, 1961 [transcribed].
23. Letter to Friedrich Buchsel, 1908.
24. Letters to Frede Fritz, undated, 1935, 60-61.
25. Memorial Service for Paul Tillich, October 31, 1965.
Box 45
1. New Harmony, Tillich Memorial Park, undated, 1963.
2. News articles: In re the 1956 Goethe Prize.
3. "NOTES 1948", handwritten by Paul Tillich. Photocopy.
4. Pamphlets on Tillich, Evangelische Verlagswerk.
5. Papers by Tillich, American Theological Society.
6. "Paul Tillich's Retirement," manuscript copy of a speech by Rollo May.
7. Pease, Kenneth R. "The Paul Tillich Archive," Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Winter 1968.
8. "Die Paul-Tillich-Gesellschaft e.V.", 1974.
9. Die politsche und gestige Aufgabe der deutschen Emigration, 1938.
10. Report on German memorial service for Paul Tillich, by Hans Jurgen Seeberger, 1968.
11. "Rundbriefe," 1919-65.
12. "Schwartze Liste," listing Paul Tillich among others. Published by the Nazi government in 1933.
13. Systematische Theologie: 2 handwritten outlines by Paul Tillich, "Erster Theil", "Zweiter Theil", undatedSee Series 4 flat storage.
14. "Tagebuch," [Bonhoeffer, 1939.]
15. Theses in Paul Tillich Archiv.
16. Transcribed journals of Paul Tillich, 1938.
17. Transcribed journals of Paul Tillich, 1948.
18. "Tillich letters", with notes by Wilhelm Pauck, 1946, 48, 50.
19. "Tillich papers", includes letters, articles, and annotations by Wilhelm Pauck.
20. "Tillich prayers", undated
21. Union Theological Seminary, January Lecture Series, (January-February 1971). Three lectures: John E. Smith, Rollo May, and Daniel Day Williams on Paul Tillich.
Subseries 4:C:1:e. Drafts and notes
Box 46
1. General Statement and Budget, by Marion Hausner and Jaroslav Pelikan, July 1962.
2. Notes taken at the Paul Tillich Archive, Harvard University, 1972, handwritten by Marion H. Pauck.
3. Spiral notebook containing the original outline of Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. I., handwritten by Marion H. Pauck.
4. Corrections, vol. I.
5. Small outline for Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. II, chapter on Schelling, handwritten by Wilhelm Pauck.
6. Xerox pages of paperback edition Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. I., 1988, with annotation.
7. Carbon copy of revised pages of German edition (a).
8. Carbon copy of revised pages of German edition (b).
9. Publisher catalogs and press releases, 1976. See also Series 4 Flat Storage.
10. "Albert Outler's reaction to Marion Hausner's interviews", 1964.
11. Miscellaneous handwritten and typed notes on Tillich by Wilhelm Pauck.
12. Working papers on biography.
Box 47
- Original copy-edited version, Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. I. [Includes also one folder of footnotes.]
Box 48
Index cards for Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. I
Box 49: Restricted Until Further Notice
- Index cards for Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. II
Box 50: Restricted Until Further Notice
- Index cards for Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. II
Box 51: Restricted Until Further Notice
- Index cards for Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. II
Box 52: Restricted Until Further Notice
- Typescript, first third of Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. II
Box 53: Restricted Until Further Notice
- Handwritten manuscript, Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought, vol. II
Subseries 4:C:1:f. Reviews of vol. I, alphabetical by author
Box 54 (See also Series 4 Oversized File)
1. James Luther Adams
2. Eberhard Amelung
3. Dieter Andresch
4. Allen Andrews
5. America
6. Hans Jurgen Baden
7. Harry Baeker
8. Carl Bangs
9. W. Barclay
10. Ernst Bohnet
11. Jerald Brauer
12. Robert McAfee Brown
13. James W. Clayton
14. John Powell Clayton
15. Cultural Information Service
16. John Drewry
17. J. Dunstan
18. Peter Erb
19. Evangelische Information
20. Evang. Kirchenzeitung fur Baden
21. Evangelischer Pressedienst
22. Charles A. Fecher
23. Leo Fremgen
24. Peter Gardner
25. Martin Glass
26. Martin Green
27. Hartwig Grubel
28. Joachim Gunther
29. P.H. Hallett
30. S. Hammer
31. Charles U. Hammer
32. Hellmut Haug
33. Roger Hazelton
34. Peter Hebblethwaite
35. Peter Hodgeson
36. H. Holwein
37. Dieter Ising
38. Bernd Jasper
39. Walter Kappus
40. F.W. Katzenbach
41. Key Reporter
42. Kirkus Reviews
43. Perry LeFevre
44. Martin Leiner
45. Joseph P. Lo Cigno
46. Bob Lhyne
47. Hans Moritz
48. Anthony Morley
49. Klaus Motschmann
50. Egon Meyer
Box 55
1. National Catholic Reporter
2. Ursula Niebuhr
3. Shunji F. Nishi
4. Ernst Trice Thompson
5. Linda Nelson
6. Caroline Neubaur
7. K.H. Neufeld
8. Richard Neuhaus
9. Peter Niederstein
10. Ernst Ochsner
11. Alfred C. Payne
12. Hans Pribnow
13. Publishers Weekly
14. Audrey Royce Quall
15. Religion
16. Religion und Kirche
17. Christina Robb
18. Eberhard Rolinck
19. John D. Ryan
20. Max Schoch
21. Jurgen Schlomann
22. Gottfried Seebass
23. Franklin Sherman
24. Roger Shinn and David Tracy
25. David H. Smith
26. Clifford L. Stanley
27. George W. Stroup
28. Kurt Tank Lothar
29. Samuel Terrien
30. Geoffrey Turner
31. Walter Uhsadel
32. Unknown author
33. John Updike
34. P. van Leeuwen
35. Carl Hermann Voss
36. Erich Warmers
37. Worldview
38. Hans Wulf
Subseries 4: C: 1: g. Expenses and sales
Box 56
1. Expenses pertaining to the biography of Paul Tillich
2. Tickets and receipts
3. Buchhandlung receipts and correspondence
Subseries 4: C: 2 The Thought of Paul Tillich Project
Box 57
1. Correspondence, 1977-78
2. Correspondence, 1979
3. Correspondence, 1980
4. Correspondence, 1981
Chapters, 1979
5. James L. Adams
6. "Dennis"
7. Malcolm L. Diamond
8. James V. Fisher
9. Langdon Gilkey
10. Joseph W. Goetz
11. Joseph M. Kitagawa
12. Thomas F. O'Meara
13. Wilhelm Pauck
14. Marion H. Pauck
15. William R. Rogers
16. Robert P. Scharlemann
17. Nathan A. Scott, Jr.
18. Franklin Sherman
19. Roger L. Shinn
20. David Tracy
21. Victor F. Weisskopf
22. Walter A. Weisskopf
Memoranda, 1979
23. New Harmony Conference
24. Planning Committee
25. "Proposed outline for volume"
26. "Suggested specific subjects for chapters"
27. Reviews
Subseries 4: D: Works by Other Authors: alphabetical by last name [includes published works, excerpts of published works, and manuscripts]
Box 58
1. Abe, Masao. Review of: Christianity and the World Religions, by Paul Tillich.
2. Adams, James L. Introduction to The Absoluteness of Christianity and the history of Religions, by Ernst Troeltsch.
3. Adams, James L. and Walter F. Bense. "Ernst Troeltsch's Liberal Christianity."
4. Ashbrook, James B., ed., trans. Paul Tillich in Conversation: Culture and Religion.
5. Attfield, David. Review of: Harnack and Troeltsch, by Wilhelm Pauck.
6. Bainton, Roland H. "Erasmus and Luther and the Dialog Julius Exclusus."
7. Bainton, Roland H. "History of Christian Social Teachings: the Middle Ages." [Bibliography. Includes letter to Wilhelm Pauck]
8. Bainton, Roland H. "Michael Servetus and the Pulmonary transit of the Blood."
9. Bainton, Roland H. "Querela Pacis of Erasmus, Classical and Christian Sources."
10. Bainton, Roland H. "Sebastian Castellio and the British American Tradition."
11. Bainton, Roland H. "Wibrandis Rosenblatt."
12. Baron, Hans. "Calvinist Republicanism and its Historical Roots."
13. Baron, Hans. "Imperial Reform and the Habsburgs, 1486-1504: a New Interpretation."
14. Baron, Hans. Review of: The Renaissance in Historical Thought: Five Centuries of Interpretation, by Wallace K. Ferguson.
15. Baron, Hans. "A Sociological Interpretation of the Early Renaissance in Florence."
16. Baron, Hans. "A Struggle for Liberty in the Early Renaissance: Florence, Venice, and Milan in the Early Quattrocentro."
17. Baron, Hans. "Tradition and Innovation in the Fifteenth Century Renaissance."
18. Bennett, John C. "Report on the Religious Situation and the Student Movement."
19. Benz, Ernst. "Christus und Sokrates in der alten Kirche." [inscribed]
20. Benz, Ernst. "Das Paulus-Verstandnis in der Morgenlandischen und Abendlandischen Kirche."
21. Benz, Ernst. "Uberwindung der Konfessionellen."
22. Bergendoff, Conrad. "The Secular Idea of Progress and the Christian Doctrine of Sanctification."
23. Bergstraesser, Arnold. "The Holy Beggar: Religion and Society in Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Great World Theatre of Salzburg."
24. Booth, Gotthard. "The Voice of the Body." Introduction to The Voice of Illness, by Aarne Siirala.
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30. Braune, Walther. "Paul Tillich."
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32. Brown Jr., Edgar. "Symbols and Terms of the Church."
33. Broz, Ludak. Review of: The Heritage of the Reformation, by Wilhelm Pauck.
34. Bultmann, Rudolf. "Der Begriff der Offenbarung im NT"
35. Bultmann, Rudolf. "Das Evangelium des Johannes."
36. Burstein, Alvin G."Robert Maynard Hutchins: Public Intellectual/Tragic Hero."
37. Buschart, W. David. Review of: From Luther to Tillich: the Reformers and Their Heirs, by Wilhelm Pauck, edited by Marion H. Pauck.
38. Calhoun, R.L. "The Christain Doctrine of Man, Aspects of the Church's Thought about Man: Historical Outline." See Series 4 Oversized File.
39. Capari, Fritz. "Erasmus on the Social Functions of Humanism."
Box 59
1. Christianity Today, November 22, 1968. Review of: The Heritage of the Reformation, by Wilhelm Pauck.
2. Christianity Today, February 13, 1970. Review of: Melanchthon and Bucer, by Wilhelm Pauck.
3. Civil Affairs Handbook: Germany: Section 1B: Christian Churches, July 3, 1944.
4. Clebsch, William A. "The Earliest Translations of Luther into English."
5. Clebsch, William A. Review of: Harnack and Troeltsch, by Wilhelm Pauck.
6. Clebsch, William A. "Toward a History of Christianity."
7. Crouter, Richard E. "Hegel and Schleiermacher at Berlin: a Many-Sided Debate."
8. Crouter, Richard E. "Rhetoric and Substance in Schleiermacher's Revision of The Christian Faith(1821-1822)."
9. Crouter, Richard E. "Schleiermacher and the Theology of Bourgeois Society: a Critique of the Critics."
10. Crouter, Richard E. "Schleiermacher's Werden als Dogmatiker: An den Tendenzen der Ersten und Zweiten Auflagen der Glaubenslehre Dargestellt."
11. Cullmann, Oscar."Konigsherrschaft Christi und Kirche im Neuen Testament."
12. Cullmann, Oscar."Die Tradition."
13. Dash, Richard C. Review of: Harnack and Troeltsch, by Wilhelm Pauck.
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15. Dinkler, Erich. "Augustins Geschichtsauffassung."
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17. Donahue, John M. Review of: Melanchthon and Bucer, by Wilhelm Pauck.
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24. Friedmann, Robert. "Mennonite Prayer Books: Their Story and Their Meaning."
25. Garside, Charles, Jr. "Some Attitudes of the Major Reformers Toward the Role of Music in the Liturgy."
26. Gerrish, Brian A."Biblical Autgority and the Continental Reformation."
27. Gerrish, Brian A."The Reformation and the Rise of Modern Science." [inscribed]
28. Gerrish, Brian A. "To the Unknown God: Luther and Calvin on the Hiddenness of God."
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Box 60
1. Hiltner, Seward. "Tension and Mutual Support Among the Helping Professions."
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Box 61
1. Ramm, Bernard. Review of: Harnack and Troeltsch, by Wilhelm Pauck.
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41. von Loewenich, Walther."Augustin und das Christliche Geschichtsdenken"
42. Wilburn, Ralph G. Review of: Harnack and Troeltsch, by Wilhelm Pauck.
43. Williamson, Clark. Review of: Harnack and Troeltsch, by Wilhelm Pauck.
44. Wilson, Palais. "Quadrennial Report on the Oecumenical Seminar in Geneva: under the patronage of the Universal Council on Life and Work and the Theological Faculty of the University of Geneva." See Series 4 Oversized File.
Box 62: Journals
- Advance, October 1943.
- The Chicago Theological Seminary Register, November 1928, April 1961, November 1961.
- The Chicago Theological Seminary Register, Spring 1976, Fall 1976, Winter 1977.
- Christ und Socialist, 1975.
- Church History, June 1973, March 1978, June 1980.
- Church History, December 1981, March 1984, March 1986.
- Church History, December 1987, March 1993, September 1993.
- Criterion, Winter 1982.
- Criterion, Winter 1986 (In Memoriam Bernard Loomer)
- Daedalus, 1999.
- Dialog, March 1995, November 1999, November 2000, February 2001, October 2001.
- Harvard Dininity Bulletin, Autumn 1967.
- Journal of Religion, January 1975, April 1975, July 1976.
- Journal of Religion, July 1977, April 1978.
- Lutheran Standard, April 1973.
- Mennonite Quarterly Review Cumulative Index(1927-1951), 1952
- McCormick Quarterly, January 1963, January 1966.
- Neue Zeitschrift fur Systematische Theologie und Religions philosophie, 1968, 1969, 1974
- Politischer Rundbrief, January 1926.
- Religious Studies Review, January 1992.
- Seminarian, Easter 1955, May 1955.
- Social Research, November 1934.
- Soren Kierkegaard Newsletter, January 2000, August 2000.
- Der Spiegel, December 1959.
- Theologische Literaturzeitung, April 1957.
- Theology Today, October 1965, April 1966, January 1968.
- Time, 1962.
- Union Seminary Quarterly Review, May 1957, November 1957, Fall 1978.
- Union Seminary Quarterly Review, 1998 ("Remembering Raymond E. Brown").
- University of Chicago Magazine, June, 1951.
Box 63: Series 4 Oversized Files
- 15 folders, see above for arrangement of contents.
Series 5: Marion H. Pauck Collection
Series Scope and Content Note:
This series organizes the biographical materials, personal and professional correspondence, lectures, manuscripts and publications of Marion H. Pauck, which fall outside of the scope of the larger collection. This includes (but is not limited to) materials from before the Pauck's marriage in 1964, and after the death of Wilhelm Pauck in 1981. These papers were organized as such to preserve provenance, and to allow for additional works that Marion Pauck will submit to the Seminary archives in the future.
Subseries 5: A: Marion Hausner Pauck: Biographical Materials
Box 64
1. Baptism Certificate, February 26, 1928. [photocopy]
2. Certificate of completion, Hunter College Elementary School, 1941.
3. High school essays, Friends Seminary, 1944-45.
4. Friends Seminary Yearbook, 1945.
5. Undergraduate essays, Barnard College, 1946-47.
6. Undergraduate syllabi, Barnard College, 1948.
7. Class notes from Systematic Theology 475, course taught by Kroner and Roberts at Union Theological Seminary, 1948.
8. Undergraduate essays, Barnard College, 1948-49.
9. Program for The Class Night Exercises, presented by the Barnard Class of 1949.
10. Barnard College Yearbook, 1949.
11. Senior Week Activities, Barnard College, 1949, "A Brief History of the Class of 1949," by Marion Hausner.
12. Graduate writing, Columbia University: dissertation drafts and notes on "Tillich Course", 1950.
13. Master of Arts Degree, Columbia University, 1951.
14. Barnard Alumnae, 1963. [Marked, "see page 9." However, Page 9 has been removed.]
Box 65
1. Passports, 1953, 59, 63, 68, 82, 87.
2. Passport of Anna B. Hausner [mother], 1978.
3. Curriculum Vitae, undated, others circa 1993, 2008.
4. Cosmopolitan Club of New York, introduction of Marion Hausner Pauck. [includes correspondence]
5. Friends Seminary Reunion, papers and correspondence, 1994-95.
6. Friends Seminary Reunion papers (continued), 1995.
7. Stanford Historical Society, introduction to a lecture by Professor Van A. Harvey, March 12, 1998.
8. Congress 2000: The Future of the Study of Religion, Boston University and Harvard University, September 2000.
9. Cosmopolitan Club membership information, 2000-2001.
10. 80th birthday celebration, prose poem and photograph, March 8, 2008.
11. Toast at the memorial for John Dillenberger, March 29, 2008. Tribute to John Dillenberger for the NAPTS Bulletin.
12. List of names for "Pauck Fellowship," undated
Subseries 5: B: 1: Marion H. Pauck: personal correspondence: alphabetical by last name
Box 66
1. Elie Abel
2. James Luther Adams, 1963-64
3. James Luther Adams, 1981-83
4. James Luther Adams, 1984-
5. John C. Bennett
6. Friedrich-Wilhelm Bentrup [cousin of Wilhelm Pauck]
7. Robert McAfee Brown
8. William Clebsch
9. Richard and Barbara Crouter
10. Tom Dachelet [Mother's attorney]
11. H. Jackson Forstman
12. Durwood Foster
13. Brian Gerrish
14. Helen and Jimmy Grossman
15. Kaethe and Hy Gulkis [First cousin of Marion]
16. Lutz Gumbel
17. John Gunn ("Jack") [lawyer to Marion H. Pauck]
Box 67
1. Robert Handy
2. Walter Harrelson
3. Van Harvey
4. Anna and George Hausner [Mother and Father]
5. Elizabeth Hayman ("Libby") [personal friend]
6. Holland Lee Hendrix
7. Carl E., and Deanna Hester
8. Werner Holz [second-cousin of Marion H. Pauck]
9. Winthrop and Lois Hudson
10. "Ilse" [niece-in-law of Marion H. Pauck]
11. Dale Johnson
12. Marilyn Karmason [personal friend]
13. Joseph Kitagawa
14. Paul Oskar and Edith Kristeller
15. Frederick I. Kuhns
Box 68
1. Annemarie Pauck Lamprecht [sister of Wilhelm Pauck], undated -1981
2. Annemarie Pauck Lamprecht, 1982
3. Annemarie Pauck Lamprecht, 1983
4. Annemarie Pauck Lamprecht, 1984
5. Annemarie Pauck Lamprecht, 1985-86
6. Annemarie Pauck Lamprecht, 1987-1988
7. William H. Lazareth
8. Paul and Marion Lehmann
9. Jill Underhill Ligenza [personal friend]
10. David Lotz, 1980-85
11. David Lotz, 1986-
Box 69
1. Marianne von Machui-Pallet, 1963-64
2. Marianne von Machui-Pallet, 1972-79
3. Marianne von Machui-Pallet, 1980-2000
4. E. Wallace Mast
5. Mrs. Maurice T. Moore (Elizabeth Luce Moore) [sister of Henry Luce II]
6. Christopher Niebuhr [son of Ursula and Reinhold Niebuhr]
7. Ursula M. Niebuhr
8. "In Memory of Ursula M. Niebuhr"
9. Charles Nielsen and Eloise, Eulogy for Charles Nielsen by Marion H. Pauck, 1994
10. Emil Oberholtzer
11. Patricia Potter Duncan("Pat")
12. Hans Christian and Maike Pauck
13. Hilde Pauck
14. Lucie Pauck
15. Jaroslav Pelikan
16. Centennial Address by Jaroslav Pelikan, University of Chicago, 1991
Box 70
1. Lily Pincus
2. Marlies and Gene Plotnick [closest college classmate and her husband]
3. Albert Rabil
4. Robert Redford [actor]
5. Else Regensteiner
6. Robert Scharlemann
7. Robert Seaver
8. Donald W. Shriver
9. Elizabeth Niebuhr Sifton Stern[daughter of Ursula and Reinhold Niebuhr]
10. Lou H. and Helen Silberman
11. Hallett Smith [personal friend and Shakespeare expert]
12. Joseph Sittler
13. Lewis and Edna Spitz
14. Clementine Tangeman
15. Samuel and Sara Terrien
16. Hannah Tillich
17. Mrs. Daniel Day Williams (Eulalia)
18. Richard and Marjorie Wolf
Subseries 5: B: 2: Marion H. Pauck: Personal Correspondence: chronological order
Box 71
1. undated
2. 1962-69 [65, 67]
3. Correspondence after the death of Paul Tillich, 1965-66
4. 1970-74
5. 1976-79
6. 1980-82
7. 1983-85
8. 1986-87
9. 1988
10. 1989
11. 1990-91
12. 1992-93
13. 1993 (In re 65th birthday)
14. 1994-95
15. 1996 (In re car accident)
16. 1996-2000
17. 2001 (In re 100 birthday of Wilhelm Pauck)
18. 2001-
19. Unorganized, large greeting cards
Box 72
- Unorganized greeting cards and postcards
Box 73
- Postcards arranged by Marion H. Pauck. See Box 11 of her inventory for the list of names.
Subseries 5: C: 1: Marion H. Pauck: Professional Correspondence: alphabetical by name
Box 74
1. Andover-Harvard Theological Library [Maria Grossman, Librarian], 1982-83, 85-86.
2. American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1983, 1992.
3. Hannah Arendt, 1964.
4. Melvin Arnold [Harper and Brothers] 1962, 65.
5. Henry Barry, Attorney-at-Law [In re copyright to unpublished classified letter of Wilhelm Pauck's], 1989.
6. Barnard College [Alumni Office], 1972, 80, 94.
7. John C. Bennett [Union Theological Seminary, President], 1963-64.
8. Bollingen Foundation, 1962-63.
9. Jerald Brauer [University of Chicago Divinity School, Dean], 1964.
10. Glenn R. Bucher [Graduate Theological Union], 1992-93.
11. Burke Library, at Union Theological Seminary [Paul Brynes and Richard Spoor.] 1986-87, 1990-92, 97-99.
12. Chicago Theological Seminary [Rev. Neil W. Gerdes, Librarian], 1987, 89.
13. Christianity and Crisis [Leon Howell, Editor], 1987, 1993.
14. Clayton Carlson [Harper and Row, Publisher's Inc.], 1980-1990, 94-95.
15. Richard Coombs, 1974.
16. Steven J. Davidson [Vice President for Development, Chicago Theological Seminary], 1987-88, 90, 92.
17. John (and Jane) Dillenberger, 1986. [file of correspondence on Paul Tillich's autobiographical experience of the arts, includes correspondence between Paul Tillich and John Dillenberger and Joseph Kasell]
18. Dialog: A Journal of Theology [Ted Peters, Editor], 1993-94.
19. Tom Driver, 1963.
20. Randolph Dyer [Union Theological Seminary], 1965-66, 70, 72.
21. Encyclopedia Americana, 1962-63
22. Estate of W. H. Auden [Edward Mendelson, Literary Executor], 1994.
23. Dale Flanagin [In re consignment of goods], 1996-97.
24. Franklin "Chris" Gamwell [University of Chicago Divinity School] [See also: Joseph Regenstein Library], 1986, 89-90
25. Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc. [Matthew Chanoff, John Shopp, and others], 1964, 1983-90[87], 95.
26. Albert Hofstadter, undated, 1964
27. Iliff School of Theology, 1984
28. Richard Kroner [Union Theological Seminary], 1964
29. Lilly Endowment, Inc. [Robert Wood Lynn, Vice President; In re grant for Tillich volume 2], 1982, 84-85.
30. Rollo May, 1963.
31. John T. McNeill [University of Chicago Divinity School]
32. Henry A. Moe [John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation], 1962.
33. Albert T. Mollegen [Virginia Theological Seminary], 1964.
34. John Musser [General Service Foundation], 1963-66, 68, 70.
Box 75
1. North American Paul Tillich Society (NAPTS) [correspondence and newsletters, by-laws, etc.; John Carey, Victor Nuovo, James L. Adams, Peter H. John, Robert Scharlemann, and others], 1975-76.
2. NAPTS, 1977-78
3. NAPTS, 1979
4. NAPTS, 1980
5. NAPTS, 1981-82
6. NAPTS Newsletters, 1986, 88-91
7. NAPTS [In re 1993 lecture]
8. NAPTS Newsletters, 1993, 94, 96, 98 2000-01, 2008
9. New York Times [Clifford Daniel, James Reston], 1963-64, 68.
10. James O' Flaherty [Wake Forest University, author], 1986.
11. Ernst Patting, 1966-67
12. Nathan M. Pusey [Harvard University, President], 1963-64.
13. Joseph Regenstein Library, University of Chicago [In re disposition of Pauck papers at the Library; Robert Rosenthal, Franklin "Chris" Gamwell, Martin Runkel, Daniel Meyer, Alice Schreyer, and others], 1982-86.
Box 76
1. Joseph Regenstein Library, University of Chicago, 1987
2. Joseph Regenstein Library, University of Chicago, 1988-1990, 1995.
3. Cyril C. Richardson, 1964.
4. Robinson College [Peter Newman, Jack Lewis], 1985.
5. John E. Smith [Yale University], 1962-63.
6. Society for Values in Higher Education [Marianne G. Finnegan, M. Kathleen McGrory], 1993.
7. Max Stackhouse, 1990.
8. Stanford University Libraries [Michael T. Ryan, Director], 1981-82, 88, 90-92.
9. Clifford Stanley [Virginia Theological Seminary], 1963.
10. Norman D. Stanton [Union Theological Seminary], 1978, 1981.
11. Erdmann Sturm, 1995, 2000
12. Paul Tillich, 1963-64
13. Robert Ulrich
14. Vanderbilt University Library [Dorothy Ruth Parks, Librarian], 1982-83, 87, 89.
15. Claude Welch [Graduate Theological Union; See also Lilly Endowment, Inc.], 1982-85.
Subseries 5: C: 2: Marion H. Pauck: Professional Correspondence: chronological order
Box 77
1. 1955, 61-62
2. 1963
3. 1964-68
4. 1980-85
5. 1986-89
6. 1990-99
7. 2000-
Subseries 5: D: Marion H. Pauck: Lectures, Manuscripts and Publications
Box 78
Index cards for biography of Wilhelm Pauck, undated
Box 79
1. "Lecture on Paul Tillich's Biography Delivered at Union Theological Seminary, March 1, 1962, by Marion K. Hausner".
2. "Reinhold Niebuhr, Virginia C. Gildersleeve Professor, 1963, by Marion Hausner". (For Barnard Alumnus Magazine)
3. Review of: Tillich: A Theological Portrait, by David Hopper, 1968.
4. Review of: Religious Symbols and God, by William L. Rowe, 1969.
5. "Biography and Autobiography." Lecture delivered April 22, 1977 at Colgate Rochester Divinity School.
6. Handwritten notes on Wilhelm Pauck, 1984.
7. "Lecture on From Luther to Tillich by Wilhelm Pauck, Delivered by Marion H. Pauck, Editor, 1 May, 1985, Stanford University Women's Faculty Club".
8. A collection of reviews for From Luther to Tillich: the Reformers and Their Heirs, 1985-1986.
9. Application for the use of the Bernard M. Loomer Papers, Department of Special Collections, University of Chicago Library, 1990.
10. "Variations on a Theme: The Meaning of Life," auto-biographical paper delivered in Stanford, November 7, 1990.
11. Handwritten notes on Luther and Erasmus, May 5, 1992.
12. "Niebuhr and Tillich: Legend and Myth, a Personal View," address delivered January 26, 1993 to the Cosmopolitan Club of New York.
13. "Reinhold Niebuhr, Wilhelm Pauck, and Paul Tillich, Legend and Myth," paper presented April 7, 1993, Graduate Theological Union.
14. "Wilhelm Pauck and Paul Tillich: Friends and Colleagues," delivered to the north American Paul Tillich Society, November 19, 1993 and printed in NAPTS Newsletter, vol. XX, no. 4.
15. "Reinhold Niebuhr, Wilhelm Pauck, and Paul Tillich, Public and Private," Cyril C. Richardson Memorial Lecture, Union Theological Seminary, November 15, 1994.
16. Article from Union News, Summer 1995, on Marion Pauck's Cyril C. Richardson Memorial Lecture.
17. "Reinhold Niebuhr, Wilhelm Pauck, and Paul Tillich, Public and Private," published in DIALOG: a Journal of Theology, vol. 34, Winter 1995.
18. "Wilhelm Pauck: Church Historian and Historical Theologian 1901-1981; Precis of a Memoir," 1999.
Series 6: Photographic Materials
Series Scope and Content Note:
This series contains the photographs, negatives and slides that accompanied the manuscript collection. All slides have been left in the Kodak compartment files in which they were received. The majority of slide images are from various vacations throughout Europe. All identification of images has been done by Marion H. Pauck.
Box 80
Framed photograph of Wilhelm Pauck [father of Wilhelm Pauck]
Framed photograph of Maria Pauck (nee Hofmann) [mother of Wilhelm Pauck
Photogravure plate, image of Wilhelm Pauck circa 1930/40.
Small brown photograph album: Wilhelm Pauck from the age of two, Pauck family.
Photograph album: young Wilhelm Pauck, early years in Chicago, etc. Index to photographs included.
Box 81
1. Pauck ancestors, circa 1880s.
2. Loose photographs from small brown album (See above), early portraits, Pauck family.
3. Wilhelm Pauck in Germany, 1921.
4. Wilhelm Pauck at Chicago Theological Seminary, circa 1928.
5. Marion H. Pauck and family, 1930s and 40s.
6. Wilhelm Pauck, various portraits [bulk 1960s]
7. Photographs from the wedding of Wilhelm and Marion H. Pauck, 1964
8. Wilhelm Pauck's farewell to Union Theological Seminary, 1967.
9. Wilhelm and Marion H. Pauck, Munich, 1968. Photograph by Paul Pauck.
10. Negatives, Berlin, circa 1970.
11. Marion H. Pauck, portrait circa 1994.
12. Julius A. Bewer, undated
13. Arthur Holt, circa 1935.
14. Charles M. Nielsen, circa 1950.
15. Joachim Wach, 1954.
16. Mixed loose photographs, friends and family.
17. Mixed loose photographs (includes photograph of Wilhelm Pauck with Karl Barth).
18. Loose photographs from Tillich photo album (See below).
- Photograph Album: Paul Tillich and family. Collected by Marion Pauck in 1963-64.
- Photograph Album: Marion H. Pauck parents, family. Includes a photo of Niebuhr, Tillich and both Paucks on their wedding day.
Box 82
- Photographs, Addenda
Box 83
- 2 Photograph Albums assembled for Wilhelm Pauck's 70th birthday, 1971.
Box 84
- Photograph Album: Chicago, 1984
- Photograph Album: Friends and family, 1964-76.
- Photograph Album: Marion Pauck's travels, 1986, 88, 89.
- Photograph Album: Marion Pauck's trip to Germany, 1990.
Box 85: Slides
- 1956-1961
- 1961
- 1962, 1963, 1964
- Europe 1966, USA 1967
- 1967-1970
- 1971, Europe, California
- Large green case of slides, 1970s
Series 6 Flat Storage
Portrait of Wilhelm Pauck circa 1940.
Series 7: Realia
Series Scope and Content Note:
This series contains the non-print materials and memorabilia that accompanied the manuscript collection.
Box 86
LP recordings:
-W.A. Mozart und Karl Barth: Gesprach von Roswitha Schmalenbach mit Karl Barth im Rahman der Sendereihe "Musik fur einen Gast." Schweitzer Radio/10. November 1968, mit Musik von Mozart.  
-Karl Barth Die Liebe: Karl Barth's letzte akademische Vorlesung vom Marz 1962 in der Aula der Universitat Basel. (3 copies)  
-Union Theological Seminary, Sermon, Professor Paul Tillich. (Side I 19 minutes 58 seconds. Side II 18 minutes 20 seconds.)  
Framed art:
-The Tower by Reuben F. Connors, framed pen and ink drawing of the spire of Vanderbilt Divinity School's Benton Chapel.  
-Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, framed photograph  
-Rest on Flight to Egypt by Gerard David, reproduction on plastic from the National Gallery of Art.  
-Portrait of Professor Karl Holl, framed photograph.  
-Portrait of Professor Arthur Titius, framed photograph (photograph inscribed, dated 1930)  
-Portrait of Professor Ernst Troeltsch, framed photograph (reproduction on paper).  
-Portrait of Professor Adolf von Harnack, framed photograph.  
-Portrait of Martin Luther, ink on paper with modern illumination. (Frame inscribed, dated 1928)  
-Portrait of Friedrich Schleiermacher published by G. Reimer in Berlin, framed engraving.  
-Erasmus of Rotterdam by Albert Durer, framed engraving. (Frame dated 1935)  
Box 87
- Dr. Pauck's sign from his office door at Union Theological Seminary.
- Tin of business cards.
- Relief of Martin Luther, nickel plate celebrating the four hundredth anniversary of the Imperial Diet of Worms (1521-1921).
- Marshall Field and Company call cards and copper plate engraved "Mr. Wilhelm Pauck."
- Amber-inlayed cigarette box, gift from Emil Brunner, 1948.
- Porcelain Goethe plaque ("Der 25 jahrig Goethe") presented to Wilhelm Pauck by the city of Frankfurt, Germany, 1949.
- "Key to the city of Nashville," given to Wilhelm Pauck by the mayor in honor of his retirement from Vanderbilt Seminary, 1971.
Additional materials in art storage:
- Wilhelm Pauck's suitcase
- Oversized framed print of Martin Luther.
- Framed photograph of Wilhelm Pauck, circa 1930.
- Framed photograph of Wilhelm Pauck, UTS, 1953.
- Watercolor reproduction of the cottage in which Wilhelm Pauck was born in 1901 in Westphalia, Germany. The sketch was done by Christian Pauck, the second son of Hans Pauck, Sr., a cousin of Wilhelm Pauck's.
RESTRICTED MATERIALS: Contents are confidential and access is restricted until 2023, or for the lifetime of Marion H. Pauck.
BOX 88
BOX 89
6 files stored in map case
Series 1
1: A: Box 1 folder 3: Originals, collected biographical newspapers, undated-1978.  
1: A: Box 1 folder 6-11: Originals, newspaper clippings 1925-2000.  
1: A: Box 3 folder 8: Mixed collection of materials [possibly collected by Olga Pauck], circa 1956  
1: C: Box 19 folders 3, 9, 12, 16  
Series 4
4: C: 1: d: Box 44 folder 2: Articles on Tillich collected by Wilhelm and Marion Pauck.  
4: C: 1: d: Box 44 folder 3: Articles and reviews of Hannah Tillich's, and Rollo May's biographies of Paul Tillich; collected by Wilhelm and Marion Pauck. See Series 4 flat storage for others and originals.  
4: C: 1: d: Box 45 folder 13:Systematische Theologie: 2 handwritten outlines by Paul Tillich, "Erster Theil", "Zweiter Theil", undated.  
4: C: 1: e: Box 46 folder 9: One oversized press release, circa 1976  
4: D: Box 60 folder 33: Niebuhr, Reinhold. "The Religious Traditions of our Nation"  
Series 6
Photograph of Wilhelm Pauck, circa 1940  


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