The Edmund Morris Fergusson Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Fergusson, E. Morris (Edmund Morris), 1864-1934
Dates: 1883-1926
Extent: 7 boxes, 2 oversized folders (5.8 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1864 September 7 Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1883 Graduated, University of Pennsylvania
1883-1886 Student, Princeton Theological Seminary
1886 Graduated, Master of Arts, University of Pennsylvania
1886 June 8 Ordained, Presbytery of West Jersey
1886-1887 Stated supply, Pleasantville, New Jersey
1886-1887 Pastor, Absecon, New Jersey
1887-1889 Assistant editor, Sunday School Times
1889-1892 Pastor, First Church, Phillipsburg, New Jersey
1892-1809 General secretary, New Jersey Sunday School Association
1909-1916 Education Superintendent of the Sunday School Mission, Board of Publications
1914 Awarded honorary Doctor of Divinity degree, Park College (now Park University)
1916-1919 General secretary, Maryland Sunday School Association
1919-1920 Survey of religious education, Inter-Church World Movement
1920-1922 General secretary, Council on Religious Education, Massachusetts
1920-1922 Special professor, Boston University, Wellesley College and Tennant College
1922-1934 Author and lecturer
1934 May 14 Died, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Biographical Information

Dr. Edmund Morris Fergusson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 7, 1864. He received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and graduated from Princeton Seminary in 1886. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from Park College (Missouri) in 1914. Dr. Fergusson served as a pastor and Sunday school superintendent for the Presbyterian Church for many years, and taught at Boston University, Wellesley College, and the Tennant College of Christian Education. Dr. Fergusson also authored many articles for a variety of journals and magazines.


Scope and Content

This collection consists of personal correspondence between the Fergusson family and friends, business correspondence between Dr. Fergusson and colleagues, a collection of Dr. Fergusson's published articles, as well as scrapbooks. There is also a large collection of articles and pamphlets pertaining to the temperance movement, Sabbath laws, and Sunday School.



Fergusson, E. Morris (Edmund Morris), 1864-1934.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.

Temperance and religion.

Sunday schools--History--19th century.



Box 1: Personal Correspondence
- Wedding announcement for Jessie May Dysart and Henry Alexander Fergusson, June 23, 1893.
- Wedding invitation for Agnes McCall Fergusson and Charles E. Noblit, November 9, 1893.
- "Aunt Flora," to E. Morris Fergusson, May 17, 1898.(regarding Fergusson's wedding)
- Love, M. Jennie, to E. Morris Fergusson, May 20, 1898.
- Register of wedding gift from "Friends in New Jersey" to Rev. and Mrs. Fergusson, May 26, 1898.
- Wedding announcement for Mary Fry Huber and E. Morris Fergusson, May 26, 1898.
- Family Letter, June 19, 1898.
- "Blanche," to "Aunt Mamie," July 1, 1898.
- Wedding announcement for Margaret Jackson and George B. Haven, August 31, 1898.
- Wanamaker, John, to E. Morris Fergusson, October 19, 1901.
- Essay on "Famous Women," by [unknown author].
- "List of names connected with our New Jersey wedding testimonial."
- Poem by Lillian Arnold Elmore, 1859-1925.
- Two notices regarding a reception and a leave of absence.
Business Correspondence
- Hurlbut, J. L., to Sunday School Times, December 12, 1887.
- Shauffer, A. F., to [unknown], February 27, 1888.
- Miller, J. R., to Trumbull, H. Clay, September 14, 1888.
- Worden, James A., to E. M. Fergusson, February 8, 1889.
- Miller, Maria D., E. Morris Fergusson, April 1, 1889.
- Dustins, Cameron, E. Morris Fergusson, August 19, 1889.
- Jones, Arthur, E. Morris Fergusson, May 12, 1890.
- Trumbull, H. Clay, E. Morris Fergusson, July, 11, 1890.
- Cheyney, E. P., E. Morris Fergusson, June 26, 1890.
- Meigs, Charles D., E. Morris Fergusson, August 29, 1901.
- Fisher, George E., to E. Morris Fergusson, June 12, 1893.
- Reynolds, William, to Miss Buber, December 1, 1896.
- "Report of C. W. Bailey in Connection with Mr. Fergusson's Testimonial," July 12, 1898.
- Baldwin, Josephine L., to E. Morris Fergusson, July 18, 1898.
- Jacobs, B. F. E. Morris Fergusson, December 1, 1898.
- Miller, J. R., E. Morris Fergusson, February 9, 1899.
- Bailey, George W., E. Morris Fergusson, December 12, 1907.
- Bailey, George W., E. Morris Fergusson, December 20, 1907.
- E. Morris Fergusson, to Bailey, George W., December 31, 1907.
- E. Morris Fergusson, to "The Executive Committee," June 14, 1921 (concerning his resignation as General Secretary).
- Cuyler, Theodore L., E. Morris Fergusson, May 30, [unknown].
Articles and Pamphlets on Temperance and Prohibition
- Best, Nolan R., "Yes, "It's the Law" and It's a Good Law."
- "The Eighteenth Amendment: A Greater Question than the Liquor Question is the Capacity of the American People for Constitutional Government - a speech of Hon. William E. Borah of Idaho delivered before the Presbyterian General Assembly of Baltimore, Maryland, May 30, 1926."
- "I Want to Know: Speech by Hon. John G. Cooper of Ohio in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, March 4, 1925."
- "Law Observance: An Address Delivered in New York by Hon. John G. Sargent, Attorney General of the United States."
- Program titled "Temperance Program - America's Answer." (2 copies)
- Programs for "World's Temperance Sunday," November 4, 1923 and November 1, 1925.
- "Quebec Liquor Control System Proves Failure."
- "The Reasons for Prohibition: a speech of Hon. Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky in the House of Representatives, March 4, 1925."
- Scanlon, Charles, "Fourteen Points for Prohibition: Plausible Objections Refuted."
- Spence, Ben H., "The Case for Prohibition."
- Stoddard, Cora Frances, "Alcohol in Experience and Experiment."
Pamphlet Material on Prohibition and the Sabbath printed by the Department of Moral Welfare of the Board of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.
- "The Association Opposed to the Ten Commandments."
- "Canada's Experience: A Sworn Statement of Hon. W.E. Raney, Attorney General of Dominion of Canada 1919-1923 before Senate Judiciary Committee, Washington D.C., April 1926."
- Martin, R.H., "The Basis of Our Civil Sabbath Laws."
- Martin, R.H., "Charts Showing the Relation of Sabbath Laws to Sabbath Schools Enrollment and Attendance."
- Martin, R.H., "Our Sabbath Laws."
- Martin, R.H., "Shall the Church Protest the Sabbath."
- "A Practical Program of Applied Christianity."
- "The Salvation Army Testifies: Statement of Evangeline Booth of the Salvation Army, delivered before Senate Judiciary Committee."
- Scanlon, Charles, "The Presbyterian Church and Prohibition."
- Scanlon, Charles, "Who is Responsible."
- "Ten Suggestions for Moral Welfare Committees."
- Wallace, James, "The Bible and the Eighteenth Amendment."
- "What is to be done?"
- 5 issues of Moral Welfare
-February, 1926  
-May, 1926  
-June, 1926  
-October, 1926  
-November, 1926  
Box 2: Miscellaneous Material
- Issue of Young Canada Quarterly, July-September, 1926.
- Hall, Winfield Scott, "The Home: The Greatest Place in the World."
- Handwritten notes on Temperance, [unknown author].
- "The League Court: Speech of Hon. William E. Borah of Idaho in the Senate of the United States, Friday, January 22, 1926."
- Notebook from a Psychology class taught by E. Morris Fergusson for the State Sunday School Association at Boston University, 1920-1921. (Loose material placed in separate folders)
- Material taken from the notebook from a psychology class taught by E. Morris Fergusson for the State Sunday School Association at Boston University, 1920-1921. (2 Folders)
- Loose material taken from Scrapbook 2.
- Loose material taken from Scrapbook 4.
- Loose material taken from Scrapbook 7.
- Loose material taken from Scrapbook 8. (2 folders)
Box 3
Scrapbook 1: Periodical Contributions of E. Morris Fergusson, 1882-1908.
-Contains material related to Sunday School teaching strategies and religious education.  
-Articles taken from Presbyterian Journal, Sunday School Times, Sunday School Journal, International Evangel, Ladies Home Journal among others.  
Scrapbook 2: Articles written by E. Morris Fergusson and Published in The International Evangel, 1894-1914. (Loose material placed in box 2)
-Several articles are part of the weekly series, "The Complete Sunday School" and "The Movement for Graduate Lessons."  
-Articles also taken from the Presbyterian Banner, Herald and Presbyter, and the Sunday School Times.  
Box 4
Scrapbook 3: Lesson work in The Westminster Teacher by E. Morris Fergusson, October 1899-February 1906. (Loose material placed in box 2)
-Several articles are part of these series "Question for the Teacher" and "Suggestions for the Teacher."  
Box 5
Scrapbook 4: Articles from the Westminster Teacher on "Lesson Work," March 1906-March 1913.
Box 6
Scrapbook 5: Articles written by E. Morris Fergusson and published in the Sunday School Times (Philadelphia), 1887-1909.
-Also some material from Work and Workers and articles written for a symposium in May, 1905 on "The Principles of Lesson Selection."  
Scrapbook 6: Articles on "Blackboard Work" in the Sunday School Times, November 1887 - May 1909.
-Contains articles printed in the series "Blackboard Hints," "Superintendent's Review," and "Lesson Reviews."  
Box 7
Scrapbook 7: Newspaper clippings on Fergusson family history and individual family members. (Loose material placed in box 2)
Scrapbook 8 - Articles related to Swarthmore, Pennsylvania and local news. (Loose material placed in box 2)
Oversized Material and Newspaper Clippings [stored in map storage]
Folder 1: Clippings from the Christian Science Monitor
-Sheet 1:  
-"Canadian Lay is Enforced in Dry Provinces," July 13, 1926.  
-"British Anxious to Aid Andrews," July 14, 1926.  
-"Brewers Offer Huge Profits to Investors," July 14, 1926.  
-"Canada Suffers as a Result of Liquer [sic] Traffic," July 16, 1926.  
-"Canadian Laws Fail to Prevent Rumrunning," July 17, 1926.  
-Sheet 2:  
-"Four Point Four Beer in Canada Proves Failure," July 12, 1926.  
-"W.E. Raney says Officials Know of Smuggling," July 15, 1926.  
-"Quebec System Gives Monopoly to Government," July 19, 1926.  
-"Liquor Control Fails to Lessen Crime Figures," July 20, 1926.  
-"Women's Prohibition Duty Outlined by W.C.T.U. Head," July 20, 1926.  
-Sheet 3:  
-"Quebec Church is Alarmed by Liquor Question," July 21, 1926.  
-"Bootlegging Flourishes in Wet Province," July 22, 1926.  
-"Quebec System Family to Stop Illicit Sales," July 23, 1926.  
-"'Moderation' is Failure in Coast Province," July 24, 1926.  
-"Liquor Flows in Coast Province it is Alleged," July 26, 1926.  
-Sheet 4:  
-Lithuanian License Law Working for Temperance," July 27, 1926.  
-"'Moderation' Financially is a Failure," July 28, 1926.  
-"Churches and Prohibition," August 7, 1926.  
- Folder 2: 5 Issues of, The Pioneer: A Journal of Social Progress and Moral Reform
-March 5, 1926  
-April 2, 1926  
-May 7, 1926  
-June 4, 1926  
-July 9, 1926  


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