The Archibald Alexander Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Alexander, Archibald, 1772-1851
Dates: 1791-1880
Extent: 33 boxes (15.45 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1772 April 17 Born, near Lexington, Virginia
1782-1788 Student, Timber Ridge Academy, Virginia
1794 June 7 Ordained, Presbytery of Hanover
1794-1797 Pastor, Briery and Cub Creek, Virginia
1797-1798 Pastor, Briery, Virginia
1797-1801 President, Hampden-Sydney College
1802-1807 Pastor, Pine Street Church, Philadelphia
1807 Moderator, General Assembly
1810 Awarded Doctor of Divinity, College of New Jersey (now Princeton University)
1812-1840 Professor, Didactic and Polemic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1840-1851 Professor, Pastoral and Polemic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1851 Professor, Pastoral and Polemic Theology and Church Government, Princeton Theological Seminary
1851 October 22 Died, Princeton, New Jersey

Biographical Information

Archibald Alexander (1772-1851) was a prominent American theologian and the first professor and principal at Princeton Theological Seminary. He was born in Virginia and grew up in a pious and intellectual household. He was greatly influenced by a local religious awakening in 1789, shortly after which he became a missionary in Virginia and North Carolina. He returned in 1794 to become a minister in Charlotte County, Virginia. He was appointed principal at Hampden Sydney College in 1797 and remained until 1806. He was called to the pulpit at the Pine Street (Third) Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia in 1807, and was elected Moderator of the General Assembly the same year.

At his departing sermon at the next year's General Assembly, Alexander argued for the creation of a seminary, in agreement with growing sentiment in the Presbyterian Church. Princeton Theological Seminary was founded in 1812 and the General Assembly almost unanimously voted Alexander its first teacher. He accepted and was inaugurated on August 12, 1812. He and Samuel Miller, who began teaching in 1813, served as the cornerstones of education for the Presbyterian ministry until Miller's death in 1849 and Alexander's in 1851. Alexander's son, James Waddel Alexander, also served as professor at Princeton Theological Seminary.

For more biographical information about Archibald Alexander, please request his faculty file from Special Collections.


Scope and Content

This collection consists of personal papers and documents from the life of Archibald Alexander. In addition to many texts of lectures and sermons, the collection also contains notes on lectures and sermons taken both by Alexander and by his students. Lectures on polemics, and on the theologies of different religions and sects are particularly varied and comprehensive. There is little correspondence, but there are some early journals, manuscripts for longer writings, and some publications and fragments of others' writings.



Alexander, Archibald, 1772-1851--Archives.

Princeton Theological Seminary--Faculty--Archives.

Lecture notes--1814-1850.

Class notes.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.

Princeton theology.


Apologetics--20th century--Addresses, essays, lectures.

Pastoral theology--19th century.


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Box 1: Journal kept by Archibald Alexander

Boxes: 1-6 Student Lecture Notes

Boxes: 7-11 General Lecture Notes and Sermons written by Archibald Alexander

Boxes 11-13: Lectures on Pastoral Theology written by Archibald Alexander

Boxes 13-15: Lectures on Polemic Theology written by Archibald Alexander

Boxes 15-20: Lectures on Preaching, and Sermons written by Archibald Alexander

Boxes 21-23: Notes and Course Materials on Jewish Antiquities, Biblical Criticism and Others

Boxes 23-24: Correspondence

Boxes 24-27: Student Lecture Notes (Boxes 24 and 25 also contain eight notebooks with writings by Archibald Alexander)

Box 28-33: Other Correspondence, Lectures, Sermons, and Biographical Material (Box 31 contains sermons attributed to Charles Hodge)



Box 1
- Journals by Alexander
-  October 1 - December 31, 1791.
-  January 1 - July 23, 1792.
Student Lecture Notes
- Handwritten copy of "A System of Theology", by Alexander. Copied by John E. Alexander.
- Notebook of lectures delivered by Alexander, Charles Hodge, and Samuel Miller. Taken by John Lloyd. 1841-1842
-Lectures on Mental and Moral Philosophy.  
-Lectures on Natural Theology.  
-Lectures on Evidences of Revealed Religion.  
-Lectures on Biblical Philosophy, Criticism, and Archeology.  
-Lectures on Ephesians, Hebrews, and Isaiah.  
-Lectures on Biblical and Church History.  
Box 2
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Moral Philosophy, presented to the Seminary by Samuel D. Alexander. circa 1844-1847
- Notebook of lectures delivered by Alexander. Taken by Joseph Estabrook. 1818-1819
-Lectures on the Atonement.  
-Lectures on the Will.  
-Lectures on the Mystical Significance of the Tabernacle.  
-Lectures on Jewish Antiquities.  
-Lectures on Biblical Criticism (Old and New Testaments).  
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Didactic Theology. Taken by James W. Douglass. 1822
Box 3
3:1 Notebook on "Questions on Theology proposed weekly to the second class and answered by reference to notes of his weekly lecture; those of Dr. Alexander or the various works on Didactic Theology." Taken by Peter Lesley. circa 1841-1844
Listed below are loose leaf notes found inserted into the bound volume 3:1. They have been removed for preservation and each is identified by the page from which it is taken.
3:2 Divinity of Christ - from the preface.
3:3 Inspiration - page 1.
3:4 Exegetical notes on Inspiration - page 1.
3:5 Aim of Inspiration - page 1.
3:6 Exegetical notes on attributes of God - page 23.
3:7 Science and theology - page 23.
3:8 Attributes of God - page 26.
3:9 Attributes of God - page 26.
3:10 Justice of God - page 117.
3:11 Creation of continents of Europe - page 119.
3:12 Notes on J. Mortinian - page 119.
3:13 Exegesis of Matthew 10.34 - page 129.
3:14 Mode of propagation - page 163.
3:15 Quote from Goethe poem - page 241.
3:16 Doctrine of Deluge [Harcourt], volume 2 - page 255.
3:17 Repentance as act - page 258.
3:18 Poem on perseverance - page 264.
3:19 Inquisitive mind - page 277.
3:20 True knowledge of God; supererogation - page 277.
3:21 Exegetical notes on sanctification - page 278.
3:22 Immortality of the soul - page 301.
3:23 Exegesis of Romans 4:25 - page 304.
3:24 Constitution of the future Church - page 313.
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Pastoral Theology. Taken by Peter Lesley. circa 1841-1844
Box 4
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Isaiah. Taken by Peter Lesley. circa 1841-1944
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Evidence of the Christian Religion. Taken by Allan H. Brown. 1840
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Pastoral Theology. Taken by Allan H. Brown. circa 1841-1842
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Didactic Theology. Taken by Peter Lesley. circa 1843
Box 5
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Galatians. Taken by John Miller. circa 1839-1842
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Didactic Theology. Taken by John Lloyd. 1842-1843
- Notebook of Alexander's lectures on Pastoral Theology. Taken by Thomas Markham. 1850
Box 6: Notes taken by unknown students in classes taught by Alexander
6:1 "Lectures to 3rd Class". 1844-1845
6:2 Lectures on Patristic Theology. 1843-1844
6:3 Lectures on Polemic Theology. 1843-1844
6:4 Lectures on Didactic Theology. 1842-1843
6:5 Lectures on Pastoral Theology. 1842-1843
6:6 Notes on Exegetical lectures given by Joseph Addison Alexander. 1842
General Lecture Notes and Sermons written by Archibald Alexander
Box 7: 35 lectures, notes, and sermons [bulk undated]
7:1 Priests under the law. July, 1814
7:2 On the advantages. 1814
7:3 It affords me. November, 1815
7:4 Upon your return. 1818
7:5 The whole course. July 2, 1819
7:6 I wish to avail. June 30, 1820
7:7 To aid you in entering. June 20, 1820
7:8 Can anything be done. June 27, 1823
7:9 To aim well in a matter. June 30, 1826
7:10 Theological intent. November 1832
7:11 The wise. November, 1833
7:12 Enterprise. June, 1839
7:13 Notice of John Breckenridge.
7:14 Candidate for the holy ministry.
7:15 Paul an example to ministers.
7:16 Qualifications for ministry.
7:17 Importance of seminary.
7:18 Introduction to Didactic Theology.
7:19 Importance of Didactic Theology.
7:20 Importance of Didactic Theology.
7:21 Introductory lecture to 3rd class: importance of your pursuit.
7:22 Lecture on Gagoze Historica Theologica of Buddens.
7:23 Evidences of revelation.
7:24 General principles of investigation.
7:25 Good principles and actions.
7:26 Valuable history of systems.
7:27 Scriptural theology: defense of Natural Theology.
7:28 Natural Religion.
7:29 Authenticity of the Old Testament.
7:30 Evidences of revelation.
7:31 Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.
7:32 Proofs of inspiration.
7:33 External evidences of Christianity.
7:34 The Bible.
7:35 Arguments for inspiration.
Box 8: 47 lectures [bulk undated]
8:1 General remarks on inspiration and objections.
8:2 Inspiration of Sacred Scripture.
8:3 Necessity of revelation: Romans 1:22.
8:4 Canon of Sacred Scripture.
8:5 Internal evidences of Sacred Scripture.
8:6 External evidences of Christianity.
8:7 External evidence.
8:8 Inspiration of Sacred Scripture and class list.
8:9 Inspiration.
8:10 Inspiration.
8:11 Inspiration of Sacred Scripture.
8:12 Arguments for the being of God.
8:13 Existence of God.
8:14 Moral attributes.
8:15 Being of God; existence of God.
8:16 Theological Lectures: attributes of God.
8:17 Attributes of God: general remarks.
8:18 Attributes of God: scriptural view.
8:19 Purpose of God: future events. November 1, 1825
8:20 Existence of God.
8:21 Idea of God and atheistical hypothesis. December 1, 1833
8:22 God and his attributes.
8:23 Attributes of God - and other theological subjects.
8:24 Attributes of God.
8:25 Divine attributes.
8:26 Infinity.
8:27 Texts from the Old Testament in which the Messiah is called God or Jehovah.
8:28 Divinity of Christ.
8:29 Divinity of Christ.
8:30 Divinity of Christ and other subjects.
8:31 Divinity of Christ.
8:32 Scriptural testimony.
8:33 Mediatorial characteristics of Jesus Christ.
8:34 Christ's humiliation and exaltation.
8:35 Christ's exaltation.
8:36 Exaltation of Christ.
8:37 Mediatorial offices and works.
8:38 Mediator.
8:39 Person of Christ.
8:40 Advent - Messiah.
8:41 Christ the Mediator.
8:42 Priesthood of Christ: Hebrews 7:26.
8:43 Exaltation of Christ.
8:44 Personality and deity of Holy Spirit.
8:45 Personality and deity of Holy Spirit.
8:46 Holy Spirit: a divine person.
8:47 The Holy Spirit.
Box 9: 50 undated lectures
9:1 Personality of the Holy Spirit.
9:2 Divinity of the Holy Spirit.
9:3 Personality of the Holy Spirit.
9:4 Of the Holy Spirit.
9:5 Trinity.
9:6 Scripture doctrine and trinity, by D. I. Clarke.
9:7 Whether the doctrine of the Trinity is fundamental.
9:8 Trinity.
9:9 Trinity.
9:10 Trinity.
9:11 Opinions on the Trinity.
9:12 Trinity.
9:13 Trinity.
9:14 Atonement of Christ, number 1.
9:15 Vicarious atonement.
9:16 Nature of the atonement.
9:17 Extent of the atonement.
9:18 The proof from Scripture that the sufferings of Christ were strictly vicarious.
9:19 Extent of the atonement.
9:20 Different theories on the design and intent of Christ's death.
9:21 Vicarious satisfaction.
9:22 How can God be just?
9:23 Extent of the atonement.
9:24 Recapitulation.
9:25 Principles of the atonement.
9:26 Universal redemption.
9:27 The Atonement.
9:28 The Atonement.
9:29 God's government.
9:30 Atonement.
9:31 Providence.
9:32 Natural Theology (providence) and objections.
9:33 Providence.
9:34 Creation.
9:35 Apostolic angels.
9:36 Of angels.
9:37 Angels.
9:38 Angels.
9:39 Angels.
9:40 Angels.
9:41 Primeval.
9:42 Clarke's Demonstration of the Existence of the Attributes of God.
9:43 Immortality of the soul.
9:44 Immortality of the soul.
9:45 Arguments for the immortality of the soul.
9:46 Arguments for the immortality of the soul.
9:47 Arguments for the immortality of the soul.
9:48 Additional arguments for the immortality of the soul.
9:49 Immortality of the soul.
9:50 Tract on regeneration.
Box 10: 50 lectures [bulk undated]
10:1 Lecture on faith.
10:2 Lecture on faith, continued.
10:3 On Faith.
10:4 Faith.
10:5 Mental and Moral Science arranged.
10:6 Mental and Moral Science.
10:7 Psychology, physiology.
10:8 Pneumatology.
10:9 Sensation.
10:10 First Truths (according to Descartes, Locke, and Butler).
10:11 Self-evident principles (according to D. Priestly).
10:12 The Will.
10:13 Aristotle's principles of human action.
10:14 Subjects for general examination.
10:15 Lecture on the active power of man.
10:16 Instinct.
10:17 Memory.
10:18 Constitutional desires.
10:19 Emotions, feelings.
10:20 Theories of the Will.
10:21 Hand written translation of Human Liberty by Turretine.
10:22 Liberty of the will.
10:23 Lecture on the will.
10:24 Motives.
10:25 The Will.
10:26 Liberty.
10:27 On the Will.
10:28 Free Agency.
10:29 Moral Agency.
10:30 Motives.
10:31 Subjects.
10:32 Nature and evidence of Truth.
10:33 Truth.
10:34 Election.
10:35 Right use of religion. February 26, [undated]
10:36 Truth. [1846]
10:37 Principles of human knowledge.
10:38 Analysis of Reid's Essays on the intellectual powers of man.
10:39 Fundamental articles.
10:40 Origin of [our] knowledge.
10:41 Philosophy of the mind.
10:42 Mind: concluding remarks.
10:43 Abstraction and reason.
10:44 Old School theological disquisitions: the ultimate end.
10:45 The Universe.
10:46 Moral Law.
10:47 Dialogue 5: self-revelation of God.
10:48 Commandments of God.
10:49 Commandments of God.
10:50 Sinai Covenant.
Box 11: 43 undated lectures
11:1 Decrees of God.
11:2 Decrees of God.
11:3 Moral Law.
11:4 The Law.
11:5 The Law of God.
11:6 Ability.
11:7 Inability.
11:8 Ready to answer at once.
11:9 Comply to engagements.
11:10 Law and Covenant.
11:11 Of the Law of God.
11:12 Decrees of God.
11:13 Decrees.
11:14 Decrees.
11:15 All men are morally depraved.
11:16 Sinfulness and misery of man.
11:17 Theories of Original Sin.
11:18 Original Sin.
11:19 Original Sin.
11:20 The Fall: Brief and incomplete, but able, and settling source of the New Haven Points.
11:21 The nature of Sin.
11:22 The nature of Sin.
11:23 Original Sin.
11:24 Original Sin. (2 different items)
11:25 Original Sin.
11:26 Original Sin.
11:27 Original Sin.
11:28 Covenant of Grace.
11:29 Covenant of Works.
11:30 Covenant of Grace.
11:31 Covenant of Grace.
11:32 Covenant of Grace.
11:33 Grace.
11:34 Covenant of Grace.
11:35 Ordination and Election.
11:36 Covenant of Grace and class list, 1st class. 1836-1837
11:37 Ordination.
11:38 Election.
11:39 Charnock on the divine attributes.
11:40 Election.
11:41 Imputation.
11:42 Imputation of the first kind.
11:43 Imputation.
Lectures on Pastoral Theology written by Archibald Alexander
11:44 Pastoral Care: subjects of examination.
11:45 On a call as pastor or missionary.
11:46 Trial of the candidate.
11:47 Unfinished sermon on ministerial office.
11:48 Call to pastoral office.
11:49 Call to ministry.
11:50 Call to ministry.
Box 12: 59 undated lectures on Pastoral Theology
12:1 Qualifications of person called to ministry.
12:2 Qualifications for the ministry.
12:3 Physical qualifications.
12:4 Physical qualifications.
12:5 Moral qualifications for the ministry.
12:6 Moral qualifications for the ministry.
12:7 Moral qualifications for the ministry.
12:8 Lecture III: pastoral office, 2 Timothy 4:2.
12:9 Lecture III: qualifications for the ministry.
12:10 Providential indications of a call to ministry.
12:11 Qualifications for pastoral office.
12:12 Qualifications, number 2.
12:13 Classical and mathematical education.
12:14 Lectures on Pastoral Theology: 2 Corinthians 22:10.
12:15 Difficulties of the pastoral office.
12:16 Lecture VII: characteristics of a pastor.
12:17 Call to a particular church.
12:18 Call to a pastoral charge.
12:19 Encouragements and pleasures of the ministry.
12:20 Difficulties of the pastoral office.
12:21 Watching for souls.
12:22 Insidious imposition of indolence.
12:23 Pastoral Theology.
12:24 Catechisms. undated
12:25 General directions for catechetical.
12:26 Lecture XVIII: duty and method of catechizing.
12:27 Method of catechizing.
12:28 Bible classes.
12:29 Miscellaneous duties of the pastoral office.
12:30 Duty of the pastor.
12:31 Revivals.
12:32 Revivals.
12:33 Duty of pastors as peacemakers.
12:34 Duty of pastors as peacemakers.
12:35 Duty of pastors to the poor in their flock.
12:36 On visiting the sick.
12:37 Visiting the sick.
12:38 Visiting the sick.
12:39 Cases: Sick.
12:40 Ancient usages and legislations representing the clergy.
12:41 Rules for conducting pastoral visits.
12:42 Rules for pastoral visits.
12:43 Pastoral visits.
12:44 Private meetings for prayer.
12:45 Public worship: posture in prayer.
12:46 Pastoral care.
12:47 Domestic missions.
12:48 Duty of pastors in regard to schools and education.
12:49 Ministerial manners.
12:50 Politics and discipline.
12:51 Lecture VI: pastoral office: peace, politics, poor, business.
12:52 Institution of marriage.
12:53 Marriage.
12:54 Duty of pastor to promote peace and purity.
12:55 Pastoral duty to the colored.
12:56 Treatment and other duties.
12:57 Pastoral relations.
12:58 Reasons for leaving a charge.
12:59 Duty of pastors to judicatories and church.
Box 13
13:1 Pastoral Care.
13:2 Duty of pastors as members of judicatories.
13:3 Duty: ministers as members.
13:4 Duty of pastors in relation to education.
13:5 Miscellaneous faults.
13:6 Cases of conscience.
13:7 Discipline.
13:8 Instruction of colored people.
Lectures on Polemic Theology written by Archibald Alexander
13:9 Lecture I: On Polemic Theology.
13:10 Translation of John Fred Stapfer's "Institutions of Polemic Theology arranged in Scientific Order," by Alexander.(1 of 3)
13:11 Translation of John Fred Stapfer's "Institutions of Polemic Theology arranged in Scientific Order," by Alexander. (2 of 3)
13:12 Translation of John Fred Stapfer's "Institutions of Polemic Theology arranged in Scientific Order," by Alexander. (3 of 3)
13:13 Fundamental articles.
13:14 Arminianism.
13:15 Translation of Stapfer's Polemical Institutions, chapter 3.
13:16 Translation of Stapfer's Polemical Institutions, chapter 14: Of Popery.
13:17 Translation of Stapfer's Polemical Institutions, Refutation of Atheism.
13:18 Stapfer's Polemical Theology, continued.
13:19 Object of Polemic Theology: Lecture 2.
13:20 Polemic Theology.
13:21 History of Polemic Theology.
13:22 Polemic Theology.
13:23 The evils of theological controversy.
13:24 Fragment of Polemic Theology.
13:25 History of Polemic Theology.
13:26 Lecture on John Taylor.
13:27 History of the heresies of the primitive church.
13:28 Arianism.
13:29 Deism: Objections of Celsus against Christianity.
13:30 Heresy.
13:31 Socinian objections from Hornbeck.
13:32 Epicurianism.
13:33 Theology and Hindus.
13:34 French infidelity continued.
13:35 Deism.
13:36 Indifferentism or Latitudinarianism.
13:37 Deistical objections.
13:38 Moral or sober Deism.
13:39 Objects of Deists.
13:40 Epicurianism - Stapfer.
13:41 Atheism.
13:42 Deistical writers.
13:43 Ethnicism or paganism.
13:44 Profane authors.
13:45 Ethnicism.
13:46 Religion of the Grand Lama.
Box 14: 59 undated lectures on Polemic Theology
14:1 History of atheism.
14:2 History of atheism.
14:3 French infidelity.
14:4 Atheism.
14:5 Atheism.
14:6 Atheism.
14:7 Atheism.
14:8 Atheism.
14:9 Compendium of Velthusius' De Initio Prime Philosophiae.
14:10 Sign of the cross.
14:11 Moravians or United Brethren.
14:12 Fragment on good works.
14:13 Absurdities of Spinosism.
14:14 Unitarianism.
14:15 Modern Socinianism.
14:16 Judaism.
14:17 Jewish Talmud.
14:18 Six Orders in the Talmud.
14:19 Hornbeck's Contra Judeas in XII Lib.
14:20 Talmud.
14:21 Judaism.
14:22 Judaism.
14:23 Richard Kidder's Demonstration of Messias.
14:24 Judaism.
14:25 Judaism.
14:26 Judaism.
14:27 Judaism.
14:28 Judaism.
14:29 Arminianism.
14:30 Semi-Pelagianism from Jansenians.
14:31 Infidels against Christianity.
14:32 Unitarianism.
14:33 Ancient Greeks.
14:34 Arian - Quaker Controversies.
14:35 History of Unitarianism in Great Britain and Ireland
14:36 Pelagian controversy.
14:37 Pelagianism.
14:38 Reference of Pelagianism.
14:39 Pelagian Heresy.
14:40 Arminianism.
14:41 Mohamedism [sic] continued.
14:42 Mohamedism [sic].
14:43 Theory of Original Sin.
14:44 Anabaptists.
14:45 Quietism.
14:46 Arianism.
14:47 Points of controversy with the papists.
14:48 Has the Messiah come?
14:49 Buddhism and Djanas.
14:50 Writers in defense of Revelation.
14:51 Bishop Van Melderts.
14:52 Jewish weekly Sabbath.
14:53 History of Spinosism.
14:54 Spinoza.
14:55 Deism.
14:56 Deism.
14:57 Deism from Stapfer.
14:58 Deism from Stapfer.
14:59 A brief history of the Trinitarian Controversy from Stackenhouse's body of divinity.
Box 15: 27 undated lectures on Polemic Theology
15:1 Deistical objections.
15:2 Fragment: "The Armenians are not the Nestorians..."
15:3 Fragment: "1. God the source and model..."
15:4 Four systems of divine decrees.
15:5 Fragment: "Dr. Brown enumerates the following desires..."
15:6 List of subjects commonly covered in his course on Polemic Theology.
15:7 Fragment: "The Jansenian interpretation was never thought of by the ancients..."
15:8 Fragment: "That it should be your aim..."
15:9 Fragment: Dual, number 3.
15:10 Atheism.
15:11 President's Mahan's On Perfection.
15:12 Fragment: On popery.
15:13 "Lalius Sacinus was the son of Macianus..."
15:14 Refutation of popery.
15:15 Greek church.
15:16 Fragment: "Gaining faith and commandment to restore and build..."
15:17 Fragment: "The brighter beams of divine..."
15:18 Fragment: Mather and Spinozism.
15:19 Sacred music and Dr. Priestly fragment.
15:20 Fragment: Miracles.
15:21 Fragment: "13. If Christ be a mere man..."
15:22 Fragment: "The progress of infidelity in France..."
15:23 Pantheism.
15:24 Atheism.
15:25 Ethnicism, or paganism.
15:26 Fragment: "A. D. 1559, a disputation..."
15:27 (The contents of this folder were combined with folder 26)
Lectures on Preaching, and Sermons written by Archibald Alexander
15:28 On preaching - the gifts of preaching.
15:29 General observations on preaching.
15:30 General observations on preaching.
15:31 General observations on preaching.
15:32 Precepts relative to the preparation and delivery of discourses.
15:33 Fragment: composition of sermons.
15:34 Manner of preaching.
15:35 Pastoral Theology - manner of preaching.
15:36 Manner of preaching.
15:37 Manner of preaching - negative.
15:38 Manner of preaching.
15:39 Manner of preaching.
15:40 Fragment: matter of preaching.
15:41 Matter of preaching.
15:42 Matter of sermons.
15:43 Matter of preaching - preach the Word.
15:44 Preach the Word.
15:45 Preach the Word - II Timothy 3:2.
15:46 Preach the Word - II Timothy 3:2.
15:47 Preach the Word.
15:48 Subject matter of sermon.
15:49 Preaching and benefits of preaching.
15:50 Fragment: "The Sacred Scriptures having been given by divine Inspiration..."
15:51 Fragment: "A pastor will experience much difficulty..."
15:52 Good preaching.
15:53 Elocution.
15:54 Fragment: "It is an encouragement and comfort to the faithful minister..."
15:55 Fragment: "Nor should we unnecessarily introduce controversy..."
15:56 Fragment: "But it is a great sin to disturb the peace..."
15:57 Fragment: "Especially, Mr. McGreger those opportunities..."
15:58 Fragment: "Nothing must be kept back where might be profitable..."
15:59 Fragment: "The Law of God..."
15:60 Objections to rivals.
15:61 Fragment: "Competent learning..."
15:62 Homiletics.
15:63 Lecture on homiletics.
15:64 Faults of preacher.
15:65 Pulpit portraits.
15:66 Pulpit portraits continued.
15:67 Fragment: Biographical - pulpit portraits.
Box 16
16:1 The unity of God.
16:2 The wisdom and knowledge of God.
16:3 Moral attributes of God.
16:4 Truth and faithfulness of God.
16:5 Fragment: "The Law is more minute..."
16:6 Power of God.
16:7 Fragment: "The faithfulness of God is an attribute..."
16:8 Justice of God.
16:9 Justice of God.
16:10 Justice of God.
16:11 Why faith in particular justifies.
16:12 Lecture On Hebrews 6:1-6. September 16, 1791
16:13 "I through the Law am dead to the Law...". [undated][1791]
16:14 Romans 1:8, In His Verbis. [undated], [1792]
16:15 Psalm 2:11, Rejoice with trembling; note: newspaper cover of Winchester. [undated], [1794]
16:16 Job 1:21. "The Lord gave and the Lord taketh...". [undated][1794]
16:17 John 8:32, "And you shall know The Truth...". [undated][1794]
16:18 Acts 26:28, Almost Christianized. [undated], [1794]
16:19 I Corinthians 1:22, "If any man love not the lord Jesus Christ...". [undated], [1794]
16:20 Zephaniah 1:6, "And them that are turned back...". [undated], [1795]
16:21 2 Cor. 4:13, "We also believe...". February, 1795
16:22 Peter 1:14, "But As He Who Hath Called You...". [undated], [1795]
16:23 Jeremiah 8:16, Death and its consequences. January 1, 1796
16:24 Proverbs 22:1. A good name. August 18, 1822
16:25 I Thessalonians 5:19, Quench not the spirit. [unknown], [1827]
16:26 Sermon for the ordination of Joseph W. Barr and John B. Pinney delivered in the Sixth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. October 12, 1832
16:27 A charge delivered to J. Jones at his ordination.
16:28 What think ye of Christ?
16:29 When Christ says, "I be lifted up..."
16:30 Love To Men.
16:31 "But it may be asked, to what shall..."
16:32 I am the door.
16:33 Fragment: "To any effectual purpose you must..."
16:34 Fragment: "The enemies which will up against me..."
16:35 Search The Scriptures.
16:36 Joshua 14:8. "But I wholly followed the lord my God..."
16:37 Psalm 1:1. "Blessed is the man that walketh..."
16:38 Psalm 2:18. Do good, in thy good pleasure unto Zion..."
16:39 Psalm 27:2. "When thou saidst..."
16:40 Psalm 43:3. "O send out thy light and thy truth."
16:41 Psalm 48:14. "For this God is our God..."
Box 17: 35 sermons and lectures [bulk undated]
17:1 Psalm 84:1-2, "How amiable are thy tabernacles..."
17:2 Psalm 142:5, "I said unto this O lord..."
17:3 Proverbs 14:34, "Righteousness exalteth a nation...."
17:4 Proverbs 23:29-35, "The connexion between the body and mind..."
17:5 Ecclesiastes 12:1, Address to young men.
17:6 Ecclesiastes 12:1, "The duty of remembering our creator in the days of our youth."
17:7 Isaiah 42:16, "And I will bring the blind..."
17:8 Isaiah 55:6, "Seek ye the lord..."
17:9 Isaiah 62:7, "And give him no rest..."
17:10 Lamentations 3:27, "It is god for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth."
17:11 Haggai 1:7, "Consider your ways."
17:12 Matthew 3:2, "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" (Philadelphia, Third Presbyterian Church).
17:13 Matthew 5:14-16, "Ye are the light of the world..."
17:14 Matthew 16:26, "What shall it profit a man..."
17:15 Matthew 28:5, "I know that ye seek Jesus who was crucified."
17:16 Luke 10:2, "The harvest truly is great..."
17:17 Luke 10:42, "But one thing is needful..."
17:18 Luke 12:15, "And He said, take heed and beware..."
17:19 Luke 12:41, "The faithful and wise steward."
17:20 Luke 15:10, "Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence..."
17:21 Luke 24:6, "He is not here, He is risen."
17:22 John 1:13, "Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will..."
17:23 John 5:25, "Verily, verily I say unto you, the hour is coming..."
17:24 John 6:66-68, "From that time many of His disciples..."
17:25 John 15:14, "Ye are my friends if ye do whatever I command you."
17:26 John 19:30, "When He had therefore received the vinegar..."
17:27 Acts 3:22, "The providence of God towards the people..."
17:28 Acts 20:35, "And with the conversion of the gentiles..."
17:29 Romans 6:2, How shall we that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?". [undated], [1802]
17:30 I Corinthians 4:7. December 9, 1824 and repeated December 8, 1831
17:31 I Chronicles 16:10, "Let the heart of them rejoice that Seek the lord."
17:32 II Corinthians 2:16, "And who is sufficient for these things?"
17:33 II Corinthians 3:13, "There is a remarkable fact mentioned..."
17:34 Galatians 4:4-5.
17:35 Ephesians 4:2, "And he called some apostles; and some prophets..."
Box 18: 41 sermons [bulk undated]
18:1 Numbers 23:10, "Let me die the death of the righteous..."
18:2 Deuteronomy 32:29, "Oh the sincere..."
18:3 Joshua 14:8, "But I fully followed the lord my God."
18:4 Joshua 24:15, "Choose you this day whom ye will serve."
18:5 Samuel 3:27, "It is good for a man that he bear the year..."
18:6 Job 42:5-6, "I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear..."
18:7 Psalm 19:11, "Blessed are all they that trust in him,". February 25, 1838
18:8 Psalm 19:12, "Who can understand his errors?"
18:9 Psalm 23, "Yea though I walk through the valley of death..."
18:10 Psalm 25:7, "Remember not again the sins of my youth."
18:11 Psalm 26:2, "Lord, I have loved thy habitation..."
18:12 Psalm 42:2, "Exercises of genuine piety..."
18:13 Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God."
18:14 Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God."
18:15 Psalm 51:2, "Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity..."
18:16 Psalm 84:1-2, "The tabernacle was the first edifice..."
18:17 Psalm 90:12, "So teach us to number our days ..."
18:18 Psalm 97:1, "The lord reigneth, let the Earth rejoice..."
18:19 Proverbs 3:6, "In all thy ways acknowledge him..."
18:20 Isaiah 5:4, "What could have been done..."
18:21 Isaiah 42:16, "And I will bring the blind by a way that they know..."
18:22 Isaiah 53:5, "But he was wounded..."
18:23 Isaiah 62:6-7, "There is, perhaps..."
18:24 Jeremiah 1:7, A sermon on the gospel ministry. (See Life of Alexander, page 111) September 20, 1791
18:25 Jeremiah 45:5, "And seekest thou great things..."
18:26 Ezekiel 18:30, "Repent and turn yourselves..."
18:27 Zechariah 12:10, "And I will pour upon the house..."
18:28 Matthew 3:10, "And now also the axe is..."
18:29 Matthew 11:29-30, "Take my yoke upon you..."
18:30 Matthew 19:6, "These words contain a general..."
18:31 Matthew 28:1-9, "And as they went to tell..."
18:32 Luke 2:14, "Glory to God in the highest..."
18:33 Luke 2:29-30, "Lord now lettest thou thy servant..."
18:34 Luke 5:31, "They that be whole need..."
18:35 Luke 9:61, "And another also said..."
18:36 Luke 11:2, "Thy kingdom come."
18:37 Luke 2:29-30, "Now lettest thou thy..."
18:38 Luke 13:24, "Strive to enter in at the strait gate."
18:39 Luke 24:26, "Ought not Christ have suffered."
18:40 John 1:47, "Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile."
18:41 Sermon on Missions. May, 1828
Box 19: 43 sermons [bulk undated]
19:1a John 1:47, "Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile."
19:2a John 6:45, "It is written in the prophet...", (Alexander's First Sermon). March, 1791
19:3a John 9:4, "I must work the works of him that sent me..."
19:4a John 11:25, "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life..."
19:5a John 11:25, Fragment: "I am the resurrection and the life."
19:6a John 12:32, "And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth..."
19:7a John 14:15, "If ye love me, keep my commandments."
19:8a John 19:5, "Behold the man!"
19:9a John 21:17, "Simon son of Jonas, lovest thou me."
19:10a Acts 5:31, "Him hath God exalted with His right..."
19:1 Acts 16:31, "Believe in the lord Jesus Christ..."
19:2 Acts 20:26-27, "I take you to record this day...". 1812
19:3 Acts 20:28, "Take heed therefore unto yourselves..."
19:4 Romans 1:16, "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ..."
19:5 Romans 3:20, "For by the law is the knowledge of sin."
19:6 Romans 5:2, "Rejoice in hope for the glory of God."
19:7 Romans 13:11, "That now it is high time to awake out of sleep."
19:8 I Corinthians 3:9, "Ye are God's husbandry."
19:9 I Corinthians 3:16, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God..."
19:10 I Corinthians 5:8, "Discipline in the house of Christ..."
19:11 I Corinthians 11:22, "But let a man examine himself..."
19:12 II Corinthians 2:16, "To the one we are the savior of death..."
19:13 II Corinthians 5:10, "For we must all appear by the judgment..."
19:14 II Corinthians 5:17, "If any man be in Christ he is a new creation..."
19:15 II Corinthians 5:20, "Now then we are ambassadors for Christ..."
19:16 II Corinthians 6:2, "Behold, now is the accepted time..."
19:17 II Corinthians 12:9, "My grace is sufficient for thee."
19:18 II Corinthians 12:9, "My grace is sufficient for thee."
19:19 Ephesians 4:20-21, "But ye have not so learned Christ..."
19:20 Ephesians 5:15, "See then that ye walk circumspectly."
19:21 Ephesians 6:1-3, "Children, obey your parents."
19:22 Ephesians 6:4, "And ye fathers, provoke not your children..."
19:23 Philippians 1:21, "And to die is gain."
19:24 Philippians 1:21, "And to die is gain."
19:25 Philippians 1:2-3, "Having a desire to be with Christ which is far better."
19:26 Philippians 2:16, "Holding forth the Word of life."
19:27 Philippians 3:8, "Yea, doubtless and I count all things..."
19:28 Philippians 4:2, "...for I have learned, in whatever..."
19:29 Colossians 1:27, "Which is Christ in you the hope of glory."
19:30 Colossians 2:10, "And ye are complete in Him."
19:31 I Thessalonians 4:13-14, "But I would not have you ignorant..."
19:32 I Thessalonians 5:12-13, "And we beseech you brethren to know..."
19:33 I Thessalonians 5:21, "Prove all things; hold fast to what is good."
Box 20: 38 sermons [bulk undated]
20:1 I Timothy 4:5, "Make full proof of thy ministry."
20:2 I Timothy 6:6, "Godliness with contentment is great gain."
20:3 II Timothy 4:5, "Office and duty of an evangelist."
20:4 II Thessalonians 4:7-8, "I have fought a good fight." Copied by James W. Alexander. February 1, 1850
20:5 II Thessalonians 4:7-8, "I have fought a good fight." [Originally owned by D. W. B. Sprague]
20:6 I Thessalonians 5:5, "Ye are all children of the light."
20:7 Titus 2:13, "Let no man despise you..."
20:8 Titus 2:14, "Who gave himself for us..."
20:9 Hebrews 3:7-8, "To day if you will hear..."
20:10 Hebrews 11:4, "By faith Abel offered a more..."
20:11 Hebrews 12:26, "For such a high priest became us."
20:12 Hebrews 13:17, "For they watch for your souls..."
20:13 James 1:12, "Blessed is the man that endureth..."
20:14 I Peter 2:8, "Whom having not seen ye love."
20:15 Fragment: "Love to an unseen savior."
20:16 II Peter 3:18, "But grow in grace, and in the knowledge ..."
20:17 "If the son make you free, ye shall be free indeed."
20:18 3 John 5, "Beloved, thou doest faithfully whatsoever..."
20:19 3 John 2, "Beloved, I wish above all things..."
20:20 Jude [unknown]:21, "Keep yourselves in the love of God."
20:21 Collection of sermons, beginning with 2 Corinthians 7:10; includes sermons by Drs. Miller and Green. November 12, 1820
20:22 Hebrews 11:3, "These all died in faith...". Funeral sermon for Dr. Samuel Miller. January, 1850
20:23 Colossians 3:4, "When Christ, who is our life, shall appear...". Funeral discourse for James B. Turner (1820), and Allen Jerome (1838). January 29, 1840
20:24 Sermon on the character of the Reverend N. LeGrand, Daniel 12:3.
20:25 Charge.
20:26 Charge.
20:27 Charge.
20:28 Fragment: "...Consequence of the death of Christ."
20:29 Fragment: "...Justice love mercy..."
20:30 Fragment: "...Channel it is made to flow..."
20:31 Fragment: "3. Another direction of great..."
20:32 Fragment: "...In this career..."
20:33 Fragment: "Church in..."
20:34 Fragment: "...To sit under his own..."
20:35 Fragment: "...God...and earnest desire..."
20:36 Fragment: "They are opposed to the Jewish idea..."
20:37 Fragment: "Watching for souls."
20:38 A Treatise -- "In which a living and dead faith is explained" (Lexington, Virginia) [See the Life of Alexander, page 110]. April, 1791
Box 21: Notes and Course Materials on Jewish Antiquities, Biblical Criticism and Others
21:1 Lecture notebook on Jewish Antiquities by Alexander, number 2, "Sacrifices and Sacred Offerings, Etc." 1822
21:2 Jewish Antiquities, number 3
21:3 Jewish Antiquities, number 4
21:4 Jewish Antiquities, number 1. Nov. 15, 1822
21:5 Notes on Jewish Antiquities taken by Cyrenius Crosby. Pages 1-3. November 17, 1820
21:6 Continued, pages 4 - 47
21:7 Continued, pages 48 - 55
21:8a Continued, pages 56 - 59
21:8b Continued, pages 60 - 67
21:9 Continued, pages 68 - 71
21:10 Continued, pages 72 - 75
21:11 Continued, pages 76 - 79
21:12 Continued, pages 80 - 107
21:13 Continued, pages 108 - 114
21:14 Notes on Johannes F. Buddeus, 1667-1729. undated
21:15 Notes on Johannes F. Buddeus, 1667-1729. undated
21:16 Compendium of Lectures: Biblical and Jewish Antiquities and Oriental Customs, number 1. undated
21:17 Biblical and Jewish Antiquities and Oriental Customs, number 3. undated
21:18 Undated notebook on Biblical Criticism of the Old Testament. Number 1. undated
21:19 Undated notebook on Biblical Criticism of the Old Testament. Number 2. undated
21:20 Undated notebook on Biblical Criticism of the Old Testament. Number 3. undated
21:21 Undated notebook on Biblical Criticism of the Old Testament. Number 4. undated
21:22 Biblical Criticism, derived primarily from Bauer's Critica Sacra. undated
21:23 Biblical Criticism, number 2. undated
21:24 Biblical Criticism, number 3a. "Of the integrity and corruption of the Hebrew text". undated
21:25 Biblical Criticism, number 3b. undated
Box 22: Undated notes on Biblical Criticism by Alexander
22:1 Number 4. "The second argument in favor of the ..."
22:2 Number 4.(2). "In the Lutheran church also..."
22:3 Number 5. "This question..."
22:4 Number 7. "History of the Hebrew text..."
22:5 Number 8. "Ancient versions 1; The Alexandrian..."
22:6 Apocryphal Books. undated
22:7 Number 5. "From these people the Samaritans..."
22:8 Number 7. "It only remains now to mention..."
22:9 Number 9. "Of the version of the LXX, (continued)."
22:10 Number 10. "The version of Aquila."
22:11 Number 6. "History of the Hebrew text."
22:12 Number 11. "The Targum of Jerusalem."
22:13 Number 12. "Arabic Versions."
22:14 Number 13. "Critical Helps, 4; The Talmud."
22:15 "Arguments against the divine authority of the Talmud."
22:16 Number 15. "We came now to speak of editions..."
22:17 Number 15. "Hebrew letters; Vowel Points..."
22:18 Number 16. "The rabbinical writings although they..."
22:19 Number 19. "The age of the manuscript codices."
22:20 "Of the antiquity of the Hebrew tongue."
22:21 Number 4. "Of the antiquity of the Hebrew tongue."
22:22 "Of the manuscript of Sacred Scripture."
22:23 Fragment: "Marsh's notes to Muhails."
22:24 Fragment: "H. Hegesiffus....his works are lost, except..."
Box 23: Undated notes on Biblical Criticism and Patristic Theology, and other subjects by Archibald Alexander
23:1 "1. What it means to understand biblical..."
23:2 Number 6. "To descend to many particulars..."
23:3 Number 7. "When we come down as low as the..."
23:4 New Testament number 1, "The autographs, or original..."
23:5 New Testament number 2, "Autographs lost."
23:6 Number 12. "Chronology of the New Testament."
23:7 Number 1. Section 1 contents: "Of the signification..."
23:8 Number 2. "We shall close this account of authors..."
23:9 Number 3. "With respect to the knowledge of...".
23:10 Number 4. ."..Adversary the greater should his..."
23:11 Number 5. "The next writer deserves to be..."
23:12 Number 6. "In the preface to the second volume..."
23:13 Number 7. "I will...a list of those persons..."
23:14 Number 8. "The order which should be observed..."
23:15 The Rapeutica Sacra: Liber Primus.
23:16 "The true character of Jesus Christ as exhibited in Sacred Scriptures."
23:17 "The duty of Christians in relation to the existing war."
23:18 "Enthusiasm and fanaticism."
23:19 Theological lectures: nature and evidences of truth. October 1812
23:20 "On the humiliation of Christ in his death and its attending..."
23:21 Sacraments
23:22 Number 11: "Sincere soul's enquiry..."
23:23 "The sincere soul's enquiry into its own character and state."
23:24 "Hints for young men in search of a wife."
23:25 Fragment: "1. The workman who need not be ashamed is one..."
23:26 Fragment: "Lectures on...and soul."
23:27 Fragment: "Solemn and responsible are the duties..."
23:28 Alexander to Hamilton, Phoebe. undated
23:29 2 letters from Alexander to Hodge, Charles.
-  March 24, 1827
-  October 30, 1827
23:30 Alexander to Swan, Benjamin L. December 9, 1837
23:31 Alexander to Robinson, Phebe. February 16, 1846
23:32 Copy of a letter from Alexander to Alexander, Samuel. April 23, 1849
23:33 Alexander to McDowell, William A. January 2, 1845
23:34 Alexander to McDowell, William A. December 16, 1849
Box 24
24:1 Alexander to Beatty, Charles. November 2, 1836
24:2 Alexander to Baird, Robert. March 15, 1836
24:3 Alexander to Mrs. Luther Halsey [item missing] (Jan. 15, 1850)
24:4 Letter from Dr. Dixon [item missing] (May 21, 1850)
24:5 Fragment: unknown individual to Alexander. undated
24:6 Remarks on correspondence between Drs. Miller and Stuart. undated
24:7 Memoir of the Reverend William Graham. undated
24:8 Remarks on a proposed publication by Samuel Miller. undated
24:9 Review, The Seventh Report of the American Sunday School Union. 1831
24:10 Alexander to Miller, Samuel. July 13, 1831
24:11 "A Book Containing the Year, the day, the county, the house, and the texts on which I have preached, October 7, 1791 to December 30, 1792," by Alexander. undated
Student Lecture Notes
24:12 Systematic Theology notes, taken by John F. Crowe. 1814-1815
24:13 Moral Philosophy.
24:14 Fragment: Moral Philosophy.
24:15 Turretine, taken by John F. Crowe. January 31, 1815
24:16 "The Necessity and Advantage of Christian Revelation," taken by Cyrenius Crosby.
24:17 Fragment: notes - "Chapter 2, Part 1, Section 4."
24:18 Lecture notes on theology, taken by J. W. Alexander. November 10, 1823
24:19 Notes upon lectures on Jewish Antiquities, taken by J. W. Alexander. November 15, 1822
24:20 Repentance and Faith, taken by Henry A. Boardman.
24:21 Holy Spirit, Personality, Operations, etc., taken by Henry A. Boardman.
24:22 Justification, taken by Henry A. Boardman.
24:23 Notes on the Evidences of Christianity, chapters 1 - 6, taken by Robert H. Nassau.
24:24 Notes on the Evidences of Christianity, chapters 7 - 10, taken by Robert H. Nassau.
24:25 Notes on the Evidences of Christianity, taken by Robert H. Nassau.
Undated Notebooks with Writings by Archibald Alexander
24:26 Pastoral Theology: On Preaching.
24:27 Preaching the Word.
24:28 Volume I: Pastor II.
24:29 Pastoral Theology.
Box 25
25:1 Moral Philosophy.
25:2 Theology: "Natural Theology."
25:3 Patristic Theology.
25:4 Theology: Polemic, or Elenchtic.
Student Lecture Notes, continued
25:5 Notes on Polemic Theology and Pastoral Theology and Sermons, taken and bound by T. S. Malcom.
Box 26
26:1 Notes on Jewish Antiquities, taken by Jeptha Harrison. circa 1824
26:2 Notes on Mental Philosophy and Pastoral Theology, taken by John A. Bogle. 1844-1845
26:3 Notes on Didactic Theology, taken by William R. Betts. November 15, 1829
26:4 Sermon, Personal Notes, and Discourses of Alexander, Charles Hodge, and Samuel Miller, taken by A. P. Silliman. 1846-1848
26:5 Notes on Biblical Criticism. January 26, 1815
26:6 Lecture Notes on Polemic Theology, part 1, taken by John C. F. Hoes. 1834-1835
Box 27
27:1 Notes on Polemic Theology, part 2, taken by John C. F. Hoes. 1834-1835
27:2 Notes on Pastoral Theology (1), taken by John C. F. Hoes. 1834-1835
27:3 Notes on Pastoral Theology (2), taken by John C. F. Hoes. 1834-1835
27:4 Lecture Notes on Theological subjects and Church History taught by Alexander and Samuel Miller, taken by Levi Janvier. 1839
27:5 Notes on Didactic Theology and other subjects, taken by Ashbel Green Fairchild. 1814
27:6 Notes on Pastoral Theology taken by J. W. Alexander. undated
27:7 Notes on Pastoral Theology taken by Alexander Kirkpatrick Nelson. June, 1834
27:8 Notes on Polemic Theology taken by Alexander Kirkpatrick Nelson. 1833
27:9 Notes on the Means of Grace taken by Alexander Kirkpatrick Nelson. 1833
27:10 Notes on Didactic Theology and Mental and Moral Science taken by Alexander Kirkpatrick Nelson. 1832
Other Correspondence, Lectures, Sermons, and Biographical Material
Box 28
28:1 5 copies of a letter from Alexander appealing for funds for the Seminary. May 21, 1850
28:2 Court authorization to perform marriages, Charlotte County, Virginia. January 5, 1795
28:3 Notes on Polemic Theology, taken by Alexander Kirkpatrick Nelson. [circa 1832-1835]
28:4 Notes on Didactic Theology, taken by Alexander Kirkpatrick Nelson. [circa 1832-1835]
28:5 Lecture on Angels and other subjects, taken by Alexander Kirkpatrick Nelson. January 21, 1833
28:6 Lecture Notes on Theology, taken by W. W. Phillips. November 15, 1813
28:7 Use and Abuse of Books. undated
Box 29: "Introductory Lectures," by Archibald Alexander
29:1 Note from archivist.
29:2 July 1814.
29:3 June, 1838.
29:4 (typescript attached). November 8, 1823
29:5 (typescript attached). November, 1836
29:6 (typescript attached). June, 1840
Box 30
- Memoir of William Graham by Archibald Alexander.
- Negative microform, "Memoir of the Reverent William Graham, First President of Washington College, Virginia."
Box 31
- Copy of "Forms for Special Occasions," by Herrick Johnson, C. H. Whiting: Chicago. 1889
-8 copies of a letter from Alexander appealing for funds for the Seminary.  May 21, 1850
-Copy of letter from Alexander to Engles, Joseph P., attached.  July 1, 1848
-Photocopy of letter from Rhees, B. Rush to Alexander.  May 13, 1825
-Photocopy of an address on faith and science written by an unknown person.  undated
-Bundle of photocopied and typescript letters from various authors.  1838-1860
-Photocopy of a prayer titled "Glory to God", by an unknown author.  1833
-Photocopy of "Directions for planting a nursery", unknown author.  undated
-Report to the directors of Princeton Theological Seminary, by Alexander.  undated
-Picture of Alexander, engraved and printed by J Sartain.  undated
-Lecture, "The division into...".  undated
-Lecture, "Of the Arabic Language and Manuscript from Walton".  undated
-Lecture, "The New Testament began to be divided...".  undated
-Lecture, "Manuscript Hebrew Bible".  undated
-Lecture, "Of the Hebrew points [and Accents]".  undated
-Sermon, "Death, in all its aspects and relations...".  undated
-Sermon, Matthew 8: 8-9; 16-23.  undated
-Sermon, Acts 24: 25.  September, 1795
-Lecture, "The next witness is Philo".  undated
-Lecture, "That the interpretations were not inspired...".  undated
-Lecture, "There have been several other Greek versions of the Old Testament...".  undated
-Lecture, "In regard to the value of the Samaritan Pentateuch".  undated
-List of manuscripts of the New Testament.  
-Sermon, Psalm 144, 1793.  
-Sermon, "In the context it is given...".  undated
-Sermon, "They make you that you shall be...".  undated
-Sermon, "The blessings of the Gospel are more frequently exhibited...".  undated
-Sermon, Isaiah 10:12.  undated
-Lecture, "The Satan may be caused...".  undated
-Lecture, "For conviction of sin,".  undated
-Sermon, "Much controversy has been expended and criticism wasted...".  undated
-Sermon, John 8:32.  undated
-Sermon, I Corinthians 15:55-57.  undated
-Lecture, "Pastoral Theology Lecture II".  undated
-Letter from an unknown author, to an unknown recipient.  undated
-Sermon, Philippians 3:3.  undated
-Note from Alexander, to Tutuerler, H.  undated
-Lecture, "Manuscript of the New Testament,".  undated
-Lecture, "Scriptures - Writings,".  undated
-Lecture, "The Sacred Scriptures,".  undated
-A bound notebook entitled "Compendium of Biblical History," unknown author.  undated
-Transcription of a sermon preached at the funeral of Edward Holden and Dr. Miller of Princeton.  1850
-Lecture, "Principle Topics in the Gospel History or Life of Christ".  undated
-Lecture, pertaining to Jesus in relation to the Old Testament.  undated
-Lecture notes, "Doctrine of Resurrection from the Old Testament: Job and David...".  undated
-Lecture notes from Alexander's class on Didactic Theology, taken by an unknown writer.  undated
-Lecture notes from Alexander's class on Polemic Theology, taken by Samuel I. Prime. (taken from the Prime Family Manuscript Collection.)  1832-1833
-Lecture, "Omniscience of God".  undated
-Lecture, "The word God is of the old Saxon extraction and is probably an aberration of the work good...".  undated
-Lecture, "The Trinity".  undated
-Lecture, "Angels".  undated
-Lecture, "Divinity of Christ proved from the first chapter of Hebrews.".  undated
-Lecture, "Election,".  undated
-Sermon, "Galatians 6:15".  December 27, 1835
-Sermon, "In endeavoring to direct your attention...".  undated
-Sermon, "Romans 1:10".  undated
-Sermon, "I Timothy 6:12".  June 10, 1810
-Gilman, D. C., to Archibald B.D. Alexander (great-grandson of Archibald Alexander).  September 24, 1898
-Theological lecture notes taken by Henry A. Boardman.  1832
-Sermon, I Peter, 2:6 entitled "Sure Foundations".  undated
-Sermon, Psalm 95: 7-8.  undated
-Sermon, "On the study of the Sacred Scriptures".  December 9, 1832
-Alexander and Samuel Miller, to [unknown].  February 12, 1819
-Garrigue, Rudolph, to Alexander.  December 18, 1847
-Huntting, W., to Alexander; transcript of the letter attached.  September 24, 1847
-Alexander, to [unknown].  March 4, 1819
-Alexander, Janetta, to [unknown].  September 4, 1865
-Photocopy of a letter from Plumer, William Swan, to Alexander. (Original is in the Plumer Collection, Princeton Theological Seminary.)  June 19, 1847
-Lecture, "Crucifixion".  undated
-Lecture, Hebrews 5:9-10.  undated
5 sermons attributed to Charles Hodge
31:13 "Man is not only endowed with memory...". October 13, 1839
31:14 "On the Lord's Day...". undated
31:15 "Escort one another daily...". undated
31:16 "Who was before a blasphemer...". undated
31:17 "We will not have this man to reign over us". undated
31:18 Empty envelope (addressed from Miller, Margaret, to Alexander, Janette.)
Box 32
- Article entitled, "Reminiscences of Princeton - Dr. Archibald Alexander," from Presbyterian Monthly. undated
- Newspaper clipping, "Archibald Alexander of Scotland, and his Descendants in Ireland and America." The Standard. September 11, 1880
- Genealogical tree of Alexander's family.
Box 33: 2 framed certificates
- The Congregation of Cumberland, to Alexander. November 28, 1801
- The Congregation of Briny, to Alexander. February 7, 1801


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