The James H. Smylie Manuscript Collection

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Creator: Smylie, James H. (James Hutchinson), 1925-
Dates: 1953-1995
Extent: 2 boxes (0.8 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1925 October 25 Born, New Paris, Ohio
1946 Graduated, Washington University, Missouri
1949 Graduated, bachelor of divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary
1949 Ordained, Presbytery of St. Louis
1950 Graduated, Master of Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1950-1952 Assistant pastor, First Church, St. Louis
1952-1956 Teaching fellow, Princeton Theological Seminary
1956-1959 Instructor, Princeton Theological Seminary
1958 Graduated, Doctor of Philosophy, Princeton Theological Seminary
1959-1962 Assistant professor, Church History, Princeton Theological Seminary
1962-1964 Visiting professor, Union Theological Seminary, Virginia
1964-1967 Associate professor, Church History, Princeton Theological Seminary
1964-1996 Professor, Church History, Princeton Theological Seminary
1968-1996 Editor, Journal of Presbyterian History
1996 Retired


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This collection consists of published articles by James H. Smylie.



Smylie, James H. (James Hutchinson), 1925-

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


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Box 1: Articles by Smylie, (arranged chronologically)1953-1973
- "Reflection on the Liberty Crisis," The Princeton Seminarian. March 25, 1953
- "The Roman Catholic Church, the State and Al Smith," Church History. September 1960
- "In Memoriam: W. J. B.," The Christian Century. January 11, 1961
- "Madison and Witherspoon: Theological Roots of American Political Thought, The Princeton University Chronicle. Spring 1961
- "Clericalism and Anticlericalism," with Walter D. Wagoner, The Christian Century. October 25, 1961
- "America's Religious Past," The Christian Century. January 31, 1962
- "The First Amendment and Bishop Pike," The Christian Century. October 31, 1962
- Review of Greene's The Power and the Glory, Christianity Today. February 1, 1963
- "Catholics as Immigrants," The Christian Century. November 13, 1963
- "Catholicism: Molder of Manpower," The Christian Century. December 11, 1963
- "Catholics and American Goals," The Christian Century. January 29, 1964
- "Religion and the Arts. Billy Budd: The Work of Christ in Melville," Religion in Life. Spring 1964
- "Phases in Protestant-Roman Catholic Relations in the U.S.," The American Review. Spring 1964
- "Mixing Religion and Politics," Presbyterian Survey. July 1964
- "Two Points of view..," Presbyterian Survey. February 1965
- "Mackay and McCarthyism, 1953-54," Journal of Church and State. Autumn 1964
- "Phases in Protestant-Roman Catholic Relations in the United States," Religion in Life. Spring 1965
- "Preferred Risks!!!," Earnest Worker. July, August, September, 1965
- "Tips for Teaching Church History in the CLC," Presbyterian Action. August 1965
- "Do You Dare Study Church History?" Presbyterian Survey. September 1965
- Review of Cox's Sons of God in the City, in Presbyterian Outlook. September 13, 1965
- "A Conflict of Concerns," The Christian Century. December 29, 1965
- "Providence and Presidents: Types of American Piety in Presidential Inaugurals,". Spring 1966
- "Thanksgiving Amid 'Arrogance of Prosperity'," Theology Today. October 1966
- "Proclaim Thanksgiving," Earnest Worker. October, November, December 1966
- "Whatever Happened to the Reformed Tradition?" The Presbyterian Outlook. February 6, 1967
- "Vietnam and Dangers in the Use of History," The Presbyterian Outlook. October 30, 1967
- "Philip Schaff: Ecumenist. The Reunion of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism," Encounter. Winter 1967
- "The Social Awakening of American Christians," Adult Uniform Lessons. October, November, December 1967
- "The Burden of Southern Church Historians: World Mission, Regional Captivity, Reconciliation," Inauguration Address, Affirmation. March 7, 1968; November 4, 1968
- "Ecclesiological Storm and Stress in Dixie," The Christian Century. March 13, 1968
- "On Justifying War," The Presbyterian Outlook. March 18, 1968
- "Evasion or Confrontation," The Presbyterian Outlook. April 22, 1968
- "The Burden of Southern Church Historians: World Mission, Regional Captivity, Reconciliation," Affirmation. November, 1968
- "Fighting Novelist, The Presbyterian Outlook. November 4, 1968
- "American Religious Bodies, Just War, and Vietnam," A Journal of Church and State. 1969
- "Prudes, Lewds and Polysyllables," Commonweal. February 28, 1969
- "Constitutional Crisis," The Religious Herald. March 20, 1969
- "Rehabilitation vs. Capital Punishment," The Religious Herald. May 8, 1969
- Review of Ramsey's The Just War: Force and Political Responsibility, The Christian Century. May 21, 1969
- "Reparations and 'The Wretched of the Earth,'" The Presbyterian Outlook. July 28, 1969
- "American Protestants Interpret Vatican Council I," Church History. December, 1969
- "Ecology and the Christian Conscience,". circa 1970
- "1976 or 1984: On Celebrating Revolution," Theology Today. January 1970
- "On Jesus, Pharaohs, and the Chosen People. Martin Luther King as Biblical Interpreter and Humanist," Interpretation. January, 1970
- "What has man wrought? Or what is God that we should be mindful of Him?" Religious Herald. March 5, 1970
- "Americans, Amnesia, and Violence," The Presbyterian Outlook. March 23, 1970
- "On Being Presbyterian in the South," The Christian Century. August 5, 1970
- "For the War Nobody Won to the War Already Lost," The Presbyterian Outlook. August 10, 1970
- "Fifty Years for the 19th Amendment," The Presbyterian Outlook. August 24, 1970
- "Presbyterian Clergy and Problems of 'Dominion' in the Revolutionary Generation," Journal of Presbyterian History. Fall, 1970
- "Protestant Clergy, the First Amendment and Beginnings of a Constitutional Debate, 1781-91," The Religion of the Republic. 1971
- Letter to Worldview on Lefever's "Reckless Rhetoric and Foreign Policy,". February, 1971
- "Jesus Christ is Lord: An Affirmation,". May 18, 1971
- "Denominational Journalism," Theology Today. July, 1971
- "About Those Church Splits!" Survey. July 12, 1971
- "Undue Silence in a Just Cause," The Presbyterian Outlook. December 6, 1971
- Remarks - Interfaith Convocation on State Government, "What Does the State House have to do with Churches and Synagogues,". February 9, 1972
- "East Room, White House" Sunday, May 14, 1972
- "Whither Southern Presbyterianism?" New South. Summer, 1972
- "Presbyterians and the Cartoonists: A Pictorial Lampoon, 1884-1898, Journal of Presbyterian History. Fall, 1972
- "Clerical Perspectives on Deism: Paine's The Age of Reason in Virginia," Eighteenth-Century Studies. Winter, 1972-73
- "Reinhold Niebuhr: Quadragesimo Anno," Religion in Life. Summer, 1972
- "History: From Edwards to Graham," The Americana Annual. 1973
- "Uncle Tom's Cabin Revisited: The Bible, The Romantic Imagination, and the Sympathies of Christ," Interpretation. January, 1973
- CCS Task Force Draft "Faith and Patriotism,". January, 1973
- "Impossible Possibility: On Teaching Church History in the D.Min. Curriculum," with Goodpasture and Thompson, Theological Education. Spring, 1973
- "Ethics in the Revival Tent. Something happened to conservative Christians on the way to Vietnam," Worldview. November, 1973
Box 2: Articles by Smylie, (arranged chronologically)1974 - 1995
- "New Thought," Encyclopedia Britannica. 1974
- "Charles Nisbet: Second Thoughts on a Revolutionary Generation," The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. April, 1974
- "Notable Presbyterian women," Journal of Presbyterian History. Summer, 1974
- "The Witness and Experience of Other Churches. I. The Protestant Churches," The Ordination of Women: Pros and Con. 1975
- "The Great Gatsby Wasteland," The Presbyterian Outlook. January 20, 1975
- "William Jennings Bryan and the cartoonists: A Pictorial Lampoon, 1896-1925," Journal of Presbyterian History. Summer, 1975
- "Edward Gibbon and Us, 1776-1976,". circa 1976
- "The President as Republican Prophet and King: Clerical Reflections on the Death of Washington," Journal of Church and State. Spring, 1976
- "A.D. Recalls Benjamin Rush," A.D. August, 1976
- "The Woman's Bible and the Spiritual Crisis," Soundings. Fall, 1976
- "Protestant Experience in America," Religion, Society and Education: An Ecumenical Symposium at Loyola College. 1978
- "Roads to our Present," Church Related Higher Education. 1978
- "Styles of Ministerial Leadership," Reflection. Spring, 1978
- Review of Brackenridge's Eugene Carson Blake. September, 1978
- "Testing the Spirits in the American Context: Great Awakenings, Pentecostalism, and the Charismatic Movement," Interpretation. January, 1979
- "Presbyterian History in Stained Glass," Journal of Presbyterian History. Summer, 1979
- "The Papers of the American Sunday School Union (1817-1915) are a rich resource for understanding American Protestantism," The Presbyterian Outlook. November 17, 1980
- "The American Sunday School Union Papers, 1817-1915, Journal of Presbyterian History. Winter, 1980
- "Of Secret and Family Worship:' Historical Meditations, 1875-1975," Journal of Presbyterian History. Summer, 1980
- "The Bible, Race and the Changing South," Journal of Presbyterian History. Summer, 1981
- "Countee Cullen's 'The Black Christ'," Theology Today. July, 1981
- "Problems for Peacemakers: Our 'Complex,' Our 'Hatred,' Our 'Habits,'" The Presbyterian Outlook. September 21, 1981
- "From Revolution to Civil War (1776-1861)," Virginia Presbyterians in American Life: Hanover Presbytery (1755-1980). 1982
- "Gilder, Gilt and the Needle's Eye," The Presbyterian Outlook. January 25, 1982
- "Resurgent 'McCarthyism' and a Prophetic Reminder," The Presbyterian Outlook. March 18, 1983
- "Francis Makemie: Tradition and Challenge," Journal of Presbyterian History. Summer, 1983
- "On Orwell, History and the U.S.A.," The Presbyterian Outlook. February 6, 1984
- "Jefferson's Statute for Religious Freedom: The Hanover Presbytery Memorials, 1776-1786," American Presbyterians. Winter, 1985
- "Machiavelli, Calvin and the Coming Bicentennial," The Presbyterian Outlook. May 5, 1986
- "Presbyterians," Penn's Example to the Nations: 300 Years of the Holy Experiment. 1987
- Go Therefore: 150 Years of Presbyterians in Global Mission, Introduction and editor. 1987
- "We, the Presbyterian People," The Presbyterian Outlook. September 7-14, 1987
- "UTS Opens the Family Photo Album," Focus. Winter, 1987
- Review of: The Grapes of Wrath. In: Outlook. October 23, 1987
- "The Wasteland, the Rock and T.S. Eliot, 1888-1988," The Presbyterian Outlook. December 5-12, 1988
- "Appalachia on our Hearts and Minds," As I See It Today. May, 1989
- "Presbyterian Fights, Fits, and Starts," Presbyterian Voice. June-July, 1989
- "Stated Clerks and Social Policy: American Presbyterians and Transforming American Culture, American Presbyterians. Fall, 1989
- "John A. Mackay: 1889-1983," The Presbyterian Outlook. December 4-11, 1989
- "Scotch-Irish Presence in Pennsylvania," Pennsylvania History Studies. 1990
- "I've Never Understood the Irish Problem," Focus. Winter, 1990
- "American Presbyterians--Journal of Presbyterian History: Continuity and Change, 1902-1992," American Presbyterians. Spring 1992
- "Called to New Visions: Women's Progress and Presbyterian Faith and Life," Horizons. May-June 1992
- "Images of American Presbyterians in the Mirror of Humor," American Presbyterians. Winter 1993
- The Holocaust Museum of Horror and Hope," The Presbyterian Outlook. June 7, 1993
- "Dr. Witherspoon: Churchman, College President, Citizen," The Presbyterian Outlook. November 28, 1994
- "Presbyterians and Aging: Perspectives from Our Past," American Presbyterians. Summer 1995
- "Ethnicity, immigration, and ecumenical mission" International Reformed Center. July 4-11, 1995
- Charles Nisbet: "Second Thoughts on a Revolutionary Generation," "Madison and Witherspoon: Theological Roots of American Political Thought," "Uncle Tom's Cabin Revisited: The Bible, the Romantic Imagination, and the Sympathies of Christ,""Philip Schaff, Ecumenist: the Reunion of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism," "American Religious Bodies, Just War and Vietnam," and "Church Growth and Decline in Historical Perspective: Protestant Quest for Identity, Leadership, and Meaning," American Presbyterians. Fall 1995
- "Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1906-1945, Costly Grace and the Quick Fix,". undated


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