The James and Willa Roghair Manuscript Collection

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Creators: Roghair, James Edward, 1943-
Dates: 1965-1969
Extent: 2 boxes (2.16 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


James Roghair

1943 January 30 Born, Chamberlain, South Dakota
1965 Graduated, Whitworth College, Washington
1965-1969 Student, Master of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary
1969 July 19 Ordained, Presbytery of Willamette
1969-1970 Assistant pastor, First Church, Easton, Pennsylvania
1970-1973 Pastor, First Church, Union City, Indiana
1973-1984 Associate pastor, West Cincinnati Church, Cincinnati, Ohio
1980-1984 Student, Doctor of Ministry, McCormick Theological Seminary
1984-1987 Co-pastor, Memorial West Church, Newark, New Jersey
1987-1994 Co-pastor, Utqiagvik Church, Barrow, Arkansas
1994-1995 Pastor, Utqiagvik Church
1996-unknown Stated supply, Second Church, Chicago, Illinois
1997-unknown Student, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary

Willa Roghair

1943 June 4 Born, East Orange, New Jersey
1965 Graduated, University of Rochester, New York
1966-1970 Student, Bachelor of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary
1967-1968 Teacher and receptionist, Boggs Academy, Keysville, Georgia
1970 December 4 Ordained, Presbytery of Newark
1970-1971 Director of church relations, Darke Country Migrant Ministry, Union City, Ohio
1971-1972 Staff minister, Shiloh Congregational Church, Dayton, Ohio
1973 Interim pastor, Winston Hill Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio
1977-1980 Pastor, Bethel Murdoch Church, Loveland
1981-1984 Pastor, Fairfax Church, Cincinnati
1984-1987 Co-pastor, Memorial West Church, Newark, New Jersey
1984-1988 Student, Doctor of Ministry, McCormick Theological Seminary
1987-1994 Co-pastor, Utqiagvik Church, Barrow, Arkansas
1994 May 12 Died, Barrow, Arkansas

Biographical Information

James E. Roghair graduated from Whitworth College, 1965. He attended Princeton Seminary as a Bachelor of Divinity student, beginning the fall of 1965 and graduating in the spring of 1969. Mr. Roghair took a one year internship at Boggs Academy, Keysville, Georgia, from the spring of 1967 to the spring of 1968. He was married to Willa Baechlin on September 8, 1967 at Blackburn Presbyterian Church, on the campus of Boggs Academy. After graduation, Mr. Roghair was ordained and has since served several PCUSA churches as pastor.

Willa Baechlin Roghair graduated from the University of Rochester, 1965. She served as a volunteer at Sheldon Jackson High School and Junior College, Alaska. Mrs. Roghair attended Princeton Seminary as a Bachelor of Divinity student, beginning in the fall of 1966 and graduating in the spring of 1970. She also spent the spring of 1967 through the spring of 1968 at Boggs Academy. Following graduation, Mrs. Roghair was ordained and ministered at several PCUSA churches. She died in 1994.


Scope and Content

This collection consists of lecture notes, papers, syllabi, and other materials from James and Willa Roghair's studies at Princeton Seminary. It also includes items from the internships and field work of the Roghairs.



Roghair, James Edward--Manuscripts.

Roghair, Willa Baechlin, d. 1994--Manuscripts.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

The Rev. James Roghair donated these papers to the Seminary Libraries in two installments, September, 1995 and January, 1996. The collection was organized and the original finding aid was written in February of 1996, by Raymond D. Cannata, under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist. The finding aid was edited by Sarah Seraphin and Daved Anthony Schmidt in June of 2009.


There are no special restrictions to the access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

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Box 1
1:1 Finding aid and correspondence relating to the collection.
Lecture Notes and Course Materials
1:2 Courses 1001 and 1102 - Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis. 1968-1969
1:3 Course 1102 - Old Testament Exegesis, Malcolm Clark and T. Fretheim. Fall 1966
1:4 Course 1105 - Hebrew, Francis Garcia. Fall 1966
1:5 Course 1151/2 - New Testament Exegesis, Bruce Metzger. 1966-1967
1:6 Course 1152 - New Testament Exegesis, Hay. Spring 1966
1:7 Course 1171 - Problems of Biblical History and Criticism, Bruce Metzger. Spring 1966
1:8 Course 1203 - Foundations of the Old Testament, Bernard Anderson. Spring 1969
1:9 Course 1271 - Biblical Theology and Hermeneutics, J. Christiaan Beker. Spring 1967
1:10 Course 2105-65 - Foundations of Church History, Nichols and Evans. Fall 1965
1:11 Course 2251 - Comparative Religion, Edward Jurji. Fall 1968
1:12 Course 2404 - Medieval Church, George Barrois. Fall 1965
1:13 Course 2461 - Religion of East Asia, Edward Jurji. Fall 1968
1:14 Course 2468 - Community of Islam, Edward Jurji. Fall 1969
1:15 Course 2481 - Religion and Society, S. Blizzard. Fall 1966
1:16 Course 2532 - Social Message of the American Church, Lefferts Loetscher. Spring 1969
1:17 Course 2549 - Religious Overtones in American Literature, Lefferts Loetscher. Fall 1966
1:18 Course 2577 - Christian Mission in Asian Revolution, Franklin. Spring 1969
1:19 Edward Jurji, (possibly course 2655- Africa). Spring 1969
1:20 Course 3104 - Systematic Theology, Hugh T. Kerr. Spring 1966
1:21 Course 3294 - Christian Witness in Secular World, M. Richard Schull and Charles West. Fall 1966
1:22 Course 3472 - History of Christian Thought, Evans. Fall 1966
1:23 Course 3473 - Christian Thought in an Age of Reform, Edward Dowey. Spring 1967
1:24 Course 3495 - Political Ethics and Decision, Charles West. Fall 1968
1:25 Course 3675 - Shapers of Protestant Thought, Edward Dowey and James Lapsley. Fall 1969
1:26 Course 3675 - Shapers of Protestant Thought, James Lapsley. Fall 1970
1:27 Course 4101 - Polity Practicum, Arthur Adams. 1968-69; 1969-1970
1:28 Course 4151 - Preaching Practicum I, Jack M. Maxwell. Fall 1968
1:29 Course 4155 - Theology and Nature of Man, James Lapsley and E. David Willis (James Loder, Preceptor).
1:30 Course 4171 - Clinical Orientation Practicum. Spring 1970
1:31 Course 4205 - Foundations of Ministry, Ian McIntosh (preceptor). Fall 1966
Box 2
2:1 Course 4221 - Educational Ministry, James Loder. Fall 1969
2:2 Course 4233 - Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education, Dan Rogers. Fall 1968
2:3 Course 4235 - Educational Psychology, J. Loder. Spring 1907
2:4 Course 4244 - Educational Resources Practicum, Freda Gardner. Fall 1968
2:5 Course 4327 - Audio-visuals in Christian Education, Arthur O. Van Eck. Fall 1968
2:6 Course 4434 - Curriculum of Christian Education, D. Campbell Wyckoff. Spring 1967
2:7 Course 4524 - Developmental Psychology, James Loder. Spring 1967
2:8 Course 4593 - Situational Speech. Fall 1969
2:9 Course 4821 - Foundations and Principles of Christian Education, D. Campbell Wyckoff. May 1969
2:10 Old Testament exegesis notes. Spring 1969
2:11 Speech course.
2:12 Church's Mission of Revolutionary Societies, Foreman [visiting professor]. Fall 1968
2:13 Senior thesis, "An Educational Approach to White Racism for Princeton Theological Seminary," by James Roghair, supervised by D. Campbell Wyckoff. May, 1969
2:14 Senior thesis notes, James Roghair. 1969
2:15 Senior thesis, by Willa Roghair, supervised by Dr. Edward Jurji. May, 1970
2:16 Course schedule. Spring 1969
2:17 Course listings. 1969-1970
2:18 Course booklist. Seminary field work, internships, and extra-curricular activities. Spring 1970
2:19 Mt. Hall Presbyterian Church, Copeland, Idaho, Christian Education materials. Summer 1965 and Summer 1966
2:20 First Presbyterian Church, Rahway, New Jersey fieldwork. 1965-1966
2:21 Boggs Academy, Keysville, Georgia, Religious Education material. 1967-1968
2:22 Boggs Academy and West Orange, New Jersey Junior High Presbyterians, Film Discussions. 1967
2:23 Boggs Academy, "Requiem for God," Play by R. James. 1967- 68
2:24 "The Lament of Job," drama written and directed by Lawrence Gibson, and performed by Seminary's Theatre Workshop. 1967
"Cooperative Curriculum Project," guides by D. Campbell Wyckoff
2:25 Guide 1
2:26 Guide 2
2:27 Guide 3
2:28 Guide 4
2:29 Guide 5
Miscellaneous Notes and Clippings
2:30 Christian Education materials
2:31 Miscellaneous notes
2:32 "Health Start" (pre-school)
2:33 Clippings: Africa
2:34 Miscellaneous clippings


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