The Arthur Tappan and Delavan Leonard Pierson Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creators: Pierson, Arthur T. (Arthur Tappan), 1837-1911
Dates: 1854-1899
Extent: 7 boxes (2.9 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1837 March 6 Born, New York City
1857 Graduated, Hamilton College, New York
1860 Graduated, Union Theological Seminary
1860-1863 Pastor, Binghamton, New York
1861 Ordained
1863-1869 Pastor, Waterford(town), New York
1869-1882 Pastor, Detroit, Michigan
1874 Awarded honorary Doctor of Divinity, Knox College
1882-1883 Pastor, Indianapolis, Indiana
1891-1893 Pastor, Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, England
1902-1903 Pastor, Christ Church, London, England
1911 June 3 Died

Biographical Information

Dr. Arthur Tappan (A.T.) Pierson (1837-1911) was a prominent Presbyterian minister, mission theorist, and Bible expositor. He received his education at Hamilton College (B.A., 1857) and Union Theological Seminary, New York (B.D., 1860). Among his pastorates were the Bethany Tabernacle in Philadelphia and Spurgeon's London Tabernacle in England. He was a leading promoter of the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) and was editor of The Missionary Review of the World. He was a popular speaker at pre-millennial bible prophecy conferences and various "higher life" and holiness gatherings, especially those related to the Keswick movement. For a time he served as president of Gordon College. After his death admirers established the Pierson Bible College in Seoul, Korea in his honor. Many of his books have remained popular and are currently in print more than eighty years after his death.

Delavan Leonard Pierson (1867-1952), son of A.T. Pierson, was educated at Princeton University (B.A., 1890; M.A., 1894) and Princeton Theological Seminary (B.D., 1894), and was licensed by the Presbytery of New Brunswick in 1894. He had a distinguished career as a writer and as a Bible school superintendent, and was editor of The Northfield Echoes and of The Missionary Review of the World.


Scope and Content

The collection contains extensive papers of A.T. Pierson, as well as many of his son's. Among these are letters from C.H. Spurgeon, John Wanamaker, Woodrow Wilson, Helen Keller, Charles Lindbergh, A.A. Hodge, William Henry Green, Hudson Taylor, and many others. There are also several scrapbooks maintained by A.T. Pierson. In addition, there is a significant amount of miscellany, including notes, sermons, and article manuscripts.

Unfortunately, in the case of the miscellany, it is often difficult to distinguish between what was produced by A.T. Pierson and what was produced by his son Delavan. Delavan maintained theological concerns very similar to his father's and was involved in many of the same ministries. He used his father's notes and added to them in his own hand. Further, examination of the scrapbooks reveals that A.T. Pierson had several different styles of handwriting.



Pierson, Arthur T. (Arthur Tappan), 1837-1911--Archives.

Pierson, Delavan Leonard, 1867-1938--Archives.

Princeton Theological Seminary--Alumni and alumnae--Archives.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was donated to the Seminary Libraries sometime prior to 1964. It had once belonged to Delavan Pierson. It was kept in library storage for many years before being organized in September of 1996. The collection was organized and the original finding aid was written by Raymond D. Cannata, under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist. The finding aid was edited by Sarah Seraphin and Daved Anthony Schmidt in June of 2009.


There are no special restrictions to the access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

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The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Arthur Tappan and Delavan Leonard Pierson Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.


Related Material

See also: four letters from Sundar Singh to D.L. Pierson in File D



Box 1: A.T. Pierson Notebooks
1:1 Scrapbook, Volume 1. 1854-1859
1:2 Scrapbook, Volume 2. 1857-1868
1:3 Scrapbook, Volume 3. 1871
1:4 Scrapbook, Volume 4. 1853-1899
Box 2
2:1 Scrapbook, Volume 5. 1873-1890
2:2 Sermon Outlines and Notes. 1865-1888
2:3 Sermon Outlines and Notes. 1881
Box 3
3:1 Sermon Outlines and Notes. 1877
3:2 Sermon Outlines and Notes. undated
3:3 Sermon Outlines and Notes. 1879
Box 4
4:1 Scripture Outlines and Notes. 1880
4:2 Scripture Outlines and Notes. 1868-1881
4:3 Scripture Outlines and Notes. 1882
4:4 Journal and Notes of the Missionary Campaign to Scotland. 1888
4:5 Notebook: Sermon Outlines and Notes. 1896
4:6 Notebook: Analysis of Greek History. undated
Box 5: Correspondence with A.T. Pierson
5:1 John Douglas Adam
5:2 Adams
5:3 J. B. Aldrich
5:4 Anderson
5:5 James B. Angell
5:6 Robert Arthington
5:7 Daniel Baron
5:8 James A. Bean
5:9 A. J. F. Behrends
5:10 Thomas J. Bernardo
5:11 Ballington Booth
5:12 Maud Booth
5:13 Hurbert Brooke
5:14 Archibald Brown
5:15 Robert J. Burdette
5:16 S. P. Cadman
5:17 S. Chadwick
5:18 Joseph Cook
5:19 Theodore S. Cuyler
5:20 A. C. Dixon
5:21 Clinton B. Eliot
5:22 Edward Everett
5:23 William Byron Forbush
5:24 D. C. Gilman
5:25 A. J. Gordon
5:26 Gordon
5:27 William Henry Green
5:28 Wilfred Grenfell
5:29 John Hall
5:30 Newman Hall
5:31 Cyrus Hamlin
5:32 Samuel S. Harris
5:33 Archibald Alexander Hodge
5:34 Mark Hopkins
5:35 A. P. Hopper
5:36 Huntington
5:37 Mel W. Jacobus
5:38 H. H. Jessup
5:39 Jowett
5:40 Kincaid
5:41 R. McAll
5:42 James McCosh
5:43 G. S. Mackay
5:44 J. C. Mackenzie
5:45 Dwight L. Moody
5:46 Emma C. Moody
5:47 G. Campbell Morgan
5:48 George Miller
5:49 Andrew Murray
5:50 Baron D. Nicolay
5:51 H. Osgood
5:52 C. H. Parkhurst
5:53 John G. Paton
5:54 E. J. Peck
5:55 George F. Pentecost
5:56 F. Petrie
5:57 George E. Post
5:58 Henry Potter
5:59 Matteo Prochet
5:60 Elias Riggs
5:61 Elihu Root
5:62 Lord Rodstock
5:63 G. A. Johnston Ross
5:64 William Russell
5:65 Sage
5:66 Margaret Sangster
5:67 Henry Scudder
5:68 H. Seward
5:69 James B. Shaw
5:70 Smith
5:71 G. A. Smith
5:72 Gipsy Smith
5:73 W. Merle Smith
5:74 Robert E. Speer
5:75 G. H. Spurgeon
5:76 J. A. Spurgeon
5:77 William Bacon Stevens
5:78 James Stalker
5:79 A. L. Stone
5:80 Henry M. Storrs
5:81 R. L. Storrs
5:82 M. W. Stryker
5:83 C. S. Studd
5:84 T. DeWitt Talmage
5:85 Hudson Taylor
5:86 Mrs. M. Geraldine Taylor
5:87 Taylor
5:88 Andrew Thomson
5:89 A. J. Upson
5:90 Queen Victoria
5:91 John Wanamaker
5:92 C. T. Wang
5:93 George Washburn
5:94 Booker T. Washington
5:95 E. B. Webb
5:96 Basil Wilberforce
5:97 Ashbel T. Willard
5:98 George Williams
5:99 Williams
5:100 Mary E. Woolley
5:101 Miscellaneous correspondence
Box 6: Correspondence with D. L. Pierson
6:1 E. H. Allenby
6:2 Margaret T. Applegarth
6:3 F. S. Arnot
6:4 V. S. Azariah
6:5 David Baron
6:6 James A. Beam
6:7 William W. Borden
6:8 Brent
6:9 Len G. Broughton
6:10 Frank L. Brown
6:11 Robert J. Burdette
6:12 John W. Butter
6:13 Edwin Calverly
6:14 A. Casalis
6:15 Jacob Chamberlain
6:16 Francis E. Clark
6:17 Henry L. Cloud
6:18 Anthony Comstock
6:19 D. Crawford
6:20 Deck
6:21 W. Duncan
6:22 J. N. Farguhar
6:23 M. Field
6:24 Donald Fraser
6:25 A. G. Fraser
6:26 Melvin Fraser
6:27 James J. Gale
6:28 Charles W. Gordon
6:29 Helen Miller Gould to Mrs. Pierson
6:30 Wilfred Grenfel
6:31 W. E. Griffis
6:32 S. H. Hadley
6:33 A. C. A. Hall
6:34 Charles Cuthbert Hall
6:35 A. W. Halsey
6:36 E. S. Hamlin
6:37 Joseph C. Hartzell
6:38 Sam Higginbottom
6:39 Hobson
6:40 J. Stuart Holden
6:41 Robert J. Horton
6:42 Robert M Hutchins
6:43 R. A. Hume
6:44 Charles E. Hurlburt
6:45 S. G. Inman
6:46 (J)?
6:47 Griffith John
6:48 J. H. Jowett
6:49 Helen Keller
6:50 H. K. W. Kumm
6:51 Robert Laws
6:52 Charles A. Lindbergh
6:53 Ben B. Lindsey
6:54 George H. C. Macgregor
6:55 Caroline Mason
6:56 J. E. Matheson
6:57 Basil Mathews
6:58 Duncan McLaren
6:59 F. B. Meyer
6:60 Moltke
6:61 Helen B. Montgomery
6:62 Edward Moore
6:63 G. Campbell Morgan
6:64 John R. Mott
6:65 John P. Newman
6:66 John G. Paton
6:67 Francis L. Patton
6:68 T. L. Pennell
6:69 W. W. Peet
6:70 W. C. Potter
6:71 Samuel I. Prime
6:72 Ramabai
6:73 Timothy Richards
6:74 Julius Richter
6:75 Henry N. Sanders
6:76 Ira Sankey
6:77 A. F. Schauffler
6:78 C. I. Scofield
6:79 J. B. Shaw
6:80 Helen Gould Shepard to Mrs. DLP
6:81 Arthur H. Smith
6:82 Robert E. Speer
6:83 Alexander Stephan
6:84 Edward A. Steiner
6:85 Ellen M. Stone
6:86 Annie B. Taylor
6:87 M. Geraldine Taylor
6:88 Y. S. Tsao
6:89 Baron Woldemar Uxkull
6:90 Henry Van Dyke
6:91 Charles Wagner
6:92 John Wanamaker
6:93 Warneck
6:94 Booker T. Washington
6:95 H. W. Webb-Peploe
6:96 Amos R. Wells
6:97 Henry G. Weston
6:98 R. P. Wilder
6:99 Woodrow Wilson
6:100 Miscellaneous correspondence
Box 7:A.T. and D.L. Pierson Miscellany
7:1 Miscellaneous notes and addresses - I
7:2 Miscellaneous notes and addresses - II
7:3 Sermons
7:4 Certificate of furlough from U.S. Army of Sgt. Charles H. Pierson May 29, 1861
7:5 Autograph collection
7:6 Letter from Gov. John Tyler of Virginia to Congressman Charles Fenton Mercer December 14, 1825
7:7 John Davis' notebook of 29 sermon manuscripts circa 1839
A. T. Pierson Miscellany
7:8 Sermons
7:9 Published items by A. T. Pierson (clippings)
7:10 Notebook of poem manuscripts circa 1872
7:11 Miscellany
D.L. Pierson Miscellany
7:12 "Acts: Great Events in Church History," Junior Lessons 1919-1920
7:13 Miscellaneous notes


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