The Hugh Thomson Kerr Jr. Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Kerr, Hugh T. (Hugh Thomson), 1909-
Dates: 1931-1992
Extent: 9 boxes (9.8 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1909 July 1 Born, Chicago, Illinois
1931 Graduated, Princeton University
1931-1934 Student, Master of Arts, University of Pittsburgh
1931-1934 Student, Bachelor of Systematic Theology, Western Theological Seminary
1934-1936 Student, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
1934 June Ordained, Presbytery of Pittsburgh
1936-1940 Instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky
1940-1949 Associate professor, Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1944-1951 Associate editor, Theology Today
1949-1974 Professor, Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1974 Retired
1992 March 27 Died, Princeton, New Jersey


Scope and Content

This collection includes class material and other papers from courses that Dr. Kerr taught at Princeton Seminary, as well as files relating to his work as editor on the Seminary publication, Theology Today.



Kerr, Hugh T. (Hugh Thomson), 1909-

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Faculty.

Theology today.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was donated to the Seminary Libraries by Stephen T. Kerr of Seattle, Washington on April 18, 1992. The collection was processed, and the original finding aid was written in June of 1992, by library staff under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist. The finding aid was edited by Sarah Seraphin and Daved Anthony Schmidt in May of 2009.


There are no special restrictions to the access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

Use of Materials

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Hugh Thompson Kerr Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.



Box 1
Collected periodicals
Box 2
1. Material on Dr. Diane Komp, Medical Ethicist
2. Guest lecturer, Dr. Diane Komp
3. Miscellaneous correspondence
4. Miscellaneous correspondence
5. Theology Today correspondence
6. Theology Today correspondence
7. Theology Today correspondence
8. Theology Today correspondence
9. Theology Today, evaluations and critiques of manuscripts.
10. Theology Today, evaluations and critiques of manuscripts, and other materials.
11. Theology Today, Editorial material and correspondence
12. Theology Today, Conference November 19-20, 1976
13. Theology Today, Editorial Committee September 20-21
14. Theology Today, Job Analysis, Nancy E. Pike
15. Theology Today, Odds and Ends Editorials
16. Theology Today, Editorial Council
17. Theology Today, A Word For Writers
18. Theology Today, Aspects of Editorial Supervision
19. Theology Today, Schedule for January 1992 issue January 1992
20. Theology Today, Editorial Comment on Subjective Writing
21. Theology Today, A Memorandum from the Editor
22. Theology Today, Reading About Reading
23. Theology Today, Guidelines for Proofreading
24. Theology Today, Word Games
25. Theology Today, Book Reviews: Various Listings
26. Theology Today, Guidelines for Book Reviews
27. Theology Today, Gender Inclusive Language
28. Theology Today, Editorial: Education in General and Theological Education.
29. Theology Today, The Student As Person
30. Theology Today, Thinking Made Visible
31. Theology Today, They Found Themselves
32. Theology Today, Where Are You From?
33. Theology Today, From Here to There
34. Theology Today, The Everlasting Arms
35. Theology Today, Reading Backwards
36. Theology Today, The Presence of the Absence
Box 3
1. Articles, papers and reviews by or about Hugh. T. Kerr, Jr.
2. Works by other scholars
3. Paper by Dr. Richard Robert Osme
4. Poetry by Hugh Thomson Kerr, Jr.
5. Theology: A Personal Comment by Hugh Thomson Kerr, Jr.
6. Personal correspondence
7. Sermons, chapel services, and pieces from special occasions.
8. Mounds, burial and shell (collection of materials)
9. 3 speech studio tapes (magnetic audio tape)
Box 4
1. Mounds: Edward Hick Slides and Script
2. Christmas slides
3. Joy to the World
4. Warfield Lectures
Box 5
1. Henry Van Dyke article
2. Binding slip cases
3. Article notes for "Freedom... and the Spirit"
4. Press information and correspondence on The Simple Gospel.
5. Editorial: "The Church in the Community"
6. 175th Anniversary slide text
7. "1st Essays," A Proposal for Essays by Theologians for Publication in Theology Today. Correspondence and articles for research.
8. (same as previous)
9. Decisions Related to "1st Essays"
10. Student papers and notes by Kerr: Schleiermacher, The Authority of Script
11. Student papers and notes by Kerr: The Writing of Aurelius Augustinus
12. Student papers and notes by Kerr: Reinhold Niebuhr's Dialectic
13. Student papers and notes by Kerr: Drugs, Huxley, LSD
14. Correspondence with the World Council of Churches
15. Photocopy of Shadyside News March 11, 1927
16. Continuing education course: "What and How to Read"
17. ED 60 Material: Master Copy for Writing Practicum
18. ED 60 Material: How To Write a Term Paper
19. ED 60 Material: How To Read a Newspaper
20. ED 60 Material: Word Games
21. ED 60 Material: More Word Games
22. ED 60 Material: Still More Word Games
23. ED 60 Material: Typos
24. ED 60 Material: College Kids Say the Darndest Things
25. ED 60 Material: Resumes That Get Jobs
Box 6
1. Dossier-Writing Workshop
2. Writing the Natural Way
3. How to Write with Style
4. Writing as Craft and Ministry
5. News
6. EM 60 Material: How To Punctuate
7. EM 60 Material: Some Principles of Artistic Criticism
8. EM 60 Material: Can I Get Published?
9. EM 60 Material: How To Write Like a Pro
10. EM 60 Material: Miscellaneous Articles
11. EM 60 Material: Class Registration List 1988
12. EM 60 Material: Class Schedule and Topics 1988
13. EM 60 Material: Class Grades 1988
14. EM 60 Material: Student Papers
15. EM 60 Material: Student Papers
16. EM 60 Material: Student Papers
17. SP 70 Material: Syllabus of Topics and Dates
18. SP 70 Material: Recommended Texts
19. SP 70 Material: Suggestions for Term Papers and Projects
20. SP 70 Material: Introduction: Word as Written
21. SP 70 Material: "Seeing and Hearing the Gospel" (essay)
22. SP 70 Material: "The Person Behind the Picture" (essay)
23. SP 70 Material: "The Person Behind the Picture" (essay)
24. SP 70 Material: "The Person Behind the Picture" (essay)
25. SP 70 Material: Who Am I? -- Left, Right Brain Material
26. SP 70 Material: The Personal Equation--"Ego of Van Gogh"
27. SP 70 Material: H. Bosch
Box 7
1. SP 70 Material: Hearing and Doing the Gospel
2. SP 70 Material: The Faces of Jesus" (essay)
3. SP 70 Material: The Faces of Jesus" (essay)
4. SP 70 Material: Theology as Critical Insight" (essay)
5. SP 70 Material: Registration and Course Evaluation and Voluntary Exercise.
6. SP 70 Material: Advent, Christmas, New Years
7. SP 70 Material: Hearing and Voice Tape
8. SP 70 Material: Vincent Van Gogh (Extra Handouts)
9. SP 70 Material: Fowler's Six Stages of Faith
10. SP 70 Material: Genesis
11. SP 70 Material: Meadow Lakes Material
12. SP 70 Material: "Eschatology and Ethics: The Kingdom of God" (essay)
13. SP 70 Material: Miscellaneous
14. SP 70 Material: Figure of Christ Bearing the Cross
15. SP 70 Material: Son's of the Prophets, Princeton University Press material (66 prints; 34 cards; 2 photos; other miscellaneous)
Box 8
1. Oddments (poetry, journalism, alumni news)
2. University Chapel exams
3. papers 1982-1983
4. Autobiography: "Sentenced to School for Life"
5. Dictionary file
6. Christmas, religious, Easter
7. McCord memos
8. Lauderdale Lectures: "Theology, Prayer, Praise"
9. Miscellaneous: lectures and courses
10. Academia I: faculty and other reports
11. Academia II: papers, responses, letters
12. Quotations and notes
Box 9
1. Projects
2. Student recommendations
3. Letter to Hugh T. Kerr from Emil Brunner, February 17, 1951
4. Course Syllabi by Hugh T. Kerr, 8 pieces, 1972-1974


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