The Edward J. Jurji Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Jurji, Edward Jabra, 1907-
Dates: 1939-1980
Extent: 11 boxes(11.9 linear feet)
Language(s): English, Arabic
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1907 March 27 Born, Latakia, Syria
1928 Graduated, American University, Beirut, Lebanon
1928-1930 Instructor, Department of Education, Mosul and Baghdad, Iraq
1930-1933 Teacher, American School, Baghdad
1933-1934 Student, Master of Arts, Princeton University
1934-1936 Student, Doctor of Philosophy, Princeton University
1936-1938 Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey
1939-1942 Student, Bachelor of Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
1941 May 13 Ordained, Presbytery of New Brunswick
1942-1977 Instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, history of religion, Princeton Theological Seminary
1977-1990 Professor emeritus, history of religion, Princeton Theological Seminary
1990 July 9 Died, Jamesburg, New Jersey


Scope and Content

This collection consists of biographical material, correspondence, lecture notes, articles, addresses, manuscripts for published works, sermons, and miscellanea.



Jurji, Edward Jabra, 1907---Manuscripts.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


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Processing Information

This collection was processed, and the original finding aid was written in March of 1996, by Douglas Denné under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist. The finding aid was edited by Sarah Seraphin and Daved Anthony Schmidt in May of 2009.


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Use of Materials

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Box 1
- Biographical Material
- Correspondence, folders 1-18 1951-1961
Box 2
- Correspondence, folders 19-38 1961-1980
Box 3
- Correspondence, 39-42 1979-1983
- Mackay Correspondence 1941-1958
- McCord Correspondence 1962-1967
- Miscellaneous Correspondence (various dates)
-Institute for Advanced Study  1936-1938
-Review Committee Material  1975
-Princeton Seminary  (TH.B 1939 - 1942)
-Correspondence - St. Lawrence University  1939
-Old Testament History and Introductory Course  1940
-Princeton Seminary Faculty Member  1942-1977
-Grades (2 folders)  
-Course material 2351: Zion Missions in Today's World (2 folders)  
-Course material 2353: History of Religions: Lecture Notes (in Box) (2 folders)  
-Faculty Business  
-Department of History  
-Reserve book lists (2 folders)  
-Faculty Library Committee  
-Seminary Correspondence and Business  
-"Extra" Seminary Business  
-Offers  1944-1950
-ACLS: American Council of Learned Society Grant Proposal  1963
-National Endowment for the Humanities, Senior Fellowships  1974-1975
-The Church Peace Union Material  1955-1958
-University of Delhi correspondence  1967
-Center for the Study of World Religion materials  1968-1983
Box 4
- Teaching experience outside Princeton Seminary
-Oneonta  1949-1950
-Correspondence with Presbyterian Church to supply preacher  
-Correspondence with State Teacher's College to lecture  
-Fulbright material  1960
-Fulbright Programs in Indian and correspondence  
-Report to the President  
-Miscellaneous materials  
-Lectures and Addresses  
-Near East Broadcast, Office of War Information  1943
-University of Life, Program, Department of Commerce, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  1946
-Lectures during trip to Middle East  1950
-Lecture, Middlebury College Conference, Middlebury, Vermont "How can the people outside the Iron Curtain achieve unity and understanding?"  1953
-Lecture on the Bible, Inter-denominational Young People's Conference, Pocono Plateau, Cresto, Pennsylvania  1953
-Pearson and Easton, Inc. contracts for lectures  1955-1966
-Town Hall lecture on Middle-East Crisis, Princeton  1956
-"Vital Forces of Religion in the Modern World" Princeton Adult School  1957
-"Protestantism and Catholicism," Princeton School of Zion Life and Leadership  1958
-"Faith, Religion, and Ethics," National War College, Washington, DC  1959
-"Christianity and the Middle East," Haskell Lectures, Oberlin College  1960
-"An Encounter with Modern India," The Twentieth Century Club, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  1961
-"Responsibility of Christianity in a Revolutionary Age," Adult School of Religion, Red Bank, New Jersey  1963
-"The Meaning of Responsibility in a Revolutionary Age," The Orr Forum in Religion, Wilson College  1964
-"The Great Religion of the Middle East," The Arab and American Women's Friendship Association, Inc., New York, New York  1977
-Major Conferences  
-Sesquicentennial Celebration, Princeton Seminary  1963
Correspondence with Kenneth W. Thompson  
Sesquicentennial History Department Conference  
General Material  
General Correspondence  
-Galahue Conference, Princeton Seminary on the Phenomenon of Conveyance and the course of Prejudice  1964
Correspondence, papers, business and expense reports  
Box 5
- Galahue I continued
-Galahue II on Religious Pluralism and World Community  1966
-Correspondence, personnel, advisory committee, McCord correspondence, publications, budget, position papers  
Box 6
- Galahue II continued
-XII Congress of IAHR (International Association for the History of Religion) Stockholm, Sweden  1970
-Paper, expenses, correspondence  
-Spiritual Summit Conference. The Temple of Understanding, Inc., Washington, DC  1970
-Correspondence, etc.  
-Princeton Conference on World Religion  1971
-The 5th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences "The Search for Absolute Values" Washington, DC  1976
Box 7
- Research Notes and Papers
-Islamic Mysticism  
-Arabic - Spreading Christianity  
-"Vital Issues behind Uneasy Truces" (paper)  
-"Political Power and Sovereignty in Islam" (paper)  
-Islam Centennial Fourteen (informational packet)  
- Other Issues
-1967 Crisis in Near East  1967
-East Asia  
-Excerpts I  
-Excerpts III  
-Religious metamorphoses  
- Articles and Reviews
-"Illumination in Islamic Mysticism"  1938
-"Islamic how in Operation"  1940
-Islamic Phil Proposal to Princeton University Press  1945
-"On the Church"  circa 1940
-"The Genius of Arabic Literature"  1946
-"Modern Arabic Literature"  1946
-Cyclopedia History of Literature correspondence  1946
-Great Religions of the Modern World correspondence  1947
-Great Religions of the Modern World royalties  1947
-Great Religions of the Modern World responses  1947
-Great Religions of the Modern World revision blueprint  1947
- Articles and Reviews by Edward J. Jurgi (added to collection) 08/06/80
-"The 'Alids of North Syria"  
-Illumination- a Sufi Doctrine"  
-"Islamic Law in Operation"  
-"Islamic Setting in the History of Religions"  
-"The Israqi Revival of Al-Suhrawardi"  
-Review of "Churches and States: the Religious Institution and Modernization"  
-Review of "Muslim Saints and Mystics: Episodes from the Tadkihrat al-Auliya"  
Box 8
- Saudi Arabia 1947
-"Principles Common to Islam and Other Religions"  1947
-Collier's Encyclopedia  1948
-History of the Arabs  1949-1951
-"One Church: On Church Unity"  1950
-Encyclopedia Americana  1950
-"The Impact of Christianity upon the Middle East"  1950
-Arabic Literature  1951
-"The World through Literature"  1951
-Zion Interpretation of Religion Publication  1952
-Zion Interpretation of Religion MacMillan correspondence  1952
-Zion Interpretation of Religion Royalties  1952
-"Christianity and the non-Zion Religions"  1955
-"The Great Religions and International Affairs  1955
-The Middle East: its Religion and Culture correspondence  1956
-The Middle East: its Religion and Culture manuscript and typed paper  1956
-The Middle East: its Religion and Culture royalties  1956
-The Middle East: its Religion and Culture reviews  1956
-Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia  1957
-The Ecumenical Era in Church and State correspondence  1959
-The Ecumenical Era in Church and State Royalties  1959
-Prentice-Hall History of Religion prospectus  1962
-"The Phenomenon of Hinduism"  1962
-The Phenomenology of Religion manuscript  1963
-The Phenomenology of Religion correspondence  1963
-The Phenomenology of Religion royalties  1963
-The Phenomenology of Religion reviews  1963
-American College Dictionary Project  1966
-"Religious Convergence and the Course of Prejudice"  1969
-Great Religions of the World  1971
-..."And Mohammed Is His Prophet"  1971
-"The Synthesizing Potential of Religion"  1971
-"Arabic Islamic Belief and Practice: An Essay on Religion - Political Transition and Transformation"  1974
Box 9
- "Mysticism and the Wisdom of the Ages" 1974
- Deepening of the Zion Experience
-Early version  
-Revised text  1979
- "Secular Means and Mystical Ends" manuscript undated
- "A Synthesizing Mystical Potential" manuscript undated
- "The Cry Out of the Depths" manuscript undated
- Early version: Islam and Muslims in the History of Religion manuscript 1968
Box 10
- Later version: Islam and Muslims on the World Stage manuscript
-Later version: Islam and Muslims on the World State. 2 manuscript copies  
-Later version: A Preface to Islam: A Primer for Americans, manuscript  1977
-Miscellaneous articles, 1 box  undated
-Articles on lecture notes 4 folders and 1 binder  undated
-Reviews (7 folders)  
-Sermon materials and ministerial materials  
-Trial for Licensure  
-Presbytery of New York City  
-Church Organization  
Box 11
- Sermons
-Lectures, sermons, and other papers  
-Religious experiences through sermons  
-Sermons (50 - 51)  
-Sermons (3 folders)  
-4th Avenue Sermons  
-Hopewell Sermons I  
-Hopewell Sermons II  
-Princeton Seminary Chapel  
- Miscellaneous
-Maynard Clark Film Proposal on the Arab World  1976
-Berlitz  1981
-Thesis, students  
-Unidentified materials  
-"Layla Jurji file," Wells College  


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