The Alberto Rembao Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Rembao, Alberto
Dates: 1910-1962 (bulk 1924-1945)
Extent: 2 Boxes (2.2 linear feet)
Language(s): English, Spanish
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1895 September 25 Born, Chihuahua, Mexico
1924-1927 Student, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California
1962 November 10 Died, New York City

Biographical Information

Dr. Alberto Rembao was born in Chihuahua, Mexico on September 26, 1895. His uncle and aunt, Rafael and Silvina Rembao, were leaders in the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1911. Rembao did not finish high school in Mexico. He was 16 when he enlisted in General Orozco's army, and 18 when he lost his leg and was smuggled to the U.S. by Protestant missionaries for life-saving care. After his recovery, he started high school again in New Mexico, and completed his high school requirements and graduated in 1917 from Alhambra City High School, in Alhambra, California, at the age of 21. Then he started at Pomona College later in 1917. He received an A.B. degree from Pomona College in Claremont, California. From there he moved to Mexico to be a teacher and eventually principal of the Colegio International in Guadalajara. Dr. Rembao also was a professor of Spanish language and literature at the University of Guadalajara.

Rembao returned to the United States in 1924 to begin graduate studies at the Pacific School of Religion, in Berkeley, California. He graduated with a Masters and Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1927. While studying there he also served as pastor for a Spanish speaking Presbyterian Church, Casa del Buen Pastor in San Francisco. Rembao went on to graduate study at Yale University and the University of California at Berkeley. He also received an honorary D.D. from the Pacific School of Religion.

While a student at the Pacific School, Dr. Rembao began working on Nueva Senda, a Spanish-language monthly. In 1931 he became the editor of La Nueva Democracia, a Spanish-language quarterly that was published by the Committee on Cooperation in Latin America of the Foreign Missions Division of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. This publication was designed to carry a non-sectarian message to Spanish-speaking peoples of Latin America to promote Christianity, and the values of democracy and internationalism. He began helping with some of the editorial duties around 1931 and was named general editor of the publication in 1933.

At various times Rembao served as a guest lecturer at the College of the City of New York (Latin American History); at the Hartford Seminary Foundation (Contemporary Thought in Latin America); at the Biblical Seminary in the City of New York (Church and State in Latin America); and Princeton Theological Seminary. He was also a visiting professor at Matanzas Theological Seminary, Matanzas, Cuba. He lectured widely both in the U.S. and at Latin American Universities.

Rembao's books in English include Lupita, a Story of Mexico in Revolution, Outlook in Mexico, and Horseman of the Lord. His books in Spanish cover many subjects, including transcendentalism, evangelism, theology and the philosophy of religion. Titles include: Chihuahua de mis Amores y Otros Despachos de Mexicanidad Neoyorquina, Democracia Trascendente, Flor de Traslaciones: Ensayos de Tiempo de Angustia, Meditaciones Neoyorkinas, and Vida Heroica. Dr. Rembao was married to Mrs. Julia Garcia de Rembao. He died of a stroke on November 10, 1962 at his home in New York City.


Scope and Content

Three major areas of Rembao's life are represented in this collection, which is divided into 14 series. The first series includes a scrapbook of clippings from Mexican newspapers spanning 1905-1914. Many of the clippings show pictures of revolutionary soldiers, including Rembao's uncles. Other articles include images of Chihuahua, Mexico.

There are two series of notes by Dr. Rembao. The first, Series II, includes notes from his days as a lecturer and college professor, many of which are undated. Series III includes many of his notes and papers from graduate school at the Pacific School for Religion and at Yale.

Series IV includes rough drafts of service bulletins from Casa del Buen Pastor, a Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, California, where Rembao served as pastor during his graduate studies at Berkeley. Series V contains Dr. Rembao's correspondence, including letters received from 1921 to 1945. This extensive collection of letters offers insight into his work outside of school as an editor and pastor.

Series VI, Professional Writings, includes rough drafts of his writings for various journals, as well as writings for Spanish language publications La Nueva Democracia and Nueva Senda, of which he served as editor. Series VI-IX contain journal copies of his published articles and rough drafts of specific manuscripts. Series X includes articles by others, which were most likely sent to him for review and feedback. One unusual item found in this series is a manuscript copy of an unpublished screen play, entitled "The Wife of Uriah the Hittite," written by a Salvador Mendoza. It had been sent to Cecil B. DeMille, and is accompanied by a response letter signed by DeMille that turns down the screenplay. A separate series, Series XI, includes a work by John A. Mackay entitled "El Orden de Dios y el Desorden del Hombre."

Series XIII includes an incomplete set of lectures from a series given at Union Theological Seminary between the years 1953-1962. Last, Series XIV includes a collection of personal mementos of Dr. Rembao, including menus, receipts, passports, advertisement, maps and program announcements from events where Rembao spoke.



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Committee on Cooperation in Latin America.


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Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was donated by Dr. Rembao's wife in 1985. A collection of his books acquired at this time, were donated by the Seminary to Princeton University's Firestone Library. This collection was organized, and the original finding aid was written in the spring of 1994, by Melissa Rizer under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist. The finding aid was edited in April of 2009, by Sarah Seraphin.


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Series I: (Box 1) - Scrapbook (1905-1914)

Series II: (Box 1) - Notes

Series III: (Box 1) - Graduate School Notes and Papers, 1924-28

Series IV: (Box 1) - Casa del Buen Pastor, San Francisco, California, 1924-27

Series V: (Box 1) - Correspondence, 1921-45

Series VI: (Box 2) - Professional Writings

Series VII: (Box 2) - Discorso a la Nacion Evangelica

Series VIII: (Box 2) - El Mundo en Marcha

Series IX: (Box 2) - Lecciones de Filosofia de la Religion, from Matanzas, Cuba

Series X: (Box 2) - Articles by other authors

Series XI: (Box 2) - El Orden de Dios y el Desorden del Hombre, por Juan Mackay

Series XII: (Box 2) - La Biblio y las Naciones

Series XIII: (Box 2) - Union Theological Seminary Lecture Series, 1953-1962

Series XIV: (Box 2) - Personal Mementos



Box 1
Series I: Scrapbook
1:1 Scrapbook: newspaper clippings of articles and photos about Chihuahua and the Revolution (1910-1914) in Spanish. 1905-1914
Series II: Notes
1La Sofistica: el mito y discourso de protagoras (6 pages typed)  
2El Discurso (3 pages)  
3Alegoria de la Caverna (Fragmento); Dialogo entre Socrates y Glaucon (6 pages typed)  
41 page drawing, includes notations; "Presos", "Tapia y Hombres", "Fuego"  
5Platon (pages 1-6)  
6Aristoteles (pages 1-16)  
7Etica - Aristoteles (pages 1-7)  
8La Decadencia de Grecia... (viernes 2 de diciembre 1955)(7 pages)  
1San Augustin: Breve extracto de sus "Confesiones"  
2Lista de Libros Enviados a Matanzas... segun ordenes del Dr. Rembao  March 1955-November 1955
3Exam, (3 handwritten pages of outline)  December 1955
4Ciceron (2 pages, 2 copies)  
5El Fragmento de Anaximandro (1 page)  
6Los Fragmentos de Heraclito (pages 1-15)  
1Notes on F. Bacon (15 pages)  
2El Empirismo Ingles, dated 13 de enero, (4 pages)  1956
3Locke (1 page)  1632-1704
4Berkeley (1 page)  1685-1753
5Handwritten one-half page of outline  
6Baruj Espinoza, dated (4 pages, 15 pages of notes and outline)  July 28, 1954, (1632-1677)
7John Dewey notes (7 pages)  
8Jorge Santayana (9 pages)  
9Historia de la Filosofia - Trabajo Annual (1 page, 2 pages of names of students)  
10Historia de la Filosofia (2 page outline)  
1Lecture notes, in English, typed and handwritten, arranged by date and class on church, Latin America  
21933-34 school year calendar from Hartford Theological Seminary  1933-1934
1Notes, Genesis and Evolution  
2Paper, no title  
Series III: Graduate School Notes, 1924-28
1"What Antiochus Epiphanes did to the Jews" by AR, for seminar course on Daniel at Pacific School of Religion (7 pages)  February 24, 1925
2Rough draft of "The documents of the Jahwist and the Elohist, known symbolically as 'J' and 'E'" (typed, pages 7-10)  
3Chapter 3 (pp. 1-7 of a conclusion of unnamed essay, rough draft, typed)  
4Chapter l; Chapter 2, Section 2 (Chapter 2, section 1 missing): "Overview of last 50 years of inquiry into composition of the six first books of the Old Testament" (untitled, unnumbered, typed, rough draft)  
5Chapter 5: "The Deuteronomic Record 'D'" (rough draft, typed, corrections, notes)  
6Chapter 4: "The Main Characteristics of the documents. "J" and "E" (pp. 1-22)  
7University of California memorandum, evaluation of credentials (pp. 28-24)  
1Handwritten notes:  1926
-Confucianism:   April 16
-History of religion, Taoism:   April 21
-Taoism:   April 2
-Zoraster's concept of God; 3 pages:   March 31
2Handwritten notes:  1925
-Fatherhood of God:   August 28
-[Note on the reverse of a personal letter dated October 20]:   November 17
3Pages 2-4 of typed outline: Religion / Intellect / Imagination / Monotheism  
13 pages of notes, Mateo, last 3 verses dated October 4 (no year given)  
2Homiletics, January 13-March 12 notes  
3February 25 (1 page notes on Romans)  
4Notes 1924-1925 (12 pages)  
53 pages of notes on Mexicanization of the South West  
62 pages typed El Nuevo Pacto, by A. Rembao; Mexican Presb., San Francisco,   November 2, 1924
72 pages of notes Juan 20,   undated
83 pages of notes Isaias 60,   undated
9Program, 1925 conference in Texas  
104 pages of undated notes  
11The political conditions of Palestine during the second half of the 8th century B.C. (12 pages)  
123 pages of notes: "Apocalipsis,"   September 6, 1925
134 pages of notes on Lucas 12: 22-32  
1Christian Social Origins:  
-Notes by A. Rembao, typed, 5 pages, on lecture: "The search for reality" by John Wright Buckham,   December 4, 1924
-Notes on Religion of Primitive Hawaiians (1 page),   September 16, 1924
-Paper "Jesus and his times" by A. Rembao, (13 pages),   September 30, 1924
-Notes Christian Social Origins,   August 27-October 1, 1925
-The Characteristics of the Old Testament documents, large chart by Ralph Supplie  
-Christian Theology  
-Philosophy and psychology of religion  
-New Testament  
-La Humanidad de Jesus  
-Jonas y la Ballena, dated   December 14, 1924
-Inclitas Razas Uberrimas  
2Review of J. Powis Smith's "Moral Life of the Hebrews"  
3Notes: Hombres Renacidos, dated  November 16, 1924
-Calvin 1509-1564,   undated
-Homiletics,   April 21, 1926
-Capitulo 3 de Galatas,   January 18, 1925
-Untitled [may be a rough draft of a church service],   February 7, 1926
2"Some data as to the historical reality of the Tabernacle described by 'P'", by A. Rembao, (3 pages),   September 19, 1924
-Cristobal Colon  October 11, 1925
-Untitled [may be a rough draft of a church service],   January 17, 1926
4Questions on the Hexateuch  
5Questions on the Kethubim  
610 suggestions for the study of a sectional unit in a book of the Bible  
7"Words, words, words" a paper given as a speech, with letter,   April 19, 1925
8Pacific School of Religion, class roll and report, for Professor Buckham; 2 pages,   1924-1925
9Outline,   undated
10"Quien es Cristo Jesus?"   October 26, 1924
1Notes,   1925
2Rough draft of paper, no title  
Paper for Master of Arts degree at Pacific School of Religion (76 pages)  
Copy 2 of paper for Master of Arts degree at Pacific School of Religion (76 pages)  
Notes: Homiletics,   1925
Notes: "Christian Church History, "   February-May 1925
Notes: September-May (no year given); "Jesus and His Time" and "New Testament Theology"  
1Jesus' attitude to the Jewish, by A. Rembao, 10 pages; for New Testament Theology,   October 22, 1927
21st Peter 2:21; 2 pages, typed notes  
3Handwritten notes, 9 pages, Paul's X-mysticism  
4Page 87 of typed outline on Formulae, incomplete  
514 pages of notes on Socialismo Cientifico  
6Newspaper clipping of story of the rush hour boat  
7Written statement by A. Rembao for licensure for preaching from New Haven West Association of Congregational Churches and Ministers (8 pages)  
8X entre 2 ladrones (1 page)  
9Marxian Socialism, by A. Rembao (15 pages)  
New Testament Theology class: "The Doctrine of God among the Jews of Jesus times" by A. Rembao,   January 30, 1928
1Outline, rough draft on Latin America (inc.) (6 pages)  
2Department of Religion: written preliminary examinations (4 pages)  
3Yale University final examination; Philosophy 12 - History of Philosophy (1 page),   June 1928
4Memorandum about Check-up on the corrections of the Spanish Version Moderna, 1928, dated   January 28, 1929
5Changes in Version Moderna, authorized by Versions Committee and Board, dated   January 31, 1929
Notes:   September 27, 1927 - January 1928
Notes: "Comparative Religions"   March -April 1928
Notes:   February - May 1928
-Pan Babylonia, handwritten and typed  
2"Kant's Philosophy"; 5 pages  
3"Determinism and freedom"; 14 pages  
1"Analisis de la experiencia estimativa en el pensamiento de Albert Einstein"  
2"Experiencia Religiosa, Mito y Simbolo"  
3Review outline for Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion  
4Syllabus for lectures on the history of Christian Doctrine  
5Undated notes and outline  
Series IV: Casa del Buen Pastor, San Francisco, California, 1924-27
Outlines and Bulletins  1924-1927
Series V: Correspondence, 1921-45
-Undated letters  
-  1921-1923
-  1926
-  1927
-  1928
-  1929
-  1930
-  1931
-  1932-1933
-  1936-37, 1939-40
-  1942-1945
-Letter from Alice Lindsley to Mrs. Rembao  October 15, 1944
Box 2
Series VI: Professional Writings
1Armagedon se pospone - II (4 pages)  August 1934
2Libertad individual versus seguridad economica (5 pages, iv-20-35, 2 copies)  
3La Escencia del individualismo (6 pages, vii-23-35)  
4La Socializacion de la Ciencia (5 pages, viii-12-35)  
5La Humanization del Logos (5 pages, viii-18-35)  
6De Como el que poco abarca mucho abrieta (4 pages, wviii-22-35),   August 1935
7Los Mineros del Misterio (4 pages, x-4-35)  
8Cronicas de lapa: Elan Mistico y panteismo Erudito (5 pages, x-4-35)  
9El Ritmo del Progreso (4 pages, x-15-35)  
10Cronicas de laps: Blanca Rosa Y el indio tegetoff (5 pages, xi-5-35),   September 1935
11Untitled newspaper clipping by Alberto Rembao, New York,   May 1938
Latin American Press Syndicate Writings of A. Rembao and various authors,   1933
1The growing church and its changing environment in Latin America, Part II, (pamphlet),   November 6-8, 1958
2Noveno Congreso, (pamphlet),   August 31-September 2, 1959
3"Protestant Latin America: sight and insight," (7 pages), by A. Rembao, reprint from, International Review of Missions,   January 1957
4"Latin-American variations of the Protestant theme," (14 pages); by A. Rembao, reprint from Spring Religion in Life,   1949
5"Ten Years at the Hill" by A. Rembao (3 pages)  
6"Cristo y su Circunstancia" by A. Rembao, in El Boletin, ano 24; no. 2 (9 pages),   April-June 1959
7"La Realidad Protestante en la America Hispanica" by A. Rembao from Cuadernos Teologicos, no. 22,   1957
8"The Reformation comes to Hispanic America," by A. Rembao from Religion in Life, winter (11 pages),   1957-1958
9"La Revolucion en Marcha" by A. Rembao, dated; typed manuscript attached to other articles by various authors (6 pages),   February 1, 1961
10Nueva Senda; ano. 3, no. 30 (l page),   September 1928
Los Presocraticos (typed pages from 3 ring binder with handwritten notes, pages 2-6, 10-20)  
Series VII: Discorso a la Nacion Evangelica
Discorso a la Nacion Evangelica; by Alberto Rembao, 133 pages, 7 chapters; handwritten corrections, Chapters 1-3  
Discorso a la Nacion Evangelica, Chapters 4-7  
Series VIII: El Mundo en Marcha
El Mundo en Marcha, manuscripts  August-December 1944
El Mundo en Marcha, manuscripts,   February -July 1944
El Mundo en Marcha,   1936-40, 1942, 1945
Series IX: Lecciones de Filosofia de la Religion, from Matanzas, Cuba
Lecciones de Filosofia de la Religion, Chapter 1-2; at Matanzas, Cuba (undated); contains extensive outline/table of contents (approximately 316 pages)  
Lecciones de Filosofia de la Religion, Chapter 3-5  
Lecciones de Filosofia de la Religion, Chapter 6-8  
Series X: Articles by other authors
1"Idioma, Cumunidad y Verdat," by Philip H. Phenix  
2Capilla Alfonsina - Boletin, Num 4, Mayo 31, 1966(28 pages)  
La Nueva Democracia, vol. 42, New York, Abril 1962, Numero 2; "El Senorio de Cristo en el Alma Humana" por Juan A. Mackay  
1"Tres Lecciones sobre Existencialismo" by Dr. Juan David Garcia Bacca (pp. 11-30)  
2"Existencialismo" by Juan David Garcia Bacca in Anales U. Central del Ecuador, Julio 1954, #338 (pp. 37-42)  
1"The given word" by John Baillie (15 pages)  
2"Primeras Consideraciones Sobre el problems de la muerte" by Ernesto Sabato (pp. 27-48)  
3"Hegel o la vision Absoluta" by Jose Ferrater Mora (pp. 70-83)  
"Husserl's phenomenology and the scope of philosophy" by Alfred Stern, Personalist, Summer (pp. 267-284)  1954
"Estructura y significacion del Cartesianismo..." by B. Mantilla Pineda (journal article, pp. 115-126)  
"La Escuela de Alejandria" (pp. 55-69, journal article by Maria Zambrano)  
"Sobre la filosofia de la filosofia"; U. de la H. (pp. 26-27, Sept-Dic 1939, inscription, 42 pages, journal article by Jose Gaos)  
1Bibliography, "La Nueva Democracia" in Spanish,   November 9, 1961
2El Pensamiento Politico. Ernesto Renan por Alfonso Francisco Ramirez (5 pages)  
3Mendez Ballester y su Teatro de Simbolos por Max Henriquez Urena (7 typed pages)  
4Las Cuatro Estaciones del Arte por Hector Velarde (5 pages)  
5Actualidad de Marta Brunet por Jose Sanz y Diaz (2 pages)  
6Nuevo Libro de Juan Ramon Jimenez por Gaston Figueira (2 pages)  
7La Libertad y su Expresion en el Arte Argentina por Romualido Brughetti, from La Nacion, Buenos Aires, 1961  
8La Actual poesia Paraguaya por Roque Vallejos Perez Garay (6 pages)  
9Adios a Jesus Flores Aguirre por Juan Marin (3 pages)  
10El Senorio de Cristo en el Alma Humana por Juan A. Mackay (5 pages)  
11El Senorio de Cristo en el Alma Humana por Juan A. Mackay (5 pages)  
12Parabola de la Pampa de Acari por Felipe Cossio del Pomar (3 pages)  
13Nueva Apreciacion de Toynbee por Eugenio Chang Rodriguez (4 pages)  
14Rebelion, Revolucion y Reforma (no author listed, 4 pages)  
15El Hombre Anto Dios y la Humanidad, por Marta San Martin with attached letter, dated  September 13, 1962
16Incomplete manuscript, no title, undated, pages 2-3  
17Newspaper clipping: "La Controversia del Petroleo" en los paises hermanos   October 20, 1921
1Letter from Cecil B. De Mille, dated  March 21, 1927
2Manuscript of The Wife of Uriah, the Hittite by Salvador Mendoza, dated  February 1927
3Letter from the University of Cincinnati  August 14, 1928
4Discurso del Excmo. Sr. D. Juan Donoso Cortes (36 pages)  
Discurso del Excmo. Sr. D. Juan Donoso Cortes (36 pages)  
Series XI: El Orden de Dios y el Desorden del Hombre, por Juan Mackay
El Orden de Dios y el Desorden del Hombre: la Epistola a los Efesios y la Epoca Actual, por Juan A. Mackay (rough draft, pp. 1-34)  
Chapter 1-2, pp. 1-63  
Chapter 3-4, pp. 64-117  
Chapter 5-6, pp. 118-175  
Chapter 7-End, pp. 176-250  
Series XII: La Biblio y las Naciones
La Biblio y las Naciones / The Bible and the Nations; excerpts from letters and addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt  May 1945
Series XIII: Union Theological Seminary Lecture Series, 1953-1962
2:30 Various authors
1953: What Christians believe and why:  
-Christ and the New Testament,   January 12
-Man and prayer,   January 19
1957: Religion and the professions:  
-What has psychiatry learned and mislearned from the Christian Church,   January 21
-Religion and teaching,   undated
1958: Developing one's own Christian life:  
-Developing one's own Christian life,   January 6
-Our use of the Bible and practice of prayer,   January 13
-Christianity and its major rivals in the world,   January 20
-Christian belief and Christian life,   January 27
2:31 Various authors
1959: Relating one's Christian beliefs to life today:  
-Christian Faith and Personal Relationships,   January 5
-Christian faith in our shrinking world,   January 12
-Sin, suffering and forgiveness,   January 19
-Death and the Christian answer,   January 26
-Relating one's Christian beliefs to life today,   February 2
1960: Christian faith and its secular rivals:  
-Modern stoicism,   January 11
-Psychiatry: an alternative to religion?   January 18
-Secularist humanism,   February 1
2:32 Various authors
1961: Seeking the Christian Way:  
-... through ethical confusions,   January 9
-... through contagious hostilities,   January 16
-... through youth's perplexities,   January 23
-... through international dilemmas,   January 30
-... through his own dilemmas,   February 6
2:33 1962
Christianity on the march, 2 outlines,   January 15 - February 5, 1962
Series XIV: Personal Mementos
International Missionary Council Who's Who; Whitby, Canada,   July 5-24, 1947
1Church service bulletins  
2Program announcements with Rembao as speaker  
1The Lorain Journal, article mentioning Mrs. Rembao,   August 4, 1928
2Southern Pacific Envelope from train ticket  
3The Schauffler School report on Julia Rembao,   June 1928
4Poetry clipping for journal,   undated
5Commencement Bulletin from Pacific School of Religion,   April 28, 1927
6Business Cards  
8Invitation to 1926 Pacific School of Religion Commencement  
9Advertisement for George R. E. Millenary Co.  
10Commencement invitation to Pomona College,   1921
11Empty Envelope addressed to A. Rembao in New York City  
12University of California receipt for fee exemption,   January 12, 1926 and August 16, 1926
13Incomplete, undated list of courses of A. Rembao  
14List of names, typed,   December 14, 1945
15Blank membership form for the Ministers Casualty Union  
16"En mi alma a veces eres," by Dmitri Ivanovitch  
17Brentano's, Inc. receipt,   September 1, 1931
18Application for Visa, application for re-entry permit,   February 2, 1939; October 27, 1939
19World's Sunday School Convention Conference outline,   July 13, 1928
20Casa Unida De Publicaciones, S.A. receipt,   September 8, 1926
21Receipt, from Guadalajara,   August 20, 1924
22Attendance report, from San Francisco, California,   March 31, 1926
23Receipt for Chevy Tour Car,   June 5, 1925
24Southern Pacific Company receipt,   August 27, 1926
252 copies of courses taken by a Daniel Hernandez,   June 23, 1924
1Menu from Ristorante di i Categoria, with notes  
2Menu from Chalet del Lago, Roma,   September 26, 1932
3Map of Mexico,   circa 1908
Pasaporte, issued   August 19, 1932
Pasaporte, issued   August 1934
Pasaporte, issued   October 1938
Pasaporte, issued   October 1945
Pasaporte, issued   November 1958


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