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The Samuel Miller Manuscript Collection

Collection Summary

Creator:Miller, Samuel, 1769-1850
Dates:1793-1851 (bulk undated)
Extent: 28 Boxes (11.8 linear feet)
Language(s): English
Repository: Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries. Special Collections.


1769 October 30Born, Dover, Delaware
1788Graduated, University of Pennsylvania
1793 June 5Ordained, Presbytery of New York
1793-1801Associate pastor, First Church, New York City
1801-1813Pastor, Wall Street Church, New York City
1804Awarded Doctor of Divinity, University of Pennsylvania
1813-1849Professor, Ecclesiastical History and Church Government, Princeton Theological Seminary
1849-1850Professor emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary
1850 June 7Died, Princeton, New Jersey

Biographical Information

Samuel Miller (1769-1850) was born in Dover, Delaware and received his education at the University of Pennsylvania and through pastoral internship. After many years of service as a Presbyterian minister (including pastor of First/Wall Street Presbyterian Church in New York City), Dr. Miller became the second professor at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1813. He taught Ecclesiastical History and Church Government at Princeton Seminary until shortly before his death in 1850. He was the author of several books and numerous scholarly articles and published sermons, many of which remain currently in print to this day.


Scope and Content

This collection consists of a variety of personal papers of Dr. Miller gathered from a number of sources. Among the items in this collection are sermons, course lecture notes, correspondence, bibliography, genealogy, articles, autobiography, and miscellany.



Miller, Samuel, 1769-1850--Archives.

Princeton Theological Seminary--Faculty--Archives.

Lectures notes.

Princeton Theological Seminary. Library. Manuscript collections.


Administrative Information

Processing Information

This collection was processed, and the original finding aid was written by Douglas F. Denné, under the direction of William O. Harris, Archivist in the spring of 1992. The collection was reorganized and additional materials were added by Raymond Cannata in March of 1996. The finding aid was edited by Sarah Malone in August 2008.


There are no special restrictions to access of this collection. It may be examined by library patrons under the normal rules and conditions of Special Collections.

Use of Materials

The following is the acceptable citation for publication: The Samuel Miller Manuscript Collection. Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Library.


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Samuel Miller Papers, 1754-1898 (bulk 1800-1849). Princeton University Libraries, Manuscripts Division.

Manuscript Group 879, New Jersey Historical Society.



Box 1
1:1Catalogue of Dr. Miller's Library.
1:3Catalogue as found at his death.
1:4Catalogue of his library, pp. 1-25.
1:5Catalogue of his library, pp. 26-50.
1:6Catalogue of his library, pp. 51-75.
1:7Catalogue of his library, pp. 76-116.
1:8Catalogue of his library, pp. 117-150.
1:9Catalogue of his library, pp. 151-185.
1:10Catalogue of his library, pp. 186-219.
1:11Memorandum book, Princeton Theological Seminary. (started 1833 December)
1:12Bibliography of published works, pp. 1-25.
1:13Bibliography of published works, pp. 26-60.
1:14Bibliography of published works, pp. 61-90.
1:15Bibliography of published works, pp. 91-120.
1:16Bibliography of published works, pp. 121-158.
1:17Bibliography of published works, pp. 159-204.
1:18Manuscript of Miller's sermons and lectures.
1:19List of articles put into the hands of Dr. McGill.
1:20List of works....published by the Presbyterian Board of Publication. (1891 July 23)
1:21List of publications up to 1814.
1:22Autobiography. circa 1843
Box 2
2:1Introductory lecture.
2:2Introductory lecture. (1814 November 12; with additions 1815 June 30)
2:3Introductory lecture. (1817 June 27)
2:4Introductory lecture. (1818 November 13; with additions 1820 November 10)
2:5Introductory lecture. (1821 November 9)
2:6Introductory lecture. (1822 November 8)
2:7Introductory lecture. (1831 November 11)
2:8Introductory lecture. 1835 June
2:9Third Introductory lecture on Ecclesiastical History. (1815 March 2)
2:10Practical Results from a Course of Ecclesiastical History.
2:11Ecclesiastical History , no. I.
2:12Ecclesiastical History, 1-2 Centuries.
2:13Ecclesiastical History, no. I. 1-2 Centuries.
2:14Ecclesiastical History, no. II. 2-3 Centuries.
2:15Ecclesiastical History, no. III. 4-5 Centuries.
2:16Ecclesiastical History, no. IV. 6-8 Centuries.
2:17Ecclesiastical History, no. V. 9-12 Centuries.
2:18Ecclesiastical History, no. VI. 13-16 Centuries.
2:19Ecclesiastical History, no. VII. 16-18 Centuries.
2:20Ecclesiastical History, no. VIII. 18 Centuries; "Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S."
Box 3
3:1History of the Rise and Progress of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.
3:2Ecclesiastical History, no. IX. 18-19 Centuries.
3:3Ecclesiastical History, no. X.
3:4Church Government, lecture 1. (1815 January 30)
3:5Church Government, lecture 2. (1815 February 2)
3:6Church Government, lecture 4, Infant Members.
3:7Church Government, lecture 6 and 7. (1815 February 17)
3:8Church Government, Presbyterianism, Part I. (1815 March 17)
3:9Church Government, Presbyterian Church Government. (1815 March 21)
3:10Church Government, Ruling Elders. (1815 March 23)
3:11Church Government, Synods and General Assembly. (1815 April 3)
3:12Church Government, Appeals, Complaints. (1815 April 10)
3:13Church Government, New Evidence and Licentiates, Moderators, etc. (1815 April 17)
3:14Church Government, Infant Members. (1816 March 4)
3:15Church Government, Lecture 8: Episcopal Controversy. (1816 March 11)
3:16Church Government, Episcopal Controversy. (1816 March 14)
3:17Church Government, Episcopal Controversy. (1814 March 18)
3:18Church Government, Episcopal Controversy and Incidental Circumstances. (1817 February 14)
3:19Church Government, Process. (1817 March 31)
3:20Church Government, Episcopal Controversies. (1818 March 2)
3:21Church Government, Church Session and Presbytery. (1818 March 19)
3:22Church Government, Miscellaneous Councils. 1829
3:23Church Government, Lecture III: Adult Members. (1830 January 13)
3:24Church Government, no. I.
3:25Church Government, no. I.
3:26Church Government, no. III.
3:27Church Government, no. IV.
Box 4
4:1Church Government, no. I.
4:2Church Government, Lecture I: General Principles.
4:3Church Government, Lecture II: Origin of the Virgin Church.
4:4Church Government, Head of the Church, Lecture II.
4:5Church Government, Infant Members, Lecture IV.
4:6Church Government, Officers, Lecture V.
4:7Church Government, Officers, Lecture VI.
4:8Church Government, Infant Members, Lecture 8.
4:9Church Government, Lecture 9: Diocesan Episcopy.
4:10Church Government, Lecture 10: Episcopal Controversy.
4:11Church Government, Lecture 11: Episcopal Controversy.
4:12Church Government, Lecture 12: Episcopal Controversy.
4:13Church Government, Lecture 14: Independency Cont.
4:14Church Government, Popery.
4:15Church Government, Conduct in Judicatories.
4:16Church Government, Courts of Appeal and Review, Independency Cont.
4:17Church Government, Controversy with Independents.
4:18Church Government, Lectures on Independency.
4:19Church Government, Synagogue.
4:20Church Government, Principles versus Claims of New School Assembly.
4:21General: Advantages of Presbyterianism, a lecture. (1824 March 26)
4:22The Example of Our Fathers. (1938 August 8)
4:23The True Church. (1843 April 11)
4:24Lecture on the Disruption in 1837.
4:25Licentiates in the Presbyterian Church.
4:26What is Ordination?
4:27Election of Ruling Elders (n.d.); and Ruling Elders. 1809 January
4:28Ruling Elders Cont. (n.d.); and Ordination of Ruling Elders. (1811 April 27)
4:29Ruling Elders (n.d.); Ordination of Ruling Elders (May 17, 1912). C.R.: Letters to the Rev. William M. Engles, D.D. (Philadelphia, 1842)
4:30Theological Papers for a Brief Retrospect: Fragments.
4:31Theological Papers for a Brief Retrospect: Robert Hall's Sermon.
4:32Theological Papers for a Brief Retrospect: Section: Biblical Literature and Theological Science.
4:33Theological Papers for a Brief Retrospect: German translation of the whole Bible.
4:34Theological Papers for a Brief Retrospect: Fragment: Volume I, Preface.
4:35Theological Papers for a Brief Retrospect: Fragment.
4:36Theological Papers for a Brief Retrospect: Fragment.
Box 5: Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History
5:1Century I, no. I. (1831 July 2- 1834 June 14)
5:2Century I, no. II.
5:3Century I, Apostolicum.
5:4Century II.
5:5Century II, no. II.
5:6Century II, no.3; Gnosticism.
5:7Century II, no.3.
5:8Century III, Seculum Novatianum. (1814 January 31)
5:9Century III. (1814 February 4)
5:10Century III, Part I.
5:11Century IV, Seculum Arianum. (1814 February 18)
5:12Century IV, no. II. (1814 February 21)
5:13Century V, no. I. (1814 March 7)
5:14Century V, no. II. (1814 March 11)
5:15Century VII. (1814 March 21)
5:16Century IX. (1814 April 4)
5:17Century X. (1814 April 11)
5:18Century XI, Crusades.
5:19Century XI, no. II. (1819 February 17)
5:20Century XII.
5:21Century XII.
5:22Century XIII, Crusades. 1818
5:23Century XIII, Part II.
5:24Century XIII.
5:25Century XIII.
5:26Century XIII, Fragment.
5:27Century XV. (1819 March 15)
5:28Century XV, Council of Constance, no. I.
5:29Century XV, Council of Constance, no. II.
5:30Century XV, no. II.
5:31Century XVI. (1814 November 14)
5:32Century XVI. (1818 April 9)
5:33Century XVI.
5:34Century XVI, Lutheranism.
5:35Century XVI, Reformed Church. (1819 July 15)
Box 6: Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History.
6:1Century XVI, Vol. 4, Anabaptists. (1819 July 21)
6:2Century XVII, Romish Church. (1818 August 13)
6:3Century XVII, Lutherans. (1818 August 20)
6:4Century XVII, Nonconformists. (1818 September 2)
6:5Century XVII, Reformed Church - England.
6:6Century XVII, Learning and Philosophy.
6:7Century XVII.
6:8Century XVII, Romish Church.
6:9Century XVII, Edict of Nantes.
6:10Century XVII, Reformed Church.
6:11Century XVII, Reformed Church.
6:12Century XVII, Quakers.
6:13Century XVII, State of Jews.
6:14Century XVII, Deists.
6:15Century XVII, Oriental and Greek Churches.
6:16History of the Secession in Scotland, the Methodists. (1815 January 13)
6:17Several Sects.
6:18History of the Nonconformists and the Moravians.
6:19History of the Nonconformists and the Moravians.
6:20Reformation. (1817 March 20)
6:21Melanchthon and Zwingli. (1818 April 8)
6:25Sketch of the Present State of Christendom. (1819 December 20)
6:26The Present State of the Jews. (1817 December 26)
6:27Jews Continued. (1817 December 29)
6:28Present State of the Jews.
6:29Distinguishing Characters of the 18th Century. (1818 November 30)
6:30Episcopal Church in the U.S. and Baptists. (1818 December 11)
6:31Catholic Church. (1818 December 18)
6:32Jesuits. (1818 April 16)
Box 7
7:1Council of Trent.
7:2Synod of Dort and Arminianism. (1823 September 3)
7:3Greek Church. (1818 December 21)
7:4Mohammedamism. (1818 December 28)
7:5Rise, Progress and Character of the Puritans. (1818 July 15)
7:7Puritans Coming to New England in 1620.
7:9Puritans in the 16th Century.
7:10John Knox. (1818 July 22)
7:11Rise and Progress of the Church of England. (1818 July 23)
7:12Church of England.
7:13Rise and Progress of the Church of England.
7:14Assembly of Divines at Westminster.
7:15Paganism. (1819 January 1)
7:16Rise, Progress, and Calamities of the French Churches. (1819 July 14)
7:17French Churches.
7:18The French Church.
7:19French Prophets.
7:20Early Piety.
7:21Vol. (unknown number) Apociatioris and Ecclesiastical Boards.
7:22Ludi Gladiatorii.
7:23Fragment: Summary View of the Christian God.
7:24Shuckford: Sacrifices, Volume I. 1819 January
7:25Shuckford: Pyramids, Volume II.
7:26Shuckford: Hail, Volume III. (March 1819)
7:27Shuckford: Burial of Moses, etc. (1818 March 21)
7:28Bishop Warburton's Theory. 1828
7:29Extemporaneous Prayer-Liturgies.
7:30History of Public Prayer.
7:31History of Public Prayer, continued.
7:33Prideaux: Dial of Ahaz. (1818 March 31)
7:34Prideaux: Present State of Babylon. (1818 April 7)
Box 8
8:1Chronology: Lecture I.
8:2Chronology: Lecture II.
8:3Chronology: Lecture III.
8:4Chronology: Lecture IV.
8:5Chronology: Lecture V.
8:6Chronology: Lecture VI.
8:9History and Geography. (1831 July 2)
8:10Exegesis: De Desumu Christi Ad Infernum.
8:11History of English Biblical Translation. (1816 February 5)
8:12English Biblical Translations. (1816 February 9)
8:13Biblical History, no. I. Lecture notes by Orson Douglass. 1819
8:14Bible notes. 1844
8:15Bible notes, continued. 1844
8:16Habakkuk, Chapter III Translation.
8:17History and Pedagogy.
8:18Fragment: 16 Century, Part II, Chapter I.
8:19Fragment: Church Government, no. IV.
8:20Fragment: "This is not the Esteem..."
8:21Fragment: "You Might Have it Equally..."
8:22Fragment: "Notes and References for Ruling Elders and Deacons."
8:23Fragment: "The Duties of the Elder."
8:24Edward's Inquiry into the Qualifications for Full Communion
8:25Essay on Youth.
8:26History of Sermonizing, Lecture I.
8:27The History of Preaching (continued), Lecture II.
8:28Preparation for Sermonizing, Lecture III.
8:29Choice of Texts, Lecture IV.
8:30Delivery of Sermons, Lecture VIII.
8:31Composition and Delivery of Sermons, Lecture IX. (1815 September 8)
8:32Composition and Delivery of Sermons: Public Prayer and Sacraments, Lecture X. (1815 September 15)
Box 9:Composition and Delivery of Sermons
9:1Lecture II. (1819 July 12)
9:2Lecture III. (1819 July 16)
9:3Lecture IV. (1819 July 19)
9:4Lecture V. (1819 July 23)
9:5Lecture VI, Parts of a Discourse. (1819 July 30)
9:6Lecture VII. (1819 August 6)
9:7Lecture VIII. (1819 August 13)
9:8Lecture IX. (1819 August 19)
9:9Lecture X. (1819 August 26)
9:10Lecture XIV. (1819 September 10)
9:11Lecture. (1819 September 10)
9:12Lecture. (1820 September 8)
9:13Lecture. (1824 August 6)
9:14Mark 16:15, The Gospel Preached, no.13. 1792 May
9:15Matthew 25:10, The Door Shut, no.15. 1792 June
9:16Matthew 16:26, The Excellent and Precious Nature of the Human Soul, no.16. 1792 April
9:17Luke 27:5, Prayer for the Increase of Faith, no.20. 1792 July
9:18James 2:18, Faith Shewn by Works, no.22. 1792 October
9:19II Peter 3:2, The Approaching Dissolution of All Things Urged as a Motive to Godliness, no.28. 1792 December
9:20Philippians 4:11, Contentment, no.116. 1795 March
9:21Proverbs 4:23, The Government of the Heart, no.124. 1795 August
9:22Psalm 5:11, Trusting in God, no.131. 1795 October
9:23Job 29:12-13, Charity Sermon, no.141. 1795 December
9:24Job 14:14, Waiting for our Great Change, no.151. 1796 June
9:25II Peter 3:16, The Mysteries of Revelation, no.155. (August 1796)
9:26Proverbs 1:10. Cautions against the Enticements of Sinners, no.172. 1797 February
9:27Acts 9:4, Why Persecutest Thou Me? no.189. 1797 August
9:28Matthew 5:43, 44, Saving our Enemies, Explained and Urged, no.201. 1797 November
9:29I Samuel 13:14, The Character of David, no.212. 1789 February
9:30Proverbs 14:34, Sin is a Reproach to any People. (August 1798)
Box 10
10:1John 8:34, The Servitude of sin, no.235. 1798 December
10:2Matthew 3:7, The Wrath to Come, no.238. 1799 January
10:3Proverbs 7:7, The Sin, Folly, and Misery of Unlawful Pleasures, no.244. 1799 March
10:4Proverbs 4:18, The Path of the Just Compared to the Shining Light, no.247. 1799 May
10:5Luke 22:62, The History and Character of Peter the Apostle, no.252. 1799 December
10:6Matthew 27:5, The Confession and of Judas Iscariot, no.255. 1800 February
10:7Proverbs 1:2, The Evil and Danger of Bad Company, no. 267. 1800 June
10:8I John 5:4, He that is Born of God, Overcometh the World, no.284. 1801 March
10:9Numbers 23:10, The Character and the Death of the Righteous, no.294. 1802 January
10:10Psalm 42:11, Consolation for the Afflicted, no.299. 1802 March
10:11Hosea 13:9, Sinners Their own Destroyers, no.308. 1802 September
10:12Acts 12:21-23, The Character and End of Herod Agippa, no.315. 1802 December
10:13II Chronicles 32:25, Hezekiah's Ingratitude, no.317. 1802 December
10:14Mark 10:13-14 and Matthew 18:10, The Importance of Children, no.319. 1803 February
10:15Galatians 6:14, The Cross of Christ, the Christian's Glory, no.320. 1803 March
10:16II Timothy 4:10, The Character and Apostasy of Demas, no.321. 1803 March
10:17II Timothy 4:10, The Character and Apostasy of Demas, no.321. 1803 March
10:18Philippians 3:18, Enmity to the Cross of Christ, no. 330. 1803 July
10:19Isaiah 52:7, The Excellency and Desirableness of the Ministerial Office, no.331. 1803 December
10:20Philippians 2:5, The Example of Christ, no.337. 1803 December
10:21Luke 23:42-43, The Penitent Thief, no.342. 1804 January
10:22Luke 23:42-43, The Penitent Thief, no.342. 1804 January
Box 11
11:1II Peter 1:1, Precious Faith, no.345. 1804 April
11:2II Peter 1:1, Precious Faith, no.345. 1804 April
11:3Psalms 8:3-4, The Wonderful Condescension of God, no.349. 1804 May
11:4Psalms 8:3-4, The Wonderful Condescension of God, no. 349. 1804 May
11:5James 4:11, Evil Speaking, no.351. 1804 May
11:6Exodus 20:8, The Sanctification of the Sabbath, no.354. 1804 August
11:7II Corinthians 11:3, Departing from the Simplicity that is in Christ, no.362. 1804 November
11:8Acts 16:29-31, The Great Question Answered, no.363. 1804 November
11:9Genesis 5:7, The Longevity of the Patriarchs, no.367. 1804 December
11:10Isaiah 42:16, God's Dealings with His People, no.369. 1805 January
11:11II Kings 5:13, The Healing of Naaman, no.370. 1805 February
11:12Genesis 3:24, Adam Expelled from Eden, no.376. 1805 April
11:13Genesis 3:24, Adam Expelled from Eden, no.376. 1805 April
11:14Acts 7:55, The Death of Stephen, no.344. 1805 May
11:15II Peter 1:11, Admittance into the Kingdom of Christ, no.378. 1805 July
11:16Job 1:21, The Submission of Job, no.379. 1805 November
11:17Matthew 24:44, Preparation for Death, no.380. 1805 November
11:18Matthew 11:30, The Yoke of Christ, no.381. 1805 November
11:19I Peter 4:7, The End of All Things Considered and Improved, no.383. 1805 December
11:20Luke 13:8, The Importance of a Year, no.384. 1806 January
11:21Genesis 13:10-13, The History of Lot, number unknown. 1806 January
11:22Psalm 149:2, The Children of Zion Rejoicing in Their King, no.389. 1806 February
11:23II Chronicles 33:12, Manasseh, no.394. 1806 July
11:24Genesis 4:4-5, Cain and Abel, no.395. 1806 August
11:25Mark 16:19, The Ascension of Christ, no.396. 1806 September
Box 12
12:1Psalm 90:10, The Shortness of Life, no.397. 1806 November
12:2Revelations 7:9 and Hebrews 12:22, The Blessed Society of Heaven, no.403. 1806 December
12:3Luke 16:15, Our Obligations to God, no.405. 1806 December
12:4Matthew 6:9, After this Manner Pray Ye, no.407. 1807 January
12:5Matthew 6:9, Preface to the Lord's Prayer, no.408. 1807 February
12:6Matthew 6:10, Thy Kingdom Come, no.411. 1807 March
12:7Matthew 6:11, Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread, no.412. 1807 March
12:8Philippians 3:8, The Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ, no.415 (1807 May). Note: Preached May 21, 1807 at the opening of the General Assembly.
12:9Psalm 84:12, Trust in God, no.416. 1807 August
12:10Hebrews 6:17-18, The Security and Strong Consolation of God's People, no.417. 1807 September
12:11Psalm 25:14, The Secret of the Lord with them that Fear Him, no.419. 1807 September
12:12James 4:3, Ye Ask and Receive Not, Because Ye Ask Amiss, no.420. 1807 October
12:13Acts 2:4, The Day of Pentecost, no.421. 1807 October
12:14Acts 2:4, The day of Pentecost, no.421. 1807 November
12:15Matthew 18:10, The Importance of Children, no.422. 1807 November
12:16Philippians 4:7, The Peace of God which Passeth All Understanding, no.423. 1807 November
12:17Matthew 12:49-50, The Brethren and Sisters of our Lord, no.425. 1807 December
12:18Luke 10:38-42, Martha and Mary, no.426. 1807 December
12:19John 14:2-3, Christ's Valedictory Address to His Disciples, no.430. 1808 January
12:20III John 2, Symptoms of Spiritual Prosperity, no.432. 1808 July
12:21Isaiah 43:25, The Pardoning God, no.434. 1808 February
Box 13
13:1Hebrews 13:8, The Unchangeableness of Christ, no. 437. 1808 March
13:2Matthew 9:2, Son, Be of Good Cheer, Thy Sins are Forgiven Thee, no.439. 1808 March
13:3Proverbs 28:14, Hardness of the Heart, No.440. 1808 April
13:4Ephesians 5:16 and Colossians 4:5, Redeeming the Time, no.441. 1808 April
13:5Job 24:5, Justification, no.445. 1808 May
13:6Jeremiah 2:19, The Evil of Sin Considered and Improved, no.446. 1808 June
13:7Isaiah 55:8-9 and Romans 11:33, God's Ways Above Ours, no.452. 1808 August
13:8Hebrews 7:25, The Intercession of Christ, no.453. 1808 September
13:9Fragment form no.457. 1808
13:10Romans 8:33-34, Paul's Confidence, no.458. 1808 October
13:11John 20:28, The Confession of Thomas, no.464. 1808 December
13:12Colossians 4:5, Redeeming the Time, no.468. (1809 January 1)
13:13Luke 11:21-22, The Strong Man Armed, no.470. 1809 January
13:14Matthew 13:44, The Treasure Hid in a Field, no.471. 1809 February
13:15Luke 24:29, The Presence of Christ with His Disciples, no.457. 1809 February
13:16Luke 19:41-42, Christ Weeping over Jerusalem, no.477. 1809 March
13:17I Corinthians 6:17, The Reality, Nature, Effects, Etc.of Union to Christ, no.479. 1809 April
13:18Proverbs 27:19, The Hearts of All Men Alike, no.480. 1809 May
13:19II Corinthians 8:9, The Grace of Jesus, no.481. 1809 May
13:20Exodus 12:26, The Nature and Design of the Lord's Supper, no.485. 1809 June
13:21Luke 19:9, The Conversion of Zaccheus, no.487. 1809 June
Box 14
14:1Matthew 5:6, Hungering and Thirsting after Righteousness, no.488. 1809 July
14:2Hebrews 4:1, Fear Lest We Enter Not into Rest, no.489. 1809 July
14:3John 14:18, The Disciples of Christ not left Comfortless, no.491. 1809 August
14:4II Corinthians 8:9, Ye Know the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, no.493. 1809 September
14:5John 11:35, Jesus Wept, no.495. 1809 September
14:6Genesis 47:8, How Old Art Thou? no.506. 1809 December
14:7Hebrews 6:19, Hope the Anchor of the Soul. 1810 March
14:8I Kings 18-21, Halting between Two Opinions, no.457. 1810 September
14:9Psalm 140:6, The Christian's Relation to God, no.528. 1810 May
14:10I Corinthians 14:15, The Character of Acceptable Prayer, no.534. 1810 July
14:11Luke 13:14, The Strait Gate, no.536. 1810 July
14:12II Chronicles 32:31, The Character of Hezekiah, no. 538. 1810 July
14:13Psalm 17:15, Awakening in the Likeness of Christ, no. 539. 1820 August
14:14Acts 13:36, Serving our Generation, no.540. 1810 August
14:15John 19:30, The Death of Christ, no.544. 1810 September
14:16Acts 16:33, The Conversion of the Jailor, no.545. 1810 September
14:17John 14:2, Our Father's House, no.546. 1810 September
14:18Acts 10:1-2, The History and Character of Cornelius, no.552. 1810 November
14:19II Corinthians 6:17-18, Coming out from the World, no. 555. 1810 November
14:20II Corinthians 6:17-18, Coming out and Separating Ourselves from the World, no.555. 1810 November
14:21Mark 15:34, Christ Mourning the Hiding of his Father's Face, No.556. 1810 December
14:22Matthew 25:28, The Joys of Heaven, no.557. 1810 December
14:23Matthew 6:33, Seeking the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness First, no.558. 1810 December
Box 15
15:1James 2:19, Christian Faith Distinguished from the Faith of Devils, no.559. 1810 December
15:2I Corinthians 7:29, Time is Short, no.560. 1810 December
15:3Luke 13:6-9, The Barren Fig Tree, no.561. 1811 January
15:4Luke 13:6-9, The Barren Fig Tree, no.561. 1811 January
15:5Luke 12:40, Preparation for Death. 1811
15:6Hebrews 11:24-26, Moses' Choice, no.574. 1811 March
15:7Psalm 130:3, If God Mark Iniquities, No Man can Stand, no.577. 1811 April
15:8Philippians 2:21, The Nature and excellence of Public Spirit, no.591 (1811 May 20). Note: Preached before the General Assembly.
15:9Jeremiah 23:6, The Lord our Righteousness. 1811 May
15:10John 13:7, The Mystery of Providence, no.589. 1811 July
15:11Isaiah 53:1, The Gospel Report and Man's Neglect of It. 1811 September
15:12I John 3:16, The Nature and Design of the Death of Christ, no.594. 1811 September
15:13Genesis 48:15-16, Jacob Blessing his Grandchildren, no. 598. 1811 September
15:14John 15:22, The Guilt of Rejecting the Light of the Gospel, no.600. 1811 October
15:15Luke 12:40, Readiness for Death, no.603. 1811 October
15:16Ecclesiastes 7:16, Be Not Righteous Overmuch, no.606. 1811 November
15:17Genesis 5:24, The Character of Enoch, no. 609. 1811 November
15:18Song of Solomon 2:4, The Banqueting-House, no.613. 1811 December
15:19Acts 7:51, Resisting the Holy Ghost, no.614. 1811 December
15:20Luke 24:47, Beginning at Jerusalem, no.632. (July 1812)
15:21Revelation 7:14, The Robes of the Redeemed, no.645. 1812 September
15:22Matthew 5:16, Letting our Light Shine before Men, no. 646. 1812 October
15:23Isaiah 4:5, The Defense and Glory of Zion, no. 647. 1812 October
Box 16
16:1Genesis 25:31-34, Esau Selling his Birthright, no.649. 1812 October
16:2Matthew 13:45-46, The Pearl of Great Price, no. 650. 1812 November
16:3Psalms 90:16-17, Concern for God's Cause, no. 653. 1812 December
16:4II Corinthians 13-14, The Apostolical Benediction, no. 655. 1813 January
16:5Genesis 13, Abraham's Trials and Temper, no. 660. 1813 February
16:6Jeremiah 6:16, The Good Old Way, no.662. 1813 February
16:7Mark 10:21, The Young Man whom Jesus Loved, no.668. 1813 April
16:8John 17:24, The Prevailing Intercessor. 1813 May
16:9I Corinthians 15:51-55, Renunciation. (Preached once before 1814)
16:10Acts 10:38, Doing Good. 1815 August
16:11Mark 10:15, Receiving the Kingdom of God as a Little Child. (1817 July 20)
16:12Colossians 1:12, Meekness for the Inheritance of the Saints in Light. (1817 September 21)
16:13John 18:11, Christ Consenting to Drink the Cup Given to Him. 1817 September
16:14II Corinthians 7:1, Believers, under the Influence of the Promises. 1817 October
16:15Titus 2:6, Youth Exhorted to be Sober-Minded. 1818 February
16:16Romans 14:7-8, The Duty of Not Living to Ourselves. (1818 February 5)
16:17Philippians 2:21, Public Spirit. (1818 February 6)
16:18Acts 2:37, Men and Brethren, What Shall we Do? (1818 March 22)
16:19II Timothy 1:12, Christian Assurance. (1818 April 12)
16:20Romans 8:7, The Carnal Mind's Enmity Against God. 1818 August
16:21Acts 11:26, The Import of the Christian Name. (1818 December 14)
16:22Proverbs 14:9, Fools Make a Mock at Sin. 1819 June
16:23Isaiah 45:22, Looking to Christ and Being Saved. 1819 November
Box 17
17:1II Thessalonians 3:1, That the Word of God may have Free Course and be Glorified. (1819 December 7)
17:2John 6:53, Eating the Flesh of Christ and Drinking His Blood. (1819 December 20)
17:3James 2:23, Friendship to God. (1820 November 19)
17:4II Corinthians 4:7, The Gospel Treasure Committed to Earthen Vessels, no.567 (1819 October 19) Note: Preached at the opening of the Synod of New York.
17:5Lamentations 3:24, The Lord is my Portion. 1823
17:6Ephesians 2:19, Christians are fellow citizens with the Saints. (1823 May 3)
17:7II Corinthians 12:1-4, Paul's Rapture. (1823 December 4)
17:8Jeremiah 17:9, The Heart is Deceitful above all Things. (1823 December 7)
17:9Psalms 119:18, Wonderful Things in the Bible. (1824 January 18)
17:10Hebrews 12:16-17, Esau Selling his Birthright. (1824 February 1)
17:11Acts 8:18-24, Simon Magus. (1824 March 7)
17:12Zechariah 9:12, Prisoners of Hope Turning to the Stronghold. (1824 April 18)
17:13II Samuel 18:9-18, The Character and Death of Absalom. (1824 August 8)
17:14Isaiah 60:1, Arise, Shine, for thy Light has Come. (1824 December 26)
17:15Jeremiah 50:5, Asking the Way to Zion. (1825 January 16)
17:16Luke 24:32, The disciples going to Emmaus. (1825 April 3)
17:17John 17:17, Sanctification by the Truth. (1825 September 18)
17:18Psalms 36:2, The Vain Self Flatteries of a Sinner.. (18245 November 27)
17:19Luke 2:15-20, The Shepherds Going to Bethlehem. (1825 December 25)
17:20Daniel 9:3, The Duty, Advantages and Method of Religious Fasting. (1825 December 2)
17:21Matthew 11:22, Come unto Me All Ye that Labor, (1827 April 1). Note: Question of authorship. It appears to be Dr. A. Alexander's penmanship.
17:22Deuteronomy 14:2, God's Peculiar People. (1827 November 8)
17:23Romans 12:5, Christians One Body in Christ. (1827 December 23)
17:24I Kings 3:5-14, The Choice and Prayer of Solomon. (1829 March 1)
17:25Lord's Supper, Preached at the General Assembly. (1830 May 23)
17:26Ecclesiastes 7:2, The House of Mourning and the House of Feasting. (1832 August 12)
17:27Lord's Supper. (1833 January 6)
17:28Daniel 6:10. (1833 March 17)
17:29Lord's Supper, preached at the General Assembly. (1833 March 26)
17:30Psalms 100:4, Thanksgiving Sermon. (1833 December 10)
Box 18
18:1I Timothy 1:11, The Glory of the Gospel. (1834 October 3)
18:2Ephesians 2:1, It is the Spirit that Quickeneth. (1836 January 24)
18:3Job 1:4-5, Day of Prayer for Colleges. (1838 February 22)
18:4Proverbs 7:6-7, And Beheld Among the Simple Ones. (1838 October 28)
18:5Psalms 77:10, I Will Remember the Years. (1839 December 1)
18:6Zechariah 8, Psalms 90, Visitation of the Princeton Church. (1841 November 16)
18:7John 16:8, The Work of the Holy Spirit. 1843 December
18:8John 14:22, Christ Manifesting Himself to his People. (1844 March 3)
18:9John 18:36-37, The Kingly Office of Christ. (1844 April 14)
18:10Ephesians 2:8, The Reign of Grace. (1846 November 15)
18:11Numbers 12:1-16, And Miriam and Aaron Spoke against Moses. (1847 April 18)
18:12I Peter 2:22, Who Did No Sin?
18:13II Kings 2:13, My Father, My Father!
18:14John 14:2, In My Father's House Are Many Mansions.
18:15Deuteronomy 6:6-7, And These Words, Which I Command Thee This Day.
18:16Ezekiel 20:21, Notwithstanding, the Children Rebelled Against Me.
18:17Matthew 27:3-5, Such was the Miserable End of Judas.
18:18Luke 14:33, and the Lord Said unto the Servant.
18:19I Timothy 3:1, This is a True Saying.
18:20Psalms 44:1, We have heard with our Ears.
18:21Romans 10:14-15, How Shall they Believe in Him.
18:22Matthew 6:24, Man is an Active Being.
18:23I Samuel 16:7, The Lord Seeth Not as Man Seeth.
18:24Philippians 1:21, For Me to Die is Gain.
18:25Luke 23:34, Then Said Jesus Father, Forgive Them.
18:26Acts 14:23, And When they had Ordained Them.
18:27Sermon fragments.
Box 19
19:1Exhortation to the people, at the installation of the Rev. M. L. Perrine as pastor of the Spring Street Church. (1811 October 31)
19:2Introductory remarks and charge at the installation of the Rev. Samuel B. How (1816 December 17), the Rev. Symmes C. Heny (1820 August 9), and the Rev. Ravaud K. Rodgers (1830 May 5).
19:3Charge at the installation of J. W. Woodhull. (1820 June 5)
19:4Introductory remarks at the ordination of John Maclean (1828 February 5) and Mr. Hunting (1829 June 10).
19:5Charge at the ordination of B. Pinney and Joseph W. Barr (1832 October 7), Will H. McAuley (1840 March 25), and Mr. Canfield (1840 October 7).
19:6Installation of Dr. Benjamin H. Rice, pastor of Princeton Church. (1833 August 15)
19:7Ordination exhortation for the Rev. James McOwn in Dr. Cuyler's church. (1835 April 24)
19:8Charge to Mr. Shenck. 1848
19:9Letter to R. and D. B. on the impressions of the late Dr. Nevins.
19:10Epitaph of Samuel Stanhope Smith, President of the College of New Jersey. (1819 August 21)
19:11Letter to Samuel Stanhope Smith's daughter, Mrs. Pintard. (1820 May 1)
19:12Epitaph of Robert Finley, President of the University of Georgia. 1772-1817
19:13Epitaph of Andre Kirkpatrick, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. 1757-1831
19:14Epitaph of James Sheafe, Senator. 1755-1829
19:15Inaugural Address. 1813
19:16Lecture 12: Valedictory lecture to the Senior Class. (1815 September 22)
19:17Lecture 12: Valedictory lecture to the Senior Class. (1823 May 15-1844 May 3)
19:18Valedictory lecture to the Senior Class.
19:19Copy of a letter in Latin to the Trustees of the College of New Jersey. 1815
19:20Copy of Honorary Degree of LL.D. given to Joseph McKean by the College of New Jersey. 1818
19:21Copy of Honorary Degree of LL.D. given by the College of New Jersey.
19:22(3 copies) Vir Plurinum Venerande Specatissime: Latin address delivered, as a charge, to the Rev. Dr. James Carnahan at his inauguration as President of the College of New Jersey. 1823 August
19:23Address on Temperance. 1831
19:24Address to the Board of Foreign Missions. (1844 May 6)
19:25Address to the Board of Princeton Theological Seminary. (1845 May 12)
19:26A calm and respectful address to the friends and advocates of horse-racing.
19:27Address on dancing published in the New Jersey Patriot. 1809
19:28Committee plan for conducting Presbyterial meetings.
19:29Committee report for the Synod on Christian Education.
19:30Lists of Letters. (1798 August 3-1845 September 29)
19:31Letter from Evan Johns. (1804 May 23)
19:32Letter to Ashbel Green. (1805 May 13)
19:33Letter to Ashbel Green. (1810 January 16)
19:34Letter to Ashbel Green. (1810 January 23)
19:35Extracts from letters to and from Samuel Miller by Phillip Milledoler, former Vice President of the Board of Directors. 1805-1831
19:36Letter to either William Phillips or John Phillips appealing for funds to establish Princeton Theological Seminary. 1811
19:37Six letters concerning contemporary issues. circa 1812
19:38Letter from Jones Platt offering S. Miller the Presidency of Hamilton College. (1812 July 23)
19:39Letter to the Joint Meeting of the Officers of the Wall Street Church. (1813 June 24)
19:40Letter to the Rev. David Benedict. (1823 June 16)
19:41Letter to Allen Brown. 1843 April
19:42Letter to Jonathon Freeman. (1820 February 7)
19:43Seven letters to Thomas Smythe (photocopies of transcripts). 1838-1840
Box 20
20:1Address to monthly prayer meeting. (1826 March 6)
20:2Letter and extract concerning Thomas Jefferson. (1830 June 10)
20:3Resolution proposed at New Haven and rejected. 1831
20:4Letter to Asahel Nettleton. (1835 August 18)
20:5Letter to the Rev. Mr. Vermilye. (1836 March 31)
20:6Letter to Judge Nisbet. (1838 March 4)
20:7Memoir of Rev. Nisbet. 1840
20:8Letter to a friend "in need" with a note of explanation. 1840 April
20:9Letter to a friend "in need". 1841 April
20:10Letter to a friend "in need". (1841 April 5)
20:11Letters to a student in college.
20:12Letter to the Rev. John McDowell. (1841 August 17)
20:13Letter to the Rev. William M. Engles, Editor of The Presbyterian. (1842 January 1)
20:14Letter to the Rev. William M. Engles, Editor of The Presbyterian. (1842 January 10)
20:15Letter to the Rev. William M. Engles, Editor of The Presbyterian. (1842 January 10)
20:16Letter to the Rev. William M. Engles, Editor of The Presbyterian. (1842 May 7)
20:17Letter to the Rev. William M. Engles, Editor of The Presbyterian. (1847 May 16)
20:18Letter to the Rev. William M. Engles, Editor of The Presbyterian. (1847 March 3)
20:19Letter to the Rev. William M. Engles, Editor of The Presbyterian.
20:20Letter from George Burder. (1815 June 4)
20:21Letter from Dr. B.W. Wisner. (1833 January 19)
20:22Letter from John Lorimer. (1841 December 13)
20:23Letter from Samuel Murray. (1841 December 24)
20:24Letter from Samuel Murray. (1841 December 24)
20:25Letter from Ashbel Green on the "Elder" question. (1843 February 4)
20:26Letter from Hopkins and Jennings on publication of Blair's sermons. (1843 February 21)
20:27Letter from Thomas Smyth. (1843 April 8)
20:28Letter from Luke Lyons. (1843 August 24)
20:29Letter from the Rev. Dr. Darrack. (1843 August 29)
20:30Letter from William G. Allen. (1843 September 2)
20:31Letter from John D. Watthewy. (1843 September 22)
20:32Letter from George Bourne. (1844 March 12)
20:33Letter from George Bourne. (1844 March 28)
20:34Letter from J. C. Lowrie. (1844 May 8)
20:35Letter from J. J. Janeway. (1844 June 12)
20:36Letter to John Miller. (1844 August 22)
20:37Letter to John Miller. (1846 February 2)
20:38Letter to John Miller. (1847 March 8)
20:39Letter to John Miller. (1847 May 24)
20:40Letter from Griffith and Simon. (1845 February 6)
20:41Letter from D. V. McLean. (1845 May 13)
20:42Letter from William E. DuBois. (1845 September 8)
20:43Letter to William M. Engles, Editor of The Presbyterian. (1846 November 30)
20:44Letter to Angelina Burdett. (1847 October 29)
20:45Letter to the Board of Directors of Princeton Seminary. (1847 October 29)
20:46Letter from J. V. Moore. (1849 November 15)
20:47Letter to Dr. Henry A. Boardman. (1849 February 28)
20:48Letter to Thomas P. Deuereun. (1849 July 12)
20:49Letter on the Care of Children dictated to John Miller. (1849 November 20)
20:50Letter concerning the Literary and Philosophical Society of New Jersey.
20:51Letter to the citizens of New York.
20:52Fragment of a letter by Miller.
20:53Letter from Ms. B. C. Kennedy and Miller's reply.
20:54Ms. Mary Miller, daughter of Dr. Miller, describing his help in founding Princeton Seminary.
20:55Letter from Dr. Carnahan to A. T. McGill concerning the life of S. Miller.
20:56A tribute to the life of S. Miller by the Rev. John Plotts.
20:57Extract from Dr. Sprague's sermon on the death of S. Miller.
20:58Article from The New York Evening Post on T. Jefferson and Deism. (1803 February 25)
20:59Fragment: Cover from the "Familiar Letters" of President Dickinson. (1826 January 18)
20:60Article from Commercial Advertiser Remarks on Christmas. (1825 December 29)
Box 21: Newspaper Articles
21:1Southern Churchman, on Episcopal Controversy. (1835 April 17)
21:2Southern Churchman, on Episcopal Controversy. (1835 June 5)
21:3American Presbyterian, on Episcopal Controversy. (1835 September 3)
21:4American Presbyterian, Present Crisis of Presbyterian Church and New York Observer, Wine and Drink. (1836 January 1)
21:5American Presbyterian, on Luther Halsey. (1836 April 14)
21:6The Episcopal Recorder, on Christmas. (1837 January 14)
21:7Southern Religious Telegraph, on Episcopal Controversy. (1837 September 29)
21:8Southern Churchman, on Dr. Miller's opinions of Ignatius. (1837 December 1)
21:9Southern Churchman, on Dr. Miller's opinions of Ignatius. (1837 December 23)
21:10The PresbyterianMicae Ecclesiastical, v. 1-3. (1839 February 9)
21:11Southern Churchman, on Confirmation. (1840 January 17)
21:12Southern Churchman, on Confirmation. (1840 February 14)
21:13The Presbyterian. (1840 February 14)
21:14The Lincoln Republican, on Calvin, concerning Bishop Ives. (1841 November 10)
21:15The Banner of the Cross, on Calvin, concerning Bishop Ives. (1841 December 11)
21:16The Presbyterian, on Calvin, concerning Bishop Ives. (1841 December 18)
21:17The Episcopal Recorder, on attack concerning Scott's "Force of Truth." (1841 December 24)
21:18The Presbyterian, on Calvin and Episcopacy. (1841 December 25)
21:19The Presbyterian, on Calvin and Episcopacy. (1842 January 1)
21:20The Episcopal Recorder, on Scott's "Force of Truth." (1842 January 8)
21:21The Presbyterian, on another perversion exposed. (1842 January 15)
21:22The Presbyterian, on Calvin vindicated. (1842 February 5)
21:23The Presbyterian, on Calvin vindicated, no. II. (1842 February 12)
21:24Watchman of the South, on confirmation. (1842 December 8)
21:25South Kentuckian, on confirmation. (1843 August 25)
21:26South Kentuckian, on confirmation. (1843 October 27)
21:27The New-York Observer, "My first Sabbath in New York." (1852 March 18)
21:28Princeton Press, Liberia as a Christian mission. 1891 June
Box 22
22:1Controversy between S. Miller and the Rev. Dr. McKnight: Dr. Miller's survey of papers on the subject.
22:2Controversy between S. Miller and the Rev. Dr. McKnight: My defense before the Board of Referees, on the charges of Dr. McKnight.
22:3Controversy between S. Miller and the Rev. Dr. McKnight: History of Separation of churches in New York.
22:4Controversy between S. Miller and the Rev. Dr. McKnight: Letter to the elders, deacons and trustees of the First Presbyterian Church, at a joint meeting, to be held on the 15th. (1809 February 14)
22:5Controversy between S. Miller and the Rev. Dr. McKnight: Letter to the elders, deacons, and trustees of the first Presbyterian Church, at a joint meeting, to be held on the 15th. (1809 February 14)
22:6Controversy between S. Miller and the Rev. Dr. McKnight: Terms of agreement and acquittal of Miller. (1809 June 2)
22:7Controversy between S. Miller and the Rev. Dr. McKnight: S. Miller's note of appreciation for Dr. Rodgers' assistance in the matter of settlement. (1847 November 30)
22:8S. Miller on Dr. Rodgers.
22:9PTS Controversy: Miller-Wilson-Nicholson R. Morgan affair. Names are censored. 1820
22:10Memoranda of foreign travel by Robert J. Breckenridge. 1839
22:11Receipt for $250. (1849 November 1) and memorandum forbidding the publication of S. Miller's sermons.
22:12Fragment: Dr. Miller's periodicals and 2nd century.
22:13Notes on Prideaux's connection by John Finley Crowe. (1814 July 5)
22:14Notes on Biblical history, no. II, by John Finley Crowe. (1814 September 16)
22:15Notes on Biblical history, no. II, by John Finely Crowe. (1814 September 16)
22:16Notes on chronology by John Finely Crowe (1815 April 6) Part I. Notes on Ecclesiastical history by John Finley Crowe (1815 July 30) Part II.
22:17Notes on chronology by John Finely Crowe (1815 April 6) Part I. Notes on Ecclesiastical history by John Finley Crowe (1815 July 30) Part II.
22:18Introduction to Ecclesiastical history by Cyrenius Crosby.
22:19Analysis of 2-4 lectures by Cyrenius Crosby.
22:20Notes on Biblical history by Cyrenius Crosby. 1821
22:21Notes on chronology by Cyrenius Crosby. 1820 November
22:22Notes on the Presbyterian Church in the U.S., the Moravians and the Reformed Dutch Church by Henry A. Boardman. circa 1832
22:23Notes on the Associate Reformed Church, German Lutheran Church, and the National Churches in Europe by Henry A. Boardman. circa 1832
22:24Notes on Muhammadanism, Paganism, Jews, and practical results by Henry A. Boardman. circa 1832
22:25Notes on the Quakers, Methodists, and Swedenborgianism by Henry A. Boardman. circa 1832
22:26Notes on the Westminster Assembly and the Puritans by Henry A. Boardman. circa 1832
22:27Notes on Puritans, the Church of Scotland, Arminianism, and the Quakers by Henry A. Boardman. circa 1832
22:28Notes on Mosheim by Henry A. Boardman. circa 1832
22:29No. I: Notes on the composition and delivery of sermons by John C. Hoes. 1834
22:30No. II: Notes on the composition and delivery of sermons by John C. Hoes. 1834-1835
22:31No. I: Notes on Church Government by John C. Hoes. 1834-1835
22:32No. II: Notes on Church Government by John C. Hoes. 1834-1835
22:33No. III: Notes on Church Government by John C. Hoes. 1834-1835
Box 23
23:1Notes on Ecclesiastical history by Alexander K. Nelson. (circa 1832-1835)
23:2Notes on Bible history by Alexander K. Nelson (circa 1832-1835)
23:3Notes on the Methodist controversy by Alexander K. Nelson. (circa 1832-1835)
23:4Notes on Church history, Sixth Century by Alexander K. Nelson. (1832 November 27)
23:5Notes on the Armenian Church by Alexander K. Nelson. (circa 1832-1835)
23:6Notes on Church Government and the composition and delivery of sermons by Joseph A. Rosseel. (1842 November 28)
23:7Notes on the Moravians, Swedenborgians, Shakers, etc. (Author unknown). 1845 September
23:8Notes on Church government by Samuel S. Schmucker. circa 1820
23:9Notes on compend of church government by Samuel S. Schmucker. circa 1820
23:11Record of marriages (1793) and record of preaching (1795).
23:12References to readings. (begun 1795 October 15)
23:13De Coena Domini, etc. 1795
Box 24
24:1Catalogue of letters written to different persons. (begun 1798)
24:2Textbook. (begun 1804 October 30)
24:3Record of preaching. (begun 1833 January 1)
24:4Lectures on Ecclesiastical history. 1842-1843
Box 25: Archival Photocopies
25:1Lectures on Composition and delivery of sermons. 1843-1844
25:2Lectures on church government. 1843-1844
25:3[item removed to the Samuel Miller, Jr. Manuscript Collection, 2009]Diary. 1845
25:4Notes on church history and church government by James W. Douglas. 1821
25:5Notes on composition and delivery of sermons by Melanchthon W. Jacobus. 1838 June
Box 26
26:1Notes on church history and Dr. Hodge's lectures on Presbyterian church history.
26:2Notes on church government and the composition and delivery of sermons by Peter Lesley, Jr. 1842-1843
26:3Notes on chronology and Ecclesiastical history by John Miller. circa 1842
26:4Notes on Biblical history and Ecclesiastical history by Orson Douglass. 1819
26:5Notes on Ecclesiastical history by Allen Henry Brown. circa 1843
Box 27: Addendum
27:1Notes on church government, etc. by Allen Henry Brown. 1843 September
27:2Obituary notices of Dr. Miller. 1850
27:3Compend, in questions and answers, on Ecclesiastical history, notes by D. Monfort on Dr. Miller's lectures (from former Alumni Alcove collection).
27:4File of letters to Mrs. Samuel Miller after the death of her husband: American Whig Society, New Jersey Historical Society, Robert J. Breckinridge, Francis McFarland, William L. Breckinridge, R. Baird, H.G. Ludlow, William Neil Samuel H.C., New Brunswick Presbytery, New York Historical Society, William B. Sprague, C. Van Renselaer, William Allen, James (Richard?), Grant Burn, Sarah E. Dickey, Ephraim Marsh, Leonard Woods, First Presbyterian Church of Trenton, John Hall) (Removed from File D). 1850-1852
27:5Letters to Mrs. Miller and to Samuel Miller's biographer from William B. Sprague. (1853 March 1-2)
27:6Eleven letters to William Swan Plumer (photocopied from material in the William Swan Plumer Manuscript Collection, Priceton Theological Seminary). 1827-1849
27:7"Adult descendants of Samuel Miller." 1912
Box 28: Archival Photocopies
28:1From folder 2:13, Ecclesiastical History, no. I 1-2 Centuries.
28:2From folder 2:14, Ecclesiastical History, no. II. 2-3 Centuries.
28:3From folder 2:15, Ecclesiastical History, no. III. 4-5 Centuries.
28:4From folder 2:16, Ecclesiastical History, no. IV. 6-8 Centuries.
28:5From folder 2:17, Ecclesiastical History, no. V. 9-12 Centuries.
28:6From folder 2:18, Ecclesiastical History, no. VI. 13-16 Centuries.
28:7From folder 2:19, Ecclesiastical History, no. VII. 16-18 Centuries.
28:8From folder 2:20, Ecclesiastical History, no. VIII. 18 Centuries: "Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S."
28:9From folder 3:2, Ecclesiastical History, no. IX 18-19 Centuries.
28:10From folder 3:24, Church Government, no. I.
28:11From folder 3:25, Church Government, no. II.
28:12From folder 3:26, Church Government, no. III.
28:13From folder 3:27, Church Government, no. IV.
28:14From folder 8:1, Chronology: Lecture I.
28:15From folder 8:2, Chronology: Lecture II.
28:16From folder 8:3, Chronology: Lecture III.
28:17From folder 8:4, Chronology: Lecture IV.
28:18From folder 8:5, Chronology: Lecture V.
28:19From folder 8:6, Chronology: Lecture VI.
28:20From folder 8:26, History of Sermonizing, Lecture I.
28:21From folder 8:27
28:22From folder 8:28, The History of Preaching Continued, Lecture II.
28:23From folder 8:29, Preparation for Sermonizing, Lecture III.
28:24From folder 23:11, Record of marriages (1793) and record of preaching (1795).
28:25From folder 24:1, Catalogue of letters written to different persons(begun 1798).


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